Action Man

Tony Abbott is fighting fires. As much as I think it’s admirable that the much heralded Action Man is helping the real heroes on the front line, I cannot not help but presume that it’s just another stunt.

Yep, he’s fighting fires. Meanwhile, Julia Gillard is fighting climate change. I guess that battling the latter does not give one the opportunity for a media stunt.

What will Action Man do next? I wouldn’t be surprised if National Geographic were trying to reach him with an offer to lead an expedition down the Amazon. He’d take up the offer if there were a vote in it.

My publishing and editing facilities are somewhat restricted here on my iPad, hence the tiny post.

I haven’t been able to leave any comments via the iPad while I’m laid up in hospital as the site keeps crashing, but I am lurking. 😉

Hoping to be back by the weekend. In the meantime, have fun with Action Man.

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  1. But in this case it was only Action Man after the action had all died down.

    He had a week to get to the front line to help the fire fighters during the height of the fires but he chose the morning after a cool change and the fire had died down with mopping operations going on.

    And he also chose to have camera crews and journalists from just about every TV station, radio stations and newspapers there at the exact time he arrived.

    There was never a more stage managed stunt by a pollie and at least the social media has picked up on it in spades, and calling a spade a spade.

  2. Just waiting for the Warministas here to insist that the fires are “poof ” of the dire predictions about climate change being correct.
    As for Tony doing his bit and earning the cynical ire of the haters here well the real people will appreciate his efforts and he will have the sort of understanding of the situation that the likes of Gillard will never know.

  3. Worth noting that Abbott has been a volunteer fire fighter for a long time:

    A federal Labor frontbencher has apologised for describing Tony Abbott’s work as a volunteer firefighter as a “stunt”.

    The Opposition Leader has been a volunteer firefighter for more than a decade, and was this morning deployed to fight fires at Nowra on the NSW south coast with the Davidson Rural Fire Service.

    Mr Abbott yesterday said he would be on “standby” to help out given the fire emergency gripping large parts of the state.

    His efforts should be respected , just as much as we should respect teh efforts of every member of the rural fire brigades

  4. At least the social media is doing what the real media should have, asking Abbott why he didn’t highlight the O’Farrell cuts to the Emergency Services, RFS and the closing of country fire stations, some in the areas of the worst fires.

  5. Abbotts stunt is “poof” of CC, Nyaaaaaahahahahaha 😆 there’s a Freudian slip if ever I saw one Nyaaaaahahahahaha.

    Probably the best comment you’ve ever made 😀 and the one that makes the most sense. 😆

    Thanks for that 😆 😆

  6. If you didn’t think it was a stunt before, I just saw him on abc news leaning out of a truck and declaring that this isn’t like Parliament, because it isn’t controversial.

    Well, until now it wasn’t anyway.

    What a complete tool

  7. Why don’t you go and fight fires? Oh no, much too busy fighting with anything that is not RED. You’re a “pathetic little man” in the true sense of the word.

  8. Oh no! Miglo I hope you weren’t watching 7.30.

    they decided to highlight how action man turned up to help out at Nowra. apart from him sitting in the truck they had a shot of him standing by the roadside in the yellow outfit then you see Abbott putting the helmet on then kinda doing a walk around in a circle. the trouble was for Abbott it was a wide shot, he is the only firie with the hat on .

    Actually Miglo I take it back, I hope you did see it. what a hoot, abbott looked as though he wanted to do the famous walk off, trouble was the white commonwealth car wasn’t parked nearby.

  9. And social media is also asking why Abbott took so long to volunteer when the fires had been burning ferociously for days, yet he waited until after a to the minute tracked cool change had moved through and the Deans Gap fire had been downgraded and mopping operations were being undertaken.

    This was also very opportune as it meant the area previously closed off was now open and the media crews could get in to film and interview Abbott swaggering around, donning helmet in the middle of a car park, spruiking meaningless rehearsed junk from a truck cabin and heroically driving off down the road into the teeth of smouldering embers all in broad daylight and cool conditions so as to catch the best angles and light for filming Actionless Man.

  10. TS

    Read my comment again because I don’t say that “Abbotts stunt is “poof” of CC,”
    this is what I said about Climate change:

    Just waiting for the Warministas here to insist that the fires are “poof ” of the dire predictions about climate change being correct.

    There is no mention of Tony Abbott in that sentence
    The subsequent sentence does mention Abbott but not in relation to climate change.

  11. Josh Frydenberg’s prevarication on productivity has been exposed across several sites and yet again it shows that all the right have are lies and deceits, they cannot market themselves on honesty and integrity as they have none.

  12. Migs – the owner operator! How stupid is your post – knocking a firefighter.
    The only hose Migs knows is his own diminuative weapon incapable of putting out
    anything other than pissing in the wind.
    Seems Laborites all the same – Brendan o’Conner mouthed off with a similar
    incoherent very negative statement. How low can we go Brendan – like to see
    you with your pants on fire or are you an arsonist.
    You probably dont know , dont care but Abbott has been a volunteer Fire
    Fighter for 15 years or more. Who wants to knock that.
    This is a good, no great example to set as a leader .
    Good on you Tony A. Knockers are losers.

  13. When I was a kid, I had an Action man or three, and I can say without hesitation that Abbott is not an Action man but rather a demented version of Barbie’s Ken, complete with cauliflower ears, a bad attitude and a propensity for punching walls.

    On the positive side though, I am sure that he would let Barbie keep her IVF meds in the fridge in his version of the Barbie camper.

    What a hero? 😉 🙄 😛

    Cheers 😆

    BTW Troll, I know I took a bit of licence with my paraphrasing, but it was The “poof” that really got me. 😆

  14. Curry, are you addressing Migs? If so, then perhaps his being in hospital is a good enough reason for you as to why he is currently unable to be out fighting fires.

  15. TS
    there is licence and then there is straight out misrepresentation, you are guilty of the latter because you lack the generosity for the former.

  16. Troll, you are the expert in misrepresentation , as that is the sum total of your entire blogging life, I was having fun, you are just a knob who cannot laugh at yourself.
    😦 really 😦

  17. IH
    How many volunteer fire-fighters do you know that put out a press release about themselves, saying they are “delaying’ their holidays.

    Meanwhile the news had a story on volunteer fire fighters, who were exhausted from days of fire fighting. Trouble was the news didn’t say if these fire fighters had given up or delayed holidays, probably because they have not got a press team or a press interested or was it because they were “just” volunteers

  18. I wonder how many praising tabot support his having a go at the tone of Parliament whilst he is supposed to be out ‘battling fires’?

  19. All the trolls are waxing lyrical about Abbotts prowess as a Volunteer fire fighter, and as someone who has seen many stories on Abbott the fireman, I have never seen him actually fighting a fire.

    Now when there are journos around to catch shots of and interviews with real fireman, my question is, why can’t the hordes of journos that follow Abbotts every move get a shot of him with a hose in his hand, confronting something hot?

    Just sayin’ 😉

  20. Truth Seeker
    JANUARY 9, 2013 @ 8:17 PM
    “All the trolls are waxing lyrical about Abbotts prowess as a Volunteer fire fighter, and as someone who has seen many stories on Abbott the fireman, I have never seen him actually fighting a fire”

    I’ll bet you’ve never been near a fire as swipe!

  21. I heard him comparing the floor of parliament with fighting fires, that should give him something to chat about with the other volunteers back at the canteen, when he gets his bacon and egg sandwich.

  22. Truth Perverter in action….
    JANUARY 9, 2013 @ 7:58 PM
    When I was a kid, I had an Action man or three, and I can say without hesitation that Abbott is not an Action man but rather a demented version of Barbie’s Ken, complete with cauliflower ears, a bad attitude and a propensity for punching walls.

  23. At the Cafe lately there’s been much talk of arsegate, fires and Action Man, most of it serious stuff. For a light interlude here is something funny but also serious…

    A traveler through England on vacation lost his wallet and all of his identification.
    Cutting his trip short, he attempted to make his way home but was stopped by the Australian Customs Agents at the airport.
    “May I see your identification, please?” asked the agent. “I’m sorry, but I lost my wallet,” replied the bloke.
    “Sure mate, I hear that every day. No ID, no entry,” said the agent. “But I can prove I’m an Australian!” he exclaimed.
    “I have a picture of Bob Hawke tattooed on one side of my arse and Paul Keating on the other..”
    “This I gotta see, replied the agent. With that, the bloke dropped his strides and showed the agent his behind.
    “By hell, you’re right!” exclaimed the agent. “Have a safe trip back to Melbourne .” “Thanks!” he said.
    “But how did you know I was from Melbourne ?”
    The agent replied, “I recognized Gillard in the middle.

  24. Spot the poser quiz.
    (a) Ms Dullard gets out of a/c Comcar at Tassie fires opens her boot and starts
    giving out bottled water , in front of TV cameras.
    (b) Mr Abbott who is a long term firefighter actually – fights a fire.
    Sometime ago Abbotts attendance record at SES was published, this shows
    he is no poser. Hardly missed duty over 10yrs plus.
    If you picked (A) you were right.

  25. Oh look, here comes Trollman to defend his beloved Tony, in spite of the fact that he is the worst Opposition Leader & publicity slut in Australian political history-or do you think it was a mere coincidence that the press just happened to be there to catch “Mr 27%” in action? It’ll backfire just like all his other stunts have!

  26. Follow

    Sarah Joseph
    So Tony Abbott won’t comment on #Ashby due to possible civil appeal but comments on Slipper voucher case.
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  27. As for you Migs -stay in hospital but give me the address.
    My male German Shepherd is about to be desexed and has huge gangoolies.
    Will donate them for a transplant – so you will finally have some big balls.
    Knocking Abbott in your manner shows what bitterness and predjudice
    lingers in your soul, I feel sorry for you!

  28. “in spite of the fact that he is the worst Opposition Leader & publicity slut in Australian political history”

    And Gillard wearing black has absolutely nothing to do with being a publicity slut?

  29. Oh & now here is pathetic Liberal Troll, Voyager, to talk his usual pro-Fiberal crap. Do you have any *evidence* that Abbott has been good with his attendance, or are you just being a gullible little prat again? Note how this proved a lovely distraction from all the IR talk today.

  30. Sorry, but in what way is wearing black a sign of being a publicity slut? Not like Abbott, with his constant doorstops & photo-ops, spreading his lies, but refusing to stick around for *real* questions. Still, don’t ezpect a a moron like you to tell the difference, troll-man.

  31. You watch all those scientists will claim all these fires as a victory for climate science 🙄
    Yes Phoney is a
    cunning stunt
    handsome in overalls
    does his bit to clean up the scorched earth of Australia
    is really sensitive
    Has great policy’s
    Pulling a double since Barry sacked all those SES and NSW Firey’s

    Oh He loves a photo don’t he…. say cheese 🙂

    Trolls Yawn…

  32. His record as a fire fighter is not in question Voyager but this stunt is.

    He never in the past called the media to one of his fire fights but there they all were on cue, all setup in a perfect location and with all the stunts of sitting in the truck and putting on his helmet in a car park miles from the fire.

    And not one Abbott lover has explained why he waited so long to volunteer and made a big online announcement of volunteering just before he did.

    The fires in that area had been burning for days and a large section of the Princes Hwy and surrounding roads, Turpentine etc had been closed for a couple of days.

    The fire was at its worst the evening before when all the volunteers had been called out including those from Sydney and other districts. In the meantime a very slow southerly change was tracking up the coast. The front of this change’s position could be predicted to a future location within 15 minutes, so the time of it arriving around Sussex was well known in advance.

    So with a week off and plenty of time to team up with the fire fighters working through several nights, Abbott chose after a big announcement to show up the morning after the well tracked and announced southerly change had suppressed the fire and it was downgraded, leaving mopping up operations and stopping small spot fires from springing up. He chose to show up in daylight after the road had been reopened and the prepared media had been allowed to come through to setup for Abbott’s appearance.

    Then throughout there were the set pieces. The swaggering to the truck, the putting on of the helmet, the only fire fighter there to do so, but perfect for the photo ops and video cameras and then the rehearsed interview through the truck window to drive off a short distance.

    So why did Abbott wait so long to volunteer when the desperate need for volunteer fire fighters around the state had started days earlier? Why did he wait until the fire had been downgraded and cold front had come through hours earlier to show up?

  33. The Abbott attendence is a matter of record not fabrication when you see it
    even you will be amazed.Give the man some credit anyone who is a real
    long term volunteer deserves praise not a ribbing because he isnt a paid up member of :
    The Australian Losers Party or some dodgy Union.
    And maybe my dogs balls on Migs will make him Bark a bit more but a least
    he will save a lot of money eating Pal and chewing old bones. Ha Ha

  34. VOYAGER – S y d n e y
    January 9, 2013 @ 8:42 pm
    As for you Migs -stay in hospital but give me the address.
    My male German Shepherd is about to be desexed and has huge gangoolies.
    Will donate them for a transplant – so you will finally have some big balls.
    Knocking Abbott in your manner shows what bitterness and predjudice
    lingers in your soul, I feel sorry for you!

    So that’s you is it, what a fucking low prick you are to say that. Cory Bernardi warned us about pet owners like you. 👿

  35. Even Brendan O’Connor has issued an apology more than you could expect
    from anyone here,but probably just a stunt to protect votes in his seat of Gorton.
    ‘Looose lips sink ships!’ He should of got prior advise from Jenny Maclin.
    With dim dims around like that kicking home goals Labor faces an uphill
    battle in 2013 Election. Like all Australia cannot wait .

  36. Tony AbbottVerified ‏@TonyAbbottMHR
    I’m now on my way to Sydney to be on standby with my local fire brigade. Important to follow fire warnings and advice today


    Peter Wicks
    @TonyAbbottMHR Ask your brigade how they feel about NSW Coalition stopping their workers comp coverage when travelling to work in emergency

  37. “Truth never hurts but perverting it hurts the perpetrator…”

    Haha. Damn you’re in full projection mode tonight. And again the lame tactic of throwing a statement back at the one who made it. Requires little to no thought.

  38. Yes Cu that is being asked across the Interwebs of Tony but it’s a real pity that not one media outlet or journalist asked it of Abbott but more importantly of O’Farrell, when he rightly as Premier fronted the media about these fires.

    Rural fire stations in some of the worse fire prone areas were either short staffed or closed because of O’Farrell’s cuts and Newman is making even more severe ones in Queensland. The O’Farrell government wouldn’t rule out future cuts of the Queensland scope either, but not one journalist asked O’Farrell about the impact of the cuts in NSW’s ability to respond to disasters.

    So what do the right wingers, especially those who have been volunteers think of the drastic cuts to emergency and rural services being made by conservative State governments and being promised by a Federal Liberal government if they win power?

    If it were Labor governments making these cuts they would be up in arms.

    And if it was a Labor pollie doing the Abbott stunt today the wingnuts would have been up in arms raving about how bad they are using a terrible disaster for a political stunt.

  39. John Howard Apologizes For Global Warming Denial
    Jan. 08, 2013

    Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard has apologized for his denial of global climate change, saying Australia’s recent heat wave has finally awoken him to the threat.
    Howard had previously been a staunch skeptic of the scientific consensus that human activity is driving an increase in global temperatures, even promoting a book describing the idea as a “hoax” and a “scam”.
    But today during an interview a New Zealand newspaper, Howard says that witnessing the worst heat wave in Australian history has changed his mind.
    “I can’t believe I was so wrong,” Howard told the Wellington Herald, “I was out in my garden this week and it was unbearable. It felt like I was being baked alive by god.”
    Wish You Were Here
    Temperatures in Australia set a record this week, averaging over 40° C (104° F) nationwide. Things are so hot weather maps have been updated with a new color. And local media have warned of a potential “Armageddon” as heat-related brushfires move into populated areas.
    Howard says he and his wife fled the country yesterday, seeking refuge from the oppressive heat in the cooler clime of New Zealand.
    “As soon as my thermometer hit thirty-eight, I booked a ticket for Wellington. I didn’t want to be burned alive in mother nature’s oven like my countrymen. I was shocked to see the images on television. My god we’re not potatoes, we’re human beings!”
    Howard says the experience profoundly affected him, and caused him to reevaluate his position on climate change. He apologized profusely to the Australian people for his role in holding back legislation designed to combat greenhouse gas emissions.
    “The Australian people may not have always agreed with me. But I hope they recognize that I am a big enough man to admit when I am wrong. This is a terrible, terrible thing we have done to our planet. And I am deeply sorry for my role in the matter. We need action on climate change now.”
    John Howard served as the Prime Minister of Australia from 1996-2007. In office he consistently impeded action on climate change in the country, which is one of the largest per-capita emitters of greenhouse gases in the world.

  40. The biggest laugh is that the PM is being criticise for not for fire fighting as well.

    Appears she wore the wrong clothes.

    Could imagine how she would look after a few hours, if she turned up in white. Did she wear her boots again?

    Anyone got a comment on Howard’s reaction.

  41. “somewhat restricted here on my iPad, hence the tiny post.”
    Mig…first time I have been grateful to Apple
    HNY to you all.

  42. Wow Howard doing a 180.

    There might be many things you could accuse Howard of but he nearly always stuck by his guns as often as he was proven wrong for doing so, he still wouldn’t back down.

    If that news piece isn’t a scam then him coming out for AGW will be a huge blow to the deniers and Abbott will have to backflip as well.

    Happy 2013 Liberals.

  43. Spokesperson for Fire Brigade NSW commented on radio that having camera’s etc around a hindrance to other fire fighters. Viewed on television – media crew in back seat of fire truck manned by Abbott. Political stunt. Oh no, not on your nellie!

  44. “If your going to do your civic duty, always make sure you have your publicity crew with you…..”

    And every news organisation, camera crew and journalist with well setup photo ops in heroic poses, swaggering walks, helmet on in a car park and talking through a truck window well rehearsed words of stoicism and one political opportunism.

    Nothing to me indicates more that this was a setup stunt than the up until now most silent for several days right wingers coming out in mass to vociferously defend Abbott with faux outrage and tales of his great sacrifice.

    They might have had a point if Abbott hadn’t waited so long as to come in after the main event had already played out, and to then rock up in the middle of a preordained media circus in which he played head yellow suited truck driving clown. Note how they had to make sure to get shots of Abbott driving the truck.

  45. CU
    John Howard doing the usual Liberal thing, making comments overseas that he would never make in Australia.

    i wonder who paid for John and Jeanette’s trip to NZ? Gold pass holiday or a guest speaker at NZ function so that the Australian taxpayer funds the trip, it may explain the interview.

  46. Sue, I suspect the interview is a fake. If it is true, Abbott is finished. It looks real though. If fake, it is an elaborate one.

    One does not work in the garden, go to the airport and land in NZ because it is hot. One goes indoors to the AC,

    No, Howard is a completely political animal.

  47. Even in the UK they recognise a stunt

    “So far Abbott has commented, as far as I can tell, only on the fires: “Our thoughts are with the people and the communities across the country who are impacted by the bushfires,” he says. Quite right too, but it’s time his thoughts also extended to the question of why this is happening and how Australian politicians should respond. He says he’s currently on standby with his local fire brigade, but as his opposition to effective action on climate change is likely to contribute to even more extreme events in the future, this looks like the most cynical kind of stunt politics.”

  48. As Tony is NOT on holidays he will be eligible to claim that travelling allowance, the one he claims when he volunteers himself to do his fund raising “pollie pedal”, about $345 per day.

  49. sue, wonder how many others are deferring their holidays. Suspect they do not have the choice and are using their holidays. Another mistake the man has made.

  50. It seems to me that ASIO is totally hypocritical. Providing Government with adverse security reports on Tamils, while ignoring ASIO’s history of assisting to the free flow of Nazi war criminals into Australia in the late 1940’s because Menzies agreed with the CIA that these swine were “good anti-communists”. This, when our service men and women were hardly cold in their graves, having fought to keep the Nazi creed out of our world, they were betrayed after their sacrifice by Menzies, when he welcomed them into the Liberal party where they formed the ‘Uglies’ (right wing faction) of the Liberal party.
    I get very sick of the bullshit our political leaders feed us. They deceive us in their quest for the treasury benches.

  51. Truth never hurts but perverting it hurts the perpetrator…

    Liealot and his barrackers must have cornered the market on bandaids.

    CU @9.38pm, I guess it’s because the PM has never bignoted about such serious things as being a volunteer firefighter.

    All Liealot has done is turn up with the msm AFTER the work is done, bignoting as usual. Nothing but a publicity hound playing dress-ups.

    Sue @11.18pm, I suggest any claim he makes should be thoroughly scrutinised, as he seems to have a rather flexible attitude to things like travel allowances, cab charges etc.

    I’d also be checking to see if he took any copies of his book along to flog off to unsuspecting firies.

  52. Look what’s on the Tele front page

    Photo shop for ‘hero Abbott”, they must have used the image of the helmetted Abbott by the side of the road, as shown on 7.30.

  53. Miglo that photo should head this article.

    No doubt it will be of great inspiration to Truth seeker and Patriciawa.

  54. Will that photo become the poster for Volunteer Fire Brigade recruitment?

    especially the byline, “attacking before battle heats up”

    embedded in the story there is even a photo of Abbott working the containment lines on the Lake Conjola fire, conveniently the chap beside him has been cut out of the photo. Now from the angle of the photo was the photographer standing in the fire or is Abbott walking away from the fire? Or is that just another photoshop opportunity?

  55. sue that cut out of Abbott is from the setup photo op in a car park they showed yesterday.

    Nothing illustrates more that the Action Man Abbott fire fighter was a stunt than that posing in a car park well away from any action. All the other firies were walking around without their jackets and helmets yet when Abbott saw the media he swaggered across the car park in full gear and put on his helmet in front of the media.

    The prelude to that posing was also setup a short distance away where Abbott apparently in deep conversation with a couple of commanders, the only one in the group with his jacket on, breaks off the conversation and walks towards the media donning his helmet. All to convey Abbott as Action Man leader, briefing the command or being briefed before bravely swaggering into action donning gear to save the day.

    To further illustrate it was a poser, Abbott a short time later was interviewed from the truck cabin, no jacket, helmet or other gear, just a black t-shirt showing.

  56. All credit to Tony Abbott for being a volunteer firefighter. He has my respect for his deed. However the totally obvious media stunt ,complete with media crews, cameras, microphones both inside and outside the fire truck was nothing less than a political stunt. Politicising his volunteering shows nothing less than his desire to achieve the top job at any length. If you want to be a volunteer fire fighter Tony then do so and good on you, but keep the media and your publicity stunt attempts out of it.

  57. This

    Not this.

    This is what it is all about. Not pictures of Mr, Abbott, Have not yet seen one of him doing anything. All are posed pictures. Where are the action pictures of the rest of the team. Why are not the glassess covering the eyes?

    Mr. Abbott does not seem to have the political nous to tell the media he is busy and will not be posing for pictures.

    At the same time we are to believe it is not a politcal stunt.

  58. Well said shaneinqldinqld
    He has demeaned not only his own past good work (I’m making an assumption here), but the current good work being done around the country by volunteers without film crews

  59. I do believe that the media crew doing Phoney’s photo op yesterday had to get him to do hat scene three times. The first time he put his hat on sideways, then put it on backwards then finally put it on correctly when he was shown a picture of how you actually wear it. They gave up when he couldn’t work out which way he had to point the fire hose. I want to see him in the front line and see if he can run any faster to get away from the fire like he did in parliament to stop being “tainted” by Craig Thomson’s vote. I would not trust him to watch my back.

  60. “I do believe that the media crew doing Phoney’s photo op yesterday had to get him to do hat scene three times. The first time he put his hat on sideways, then put it on backwards then finally put it on correctly when he was shown a picture of how you actually wear it.”

    Unless you’re doing a piss take I don’t believe that at all. I saw the footage on WIN local news of Abbott swaggering towards the reporters and putting on his helmet and he got it right, as he should, having laudably been a volunteer for over a decade now.

  61. Of course I am taking the piss, just like Phoney does with all his useless attention seeking stunts. The stunts we see each and every day. In your guts you know he’s nuts.

  62. Yes, had he waited until 24 hours *after* he’d been out there before tweeting about it, then I’d have said “good on him. Still don’t like him, but at least he’s doing his bit in a crisis”. Yet by tweeting about it 24 hours *before* he went out there, it just screamed *media stunt*-especially when you consider all the distractions he needed after a bad start to the week. Heck, even his mates in the Murdoch Press are dubious about the honesty of this whole matter. When even your own cheer-squad calls “bullshit”, then you *really* have to start worrying.

  63. I also do want to know how seriously he’s taken his duties in previous, non-election years. That will say a lot too. BTW, at least O’Conner *did* apologise, unlike Joe “eleventy Billion” Hockey & his nasty swipe at the PM before Christmas. He just deleted the tweet & tried to pretend it never happened. Thank goodness for Print Screen though!

  64. I also do want to know how seriously he’s taken his duties in previous, non-election years.

    I’m getting interested in that too.

    If we hear nothing, I’ll be guessing that will pretty much be the total then 😉

  65. “He just deleted the tweet & tried to pretend it never happened.”

    And when (politely) pulled up on the deletion and having his nastiness highlighted by a female tweeter Hockey called her and everyone else who criticised him for his uncalled for nastiness Labor trolls.

  66. hockey should take a look at emos tweets. He knows how to handle trolls well. It’s actually quite interesting reading his page. A lot of lively banter, and much abuse thrown his way, which he just laughs of and usually embarrasses the abuser with facts.

  67. Saaq, I agree, Abbott treats us all with contempt as he takes every opportunity for a photo op, when most volunteers give up their holls and free time to help the community.
    They don’t tweet about how great they are for doing it, especially before the event.

    As the Bible puts it in regards to the Pharisees, who were all tip and no iceberg, “Surely, they have their (He has his) reward”. But the MSM will try very hard to reward him with kudos that isn’t warranted.

    M E, I agree it would have been better if he had tweeted after the event, but better still not at all, just got on with the job, as the resultant press interest was more than likely, more hinderance than help.

    Cheers 😀

    BTW Saaq, my poem “in your guts you know he’s nuts” is up on my blog in case you missed it 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  68. What will climate change skeptic Tony Abbott have to say about the record heatwave now ravaging Australia, wonders George Monbiot.

    I WONDER what Tony Abbott will say about the record heatwave now ravaging his country.

    The Australian opposition leader has repeatedly questioned the science and impacts of climate change. He has insisted that “the science is highly contentious, to say the least” and asked – demonstrating what looks like a wilful ignorance:

    “If man-made CO2 was quite the villain that many of these people say it is, why hasn’t there just been a steady increase starting in 1750, and moving in a linear way up the graph?”

    He has argued against Australian participation in serious attempts to cut emissions………………..

  69. “I do believe that the media crew doing Phoney’s photo op yesterday had to get him to do hat scene three times. The first time he put his hat on sideways, then put it on backwards then finally put it on correctly when he was shown a picture of how you actually wear it.”


  70. I think this sums it well

    Let’s look at how it unfolded. Abbott had been invisible since Christmas, except for his New Year message which was pre-recorded. Most of us assumed he was on holidays, he had prattled on about spending a couple of weeks with ‘the family’ on the NSW south coast. He didn’t come out of hiding to comment on the Tasmanian fires or to fly down to do a ‘helping clean up’ stunt as he did during the Brisbane floods or even to back up Peta Credlin’s IVF story.

    On Monday he appeared in Brisbane, make a comment about Peta and said he was going back to Sydney to join the Davidson RFS brigade in case a fire broke out in Sydney’s north.

    By Tuesday he had changed the story. Someone had told him the brigade was heading south, so taking only enough time out to pack some clean undies, get hold of a brand new black T-shirt and – most important – contact the media – he went too. He announced that he was postponing his holiday to head for Nowra with the brigade. Other volunteer firefighters who have been doing their bit during their own holidays might be excused for being a bit put out by that comment. If it’s good enough for others to work during their holidays why couldsn’t Abbott? Was Abbott doing his volunteer thing during his normal work time so he could claim travel expenses for it all? You bet!

    Then we had the photos that say it all – Abbott, in a truck, smirking, with no smoke and no fire visible, wearing that black T-shirt and no PPE gear, surrounded by media cameras. And then, later on, more shots of Action Man being shown how to put on a helmet. Surely, if he has had all the training and experience he claims, he’d know how to do that.

    The whole damn thing screams STUNT!!!.

  71. I’ve been following Emerson on Twitter for a while now Tom and he is value, arguably the best Australian pollie at using and handling the social media.

    Emerson once had a Twitter slanging match with Hockey that left Joe wallowing and his run in with Bishop the Younger was classic.

  72. What was that old saying about someone who comes i, does some valuable work and goes home being a better person that someone who advertises their”good works” for all to see.

    I wish my Grandmother was still alive to remind me. Classic little story was she was chuffed to get a Centenary Medal until she saw the Certificate was signed by Howard and Hollingsworth.

  73. Since Abbott has made much of him being a volunteer fireman over the years, I believe we are entitled to a record of how often he attends his local brigade. We know if was often enough to obtain a DD truck licence.

    Also, how often he turns up for duty as a life saver, something we do not hear much about now. No photo ops in those budgie smugglers.

    These activities are being used by the liberals to prove what a great guy he is,

    Should not be hard for his office to put out a summary. Maybe some of those reporters could ask him.

    Was he on holidays or not. There was no stand-in announce.

    He said yesterday that he was heading to Sussex Inlet in the next couple of weeks.

    How long of a break is he taking.

    From what has been said, postponing and having holidays couple of weeks, suggests he has not yet began his holidays.

  74. Sue, you made me do it! Thanks for breaking down my writer’s block!

    Action Man Has A Plan!

    Toby Abbott fighting fires
    Gets all the photo ops his heart desires.
    He much prefers this kind of story
    To Peta’s drives for PR glory.

    Easier here to look ridgy didge
    Than storing ova in his fridge.
    More fun too, dressed up to look tough,
    Than all that father of the family stuff.

    And why shouldn’t he claim expenses
    Working on firefront defences?
    These shots, though well away from flames,
    Will validate his January claims.

    And this bushfire emergency
    Will help him solve the urgency
    Of problems with the female voter
    When he’s seen on stand-by rota.

    Then their doubts will drop to zero.
    Women love a big strong hero.
    Yeah! This is a better campaign plan!
    Besides it’s the ‘Real Tony! Action Man!’

  75. The story doing the blogs Cu is that Abbott postponed his holidays for the length of his volunteering so he is entitled to full travel allowances whilst doing his dutystunt.

    This is not the first time he’s done things like this so he could get full allowances whilst running around doing personal stunts.

    He also has hanging over him the fact he used government resources to write his book. It comes to around the same sum as money as Slipper is being pinged for.

  76. Patricia, nice one 😆 😀

    Easier here to look ridgy didge
    Than storing ova in his fridge.
    More fun too, dressed up to look tough,
    Than all that father of the family stuff.

    Classic 😆

    BTW, the link I posted on my Blogroll seems to have sent a couple of visitors your way over the last few days. 😎

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  77. Abbott’s Putinesque self promotion elicits the same mockery from many
    Australians as does the Russian leader.
    The New Year looks like offering more of the same empty stunts that we have become inured to. The desperate dragging out of the women who testify to Abbott’s sterling qualities has not succeeded.
    The Liberal leaders are bereft of ideas both policy – related and strategic.
    Behind it all lies a contempt for the electorate which actually betrays an emptiness and absence of self awareness among these people which is truly amazing. They are too lacking in intelligence to realise how vacuous they are.

  78. Why have we not seem a photo of Abbott looking dirty and tired this morning.

    His clothes do look so new. Maybe Margie is a wonderful launderness.

  79. ME, like that cartoon shows, Mr. Abbott has never been in reach of the PM’s crown.

    It has all been an illusion as far as he is concerned.

  80. Sorry Shane, should have known so. Still it does not seem to work for me.

    My son informed me years ago, when I ask why he wore his Fluro’s when going out. Told me women today, like work clothes, they find them a turn on.

    Now I have no idea if this is true. Does not turn me on, but could be because I am so long in the tooth.

  81. Patricia wa

    glad i could be of help, but i am very selfish as i love the pomes..

    Mobius Ecko

    a bit wrong about comparing abbott with slipper. according to glenn milne abbott would have out done the wine tour.

    “All in all the taxpayer coughed up $6,651.96 in Battlelines-related travel.”

  82. The Tele have removed the montage which had the caption of “attacking before battle heats up” . abbott spin team probably couldn’t take the heat. But tele have assisted by getting one of the group captains to give them a quote on how they think abbott is a ‘legend”

  83. Pingback: Peta! Action Man Has A Better Plan! | polliepomes

  84. Hey Migs, good to see you back. 😀

    I think this goes with your video

    Run Rabbott run

    The air electric, the chamber split
    The vote was called on the dummy spit
    Then Thomson, moved to right the score
    Decided he would cross the floor
    The press watched on from the gallery
    As he stood, and walked deliberately
    “How dare he”, came the outraged shout
    “His vote is tainted…..we must get out”

    The rush was on quite earnestly
    As the opposition tried to flee
    The mincing poodle left his chair
    And took off, like a startled hare
    “I’m out he cried”, with a zealots glee
    And found his office sanctuary
    So there he stayed, his point to prove
    And heroically… refused to move

    Not far behind the poodles flight
    The Abbott ran with all his might
    “I’m coming Chris”, he cried with fear
    As the speakers voice rang loud and clear
    Though fleet of foot he crossed the floor
    The shout rang out, “shut the bloody door”
    So there he was, stuck in the hall
    With the motion carried…. Taint and all

    So Abbott cried foul and spewed forth bile
    While that bastard Thomson, had the cheek to smile
    “How dare he?” cried the outraged right
    “That bastard shouldn’t stand and fight”
    But stand he did, to their chagrin
    So they had an unusual win
    Though at Abbott’s feet much scorn was laid
    Running… proved his… stock in trade

    So with the spectacle covered far and wide
    And despite the shame of every stride
    The Abbott saw his urge to flee
    As a way to free publicity
    So when questions fly he’ll duck and weave
    He’ll sloganeer, and then he’ll leave
    And commentators have their fun
    With that old refrain of….. run…Rabbott…run.

    Cheers 😀 😀 😆

  85. Hey Migs, good to see you back.

    Is he really back TS, or is he just taking a break from giving the nurses a hard time? 😉

  86. Didn’t you tweet the media that you were bravely leaving hospital through great sacrifice and daring do, donning your your yellow bathrobe and bathing cap in front of the throng asking you about wisdom in saving everyone in the hospital?

    You should have, the opposition leader certainly doesn’t miss opportunities like that.

  87. Stephen Woods on The 7:30 Report at the moment on the Royal Commission on institutional paedophilia.

    I worked with this man for a little while and went to court with him a couple of times as the hearing into one of his abusers was going on. It was unbelievably harrowing for me so I cannot imagine how it must have been for Stephen.

    It’s not for me to tell Stephen’s horror story, hopefully this commission will make that public.

    For the things that Gillard has failed at, like asylum seekers, this is one thing that she will be remembered for.

    When Howard used the excuse of serial paedophile rings in Aboriginal communities to invoke the very flawed and politically motivated NTER, another failure of Rudd/Gillard in that they have continued it with modification, he was asked about the considerable institutional paedophilia in the general community and also the prevalence of individual acts and what he was going to do about that, and not just in the general community, but the known exploitation of underage Aboriginals by whites like miners and tradesmen, his response was silence and another trumped up attack on Aboriginals.

    You would never have seen a Royal Commission on institutional paedophilia under the right wing extremists who inhabit the Liberals and fostered by Howard, especially the by the radical religious right.

  88. Follow

    Dave Gaukroger
    The Daily Tele discovers new photos of the moon landing
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    Image will appear as a link
    10 Jan Plums ‏@CeeJudd
    @dfg77 Nice, looks good. Media Propaganda Machine tring hard to make Abbott a ‘Superhero’ when really he’s ‘SuperNoNo’..
    10 Jan frances bee ‏@robotbum
    @dfg77 The answer is blowing in the wind
    Details Reply Retweet Favorite
    10 Jan kathy ‏@PotentWood
    @dfg77 I have been the hero everywhere man – so good I don’t even need oxygen in near vacuum
    10 Jan borgward isabella ‏@iborgward
    @dfg77 This man drove a truck to the moon.

  89. Möbius, indeed. It was so very convenient for Howard to overlook the issue of white “heroes” such as miners gong into the communities to entice young girls into having sex. Far more convenient was to blame the black fella. Twiggy Forrest said it himself, that a 13 year old girl could be bought for a packet of cigarettes.

  90. With the announcement of the Royal Commission we had an Abbott free day and a Truss free day, a Julie Bishop free day, a Barnaby Joyce free day (that about covers the 2 leaders and their deputies). It was so free of Opposition spokespersons, that the PM and AG told the press they had advised the opposition that legislation will be introduced the first week of the return of parliament, to cover the appointment of the 6 commissioners.

  91. Abbott says he could return to fight fires…….work permitting.

    I’m sure that while not required in Canberra until the end of February, he would have plenty of time. Attending a talk by a UK Minister, as he did today wouldn’t be seen as work by most Australians.

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