No surprises

I don’t think the election year holds any surprises.

The Murdoch media will keep throwing darts at Julia Gillard and kisses at Tony Abbott.

The Government will focus on policies while the Opposition will fluster around with politics.

Once the election campaign gets going in earnest the Opposition doesn’t much to hang on the Government that has any credibility, maybe the Macklin gaffe about being able to survive on the dole. The Government, however, could have a field day in highlighting the multitude of Liberal stuff-ups. Abbott running from Parliament will get more coverage than an Ashes tour of England.

The Newman factor will damage the Opposition.

The current leaders will lead their respective parties into the election.

Julia Gillard will win.

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  1. There is no justification for the Macklin gaffe..for a very experienced politician such as Macklin there is no excuse. However, this has brought the issue of welfare onto the forefront. Clearly the Macklin gaffe is small bikkies compared with Abbott’s intention to send all under 30’s unemployed to work for Gina on the mines.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here – I think we’re headed for another close call – in ALP’s favour – which won’t be altogether a Bad Thing…

  3. Min, I am not that sure that Macklin realized she had answered the question. It means little anyway.

    This week we are going to have the nuts and bolts on how supportive Mr.Abbott has been with Peta Credlin fifth rounds of IVF. Even gave up his bar fridge for the drugs, and his toilet, so she could inject herself. All failures by the way.

    Yes we all need to know the in and outs of everything that occurred.

    ……And then last year, she ended up learning more than she ever expected to about what Tony Abbott really thinks about all of these difficult, complex issues when she endured the personal heartbreak of multiple rounds of IVF treatment and no baby.

    That’s when Abbott surprised even her – by offering to keep her secrets and help store her fertility drugs in his office bar fridge.

    Credlin, 41, a Catholic, is also pro-choice on abortion. She’s married to Liberal Party director Brian Loughnane, who will run Abbott’s campaign for The Lodge – a true power couple in Canberra.

    Intensely private, she has never given an on-the-record interview – until recently.

  4. Min
    you forgot the $2 a day wage and the forced march across the Nullabor to a shanty town Barnett will have to build. Surly the WA people will, object wot wiv all these forineers taking their jobs even if they did not want them in the first or second place.

  5. I tend to go with vfmarky’s comment. I believe the election will be a close call with Labor getting in in another hung parliament. Macklin’s gaffe will fade with time but other bigger ones from both sides will be replayed ad nauseum. The electorate’e job will be to sort the wheat from the chaff. Go Julia!

  6. Cu, that is a very weird story. The story states that Abbott never said that abortion was “the easy way out”, why then has he never denied the story..after all he said it in 2004 and so he has had plenty of time to correct the record.

    But back to the story, that his relationship with Credlin is extremely close but..what??

  7. Ricky..meek is right..meager even…been there, done that as the trite saying’s not easy, but I’m still alive and kicking.

    Therefore whence the right whingers complaint about the bludgers, that suddenly these same bludgers are doing it tough.

  8. Wishful post, Migs. I would prefer that neither Gillard or Abbott are leaders at the next election.

    All packed and ready to go. Almost forgot the flag…a woman behind the man and all that. Broken Hill by tomorrow night then I might just meander from there. Got six days up my sleeve.

  9. Who has put money on the election with the bookies?
    Ms Dullard and her staff will have lost their drivers license by the next Election.
    Ms Dullards private Government car has received 8 traffic offences in 3 months.
    Typical from her – do as I say not as I do !
    If it were Migs or Voyager we would be off the road. Lets hope the right person
    gets the sword on this one.

  10. It was eight offences in six months not three months. Two were committed by her partner and paid for by him including the department $25 fee for offences committed in government cars by commonwealth employees. There’s a whole bunch of people who have access to it and opposition pollies including the shadow tourism minister has also been fined several times for traffic offences.

    Wow talk about clutching at straws.

    …and their desperation grows as the fortunes of their dud hero decline.

  11. Voyager. Not the worse offender by far. I believe Morrison has that honour, Do you know who was driving., I thought not.

  12. Charlie (on “The Project”) just called Campbell Bjelke-Newman a “dictator” … it’s so rare for a media figure to outright criticise the LNP … it was almost shocking … like the Queen farting … but much more enjoyable ,Charlie ought to know,his boss Murdoch, put Newman where he is.

  13. Scaper in the Hill….. gawd 🙄 Enjoy Scaper…. lots to see…lots to do…. lots of Labor history…. don’t forget to buy the local paper, started by the unions over 100yrs ago.. still going strong 😉 enjoy 🙂

  14. Migs, there are a lot of variables with the LNP, which will work to Gillards favour.
    Ashby, Brough, Doane, Pyne, Bishop and Abbott himself to name but a few, and that’s only WRT the Slipper case, then you have Abbotts slush fund, and his lies to the AEC about the donors to said fund. 😀

    Then you have the allegations about bribery in the NT. 😯

    No policies, misleading parliament, lies and deception etc. 😉

    Then you have Baillieu, O’Farrell and Abbott lite, Newman 😛

    They are in deep shit, I just hope that Abbott can hold on to the LOTO job, as he is the ALP’s best asset, followed closely by the state Premiers and his front bench team. 👿

    I don’t think it will be as close as many here predict, more like what happened with Obama. 😀

    I put up “What a joke the LNP are” on my blog this morning, which covers some of these issues, and have put an update on QLD Beautiful one day…?, with more to come. 😀 🙂

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  15. Migs asked me to let all know that he is currently in hospital undergoing tests. Hopefully he will be coming home tomorrow.

  16. TS and Ricky, will be seeing Migs as soon as I drop nephew off at work..will keep everyone informed. I’ll will certainly be conveying your regards to him.

  17. It’s ironic that Macklin has copped all the flack because she didn’t spin her answer.

    Yes, particularly from a media who accuse the Government of perpetual spin. Now we see why they must spin, the media need to re-frame everything in their own context. But very poorly handled by Macklin. She has a history of this kind of ineptitude.

    While I disagree with the single mothers being moved onto newstart, newstart itself shouldn’t be something that people can live ‘comfortably’ on. which is what the media appear to be (deliberately?) missing here. Of course you can live on it, else there would be people dying of starvation because of the dole daily. The question should be, is it sufficient for it’s purpose?

    Personally, I think it is (just). Which is as it should be.

    What I don’t want to see is unemployment benefits being higher than low payed workers wages. The question we should be asking is, is the minimum wage high enough?

  18. Another set of headlines that have nothing to do with the body of the story.

    No, Labor is not doing anything unusual. It is beat up. el gordo, why fo you not read before giving links.

    ..THE Gillard government spent a record $35 million on market research last financial year as it tried to read – and bend – the public mood on issues such as the carbon tax, broadband, smoking and private health insurance…………..

    This is nothing but the writers opinion. If it is true for this PM, it is also true for Mr. Howard.
    …….Labor is frequently assailed for its attempts to tell a story about its vision to the electorate, but it is not for want of bringing hard data and dollars to its marketing efforts.

    The government spent $139.7m on campaign advertising media placement in 2011-12, up 20 per cent on the previous year.

    In calendar year 2007, John Howard’s government spent $254m on campaign advertising, 60 per cent of which was spent during its final five months in office.

    In the current financial year, in the lead-up to an election due in the second half of 2013, the Gillard government has engaged private companies to conduct market research on voter attitudes to its proposed school funding reforms, plain packaging of cigarettes, illegal workers, the effect of the carbon tax on the building industry and the rollout of its National Broadband Network.

    But the growth in the cost of taxpayer-funded market research appears to have plateaued under Julia Gillard, as officials in Canberra seek cuts in non-essential spending on travel, consultants and advertising to repair the federal budget position.

    The total outlay for 2011-12 of $35.245m was only $25,000 above the previous year’s record, representing a fall of 2.2 per cent after taking inflation into account.

    The figures are based on spending declared in the annual reports of 38 departments of state and agencies, all of which are frequent users of research and polling and are subject to the reporting requirements of the Financial Management and Accountability Act.

    Spending on market research has not been pared back in the way federal officials have targeted training, travel and printing costs. In the past six months, the Gillard government has continued commissioning new work from market research and polling firms.

    According to documents lodged with Austender, the federal bur……………………….

    ………………………..he total outlay for 2011-12 of $35.245m was only $25,000 above the previous year’s record, representing a fall of 2.2 per cent after taking inflation into account.

    The figures are based on spending declared in the annual reports of 38 departments of state and agencies, all of which are frequent users of research and polling and are subject to the reporting requirements of the Financial Management and Accountability Act.

    Spending on market research has not been pared back in the way federal officials have targeted training, travel and printing costs. In the past six months, the Gillard government has continued commissioning new work from market research and polling firms.

  19. Tom R. Yes the minimum wage may well be too low. What is worse, many of the jobs too casual and uncertain.

    Unemployment benefits are not meant to be lived on. The aim is to enable the unemployed to have the skills to get them back into the workforce as quickly as possible, with the skills the bosses need.

    Back into well paying and secure jobs. No, any job is not enough.

    I believe this government is spending in this area.

    I so not know how much harder the Coalition states cutting of TAFE is going to be.

    The young have been told to get the benefits they have to be in training or education.

    Now these mothers who were covered by Howard’s grandfather clause, have been told they are going to be treated the same, as women who have become single mothers since Howard introduced his legislation in 2006.

    Does one believe if the Coalition got back in last time, they would not be doing the same.

    All supporting single parents should be treated the same.

    Sit down money is not on. One either works, or one will get the skills needed for good jobs in the future.

  20. ……………Worse, the trend is toward a private sector take-over of TAFE or, at minimum, TAFE being downgraded so that it is simply a competitor in the educational field, with private sector ‘educators’ being given carte blanch. Now, money-making is not only the aim of educational provision in terms of the outcomes for students, it is to be the sole aim of all VET providers.

    Unlike universities (federally funded), the major funding for TAFE has come from state government budgets. In 2012, however, federal and state governments reached an agreement whereby millions of federal dollars would go to the VET sector, on the basis of increased student numbers and improved vocational training. Despite this agreement, however, Victoria cut $300 million from TAFE, followed by similar or proposed cuts in Western Australia and other states. This attack on TAFE has come in the face of its significant role and contribution to education and training. Funds taken from TAFE are going to private providers, despite private providers’ poor track record in supplying solid courses, high-level skills training (or any training), positive educational outcomes or any education outcomes at all…..

  21. Mo Ecko – report very clealy states 8 offences were committed in 3 months.
    The report was for a 6 month period suggest you read more carefully and
    get facts correct. Then you probably work for one of these geese.
    Morrison(12) and Garrett both were fined for not paying tolls and blamed
    faulty tags. Robert mcClelland won with 13 fines.
    I strongly believe all should be looked at and treated the way Mig and Voyager
    would be – thats damn well catch the bus or walk because of loss of licence!
    The PM must always lead by example not by ‘the bad driving of her vehicle by herself , her partner, her family and her staff.
    Pretty simple expectation really. People in high office must set high standards.

  22. Voyager, are you trying to infer the PM is in danger of losing her license.

    I notice that things suck as road tolls are involved. Imaging we would also find parking fines as well.

    How much time do you believe the PM has to run around in her car, committing road offenses. Of course you have access to her driving record.

    . As far as family, there is only her partner.

    Things must be getting bad for those who oppose the PM, if this is all they can come up with.

    What are the misdemeanors. Who was driving, Tell us this, and you might have a point. What are the records of every other MP and their staff.

    Guilt by association still does not rate.

  23. Isn’t this remarkable, what a revelation. Did he hold his hand and call him darling? Give him a big Hug? Another puff piece from another puff piece. Will Abbott be coming out and confirming that the catholic church’s stance on IVF are misguided? Love to hear from Abbott on this, maybe Pell can weigh in. Such BS artists. This floposition is the worst in Australian political history. Pinoclean, the Floposition attack cabbage is as disingenuous as Bandis’s crocodile tears for the Union members. They are even atrociously bad at spin because their is nothing left to spin.Excuse my extreme cynicism

  24. Hungary takes the John Howard route

    Conservatives are the same the world over, even ones that changed from a liberal party.

    The Right Wingers always go on about Labor being communist and take over everything socialists but whenever you read up it’s always the Conservatives who attempt to or who do undermine democracy at every opportunity so as to gain more power for themselves. This is an example of it.

    You need look no further than Newman in Queensland for the worst of it in Australia but the other LIberal Premiers have also bought in small changes here and there that are adding up to giving themselves more power and making it harder for them to lose power.

  25. Oh here is this utter stupid thing that Gillard is responsible for what everyone else does.

    Of course with the wingnuts it’s only Gillard or a Labor leader that is responsible for others. Liberal leaders are never responsible for anything bad or mendacious that happens under them, then it’s Labor’s fault.

    What a laugh they are.

    The piece I read clearly stated eight offences over six months, not over three. As is typical of the wingnuts in that they hardly ever source their supposed facts, believing we have to take them at their word, I had to go looking for the information. It would have behoved the accuser to at least provide a reference to the accusation.

  26. Oh and Voyager @10:03am why didn’t you mention the Shadow Tourist Minister in your spray?


  27. 2013 is going to be a big year with CWs. Alredy being incapable of accurate reading.
    All I ask is to read carefully what is in front of you – not what you think it is.
    What I say is:
    ” All Elected members most particularly PM and Ministers but also Shadow
    Ministers should be totally accountable. If any of these ‘fines’ involve demerit
    points those responsible should be punished. I do say yes if Ms Dullard was
    responsible she should most definitely loose her licence. Just as any others
    mentioned should also be – delicensed if guilty”
    Do I make my point clearly enough for you.
    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. ( and all Aust Citizens)

  28. So Voyager does a bit of rewriting of history that is only 3 hours old.

    History rewriting is a speciality of the right.

  29. Voger’s incredible revelation…parking tickets. Hold the phone, its an outrage. Write to the smellagraph or ACA, they are busy with fiberal spin to detract from the policy void, I’m sure they would give this heinous crime and affront to our democracy a run…. 🙄 I’m pretty sure their are fiberals with parking tickets too Voyger, its hardly Ashbygate.

  30. What annoys me the most, is that we even have to respond to stupid allegations that the likes of voyager make.

    If we do not, they become established fact in the perception of many.

    Does anyone really believe the PM really drives herself around anywhere. Can just see the security mob allowing that.

    Also, except for a couple of short breaks, the job seems to be 24/7 today. No time to go for a relaxing drive, shopping or visiting friends,

  31. CU dont take the bait. As my post i the other tread reveals, these antagonists are only here because they want to get under your skin. They hate us, they hate truth,they hate the fact that are going to lose the next election. Give them oxgen they breath, give them facts they choke. Look at the desperation of the fiberals, they are shit scared they are going to have to release a policy with detail, Two puff pieces and a warning that labor is descending into the gutter.

    1st Credin, despite tonys deep religious conviction he was so caring, filled with lies published by the telegraph.

    2nd Pyne comes out in the Australian and says how wonderful tony was to support me through my IVF despite his catholic guilt

    3rd Robb writes a piece in the Smellagraph saying that Labor will bring it into the gutter whilst setting the gutter tone, with an undertone of they will try to make it spin.

    Predictable damage control of quite amateurish proportions. Like all things Liberal at the moment all spin, no substance, then reverse spin. Warney would be impressed.

  32. Shweet. The Tony Abbot Peta Credlin knows is twofaced and wellkeen for a convenient coverup in office. Safes, legals, rares, bar fridges, drinkiepoos, damaging rumours, needlings aplenty, open toilet policies, and an unwanted quantum in the six-figures, by routine accounts.

    Meanwhile, and elsewhere, in an is-good-for-a-gander climate, of an alredy (sic) big year, perhaps it would be best to have Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz committing himself to further estimating matters such as drivers, payments of penalties, and putative guilts, if warranted. What say ye, Voyager? Apply the blowtorch to the reckless?

  33. Former speaker Peter Slipper will face three charges in court after being summonsed by police who investigated allegations of travel fraud.

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) on Monday summonsed the MP in relation to three offences of dishonestly causing a risk of a loss to the Commonwealth.

    He will appear in Canberra Magistrates Court on February 15 where he will be formally charged.

    A police statement on Monday did not say what the charges related to.

    However, the summons follows claims made in April 2012 when Mr Slipper’s former staffer James Ashby alleged the then-speaker had misused Cabcharge dockets by giving a sheaf of blank dockets to drivers.

    Mr Slipper denied the allegation and Mr Ashby later withdrew it from his sexual harassment case.

    Police finalised their investigation into the allegations of fraud in July and referred the matter to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

  34. ”The AFP has today (7 January 2013) served the legal representative of Mr Peter Slipper MP with a summons in relation to three offences of Dishonestly Causing a Risk of a Loss to the Commonwealth pursuant to section 135.1(5) Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).
    ”Mr Slipper MP has been summonsed to appear in the Canberra Magistrates Court on 15 February 2013.

    Read more:

  35. If Ms Dullard drove herself around and talked to Aussies not just her inner ring
    she would probably improve her standing.
    Once again I do not mean parking tickets rather traffic infringements –
    and yes using a mobile phone earns demerit points and possible loss of
    licence . Dont care who it is PM or PMs cleaner, do you argee?

  36. Yes indeed voyager. That is if any of the infringments are hers. Do you know, as no one else seems to.

    Now the PM uses her phone while driving. That is a big leap.

    Would imagine such carsw are fitted with hands free, Do not you think so,

    Voyager I hope you doi know, you cannot make things up.

  37. Bacchus of any of his allegations were true, we would be hearing about it every five minutes on the MSM.

  38. Following

    margo kingston
    Voters in all Liberal federal & Qld electorates could write to MP seeking assurances that they knew nothing before #Ashby case reported.

  39. He also didn’t link to the site of his original allegations, because the reputation for accuracy of that site is even lower than the net approval rating of the LOTO 🙂

  40. A fertility support network today criticised the government’s claims IVF was a non-essential treatment, saying the health minister should “stay out of the bedroom” of Australian women.

    ACCESS chief executive officer Sandra Dill said the government’s admission it would limit funding for non-essential procedures such as IVF, was discriminatory to the one in six Australian couples who needed access to the treatment.

    She said the government should stop intervening in the reproductive choices of women.

    “I think women will be very concerned at the suggestion that the health minister should have some right in determining when they should have a child,” she said.

    “The (Health Minister Tony) Abbott and (Treasurer Peter) Costello performance in this past week has been pretty much a bad joke and something quite cruel as far as people who are trying to have a child, given that Mother’s Day is coming two days before the Budget.”

    The government is considering placing a cap on the number of times a woman can claim IVF treatments from Medicare in a single year, saving $7 million.


    Under the proposed changes, the government would limit the number of Medicare funded treatments women over 42 can claim to three, while treatments for younger women would be limited to three a year.

    Currently, there are no restrictions on the number of cycles available to women, with Medicare subsidising about half the cost of each $8,000 IVF cycle.

    Mr Abbott today said IVF was not a lifesaving procedure and there should be a limit on what the government is prepared to spend.

    However, Ms Dill believes infertility is not a choice, but a medical condition which could be effectively treated by IVF.

    She said the cuts would lead to increased pressure on doctors and women to implant more embryos at each treatment, posing unnecessary risks on the woman and unborn child.

    “Has minister Abbott undergone an IVF cycle? He certainly hasn’t spoken to us and maybe he could go through a cycle with one of us, he might understand the pressures involved.

    “Certainly if people know they can only afford three cycles and if they’re forced to wait another year, further compromising their fertility because they’ll be a year older, they will be asking their doctors can they have more embryos transferred,” she said……..

  41. Bacchus, I put the link in for him, as the story was not as he said. Once again misleading headlines.

  42. The PETER SLIPPER BULLSH1T!!!!!!!!



    “It is understood the charges have nothing to do with an issue relating to the use of blank taxi dockets raised, and later dropped, in a civil court matter brought by Mr Slipper’s former staffer James Ashby.

    The charges are believed to relate to Mr Slipper’s use of hire cars in January, March and June 2010, when he was a Liberal National Party MP.

    It is alleged he used the cars beyond the boundary of the ACT – breaching a little-known rule concerning MPs’ travel.’

  43. Sue, thought the summons might have meant something different. Funny charge they are laying.

    So we are getting info on what the legal bodies believe. Funny, we still have not got that from the Rare’s judgement.

  44. I wonder if the department that looks after MP entitlements will now be checking all “hire car” dockets from the ACT to see if any went into NSW?

    There could be a lot of MP’s looking at gaol terms!

  45. he charges are believed to relate to Mr Slipper’s use of hire cars in January, March and June 2010, when he was a Liberal National Party MP.

    It is alleged he used the cars beyond the boundary of the ACT – breaching a little-known rule concerning MPs’ travel.

    The total cost of the three trips was about $900.

    Mr Slipper’s legal team is expected to argue that it was an inadvertent mistake and the MP was unaware of the geographic limit rule.

    A spokesman for Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said the decision to issue the summons was made by the Australian Federal Police, an independent statutory office.

    “The investigation and charging of any person is a matter for the law enforcement authorities – the Australian Federal Police and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions,” the spokesman told AAP on Monday.

    He said defendants were entitled to the presumption of innocence.

    “Prejudicial commentary must be avoided to ensure a fair trial,” he said.

    “This will be a matter for a court to decide.”

    Comment was being sought from Mr Slipper’s office……….

  46. CU
    then no charges relating to Steve Lewis big article in the Telegraph earlier this year. Slipper looking good for taking court action

  47. Sue, you could be right on this one. Slipper is unlikely not to be the only one to make this mistake.

  48. Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life

    Just watching “JAWS” on TV and my “significant other” has pointed out that the MSM has “just jumped the shark” on the Slipper hire car story.

  49. CU

    I note the Oz is still headlining with their 4.18 pm story on Slipper and not their revised 5.58 pm story.
    The ABC and Fairfax have not bothered updating either.

  50. Just watching Current Affairs. There was an episode with the mayor of one of the towns burnt out. She was ordering the vacationers to get on the boats and get out. She told them if they were stayting for their car, that was too bad., She told them, ny house is burning at this time.

    Some argue with her, including those old enough to know better. They were whinging that they had paid for motels etc. The mayor told them they had been fed and now it was time for them to go,

    The abuse these people gave was unbelievable.

    Disgraceful, but not far from some of the attitudes we see from visitors on this site.

    The town was Dunnelly

  51. I heard they were also whingeing about being held up and missing their spot on the ferry back to Melbourne. They probably want the PM to guarantee a handout for a new ticket.

  52. Ricky
    did you note the dates of the infringement notices for those 2 months.
    what was happening on the 13 and 14 jan and feb etc

  53. I’d be very surprised if the PM drives any vehicle herself, in fact I’d be very surprised if any PM for some time has had that luxury. Possibly the First Bloke may have attracted some parking fines.

    Maybe they could get Iron Bar to put the frighteners on, although he doesn’t seem to have had a very high success rate.

  54. “offences of dishonestly causing a risk of a loss to the Commonwealth.”

    Anyone know what this means,

  55. Section 135.1 (5) carries penalty of a maximum five years in prison, however Fairfax Media understands that even if found guilty, Mr Slipper is very unlikely to face the maximum penalty.

    It is also unlikely the case would be resolved before next federal election. Mr Slipper stood aside as Speaker last April following accusations by his staffer James Ashby that he had misused taxi dockets, as well as separate claims he had sexually harassed Mr Ashby.

    Read more:

  56. CU, from your link

    the charges are believed to relate to Mr Slipper’s use of hire cars in January, March and June 2010, when he was a Liberal National Party MP.
    And what did their leader say about his travel charges back then?

    Abbott defends Slipper’s travel
    TONY Abbott has backed Peter Slipper’s huge travel bills but has admitted he is not across the detail.

    not across the detail.. seems to be a recurring theme with the libs latest hammock dweller

    I also think that Ashby has about a week to mount his appeal they all made such a big deal about. In fact, more wa made about the ‘appeal’ than the actual judgement. Times a wasting.

  57. n Monday, a government source downplayed the news of the summons, saying the offences mentioned by the AFP did not relate to Mr Ashby’s claims.

    It is understood they relate to three Comcar trips in 2010, in which Mr Slipper – who was then a Coalition MP – travelled beyond the allowed Canberra region. The trips are understood amount to about $900.

    Read more:

  58. Seen it described as “misused of travel entitlements.”

    What I do not understand, is why the finance department did not pick this up when he made his claims.

    When I worked for NSW PS, it was normal for any claims made that did not meet the guidelines to be questioned at that time.

    Of course, it would be different, if he misrepresented where he travelled to. Then I would expect Comcars to be also charged.

    Sounds very far out to me. Could explain why they are not charging him at this time.

  59. CU
    That Slipper story at the SMH sure is a confusing article. Deliberately you would have to assume because the “charge” has got nothing to do with the Ashby claim.

    The SMH article is so bad that it is not even a story this morning.

    But worse than the SMH is the ABC that it is still running with the story it had last night. No corrections, no updates just incorrect assumptions.

    As to why hasn’t it been picked up by the Department, that’s the bigger story.

  60. And here is why the Finance Department is in for a big surprise or a whole lot of work. As I said last night quite a few MP’s could be facing gaol time, if this is the rule that has warranted the court case.

    “The alleged trips are understood to be in breach of a little-known restriction on MPs using hire cars or Cabcharge dockets to cross state borders.”

  61. Well it appears to be connected to Comcars and trios out of Canberra. Three trips costing $900.

    If it was seen as wrong, one would have thought Comcars would have said so at the time. My experience, from working with NSW PS, is that the Department is quick at querying claims.

    The other unusual thing is that everyone is very quiet. No public or media outcry.

  62. From the same article, George bloody Brandis must now be aware of the facts of the case.
    “Opposition legal affairs spokesman George Brandis said last night: “Mr Slipper should never have been made Speaker . . . in the first place.”

    George B Brandis sounds more like the spoilt child, and this guy reckons he should be the AG of Australia

  63. And this is as close to the FACTS that the Canberra Press Gallery’s mate Steve Lewis gets

    ‘News Limited understands the Finance Department, which polices parliamentary entitlements, initially referred allegations involving Cabcharge to the AFP.

    This suggests the court matters may not relate to the allegations brought forward by Mr Ashby, which involved a Sydney-based hire car driver”

    Another article meant to bolster the ego of the writer and leave the reader misinformed.

  64. “‘News Limited understands the Finance Department, which polices parliamentary entitlements, initially referred allegations involving Cabcharge to the AFP.”

    Why did not the department deal with the matter themselves? It is either against the rules or not. I suspect Lewis is making guesses. I would imagine all of Slipper’s transactions would have been referred to the police. I suspect the police request the information. Would have to, if they were going to investigate.

    I suspect that it is the police who have picked up the irregularities, not the department. Could even come down to interpretation of rules.

  65. that clunk you hear is the scraping of the bottom of the barrel, let us hope we can catch a few other fiberals or even the king fibber himself. They are starting off 2013 in the same vein as finished up 2012 in the gutter.

  66. How about this ‘if’, the memoirs of an AFP operative

    “yes my big break came when i realised i was the only one who knew the little known rule about the illegality of cross border use of cab charges. yes they were all after slippery pete, but i got him on a technicality.
    there was no need to to look further, they were only after slippery.
    no, no he didn’t get the max, 5 years in gaol, but that’s canberra for you.
    you know my job was to get him to court, and i had the gotcha”

    to be printed in serial form in murdoch media, murdoch on-line media, and the mini series on fox.

  67. At the start of this election year, and with much talk about the things that will dominate the political discourse, I thought it might be worth revisiting the Tony Windsor speech in parliament which was the start of the term “Arsegate”.

    The first poem I wrote on this subject, and the precursor to “Arsegate for begginers” was “Lets suspend standing orders”, which I have just posted on my blog.

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  68. “maximum term of 5 years”

    For $900 😯

    Methinks there should be a lot of very nervous pollies right now 😉

  69. TS, excellent!! My prediction for the forthcoming political year is that we will have Gillard pushing forward will innovative reform suggestions (like a good girl, she is saving the best for last). There might be a leak or two, but these will be the bait to try to drawn Abbott out on having to debate issues.

  70. Abbott and his minders / media will do anything to avoid having him ‘debate’ the Prime Minister on a level playing field. Three-word Tony is seriously outclassed!

  71. Looks like Tony has broken his holidays for a photo opt. On with the work gear. He thanked the PM for her kind words. Bullshit.

  72. Min, thanks for that, greatly appreciated as always. 😀
    I think your prediction is pretty well spot on.

    Hows Migs? I hope the tests went well! 🙂

    Cheers 😀

  73. Tom R January 8, 2013 @ 6:37 am Wonder if voyager will be as animated over those infringements you put up at 10:45 pm Ricky?

    He will spin it. The truths a bitch when your desperate.
    Min your totally on the money.

    Very interesting how the media is reporting this. Slipper is being charged for offenses in 2010 (when he was a Liberal) and it has nothing to do with Ashbygate, yet they are making this unclear.

    What I want to know is why is he being charged at all? Normal parliamentary practice is to simply send a bill and pay the money back end of story. Was Rieth charged over the $5000 phone card? 🙄
    I smell a very big rat.

  74. Not even a loss, only a risk of loss.

    The police statement said it was “in relation to three offences of Dishonestly Causing a Risk of a Loss to the Commonwealth pursuant to section 135.1(5) Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).”

  75. Sue, from the SMH article

    Correction: The original version of this story referred to the offences being related to Comcar trips in 2010, rather than hire car trips.

    Read more:

    It’s like they are tripping over themselves trying to link it to ashby. They also claim, from a piece written this morning that “The Australian Federal Police have not confirmed what the summons is about” yet even last night I had read it was to do with crossing borders and $900. Why are they so far behind?

  76. As trials and tribulations for the PM.

    How come.

    It was pointed out, that so far, no charges have been laid.

    If that does eventuate, it is unlikely to be dealt with before the next election.

    What has changed for the PM.

    All this does, is show up the double standards of Mr. Abbott.

    If as reported, the alleged crimes occurred before the last election. At this time, Mr. Abbott was out in the media, defending his friend, Mr. Slipper.

  77. Hold the fire hoses!
    We now hear from Tasmania that ,tony abbott after thanking the PM for visiting Tasmania is now on his way back to sydney to stand with his local bush fire brigade.

    get ready press, there must be a good photo op on the ready.

  78. Well Sue, he was in uniform, along with the two flanking him in Brisbane One of the quickest media conferences I have seen Do not know if there were any media present.

    Reminds one of Abbott’s early efforts when some of the interviews appeared to be videos that they took and released themselves.

    As all firefighters have been told they are on standby, surely he would have no choice, but to come holidays, to report for duty..I am sure we will see him in the DD tanker, that he got his licence to drive.

  79. Where is the person that has been standing in for Mr. Abbott, while he has been on holidays? Who has been acting. When did these fires start. How many days ago. Not a word.

  80. I expect that it is the same LNP/Liberal dirt unit that was behind Ashby’s claims that is behind this recent police probe. Brandis may have been the original complainant to the police, just as he was behind one of the complaints to the NSW police against Craig Thomson.

    This new accusation may serve several functions. One is to further burden Peter Slipper financially in the hope that it will bankrupt him. Another is to call into question Gillard’s judgment, as even ABC Midday News just now has suggested. Another still is to bias the public’s perception of Slipper prior to Ashby’s appeal next week, if that ever eventuates. That date is crucial, because if or when the appeal fails, Ashbygate will explode in Abbott’s face.

    Speaking of Gillard’s judgment, some regard Gillard’s appointment of Slipper as Speaker as a political masterstroke, not just for shoring up the governments numbers. If Gillard is guilty of bad judgment, it’s in trusting Abbott’s word that Slipper’s past was clean.

  81. I read somewhere last night, that Peta was going to put off her attempt to have a baby until after the elections. It appears the elections are more important.

    Now this really makes sense. Peta is I believe a 41 year old woman, who according to the stories, had five failed attempts.

    Not much time left. I would say.

    Now, are we to assume the lady is the only one capable of doing her job. No one else can take Mr. Abbott to victory.

  82. More bullshit and hyprocrysy. The mam still has not been charged. Does not have to resigned. Was Abbott’s friend at the time. Abbott defended him when similar allagations were made. Of courses that was just before an election.

    Is this why be broke his holidays.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard should never have allowed Peter Slipper to become the Speaker of Parliament, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.

    Mr Slipper, who resigned from the Speaker’s role last year, will face three charges in court after being summonsed by police over allegedly breaching MP car travel rules.

    Mr Abbott says the latest development involving Mr Slipper again exposes the Prime Minister’s lack of judgment.

    ‘Why did the Prime Minister ever think that the gentleman in question was fit and proper to be the Speaker of our country?’ Mr Abbott told reporters in Brisbane.

    Mr Abbott said it was up to Mr Slipper to decide if he should resign from the parliament.

    The member for the Sunshine Coast seat of Fisher will appear in Canberra Magistrates Court on February 15 where he will be formally charged.

    It is understood the charges have nothing to do with an issue relating to the use of blank taxi dockets raised, and later dropped, in a civil court matter brought by Mr Slipper’s former staffer James Ashby…….

  83. Appears he used the cars to go to wineries and eating houses. Wtote out several chits and vague as to destination.

    ABC 24.

  84. Will someone remind Abbott, that the PM does not appoint the speaker. He voted for the same man, as deputy speaker.

  85. …………………..ou can’t always beat it into submission by doing fertility treatments that wreak havoc on your body and sometimes your mind over and over again. Sometimes IVF just doesn’t work.

    Credlin would still dearly love to be a mother, but doesn’t think she will try IVF again in an election year.

    “It’s more the fact we are in the fight of our lives and you have to be committed. And it takes over your life,” she says.

    “And that’s just the nature of it an election year.

    “It consumes your life and your partner understands that, and your family understands that. I don’t want to have my attention divided. So I probably wouldn’t.

    “I’ve got one job this year and that’s to change the government.

    “But what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

  86. Went looking for some information on Peta. Is not on Wikipedia. Her husband is, and the site was changed the 6/1. All that is on her husband site, is that he married her. Follow a link to the Liberals Party which has been taken down, It appears the web has been clear of her name This funny as she has held a few roles that put her in the public arena.

    I read a comment that she and her husband had an older boy. Was trying to check out if it was true.

  87. No pay wall.

    Peter Slipper ‘took cabs to wine and dine’
    BY: LAUREN WILSON From: The Australian January 08, 2013 3:45PM
    FORMER Speaker Peter Slipper is alleged to have used his government issued Cabcharge card to tour some of the Canberra region’s finest wineries and restaurants, according to police documents released today by the ACT Magistrates Court.

    Mr Slipper, who stepped down as parliament’s top presiding officer in October, was yesterday issued a summons to attend the Canberra Magistrates Court on February 15 where he will be charged with three counts of dishonestly causing a risk of a loss to the Commonwealth.

    The charges relate to three occasions in the first half of 2010 when Mr Slipper is alleged to have misused his taxpayer-funded Cabcharge card to visit half a dozen wineries.

    On January 20 2010, Mr Slipper is alleged to used his Cabcharge card to pay for a hire car to pick him up from Parliament House and take him across the ACT border to a handful of wineries including the award-winning Clonakilla Wines, Shaw Estate and the fashionable Capital country smoking-house and restaurant Poachers Pantry running up an alleged bill of $337……………………..

    Slipper to face court over taxi dockets

    “Mr Slipper knew that he was not entitled to use the Cabcharge card to pay for the hire car, but he did so,” the court document says.

    The former Liberal National Party member turned independent MP is alleged to have filled in and signed four Cabcharge documents for the trip instead of one, which included trip details from ”Parliament House to suburbs” and from ”suburbs to suburbs”.

    “The details were false to his knowledge,” the court document alleges……………………………….

  88. Exactly, CU @4.34pm. Slipper was a member of the Liars Party when all this happened and as such his behaviour can be sheeted home to Liealot and the Liars Party.

    After all, he was selected by the Liars in 2010 and all this occurred on Liealot’s watch. Methinks the LOTO has questions to answer wrt one of his MPs.

    Just quietly, I think the whole thing is quite possibly a load of old cobblers, but should that not be the case, Slipper was a Liars Party MP at the time and zip to do with the PM.

    I have no doubt not one of the toe rags in the msm has bothered to jog Liealot’s memory and question his lack of judgement.

  89. Search querySearch
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    Laurie Cousins
    @margokingston1 “Why I left the priesthood” by the boy reporter Tony Abbott Aug 18, 1987 5 of 5
    Reply Retweet Favorite

  90. The Slipper charge relates to travel that happened before Abbott re-endorsed Peter Slipper for the 2010 election.

    I wonder if steve Lewis will go to dinner at the Poachers Pantry and ask who usually accompanied Slipper in 2010. The Poachers Pantry being just over the border past Hall.

  91. In 2010 Tony Abbott defended Peter Slippers travel expenses as reasonable.

    Abbott defends Slipper’s travel

    There is no greater illustration of what a two face hypocritical lying bastard Abbott is than this as he was in the media yesterday condemning Gillard for selecting Slipper as speaker because of the travel rorting charges against him.

    So as a Liberal he’s Abbott’s very close friend and travel rorting is OK.
    As an independent he’s Abbott’s enemy and travel rorting means government should fold.

    I can absolutely promise if he is PM that any rorting, corruption or malfeasance by anyone in his government and he will be back to defending them and covering it up.

  92. Mobius

    I too find Tony Abbotts wind vein standards hypocritical and pathetic. Peter Slipper was supported as Deputy Speaker and if you are supported as deputy of something then it is expected you are supported to do the job in the Speakers absence. This means the coalition supported Peter Slipper in the position of speaker from the outset. Otherwise they should have opposed the appointment to deputy speaker. They did not and they are just as guitly as anyone else in this. You will never see this type of comment and analysis in the Murdocracy Media.

  93. According to the AFP investigation Slipper tended to Abbott a $330 travel voucher for a taxi from Parliament House to home. Abbott as his boss approved the expense.

    Another attack on the government from the opposition that could end up back firing badly.

    This opposition keeps painting the government as incompetent and a failure, as do their mindless army of zombie trolls, but if you look at their record it is this Liberal party who have displayed gross incompetency and have failed so often they portray a rare day they don’t fail as a great success.

  94. There is no greater illustration of what a two face hypocritical lying bastard Abbott is than this as he was in the media yesterday condemning Gillard for selecting Slipper as speaker because of the travel rorting charges against him.

    There is no greater illustration of what a two face hypocritical lying bastards the media is for allowing this to go through unchallenged.

    Apparently, when it comes to tabot, their job is pass on his words, taken at face value when it is Gillard, it is their job to dispute her words, rightly or wrongly (remember the ‘misogynist’ and our media getting the dictionary definition wrong. Oh, how we laughed (sob))

  95. Drum last night shared many of the feelings of those here. Raised the preospect5 of , is this all the man is guilty of. Suggested the next government better look out, now the bar have been so lowered. No ones personal life is now safe. MP’s will only need s disgruntled employee to find their career over. At the most the attack against Slipper has been based on private conversation, that has nought to do with their job,

    Now Abbott is breaking his holiday to rush, a little late to the Nowra fires. Why did he turn up in yellow at a building site yesterday, in wok clothes. More likely I suggest to have a dig at the PM over Slipper. Does not realise how hypocritical he sounds,.

    Also, he rave on about how Peta was only about giving support to woman in similar situations as hers, and how hard IVF was.

    Any excuse for a stunt. Is this how he will act as a PM if he ever got the job. Soes not give one any confidence in him.

  96. Abbott as his boss approved the expense.

    Does that mean that he is ‘complicit’ in this blatant attempt in “dishonestly causing a risk of a loss to the Commonwealth.” 😯

  97. I’m confident he will act statemanlike at times, but will continue to be plagued with foot in mouth syndrome throughout his ten years in the top job.

    The electorate will forgive him for being constantly naive.

  98. Love the charge risk of lost to a person, the department. Is it a person or not, I get the impression, the biggest crime might be not following directions from the department.

    Be interesting to know how many others continue to use the dockets, not the card.

    That seems to be the biggest problem, and being vague. Why was that not questioned at the time.

    As someone on the Drum laughted when it was suggested he might go to jail. If this did occur, if will be long after the next election.

  99. el gordo, why would one do that. It is more likely they will judge him, by the way he judges this PM.

    Thought you did not support him.

    Getting terrible hard to continuing defending the indefensible on all fronts, as far as you and our visitors are concerned.

    He will feel the contempt that McMahon endured, for the same reasons.

    Australians are quick to put the boot into idiotic PM’s. They do not put up with fools.

  100. Mobius Ecko

    If Abbott did sign a travel document for $330 from Parliament house to home, then obviously Peter Slipper could call Abbott as a witness.

    In the court documents it shows that the Dept had determined that the voucher system of cab charges was to be discontinued. Slipper received advice in 2006 and again in October 2007 times when the Coalition was the government. so the questions are, why didn’t a government mp not abide by it’s rules, why did the liberal party and tony abbott support the re-election of peter slipper, why did the liberals support/nominate slipper as deputy speaker? why didn’t abbott go to the police before now?

    bigger question why did the coalition government allow it’s finance department to still allow paper cab vouchers if it had changed the rules back in 2006? rules that apparently were set in place to stop fraud. Wasn’t Nick Minchin the Finance Minister, did he fail in his responsibilities? Is he party to the fact of allowing a fraud to occur against the commonwealth? did the department write to the minister with the problems they were having with at least peter slipper mp?

  101. “How is Slipper “wining & dining” on the public purse any different from Abbott claiming $360 a night allowance while on a charity ride?’

  102. Yes sue, looks like another case of an opposition attack on the government that is really an attack on themselves.

    It’s hard to believe a political party that’s this idiotic and offish, but here it is, from amateur accounting to blunder after blunder.

    If it weren’t for a compliant media backing them and covering for their gross incompetency they would have been out on their ear a long time ago and a completely fresh lot of faces would be running the show.

  103. ‘Thought you did not support him.’

    I don’t, he’s a dill, but we aren’t voting for him. The people will choose the Coalition to run the country because they are so much better at it.

  104. “I’m confident he will act statemanlike at times, but will continue to be plagued with foot in mouth syndrome throughout his ten years in the top job.”

    Please el gordo how can you be acting statesman like if you continually have foot in mouth syndrome ?

  105. el gordo, another urban myth.

    It was Mr. Whitlam that began the economic reforms with more reforms by Hawke,and Keating, that has helped to create the strong system we have today.

    Yes, as I keep saying, Labor builds, Liberals demolish.

    Making the necessary reforms have not made Labor popular at the time. This PM is continuing the tradition.

  106. ME, I am not suspicious because of anything Labor or the PM has said, I am suspicious because of his behaviour and what has come out of his own mouth over the years.

    Whether he is misogynist or not is of little concern. What is of concern, he acts like one. The continual abuse of women in both houses under his regime from his backbenchers and himself, is a fact, a nasty fact.

  107. ‘acting statesman like if you continually have foot in mouth syndrome ?’

    No easy task, but he will act like a statesman with Peta’s help.

  108. [Abbott] will act like a statesman with Peta’s help

    And how, pray tell, is he going to do THAT when he is a born thug, a social reactionary who can’t string words together without either brain spasms, Spin or lies? Abbott a statesman – what a joke!

  109. This is the gormless puppet who el drongo says can pretend to be a “statesman”.

    Abbott the “statesman” – Lol!!

  110. Love your reply. Yes, and one that never takes responsibilities for his own actions ot beliefs. That article he wrote as a young reporter blamed the church. Now it is blaming the bias in the ABC.

    Never his fault. That article is right, it is time for him to come out an explain where he stands today.

    Suspect, he has no strong beliefs in any areas, except for his belief he should be PM. No idea what he would do, if he achieved his parents ambitions.

  111. Pictures of Abbott driving a truck on the south coast. ABC 24 news

    Would be more impressed if he took up one of the hoses. Did not notice the size of the truck, or whether it was going anywhere.

  112. Have read comments elsewhere that Tones is superior because he is now on the frontline, fighting fires, unlike the PM who only went along to look.

    Would like to point out, that in spite of all the coverage and warnings, in spite of being on leave, took him a week to get there.

    In comparison, the PM took the time, while on leave to give support to those in the fire zones. At the first instance, performed her duty visiting the regions. The PM is now back at work doing her job.

    What I would love to know, who was acting as Opposition leader while Tones was on leave. Where have they been during the last week.

    My guess is that Tones reappeared yesterday for two other reasons. The backlash from the Peta episode and the Slipper summons.

    Both show Abbott in a bad light.

    No, turning up in that truck is no more than a stunt.

  113. Whatever the other political goings-on in the background he was always going to go to the fires for a photo-op / stunt. Couldn’t resist, plus he’s got nothing else but a few moth-eaten slogans.

  114. O’Farrell supports those teens arrested yesterday, being taken to the fire areas and watch sheep being shot. God help us.

    Why has it taken him so long to fet out.

  115. Just read Wixxys post ME linked to above

    It is supposedly true that Abbott has been doing all he can to help Credlin fall pregnant

    Just what the hell is in that fridge 😯

  116. el gordo January 9, 2013 @ 8:15 am
    ‘Thought you did not support him.’
    I don’t, he’s a dill, but we aren’t voting for him. The people will choose the Coalition to run the country because they are so much better at it.

    Hey Gordo nice piss take, I can see you’re a connoisseur de piss take.

    Here are how the pros at channel 9 roll out a piss take.

  117. Ricky, from a situation, his words manage to set off.

    It was Tones they were after, not the PM by the way.

    Therefore, it was Tones, talking without thinking, that placed the PM at risk.

    Yes, they were indeed statesman like words that day.

  118. Wonder it the weather continues as they are predicting, will the PM actions in introducing a price on carbon emissions, be seen in a negative manner, or be seen as very with it and responsible.

  119. Catching up
    January 9, 2013 @ 2:19 pm
    The dialogue from that video was sure over the top. Very little sign of any real violence.

    Cmon there was:
    “angry raging mob” “ riot squad” “angry protesters from a tent embassy”
    “police with shields”

    “the moment of terror captured on Julia Gillards (not the prime minister’s) face,
    “the face of danger”

    “the rare sight of Abbott bustled in beside her” as “the violence broke out”
    “police trying to beat back the surging crowd”

    “virtual prisoners locked inside”

    “Tony’s raised eybrows and smirk” as he was told

    “Our political leaders taking the risk and running the gauntlet”

    “A trophy from the clash”

    And the postmortum…wow that guy has seen it all but never a polly locked in a room and having to run for their own safety…….

    Hang on haven’t we seen that happen again to an aspiring statesman somewhere else?…

    January 9, 2013 @ 10:43 am


  120. If I was being pulled along like that, I would also have a look of horror on my face.

    Watched every video I could find at the time. Lot of noise, much slapping on the glass. Nothing else. By the way, two indigenous people on the steps hung themselves off to allow the PM passage.

    I believe the ,many enquiries came to the same conclusion.

    Pictures inside the room showed no horror on the PM ‘s face. In fact she was relaxed and calm. making sure they got Abbott out.

    The protest was not aimed at the PM.

    More an example of panic on the behalf of some security.

    If you do not believe me, Google and look at all the videos from that day.

    There was noisy but small protest, but no riot.

    The only recorded violence I seen came from a young security or police officer. Managed to punch a woman in the face. ,

    The so called spears they were seen with, was because they had just finished a show.

    Yes, much ado about nothing.


  121. Yes sound design is the most important aspect of the visual medium..
    Us Sound designers can make a mountain out of a molehill or a non story into “an angry violent protest that puts terror on a duly framed face”

  122. Oh what a wicked web the Liberals weave… only to entangle themselves.

    A LIBERAL staffer who splurged $906 on a cab ride from Wodonga to Melbourne boasted on Facebook: “I don’t do buses.”

    Adam Wyldeck, who works for Victorian Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella, provided taxi fare updates on Facebook as he travelled to the airport on Sunday.

    That it’s a corrupt staffer who works for the very corrupt Mirabella doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  123. Could more mews like this, put that surplus back on the agenda.

    Iron ore price hits 15-month high on China optimism
    BY: RHIANNON HOYLE From: Dow Jones Newswires January 09, 2013 10:43AM

    OPTIMISM over China’s economic outlook and supply disruptions in key producing nations such as India and Australia continue to propel iron-ore prices higher.

    “Markets are also on Australian cyclone watch” with worries adverse weather may interrupt supply from the nation’s resource-rich Pilbara region, helping underpin elevated prices, says Sucden Financial broker Rob Montefusco.

  124. More good news.

    APRA says total superannuation pool worth $1.4 trillion at June 3
    BY: ANDREW MAIN From: The Australian January 09, 2013 3:16PM

    AUSTRALIA’S superannuation pie now sits at an official $1.4 trillion, according to figures released today by regulator APRA, and is likely to be even larger following the recent stockmarket rise.

    The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s (APRA) Annual Superannuation Bulletin said the value of total superannuation assets jumped by $49 .6 billion, or 3.7 per cent, to $1.4 trillion in the 12 months to June 30 21…….

  125. Another positive?

    ………Alumina shares jump on Alcoa profit beat
    From: AAP January 09, 2013 2:25PM
    Increase Text Size

    SHARES in Australian company Alumina have risen after aluminium giant and joint venture partner Alcoa beat sales expectations and forecast a rise in demand in 2013.


    Bellwether Alcoa swings to profit

    Alcoa kicked off the US earnings season posting net income of $US242 million ($231.5m), compared to a $US193m net loss from the same period a year ago.

    Excluding one-time gains, such as the sale of a hydroelectric project, the amount was only $US64m.

    Melbourne-based Alumina’s only earning asset is its 40 per cent stake in Alcoa World Alumina and Chemicals (AWAC), with Alcoa holding the controlling remaining 60 per cent.

    That includes aluminium smelters at Portland and the struggling Point Henry plant in Victoria.

    Shares in Alumina, which is among Australia’s top 100 companies by market capitalisation, were 4.75 cents, or 4.85 per cent, stronger at $1.028 by early afternoon.

    Alcoa’s sales of $US5.9bn were higher than the $US5.58bn analysts predicted…………..

  126. Tom R @ 1.56

    ‘Just what the hell is in that fridge ”

    well we could guess with all that is in the press
    there is Peta’s hormones,
    tony’s gatorade (he has done a lot of bike riding)
    tony’s hormones (he has done a lot of bike riding)
    tony’s hemorrhoid cream(he has done a lot of bike riding)
    pyne’s (well whatever you give the bloke on ivf)
    and a few bottles of wine supplied by his mate peter slipper to be used as gifts

    “Mr Pyne this week confirmed he had met with Mr Ashby three times – including a meeting at which he personally handed over a wine bottle signed by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott intended as a farewell gift for a Slipper staffer.

    Read more:

  127. Wasn’t Nick Minchin the Finance Minister, did he fail in his responsibilities?

    Of course not, Sue. A Liars (Shadow) Minister’s only responsibility is only to lie through his/her teeth and deny, deny, deny, while projecting Liars’ dishonesty, obfuscation, incompetence, smear tactics and irresponsibility onto the government.

    Government response to any msm questions wrt this latest smear campaign, should be confined to pointing out ad nauseum that the alleged misconduct occurred while Slipper was a Liars MP and that the charges had been approved and defended by Liealot at the time.

    The government should then bluntly remind the msm that at the time of the alleged misconduct, not only was Slipper entirely Liealot’s responsibility but that Liealot was on the record as having condoned it.

    They should then be invited to ask Liealot to explain why he has only just now become concerned about the cab charges.

    Done and dusted, scrutiny directed where it should be-on Liealot.

    grodo @10.17am, he’s had Peta’s hand up his shirt for several years now, and even with her hand manipulating his gob, he still hasn’t produced anything even remotely statesmanlike, unless you count his attempt at the gold for the 10 metre dash for the doors of the House.

    He’s a lying tosser, always has been and always will be.

    ME @5.03pm, hear! hear!

    CU @5.55pm, an interesting report wrt Alcoa. Liealot mendaciously blamed the carbon price for Alcoa’s changed plans wrt smelters in Qld and WA, despite the claim being publicly refuted by the CEO of Alcoa.

    That lie and many others were exposed by Ad astra in his post of 19 February 2012, titled Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies

  128. jane, I thought I would put some positives up for a change. There seems to be so many good news stories.

  129. Such a wealth of information today….. Cafe Whispers U rules, ok 😀 info and truth that ya can’t find anywhere else…. on ya all ….. apart from that waste of space El f*wit…. no trolls….. WTF….. they must be at spin school….. get ready Whisperers ‘its time’ again.

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