Arsegate for beginners

It’s time for our weekend dose of Truth Seeker’s wicked poetic humour, and today he’s provided us with one of his funniest to date. I warn you, he’s hasn’t held back on this one. 😉

Arsegate for beginners

Tony Abbotts blind ambition served us up the term arsegate

To be PM he promised everything . . . except his arse’s fate

So for an ETS or carbon tax he’d surely compromise

He begged and pleaded . . . but the indies saw straight through his lies


So cast to opposition, Abbott set about his plan

To bring the quick demise of the Labor party clan

With lies and spin and slogans, he threw away due care

For the country and economy . . . as he really doesn’t care


So with a scare campaign ferocious and throwing morals to the wind

And ignoring all the experts and with truth and fact all binned

His goal was really simple . . . gaining power at any cost

But with monumental brain farts . . . his cause was quickly lost


But in the minds of many Arsegate’s now . . . much, much more generic

As they watch the right wing zealots lining up behind their cleric

The Abbott man . . . who would be king . . . he’s heading up the charge

While the list of arsegate devotees . . . is looming rather large


There’s Pyne, the Mincing poodle with his mega dummy spits

And his whinging, wining manner giving everyone the shits

And his social ties to Ashby giving rise to speculation

That there’s more to that than meets the eye . . . and cause for consternation


Then there’s that man Ashby who cried “sexual harassment Slipper”

But the allegations going round are the man prefers a nipper

And the chances are the harassment case will not get very far

As Ashby’s known for leaving his arsegate . . . always half ajar


And Cocky Hockey tags along with his smug and arrogant smile

Making much of getting numbers wrong . . . by a decent country mile

With his ties to Abbotts arsegate all we’ll get is a real bad smell

From this man who would be treasurer . . . who would do us over well


And with Bishop as his 2 IC, the minister for not much

He shows just how far his front bench is really out of touch

With her contribution to debate . . . making claws and pussy calls

And her head up Abbotts arsegate it’s no wonder they’ve no balls


Then the whistle blower Jackson . . . Abbotts hero of the minute

With the charges that she’s facing could dump all of them right in it

And with Fair Work’s Michael Lawler . . . a Tony Abbott appointee

Engaged to one K Jackson . . . there are conflicts there to see

With Abetz and Brandis on her side and Peter Reith as well

And the H R Nichols Society prepared to ring her bell

And she’s up to her elbows in the cookie jar with egg upon her face

And there’s so many arsegates up for grabs . . . it’s like an Olympic race


There is also Malcolm Turnbull, whose hands are far from clean

With his lies and obfuscation . . . on the NBN so clearly seen

As the brief for his portfolio was to seal our broadband’s fate

And although his heart’s not in it, it has proved . . . his own arsegate


And as a savvy tech head he has sunk the Liberals boat

As the Abbott broadband policy . . . is impossible to float

And he knows that fibre optics works . . . but sold out the mother-load

By adopting Abbott’s policy of . . . arsegate to the node


So the burning question for us all: is do we want this rabble

Representing our great nation with their slogans, lies and babble

Knocking holes in our economy while looking after all their mates

While covering up corruption from their numerous . . . arse . . . arsegates.


93 comments on “Arsegate for beginners

  1. M E, thanks for that, and yes It’s always good to know that you’ve upset a troll. 😆

    I love the smell of fuming trolls in the morning, and last night wasn’t bad either 😆 😀

    Cheers : smile: 😀 😆

  2. Sucking up left wing poor in an election year.

    ‘THE Coalition has opened the door to an increase in the Newstart allowance, indicating it is under active consideration but warning it must be made a short-term payment because too many people are staying on the dole for too long.

    ‘The shift came as one of the nation’s biggest business groups lent qualified support to calls for an increase in the dole, currently $245 a week, provided it was sufficiently modest to ensure people still felt a strong incentive to look for work.’

    Patricia Karvelas in the Oz

  3. Truth Seeker

    As the Xmas – new year holiday season comes to an end and as the last of the xmas pudding and cake is consumed no wonder your poetic thoughts turned to Abbott and Arsgate.

  4. They really are a despicable rabble, that bunch of …arsegates.

    Thanks for another beaut poem, Truth Seeker.

  5. Sue, it was actually written in July, when “arsegate” first came to the publics attention, but you are right, and Migs also thought it appropriate, as he had a few to choose from.
    I have to say though I don’t need an over abundance of Chrissy pudding, as when it comes to the LNP they always give me the shits. 😀 😀

    Cuppa, spot on, yes they are, and thanks for your kind words. 😀 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  6. M E, el dildo keeps quoting the LNP daily rag (and I do mean “rag”), like anyone here really gives a crap about what they dribble 😯 ( other than the other trolls 😛 )

    They never learn 😦

    Cheers 😀 😆

  7. Yes, a lot has happened in Canberra since Tony Windsor blew his stack and held the nation spellbound while he told Tony Abbott some home truths about his hypocrisy over the the so called carbon tax lie. He seems to have recorded Abbott’s ‘half?’ humorous comment about being willing to sell his arse to become PM. We have that memorable photo of him in the House of Reps pointing at his mobile phone whereon that comment surely sits. So “Arsegate” seems an apt enough description of all the scandal mongering Tony Abbott and his team have been involved in while PM Julia Gillard got on with the job of running the country.

    Who’d have thought it would come to pass
    That Labor’s fortunes turned on Abbott’s arse?
    Seems he said he’d be prepared to sell it!
    Desperate words from a religious zealot.
    I thought he’d already sold his soul
    Desperately grasping for his life’s goal.
    So this latest for him was no worse than a lie
    He could later confess to, or even deny.
    Or he could shrug it off as leftie spin.
    Anyway is it really a mortal sin?
    It’s leniently dealt with by Cardinal Pell
    So there’s not much chance he’ll go to hell
    Which really is a pity, you know, because
    We’d rather that fate for him, than Oz.

  8. Patricia, Ah yes, the compiled arsegate chronicles.

    A true and accurate record of the events for posterity 😀

    It was a fine collaboration. 😆

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  9. TS, love it. 😀

    A lot of truth there too, you certainly live up to your name! And that is indeed the truth..that beyond the anti Julia rhetoric, that we the Australian public have to consider that this is the team we will be voting for..what a depressing this the best that the Liberals can dredge up!!!!

  10. El gordo, sorry to spoil the illusion about the Libs increasing payments for the dole as Abbott has already previously stated that there is a plan to cancel all dole payments for those under 30yrs..Abbott’s delusion being that jobs are going begging on the mines (yes there are, but only for highly skilled tradies who are definitely not your typical dole recipient).

    But wait a minute..I thought that the mining industry was going to be decimated by the carbon tax and the mega miners tax?

    Tony cannot have it both ways, either the industry is going to go down the gurgler OR there are jobs aplenty on the mines for those lazy, layabout bludgers on the dole.

  11. ‘Abbott has already previously stated that there is a plan to cancel all dole payments for those under 30yrs.’

    Might need a link for that, otherwise its just pub gossip.

    We are sliding into recession and the dole will need to be increased, or everyone has to come down to our level. Depending on the depth of Quiggin’s Great Recession.

  12. Why does the word arse automatically come to mind h\when one thinks of Mr. Abbott. Arse, along with bullshitt.

  13. strewth i’m using the australian as proof, but at least el gordo an other RWers will take it as a ‘legitimate ” quote and not suggest that Min would resort to pub gossip

    “TONY Abbott has proposed banning the dole for people under 30 in a bid to entice the unemployed to head west and fill massive skill shortages in the booming resources sector. ”

  14. el gordo, agree something has to be done about Newstart. Suggest that raising it is not the answer.

    It is as the name says, meant to be a new start. That is a chance to get the skills to lift one out of unemployment, and get a worthwhile job. Yes, the emphasis should be on worthwhile job, not any job.

    Yes, there is also some that choose to live on it. They should not be rewarded.

    No, now is the time to look at how we help these people, both in the short and long term.

    Yes, more money needs to be spent, but not necessarily in higher benefits, but is other support.

    Just listening to ABC 24. This government has been very successful in tightening up the disability pension, ensuring that only the true disable are on benefits, Nop other government has been able to achieve this,

    It is said that this government is working on the problems that Newstart has thrown up. They will not be rising the benefit of all.

    I suspect there will be changes in what one can earn, and more safety nets put in place, that encourage into into training or work. In other words, one will not be rewarded for sitting on their backsides.

    This is true mutual obligations, not like that of Howard’s day. Then it was all on one side, that of the the unemployed.

    We need to see a system, where one is rewarded for effort. That effort can be getting a job, or more important, getting the skills that industry needs,

  15. Sue, all we do on this site, is repeat what Mr. Abbott has said,

    One would think that the likes of el gordo would realise that now.

    When it comes to Mr. Abbott, we do not have to make up things, or even voice opinions.

    We just repeat what he has said, and people can make up their own minds.

  16. el gordo, we are not sliding into a recession.

    There is no evidence for what you say.

    Yes, the economy is very patchy, not unlike the curate’s egg.

    The figures are still basically very good.

  17. TS, he he ha ha, the truth is a funny thing…… though I didn’t think they had any gate on their bums, oh well I guess time will Pell.. 😀

  18. Well well. It seems the banks are going to lower their interest rates independent of the RBA as borrowing costs from the US have eased.

    Since arsegate Abbott and hockeynomics Hockey have both said that the banks raising their interest rates independently of the RBA is the governments fault, I guess they will now come out and praise the government for engineering the banks to lower their interest rates.

    Pigs with arsehats might fly as well.

  19. Truthy
    Nice poem or as they use to say back in the UK many years ago ” Nice one Cyril” it refers to a soccer player Cyril as he netted another goal but was used by a bread maker in an advert as Mum squeezed the loaf and the other bakers uttered the words to the Baker responsible who looks from memory a lot like sloppy joe and finally drink a little more and produce more poetry please.

    Migs & Truthy I enjoyed my mouth wash as I watched my soccer team lose yet again, I could only have the one as the kids had drank all the rest of the lemonade could have been worse they could have drank the scotch. Memo to self padlock the drinks cabinet.

    Of course Abbort wants it both ways as Chief Crazy Horse or similar said in the movies at least, white man speak with fork tongue. We all know that he is two faced (noalition supporters excepted). May the force be with us all (the good guys that is).

  20. “(noalition supporters excepted)”

    Oh they know he’s a deceitful two faced lying bastard but their blind narrow minded ideology won’t allow them to admit it and the more radical right defend and applaud it.

  21. LOVO, glad you had a chuckle, and time will Pell… Classic! 😆 😀 😆

    Bilko, Thanks for that, and I haven’t heard that saying for years, but as a kid in the UK , I do vaguely remember it. 😀
    In the sixties I supported Spurs, while my Dad was a Gunners fan, and I must admit I also enjoyed my mouth wash, but for no particular reason, as I no longer actively follow the soccer, but then do we really need a reason?. 😉
    Kids are sooooo selfish! 😯

    M E, they would be stupid not to know…… but then?

    Just sayin 🙄 😯 😀

    Cheers 😆

  22. Yes, they know and do not care. If that is not true, they are stupid.

    One or the other, No other explanation..

    The biggest lie put forward is that Mr. Abbott is a great communicator.

    Seem no evidence to back that up. Yes, he is a great con man, that is different.

  23. “praise the government for engineering the banks to lower their interest rates.:”

    Could it be that the changes that Swan introduced are now beginning to work. Could it be that customers are walking.

    Could it be that competition is returning, from what was lost during the GFC,

  24. M E, I have been following that article since it was first put up, they seem determined to expose as much of the sordid affair as they can find.
    They are also looking for information regarding Abbotts front bench, from the public.

    I wish them well and hope they nail the bastards. 😀

  25. As long as they keep doing so on facts and actual events, unlike the Liberals and their media mouthpieces who did it all on made up bullshit, unfounded smears and false allegations.

  26. Those from the right are correct.

    Thomson is not going away.

    Slipper is not going away.

    Ashby is not going away.

    Jackson or the boyfriend is not going away.

    The alleged AWU scandal is not going away.

    Blewitt is not going away.

    They are going to hang with their strench to haunt Mr. Abbott and his cohorts up till the next election.

  27. ‘…we are not sliding into a recession.’

    You maybe right, we are a two tiered economy, mining might keep us out.

    On the ground, at the coal face, we are all discussing how to reinvent ourselves to survive.

  28. One has always had to remake themselves to survive. That is no different whatever government is in power.

    Yes, it is a two speed economy. Much time has been wasted in finding ways to spread the benefit of the mining industry, across the whole economy.

    It is a fact that the ore that these companies dig out of the ground, belong to the Crown, or in other words, to all the people.

    If Mr. Rudd was not forced to abandon his MRRT, or if the present PM was able to introduce one quicker, we might have has the money from this source to even out the economy better.

    What I do not understand, why businesses, especially small ones fought both Mr. Rudd and the PM so hard.

    Why is Mr. Abbott is still saying no to the MRRT. After all it is only a tax on excessive profits. The shame is that we missed the peak of those profits.

    el gordo, what is good for the top end of town is rarely in your interest.

    Reinventing yourself, is what you should have been doing all along. Maybe you could buy some of that soft art to brighten up your business. Maybe you could even sell some. At a commission of course.

  29. ‘Reinventing yourself, is what you should have been doing all along.’

    Imagine hundreds of small business sailing along and then all of a sudden they fall into a hole… that’s when the reinvention begins. Adaptation means a visit to Centrelink and forget the art, its worthless.

  30. No, it is something that one builds into their businesses. One should always be reassessing and looking for better ways. If you are already going down hill, it is already too late.

    My grandfather and mother used to buy into a run down small businesses, mostly bakeries and cafes, in Sydney and the bush in the early part of last century.

    Their plan was to spend about three years building the businesses up, then get out. Mum used to tell us, to stay any longer would only see the business start going downhill.

    Her reasoning was that one only has so much to offer any business, and one becomes tired and complacent.

    They would take a rest, then move onto a new one. Never believed in paying for goodwill, Believe that was illusory. Thankfully, there are enough out there, that have the opposite opinion.

    So, IMHO, one has to get out, or go down the harder path of renewing. Customers are easily bored. One needs to be looking for new markets.

    Not rocket science. Business’s do one of two things. They grow or they decline. No middle path is possible,

  31. So if the business is not handed to one on a silver plate, one throws the towel in, blaming everyone else.

    How do you know the art is worthless. I said it might just make your business look at little more exciting. What price does one put on perception.

    People do make money out of what you call soft art. They can be seen at markets all over Australia.

  32. Migs,
    Just had a visit from my liberal next door neighbour’s son from Perth, here to see his dad in hospital.
    Started on how useless the NBN is not needed go mobile wifi go, shot him down but not having any effect the old mans brainwashing aka “Goebbels effect” re labor too entrenched and he is an apple salesman over there.
    Then he started on about the piss poor mobile networks I jumped in told him straight they are private companies talk to them then I added that the NBN will soon sort them out.
    End of politics discussed the bushfires around but did not mention climate change as they have been around for years.
    Still parted friends he will be back on Oz day should be fun and better still his dad may be home.
    I wonder how many people understand that the current line rental they pay on top of their phone costs regardless who their carrier is disappears when the NBN is connected to the premises this includes business’s, naturally he knows what my lad does but having a good? natured dig as well.
    Andrew Elder is on fire today worth reading.

  33. Yes, that sounds correct CU.

    Came across a woman recently creating businesses, tries to sell them as quickly as possible, this is her venture capital and profit.

    Sometimes she fails to sell her concept and loses…running a very, very small business and living off her wits.

    My associates refer to her as a ‘scammer’.

  34. No, my ancestors built up good businesses.

    What they were talking about being the nature of business They were no scammers. Maybe you should take a look at what your friend is doing. Might bew some good ideas there.

    What has the dole got to do with the value of art.

  35. I thought all small businesses is like living off one’s wits. One has to keep one step ahead, all the time. Nothing is guaranteed.


    Close female friend started her arts career at TAFE, though they picked her potential at secondary school.

    Finished TAFE did some minor work for a major firm, then some album covers and animations for an avant-garde mob, and now has billboards, magazine ads and layouts plus many other projects working for a well known mainstream firm that also does major web stuff.

    Nah arts at TAFE gets you nowhere.

    You’re absolutely full of shit el gordo both here but especially in the AGW thread. Just throw in a paragraph of dribble to be contrary and no other reason, then run a diversion by throwing in a different nonsensical paragraph when the debating gets beyond your very limited capability.

    And you don’t even do this with anything original off your own bat, you just hunt the Interwebs and when you find something that you think will stir the pot you throw it in and see what happens.

  37. ‘What has the dole got to do with the value of art.’

    The money most artists make in a week is less than the dole.

  38. In relation to the art teachers at TAFE, from what I hear their jobs are safe if they can get the numbers up at the more expensive rate.

    This is unlikely.

  39. ‘Nah arts at TAFE gets you nowhere.’

    Agreed, that’s why they will let the soft arts wander off into the world of free enterprise where it belongs.

  40. Mo, I am enjoying myself. Do agree about the art courses though.

    Believe it is a growing area of employment across all fields, and the NBN will make it more so,

  41. “The money most artists make in a week is less than the dole.”

    Stats for that please or it’s just another on of your nonsense off the cuff statement?

  42. Cu. The Right and especial the Liberals love to attack the arts at being useless as it doesn’t add anything to the bottom line of the big corporations and the wealthy they represent, unless it’s old valuable art pieces collected for investment.

    Trouble with that very limited and narrow minded outlook is that today’s art is the collectable investment of the future but they don’t want to see Australia succeed in that as they look at it as a “Lefty” pursuit, and they would be wrong.

    And some of the artists who make it and work for media, advertising and other firms that require commercial art get their leg up through TAFE.

    As with all things Liberal they only see short term dollars and never the long term cost or benefit as art has a proven benefit to a societies well being.

  43. Art is necessary for good design in all industries. It is not just painting pretty picture and making pottery.,. That has naught to do with the fine arts.

  44. I imagine they even play a part in the design work on these sites. The curtains on ones windows. The new chairs one might buy.

  45. Truth Seeker
    By the sounds of it you come from London. I was born in Islington and where we lived I could see Holloway prison from my bedroom window. Did not support Arsenal went for Newcastle in the 52 final stuck with them through thick and thin more thick I think ever since. My son supports Chelski, to whom we have just sold our top scorer.

  46. Broken Hill has a thriving arts community…. and in the outback……. we have many artists making more than just a living and a great deal more than the dole…… and our arts scene is a huge money spinner for tourism….. as usual El Gordo you are talking out of your gordogate 😀 🙄

  47. I’m meeting with Migs and Min tomorrow at a café/art gallery. There are many of these around Australia and they not only make money for local artists, help the café get extra clientèle but as Lovo states bring in tourists to towns and areas.

    I bought my mum and dad a painting for the golden wedding anniversary from a café/art gallery. The artist was famous for her animal paintings and she was doing well out of having her paintings in cafés.

    But that’s just the commercial side of art. That piece of art gave my mum and dad many years of great joy, it lit up their day when they received it and hung pride in place in their home. I now have that piece of art as pride in place in my home it being willed to me.

    So art is so much more than just a piece with a monetary value it has an emotional value as well. So why do the Liberals want to destroy that?

  48. Bilko, My Dad and his family came from the Angel Islington, and I came from Finsbury park. Small world 🙂

    I was born in 55 so I don’t know about the earlier finals, but I did love the Spurs.

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  49. Arts get you nowhere? Eons ago I did a TAFE course in lead light and ended up establishing my own small business..everything from skylights and windows to jewellery.

  50. Mobius, we’re very much looking forward to meeting with you. Migs has told me all about the wood works gallery, apparently it’s quite magnificent. Any small community where industry is no longer an option has 2 ways of bringing work into the community – history and culture. I am thinking of the small town of Bangelow just north of Byron Bay which turned itself around by retaining it’s historical aspects and concentrating on the arts and crafts. What to do on a wet day in Byron Bay? There is nothing to do except sit in the pub (which isn’t all that bad either)..take a drive to Bangelow.

  51. Min I used to teach Leadlights for the adult education dept in the western suburbs of Sydney, and had my own business, and moved it to QLD until about 12-13 years ago when I had to close it down due to my health.
    I think we may have discussed this before though on an earlier post.

    Cheers 😀

  52. They can keep them if they have the numbers who are willing to pay a premium price…art school is fun, so they may attract upper middle class characters on large super.

    On a different matter.

    ‘Labor is trying to position itself as the party of the future, in contrast to Abbott, who they will frame as a throwback and a technophobe. They will use the whiz-bangery of the national broadband network to sell a future-forward message.’

    Read more:

  53. el gordo, have you read one word that has been written. Fine arts are used in most industries. It is a growing field of employment. It is much more than pretty pictures. It is a UNI course.

    One can apply what one learns in hundred’s of ways.

    I believe you live in a historic town, or is it a small city.

    Maybe you could approach the local art groups for some of that soft art to show in your establishment and advertisement. You could use it to show what the town had to offer.

    May even pick up some commissions along the way.

    If it works in other towns, and coffee houses, why not for you.

    Maybe Min could take up her skill again, and you could show and sell for her. (joking)

    Then there might be someone else that can upgrade your internet site, attracting new trade.

  54. Question, why does everything have to be evaluated in monetary terms? I am thinking of the courses which once used to be studied such as archaic languages and philosophy..all mostly gone. Has this emphasis where everything must be evaluated according to how much money can be made out of it made us a better, a more efficient or a better balanced society..

  55. The heavens have opened up here in NTH Canberra and it is bucketing down Foxtel satellite signal dropped out. Another good omen bring on the NBN.

  56. IBN, thank you for that. I am thinking about Colin Heaney glass blower who used to work the markets around Byron Bay and who now exports internationally.

  57. WARNING!!!!!
    S.A .NAUSEA ALERT!!!!!
    Didn’t catch the details but in an ad for tomorrow’s local Murdoch rag we’re told there’s some sort of sob story from Peta Credlin who testifies to the comfort & support she’s received from that nice young Mr Abbott.
    I fear a cheesy chunderous charm offensive in the months to come.

  58. To be expected BSA. The hint of the 2013 Abbott snow job was his Christmas message with his wife by his side and her with him on his last two stunt visits.

    I have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the Right when they constantly canned Rudd as being all spin and no substance and here in Abbott we have the greatest spinner without a skerrick of substance this country has ever seen. He is nothing but stunts and spin.

  59. How’s this for arsehat

    State Liberal governments across the country have cut funding for fire authorities in what is shaping up as one of most dangerous seasons ever. Newman is also proposing to cut emergency services.

    Shows what Liberals think if the Australian people, they’re shit and expendable to the dollar.

    Remember Abbott opposed the flood levy so his history and the actions of the Tory State governments portents badly for Australia if he becomes PM.

  60. gemmadaley ‏@gemmadaley1
    Does @CraigEmersonMP know its going to be 46 degrees in Whyalla today? #votedforhiminHottest100
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    10:01 AM – 4 Jan 13 · Details
    4 Jan have_they_no_brains? ‏@laurieload
    @gemmadaley1 @CraigEmersonMP Seems like it might be #climate rather than #CarbonTax that threatens to wipe poor Whyalla off the map #auspol
    4 Jan

  61. Greg Hunt ‏@GregHuntMP
    Major loss of electricity network capacity on the Peninsula. Possibly out until late tonight…not sure PM’s network claims stacking up
    6:49 PM – 4 Jan 13 · Details


    John Pratt
    @GregHuntMP Major loss power & property Tasmania due catastrophic #ClimateChange & you still plan to get rid of the price on carbon #auspol
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    8:04 PM – 4 Jan 13 · Embed this Tweet
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    23h tina ‏@tmc071
    @Jackthelad1947 @greghuntmp exceptional temps and conditions. And you blame the PM….what a grubby opportunistic tweet.
    Details Reply Retweet Favorite
    22h LarryDart ‏@travellingpeas
    disgusting @Jackthelad1947 @GregHuntMP at least they will have another 3 years in Opposition ruing the fact they didn’t bone nutter Abbott
    13h John H ‏@knarfnamduh
    @tmc071 @Jackthelad1947 @GregHuntMP Some people just lack — Well! Anything really!

  62. Mobius
    “Remember Abbott opposed the flood levy ”
    In a weird couple of years that has to be one of the weirdest.
    For days on end we watched the TV-“There’s a nice boat coming down the river! pity it’s still tied to the marina. Geez a few decent houses passed by while you were at the fridge Fred.” Flash floods out of nowhere, complete devastation. And Abbott gets all that mileage out of opposing a levy to pay for repairs. O noble defender of the baristas of this land!!! One of those situations that make you wonder why you bother to take any interest at all.
    All to be conveniently forgotten as Tony 2013 is unveiled.

  63. And today nothing has changed

    :Greg Hunt ‏@GregHuntMP
    Major loss of electricity network capacity on the Peninsula. Possibly out until late tonight…not sure PM’s network claims stacking up

  64. Cu I responded to Hunt in that bullshit tweet. Already you can see how 2013 is going to pan out, blame everything and anything on Gillard whilst selling the Liberal lemon as the only thing that can save the country from utter devastation and collapse.

    My response. Newman. He also blamed everything and anything on Queensland State Labor and promised to save the State. He’s now destroying it and undermining democracy at every term.

  65. Just listened to this on ABC 24 repeat of Big Ideas. Found it interesting.

    ..Journalist George Megalogenis writes a blog called Meganomics. Back in May 2012 he began a counter attack on the Australian national pastime of whinging.

    He’d not long published his book The Australian Moment subtitled ‘How we were made for these times’. In it he profiles the state of mind in this country up against the seismic changes in the global economic health and his thesis is that we shouldn’t lose the moment of greatness that prosperity has offered up to us. But what he’s found is that the mood is as angry as anything in Europe or the US – all without evidence of economic downturn.

    Why is this country so bloody glum?

    Although the OECD declared in May this year that Australians were the happiest people in the world, it’s hard to find evidence of it; if they’re not whinging about the carbon tax, it’s the mining tax…or just any tax!..

  66. Val, thank you so much for you feedback on my poem. 😀

    I have not noticed your name before so if you are new to CW, welcome.
    If you, like many others are a “lurker”, as I myself am at times on some sites, then it is great to see your comment and would encourage you to join the conversation more if you feel the urge.

    If you particularly enjoy the satirical poetry, then you can find more on my site;

    plus I am sure there will be more put up on CW.

    Thanks again and have a great new year 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  67. Talking about arsegate…

    A traveler through England on vacation lost his wallet and all of his identification.
    Cutting his trip short, he attempted to make his way home but was stopped by the Australian Customs Agents at the airport.
    “May I see your identification, please?” asked the agent. “I’m sorry, but I lost my wallet,” replied the bloke.
    “Sure mate, I hear that every day. No ID, no entry,” said the agent. “But I can prove I’m an Australian!” he exclaimed.
    “I have a picture of Bob Hawke tattooed on one side of my arse and Paul Keating on the other..”
    “This I gotta see, replied the agent. With that, the bloke dropped his strides and showed the agent his behind.
    “By hell, you’re right!” exclaimed the agent. “Have a safe trip back to Melbourne .” “Thanks!” he said.
    “But how did you know I was from Melbourne ?”
    The agent replied, “I recognized Gillard in the middle.

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