Think, Tony, then speak

Who says I don’t like Tony Abbott? Goodness, I like him so much that I’ve decided to teach him a few basic communication skills. There’s an election later this year and if he learns to do a bit of thinking then he might just be able to come up with something better than 3-word slogans, “No”, or dashing away from a question.

This post is from the archives, some of which I mentioned would be revisited over the holiday break.

Now to Tony’s lesson.

Communication is the transactional process of sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal messages.  The messages are interpreted and meaning is assigned.

Each communication exchange can be categorised into two settings.  Symmetrical where the participants acknowledge an equal status, or complimentary where there exists an unequal status as superior or inferior roles are conducted.  A person’s attitude and understandings often pre-determines the setting. Think about it, Tony.

Further to being a transaction process, communication exchange consists of the following components:

  1. Source – the person who generates the communication.
  2. Channel – how the communication is transmitted.
  3. Message – the content of the communication.
  4. Receiver – the person/s who receive the message.

Within the above components various functions are performed such as encoding or decoding messages, and promoting or providing feedback (responses).  Good communicators are aware that competence in these functions will enhance successful communication.  Primarily these include knowing what is to be communicated; keeping the message clear; emphasising with the listener (ie transmitting in a way that is convenient for the listener); and looking for feedback.  Think about it, Tony.

Knowing what is to be communicated appears straightforward, yet many messages are distorted by not choosing accurate words.  A message is more likely to have a meaning and encourage a response if the key components are addressed.  The planning principle is to know what you are going to say before you say it.  Think about it, Tony.

Keeping the message clear is summarised as expressiveness: the ability to communicate ideas and feelings effectively.  This suggests that ability and effective communication are two separate identities.  The ability is to enter into communication without pre-conceived perceptions and without distorting the picture of the self.  What a person thinks of themself will be the image they portray.  Think about it, Tony.

Empathising is a clear indication that the communicator knows his or her audience.  Empathetic responses identify a person’s right to their beliefs and opinions (or any other differences) and good communicators literally place themselves in the shoes of the listener.  This enhances communication in that messages can be transmitted that are convenient for the receiver.  Think about it, Tony.

Fundamental to enhancing all the above communication skills is one underlying factor; communicate ethically.  Simply, speak to a person in a manner similar to how you would wish to be spoken to. Think about it, Tony.

Complex factors which can impede successful communication are cultural differences and communication barriers.  Australians interact in a multi-cultural society, yet most have difficulty in exchanging conversation or appreciating the cultural differences.  The popular world wide use of our spoken language – English – contributes to this lack of understanding as locally Australians have had little need to explore new languages or partake in cultural exchange.  This ethnocentrism – judging other cultures based on one’s own cultural values – whether it be intentional or not, creates difficulty in cross cultural communication.  Think about it, Tony.

Communication barriers are responses whose impact on communication is frequently negative.  These barriers appear up to 90 percent of the time during conversation, and of their many forms I have selected two: diverting and advising, as these are frequently employed.  Diversion is an obstruction to impede communication by those who lack the necessary listening skills, or by those who feel uncomfortable with the topic under discussion.  Such instances can result in topic diversion.  Think about it, Tony.

Advising is an innocent roadblock that one gives or receives on countless occasions.  Exchanges that are intended to provide simple advice rarely ever reach the core of the problem.  From my own experiences I would agree with the suggestion that to engage in worthless advice negates competent communication.  More often than not the adviser is not an authority and this is recognised by the listener, and the listening ‘stops.’  Think about it, Tony.

Do you have any other tips for Tony?

A photo of Tony Abbott thinking (I think)

60 comments on “Think, Tony, then speak

  1. Do something about the “but but but buts”

    Also do not appear as if you are ready to flee, is the questions are not to your liking.

    That is a part of the game.

    You are asked questions, you listen, then reply. Do as advise above, think

    We are not two years old, therefore you can talk in sentence longer than three words, spoken in the tone you use.

    A good idea is to look at the many sentences you link together, just to endure, they have anything to do with one another. Sometimes they appeared jumbled, with no real meaning.

    Keep the smirks off one ‘s dial also helps.

    Mr. Abbott, Ihink what I am trying to say, just talk to us, as it we are adults. We will work it out.

  2. I think his team has thought long and hard about Tony’s communication style, which is why it was announced that Margie and the girls will be “used” this election year.

    So the obvious conclusion is “Think Tony, Then DON’T Speak , just sit their hold Margie’s hand, do the head nod thing, with the goofy leer.

  3. Migs, great advice, but this is Abbott you’re talking to. 🙄

    I think you are setting the bar a bit high asking him to think and then speak! 😯

    If he thought before he spoke, then nine times out of ten he probably wouldn’t speak after all. 😀

    But nice that you sought to help, however misguided. 😀

    Cheers 😆 😀 😆

  4. It’s good advice, Miglo. “Think, then speak!” Maybe if he thought before speaking he might remember to tell the truth about his intended policies. He admits he’s a liar. Remember when he told Kerry O’Brien that we should only take as gospel those promises he’s put in writing?

    Bloody Oath!

    Leader of the Coalition,
    Once an upright man of God
    Has now become a lightning rod
    For unfair and cruel criticism
    About whom there’s too much cynicism.

    He once confessed to telling lies,
    Which self-disclosure has given rise
    To friends and foes alike inviting
    Him to put his promises in writing.
    Fearing that for truth his name’s now mud,
    He swears he’ll sign to some in his own blood.

    Today he’s offered even more –
    To clarify which policies are gore and which non-gore.

  5. Casting the First Stone – Tony Abbott and the Slush Funds

    Hopefully that more recent malpractice from someone in government might make the MSM in 2013 with the same vigour they pursued someone out of government and politics over something that happened 17 years ago.

    It is definitely growing momentum on the 5th Estate and it only needs to spill over into the mainstream for Abbott not only to be in deep shit over it but also his alleged election bribe.

  6. atificial flavouring and little or no nutrition

    Food for thought, but far be it for your type to understand.

  7. Sorry but all is lost for the Phoney one. It is impossible for someone like Tone who has a brain that is barren as a brick to be taught new skills . All he has is No No No No No and he has a lot trouble getting that right. And remember that, ” in your guts you know he’s nuts”.

  8. Patricia, nice one, did you get the hand going or was it copy and paste?
    Either way it’s good to see you’re still firing. 😀

    Saaq, I tend to agree, and because you quoted “in your guts you know he’s nuts”
    I thought it might be a good time to re-post my poem, for any who haven’t read it.

    In your guts you know he’s nuts.

    In your guts you know he’s nuts
    The Abbott’s more than a political clutz
    His mouth springs open
    While his brain just shuts
    If the Abbott played golf he’d play
    No drive… bad putts
    It’s really sad the Abbott’s mad
    His economic creds are just plain bad
    On foreign policy
    He’s a bit of a lad
    And his attitude to Women
    Is rough… just a tad
    He’s politically lazy but he’s also crazy
    His policy platform’s kinda hazy
    His ears might be cauliflower
    But his brain’s pure daisy
    And his temperament he struggles with
    Cos his anger’s… quite.. blazey
    Though lacking hearts, his team play their parts
    With very few finishes, despite plenty of starts
    Avoiding talk on policy
    Yet defending Abbotts brain farts
    While their lies, spin and dishonesty
    Are rating…. off the charts
    Chrissy Pyne thinks he’s just fine
    But the mincing poodle’s full of whine
    Bishops class, is just a farce
    As she’s always talking through her arse
    Sloppy Joe Hockey is always cocky
    Though to say the least.. his maths are rocky
    Barnaby lets his mouth run free
    But he can’t see the wood, cos it’s hidden in the tree
    Turnbulls creds are all in shreds
    As he’s aligned himself with the farting heads
    And the whole front bench, has an awful stench
    Like a rotting carcase beaten.. with a monkey wrench
    And it’s really sad that they’re all quite mad
    Pushing ideas that are old and bad
    And they’re all quite lazy and completely crazy
    With a policy platform that’s incredibly hazy
    And everyone with him is a political clutz
    And in your guts.. you know they’re ALL.. bloody… nuts 😯

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  9. Migs, Why are you giving any sort of support to the enemy, you know he will not listen but one of his lessër brain dead team might pick it up and that is the last thing we need. I know you have a warm heart and a bit of a soft touch and the noalition need all the outside help they can get, but please reconsider, this is close to treason. Cancel the blog even the trog’s are stumped for a reply except Voyager still in the Delta Quadrant by the look of his response, you know it makessense.

  10. Alex, I believe you may be missing the point. We need to let all know, Mr. Abbott is incapable of change, incapable of learning.

  11. I heard today someone ask why the PM said she would never bring in a carbon tax,

    This was the context at the time that the PM made her statement. What was bein\g discussed, was the difference between a carbon tax and putting a price on carbon emissions.

    In this context, her remarks make sense.

    It was not about addressing man made climate change. It was about how one would go about it.

    Mr. Abbott is well aware of this, and lies every time he alleges the PM lied. Mr. Abbott knows she did not.

  12. I know this clip has been posted before but it’s interesting to observe how Abbott’s body language is the opposite to what he’s saying. Politicians learn very early how to match their body language to their words but Abbott is a terrible liar, which is probably why he admitted he was an ingeminate liar to O’Brien.

    The most important thing a pollie learns is to have their head move in concordance with what they’re saying. Early on in the London interview Abbott is sticking up for Brough by saying Mal was perfectly transparent and upfront but Abbott’s head is significantly moving negatively side to side when he should be nodding if he were being honest.

  13. Truthy, the truth is I cannot drink it neat no matter what type so lemonade is a nicest addition I have found, glad you have good taste tom mind you not too much sympathy now my sin was only venial eh Migs??

  14. Bilko, To my mind any excuse is a good one, and although I don’t mind a good double malt straight, usually I have it with lemonade, as it makes a great long drink.

    Have just made myself another so once more with feeling …..

    Cheers 😀

  15. Min makes mental’s scotch and lemonade all round. Luckily you blokes and any bloke-esses present are a cheap shout. 😀

    But what are you thinking..scotch and LEMONADE..are you sure that you don’t want whiskey and sarsaparilla..

  16. Min, at home I have mine with Aldi’s diet lemonade, a couple every night, when my liver allows.

    Although when my friend comes over for darts and recording (not necessarily in that order), like yesterday, we tend to have a few more, and like yesterday a couple of shots of something stronger like scorpion Mezcal Reposado.

    I think it’s a brand of Tequila (100% Agave)

    It’s not much help with recording, but I won the darts. 😀

    Like the new gravatar btw.

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  17. Lemonade? LEMONADE?? 😯 Perhaps little soda and/or some ice, but LEMONADE 😯 LOVO – lock the cellar!

    Agree re the gravatar though 😀

  18. Bacchus, I believe that at last count that you were in charge of the key to the cellar having borrowed it off me while I was on tea towel duties..or something similar. 😉

  19. Truthy,
    that’s it I am having Scotch and lemonade, hang the consequences oh by the way have you ever had Kruskovac, pear brandy from the old Yugoslavia nector of the gods. I just mentioned our chat and now the OH wants a scotch and lemonade also her favourite when she sups on those rare times. What a great way to finish the week drinking wit friends over the internet a first anyone???

  20. Yes Min. I recognise your lovely new gravatar from pictures on the Intertubes – specifically facebook. Why would you want to hide from me? Someone who despoils scotch with lemonade I can understand 😉 though.

  21. One very nice drink that Migs introduced me to is butterscotch schnapps De Kuyper I think it is.

    Likewise Bilko and crew. Hope that you all have a most enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

  22. Now where were we..ah yes, politics.

    Opposition spokesperson, Brett Mason, today confirmed the Coalition will cut student support payments, including the Student Start-up Scholarship, meaning only those students from wealthy backgrounds will be able to afford to go to university.

    This was from the 18th December, why did this not receive major headlines, or any least none that I saw.

  23. And myTS & Bilko, I’m just joshin’ with the lemonade cracks 😉 Any way you fine gentlemen choose to enjoy your scotch is sure to be delicious. 🙂

  24. I’m loving my new android device the “kids” got me for my birthday, but this predictive text is a little “inaccurate” at times. 😳

  25. Engage brain before opening mouth

    Then all is lost, Ricky. Maybe he’ll find one in a Weeties packet. 😆


    ……why did this not receive major headlines, or any headlines..

    Yes, Min. I wonder why. 😦

  26. Bacchus, I resumed on New Year’s Eve – woke up with a hangover the next day – so drank myself into a stupor again.

    It got rid of the hangover.

  27. Good onya Bilko, enjoy, I did, BTW I’ve never tried the pear brandy, but my friend keeps introducing me to new stuff like the scorpion tequila, although I am not game to eat the scorpion in the bottom of the bottle, but I am game to try drinking most things, but only in the interests of darts and recording.

    Although we have found that if we imbibe too much, both the darts and the recording go out the window (literally and figuratively speaking) 😳

    Min it’s good to see that you’ve upgraded from one good looking bird to an even better one. 😀

    Bacchus 😀 Cheers 😀 hick 😳 😀

    Cheers 😀

  28. Tony speaking without thinking again. Give me a break. And it makes a lie out of those who say an Abbott stewardship will keep the separation of Church and State.

    BIBLE classes should be compulsory so children have a fundamental understanding of Christianity on leaving school, Tony Abbott says.

    “I think everyone should have some familiarity with the great texts that are at the core of our civilisation,” said the Federal Opposition leader.

    “That includes, most importantly, the Bible.

    “I think it would be impossible to have a good general education without at least some serious familiarity with the Bible and with the teachings of Christianity.

    This is not the first time that Abbott has put this fantasy book as the most important text in human history and shows where his mindset is.

    Not good and shows the extreme Christian Right is alive and well in the Liberals.

  29. I have trouble with what Mr. Abbott has said. Makes me wonder how much interest he took in the church.

    I was raised Catholic. I attended Catholic schools, including boarding.I cannot remember being told to read the bible, I cannot remember seeing any bibles lying about.

    Yes the catherism. The gospels read during mass. The missal but never the bible.

    Seem to end with the ten commandments and the Church Sacraments.

  30. Mobius..can you see all those 8yr old’s eyes glaze over when they’re told that they’re expected to sit in class and read the Christian bible. And thus and verily I say unto you, in the name of equality, children should spendth an equal amount of time, liket-eth or lumpet-eth reading the Koran, the Book of Mormon, the Torah, the Talmud…and of course the writings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho are not to be missed.

    Sad about the maths and science classes, but by God the littlies will be able to recite the list of the descendents of Abraham. What was that again about the Arts being useless learning?

  31. ‘…these projects are about QUALITY not quantity. Quality of Journalism, Political Reporting and associated voter information, not quantity of cheer-leading of citizen bloggers.

    ‘Some bloggers make `5th-estate` claims, a view I do not hold and, may ultimately be proven wrong with these projects. Feel free to RE-BLOG these projects to your blog or other places you dwell to expand the research.’

    Can’t disagree with the sentiments, but did you mention the ABC?

  32. ”but did you mention the ABC?”
    You know damn well I did el gordo
    There is a thread for you to dump the data, when my ABC rattles your Mr-Rabbit, and the discussion thread for you to really rant about it. … It should be right up your alley! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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