The Boil

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for another of Truth Seeker’s poems. His last two Saturday contributions, Tony Abbott’s letter to Santa and Julia Gillard’s letter to Santa were very popular and I have no doubt this one will be too. Amongst the lefties, that is. 😉


The Boil

The Australian public looked upwards in awe

From the base of a hill that was not there before

It appeared just like magic . . . and it grew overnight

And by the next morning, well, was a hell of a sight

And some people said this was surely a sign

That the country was sick, and we’re in a decline

But the government said wait . . . this just isn’t right

The economy is good and the future is bright

But the people got frightened by the sight of the mound

And despite all the evidence said the country’s not sound.


But the government continued, as the figures were good

Ignoring doomsayers as they knew that they should

But frustration increased in the ranks of “The NO”

And the hill stole their focus and continued to grow

Big red and angry with a festering head

“It looks like a pimple”, one observant soul said

Then a little boy smiled, as he spoke to his Mum

“It’s just like that boil, that I had on me bum”

And a woman with shock written over her face

Said “The damned thing’s so big, you could see it from space”.


So the question arose as to what should be done

With a bloody great boil that could blot out the sun

Could they lance it or squeeze it or just build a fence

Round a festering pustule that was so immense

But after heated discussion machinery was brought

So the squeezing commenced and the excision sought

And they pushed and they squeezed until up went a shout

And bugger me dead, all the media popped out.

Pushing harder and harder, spurred on by success

Coalition backbenchers were expelled with the mess.


Then the core broke away in a fountain of puss

And in the midst of the gore was an LNP bus

Covered with slogans and filled up with slime

Then the door slowly opened and out stepped Chris Pyne

And the children collectively said to their mummies

“It’s a big mincing poodle, with a mouthful of dummies”

Then Hockey slipped, landing calculator in lap

But the batteries were spent and his figures were crap

Mirabella and Bishop stepped out hand in hand

They were covered in slime . . . but their posture was grand.


Abetz and his senators came out, single file

Followed closely by Abbott spewing venom and bile

His budgies were glowing and his hirsute chest puffed

But the people all saw that his party was stuffed

With his slogans revealed for the rubbish they were

And his efforts exposing him as the billionaires Cur

With their policy vacuum being more than enough

To expose them as naught but a large pile of slough (sluff)

So the people moved on with their confidence high

As the Abbott’s ambitions went completely awry.


And the country recovered, growing stronger each day

While the LNP circus slowly faded away

And the moral for all is the poison . . . you’ll foil

If you use enough pressure to excise the boil

And don’t be misled into sad apathy

But seek out the truth, as it will set you free

Ask questions, demand answers and ignore all the spin

And then those that deserve it will hopefully win

And be careful when riding the LNP bus

As you may well end up sitting . . . covered in pus.


(Photo courtesy of

68 comments on “The Boil

  1. Hahaha, that’s one of your best, Truth Seeker. A classic!

    In the spirit of the theme, a cartoon by George Bludger: [Click here]

    And Bob Brown pokes a pin into The Boil…

  2. Watch Sloppy Joe Hockey’s almost apoplectic faux indignation after a Labor Minister indulged in a small stunt (Craig Emerson breaking into song with “Horror Movie”)…

  3. Senator Doug Cameron calls out the Coalition Boil for Spin and their “skewed interpretation” of public debt.

  4. Cuppa, thanks for your fine comment, and the clips they fit nicely! 😀 😆 😆

    otiose94, that comment goes straight to the pool room, love it 😀 😆 😀

    ME, glad you liked it. 😀 🙂 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  5. Well that is a lovely way to put it. Just how it feels now. Yes, look at the crowds out with their purses wide open. Yes, the predictions of fear, doom and gloom, have come to naught..

    Yes, even the one of no surpluses did not bring the horror that Abbott believed it would. It seems that was the wrong path to go down.

    The real horror, which Abbott ignores, comes from the far right, in the good old USA. We can only hope they see the light, but not much time for that, I am afraid.

    Yes, the tide, as it always does, is turning. Now it seems, as the numbers come closer together, those shocking low record breaking breaking, figures for Abbott now count.

    Yes the lies of the last three years, are now coming home to roost.

    Too many lies, too much spin. All that led to nowhere, leaves nowhere to go.

    Yes, el gordo, as you said elsewhere, it is time for Abbott to show us his dream, time to tell us how. Time to leave the rancour behind. el gordo, the problem is, that Abbott knows no other way to act. His dream he cannot tell, because for us, it would be nothing short of a nightmare. Nothing we would want at all.

    Mr, Abbott is now being found wanting. This in spite of the MSM only asking a question or two.

    Yes, the year that is fast approaching, leaves Abbott nowhere to hide.

    The PM has his measure, and will quietly turn that split as the year proceeds.

    We might see efforts to replace him. More likely we will see the Coalition split wide apart, as a replacement seems to be nowhere to

    We can be thankful indeed, that it is only his party he is wrecking havoc on, not our wonderful and resourceful country.

    Yes, visitors, I do believe there is a new and exciting future, but it needs a builder not one who takes pride in demolishing all in their path.

    Yes, visitors, we do believe in this PM, as she is delivering, and is promising much that is needed. No, we don’t need to be taken back to last century, or in some areas, the one before,

  6. ….OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott constantly accuses the Prime Minister of ”lying” when she made a commitment before the last election not to introduce a tax on carbon. But who’s the liar here?
    A lie is when you say something is true when you know it is not true. This is quite different from a commitment, which is a promise to do something in the future.
    We can be absolutely certain that Abbott, as a former student in a Catholic seminary, knows the substantive and moral difference between a lie and a commitment.
    So when Abbott says the Prime Minister told a lie, he is saying something is true when he knows it is not true, so Abbott is telling a lie. Whereas the most the Prime Minister can be truthfully accused of is breaking a pre-election commitment, like John Howard with the GST and ”core and non-core promises”, or Ted Baillieu with Victorian teachers’ salaries.

    Read more:

    Yes, and one does not break a promise when they take all steps to do so.

    That is called not succeeding, failure to deliver.

    No the PM does not lie. The PM does all in her power to keep her promises.

    Some she has not been able to do so in full. None that she has failed to achieve, because of lack of trying.

    Yes, she promised to deal with carbon emissions. The PM has delivered.

    Yes, it seems it is Abbott, who has been found to be the liar, A big one at that, that will say or do anything, to grab by whatever means he thinks is his birthright.

  7. Yep, the PM keeps on with her building, no matter how hard that Abbott tries to stir

    . Yes, the PM can do more than one thing at a time. She spends little on that little pesky Abbott.

    All we have heard is the TV showing that quip, where Abbott asks why did the PM lie about the Carbon Tax, which we all know now, she did not, It shows Abbott up as a liar.

    Even when talking about Slipper, they say speculator collapse, and accuse the speaker of little more than using smutty language.

    Yes, visitors, the AWU, HSU and Slipper still have stings in their tails. It is the liberals that now need to fear.

    …………………….The $57.5 million Kickstart program was designed to create up to 21,000 extra apprenticeships in the construction industry.

    Tradies who take on a new apprentice before the end of February will get a bonus $3350 from the commonwealth, tripling the upfront incentive paid to employers in the first year.

    Minister for Skills Senator Chris Evans said applications had been received from across the country, with the strongest demand so far in carpentry, plumbing and engineering fabrication.

    ‘This is the perfect opportunity for school leavers in particular to get a head start on a successful and rewarding career in the industry,’ Senator Evans said.

    ‘We will need more skilled tradespeople in the housing sector as we approach the predicted upturn in 2014 and 2015.’

    The three east coast mainland states have registered the most interest, with more than 200 potential apprentices applying in Victoria, 112 in NSW and 109 in Queensland……………

  8. It seems the Boil has been festering for a long long time within Labor.
    1923 – John Bailey president of AWU was caught tampering with delegates votes
    at the State Labor Conference. A novel approach used a Ballot Box with sliding panels and became famously known in perpetuity as ‘the Ballot Box Scandal’.

    1927 – Frank Green whilst Deputy Mayor of Sydney was found guilty of
    Bribery in connection with the construction of the Bunnerong Power Station
    at La Perouse Sydney.
    Now over 80 years later nothing has changed within Labor ranks in NSW.
    Maybe ICAC can lance the Boil and release the Australian Voter from
    from the Putrified Puss magnified over time.
    Yes , its time incise that boil.

  9. Iain, this from a man(?), who doesn’t even have a day job, and who’s main response to his ramblings is Idiot, stupid, fact-less, moronic, lying troll. 😛

    Your main claim to fame is that you would probably be the most scrolled past of any of the trolls. 😦

    Having said that, my aim in writing poetry is to produce a bit of light hearted fun that people can have a bit of a chuckle at (trolls excluded 😛 ) , so I will file your comment where it belongs…. in the pan and flush it. 😯

    Valentine, thanks for your kind words and feedback. Of course you are right about the typo, 😳 and the first to pick it up. 😀

    I don’t know if Migs can fix it, but when writing a lot of verse, occasionally these things happen, as being inherently lazy, I rely on the red line of spell check to alert me to words spelt wrong in the heat of creating. 😀

    It’s the rhyme, not the spelling that takes priority. 😉 😀

    Thanks again 🙂 :Grin:

    Cheers 😀

  10. Truth Seeker @ 12:11 pm

    Iain, this from a man(?), who doesn’t even have a day job, and who’s main response to his ramblings is Idiot, stupid, fact-less, moronic, lying troll. 😛

    Mate I do have a day job, its admittedly a rather laid back gig, but it is essential in our household none the less.

    Your main claim to fame is that you would probably be the most scrolled past of any of the trolls. 😦

    Well given the familiarity with my arguments from so many of those who claim to use the scroll wheel for me think that enough of them do read what I write.

    Having said that, my aim in writing poetry is to produce a bit of light hearted fun that people can have a bit of a chuckle at (trolls excluded 😛 ) , so I will file your comment where it belongs…. in the pan and flush it. 😯

    Yes that is a laudable aim, and clearly you tailored your piece to suit your gallery. In a similar vein I suggested in my comment that your poem is of only limited appeal and that it won’t be the start of a new literary career.

  11. Truth Seeker, lurved the pome. As written above, one of your best so far. Keep ’em coming.

    CU, thanks for the links, and your inspiring comment @8.18am.

    The only sour note in the Age piece is the writer’s failure to acknowledge that the PM did not fail to honour her commitment not to introduce a carbon tax.

    She and the government, along with the Independents and Bandt legislated a price on carbon emissions. There never was a broken election promise, despite all the lying and bluster from the Liars Party.

  12. Why would one tailor it to suit any other audience.

    Gee, I may always be wrong, that is according to some. There are some that visit who leaves me for dead.

    Yes, this is left-wing site. Yes, we believe in left-wing aims.

    Yes, we like our PM.

    Yes we believe Abbott is and will be a disaster.

    Yes, Abbnott will have to take some responsibility for the present disastrous treatment of asylum seekers.

    Yes, Labor can win the next election.

  13. Jane, I am so glad you “lurved” my poem 😀 and I hope to write a few more, as the LNP are such a wonderful resource. 😆 😆 😆

    Iain, mate, don’t kid yourself that people are familiar with your comments because they read them. One quick scan tells most, all they need to know, unless they are another troll, and once is more than enough.
    But hey, you’re entitled to your delusions, and you seem to have a raft of them, so what’s one more.. 😯

    Cu, exactly. 😀

    Cheers 😉

  14. CU @1.24pm, you speak from the heart. That’s not tailoring, it’s your honest, well-informed opinions and views. Don’t ever stop telling it like it is.

  15. Loved the poem Truth Seeker, 😎 😎 😎

    Hall is just jealous because he is unable to articulate himself in such ways.

  16. Truthseeker, another beauty…… though I do wonder how it got so big without busting with all them ‘pricks’ inside 😀
    ….. and speaking of ‘pricks’ only the Inain puss swallowers didn’t like your little ditty as they try in vain to lick Tones clean of his own pustulence 😆

  17. Indeed it was a great job Truth Seeker. Cuppa what an inspiration you are. To all here at the Cafe, wishing you a very happy and safe New Year.
    Migs please keep em coming.

  18. Thanks S, and a happy new year to you too.

    As long as we continue to have a Coalition in this country, we’ll be happy to keep em coming. 😉

  19. Miglo hope your better mate, keep up the cracking work. Your last three posts have made my year and are a testament to the idocy of right wing trolls, all vitreous, insults and no substance of fact. Their 6 confirms profound embarrassment in phoney tony and the noallition of the incompetent.

    Let the games begin, phoney tony is toast and middle ground merchant banker Malcolm’s run has begun

  20. Ricky, I think that you are was a startling prediction from right here at the Cafe that Malcolm would make a run either the end of this year or early in the new year. However, having said that I don’t think that he has the numbers as the far right will want to see their boy Tony as PM..the prime motivator of course being changes to industrial relations legislation aka WorkChoices..all else, the carbon tax and asylum seekers are but a sideshow.

  21. Min, he would have to dump the NBN. Would need the young vote, and I suspect he is not as liked by this age group. Just gut feeling. Then there is the fact5, I am always wrong as the open minded Hall keep telling me.

    There are the likes of Morrison, who I cannot see sitting quietly by.

    We know that Howard pushed to get Sindonis back in the fold. Cannot read him, and I have seen him do some very sensible;e interviews with the likes of Lyndal Curtis.,

    Then we have those idiots in the senate Cormon and the wonderful Corey. Who knows where Abtez will go.

    I really sense that the party will split all over the place. It is only this lack of cohesion, that has kept Abbott in so long.

    Then we have Ms. Bishop the younger. There is no way she is going to play bridesmaid for the fourth time.

    No, I do not see Turnbull in the frame,

    There are many with giant ego’s on the way up.

  22. Truth Seeker, that was really clever.

    And then along comes Iain….”And priests in black gowns were walking their rounds; And binding with briars, our joys and desires.” (Blake, I think.)

  23. Hey Migs who pays for Rickys free drinks?
    Seems as though the Puss in the Boil has been around for so long (80 years plus)
    just know thats who will pay, possibly corrupt Labor Politicians .
    Fact they have been at it for so long become so ingrained its taken as the norm.
    There is no such thing as a free drink!

  24. Migs, I hope to collect in person in the new year. 🙂 Woodford is a hippy festival of left with lots of us folk singers. Extreme predictably of intent their. Thanks Min all the best and thoughts to family

  25. Breaking news.

    The Northern Territory Attorney General is seeking an investigation into Tony Abbott bribing a candidate not to run.

    If this comes off and Abbott is found to have bribed a candidate it’s bye bye Abbott.

  26. Excellent work as usual TS – many a giggle in that lot!

    Jane on Cu and,

    Don’t ever stop telling it like it is.

    It is with the greatest of pleasure that I second that.

    Likewise, I’ll “third” that 🙂

  27. Hey toilet Voyger… The best food and drinks I ever had was at a fiberal party do… My mate is a swinging Dick @ Brit ciggies (Since retired) I sat next to the behived battleaxe during the show and she nodded off. I woke her up and she was very embarrassed. She was very interested in the fact I made films and commented that there arnt enough conservited film makers. I politely agreed and sipped my cogniac, I still have the liberal badge “Ricky” piss funny.

  28. If this comes off and Abbott is found to have bribed a candidate it’s bye bye Abbott.

    And here’s me thinking that it would be the fallout from Ashbygate that would destroy Abbott. Still, it’s going to make for an interesting and entertaining 2013.

  29. Hey guys, have been tied up (not literally) for the last few hours with an author friend from our writers group, extolling the virtues of blogging among other things, so I haven’t been able to reply until now.

    Thanks Migs for the bit of house keeping / maintenance on the puss! 😉

    Lovo, love it. 😆 Cheers 😆

    Ricky, you are a gem 😀 and are you playing at Woodford, my wife and I say every year that we will go, but never manage to get there even though it’s not far from home, something always seems to come up, but like you a folk singer from way back, we will get there one day! 😀 😀

    S. Thanks for you kind words, your feedback is greatly appreciated. 😀 😀 And a happy and safe new year to you and yours. 🙂 😀

    handyrab, thanks for that, and I love your work. 😆 😆 😆

    Bacchus, glad you liked it, and a giggle is what it’s all about…. that and sticking it up the LNP! 😀 😆 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆 😎

  30. Sue, that would certainly make it worth the trip out there, unfortunately we can’t make it! 😦

    I wonder if it will get any air time in the MSM? The ABC might cover it tomorrow, we’ll have to wait and see. 😯 But thanks for the heads up. 😎

    Cheers 🙂

  31. Just found this over at Turn Left 2013, it is a post from the infamous Hall, I think this boil needs to be lanced.

    Iain Hall
    December 30, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Reblogged this on Iain Hall’s SANDPIT and commented:
    You can’t ban me, woman.
    It thrills me harassing Leftie comrades on WordPress. Fuck ‘em all, either their minds or anything else. Women bloggers, if they can’t handle the heat then they should get back to the kitchen where they belong.
    To think that the author of this blog banned me from commenting
    Ah well its good to see her learn none the less.
    Cheers Comrades 😉

    This person is truly disgusting, and this just proves the type of person this Hall is.

    😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

  32. This is the comment Hall put on his website about the above post.

    I must say that I enjoyed this post immensely because I just love it when someone see’s the light of truth about social media, especially when that social media is Twitter. If ever users of a social media have been deluded it has to been the lefties who have taken to Twitter like pigs to shit and the whole thing so reminds me of the blogging environment Pre-twitter. Now that the idiots have migrated to twitter it is surely entirely sensible to leave it to them. To think that the author of this blog banned me from commenting at her blog even though my comments were polite and on topic, Ah well its good to see her learn none the less.

    He is a two faced racist as far as I am concerned.

  33. Paul, I have said more than once, the trouble he has, is with woman., As for me, he seems reluctant to come fully on.

    Maybe he does not like women, but one old enough to be his mother is another matter.

  34. As Cu said, I do think Hall has a problem with women and people who continue to find faults in his arguments, I actually hope Ricky reads this.

  35. Truth Seeker
    December 30, 2012 @ 5:10 pm
    Ricky, what sort of folk music do you play?
    I play 60′s folk and folk rock, everything from Cat Stevens and Donovan through to Jethro Tull.

    Truth I was raised on Dylan, Donovan Yusuf Islam and alike. I played in Bluegrass bands for years so I have an affinity for acoustic music. Lots of Celtic and Irish stuff as well as modern contemporary Folkies like Billy Bragg.
    I’m a rock muso who has worked in electronica. Been producing records for 15 years now. Gonna drop some new stuff soon

  36. Ricky, I was raised on the same artists, and love the acoustic sounds, especially the early Tull minstrel style, combining the acoustic and electric as only Ian Anderson can.

    Some of the tracks on dimentagon remind me of Doc Span’s album “Spantronics”, the music of which was written and recorded by my brother in-law.

    The first two tracks on vieve are more my sort of music as the acoustic instrument sounds really sing to my soul, and the vocals are beautiful.
    Love your work 😀

    I have done a fair bit of recording on the last PC version of Logic, but am now trying to learn Pro 9 on Mac, which I am slowly getting my head around, but I do mean slowly, as health and time constraints dictate.

    There is no greater joy as a musician IMHO than to write a song and then be able to record it and watch it come together like an artist painting a picture, building up the colours and textures until it is fully realised.

    Love it 😀

    Cheers :smie: 😀

  37. Thanks Truth. I’m on Logic since 2.0. I run protools HD 10 on digi hardware and have 2 systems. I’ve been producing music for 20 years and had my first publishing contract @ 25. I think makin music is the most fun you can have with your pants on. 🙂 I will drop a dimentagon album in 2013 and it will be more in the vain of Fragile and the circle of life, so electro acoustic…..Logic 9 is a great choice, I just bought into a new studio based around logic. i have a large AV rig for Sound to picture. Start shooting a new film in Feb.

  38. Ricky, I started recording on a fostec four track, and then moved on to a Tascam 38 reel to reel, both of which I still have, although I don’t use them anymore. 😦

    My system is very basic, as I am only recording for myself, but it’s amazing the results that you can get with the right gear, even if it is basic.

    My Brother in-law has been a great help as he is a library musician of many years experience with his own Mac studio, using Logic since day 1, alas he and my sis live in the UK, so mostly our contact is via phone or email.
    They did stay with us for a while when Mathew was working on Doc Span’s album, as Doc lives not that far from us, in the sunshine coast hinterland, and they get out here when they can.

    Fragile was the track that stood out to me from dimentagon. 😎

    I have done an album of covers for a friend, but I am currently working on a sound track for a Fantasy Novel that I am writing, and recording tracks for my guitar teaching system that I have developed.

    I also record my students when they write their first song, and am about to record a track for a student who has written her second song (with a bit of help from me), as it has a great hook, and with a decent recording should end up on youtube.

    Love it 😀 😎

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  39. Liberal rep on on ABC 24 . Running down Labor. What happens in the USA has nothing to do here. More rubbish.

    Must be desperate to be out with this today. Mr. Jamie Briggs is talking. New face to come in behind Abbnott. Are being asked some questions.

    It is a spending problem. The problem is the facts do not support him.

  40. Hi S,

    December 29, 2012 @ 3:46 pm

    Sorry I haven’t got back to you till now.

    Thank you for you kind words. Glad that, like me, you enjoy visiting the Cafe. It’s one of the first sites I visit in an internet session. We’re making our voices heard and presence felt! With so much at stake I hope 2013 is the year we help bring about a resounding triumph for the forces of good.

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