The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2012

This year on the blog there hasn’t been a political story we’ve failed to debate. Some of these political events that inspired our posts have been – in our view – good. Some, of course, have been bad while some have been downright ugly.To round off our political discussions for 2012 I’ll dot point the good stories, the bad ones and the ugly ones for review.

The Good

  • Following months of media speculation of a Rudd challenge for the ALP leadership, Julia Gillard hits him for six to retain the top job.
  • Whyalla survived! Tony Abbott’s predicted it wouldn’t.
  • Euromoney magazine awarded Wayne Swan the title of Finance Minister of the Year “for his careful stewardship of Australia’s finances and economic performance, both during and since the global financial crisis”.
  • The economy received a shot in the arm after the introduction of the carbon price.  Share prices and house prices both rose, business confidence and consumer sentiment also rose; jobs were being created and the unemployment rate ticked lower.
  • Julia Gillard announced the creation of a national royal commission into institutional responses to instances of child sexual abuse.
  • Wayne Swan gave up the unrealistic goal of delivering a surplus in the 2013-14 Budget. Economists were in unison, agreeing that the Government had done the right thing to drop the surplus commitment.

The Bad

  • Bob Brown resigned as leader of the Australian Greens. He also resigned from the Senate.
  • The failure of the political media to critically analyse the mutterings of Tony Abbott revealing that they are either entirely incompetent or they just didn’t want to throw him a challenge.  Either or, we have a continual ludicrous situation where we are harrowed by an alternate Prime Minister who offers nothing and a compliant media who ask of him exactly that.  Nothing.
  • We asked  the question: Has the ABC lost the meaning of respect or is it just following the political discourse? A discourse, it seems, being set by the Republicans in America and the Liberals in Australia where respect is ignored even if earned, yet handed out to the undeserving few.
  • The Government introduced legislation into Parliament allowing the resumption of offshore processing on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.
  • Tony Abbott’s media performances, best described as pathetic.
  • The death of Julia Gillard’s father.

The Ugly

  • Mr. Abbott’s words of wisdom (in trying to pick a fight with Aborigines) that interrupted the PM Citizenship ceremony on Australia Day, which led to what are now referred to as the Australia Day Riots, as timid as they were.
  • The political bloodbath that left Labor reeling after the Queensland state election.
  • Larry Pickering. What more can I say?
  • Tony Abbott’s fraudulent scare campaign against the carbon price.
  • The hate-filled bile constantly being spewed by the right-wing sections of our media.
  • Senator Cory Bernardi’s suggestion that legalising same sex marriage would lead to demands for bestiality.
  • Veteran broadcaster and 2GB host Alan Jones claim that Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s father died of “shame” because of the political “lies” his daughter told.
  • Ashbygate started to turn ugly. Very ugly . . . for the Opposition.

Feel free to re-visit these topics.

77 comments on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2012

  1. It’s been a mixed year, alright. Dragged down by the NOalition and their so-called “mainstream” media. As a commenter said on another blog:

    Abbott’s coalition has become a party of Obstruction, foes of Change, apostles of Privilege, and the enemies of Reform and Progress; it is no wonder that Malcolm Fraser has disowned them. Howard must be feeling so proud.

  2. As I was reading this, I was going to suggest that you left out Ashbygate, but there it was, right at the end. Actually, I would have put Justice rares’ judgement under good, as it spells the death of the Evil Party.

    You also left out how the parliamentary year ended on a sour note for Julie Bishop in particular and the Flopposition in general by the exposure of Ralph Blewitt as a conman and Bishop as a liar.

    Looking forward to 2013. If the Flopposition even think about bringing up Thomson or Slipper or even the AWU, the government only has to counter with Justice Rares’ judgment, reminding everyone just what liars and crooks they are.

    I am expecting a change of leadership in the Flopposition in the new year.

  3. From where I sit, I think Migs has only included topics that were discussed on the blogs. It’s a pity in retrospect that topics such as Obama’s great victory and the NASA achievements weren’t included as topics.

  4. well said Migs, my diehard Lib next door neighbour shivering at her front door after I handed over the orange trifle for her to take into her OH in Hospital said what about this global warming, does not understand CC has hot and cold spells, my response was don’t worry it is all crap as stated by your god Tony Abbott, end of conversation.
    Some people you just can’t get through to. Your previous blog topic certainly brought out all the loonies now identified to us for future reference. Not one original thought amoung them all reading from the noalition song sheet, next they will be getting out their prayer mats and facing Warringah for a new brain fart.
    PS get better quickly.

  5. My list is much simpler. The good – The emergence of the Fifth Estate. The bad – The decline of the Fourth Estate. The Ugly – The Opposition’s descent into lies, smear and the Republican way..

  6. Voyeur said:

    Migs just add a couple more please to UGLY.
    -Craig Thomson/HSU
    None need any further verbosity , we are all sick of them

    Hey, idiot, I mentioned those three above, if you bothered to read them. And we are not all sick of these three topics. It is only the rightards who are sick of them, or more correctly, worried about them, because they are dead set flops for the Flopposition. In fact, I hope these three topics are brought up at every opportunity during 2013, to the great embarrassment of the rightards, especially “Ashbygate” – a word the rightards do not dare mention. Whenever the rightards mention Slipper, we will mention Ashby.

  7. The Noalition are too arrogant and ideologically hidebound to develop policies. The few “policies” they do have they dare not talk about as they are so toxic.

    Unable and unwilling to contest the hearts and minds of the electorate with IDEAS they roll around in filth and sleaze throwing it at their opponents.

    Intrigue, conspiracy, spin, smear, dirty tricks, mud, slogans, stunts, attempts to “break in through the back door” – this is all we get from the Noalition. Anything but policies to benefit the people. And they’re kept afloat every step of the way by the media, surely among the worst of any democracy on the planet.

    They deserve annihilation in 2013. Let’s hope the electorate can wriggle out from under the propaganda mountain for long enough to see the action it needs to take at the ballot box later in the year.

  8. THE GOOD…Gillard only getting 2M hits for the misogyny bleat

    THE BAD…Gillard dragged out of Canberra cafe by police after unionist let slip Abbott was there

    THE UGLY…Gillard led off the path into the turf while holidaying in India

  9. Voyager of the seven fanta-seas, those three are particularly ugly for the LNP, who are decidedly sick of talking about them now, as opposed to earlier on in the year when they wouldn’t shut up about them.

    Amazing how things change, when you base your entire political future on slogans, lies and deceit, and then they get shown to be just that despite a very supportive MSM.

    And all their (and your) bluster and prognostications about the outcome of the 2013
    will amount to nothing more than a pile of cattle poo when the aforementioned poo hits the fan early in the year 😯 as those three ugly (for the LNP) scandals come to their obvious conclusions.

    While you and your troll mates follow Abbott like demented sheep bleating “look over there, nothing to see here” and “forget yesterday, lets look into 20 years ago!”, and “you stop wasting tax payers money on letters, while we waste it on calls for SSO’s and discussing such important matters as ….. well nothing!” and “we deserve to be in government because…. we’re not Labor! wink wink nudge nudge… say no more”. 😯 🙄 😯 :mrgreen:

    I think that has pretty much covered it. 😀

    Cheers 😆 😀 😆

    BTW Migs, nice summation! 🙂 😀 😆

  10. Archie,

    You’ve got the decline of the 4th estate under “bad” but I think you probably meant to include it as a “good” ? And the sooner the better ?

    The advancement of the 5th estate is a definite “good” and we are all helping contribute to that.

    But the 4th estate even in its death throes is a dangerous beast. In all its various manifestations it’s still a guiding light, a beacon, for the lunatic right that provides such rich entertainment for us here at CW.

    As an election date draws nearer and the contest develops into what I think looks increasingly like a victory for Labor (provided Abbott keeps his head) expect our media to go hyper.

    It’ll be interesting to see which individual journalists can maintain a sense of balance and provide some analysis in the face of mounting pressure from ownership/management.

  11. The political dramas of 2012 aside, the highlight of my year was meeting PM Julia Gillard and her team face to face at a Community Cabinet in Rockingham, WA, 05/09/12, and seeing how sincere her cabinet ministers are in their admiration for and loyalty to her. That’s both men and women, though here I particularly celebrated the ladies!

    Women in Labor!

    These women in Labor are feeling no pain,
    Find running the country’s no stress and no strain,
    All were up-beat and their spirits were high
    When at a Party event they explained to me why.

    Working conditions have improved much of late
    With their new boss who is efficient and straight.
    Labor’s productive. It’s not at all hard
    Conceiving new laws with PM Gillard.

    Not just these women, but ALP men
    Work well with her and if ever again
    Rudd were to challenge and push came to shove
    They’d vote for Julia. Working with her is a Labor of love!

  12. Now, your predictions for next year? 🙂

    We’ll still be reading that Julia Gillard boils babies in oil and that Tony Abbott is the son of God. 😦

  13. The Ugly – The Opposition’s further descent into lies, smear and the Republican way..

    There ya go, Archie. I fixed it for ya. 🙂

  14. @ Mangrove Jack, In the past the MSM has done a good job. Some swinging one way, some the other. The electorate could make up its mind between two genuinely different sides of politics. This year has shown us that that old model has died. In it’s death throes, the MSM is a danger to all bystanders. That is why I consider its dying to be bad. Its final death will be good.

  15. ‘Now, your predictions for next year?’

    The ALP will become a political rump, but the Watermelons should retain their strength because of a strong core base.

  16. And in further predictions:

    It will snow in Siberia this time next year.

    It will snow in Alaska this time next year.

    This time next year el gordo will be telling us that it’s snowing in Siberia.

    This time next year el gordo will be telling us that it’s snowing in Alaska.

  17. Migs
    You invoke early Clint Eastwood in this post but when it comes to Australian politics the more apt reference has to be “Unforgiven” because the one thing that Gillard will need from the voters will be their forgiveness, Forgiveness for stabbing Rudd in the back to get his job, forgiveness for her Carbon Tax lie, forgiveness for her ineptitude in government, forgiveness for her empty claims of gender victim-hood, forgiveness for her betrayal of her promise to Wilkie, forgiveness for her false hopes to the disabled, forgiveness for the empty promises of health and education reform , forgiveness for having an annoying nasal twang in her voice, heck there is not much that she doesn’t need forgiveness for so don’t be surprised when she is the unforgiven at the next election.

  18. Hall in his comments,

    forgiveness for her Carbon Tax lie

    , there is no carbon tax, there is an Emission trading scheme in place, Lie from you and the LNP.

    forgiveness for her ineptitude in government

    What ineptitude Hall.

    forgiveness for her empty claims of gender victim-hood

    , what empty claims Hall.

    forgiveness for her betrayal of her promise to Wilkie

    , pokie reform is going ahead, or do u not read the papers.

    forgiveness for her false hopes to the disabled

    What false hope Hall. NDIS is going ahead.

    forgiveness for the empty promises of health and education reform

    , what false hope Hall, again you are not reading the papers or following what is going on in parliament, From what I have read in the papers and from the Govt website, these reforms are going ahead.

    The big false hope is that of Tony Abbott and the LNP, have not offered anything in policy, no path for the future except to pull everything down that this government has bought in, what future is that.

    Maybe you can enlighten us on what a future LNP government would be like.

  19. This time next year it will snow in Siberia and Alaska, a decade long trend of creasing snow and colder temperatures.

  20. Maybe you can enlighten us on what a future LNP government would be like.

    That’s easy:
    A failing and flailing Newman government but much worse.
    A failing and flailing O’Farrell government bu much much worse.
    A failing Barnett government but worse.
    A failed Baillieu government but more terrible in failure.

  21. The good -Tony Abbott running from the House of Reps

    The bad – Tony Abbott using Margie to say the “Tony I know gets women”

    The ugly – Tony Abbott using Slipper court case to attack the PM personally by using the words “died of shame”.

    And the downright disgrace – Tony Abbott abusing our democracy by attempting to bring down our elected government through an abuse of the courts, smear campaigns, fear and lies.

  22. For myself, the Ugly must be Abbott standing in front of a sign saying Bob Brown’s Bitch and finding absolutely nothing wrong in doing so..

  23. “Migs just add a couple more please to UGLY.
    -Craig Thomson/HSU

    Craig Thomson, Still no criminal charges laid. Civil case appears to be hitting the wall, for lack of evidence, that was not uncovered in subpoenas issued. Not one returned any results for FWA. Will be surprised if this one ends up being thrown out, as the Ashby one was. A lot of noise, that arises from allegations made by Me. Jackson, little substance so far.

    This one is more likely to backfire on the Opposition, when a certain Ms, Jackson finds herself in a little trouble. The ignoring of Ms, Jadkson, by the MSM will not stop this from happening. The Thomson matter could become a big plus for labor.

    As for the AWU allegations, could become a bigger problem for Mr. Bishop and Company, when the role that Mr. Blewitt played at the time, and now, finally emerges. He has to explain what his signatures are doing on those deeds of association. What role he played in getting rid of the money.

    As for Slipper. Well I cannot see what harm is in that one for either Labor or Slipper. All that has emerged is that Slipper sends infantile smutty emails to a willing receiver. One who answers in the same vein. The Raresd Judgement still has a way to run. There are serious matters raised that Mr. Abbott is going to have to deal with. No, this one is laid in Mr. Abbott’s saddle bag.

    The one that is going to cause concern for both sides, is those boats that are still coming. It is one that the PM has to win. That is not beyond the bounds of reality. I believe that the groundwork has q1uietly been laid in the last few weeks.

    The budget problems and the deficit will work itself out, I suspect ion the PM’s favour. Could even be closer to that elusive surplus than most expect.

  24. Min

    That clip was bad for Riley, the bollocking he copped, has only been eclipsed by the attack on Leigh Sales after her interview with Abbott.

    The ugly facts are that Tony Abbott only had 2 one on one interviews where the interviewer got to ask in depth questions and Abbott under pressure was unable to just walk off camera .

  25. The good- Julia Gillard answering all questions from the press until they just wanted to do an Abbott and run away.

  26. Tony Abbott running from Parliament, Good to watch for us, embarrassing for TA and the LNP and all the trolls out there.

  27. Maybe, just maybe, the public will be demanding that Abbott apologize for all his lies of the last two to three years.. Not one of his dire predictions have come to fruition, not one.

  28. Sue, she went before the press twice. Gave them a second bite at the Cherry. Nothing new emerged, as their is nothing there to do so,

    We still need to see Abbott do the same, in regard to the Rare’s Judgement.

  29. Cu, the only way any government is going make any difference to the asylum seeker “problem” other than severe punitive measures against people who turn out to be genuine refugees and end up living in Australia far more cooperation from Indonesia.

    In spite of what the opposition wants us to believe, we have come a long way via diplomatic means in enlisting Indonesia’s help in tackling this problem. The background is that Indonesia has only ever viewed people smuggling as a minor offence and via the Labor government’s efforts are now going after the big boys.

    On the other hand, Abbott would rather start an international incident by going against Indonesia’s instructions that they will not accept any boats which we turn back. Abbott, of course is only after the redneck vote who think that we can just stick it to the Indos without there being any consequences.

  30. el gordo, back to your own site. There is more going on of import than the weather. Much more.

    There is stormy weather ahead for Abbott and Co. Running from the media, is going to be of little protection. There will arise one with the guts, to ask those questions, many demand answers too.

    Yes, we will watch in amazement. As the man runs. He will dart there, he will dart here, but escape, he will not.

  31. Paulwello, that embarrassing episode prompted much reaction and commentary.

    Here’s my contribution

    Run Rabbott Run

    The air electric, the chamber split
    The vote was called on the dummy spit
    Then Thomson, moved to right the score
    Decided he would cross the floor
    The press watched on from the gallery
    As he stood, and walked deliberately
    “How dare he”, came the outraged shout
    “His vote is tainted…..we must get out”

    The rush was on quite earnestly
    As the opposition tried to flee
    The mincing poodle left his chair
    And took off, like a startled hare
    “I’m out he cried”, with a zealots glee
    And found his office sanctuary
    So there he stayed, his point to prove
    And heroically… refused to move

    Not far behind the poodles flight
    The Abbott ran with all his might
    “I’m coming Chris”, he cried with fear
    As the speakers voice rang loud and clear
    Though fleet of foot he crossed the floor
    The shout rang out, “shut the bloody door”
    So there he was, stuck in the hall
    With the motion carried…. Taint and all

    So Abbott cried foul and spewed forth bile
    While that bastard Thomson, had the cheek to smile
    “How dare he?” cried the outraged right
    “That bastard shouldn’t stand and fight”
    But stand he did, to their chagrin
    So they had an unusual win
    Though at Abbott’s feet much scorn was laid
    Running… proved his… stock in trade

    So with the spectacle covered far and wide
    And despite the shame of every stride
    The Abbott saw his urge to flee
    As a way to free publicity
    So when questions fly he’ll duck and weave
    He’ll sloganeer, and then he’ll leave
    And commentators have their fun
    With that old refrain of….. run…Rabbott…run. 😆

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆 😆 😆

  32. Paul (wello) Wilson

    Your retorts demolished in turn:

    forgiveness for her Carbon Tax lie

    , there is no carbon tax, there is an Emission trading scheme in place, Lie from you and the LNP.

    🙄 Semantics is all that you have isn’t it? sadly everyone calls it a Carbon Tax and no one but desperate lefties like you insist that it is “not a tax” Most importantly the average voter out there in the ‘burbs knows that it is the very thing that Gillard promised NOT to introduce so she has to seek forgiveness for it from the voters.

    forgiveness for her ineptitude in government

    What ineptitude Hall.

    The List is long but try these on for size the BER scheme the asylum seeker debacle, appointing slipper as speaker, promising an undeliverable surplus

    forgiveness for her empty claims of gender victim-hood

    , what empty claims Hall.

    That she arguably the most powerful woman in Australian politics has been victimised because of her gender its utter bukkshit and she knows it

    forgiveness for her betrayal of her promise to Wilkie

    , pokie reform is going ahead, or do u not read the papers.

    That she now offers a pale imitation of what she promised Wilkie does not make up for the way that she betrayed her promises to him

    forgiveness for her false hopes to the disabled

    What false hope Hall. NDIS is going ahead.

    The only thing that is going ahead is the sales pitch, there is no funding for this scheme and nothing is scheduled until well after this government is out of office.

    forgiveness for the empty promises of health and education reform

    , what false hope Hall, again you are not reading the papers or following what is going on in parliament, From what I have read in the papers and from the Govt website, these reforms are going ahead.

    Nothing has been delivered and like the NDIS nothing is due to be delivered until what is it, about 2015? Promises are easy , delivery is harder.

    The big false hope is that of Tony Abbott and the LNP, have not offered anything in policy, no path for the future except to pull everything down that this government has bought in, what future is that.

    Policy has been released and more will come

    Maybe you can enlighten us on what a future LNP government would be like.

    Better than Labor that’s for sure

  33. The questions to Abbott from Leigh Sales and Lisa Wilkinson weren’t that tough. Not as tough as the PM faces every day, or every previous Opposition leader has had to undergo.

    The fact is, Abbott is a shallow, programmed fake. Poke a hole in the wall of Spin that surrounds him, and it’s apparent there’s nothing inside but pent-up, pressurised thuggish malevolence.

    The time will come where a single question pushes him over the edge (ala Mike Riley, but worse). The cameras will be on hand to capture the “True Tony” in flight, and it will be a Spectacle to behold! Memorable footage that will be shown around the world.

    Tick… tick… tick…

  34. Iain Iain Iain, and the tooth fairy will be parked outside your place in her rubber van, directly, to take you to the Unicorn farm.

    Nyaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha 😆 😆

  35. Noticed that Hall has not given an answer again as to why the LNP would be a better government, try again.

    Everything I have stated has passed parliament, health reform, NDIS, even the LNP state governments are going along with this, education reform, NBN state governments also want this, they are looking to the future, where as the LNP are looking to the past, what type of future is that.

    Oh and by the way Hall, Even Abbott want a tax on carbon.

  36. Hall is desperate that the carbon price be called a tax because it is the only way he can sustain Abbott’s LIE that Gillard “lied” on introducing a carbon tax. This is not a semantic point, as the dishonest Hall maintains. It is Abbott and his trolling followers who play the semantic game of relabelling the carbon price a tax in order to score a political point. But without this mislabelling, they have no point. The fact remains that Gillard did not lie. She did not even break a promise. She introduced a cabon price exactly as she said she would.

  37. Paul an Patricia , thanks for that. 😀

    I wrote it the day after the event. They are a font of inspiration for the creative and some would say warped mind. 😆 😆 😆

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  38. Iain Hall
    December 27, 2012 @ 10:49 am
    predictable Migs , very predictable

    The truth is a bitch.

    VOYAGER – S y d n e y
    December 27, 2012 @ 11:42 am
    Migs just add a couple more please to UGLY.
    -Craig Thomson/HSU
    None need any further verbosity , we are all sick of them

    -Craig Thomson/HSU, no charges laid, raids and subpoena produce anything. The conspiracy formulated by corrupt coalition cohort Kathy Jackson is exposed as she thrown out of office.

    -AWU produced absolutely nothing. Blewits magical dysentery tour is flaunted by his character and the biggest air swing in political history. The Prime Minister answers all the questions and the whole affair is exposed as a political conspiracy of no consequence. Not a charge laid or allegation results in a single charge, rather libelous retractions. The scheme results in a reflection of the opposition’s incompetency, poor judgement and dubious character.

    -Slipper/ A treasonous plot to steal power ends in being thrown from court as a vexatious claim that is an abuse of process. The smoking gun is a gay man with delusions of grandeur spurred on by senior liberals who are up to their neck in it. An indication of the deceit and lies of the worst opposition in Australian political history.

    None need any further verbosity , this disgraceful opposition is an incompetent rabble without a policy.

    The good.
    A talented reformist government with vision and runs on the board

    The Bad:
    the worst, incompetent, talentless opposition in Australian political history

    The Ugly:
    The lowering of political debate to a degree never seen in Australian politics, by an opposition to mask a lack of policy vision.

  39. And the thing is silkworm whilst supposedly being all in tizz about Gillard telling one lie that wasn’t they never, not once ever, call out Abbott’s continuous stream of lies and deceits. I’ve seen right wingers praising Abbott for being clever in lying whilst in the same breath damning Juliar.

    Hypocrite doesn’t get close to describing the constant dissimulations they engage in and the knots they tie themselves in to justify those double standards.

  40. Do not forget, that Mr. Abbott explained his continuous changing of mind, as acting like a weather vane. In other words, one has to check which way the wind is blowing, when listening to what Mr. Abbott says.

  41. He also once said “circumstances change” on being pulled up on a big back flip. He said this not long after giving Gillard a spray for changing a policy because circumstances had changed for her.

    Liberals, born hypocrites the lot of them but none more so than Abbott.

  42. From the party that gave you the Dismissal;
    Dr No Verses The Frilled Defector
    Tony Abbot; (reviving his Famous role) Dr No
    James Ashby; The “Homosexual” love interest.
    Christopher Pine; The Pomp Attack Cabbage.
    Peter Slipper; The Frilled Defector.
    Special Performance by,
    Right Media; The Evil Fear Smear

    A treacherous plot arises to take the government numbers using a gay pasty with political ambitions. Fiendish Dr No deploys his Pomp Attack Cabbage to use The Evil Fear Smear to destroy The Frilled Defector’s great pomp..

    Slippergate is set in 2012 a low point in Australia. Australia in 2012 is best described as; a period of the worst political debate in Australian history run by lawyers and media. The story relies heavily on salacious text messages which are beyond predictable. You just keep waiting for something to happen, sadly nothing does. It’s a non-event. The dialogue is painful with a ridiculous premise. The script non existent with the worst acting I have ever witnessed.

    This party has quite possibly hit a new low since their last movie “The Dismissal”. I feel they will be judged as harshly for this stinker.

    Ask for your money back.
    Be warned! This one’s a fizzer and thankfully closed after savage reviews. 0/10

  43. To Dicky Ricky:
    ‘if you think Craig Thomson, AWU and Slipper sagas are over you believe in
    the Billy Goats Bluff with the troll under the bridge’
    2013 will see new directions undoubtedly – you are far too cocky.

  44. You are right Voyager, except for the old AWU non scandal. Most of all Slipper is not over, for the Liberals that is.

    And as the last polling showed the more the clueless opposition go down the attack and smear path the more the people will turn against them.

  45. Its true that going after Julia was not a good look, Thomson and Slipper were also duds. The electorate was not amused.

    The monk needs to come out fighting next year with infrastructure dreaming and put political bickering behind them.

  46. Well that’s a laugh el gordo for Abbott has already reneged on his one and only big infrastructure pledge, $4 billion on roads.

    June 30, 2012 Abbott promises billions for roads

    Note that Abbott lied in that speech. He never had a discussion with Infrastructure Australia. Why aren’t the right wingers up in arms over that blatant lie as they seem so keen to keep our leaders honest?

    26 December, 2012 Coalition backdown on roads promise

    If he couldn’t achieve that then how is he going to be credible on any of his other pledges without detailing the funding and policy implementation?

    Thing is that Abbott has back flipped and lied so often now on promises of policy and programs that the people aren’t going to wear it if he just keeps up the same negativity and policy void tactics. Just promising something because he’s Abbott and says he will do doesn’t wash any more.

    Abbott’s election promises, like those of his State counterparts, are worth less than photocopied money, they are meaningless ephemeral applesauce.

  47. ‘Abbott has already reneged on his one and only big infrastructure pledge,’

    Throwing money at Sydney and Melbourne is a no brainer, I think his vision is limited by the political cycle. If the Coalition fails to come up with any decent plans on infrastructure, such as very fast rail, then our future is bleak.

    We mustn’t get caught in a deflationary spiral.

    ‘Hundreds of thousands of Spanish holiday homes owned by Britons could halve in price – as experts warn the slump could last more than a decade.

    ‘The property crash is so serious that many of the 2million properties that are languishing unsold on the property market will be demolished.

    ‘Analysts warn that Britons who own homes in popular resorts like the Costa del Sol could see their £225,000 properties plummet in price to £112,500.’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  48. Toilet Voyger, I believe that this floposition is addicted to smut in light of no policies or vision whatsoever. I hope the fliposition keeps up the fear smear as it will lead to a Hewson style hanging by the voting public, who are not as stupid as they and their media mates would have us believe.

  49. Hey gordo, this bloke is so thick he thinks, reprinting an old speech and calling it a visionary book. Standing in a kindy wither cheese and kisses and driving a truck is a policy. If he does think of anything beyond a tierd winston policy it won’t get beyond pellet. So I’d say your safe, the green army of no consequence is work for the doledrums.

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