The ‘Right’ to be heard: what we heard.

A few weeks ago I posted The ‘Right’ to be heard, offering a thread where right-winger could add some substance to their claims that Julia Gillard is evil, the Government is toxic or why Abbott would make a better Prime Minister. The post received over 620 comments and the ‘right’ were out in force, however, their responses were merely parrot-fashion repeats of what we hear from the opposition and the media. Here’s a collection of the best they could come up with.

When it comes to incompetence you need go no further than the creation of a tax that collects no revenue.

November 30, 2012 @ 1:29 pm
Nah, I won’t play this silly game as trying to convince a leftist that this government is absolutely awful is like trying to convince a Catholic that there is no God. Pellonians!

Why don’t you go and get a real job. All you speak is left-wing garbage.

The real Julia is unleashed in her self-righteous fury and calculated aggression. Her voice now bounces across the summer landscape invading homes, hotels and workplaces. Her arch opponent, Tony Abbott, is traduced as sexist, relentlessly negative and an agent of smear as the nation divides between those who applaud Julia and those appalled by her.

. . . you lot must be deluded if you find the last weeks effort by Gillard in any way befitting a prime minister of this country! SUB PRIME is indeed a great nomme de plume for her.

I’ll leave you with a couple of thoughts…The heart of the current scandal is that the union movement in Australia is utterly corrupt. The corruption today has been discovered by chance.

Something Gillard needs to know…

Count your blessings
and not your woes
as it’s what we count
that grows and grows
and aren’t we lucky
we only have one nose!

Is that the best you have, wingnut?

. . . and love of Labor betrays a lemming like mentality…breeding up numbers and then collapsing through unsustainability.

Why Abbott would make a better Prime minister….he wouldn’t have defied his colleagues on this one for starters…


December 1, 2012 @ 12:07 pm

Spoken like a true deluded Labor voter, conveniently ignoring the depraved levels of corruption in the union movement, Labor’s principle support through the ages.

Don’t have to say Gillard is worse…she just is!

The foundation of Labor was a bunch of thuggish shearers that slit horses throats, burnt down sheds, a hatred of Chinese and Aborigines and nothing has changed to this day.

Take a poll in prisons and Labor would get 95% of the vote…the true Labor base.

Love your work! Perhaps a prison ethos permeates the cafe of the self shackled!

That caption competition is hilarious! I see Gillard is always prepared…keeps a cock ring on a chain around her neck in case she has to do some heavy negotiations with the indies.

Prison visiting hours over?

A simpler way of saying it. The PM leads a strong team. Abbott is the team.

Gillard is a product of and under the control of the unions, that is not leadership. When Gillard finally washed the blood from her hands she said that Rudd was dysfunctional and she was going to fix the mining tax issue and also the boat people problem.

What type of people are you to defend her? Notice how the hit count is up lately? Well, they aren’t lefties, freak show at the carnival comes to mind.

why Abbott would make a better Prime Minister.

Abbott would be a better PM because his judgement is better. One of the things to come out of the AWU saga is Gillards poor judgement. The media went berserk when Julie Bishop had a 10 minute meeting with Blewett. Well Gillard was friends with Blewett for years. Gillard lived with a conman (Wilson) for years and she did not know?? Come on.

Bad judgement was shown by dismantling Howards Pacific Solution and 1,000 deaths and 6 billion dollars later they are trying to put it back together.

The ALP is the party of the unforeseen stuff up. Most ALP policies end in disaster.

‘Tony would be a better PM’ because he vows to abolish a tax.

He will be kinder to very small business.

Abbott’s Green Army is a brilliant tactical manoeuvre.

Does Abbott go religiously to church on Sunday? Its a mortal sin if you don’t.

They didn’t really offer much, did they? Some made half-hearted attempts but they were generally just another rant.

We then had a post called The message is simple, which wasn’t about politics but guess who turned up in droves to sprout their typical hate-filled bile? Here’s a clue:

Last chance. Pick something intelligent to discuss or just go to the ALP website and slobber there. Pathetic. I’m gone.

Voyager – Sydney

December 3, 2012 @ 8:31 am

Might be best ever week for Cafe Wispers
but worst ever week for parliament and Ms Dullard.

The Coalition is progressive and has no intention of taking us back to the Dark Ages, unlike Ms Dillard and her dullard supporters.

Treeman – congratulations what a post, even Labor’ ites would laugh at that .
And why dont I call her JULIAR – its now a fact known by Australian Voters , she
can lie and cheat – probably her strongest point (untill you come unstuck)
Just think Ms Dullard – well she dresses mighty dull even speaks dull
and Ms Dillard – well she has that special touch , she manages to stuff up
just about anything she touches . Even capable of falling over in an Indian garden!
Not leadership material.

Point of Order!!! Speed’ohs are fine for a futuristic Coalition Government and A Stronger Oz!

The next topic, Mr Abbott’s witch hunt brought them out too:

To the moderator. is their any chance of displaying the examples of Ms Gillard not answer questions. Thank you.

There seems little point in looking back, the polls indicate Abbott will be PM after the next election.

Try as you may, there is not much the watermelons can do to stop Labor’s slide into oblivion.

Most of the comments on CW show just why it will be so hard for
Ms Dillard to win the 2013 Election

On the Tell me lies post, which was meant to be a forum where we could have a bit of a history lesson on the Coalition’s propensity to lie through their teeth, we found that the right-wingers preferred to have it as a forum where they could continue to bag the current PM and her government. Typically, they offered nothing new:

Left wing shadow boxers have impaired memory! In computer language, garbage in equals garbage out. This wreaks havoc with RAM, rendering software useless. In layman terms this is described as a soft brain!

VOYAGER – S y d n e y

December 9, 2012 @ 9:54 pm

Some here just don’t get it, Ms Dullard seems to get away with lots of lies.
Will her party ever pull her into line?

Neil of Sydney

December 10, 2012 @ 12:30 pm

She lied to Wilkie to win govt.

Whilst I only picked three comments from the whole topic, they contained the same message over and over, much like the global warming topic that followed, though they were a bit more subdued:

What is this some justification for a Carbon Tax?
Better still why not get our Union mates to put a total Embargo on all imports
from the highest polluting countries? eg China India and all of Asia
– Simple solution for simple folk.

But on When the news isn’t the news they went feral:

When the media are attacking the Opposition is great investigative journalism – they are very left anyway. The moment they pick on the poor Labor Brigade, they’re – Oh I’m not going to re-write that list list again. You’re pathetic. Just go and hide.

“Well, he could have said that. Interesting that his first impulse is to lie?”

What a crap thing to say. Gillard should never have brought the topic up. Shame on you for blaming Abbott when if Gillard had kept her trap shut no problems would have occurred.

Gillard was playing politics and potentially endangering Abbott’s life (for asking him to go to Afghanistan with her).

Neil of Sydney

December 13, 2012 @ 6:25 pm

Gillards judgement is terrible. Before Parliament she associated with criminals, even lived with one.

Well Gillard had a 4 year relationship with this conman. How long does it take before you realise your boyfriend is a crook?? Shows what judgement Gillard has.

To play politics with going to a war zone is the lowest of the low. Gillard knew that Abbott was going to visit Afghanistan on his way home so why did she try to create trouble?? It is also against protocol for a PM and Opposition leader to be together in a war zone. And Gillard knew that. She was playing dirty politics which is the only way Gillard knows how to play. It is Gillard who is setting the tone of political debate around Australia and it shows.

The tone in Parliament Question Time is set by the government. I don’t need to look up Hansard, I’ve watched it in disgust!

Gillard does not answer questions…she just goes into her trailer trash attack mode to deflect from answering questions.

t’s a friggin circus, and the ringmaster is tabot.

So it is all Abbotts fault?? A powerful person like the PM has no say in the tone of the Parliament?? Talk about left wing projection.

It is Gillard who is setting the tone and it is toxic.

Even topic on Joe Hockey was turned into a Julia bash-fest from the right:

It is Gillard and the ALP setting the tone of debate. Calling Abbott a thug. They could not even make a Christmas card without descending into the gutter.

The ALP is the natural party of abuse, slime and smear. It is second nature for an ALP politician and its supporters to abuse people.

The ALP is the natural party of abuse and slime.

And on Let’s focus on what’s important they couldn’t debate the state of the economy, which was the crux of the topic. No, out came the same old rubbish:

Neil of Sydney

December 20, 2012 @ 10:56 pm

“Has anybody showed him Australia’s credit rating? The unemployment rate? Interest rates? Inflation rate?”

It is comments like that why I call ALP supporters deceitful.

I’m more interest in December 2012 and the immediate future.

A persons track record is very important. And the track record of the ALP is they trash the budget and we lose our credit rating every time they are in power.

El Gordo is right Cuppa the Carbon tax will not go away as an issue no matter how much you latte sippers wish that it would, Gillard’s back-flip/ Lie to the people is the main reason that the voters don’t trust Labor, this latest concession from Swan just adds to that perception.

You are an absolute moron if you believe the dribble you are publishing? Open your eyes and see it for what it is this government is destroying our beautiful nation and its the battlers & our elderly that are struggling.

The only things Labor hands the Coalition when elected is a trashed budget and a credit rating downgrade.

On Editorial bullshit they certainly proved themselves incapable of logical thought and debate:

Another Dullard / Swan lie. The more you lie the better you get at it.
The Question for them to answer is : ‘ When did you first realize this
Budget Promise was unachievable?’
ALP aka Australian Liars Party – win
Australian Voters – lose

December 22, 2012 @ 6:29 amSure is plenty of straw in this bullshit thread!

Why are the leftards so inane?

And that, folks, is about all we get across the blogosphere, here at this blog or at other blog sites as well as Facebook and Twitter. The same old same old. Julia Gillard is evil (without any evidence) and Tony Abbott is a modern day saint (without any evidence).

As we move in to the election year we can expect the galahs to squawk even louder.

Brace yourself.