I’ll be home for Christmas

A big thank you for everybody’s best wishes. It’s a mystery how people just happen to make a hasty recovery on the eve of a special day. After first expecting to be in hospital for about a week I can happily announce that I’ll be home for Christmas.

I couldn’t have wished for anything better.

Tomorrow, I have much planned and it comes under two headings: eating and drinking.

I’m preparing garlic king prawns as an entree, followed by roast lamb and finished off with pudding, custard and ice-cream. Naturally, I have selected what drinks I should have to accompany each course. Plus I’ll also need something to sip on while I’m preparing this culinary feast.

I hope everybody here also has a grand old day with loved ones and that Santa brings just what you’d wished for.

Let’s have a song.

I know, it’s the same song I put up every year but I promise not to play it again. Until next Christmas. :mrgreen:

37 comments on “I’ll be home for Christmas

  1. Great to hear Migs. I was worried our meeting would be off for a bit. Trying to find a good day as I’m working through and then taking late holidays going on a long motorbike ride.

    Will always find time to meet up with you and Min. There’s a nice cafe in Bungendore waiting and it will have to be a good cappuccino instead of a local wine I’m afraid.

  2. “I’m preparing garlic king prawns as an entree, followed by roast lamb and finished off with pudding, custard and ice-cream. Naturally, I have selected what drinks I should have to accompany each course. Plus I’ll also need something to sip on while I’m preparing this culinary feast.”

    What I’d choose if I was to be shot at dawn.

  3. Mobius, I can’t wait..nor for Migs’ most splendiferous roast lamb Christmas dinner. I have however made an ice cream cake. 😀

  4. Migs so glad you recovered sufficiently to come home, I know what it’s like, sick all last christmas, and in hospital for a week from new years eve. No fun.

    Hope you and Min have a great one. 😀

    Cheers mate 🙂 😀 😆

  5. Merry Xmas Migs, Merry Xmas Min….. Merry Xmas Whisperers….. Merry Xmas trolls ( …do trolls celebrate or mastab#*% xmas 😕 just say’n 😉 )
    Merry Xmas to all…….
    … ’twas the night before Xmas and all through the HoR…… ho ho ho 😀

  6. Good stuff, Migs.

    A quiet Xmas then some packing because I’m heading to Camelot. Driving over, only around 4,400KM. Sunsets over the sea for me. Something for you jokers and clowns…

  7. As I thought Migs…there is no courtesy bus running from the hospital to the golf club. 😀

    I’ve been up since five cooking the veges. Down to Sydney for family lunch at my fathers.

    Merry Christmas to all you good people.

  8. Merry Christmas Whisperers – especially Migs, Min & CU who work hardest at keeping the Café running smoothly.

    May all your Christmas wishes be granted, and may the aftermath of today’s overindulgence be mild 😀

  9. Migs you kept that quiet however you are forgiven we are sending in an orange trifle to my old diehard lib next door neighbour who is languishing in Canberra hospital these last few weeks with a broken hip bone. Merry christmas to all whisperers and as Dave Allan would say may your god go with you.

  10. Migs it does my heat good to hear your better. 🙂 wishing you and your clan all the best. Talking as a Slade tragic , noddy is the greatest rock voice on the planet! Your a man of disserning taste. All the best to all widgets, especially our trolls. May you have a great day filled with the joy of good company . Merry chrissy.

  11. merry christmas everyone. i’m typing one handed after a minor fall the other day resulted in a broken left wrist. getting used to the splint and wondering how much mobility i can get away with and using the fingers, as advised, over the next six weeks. any tips gratefully received.

    major damage is to my pride, never having experienced a broken bone in my life before being knocked down on that crosswalk a few months back. emergency tell me my bones are in good shape, just bad luck falling as i did trying to break the fall with full weight onto outstretched hands.

    meanwhile, welcome home for christmas migs. just those few hours in outpatients made me aware again of how blessed we are if we still enjoy good health and opportunities to learn new things in later life. i really appreciate all that you’ve done for us here at the cafe, migs, even when the goings tough been for you. lots of one armed hugs for you this chrissie morning.

    my son has been following your site since you started helping me into blogging and into this new late life interest here at cafe whispers then expanding into other sites and my own little depot at polliepomes. lucky for me he was here on his chrissie visit. he was telling me this morning me that i owe you and your other blog moderators like min and catching up a lot for the chance to gather here with like minded people and exchange views on such a range of issues.

    loved the lupus jokes, LOVO. can be appreciated too by those of us getting on a bit.

  12. Horden pavilion 1974..Slade changed my life!!!
    Met Jimmy Lea in Birmingham.

    My favourite Slade Song (we used to cover this back in the day)

    Slade fest enjoy

    Got all their albums, 3 docos,the movie “slade in flame”……

  13. Sorry to hear about your fracture Patricia. Everything you needed to know will be revealed long after it’s too late. So drive everybody nuts with pesky questions.

    Meanwhile here’s some advice based on my recent experience with a fractured forearm (fending off a ‘boomerang’ tree limb):

    If relevant, try to get an old fashioned plaster cast. The fibreglass/polyurethane casts won’t mould to support the fracture nearly as well.

    Exercise fingers as much as you can without risking the stability of the fracture. Best to ask the doctor about that one.

    The ‘hospital’ sling is only meant for short periods. Keep your hand elevated well above your heart at other times the keep swelling down. Makes for difficult sleeping with your arm propped up on pillows but you get used to it.

    Check up about inflammatories. They say some impede new callus formation, but inflammation does serve a purpose, initially. Paracetamol is supposed to be purely analgesic (they say). Probably safest.

    Maintain (at ‘our age’) shoulder abduction as you can quickly lose glenohumeral glide (more Dr Google) and you get painful bursitis for added amusement after your wrist is healed.

    Finally, get stuck into the physio as soon as possible. It’ll take some time to recover functional range of motion.

    And one other thing, keep an eye out for symptoms of CRPS. Can often pop up for no reason especially after forearm fractures. Some more for you to google.

    As for grog, I asked my very experienced, very English, lady GP if I should back-off until we could see good callus forming. She fixed me with a stern look, reached for her prescription pad, and wrote: “IMPORTANT…Take 2 LARGE glasses of wine with meal at night” So far Dan Murphy’s haven’t asked for any repeats.

  14. Yes, Patricia, get better quickly. Breaking bones at our age is no fun. Breaking rib,doing nothing is my specially.

  15. Again, thanks everybody for their kind thoughts and best wishes for Xmas. I see Treeman has even swung into the Xmas spirit of good will. Much appreciated, old sausage.

  16. Patricia, they were very kind words which mean a lot to me. What bad luck for you – you keep breaking those tough old bones of yours. 😦

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