I have just saved the world

According to doomsayers the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. This projection is based on the Mayan calendar, which abruptly runs out of days about the same time many of us are busy wrapping presents in expectation of surviving to Christmas. The Mayan calendar began its long countdown way back in 3113 BC.

Some people take this prediction serious, but they need to no longer be afraid. Thanks to me there will be no apocalypse.

Bear with me while I explain.

The calendar we non-Mayans use is the Gregorian calendar, and have been since 1582 when it replaced the ‘faulty’ Julian calendar, which replaced the even more unreliable Roman calendar.

The Roman calendar consisted of 12 months for a total of 355 days. The new Julian months were formed by adding ten days to the Roman year of 355 days, creating a Julian year of 365 days with a leap day added to February every four years (a leap year). This made the Julian year 365.25 days long, on average. The Julian calendar thus introduced an error of one day every 128 years.

The Gregorian calendar reformed the Julian calendar because of this error and the Gregorian reform consisted of the following changes:

  • 10 days were dropped in October 1582.
  • The rule for calculating Leap Years was changed to include that a year is a Leap Year if:
    1. The year is evenly divisible by 4;
    2. If the year can be evenly divided by 100, it is NOT a leap year, unless;
    3. The year is also evenly divisible by 400. Then it is a leap year.

Did you see that? I’ll repeat it: 10 days were dropped in October 1582.

The Gregorian dropped 10 days to bring the calendar back into synchronization with the seasons. The last day of the Julian calendar was Thursday, 4 October 1582 and this was followed by the first day of the Gregorian calendar, Friday, 15 October 1582.

So the prediction that the world will end on 21st of December this year – based on the Mayan calendar – is not only incorrect but a big fizzer. Taking into account the 10 days dropped from our calendar, the end of days should have been on the 10th of December.

The Mayans definitely didn’t see that one coming.

We can all relax now. I’ve just saved the world. :mrgreen:

Already people have taken to the streets in celebration.

48 comments on “I have just saved the world

  1. Many issues around the number 10

    Miglo for you, the world and the party planners it is 10 days

    For Abbott, the Parliamentary Press- LESS LIBERALS- Gallery it is 10 hours.

  2. Migs
    a cute argument except for one small fact and that is that the Mayans had no knowledge of the European calendars at all and their calculations of the years and the days that they contain was based upon their own observations rather than the European traditions of which they knew nothing. Heck they did not even know that the civilisations of Europe even existed.

  3. I suppose the Press are just waiting for Tony to fly back from the UK to ask him about the specific and non specific knowledge of Ashbygate. They may also ask him to let the IT whizzes or just let the AFP check out the 10 hour time lapse of his statement , part of Ashbygate.
    Julie Bishop and her chief of staff, Chris Pyne and his chief of staff , Warren Entsch and his chief of staff may also offer their phones and computers for checking for Ashbygate.
    As I read, matters concerning offers of a job overseas for Alex Somlyay, if he were to stand aside for Mal Brough, are being investigated by the AFP. As that investigation must be with Tony Abbott and his chief of staff it would be easy for Tony to say look at the lot of us.

  4. It’s probably about 10 weeks to Parliament sits again, plenty of time for the AFP to clear or not clear Tony Abbott. May even be quicker than 10 weeks, 10 days, possibly 10 hours. The AFP were pretty quick with Godwin Grech even without Turnbull and Abetz turning over their computers . Imagine how quick it would be with Tony granting access, ………..10 minutes.

  5. For Abbott, the Parliamentary Press- LESS LIBERALS- Gallery it is 10 hours.

    Although, we won’t be hearing anything about that from the Parliamentary Press- LESS LIBERALS- Gallery Sue.


  6. I suppose the Press are just waiting for Tony to fly back from the UK to ask him about the specific and non specific knowledge of Ashbygate.

    What’s the bet libtika gets the gig from theirabc. I can just picture her swooning as she completely forgets why she was there in the first place

  7. Migs, my hero

    All done before he even has taken his Proton Pill 🙂

    A shame ian can’t be as thankful for such an expose. Considering what he puts up at his mud-pit, I thought it would be Right down his alley 😆

  8. It’s all over for Abbott as the calls for an enquiry into his and his senior shadow ministers role in Ashbygate gather momentum.

    It might not the end of days for him on 21 December 2012 but 2013 will see his end if the media do their job.

  9. It might not be the Mayans but it certainly is karma…

    ..Tony Abbott has suffered a backlash from the Coalition’s intense pursuit of the AWU affair.

    Mr Abbott’s disapproval has risen three points to 63 per cent – the second highest for an opposition leader in the poll’s 40-year history – while nearly two-thirds of those aware of the issue were critical of how he handled the slush fund affair.

    One thing which always has me perplexed is how the right whingers can say Everyone Hates Julia! when it seems that these same “everyones” hate Tony far more…

    Yay for Tony..he’s going for the record, the 2nd highest disapproval rating in history.


  10. The coalition maintains an election winning lead. Yes it does, with those that have land lines only and we know who they are.

    However if you look hard the lection winning lead is in fact only 2% and not 4% on a 2 party preferred basis because for every % that one side goes up, the other must go down. So if you add 2% to the ALP and remove 2% from the LNP the result is 50/50.

  11. The ALP primary vote is up one point to 35 per cent – the highest since November 2010. This comes after the vote had plateaued on 34 per cent for three months. The Coalition has fallen two points to 43 per cent and the Greens are down two points to 10 per cent.

    More than seven in 10 said the AWU matter had not influenced their view of the Prime Minister.

    Ms Gillard has widened to a 10 point lead over Mr Abbott as preferred PM

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/abbotts-attacks-fail-with-voters-20121216-2bhoo.html#ixzz2FFlSCqMD

    That’s just spooky sue :sue

    10 minutes to Midnight?

  12. Despite Mr Abbott’s record unpopularity, the Coalition has 43 per cent of the primary vote – slightly lower than it polled in the 2010 election – and 51 per cent of the two party-preferred vote. It would win an election on a two party-preferred swing of about 2 per cent, based on preference flows at the 2010 election.

    If preferences are instead calculated by how respondents say they will allocate them, the gap between the parties is narrower, with the Coalition on 51 per cent and Labor on 49.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/abbotts-handling-of-awu-backfires-20121216-2bhmh.html#ixzz2FFmlNs93

    Not really the lead they think they have then?

  13. And here were the wingnuts jumping on the last rogue poll outside the trend I gather they will go mute on them now, as they always do when the polls are not kind. Funny thing is the polls have never been kind to Abbott personally yet the Right Wingers always ignore that fact in their blind narrow minded ideological support of him.

    It’s a valid point that in their constant lambasting of Gillard and praising of Abbott, for who they never managed to lucidly articulate a reason as to why he would make a good PM, they always overlook the fact that Abbott is far less popular than… well than just about everyone.

    What does it say about them that they constantly go into bat for this gormless dud?

  14. Labor can win government on 48.5% of the TTP. In fact a sitting government that has 48.5% or more of the TPP has retained government in every case, though that’s not to say a precedent can’t be set at the next election.

    Possum and Antony Green explain it.

  15. Ah Migs, don’t you *dare* take this away from me ;-). I’ve been milking the fact that my birthday coincides with the end of the calendar all year, & will continue to do so ;-).

  16. Oh, got to love the deluded Treeman. That’s right, wingnut, just keep pretending that Ashbygate hasn’t left the bulk of the Coalition front bench looking grubby & downright criminal!

  17. Latest poll also makes a fool out of Channel 7, who on the back of the last single poll came out with a piece saying they have exclusively seen secret internal Labor Party polling that shows a wipeout for the government and Gillard will be gone because of the backlash.

    The media certainly are trying hard to manufacture a Gillard downfall, all the while the real downfall is being played out on the other side of the fence they’re ignoring.

  18. Marcus, the opposition’s strategy is worse than just smear which is bad enough in itself, it’s the never-ending threats which are the biggest turn-offs for voters. Suddenly, it’s not funny anymore. 👿

  19. With thanks to Deb..

    ”We’ve got an opposition leader who is a policy weakling and of course a thug when it comes to personal attacks” –Wayne Swan this morning.

  20. they always overlook the fact that Abbott is far less popular than… well than just about everyone.

    What does it say about them that they constantly go into bat for this gormless dud?

    It just goes to prove the old truism:

    Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservative.

  21. Tom R


    Before we have the Mayan calendar parties, there is an even spookier date

    19/12/12. Yes the date is important in Ashbygate. 19/12/12 is 7 days after the judgement by Justice Rares. 19/12/12 the date by which Ashby must decide to claim for Special Orders on the ordering of costs.

    “The power to make an order for costs is in the discretion of the Court once the factors in s 570(2)(a) or (b) have been satisfied. The power must be exercised judicially. Mr Ashby instituted the proceedings without reasonable cause because they were and are an abuse of the process of the Court. Additionally, his unreasonable acts of instituting and prosecuting the proceedings caused Mr Slipper to incur costs for the same reason. Mr Ashby should be ordered to pay Mr Slipper’s costs of the proceedings. Mr Slipper is entitled to an order for his costs of the proceedings subject to those being set off against the order for costs I made against him on 17 August 2012. If any special order for costs is sought in consequence of the orders I will make today either party may apply within 7 days.”

    how spooky could this be for Abbott?
    will Ashby pay slippers costs himself?
    will Ashby seek to have Harmers pay?
    will the Ashby backers keep paying up?
    Can Abbott afford Ashby in debt, out of work and feeling harrassed or just used?

  22. Oh how appropriate is this. A children’s book authored by a Tony Abbott called “Doom Star”, about the power to change time, meaning Abbott could take us all back to the 50’s where he longs to be.

    Doom Star
    Author: Tony Abbott & Kim Mulkey

  23. Mobius Ecko

    First he is trying out the 10 hour trick then back to the 50’s. If it wasn’t for the IT’s he would succeed with the aid of the msm.

  24. https://cafewhispers.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/team-abbott-and-prophecies-of-doom/

    Tony Abbott And The Prophets Of Doom!

    “We’ll all be rooned!” said Tony Abbott,
    Attacking government as per habit,
    Trying to bring the economy down,
    Applauded by the big end of town.
    Indeed, some managers and bosses,
    Well able to bear short term losses,
    Saw a good chance to shed employees,
    Later replace them with cheaper trainees.

    As Tony, Julie, and Joe spread ‘the facts’
    About carbon pricing’s dire impacts,
    Worried Aussies, supporting a family,
    Cut down on spending, unsurprisingly.
    Nonetheless the economy boomed.
    The world didn’t think that Oz was doomed.
    Towns weren’t destroyed or industries dying,
    But in some big stores people weren’t buying.

    “Of course they won’t if they’ve lost their job,”
    Sneer Barnaby Joyce and Andrew Robb,
    “And for that they can blame this PM!”
    Rubbish!” Wayne Swann shoots back at them.
    The respected World’s Best Treasurer,
    He’s backed by another good measurer –
    Of growth rates, the Reserve Bank boss! He blames……
    Guess who? He makes it clear…..without naming names…..

    It’s Tony Abbott and his prophets of doom!
    Without them we could go full bore….vroom…..vroom….Vroom….VROOM….VROOM!

  25. LOVO, if the world was destroyed, so too would be the evidence of Port’s unlucky grand final loss against the Cats.

    Bring on the apocalypse. 😀

  26. Thanks for saving the world Migs 🙂

    I’ve been away for a couple of days visiting Mum & Dad, mowing lawns (Dad has a broken arm) and mending computers (Mum’s PC had corrupt Hard Drive).

    If you hadn’t saved the world, I wouldn’t have had time to read all of the posts here at the Café before the end. My my, you lot have been unusually busy this weekend!

  27. And here comes Abbott’s mates from Queensland to save the day!

    Half of Queenslanders are less likely to vote for the LNP in the federal election next year because of the performance of the Newman Government, new polling shows.
    The ReachTEL poll, commissoned by Channel 7, surveyed 1134 people on Friday night and asked, ‘‘Has the performance of the Newman State Government made you more or less likely to vote for the LNP at the upcoming Federal election?’’
    It found 50.5 per cent of people were less likely to vote for the LNP federally, while 31 per cent were more likely and 18.5 per cent said it would not affect their vote.


  28. ……if the media do their job.

    So nothing will happen except the usual “look over there!” speculation of a Rudd push for the ALP leadership.

    LOVO @12.32pm, 17/12, ya can go off people, ya know. 😯

    patriciawa, timely rerun of that great pome. 😆

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