Tony Abbott’s letter to Santa

Weary as we all are from one of the more exhausting weeks in Australian politics, we jumped at the chance to accept blogger Truth Seeker’s offer of some comedic relief by posting his latest ode to Tony Abbott: Tony Abbott’s letter to Santa.

Within the passages of humour, Truth Seeker has hit the nail on the head in his descriptors of those on Tony’s Christmas list. You might say it is real-life comedy. We hope you enjoy reading and commenting on Truth Seeker’s latest installment.

Tony Abbott’s letter to Santa

Dear old Santa, now here’s the thing

I’m pretty well off so I don’t want bling

But the thought of losing makes me shiver

So here are some things . . . you could deliver


For Julie Bishop she needs your aid

To find some proof to help put paid

To Gillard and her Labor crew

Who deny the scandal . . . of the AWU


We’ve said Gillard acted illegally

But the cow just sits and laughs at me

Though Julie keeps on throwing mud

It’s me that ends up . . . wearing crud


She needs to find that smoking gun

To get the PM on the run

To help us turn the Labor tide

Before they tan . . . her Gucci hide


And sloppy Joe needs help with maths

Cos he just keeps making mega gaffs

On the state of our economy

Where he’s lost . . . all credibility


And that bloody smart arse Treasurer Swan

Makes sure the economy keeps moving on

From strength to strength with worldwide ticks

While we look like . . . economic dicks


So a calculator that Joe can work

Will stop him looking like a jerk

And something else he’d like to see:

A recession . . . to help his credibility


For Chrissy Pyne, it’s my first choice

That he could get a deeper voice

My misogynist word “Shrill” is working fine

Except HE gets “Shrill” . . . when he starts to whine


His whining and his dummy spits

Are what give laborites the shits

But sadly if I’ve truth to tell

His voice . . . gives us . . . the shits as well


The Mincing Poodle’s his nick name

Making light of the way he plays our game

So a deeper voice would be just great

To help my little . . . fluffy mate


And my mate Pell could use a hand

To support his wholly right wing stand

To help his cause, a Pope’s decree

Would be the shot . . . and might help me


For there’s many there within the church

Who don’t like George’s right-wing lurch

And the separation of Church and state

Is a fluid concept . . . for my Churchy mate


And though he’s a mate a Popes decree

Could keep him there, where he needs to be

For the spin that flows out from his gob

Makes him a genuine threat . . . to take my job


And there’s nothing Turnbull hasn’t got

Except his cred is badly shot

As he promotes my NBN brain fart

Which was my plan . . . from the very start


Cos the party thinks he’s sold his soul

To the centre left and he’s dug his hole

And he’s stuck there now for eternity

Never more to lead . . . the LNP


So a candle would be more than fair

To help him see through his despair

As he vainly searches through his big black hole

To find his long lost . . . right wing soul


And for Sophie, Ashby and Jackson too

I ask some legal help from you

For despite promoting their renown

Their shonky deals . . . could bring us down


So please let charges soon be laid

From the Thomson allegations made

To prove the man’s . . . a Labor crook

And do him . . . like a roasted chook


While Jackson walks away scot free

From allegations made that she

Misappropriated union dosh

To live the lifestyle . . . very posh


And likewise for young Ashby too

Though the judgement dumps us in the poo

Please let his appeal be granted quick

Cos the whole thing makes me feel . . . quite sick


And let her ill-gotten gains stay with Sophie

To offset her moral bankruptcy

And I ask these gifts to clear the way

For victory on . . . election day


And I need to win the electoral fight

Cos Mummy told me it’s my right

With the last one stolen from my hand

By that ranga bird . . . and her rag tag band


So I ask all this . . . for those weary hearts

Who’ve supported me and my many brain farts

And the many times when I’ve run like a rabbit

Yours sincerely . . . Tony Abbott


PS,  Saint Nic, in the Heavenly sphere

You have connections that is clear

And all I’ve asked is you support our spin

To help deliver . . . an election win


And spread your gifts through the LNP

To aid in our great victory

But if these things are beyond your scope

At least, help me get the gig as the first Australian . . . Pope



109 comments on “Tony Abbott’s letter to Santa

  1. Truth Seeker, either you’ve tapped into their minds or have been speaking to them personally. I hope it’s the former. 😉

  2. Roswell, I can read them like a book, that should be “cheap novel”. 😆

    I think by the time the election comes around he’ll be focusing on the the other gig! 😉

    And good luck with that one too! 😆 😆

    Cheers 😀

  3. I’m really hoping that Phoney Tony gets:
    A leadership coup in 2013
    An Ashby dump on him and his colluding mates
    The Gillard/AWU business to turn out as another fizzogg, just like the Ashby one
    Thomson to be found to have no case to answer
    A popularity poll that is in single figures
    An unpopularity poll that is so close to 99% that it frightens the percentage sign!
    To do lot’s more of his stupid popularity stunts so that I can parody them on “Graphical Manipulations”
    The MSM to actually start doing serious investigative journalism on the NO Coalition and what it stands for (OK OK I know that’s a real stretch!), and
    To lose a cliffhanger election, that he actually thought he had won — in 2013.
    Have a not so great New Year Phoney!
    TA not fit 2B PM!

  4. Might he also be asking Santa to destroy Whyalla. He’ll claim it as a delayed after effect of the carbon price.

  5. The shame poor Tony’s alive mother must be feeling 😦 …… the shame of having her boys lies drag Australian politics and the LNP through mud….. the shame of having a son that has lied and bullied his way to get to the ‘top’ of the LNP tree only to felled by his-story ….. the shame of him not getting any closer to the PMship than LOTO….. the shame of him not ever going to be Pope because he has 3 kids…has 4 kids… has maybe 4 and at least 3 kids or more or less 🙂 ….shame on you Tony for letting Mummsie down by not wearing any crown…. shame shame shame …… one wonders if Alan will give Tony ‘that’ coat he bought at ‘that’ juvenile Lib auction for xmas…. one wonders if Tonys family and friends know or not that he’s giving them ‘that’ book for chrissy 😆
    ….. one wonders if Tones will sequester his present from Santa or will he sell it to Gina and her Indian mates…… just say’n 😀

  6. Dear Santa,

    I want unemployed Aborigines to leave their traditional lands and move a thousand or more miles away so that they might work for a mining company and be exploited by Twiggy.

    Your disciple,

    The Hon Tony Abbott, MHR.

  7. Fluff piece of Abbott in London addressing student at his old school. Not one question on or mention of Ashbygate.

    Latika Burke apparently had an interview with Ms Bishop the younger and by all accounts it was a shocker, Not one question on Ashby or Bishop’s lies over the phone conversations she’s had, lies by the way she was challenged on in Twitter and after a bit of bravado she disappeared as soon as the heat was put on, refusing to take the challenge of an open interview. So it appears Bishop hid behind Latika Burke.

    The MSM is getting a massive caning across the Interwebs at the moment and rightly so.

    If anyone has links to the Burke/Bishop interview it would be appreciated, apparently it’s been pulled.

  8. CU, if there was a possibility that he couldn’t come home permanently, I think it would almost be worth it. 🙄

    Migs, you’re right it should be the Horrible Tony Abbott. 👿

    Min, At the moment there’s about as much chance of that as there is of Abbotts requests being delivered! 😉 But you never know, they might be dragged kicking and screaming to reality if we put enough pressure on them!

    Cheers 😀

  9. Roswell, good idea. Maybe your verse could go something like this;

    By the way Santa, that bloody carbon tax
    Has done me over with the facts
    So to prove I’m not just talking crap
    Could you wipe Whyalla… off the map

    Cheers 😆 😀 🙄

  10. It’d be odd for a government to call an election while they’re trailing badly in the polls. I also suspect they’ll want to see if the Ashby affair causes any damage to the opposition.

  11. The PM has already said that is not on. Why would they want a early election. Which I understand can only be for the Lower House.

    It is still Abbott that is desperate for an election.

    The PM needs Gonski and NDIS embedded in the budget.

    The so call carbon tax and NBN will be further entrenched.

    There is a chance there could be a small fall in power bills.

    So for the next nine months, we will have stories of a election being called. What is new in that.

    There are no positive reasons for Labor going early.

    Yes. There will be a surplus, as there are still enough upper income welfare and rebates to claw back, without doing the economy too much harm.

    Just another distraction. Poor media, they are finding it harder not to write up the stories that are in front of their eyes. Will have to one day.

    Voyager, expected better.

  12. I’ve heard of the clearing of the decks. Doubt it will happen though. Gillard might go running to the GG if she scents a challenge. Who would want the leadership?

  13. scaper. Wishful thinking. This lady is one that does not scamper anywhere.

    This PM is one that stands and fights.

    It is Abbott that has the habit of scurrying off at a rate of knots, every time, things do not go his way.

    Cannot help but think, that is why he is in the UK at this time.

  14. Truth Seeker,

    Another great poem! I wonder how many of his stocking wishes come true. Santa’s not supposed to come to naughty boys and girls.

    voyager slurred:

    Sources always remain that – some given credibility others flushed

    I guess as a first-order RWF you’d know plenty about the latter.

    There will be no early election and you will look like a fool again.

  15. Cuppa, thanks for your kind words and feedback. Cheers :Grin:

    Yes, you are right about Santa not coming to naughty boys and girls, but you forget, the rules don’t apply to the LNP 😯

    I notice when the Un-Australian comes up with a headline like the one that Voyager of the seven fanta-seas is spreading, they also quote unnamed, but reliable sources, and I have often wondered if in fact there is a source other than a piece of paper tied around the doggy doo of the reporters rottweiler, or tied to the leg of a homing pigeon.

    Just saying!

    Cheers 😀

  16. PuffTheMagicDragon, Thanks for that, and may I say great moniker, a song Iv’e played and sung to my kids and grandkids many times.

    Loved your second comment, too. 😆 😆 😆

    Cheers 😀 😆 😀

  17. Check the RWFs lining up to try to spin a distraction. “Look over there!” Hey, morons, it’s not going to happen.

    The New Year (I predict) will hold some eye-openers, and all the spin and lies in the world from the RWFs won’t make their situation any less uncomfortable.

  18. Last Xmas, Santa told my preschool aged grand daughters that is they are naughty, there will be potatoes in the stocking.

    It was Cnristmans Eve. They’ played up all day. Their mother put a small spud in each. You should have seen their faces the next morning. It was something she will never do again. A bag full of toys, but it was the potatoes they first spotted..

    Now I wonder if the same may to happen to Abbott,

    Never heard of the custom before.

  19. Truth Seeker,

    Given the partisan pushing of the “mainstream” media, I take quotes of “sources” with a grain of salt.

    I mean, if you don’t have to identify your “sources”, what would be to stop the “media” making shit up? Theoretically you could write any old rubbish and attribute it to “sources”.

    I’d scoff less if the [ahem] media had any credibility but their conduct over the past years removes all chance of that.

  20. Catching Up,

    Cannot help but think, that is why he is in the UK at this time.

    Also find it interesting that the “Liberals” (funny name!) chose this time to close down their Twitter activities. Did they do this in anticipation of blowback from what they’d have to have known would be a likely unfavourable ruling in the Ashby vs Slipper case?

  21. Truth Seeker
    loved the poem
    However with all that extra work my first thoughts and worry was for the welfare of the reindeer

    Xmas nears
    I’ve asked for lots
    So Santa do not be tardy
    And do not leave the reindeer in the care of Cory Bernardi

  22. We wish you a Merry Christmas
    And a Lib-free New Year

    Good tidings we bring
    To you and your kin
    And the best for all Aussies
    When Labor again wins

  23. Sue, I am so glad you “loved the poem”, and like wise I loved your bit of prose. 😆 😆 😆

    It’s great to see you and Cuppa also succumbing to the creative urges… Love it 😀 😆 😀

    And a very merry cheers to you both :Grin:

  24. Voyager, scaper
    More like November 30, 2013 as the PM has so much more governing to do So it looks like you will need a few more drinks tonight.

    “Gillard rejects early election call
    Julia Gillard will not call an early election, assuring voters that parliament will run full term and saying she hopes the election year will be less brutal than the events of 2012.

    In her final interview for the year, the Prime Minister told FairfaxMedia she had ”a lot of governing to do” before driving to Government House and requesting the 2013 federal election, which would be ”around three years since the last one” held on August 24.
    Ms Gillard scotched the suggestion out of hand. While she will not name a date she confirmed the poll would be held ”three years” on from the 2010 election, which would mean she would likely make the trip to Government House in mid-July.

    However, Ms Gillard can call an election for a date as late as November 30.
    ‘A clear focus of next year will be on the politics of opportunity and strengthening our economy,” she said.

    ”But we are only going to be a strong economy in the future if we win the education race, so the work we are doing around school reforms will be absolutely at the heart of our plans.”

    Ms Gillard said she was ”determined” to oversee the rollout of the NDIS and to make sure that all the states embraced the scheme – a pointed remark aimed at Queensland and Western Australia, who are not participating in the trial stages of the $35 billion program.

    ”I want to be clear on this, there is more for everyone to do to make sure this comes (into operation) right around the nation,” she said.

    Read more:

  25. Naughty children get lumps of coal in their stockings….. Cu ….. not potato(e)s … lol …. Tonys gunna get another lump this chrissy….again…… 😳 …those lumps must be taxing on him as each Xmas goes by 😦 …….. and where is he going to store all those lumps of crap…bury it 😕 ?????

  26. If MsDullard thought she could win an Election she would go at any time regardless
    of prior commitments. She is loose with that – truth and commitment.
    Just wait and see what Santa brings us in 2013.
    Somehow Dullards chances of moving back into the refirbed ‘Lodge’ seem to diminish.
    Has anyone seen what odds the bookies are offering.
    They are certainly smarter than the Politicians and better than the Polls.

  27. Cu, Same effect/affect I gather 😉 ….. wonder if they consider their behaviour as they look at the stockings hanging there this xmas, mm, 😉

  28. It was nice not having our visitors around, No derogatory talk or name calling. Wonder what fun voyager gets calling people names.

    It is a shame that he does not have the imagination to come up with some of his own, or at least some new ones. Getting a little boring.

    The dullard will be around long after the one trick Tony has hit the dust.

    Wonder what voyager is thinking, he is achieving.

  29. Hey C whisperers –
    just checked the odds and with the confidence levels you continually show have a go.
    Centrebet Odds
    ALP $3.95
    Coalition $1.24
    Not much into gambling but these are absolutely amazingly good odds for you
    all so confident ones. The more you put on the more you will win, could be a
    pathway to early Retirement. ( and these are genuine tax free dollars).
    Just remember Gamble responsibly!

  30. Lovo, I think it will not only be stockings that are hanging in LNP households this Christmas, I’d imagine their will be a few heads hanging, a few jaws hanging, a few jobs hanging (in the balance) and the sword of Damocles hanging over a few heads, and a lot of lefties hanging out for the new year and the LNP bloodletting.

    Cheers 😀 😀 😀

  31. Migs, “Voyager @ 10:18. Think about it. With odds like those why would a government call an election?” ….umm, to make money….. remember landline polls are not a polls arsehole, especially from the MSM …. i.e. claytons…… Labor membership up… LP down and the N becoming very agrarian as CC penetrates their collective.. ‘expletives’,… Barnaby the exception…. but he’s a ‘bought and paid for..’ …. ‘the call’ the erection thingy is a bluff… ’cause their stuffed, and they know it… thats why they fight to ‘void’ the youth vote…. damned non-landliners…. 🙂 … the forth wanes as the fifth waxes…’mooning’ of a different clime… 😀

  32. Santa has come early the News Ltd reports on Tony’s Xmas pressie

    CANdo, the australian Tea Party.
    (I wonder if Cando Campbell will like it that Cory Bernardi has taken his moniker)

    A party our RWNJ visitors will rush to join. Flint, Jones, Michael Smith, the leading thinkers and I will be hoping to see if enjoying a bit of the cane is part of the application form. Sounds like a “boys own club” the type they enjoy every other weekend.

    “Another crucial issue is corporal punishment in schools. “There was that case in Sydney recently where some poor lady was knocked out of a motorised wheelchair. They were said to be boys. They could do with a few strokes of the rattan (Singaporean cane),” he said. “I received a few strokes when I talked out of turn in Singapore. You didn’t step out of line again.”

  33. Voyager

    Howard called an election in 1998 which should have been in 1999 to take advantage of the political climate at the time, are you going to name call and belittle him for doing that in 1998 or is your memory failing ?

  34. Menzies also did the same, putting the houses out of synch. Took a few elections to get them back again.

    All that Abbott offers is years of political instability, that is if he keeps his word.

    Personally, I do not believe Abbott will keep his word, as the effort would take too much work, and he would have to stay focused.

    Stunts are his thing. Has not shown an ability for anything else.

  35. The CANdo organisation was a result of a private meeting at a conference in Sydney, late September 2010.

    By end of October the organisation was formed and had over two thousand real members. Looks like they are ready to take on getUP.

    That bloody Jones is a stalker…Galileo, the Convoy, the anti CSG movement and now CANdo!

  36. It is the natural benifit and advantage of Incumbency ie to call an Election when
    you so desire. Has been used bo both Parties in the past and will continue.
    There is a strong arguement for ‘Fixed Terms’
    Still for those CWs – $3.95 on ALP to win are very very generous odds.
    Puts a totally new perspective on things and should be a wake up call to CWs.
    When do bookies loose ? Never !

  37. From Sue’s cando link

    CANdo, a group created by Liberal firebrand Cory Bernardi
    While unaligned to any political party


  38. Now we need the PM’s letter to Santa.

    Could start off with.”please leave Mr. Abbott there. He is a gift that keeps on giving”.

    Please Santa. I love playing with him, and his cronies.

  39. Just a bit of news regarding figures.

    Fairfax shareprice over the last 3 months has increased by 8.51% from 47c to 51c and is 45% over its lowest price of 35c.

    Ten shareprice over he last 3 months has decreased by 8.60% from 29c to 26.5c and is only 20% over its lowest price of 22c.

    Wonder what Gina thinks of her investments now. Maybe she should have a better look at Ten and her mates there, than her bitter snipes at the Fairfax team.

    One is more balanced in reporting and the other has been changed to a right wing mouthpiece. Interesting to see which one has performed worse.

    Funny how statistics like these are never reported as comparisons, but when Fairfax shares were dropping it was plastered all over the media, especially the murdoch right wing press.

  40. Don’t think Gina is too worried, if Fairfax shares crash then she will buy it out and put Bolt in charge. I can see it now…leftie journalists (cough, cough) jumping out the windows like in the Wall Street crash.

    TEN, the share price drops, the billionaire club will own the lot.

  41. Great Poem…..Truth Seeker.

    bottom of the barrel scaper…
    December 15, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

    My cockroach in the match box has never let me down

    Well they do say pets resemble their owner

    Voyer is so desperate he is quoting centrebet odds…. that summs up his political knowlege. 🙂

  42. GetUp has 624,125 members… whats the betting CanDo Can’tDo that … 😀
    CanDo-ers and Voyager types, such odd little fellows…. Australia’s doing really well and they can’t see it…. ideologically blind…… and Anal is ‘the’ patron..says it all really 😆

  43. GetUP does not have that many members, anyone that signs a petition gets put on their data base and are called members.

    Apparently, I am a member because I signed a petition on Interenet censorship.

    Do you know who is behind GetUP?

  44. A PROUDLY conservative group that wants to be the “Australian Tea Party” will push for corporal punishment, referendums to sack bad governments and tougher refugee policy at the federal election.

    CANdo, a group created by Liberal firebrand Cory Bernardi and loosely modelled on the right-wing faction of the US Republican Party, also claims gay marriage could lead to Muslim polygamy.

    CANdo is run by chairman David Flint, former Australian Broadcasting Authority chair and leading monarchist, and Jai Martinkovits, who also runs Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy.

    Professor Flint said CANdo wants a referendum on gay marriage and defended Senator Bernardi over recent comments suggesting it might lead to bestiality……..

    Something nice to look forwarded to.

  45. So they want to set a a star chamber to usurp the role of law. They want to discard the separation of powers. Wonder if they realize, this can be used against both sides.

    ………….Broadcaster Alan Jones and businessman Hugh Morgan are patrons of CANdo, which wants controversial ex-2UE host Michael Smith appointed managing director of the ABC, and the creation of grand juries to investigate alleged MP misconduct………………

  46. CU, we are running out of time, but I’ll have a think about it. 😉

    Rickey, thanks for that, I appreciate your feedback, and love the line “Well they do say pets resemble their owner”.

    My mate has a photo of me holding our Schnauzer, to proved that very point. 😆

    The bastard! 😀 Still I’d rather look like a Schnauzer than a cockroach. 😆

    Cheers 😀

  47. Gee, Jones seems to think government is about his needs.

    I suspect the couple of alleged broken promises that the PM is supposed to have made, would be cleared in any inquiry, of any nature.

    No inquiry of any substance can keep out inconvenient facts.

    ……Jones said CANdo aimed to lobby the federal government to establish an elected convention to draft referendum questions designed to increase government accountability.

    “We need a similar referendum today on the subject of greater government accountability on border protection (and) uncontrolled mining,” Jones said. “Governments need to be held accountable for their promises…….

  48. Scraps, “Do you know who is behind GetUP?”….. by the way Dorothy ‘Scaper’ Dix.. theres this ‘newish’ thingy called Google……. 😉

    GetUp was founded in 2005 by Jeremy Heimans and David Madden, two young Australian graduates of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government who have worked at the intersection of technology, new media and politics in the United States. David and Jeremy are now co-founders of, a new global online political community inspired by the success of GetUp and the US group

    GetUp has a board that advises the staff. The board includes GetUp’s co-founders David Madden and Jeremy Heimans, community organiser Amanda Tattersall, the founder of Rural Australians for Refugees Anne Coombs, Indigneous policy expert, Sarah Maddison and former Executive Director Brett Solomon.

    Scaper, I thank you for your question, … Do you think it may be some sort of conspiracy and if so … why and how should ‘it’ be stopped.
    For further reading try this site……. 😀

  49. So, cando started by Liberal firebrand Cory Bernardi

    GetUp founded by two young Australian graduates of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government

    Yea, both as ‘non-political’ as each other 😉

  50. el gordp. I do not believe it fits in your plan, of setting up a homeland in the desert.

    Seem to remember, it was more like welcoming the people to their towns, using the skills they bring with them..

  51. I asked who is behind getUP

    er, the guys who started it are definitely behind it scaper. Perhaps be a little more specific in your query 😉

    Are you speaking funding?

  52. ‘I do not believe it fits in your plan, of setting up a homeland in the desert.’

    Yeah, just bleeding hearts from earlier this century.

  53. LOVO, Liealot will cop a semi-load of coal from Clive, Gina and Twiggy, I reckon. All those promises and no delivery.

    Flint, Jones, Michael Smith, the leading thinkers……

    Now there’s a contradiction in terms if ever I saw one, Sue. 😆

    CANdo is run by chairman David Flint, former Australian Broadcasting Authority chair and leading monarchist,

    ….complete wanker and chief Anal Jones arse licker.

  54. Read somewhere, that Ms. Rhinhart will no longer be the richest woman in the world, in the new list due next year. Easy come, easy go.

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  56. El Gordo

    The fairfax shares have dropped since that announcement. I suggest you check the share graph for the last 3 months, it has been a gradual climb, nothing to do with the announced sale unless there is insider trading.

  57. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA are gloating about the fact the LNP and Ashby have “succeeded” in their evil little plot to discredit the Government.

    They are gloating about the fact that, not only have they ruined a man’s career, they have also destroyed a man’s “character”.

    What a wonderful result that must seem — to have so successfully slandered and defamed another person? To have driven him and his family to the brink?

    This person, Peter Slipper, was a man the LNP themselves had endorsed in the Fisher electorate for decades. And he was a man to be ruined by someone who couldn’t have been a more trusted ally; who had pride of place at Slipper’s wedding — though he turned up 20 minutes late, delaying the service and leaving the bride in tears.

  58. ………………….Kieran has proven, by analyzing the meta-data from Abbott’s APH email stream, that Abbott’s Ashby media release was, in fact, written the night before Ashby submitted his court action.

    So, Abbott knew all about the Ashby conspiracy — to lay low his old mate.

    That is the definition of scum.

    His denial of specific knowledge sank further into implausibility when Opposition Chief Whip Warren Entsch confirmed today that he rang Abbott the night before Ashby submitted his claim against Slipper. And how did Entsch know Ashby’s case was about to break in the press? Well, IA can reveal that we have discovered through our investigations that Entsch and Mal Brough are very old friends — much like Slipper and Abbott. But, more specifically, Entsch’s staffer Suzanne Newbury’s husband, James Newbury, is none other than Christopher Pyne’s chief of staff.

    Christopher Pyne is the one who, apparently, can’t recall sending emails requesting Ashby’s phone number and personal email — but after being shown by a journalist the email he actually did send James Ashby, he changed his story, agreed it happened and then said “so what?”. Then, when it was shown that Pyne has met Ashby on numerous occasions in the lead up to Ashby launching his spurious claim against Slipper — Pyne denied any knowledge of the pending action.

  59. CU, The thot plickens…… surely not! 😯

    They really are lying slimy scum, as I have said in a number of my poems… there are no friends in the LNP, and Ashby needs to watch his back co he could well be next… 😆 😆 😆

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