Politically speaking, Australia kicks America’s ass

I had pleasure in posting Politically Speaking, Australia Kicks America’s Ass, originally written for vegasjessie.com by an Australian, Derek Wood of Sydney. Vegasjessie.com is an American blog site that promotes the same issues as Café Whispers, albeit at a local level. A link to vegasjessie can be located under Global Sites below our Blogroll. It is an informative site for those interested in the grass roots machinations of the American way of life. In particular, the American passion for those ‘taboo’ subjects, politics and religion are articulately expressed by blogmaster Jessie.

I found Politically Speaking, Australia Kicks America’s Ass a very interesting read which I hope you enjoy as much as I did. I learned something from it and I look forward to hearing what you may have learned too, as would Jessie.


Another guest blog by Derek Wood, a resident of Sydney, NSW, Australia.  Follow him on twitter @Main_Man. 

As a country Australia is very similar to the US.  Both have historical British influences, geographically they are large countries, English is the main language albeit with some idiosyncrasies and, more importantly, both countries have been built on the back of migration and multiculturalism.

Despite this, politically there are a number of differences.  I should point out that Australia’s population of 21.5 million is extremely small when compared to 311 million in the US.  This can obviously make a difference when it comes to political observations and activities. In America, presidential campaigns cost a large amount of money.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are raised by both the Republicans and Democrats.  This, in turn, is used to publicise the policies and candidates of both parties with a view to gaining your vote.  I have…

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