Tony Abbott’s Christmas Do

There’s only one thing better than a laugh and that’s a laugh at Tony Abbott’s expense. A popular blogger here who goes by the name of Truth Seeker has kindly provided us one with his poem titled Tony Abbott’s Christmas Do.

Let’s face it, the political environment has been fairly tense of late as has the political blogging environment, and we lefties are due for a bit of lightheartedness. Those of the right may feel the need to continue to with their angst and hence I hope this poem makes your blood boil just a little more. Of course, you are also free to ignore it.

But the rest of us will enjoy every word.

Here’s Truth Seeker’s piece of entertaining prose:

The Abbott invitations… were all posted out

For the big… Christmas party… he’d planned

It’s to be… fancy dress… with no particular.. theme

Except all… normal clothing… was banned

The only stipulation.. for attending the Do was

That only.. the radical right.. were allowed

With Little.. Johnny Howard… the man of the minute

Feeling pumped up… and ever so proud


He‘s been asked..  to be.. Tones guest of honour

Although honour’s.. not really.. his strength

As he once taught the Abbott.. that to win in this game

You must be driven… and go…. to any length

To lie… and cheat… are the tools of… the trade.

To be used….. by a Liberal….. politician

Using economic sleight of hand… to distract… from his stand

On mad ideologies… like some manic.. magician


So the Abbott… the host… with the least… not the most

Dressed up… in the role of…  Santa Clause

But the role didn’t work… cos the Abbott’s a jerk

Delivering presents.. through all the wrong doors

But he practiced his lines.. for appropriate times

With the heartiest of…. HO.. HO.. HO… HOs

But to his great chagrin… he was so full of spin

That they always came out.. NO… NO… NOs


The Cathedral was booked.. and the figures were cooked

So they could… claim it all back… on their tax

A shelf company was bought.. just in case they got caught

Playing fast… loose  and rough… with the facts

George Pell’s.. his MC…. For the Christmas party

Coming dressed… as a Pope… on a rope

Cos the Abbott you see… wants him tied to the tree

To protect all his presents…… the dope!


With Pyne on the door… checking invites galore

And his mate Ashby …. there by his side

For this night.. all was good.. as he reflectively stood

Wagging his… long fluffy tail… with such.. pride

With his eyes.. all aglow.. and his chest puffed.. for show

And.. by his side… dummies packed… in a pail

But his mate seemed unimpressed.. as he was totally obsessed

By the vision… of the poodles… wagging tail


The bouncer was Joe…..cos a punch he could throw

With his size.. and his…. “I’ll hurt you”… pout

And it’s his leaders big show… so he couldn’t say no

Or the Abbott…. would knock him…… right out

So dressed up as Fred Flintstone.. complete with a big bone

He wandered round…. looking for… strife

But.. when he stepped in… people just gave a grin

As irrelevance …. is sloppy Joe’s… life


The Bishop waltzed in…. with her usual spin

And a smile… plastered over… her face

On the door… Chris was shocked…. And.. went off half cocked

Cos the smile… just looked so… out of place

But she gave him a pat… and said… stop doing that

I need practice… to get… the look… fine

For the time when the Abbott… gets cooked like a rabbit

And the keys… to his office… are mine


Lucrezia Borgia….. Pope Alexanders… Daughter

Was the costume…. she’d chosen… to sport

An ill repute girl.. who’d give anything.. a whirl

For political….. advantage… to court

With parallels clear… to the bird standing here

And the rest… of her party… as well

For the Borgia’s and Libs… both used stabbings and fibs

And are tainted… by the same.. corruption… smell


Malcolm Turnbull snuck in… on the strength of his spin

Saying… his invite.. got lost… in the mail

And… Ashby said sure… guiding him through the door

While the poodle.. looked round.. for his pail

“What are you doing”.. he cried… “that damned tree hugger lied

It’s only… for us…. rabid right”

But Ashby just smiled… making Pyne.. feel defiled

Ashby knows… Pyne’s.. bark’s.. worse…. than his bite


So with Turnbull inside…. and along for the ride

In the costume.. of.. Alexander.. G Bell

The irony was missed.. by the minister.. still pissed

Dealing with… the portfolio…. from hell

Telling lies to appease.. the Libs.. leadership sleaze

About a system.. he really believes in

With Bell.. turning in his grave.. over Turnbull the knave

And his.. mendaciously bad… NBN spin


Little Johnny was late… cos he just had to wait

For the right time.. to make… his arrival

A lesson he learnt… trying not to get burnt

When it comes… to political.. survival

His entrance was planned…. to be the most grand

Dressed as Lazarus.. brought back… from the dead

But the problem he had… was the costume was bad.. Like

Wee Willy Winkey…. Just got out of bed.


His night-shirt was long… and the decay smell was strong

From old policies….. festering.. away

It was a smell you could tell… that would linger quite well

Cos they’re all…. well past.. their… used by day

He stopped beside Tones… who was thinking of bones

He could point… at the Ranga… usurper

He’d tried all that he had….. being deceitful and bad

But nothing…. he threw seemed to…. hurt her


But his presents were stacked… as his guests… stood and clapped

And he got himself… set for the start

Introduced by George Pell… who was ringing his bell

Abbott let go…. a massive.. brain fart

But the crowd didn’t care… because they were just there

To support him… whatever… he said

Cos they knew in their hearts… support Abbotts brain farts

Or risk… a quick punch… to the head


So the party got going… with the alcohol.. flowing

To wash… Annus …. Horribilis …  away

At the sound of Pell’s  chime… it was party trick time

And Costello… stepped into… the fray

Dressed up as a clown… juggling books up and down

With a technique… that’s shonky… for sure

While some fans applauded him.. some smart arse cried.. audit him

And his books promptly crashed to the floor


Eric Abetz was quite jumpy… as the dwarf that was… grumpy

And his old mate… George Brandis was there

With a costume of fur  that seemed very obscure

Looking something like… Poo.. minus… Bear

But they both took the stage… and in spite of their age

They attempted…. an athletic… rendition

Of the rise…. of the right… to a dizzying height

But collapsed…. like a dysfunctional…. coalition


Then Sophie the Hun… dressed up like a nun

Stepped up to the stage… for her spell

But her habit dropped free… revealing more than just knee

As she started… a lap dance… on Pell

Burlesque was her theme… shocking her front bench team

Sending Pyne.. to his pail… for a dummy

Which he spat… with all might.. at the terrible sight

Hitting… Barnaby Joyce… in the tummy


Now Barnaby’s dream… was to diffuse the scene

With his own party trick… fire breathing

So with metho in gob.. he felt up to the job

But misjudged… the amount of Pynes….. seething

And the dummy hit hard.. spraying fire a yard

Where it caught on the presents… and tree

And pandemonium broke out.. as up went a shout

And the Liberals… all blamed… Barnaby


Now the heat of the fire.. rose up through the spire

Till the star… at the top… started glowing

And the media’s night…  was made up.. by the sight

And the sign.. that Devine blessings.. were flowing

And they all went away.. to prepare.. headlines next day

Stating… ‘Abbott’s big bash…. a success’

Knowing naught of the fire… or the heat in the spire

Or the truth… of the un-Godly… mess


Now the fire burnt out…  helped by Johnny’s water spout

And a lot of hot air from Joe Hockey

Who was left to clean up… with the mendacious pup

And Ashby who was… somewhat less cocky

And it ceased being fun… so they called the night done

Hoping.. there’d be… no political…. cost

And the Abbott reflected.. feeling somewhat dejected

On his pressies… and the tree… that was lost


And his guests all went home… leaving Tony alone

To reflect… on the state… of his party

With his policy lack…. and Miss Gillard… fighting back

And his brain… being nothing but…. Farty

But it’s his…. right to rule… and he knows he’s no fool

So he just… has to stick… to his guns

And he can still sink their ship…  being no ice berg…  all tip

Cos the media… will still score him… the runs


So he’ll continue his stand… with his head in the sand

And repressing….. his misogyny… he’ll try

To continue the battle…. With the ALP cattle

And the cow… that won’t…. lay down and die

And poll numbers won’t matter.. when the ALP scatter

And he’ll claim his right spot.. as the king of the lot

And he’ll make them all pay.. with his grand power play

And he knows his best chance… is to continue the dance

In his own… little pugilist…. Way

He’ll delight in the fight…. and he’ll fight…. for the Right

Cos after Christmas…… comes…….… Boxing Day!


200 comments on “Tony Abbott’s Christmas Do

  1. Great Work truth Seeker 🙂 I suspect its more of a Christmas Don’t than Do though.remember if you break it you pay for it….:-) 🙂 🙂

  2. Wish I could write ‘Pomes’ like that T/S. What a good giggle, just hope that it annoys the crap out of the right wing nuts. LOL

  3. Ricky, thanks for your feedback, it means a lot. 😀
    Yes i agree, unfortunately the LNP don’t, as they always stuff up and then leave it to us to pay for it, but we should be eternally grateful that they were not in charge when the GFC hit, or we would be paying for that stuff up for decades!

    Sandra, thank you for your kind words, and I am so glad that you got a giggle out of it. 😀
    Unfortunately the right wing nuts don’t seem to get poetry, I think it that maybe they take themselves way too seriously.
    At least us on the left can have a giggle at ourselves at times, but as Migs said its even better to have a laugh at Abbotts expense. 😆 😆

    Cheers :grin 😀

  4. Patricia, That was always going to be the punchline, as I really wanted to emphasise the puerile and superficial mindset that drives the Abbott.
    Along with a few subtle pointers along the way.

    Thanks again for all of your support.

    Cheers 😀

  5. I do not believe that Xmas party will be a glorious and happy occasion. Many will be drowning their sorrow’s in the free grog. Wonder who is paying for it.

  6. TS, you are wrong, Pyne loves quoting Shakespeare and other ancient writings.

    Seems to believe himself to be very good at it. Much say, have not heard much from him lately.

    Maybe someone has pointer out he is a lousy actor.

    The PM did say yesterday, his acting was a little off, or words to that effect.

    TS, you are correct, I have never heard any personal poems or verse from him, only repeating the words of others.

    Come to think of it, that is what is wrong with this week, nothing new or original. Just allegations. slurs and innuendo of others.

  7. There’s only one thing better than a laugh and that’s a laugh at Gillard’s expense. Truth Seeker has kindly provided us with a Truthseekers doggy do, the do that comes back in ones face…

    Today in the news:
    “JULIA Gillard admitted during a secret internal probe to writing to a government department to help overcome its objections to the creation of an association for her then boyfriend and client, union official Bruce Wilson. The revelation, contained in a document released today after 17 years, comes after days of stonewalling by the Prime Minister, including in parliament, on the question of whether she had personally vouched for the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association.

    The document, a record of interview between Ms Gillard and her law firm, Slater & Gordon, in September 1995, reveals the association was initially regarded as ineligible because of its “trade union” status.

    Ms Gillard overcame the obstacle by writing to the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs in Western Australia in 1992 and arguing that the decision to bar it should be reversed.

    Ms Gillard also wrote the association’s rules, which emphasised worker safety but made no mention of its true purpose of funding the elections of union officials.


    Pair come clean on dirty money

    Combet questions Bishop’s morality

    Young Gillard answers the boss

    The document reveals she “cut and pasted” some of the rules from her earlier personal work incorporating the controversial Socialist Forum, which she helped found at Melbourne University in the 1980s.

    Ms Gillard has admitted providing legal advice to help Mr Wilson and his union colleague Ralph Blewitt set up the association, which was later used by the two men to defraud hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    The Prime Minister later described the association as a “slush fund” for the re-election of union officials, but she has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, saying she had no knowledge of the workings of the association.

    But Opposition Leader Tony Abbott claimed Ms Gillard may have broken the law in arguing the case for the association to be incorporated.

    “Plainly on the basis of the documentary evidence of the unredacted (Slater & Gordon exit interview) transcript, she gave false information to the West Australian authorities,” Mr Abbott told the Nine Network this morning.”

  8. Cu, my reference “To wash… Annus …. Horribilis … away” was to make just that point, and I am also sure that they will be claiming it on their tax, so indirectly we will be paying for it.

    My reference to right wing nuts was prompted by Sandra’s reply, and I took it wrt the right wing nuts that frequent this site.

    But wrt pyne and others in the LNP, you are absolutely right, they do not seem to have the ability to have an original thought, which btw, is also true for the trolls that support them. Sad 😦

    Cheers 😀

  9. “So he’ll continue his stand… with his head in the sand
    And repressing….. his misogyny… he’ll try
    To continue the battle…. With the ALP cattle
    and the cow… that won’t…. lay down and die”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! This Truthful analogy has made my day…Labor cows belching and farting platitudes and spin while the structure of their once great party crumbles.

  10. Tree troll, comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it?

    Really really sad… 😦 😦 😦

    Here’s a thought…. instead of taking mine out of context, very badly I might add, try writing your own…. that should be good for a laugh.

    Nyaaaaahahahahahaha 😆 😆 😆

  11. To see Treeman croak Hear Hear! just write something right wing, then without the merest thought or inspection out croaks Hear Hear!

    Right wing bullshit. Hear Hear!
    el gordo bullshit. Hear Hear!
    scaper bullshit. Hear Hear!
    Bolt bullshit. Hear Hear!
    Watts bullshit. Hear Hear!
    Abbott bullshit (and there’s an enormous amount of it). Hear Hear!

    …you get the picture.

  12. You are very clever with words, Truth Seeker. I reckon your imagination must be out of control at times. 😉

  13. I read Bolt in the Daily Telegraph this morning. If Treeman wants to read some absolute bullshit I recommend it to him. He makes Truth Seeker appear sane, and that wouldn’t be easy. :mrgreen:

  14. Roswell, after reflection, I feel in my own defence I should clarify

    Firstly “I did nothing wrong”, sorry I couldn’t help myself, but it’s true. 😉

    Secondly, I do write fantasy, but the main difference between what I write and what those like Bolt and in fact Tree troll write, is that I know mine is fantasy, and yes my imagination does push the boundaries at times, but I am in complete control of my sanity or lack thereof, whereas those aforementioned trolls seemingly live their fantasies and have no control whatsoever.

    So I reject that smear completely. 😉

    Cheers 😆 😆 😆

  15. You think it funny the perilous state of The Current Australian Labor Government.
    It is time for some soul searching because history tells a lot.
    Ms Gillard your History quite frankly is horrible. You are so stupidly naive
    it worries us greatly you are our present Prime Minister.
    Labor politicians must be saying – ‘How much worse can it get? ‘
    Their survival is totally at risk next election.
    What an interesting 2013 we have .
    Maybe the year called ‘Jullias Ashes’

  16. Cu, our PM won the day, because if Abbott was charged with defaming our PM, his lack of evidence would be looked on by a court of law as Proof positive that he did.

    The nutjob has got nothing!

    Roswell, I was watching QT, and wanted to reply with a topical response reflecting the craziness that was being displayed by the Nopposition.

    The smileys should have given me away..

    Cheers 😀 😆

  17. Wonder who would be staying along to listen. Sure most will be heading for the TV to see what the journos have to say.

  18. My god just how delusional do they get?

    Will face up here and say you were wrong and Gillard isn’t stupidly naive when it all goes pear shaped for the opposition and Ms. Bishop, who by the way has had far worse boyfriends than Gillard, is consigned to the scape goats of history?

    Of course you won’t. Like in the past you’ll crawl back to a dank hole to come out at the next falsehood and baseless attack never for a moment admitting poor judgement and error.

  19. Why does he sound so desperate?

    As usual,he is all over the place. Waiting for the reply. Should be interesting.

  20. Has anyone noticed, that when Abbott speaks he moves his hands up and down but he makes a tight fist with his hands. Sometime, like Christ, he spreads his arms wide, with the palms facing towards the front, like little children come to me. Just a bit of nothing.

  21. “Miss Gillard……..fighting back…”

    Lots of richer rhymes and lines here, but today those few words are the most apposite. What a great fighter she is! Able to keep her head too and focus on constructive things as well. That’s what we need in a PM. Someone who can walk from a crisis into a routine event and focus on the now. Think of it – almost two decades of untrue rumors and what a deep seated sense of injustice that could have engendered. Yes, she was angry, but still far more lucid in that debate than Abbott. Then she was able to turn to other affairs of state, while he stayed bogged down in this one scandal. We are in good hands.

    PS Truth Seeker, you didn’t take full credit for the brilliance of your Boxing Day punch line at the end of this tale about our pugilist LOTO. Holding it and weaving it into the very last line, the punch line, like that takes a lot of discipline. Well done.

  22. PM back, making a speech one would expect at the end of the year, Do not know if Abbott gets another go,

  23. :far worse boyfriends than Gillard, is consigned to the scape goats of history?”

    Was not steel bar Tuckey one.

  24. Most appropriate in the context of poetry and prose…


    A chill wind blew down from the Brindabellum Mountains and over Capittaline Hill as footsteps echoed across the Forum in the pale light of the long-awaited dawn. Wrapping her cloak tightly around her, Julia Caesar shivered. How had it all gone so horribly wrong?

    She gazed up at the statue of her illustrious predecessor, Bennelongus Imperium. Relaxum and Comfortabilis was his motto. How ordinary these words now looked, etched in stone and covered in bird poop. Yet, she now realized, they possibly represented the greatest triumph any leader could achieve.

    Passing the vomitorium, she could hear squeals of delight and faint laughter intermingled with sounds of dry-retching and puking. No doubt, she thought to herself, Slipperius was down there in his black toga regurgitating his cab charges.

    Where on earth, she wondered, did he go on all those long journeys? And what debauchery went on in the back of those chariots that had so depleted the imperial coffers?

    Swiftly walking past the Unionatis Hospitalis, she shuddered at the thought of her favoured son, the handsome Dobellius, taking tithes off the lowly slaves who toiled to clean soiled bed-sheets while he cavorted in the Via Bordello.

    She turned abruptly, certain she could hear someone following her. Treachery and subterfuge swirled around her, clothed in darkness. Her enemies were everywhere, plotting, waiting for the right moment to strike.

    But she knew she could defeat them all, she was certain of that. ” They may have knives”, she thought to herself, “but they are as nothing compared to my formidable political skills, my acute sense of timing, my renowned judgment, my phenomenal ability to communicate with the masses and my mesmerising vocal skills.” Her enemies didn’t stand a chance!*****

    But still, that nagging feeling kept creeping back: where on earth was Kevino Septimus?

    One by one she mentally ticked off her foes. There was Minimus Shortus, the diminutive former slavemaster who had recently taken to mocking her in the Forum. “Whatever the Empress says, I support” he had proclaimed to roars of laughter from the crowds, “even though I have no idea what it is she said.”

    More cunning was Praaetor Smith, with his cash-starved armies outside the city walls in the Fields of Duntroon. For 18 months he had patiently waited for the moment to strike, like an adder in the grass.

    And what of Senator Carcero, the great orator with the booming voice, who as tribune of Nova South Walesium had razed it to the ground with his Punic land tax while entertaining the proletariat with extravagant Games in his specially built colosseum?

    How smart had it been to let him back into the Senate? Had his ambitions been sated? Still on travels to distant lands, imposing Roman law on the Fijians, she was relieved she had sent him far away.

    She turned to look at the foundation stones of the Basilica Juia, where her statue was being built, a magnificent testimony to her legacy, emblazed with her own epithet: Nos sunt nobis: we are us. It would be the largest statue in Rome. After all, wasn’t her most towering achievement, the introduction of the Carbonara Tax, a 23 dinar levy on all pasta production, a triumphant political victory that future generations would honour her for?

    Most dangerous of all, she knew, were those closest to her. Such as Quastor Waynium Swannus, the man she trusted more than any other with the regulation of marketplaces. His day of glory was fast approaching, when he would trick the plebeians by showering them with surplus bread and treasure. She felt an icy chill run down her spine. Somehow, she couldn’t help thinking, whenever a leader was overthrown it was he who was always left standing.

    Or Gregorius Combatus? A soldier of fortune who’d made his name all those years ago, fighting injustice among the patrician galley-owners. He was now chief priest of the goddess Gaia, a powerful position from whence he could scrutinise the entrails. What had they really told him about her future? Even old Creaanus, could she really trust him?*****

    She stopped to listen, certain someone was close by. She froze as she heard the serpentine hiss of steel being drawn from leather. “Julia!” a voice whispered behind her. She spun around and couldn’t believe her eye. “You?” she said. “What on earth are you…? But already it was too late.

    Rowan Dean, who wrote this brilliant piece, is an Australian Financial Review columnist

  25. Thanks tree for taking us further back into the past. What is is about you lot, that you cannot stand the present, and fear the future. Beside that criticism, find the language and wit above my comprehension. I have little idea of what you are on about.

  26. I noticed when Tony gave his xmas speech, most of his front bench had gone missing. Mirabella, Dutton but neither of the Bishops, nor Hockey, Pyne or Turnbull.

  27. Once he was in the ring, he couldn’t bring himself to utter the word ”crime”. He couldn’t produce the evidence that crime had occurred. His jabs were all about ”unethical” and ”untrustworthy” and his haymakers were wild swings about being ”party to the creation of a slush fund.” The audience had heard and seen it all before, and even those who had worked out the mind-spinning detail of the 20-year-old footwork seemed unmoved.

    Glory be, Abbott was reduced to accusing Gillard of ”conduct unbecoming”. In cage fighting terms, it was close to throwing in the towel.

    Cage-side, Gillard’s lips curled into a knowing smile. She knew a technical knock-out was on the cards.

    The challenger had relied on the morning’s papers, and in the intervening hours, they’d recanted on a technicality, robbing the challenger of the belief in the power of his walloper.

    Gillard stuck in the boot. After months of smear and sleaze, she cried, this is all you’ve got? Why, all we’d seen was a ”halting, nervous and ultimately contentless performance”.

    All the stuff about criminal behaviour? ”We’ve seen this movie before,” crowed Gillard. Yes, the Godwin Grech affair: over-reach and a belief in evidence that turned out to be a mirage, leading to another contender,Malcolm Utegate Turnbull, coming a gutser.

    Now Abbott had accused another Prime Minister of a crime without evidence and based on a false report.
    After 15 minutes of free punches, what was Bruiser Abbott’s worst roundhouse, demanded Gillard? ”Conduct unbecoming”. Haw.

    The slush fund? The West Australian Commissioner for Corporate Affairs had asked whether it was a trade union, and had been told it wasn’t a trade union. Which it wasn’t. End of story.

    Gillard may as well have pointed out that Abbott had been tripping on his own shoelaces. She, on the other hand, had been careful to knot hers tight for months now, and she wasn’t about to admit they’d been loose years ago.

    A decent man, she said, would have admitted he was outclassed, outflanked and out of breath and apologised.

    But Abbott ”wasn’t a decent man”, and he couldn’t be relied upon, out of the ring, to formulate anything approaching a policy based on facts.

    In the end, you could just about hear the audience crying ”enough”. If you attend a cage fight, there’s supposed to be blood. Not this time, and it was the last bout of the season.

  28. Sue, I felt that Mirabella enjoyed the opportunity, not been push down to the end of the row. out of sight. To get attention there, the lady has to yell and shout.

  29. I thought when a leader was speaking the party was obliged to attend, it would be interesting to know what happened.

  30. Was not steel bar Tuckey one.

    Yes Cu, but look up Lightfoot and read what a racist piece of work he was. The Liberal party disowned him so he joined One Nation and still Bishop didn’t drop him.

    At least Gillard had the good sense to drop Wilson the moment she found out he was a crook.

  31. I was guilty of dissent towards the Howard Government. El Gordo, I’m sure there’d be a lot more dissent around here if we were to have an Abbott Government. That should please you, all the dissent that is.

  32. Oh my Treeman reduced to a large copy and paste of an old piece of meaningless nonsense when this morning it was all bravado about the imminent fall of Gillard.

    What gormless fools they be that jump on every scam and falsehood with a “Hear Hear!” and espousing hearty glee at “giving it to us”, only to come with empty hands, and empty minds, to be left with posting old disparagements that are as substantive as a dust mote in a sand storm.

  33. Letter from the PM to Greg Hywood, thanks to Jason at TPS. He and Baker may have to put up or apologise. I think the gloves are off now and she’ll be going for the jugular. She’s been patient for too long with these sleaze bags.

    I hope she sues the @rse off the buggers and will now bring in extremely stringent laws governing media ownership and truth in reporting.…/…r-to-Hywood.pdf

  34. And in the end Gillard’s one crime was that for a very short time she went out with a bloke who turned out to be a crook, who she dropped the moment she discovered he was a crook.

    And in the end Bishop’s multiple crimes were to go out with a raving racist who she stayed with even when he was disowned by her party, and to deliberately delay the hearing of cases for those dying in the hope they would die so her client would not have to pay out, for being front and centre in a party that has lost all morals and decency, and her biggest crime was to do Abbott’s lying dirty work through Credlin.

    Gillard will remain.

    Bishop if she doesn’t go will become politically neutered and useless.

  35. The best bit Jane was that Abbott had relied on Baker’s defamatory article when he shot his mouth off this morning. As Gillard said to Abbott and all those sitting in the Opposition benches, Fairfax had already amended Baker’s opinion piece, by the time QT started.
    and Merry Xmas to all

  36. ‘That should please you, all the dissent that is.’

    Many years of fun await us.

    Baccy…nobody cares what links I put up or not, but if you are genuinely interested just ask.

  37. Oh and just in case any of the Libs think Turnbull is a goer, well today she reminded them about Utegate. So Abbott and Turnbull are the bobbsy twins or plain old dumb and dumber

  38. Now, last week, I was told I was fool and must more, because I predicted that we would be at this point today, that the PM had too and would put the matter to bed. That there is nothing in the allegations being made.

    That Abbott was over reaching, and would be better to pull back.

    Even after all that has occurred this week, we have some on the Drum saying this will hurt the PM and it will come back next year.

    I suspect it was dropped 17 years ago, because there was not much to be found.

    Now many matters has this Opposition managed to pull police into the political flay, now in three states.

    What is notable, not one of these many police investigations have revealed any results.

  39. CU
    the Drum had an ex-liberal adviser, a journo from the tele, and a smh saturday editor, who said she wasn’t aware of the issues surrounding fairfax, as she was concerned with other stories.

    so she goes on the Drum , the big story is the Baker allegations and Abbott calling the PM a crook. and she wasn’t aware of the issues?

    I tuned out after that

  40. What is notable, not one of these many police investigations have revealed any results.

    The reason for that is simple, there is nothing to reveal.

    From the very start this was all about smear based on another Godwin Grech moment but with Nowicki behind it all.

    The tooless Liberals yet again underestimated Gillard and thought she would come out in a bluster that they could beat down with falsehoods, then the smear would stick. She did nothing of the kind, and as she has always had she had their full measure, especially that of Abbott who she has always slapped down in parliament from their very first encounter.

  41. The next nooze poll should give us a better picture of how they are travelling.

    El gordo, you post that same comment every month. 🙄

  42. The PM came for a fight, they just showed up with their little plastic buckets of mud, which appears to slop more on them than anyone else.

    Watching tabot flailing around in the ring with nothing but empty rhetoric. I got the feeling that, had she wanted, a few careers would be over by now. But, as someone else once said, I reckon they’re gonna get done slowly

    And that goes for all you punks in the press
    That want to start shit by printin’ lies instead of the things we said
    That means you

    msm and coalition

  43. What a load of shit. The next News Poll will mean nothing, and what about the other two major polls and the minor ones?

    Unless what happened to the Howard government in the last 18 months of their governance then one poll on the back of a barrage of smear and mud slinging based on lies and false allegations will prove nothing.

  44. Treeman reduced to posting irrelevant vids.

    Where’s the vid of Abbott trouncing Gillard on the final day?

    Sorry had a look but all I saw was a pretend leader of the opposition reduced to bland and nonsensical rhetoric.

    Expect to see a bigger bald patch come the new year and a new barrage of lies that the right wing zombie trolls will swallow hook line and sinker as they swallow every other right wing lie and scam.

  45. Treeman, Labor pulled that guy into line, long before the Coalition got their act in order.

    Not that I do not have some sympathy with the sentiments but never with the words.

    Then it was aimed at a lady who has said that the has no trouble with sexist comments and thought those who did, exaggerated. If we follow her comments, I believe the lady would not have taken offence.

  46. ‘What a load of shit. The next News Poll will mean nothing’

    Essential Poll has status quo before the stoush this week, so Labor backbenchers will be avidly watching for any change in electoral sentiment.

    If the mud sticks and shows in the figures, then I expect the Rudd Push to become active over the Xmas break.

    If the knives come out she would be wise to call for a March election, to steady the troops and get back in before the budget….

  47. From the link, there is no indication that they have updated their story, which might make a few redknecks wonder about what they were sprouting off about this morning.

    Or not 😉

  48. el gordo, there will be no March election.

    This is what Tony wants.

    This PM will not have it for this reason alone.

    Though why Tony wants it is beyond me. It would make his chance of DD harder.

    Also, I think it would only be the lower house, sending the housed out of sync.

    This PM plans far ahead. Also she is determent to have that surplus. There is money to be found in super rebates to the wealthy. The PM would want to make the demolisher’s job as hard as she can..To do that, the PM will not go until the latest she can.

  49. Patricia, your last comment was extremely complimentary, and certainly means a great deal to me, Thank you so much. 😀 😀

    archiearchive FCD, Thank you for your kind and generous comment, which likewise
    has made my day. 😀 😎 😀

    Although I must admit that it did take me a few days of being crook to be able to put it all together, one of the only benefits of being really sick.

    But it does keep the mind active in between coughing and trying to breathe! 🙄

    Cheers 😆 😆 😆

  50. CU @8.00

    All australians understand the cricket analogy.

    They love a gutsy performance and they also know when people have tickets on themselves and don’t deliver.

  51. Tree has gone to the back blocks to say what a good day he has had, seeing the PM flayed by Abbott, saying the PM is hardly standing.

  52. The PM said the legislation introduced today for the NDIS will be debated in May, if Abbott had been present he would have heard that. So no election in March. The PM will make sure it is as wanted and accepted as Medicare is to the Australian electorate.

  53. We seen that llok again from Mr. Abbott. The one when he siezed upo when questioned by Riley that time.

    Windsor singing the praise of Gonsksi.. Said this country has never seen anything like it. Said if you asked people if they wanted a baby bonus or Gonsksii. The answer will be Gonsksi. I believe he is right.


  54. Gonski and NDIS both issues at COAG, so the PM will get to start electioneering next week.
    Neither of those policies require reflective vests.

  55. I see again that only the lefties are posting sensible comments. Has been that way the three years I’ve been following the blogs.

    The right wings are certainly opponents of change.

  56. Sue, are you listening to Lateline and Windsor. The one voice of wisdom out of Canberra. Is being allowed to talk without being interrupted. Would advise one follow it up.


  57. According to Windsor, we are seeing some of the best policy the parliament has seen. Mentioned many more than one.

  58. Truth Seeker

    “The Abbott invitations… were all posted out

    For the big… Christmas party… he’d planned”


    And then the reality of the day hit.

  59. Cu

    No, I’ve been reading but will follow up tomorrow. Windsor and oakshott were on Capital hill, the other day and it was the best I’ve seen. I’ve seen the passion Windsor has for Gonski and he will want it delivered.

  60. Sue, the way he’s going, the real Christmas Do may be even more of a disaster than my version.

    Although Annus Horribilis pretty well sums up his year, made even worse by todays efforts.

    What a sad joke they are. 😦 😦

    Cheers 😆 😀 😆

  61. CU
    Don’t forget Carbon reduction, he has always seen the opportunities for country communities and he promotes them.

  62. Great poem/pohm TS, though it did make me somewhat Skeptical 😯 ……… of the LNP 😉 … one wonders how many/and who(m) will be wearing Chaff-bag jackets to the ‘event’………. one wonders if it will be held in a telephone box……. one wonders how confusing drawing up a Xmas card list must be for an LNP MP at this time 😀

  63. ……. one wonders how confusing drawing up a Xmas card list must be for an LP……………………..and.. N….. MP’s at this time 😆

  64. Lovo, thanks for that… 😀 … yes, after this weeks efforts, you do wonder how many from the LNP would be happy to be there, and at least Abbott, Bishop, Mirabella and Pyne all deserve a Chaff bag,,,,,, Jacket? 🙄

    And I was sceptical too once…. 😀 …. but now I just seek the truth… 😀

    Cheers 😆 😆 😆

  65. I wrote a long post & junked it becuse this is a better description of what happened today
    The Australian media fucked up big time again.
    Abbott & his crew fucked up big time again.
    Gillard masscred them all.
    They’ll hate her all the more for it.

    Listening to Tony Wright this morning intoning that tonite’s the nite for drinkies with the PM & the press, & well, Julia’s going to need all her strength for that after the day she’s going to have..
    About the only bit he got right. If I were in Gillard’s position I’d need all my strength & a bit more to put up with a bunch of creeps who smilingly hate your guts, are there to suck on free piss & who’ve already filed their stories for tomorrow saying how fucking hopeless you are. Yes, Julia’s a strong woman.

  66. I am ashamed of all of them. Spiteful, name calling little shcool brats who are doing nothing but trying to dig up dirt rather than sensible policies. The LNP, with Abbott and Co trying to claim high moral ground and creating doubt in Julia Gillards integrity by using hearsay and comments from less than desireable witnesses. The ALP claiming that Tony Abbott is a mysogonist and also trying to taint his reputation. Honestly it is a real bitch fight, from behind the toilets, at lunch time, in a high school. These absolute childish twits are an embarrassment to me as a citizen, to me as a voter and do not represent what I expect our parliament to be. Stop it now you childish, spoilt, trough snouting, public service, leeching brats and grow up and act your age. While your rusted on supporters of both sides gleefully heap bile on the other side, the swinging voter is utterly disgusted and truly would like to sack the bloody lot of you, just like you sack public servants, while forgetting you lot are the biggest public service leeches and pathetic excuses for representatives I have ever had the experience to witness. You all make me sick.

  67. ‘The right wings are certainly opponents of change.’

    Only left wing change.

    When Abbott seizes the treasury benches with a mandate to rule, he’ll bring about change.

    The only problem is the Senate and they will have to warn the electorate that a lower house victory and not the senate means we’ll return with a Double D.

  68. The Australian media fucked up big time again.
    Abbott & his crew fucked up big time again.
    Gillard masscred them all.
    They’ll hate her all the more for it.

    And she continues to. The following is in reference to emo’s tweets above.

    I wonder if there is one to the oo for their headlined ‘Proof’ article in yesterday mornings paper, or ulmans false claim the other night that the PM ‘helped set up the fund’?

  69. ‘the swinging voter is utterly disgusted and truly would like to sack the bloody lot of you’

    My bolshie mates here won’t like to hear that.

  70. “My bolshie mates here won’t like to hear that.”

    Neither would your rusted on right wing extremist shock jock mates as it goes for the disgraceful Abbott led opposition as well.

    Bring on the Independents.

  71. shane what would you have Gillard and others in the government do in light of a constant barrage of negative and sexist attacks from the opposition from the moment they lost the election, especially from Abbott?

    Gillard did remain constrained and just got on tabling and releasing policy after policy but the opposition, and again especially the cowardly bully Abbott, took that as a sign of weakness and went in even harder. Still Gillard did not fight back but the breaking point came with Jones and Abbott’s use of the Jones remark in parliament to attack Gillard who he thought would just take as normal.

    Sorry shane on this I don’t agree with you. Yes there are those on both sides engaging in bad behaviour but by a large margin it is predominately the opposition benches who have bought parliament into disgrace and trashed the democratic process with Abbott’s stunts and refusing to engage in policy debates, which again is something the government has been attempting to do from the last election.

    For example on ABC Breakfast just a moment ago a commentator said that it was a landmark day in parliament yesterday as Gillard several times tried to talk about policy and was shouted down by the opposition.

    So for mine it is not a pox on both houses in this, the pox lies squarely on one side of the fence, and that pox was first festered by Howard and has become a raging contagion under Abbott.

  72. As another example shane. There are around half a dozen senior Coalition pollies on the shadow front bench who have not asked a single question on their portfolios since the last election even though the relevant government ministers have repeatedly attempted to get them to debate on them.

    So who is at fault there?

  73. ME.

    You are free to disgaree with me, that is what makes it a democracy, however I think you are far more one sided in politics than myself, as I have very rarely seen you criticise the ALP. Muted silence over bad policy or bad decisions, is not criticism, from either side of political supporters. I am disgusted in what has happened to Julia, but I was also disgusted in the claims that Tony is a mysoginist. Personal, spiteful, muck raking is not what my taxes go to pay for.

    I admire Julia for her tolerance, however I have no doubt there are also muck rakers beneath her in the ALP searching for anything to denigrate the opposition.

    Both sides seem to spend an awful lot of time digging up trash. If they want to operate like this then go overseas and enter politcis in the US and leave our system alone.

    While Alan Jones is a venemous, hateful, spiteful shock jock, my taxes do not pay his wage and he is not in parliament. He is simply a sad reflection of totally bias media.

    A new vacuum cleaner is needed in parlimanet house, one with a filter to remove the stench of the current behaviour of both sides.

  74. ‘So who is at fault there?’

    If the government has the numbers to get legislation through the parliament then there is little point debating.

    After the next election the tables will turn.

  75. Oh and another piece of legislation has passed parliament, the Pokies Legislation, with barely a whimper from the opposition even though they were opposed to it.

    Again I ask who is at fault here when so many, I’ve lost count now, pieces of legislation have gone through unopposed and without a single amendment?

    It is the opposition’s job to scrutinise policy, suggest changes and make amendments. It is also their job to bring in policies for consideration, and indeed oppositions in the past have had their policies tables and legislated without amendment.

    Not this opposition. They have thrown every pretence of being a viable and credible political party out the door, and from the first day have been totally negative, even attacking their own policies for the sole reason it was the government who tabled them. Their whole strategy has been to savagely attack on a personal level at every turn, and attack one person far more than any other it seems for the sole reason that person is a female in power and up until recently didn’t fight back.

    Now for the first time she fights back and some condemn her for it.

  76. ME

    So some senior MPs in the opposition have not asked a question, that is not a crime the last time I looked. I would rather them not ask a question than get up and mouth some garbage just to make a point. Maybe they are happy with the way their portfolio is being conducted by the government. After all the ALP supporters tell us how many policies and pieces of legislation have actually been passed since Julia election to PM. The opposition always asks questions in regards to things they can find fault with not things that they cannot find fault with.

  77. “After the next election the tables will turn.”

    Hopefully to more Independents but the two party duopoly always tries to destroy them with lies and personal integrity doubts.

  78. That’s not it at all shane. These opposition pollies get up an mouth garbage, that’s all they do. They do nothing but mouth personal attacks, and if they cannot find fault and elucidate those faults in the polices that are their portfolio then they don’t deserve to be on the benches.

    No, and I repeat, no policy is ever perfect and many this government have tabled are far from it, yet have gone through unchallenged because the opposition is not doing its job.

    Why has it been more than good enough for past oppositions of both sides to challenge policies and have amendments implemented, but not this Abbott opposition, whose sole tactic is to be negative and trash parliament undermining the democratic process?

    They are not asking questions in things they can find fault with, they are just being negative for the sake of it blankly opposing everything without scrutiny, that’s the problem.

  79. ME

    You must watch a different question time then I do becuase I also see and hear the govenrment ministers get up and rather than answer a question start a personal rant attack against the opposition as well. The ALP cannot throw stones.

    Please give me examples of legislation that you considered imperfect and that should have been questioned by an opposition minister of their specific portfolio. Not just a generalisation.

    This opposition has challenged policies. What do you call the challenge to the Pokies Legislation, the challenge to the Carbon pricing, the challenge to the MRRT, the challenge to the Immigration Debacle. There are specific examples.

    Not every policy or legislation is opposed by an opposition, but this opposition is getting traction on just a few.

  80. Over 400 pieces of legislation have gone through unchallenged.

    What has been challenged have been the headline grabbers and the challenges have been done on purely negative terms with huge exaggerations of doom and gloom if these policies got through. Not alternatives, no detail on where the policy was flawed, just exaggerated negative generalisations.

    The only one that is the exception is the asylum seeker debate, where to its shame the government took up the opposition’s policy. But then get this, the opposition are now attacking it and in just about every way it’s there policy to a T.

    The asylum seeker policy is a good example of my point where this opposition just negatively attacks without any alternatives or detail for the attacks, even if it’s their own policy framework being implemented.

    Examples of flawed legislation, sorry I haven’t got weeks or the space here to detail it.

  81. I have no doubt there are also muck rakers beneath her in the ALP searching for anything to denigrate the opposition.

    Of course they do, it is politics. However, I don’t see the Labor dirt unit making unfounded allegations about wrongdoing? The libs do this relentlessly.

    The opposition always asks questions in regards to things they can find fault with not things that they cannot find fault with.

    Yes, but it would be a welcome change if they addressed actual policy, instead of just muckraking. Unfortunately, when they do finally get around to policy, they just make shit up, BER, Carbon Price, all of their attacks nothing more than mouthing ruperts inaccurate reporting in his papers. Not actual progressive policy questions, but rather false allegations against existing policy in order to mislead the people.

    What do you call the challenge to the Pokies Legislation, the challenge to the Carbon pricing, the challenge to the MRRT, the challenge to the Immigration Debacle

    I think the dictionary terminology for what they ‘argue’ with is ‘Lies’ 😉

  82. ME

    You dont need weeks, just give me a few examples like I gave you, otherwise it is just generalisation.

    The opposition are a disgarce , but they are also the opposition. I do remeber the ALP forecasting death, destruction and devastation when the GST was implemented, and although I hate the GST with a passion the country did not go down the gurgler. Hysteria and doom and gloom are always part of the opposition, but granted this lot are experts.

    The opposition gives policies close to an election. The ALP does exactly the same when they are in opposition. Calling for alternative policies outside an election campaign period is simply political mouthing by both sides when they are in government.

    The opposition wanted the government to go back to their old immigration policy during the Howard years, that was their alternative, nothing more nothing less. That is an alternative policy.

  83. I do remeber the ALP forecasting death, destruction and devastation when the GST was implemented,

    I don’t recall Labor in opposition claiming that, although it could well be the result of my rose tinted glasses. I do recall them claiming that this would add burdens to business, which could result in closures, and increase re-distribute the tax burden more heavily to those worst off.

    From memory, it really resembled what actually happened.

  84. Gillard smears herself…

    Julia Gillard, Thursday:

    She (Julie Bishop) referred to an interview as an exit interview. To what is she possibly referring? If she is referring to the interview of Slater & Gordon in 1995, why would she refer to it as an exit interview, other than to mislead people?;db=CHAMBER;id=chamber%2Fhansardr%2F9b96ae59-96ca-4e39-b984-8b520b432ef5%2F0166;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2F9b96ae59-96ca-4e39-b984-8b520b432ef5%2F0000%22

    Julia Gillard, Monday:

    I don’t have the full transcript of my exit interview from Slater & Gordon.

  85. TomR
    “I don’t see the Labor dirt unit making unfounded allegations about wrongdoing? The libs do this relentlessly”

    Channeling Gillard will get you deeper into the hole Tom.

  86. If the ALP dirt unit could dig it up they would.

    I don’t disagree with that shaneinqld, what I said was that they don’t resort to making shit up to run smear campaigns.

    Your rose coloured glasses reflection is turned on, turn it off.

    Perhaps you can help do that for me 😉

  87. Quote of the week, if not the year. Tony Windsor, Lateline 29/11/2012.

    I don’t read The Australian anyway. Our family still uses Sorbent.

    😆 😆 😆 😆

  88. lol treeman, they got it, the big case is cracked open

    Gillard went along with journos and called it an ‘exit interview’. now she sets the record straight


    That’s truly piss weak

  89. ‘Farcical el gordo trolls and is very sad,’ says ME.

    Abbott will say to the people that we need the numbers in both houses, otherwise we’ll have to bring on a double d.

    That should give them a mandate… as the electorate don’t like elections.

  90. Tom R

    You all know my dislike of Tony Abbott and how I could never vote for him in my life. I have disliked him since he first entered parliament. You could tell form day 1 the type of MP he would become. Attack Dog, Arrogant, Intolerant and Aggressive. He has been silent on attacking Julia Gillard and getting Julie Bishop to do his dirty work, simply because when he speaks his demeanour and tone are a major turn off. If he doesn’t have a script he puts his foot in his mouth. He is unable to think and talk without preparation. He runs like a coward whenever the media ask a question that is not to script . That is not what I want as a PM either.

  91. “That should give them a mandate… as the electorate don’t like elections.”

    Typical Arrogance. Or they could lose for demanding total control which the electorate like even less. In addition the Newman dictator government up here shows what happens when too much power is bestowed on one party.

  92. lol Sue, what a wanker.Blame the subbies.

    Shit, if you want to attack a sitting PM, then make damn sure the subbies (if they even did change text so far down in a story) don’t alter it in a defamatory way.

    Pretty obvious now why the subbies have all been contracted out, wipe your hands of the whole affair.

    I’d love to see the actual story he submitted, you know, in the aim of frank and open reporting and all 😉

    Thanks for that, I needed another laugh. It has been a torrid couple of weeks, but now only one side of the divide appears to be having a good time 🙂

    A shame it had to come to this though. They have no-one to blame but themselves for their misery.

  93. The transcript confirmed what Ms Gillard avoided saying five times in response to questions in Parliament earlier this week – that she wrote a letter to the WA Corporate Affairs Commission in 1992 that was instrumental in securing the incorporation of the association.

    Read more:

    Even now, he can’t get it write?!

    The PM didn’t ‘avoid’ saying, she said she couldn’t recall if she had written a letter or not 20 odd years ago. Christ, bishop couldn’t recall if she met someone last week ffs

    Facts pffft. They just get in the way of a good smear.

  94. And what a sook Baker is. Even though Baker has never declared his close personal friendship to Styant-Browne, he blames “editing” rather than looking at his own issues. Baker is also defending Abbott’s lack of judgement,( that is use his newspaper article ), to claim the PM a crook on national TV.

    “This time, editing changes to the Sydney version of the Fairfax report – wrongly asserting she had said the association had no union links – were the strand on which she built a ferocious counter-attack on Mr Abbott.

    Read more:

    Wake up Baker. What you are successfully demonstrating is Abbott would make his judgements based on newspaper headlines. No thank you.

  95. What you are successfully demonstrating is Abbott would make his judgements based on newspaper headlines. No thank you.

    The libs have a long history of this, as I mentioned above with the BER claims. I recall Gillard daily rebutting false claims, peddled in Parliament by the opposition, which had been ‘reported’ in their msm mates spreadsheets.

    You’d have thought they would have learned by now.

    Lay down with dogs….

  96. Tom R

    here’s a thought. Baker gave Abbott’s people an advanced ‘unedited’ copy of article, just to make sure Abbott had plenty of ammunition for his morning TV program.

    Poor editors, they just don’t have the nuance of understanding needed, as that displayed by the Bakers, mike smiths or any journo at the unaustralian., to do a proper smear not defamation article.

  97. el gordo, no the par legal is not. There is not one involved, which would have been, it the PM set up the fund.

    It appears that it is Mr. Blewitt’s signature on the document, suggesting he is. If not, it is whose signature that is there. I do not believe that would be hard to check.

    Tree, the PM has never said she wants to be there forever, unlike the likes of Howard. Has not seen any evidence she would want to be.

    The PM has said that she wants to do the best while there. There is evidence for that when only looks at the change and amount of legislation dealt wit so far,. Much which took guts to do.

    Mr, Abbott is now running around with term of reference he is demanding to set up. All are aimed at harming the PM, by the way, which there is no evidence to say she did wrong. They are not aimed at establishing that there is now ant corruption in the union.

    All appear to say the union itself has set matters straight.

    There is no real certainty that Mr. Wilson did indeed break any laws. Yes, what occurred was wrong, and cannot happen today,

    What would a inquiry, twenty years later establish, that the police investigation did not 17 years ago.

    Id this all that Mr. Abbott has in his armour to win the next election. One suspects it is.

    Yes, I agree with all, including those who are not of our flock, this needs to end yesterday. It is sad, that it is still being pushed today. It tells us of Mr. Abbott pathological stubbornness that he cannot admit defeat, leading to him making very bad decisions. That he cannot give up cause, even if carrying on with it, lead to damage to his party, parliament and country.

    As for the likes of Pyne, he himself tells us, he is guided by hate of all on the left.

    It is Abbott’s single mindness, that cannot see any other means, that should worry people the most.

    That is what the PM has shown us the last couple of days. First in the extended QT on Wednesday, and yesterday, giving him the 15 minutes to speak.. A prudent man would have used the time better.

    I agree with those who are saying what is occurring is disgraceful and should cease.

    Th PM yesterday, was graceful enough, to wish the Opposition and Abbott a happy Christmas.

    Brandis is now calling a media conference. They are not letting it go, ABC 24

    What does the PM do?? To all who wants change.

  98. The question I posed. Why did Abbott not say this yesterday, when given the chance. Easy to answer, if said in the house, the PM could have taken action.

    Abbott, himself would have faced censure.

  99. If a person persists in setting up, … The PM did not set up the association.

    All this might have substance, if the PM had set it up.

  100. Recall that Brandis has given much advice to the police, and I assume what he is talking about as well. The police have commenced inquiry’s on his information. There still has been no charges arising out of his actions. It will be interesting to see other legal bodies have to say on this.

  101. Abbott wants to be careful, if he gets his desire for his arch enemy to go. There are many more strong contenders within Labor, that could handle Abbott with ease.

  102. Brandis is now using the word, prepared by Ms. Gillard.

    Does that amount to setting up, or providing advice.

    Brandis is at least being challenged.

  103. The document would have to have the PM signature on it in my mind. Eight words in her handwriting in a multi-paged document, dies not amount to much.

    Suggest, still nothing new. Still only assumptions and opinions.

  104. Brandis body language is guarded and uncomfortable. I would say, he maybe going too far.

    Your interpretation of what she said in 1995 was a a question asked. Yes, that is all their is. All about state of mind. What about the present st

    How do you know that, question, ask over and over.

    Saying she is a criminal, in very carefully chosen words,

    Does not like the questioning.

  105. Tom R @ 8:04 am

    From memory, it really resembled what actually happened.

    Exactly Tom R.

    shane I really don’t know what you are getting at here. Legislation is changed and amended all the time. Howard made major amendments to his original WorkChoices only two weeks after it was introduced. Then he made the huge change in bringing in a (flawed) safety net under pressure from both the Labor opposition and the State Labor governments who tabled case after case of workers being ripped off. That’s what an opposition should be doing, but not this current Liberal one.

    All you need to is go to the government website and look through the policies and you will see the history of them and if they were amended, updated or changed the timeline and the reasons for it.

    I think if you go back through history you won’t find an opposition that has done less to contribute to policy, governance and parliament than the current Abbott one. Please over 400 pieces of legislation passed through without the changes coming from the Greens and Indies.

    Senior shadow ministers not asking a single question on their portfolio, I think that would also be unprecedented. If we go by what you’re saying then this is the opposition admitting the government is doing a great job and their policies are perfect. Then why do they keep saying this is the worst government ever and their policies are failures?

    As to dirt units. Labor admitted they had dirt files and that it has been standard practice for a long time in our politics. Howard took it to another level setting up a tax payer funded dirt unit. Read the press of the time. Why it’s a big deal here is that Abbott was caught out in a direct lie as he stated on more than one occasion there was no dirt file on Gillard, and behold there is Abbott’s personal adviser with one in her arms.

    The right wingers here go on about Gillard lying but somehow Abbott lying time and again, often telling whoppers, is to be ignored and OK. Proves the hypocrites they are, especially when they accuse Gillard of lies she didn’t make and attribute truth to lies Abbott did make.

  106. Not here to announce they would establish a inquiry if elected. Bet they will not, the truth could , they would. .

    Now being asked why did they not look i

    Walking away. Asked if worried about how his party is going, and what is happening in Queensland. Is he worried about their election chances.

    Once again, nothing new, only opinions and assumptions.

  107. Thiess complained then refused to cooperate with the police.

    This is important because it catches Abbott out in another direct lie he told at yesterday morning’s presser, in amongst several lies he told.

    Abbott stated that Gillard has allowed union members’ contributions to be rorted, but the funds in question were mostly a contribution made by Thiess and a small portion of other contributions, not union members’ contributions.

  108. My dislike of Tony Abbott is starting to ascend to massive proportions.

    And yet you’ve been such an avid fan before this 😉

  109. If the best legal minds in the LNP are BLandis and Bishslop then they have MAJOR problems, and we do too if they get their hands on government.

    Happily, the odds are looking better and better that they won’t.

    Shane, in your original comment you seem to contend that the ALPs and PMs claims of misogyny are the same sort of smear that the LNP are engaged in.

    Well if you listen to Abbotts speech you would note that on numerous occasions,he referred to the PM as SHE, whereas every time that the PM referred to Abbott she called him by his title LOTO.

    This is very clearly a denigration of the office of PM and consistent with his attitude throughout.
    And if we got back to his “chair thing” statements of the past it is also consistent with his past attitude.
    The man (and I use the term loosely) brought it on himself, and I believe that our PM showed great control and restraint for a long time before responding.

    I do agree that the tone of parliamentary discussion is appalling, but I think that any reasonable assessment would conclude that the main reason for this denigration is the LNP.
    And if you look at the number of questions put to the government, during this term, about actual policy, versus spurious questions and claims about smear and innuendo, it would be very difficult to argue otherwise.

    Cheers 😀

  110. Shane have you considered that you have not seen us criticizing the PM, as we are to busy discrediting the lies, the Opposition keep putting out.

    There would not be one hers that agrees with all the PM does. On the Palestine vote, I would have liked her to get off the fence, support Palestine., Where has been the opportunity to do that, this week.

    One would have hoped that the campaign against the PM would have at least been f\given a rest today. What has the Opposition done, they have upped the ante. Are we to sit on side and say nothing.

    I would also like to see the PM address the asylum question.. Much urgently needs to be done.

    How can we do this, with all the other noise goes on. Ignoring bullies does not work. One always have to take them on.

    They just do not go away voluntary.

  111. Migs, my assessment of Abbott was, from the early days, that he was nothing more than a political thug, and the only modification to that assessment is that now I know that he is a misogynist, pugilist, egotistical, brain farting, morally bankrupt and sociopathic political thug. 👿 👿 👿

    And I apologise for beating around the bush when I should say what I really mean.

    Not a fan!

    Cheers 😀

  112. el gordo, the government does not have the numbers to get legislation through. It has to convince others to support her. Did you hear Mr. Windsor, sing her praise last night. el gordo,, this takes skills.

  113. ME, one of the speakers lectured the Opposition on how they should behave. He used a long speech of their hero, Mr. Menzies. Ir was revealing.

  114. Shane, I have always been a supporter of more independents in the house, in all Parliament.

    That was how the Constitution was written,

    Over the years, especially in NSW we have had some wonderful independents,

    I suspects it has become too hard for them to stand.

    Maybe the likes of you can turn that around. Even going as far, as supporting any in your area.

  115. Shane, you are right about the present state of the house. The question is, what can Labor do about it.

    It is only lately that Labor has been hitting back.

    It is only lately that t\Labor has taken control of the house and agenda.

    Each QT for the last two years, was dominated by Abbott’s MSSO’s and abuse of the PM.

    Nothing else was entailed in the speeches that occurred during the MSSO. None at all

    No other Opposition leader has behaved in this manner. He hold the record for MSSOs. None come near him.

  116. Shane, I am sure the PM could throw dirt, if she wished. She would start with the younger Ms. Bishop, if she desire. There is plenty in cyber space.

    There is much more bout Mr. Abbott, It is not being used.

    What has been said about Abbott, when one takes a breath, is mild. Mostly repeats words that has come out of his own mouth.

  117. sue @ 9.38
    Grattan on Gillard

    it was screamingly bad to be giving professional advice to someone with whom she had a personal relationship.

    No mention of an editor chummy with a lawyer on the other side of the world using spuriously obtained documents to support his case? I guess that must be different. Oh yes, & Baker blames the (outsourced by now?) subbies. Shit flows downhill.

    TomR & anybody else who read my rant very early this morning, I listened in again to Tony Wright to see how he’d come up after his dire prognostications of what awaited Gillard yesterday. This morning’s effort was so light & flummery it’s probably made the stratosphere by now. With the assistance of the host it was talk about anything but what happened yesterday, touching on last night’s drinks where Gillard apparently did much better than his media crew had intended, moving to renovations to the Lodge, anything at all. Though right at the end he did comment that perhaps, just perhaps, Tony Abbott should “put up or shut up”. Not his exact words of course, much more diplomatic than that as I recall.
    I gather that sums up the general media defence of itself today?

  118. He used a long speech of their hero, Mr. Menzies.

    Menzies would have turned over in his grave at the Howard government and how far that was removed from his ideals and ideology, the more so for Howard often claiming Menzies was his hero.

    Menzies would be convulsing in his grave over Abbott and how the once great Liberal party has been destroyed.

  119. gather that sums up the general media defence of itself today?

    The defense is quite tattered at the moment. They haven’t quite got their meme in place yet.

    In relation the meeja, I’m liking Tony Windsor more and more all the time

    I don’t have to read the paper. I don’t read The Australian anyway. Our family still uses Sorbent.

    The Sorbent of the Nation ROFL

  120. “I am sure the PM could throw dirt, if she wished. She would start with the younger Ms. Bishop, if she desire.”

    Obviously racist/sexist and misogynist slurs don’t count!

  121. The press was very picky with Brandis this morning but I did feel for them.

    Last night was Xmas drinks with the PM. Imagine being called to that presser. There was Brandis banging on and on, he even had a gift pack of documents and he referenced them often. Even I started to drift off and i hadn’t been on free drinks the night before.
    Well bad luck for Brandis, the press challenged him, starting with (i think ) Probyn from WA. Questions like “isn’t what you are saying just your interpretation of events”

    And ” on that form, isn’t isn’t all of it filled in by Blewitt and only line 3 by Gillard ”
    Brandis “well i don’t think you can surmise that” reporter “Well line 3 uses uppercase and lower case ”
    Brandis “i’m no handwriting expert”
    and on it went. Then they challenged him about “privilege’ to which they got a lecture, but the press fought back and they got Brandis to do the walk off.

  122. If all this has achieved for Abbott is for the media to start challenging him and his shadow ministers then he’s in deep shit. He can’t keep running away from every question he doesn’t like and when he has to face them he’ll either brain fart, throw out three word gibberish slogans or freeze, any of which will be his end.

    As someone stated he’s turning into a joke and that is doom for a leader.

  123. I hope that she takes him and the rest of the sleaze buckets to court and sues the arse out of them, cos I cannot see how they could successfully make those spurious arguments to a judge, based on a biased interpretation of the documents.
    The same documents that have been studied inside and out for nearly twenty years.

    I also hope that the ALP institutes proceedings to have them done for misleading parliament.

    They are the worst example of scum sucking bottom feeders that politics in this country has thrown up in my memory. 👿 👿


  124. Truth Seeker
    “I hope that she takes him and the rest of the sleaze buckets to court and sues the arse out of them”

    By Gillard’s demeanour, i don’t think it bothers her, it’s as if she just lets it all bounce off and back at Abbott.

    As for the press, she keeps an eye out and makes them do some corrections, However Gillard and her team are using social media to get their messages out and about. In other words she is just bypassing old media Little by little she is letting them know she doesn’t need to appear on tv and have a voice over, noddies or opinion affixed to the interview, or to be humiliated by the shock jocks, or to have her words misrepresented in papers. No the PM and her media team are getting a direct message out their. Community cabinets, tweets, forums, all aided by the internet and mobile phones live and interactive..

    And the PM is now her own advertisement, all due to an Abbott MSSO in QT. A speech by the PM viewed by millions of people. If the PM had doubted what the new media could deliver, well I reckon she is convinced now.

  125. Sue, I agree entirely, but I would just love to see a Judge wipe the floor with them for wasting his time on spurious claims with no evidence to back them up.
    I have personally seen a Magistrate do this to another lawyer, and it’s a great spectator sport. 😆 😆

    Just wishful thinking… 😀

    I am no lawyer, but on what I have seen, I wouldn’t want Bishslop or BLandis representing me in a schoolyard dispute, much less a court of law.

    Cheers 😆 😀 😆

  126. Truth Seeker
    they say defamation wins was how bob hawke made his money,

    funny all week i felt like yelling, sue, sue sue
    then when I saw Gillard just before QT, she seemed edgy, angry even, Then she stood and called his bluff and the concentration set in and whatever I had observed seemed to flow away. The PM by the end of QT was very chirpy daring Abbott with how happy she will be to debate him all next year, cause he won’t be able to avoid questions.
    For Bishop, Pyne and Abbott it was completely opposite, they went in confident and certain but it sure changed, fidgety, eyes downcast, endless ruffling of papers and even the finger pointing. by the time it was for abbott to give his xmas speech, most of his bench but in particular Pyne and Bishop were missing. They didn’t hear his false bravado.

    abbott and the press already has a couple of possible legal battles with thomson and slipper, so maybe the PM thinks that’s fair enough,

  127. On the surreal world of the MSM…

    The Economics Editor of that bastion of illiberal ideology, “The West Australian”, under the soft interrogation of Marius Benson this morning, was calling Abbott the winner of this last week’s “turmoil”.

    Well, that’s an opinion, but the reasoning was the surreal bit: apparently Abbott’s attack (via vector Bishop) will reverse Gillard’s recently improving polls by dint of attrition.

    That comment tells us Shane Wright is blissfully unaware that Gillard’s rising fortunes are almost certainly due to the public’s revulsion at the very same tactics he hopes will turn the tide for Abbott.

    It reminds me of the lead up to 2007 when every attack on Rudd by the Coalition resulted in improving polling for the then leader of the opposition.

    As said of an earlier generation of conservatives “they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing”…probably one of Labor’s best assets.

  128. Has one noticed that Abbott cannot make a speech anywhere, without mentioning playing the sexism card. The PM sure got under his skin, causing a itch that he is aware of all the time.

    The PM sure hit a tender spot.

  129. “they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing”

    OK, ok…

    It was Tallyrand referring to the Bourbons. I thought someone might to display their erudition 🙂

  130. Follow

    Paul Howes
    Tony Abbott just misled parliament to say that the AWU dumped Slater & Gordon – we use a variety of firms and still use Slaters today. #qt
    Reply Retweet Favorite


    Bridget O’Flynn
    ‘Tony Abbott was asked today to put up or shut up. He didn’t put up and he won’t shut up. ‘ Barrie Cassidy on radio ABC 576 now with WaleedA
    Reply Retweet Favorite

  131. “Deputy Opposition leader Julie Bishop says Prime Minister Julia Gillard still needs to “prove her innocence” over her alleged involvement in the establishment of a legal entity set up by two union officials 20 years ago.

    Ms Bishop spent the final week of the parliamentary year quizzing Ms Gillard over the advice she gave former Australian Workers’ Union figures Ralph Blewitt and Bruce Wilson, who set up the AWU Workplace Reform Association in 1992.”….

    Ms Gillard has denied any wrongdoing and has challenged the opposition to come up with evidence she acted illegally or inappropriately.

    On Macquarie Radio on Friday, Ms Bishop repeated opposition calls for a judicial inquiry, saying Ms Gillard needed to “prove her innocence”.

    “Presumably part of the deal to leave Slater & Gordon was to hand over her practising certificate and never practise law again,” Ms Bishop said.

    Ms Gillard voluntarily left Slater & Gordon after questions arose over setting up the association…

    I thought in this country, the accuser had to prove guilt. Not the accused innocence.

    Well we all live and learn.

  132. Well then Bishop needs to prove her innocence over Nattrass. A judicial enquiry should be held over that illegality and Bishop’s involvement.

    Well then Abbott must prove his innocence over Australians for Honest Politics, which he’s refused to come clean on to this day. A judicial enquiry must be held into this as criminality was involved.

  133. Now I believe that Ms. Bishop is a very learned and clever lawyer, es

    Well that is what Mr. Brandis told us this morning.

    It that is the case, the opinions that Ms. Bishop giving must be deliberate exercise in misleading. I say this, as she mist know the explanations she is giving are not truth.

  134. Any money on that he will not. Danger is that he will be shown to be wrong, that he has no evidence because if does not exist.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has committed a coalition government to holding a judicial inquiry into trade union corruption if elected.

    Earlier on Friday, shadow attorney-general George Brandis told reporters in Canberra the coalition wanted the government to immediately hold an inquiry, but he declined to say whether a coalition government would initiate one.

    Mr Abbott told reporters in Brisbane later, when asked whether he would hold an inquiry if elected to office: ‘The short answer is yes.’

    ‘But why should the d….

  135. Just when I get onto the blog to see what’s been happening . . . a guest rolls up.

    I’ll have to come back later and check out all the threads.

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