The day the media died

Greetings all. I’ve been without Internet access to the blog while I’ve been on the road but I’ve been able to log on to someone else’s computer for a few minutes so I can put up a post. Forgive me for not being being up to date with what people have been talking about.

I can have a guess that people may have been talking about Julia Gillard’s presser where she laid into Tony Abbott and our political media. Perhaps we can talk about it here.

Jason from TPS sent me a copy of a tweet that sums up the left’s opinion of our media: Calling time of death 13:50 pm, after a long and debilitating illness @GeorgeBludger Australian journalism. RIP Nov 2012.

I reckon that’s when the media died.


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  1. One great picture today by the press before they die. but first some background.

    In the PC Gillard said in 2007 a Coalition minister had a dirt file on “Gillard and the AWU” . this Minister called in a journalist offered him a red wine and a look at the file. The PM challenged the journalists present to check out who the Minister was.

    And low and behold on Katherine Murphy’s political blog was a picture of Peta Credlin talking with julie Bishop, in Credlin’s hands were a white file named Gillard/AWU. Who owned the dirt file Bishop or Abbott?

    “3.19pm: How did that go?

    Ms Bishop confers with Peta Credlin, Mr Abbott’s chief of staff.

    3.12pm: The Prime Minister has asked that further questions be placed on the notice paper.

    She notes for radio listeners that Mr Abbott was present for Question Time, despite not asking a single question.

    Read more:

  2. Migs, our guest have disappeared. Very cocky yesterday, but light on today.

    What will tomorrow bring.

    Yesterday, I had two clear scenarios. The one that came about was my choice.

    Tomorrow, I again have two scenarios.

    Not so certain this time, as much of the Opposition’s today’s action were not as I expected.

    The end results were though.

    The Opposition appeared to be all over the place and at loose ends, Did not appear to be any coordination. Did not appear to have their hearts in it. The mood appeared to deepen as the day went on.

    What was clear, that government was in full control of the agenda in and outside both houses.

    What I expected from the Opposition did not occur. It was if someone has thrown in the towel, before they even began.

    I believe that there has been a new sound in Mr, Abbott’s voice that sounds very much like pleading. The confidence and the swagger, appear to have disappeared. At first I thought he was just doing a bad job, of acting the statesman.

    I am going to assume that the Opposition will regather its strength and give it another go tomorrow.

    They will it they have any sense, take their focus off the PM. Let the AWU matter go.

    They will be in the house first thing, with that bill of Morison’s, it will not be allowed to be presented, as they will have ignored the agreed procedure. This has happened in the past, when they have attempted as similar stunt. Could also be knocked back as TPV was already on the books and legal. Can be used at any time.

    They will then pull a MSSO, which once again they will lose. Not too sure that would have happened, if they tried it today, as I believe the PM was eager to join the flay.

    At the same time, I believe we will see another bill introduced into the Senate, proposing to tighten up the penalties against unions. It will not matter, that Shorten has already acted in this regard. It will sound good.

    They will also lose their.

    There will then be an indignant PM in the courtyard, with some good performance of indignant shadow ministers.

    By question time, they will have riled themselves up. Questions will be mostly about border control, with NSW present Scandals of Labor thrown into the mix. By the end of the time, there will be another MSSO. Not too sure what’s on, maybe to safety of our borders. The topic does not matter much,

    Not much will be achieved, Mr. Abbott will have managed to waste a few hours of the parliaments time. He will feel better.

    Just my imagination working overtime. I really have no idea what tomorrow will bring.

    I believe the PM will still have a trick or two up her sleeve. The PM has to tighten that wedge she has Abbott in, in regard to the asylum seekers. Maybe tomorrow is the day.

    Labor will be keen to keep the control they have today.

    There will be three or four bills introduced. Some made an appearance today. The big debate has been on super.

    One thing for sure, there will be a clear winner by the end of the week. The PM has worked too hard to get to this position.

    The one that goes into the holiday season looking like a winner, will find it much easier next year. The stakes are high.

  3. Did anyone notice, that no one had much to say about what they thought was going to happen tomorrow,

    Not like yesterday. Everyone has an opinion. The Libs were going to play hell with the PM.

    One would think that they would learn. The PM does not sit in her chair, shrinking, waiting for them to come and get her.

    They seem to forget, the PM always has options.

    The other thing they forget, Mr. Abbott always acts as expected. His deputy, goes further she broadcasts her intentions, to all and sundry.

  4. I’m enjoying watching Abbott and the press. all year the press have aligned themselves with abbott. where was their hero yesterday? the press have not championed bishop, abbott is the ‘most effective opposition leader’ he is the ‘attack dog’, he is who their papers have backed as the winner.

    yes it was fun to watch the press, abbott but even funnier was bishop.

    the press is as anxious as abbott for the end of this week,the traditional ‘killing season’, as it is them in the sights and not gillard.

    yes the show is very enjoyable, pass the popcorn.

  5. Well you have to admit that the MSM has been coughing up blood for some time and we all know that in the last death throes wild imaginings come to the fore and reality vanishes.
    MSM — requiescat in pace! In nomine patris, et fili, et spiritus sancti. And bloody good riddance!

  6. And this an eg of why the media is dying, the absolute bias

    “Union corruption is a convenient narrative, although by no means confined to News Ltd; most media outlets, and particularly The Australian Financial Review, find union corruption endlessly fascinating while remaining for the most part bored by business malfeasance (the splendid recent example is that of Hastie Group, where $20 million was stolen and sparked the collapse of the company, with barely a flicker of interest from the media beyond how many jobs would be lost)”

  7. Hey whisperers, I know this is a bit off topic, but I thought it was relevant as this is part of why the media is dying if not dead already.

    My response to the last couple of days of the stupidity of the nopposition.

    Julie Bishop.

    Julia Gillard… is her name
    Industrial relations… is her game
    As lawyer.. pollie.. and now PM
    To fight the right wing I R meme
    Fighting for… the workers rights
    Against the corporate… shinning lights

    Education is… her other… passion
    Though the Liberals think.. it’s out of fashion
    As the bottom line… is their concern
    With our children future.. theirs to burn
    Along with… services… and jobs
    As lies and smear roll.. from their gobs

    But our PM… gets on.. with her job
    Ignoring Abbotts… lying mob
    And their accusations.. thrown each day
    In the LNP’s… mendacious.. way
    Cos she knows there’s still.. much work to do
    To make OZ.. great.. for me.. and you

    Now Julie Bishop…. is her name
    industrial relations.. was her game
    As.. a lawyer…. from the west
    Striving to be… the corporates best
    But not supporting.. workers rights
    But those of.. corporate.. shinning lights

    Her corporate client… C S R
    To not pay compo… raised the bar
    With Bishop’s help… they sought to try
    To force delay…. till victims die
    But the case was lost.. as the Justice saw
    That their corporate lawyer… erred in law

    But worse than that… she showed her hand
    As one… prepared… to take a stand
    Against… what’s moral.. right.. and good
    Like… an Anti…. Robin Hood
    To steal… Asbestos victims.. pay
    So corporate profits… win the day

    With no compassion.. concern.. or care
    She turned her back.. on what was fair
    And now she’s… brought her moral lack
    To parliament… as the Abbotts hack
    With the dirt file there… for all to see
    As Abbott ducks… his misogyny

    While Abbott’s mute… the Bishop shows
    For a lawyer… how little… law she knows
    With questions… based on false premise
    Proving Bishop’s full of wind.. and piss
    Renowned for cats claws… and pussy calls
    Abbott sends her out… to take the falls

    To prove… to all…. exclusively
    He doesn’t… have…. Misogyny
    And women love him… this is true
    Cos their loyalty.. is real true blue
    And the Abbott.. mustn’t… be a Jerk
    Cos the girls… will do his.. dirty work

    With lies.. and death stares her.. armoury
    To disguise.. her leaders.. misogyny
    She’ll go out.. looking like… the fool
    Being used as Abbotts… latest… tool
    With feet in mouth she’ll… take the falls
    Cos Abbott… doesn’t have the…. Balls

    But as election year… rolls around
    And Abbott.. keeps on.. losing ground
    Our PM… gets on… with the job
    Of taking the fight.. to the Abbotts mob
    And continues turning up the heat
    As they open their mouths.. to just change feet
    And their policy vacuum…. clear to see
    Snatching defeat… from the jaws… of victory

    Cheers 😀

  8. TruthSekker


    Abbott is such a coward and a bully. He throws the sleaze and smut then hides behind the girls.

    And the muckrakers that visit here think he should be PM. they don’t come across as people who would let others do their fighting for them, unless they also are all girls and think abbott is misunderstood.

  9. Oh, & here comes factless troll to offer up more delusional crap. No, it’s not merely “dancing to a tune we leftists don’t like”. For the last 15-20 years its been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Liberal-National Party. I’ve lost track of the number of really morally bankrupt-if not outright illegal-behaviours that the MSM let Howard & his cohorts get away with, almost without a mention. Do you honestly think a National Textiles situation could occur under the Gillard Government without the MSM baying for blood? Yet they allowed Stan & John Howard to just “walk water” on the matter. Same with the MRI scam, the “Australians for Honest Politics” slush fund…..and the list goes on. Its the gross double standards of the gutter press which really pisses me off, factless troll!

  10. Bradbury talking about Credlin and that smut file.
    He asks when was it you last saw Abbott’s Chief of Staff wandering the halls with a file on Education , Health etc

    No, just a smut file!

    Kinda answers Gillard’s question to the press. How embarrassing for the scoops of the press gallery, it took a photographer to do their work. Didn’t seem that hard.

  11. Factless Troll on November 27, 2012 at 6:13 am The media is not dead its just dancing to a tune that you minions of the left dislike, frankly if you get over that even you can enjoy the show

    Yeah let me help you with that’ as its something that you don’t understand..its called “the truth” its a miraculous thing that happens when a fact is presented……

  12. The media has been been terminal, but, yesterday, the PM pronounced it dead on the operating table with these words

    PM: Sid, with respect you completely misunderstand everything to do with this matter and maybe that explains some things for us.

    Interesting that, after 20 years, a senior journalist who has been following this closely still ‘misunderstands’ the issue. Is it a deliberate misunderstanding? More interestingly, bishop in QT apparently had the same misunderstanding, as the PM had to explain the same to her. Personally, I think the term is misrepresent, as I do not think that they are that stupid.

    Some other choice smack-downs from the PM’s press obituary

    PM: You might be more expert in these matters than me. But I doubt – don’t Hector me thanks Sid – you might claim to be more expert in these matters than me, but if you want to identify to me an AWU rule that would require AWU authority for a team of union officials who want to run together for re-election to form an association in order to support their re-election, then please identify that rule for me.

    PM: Couldn’t have put it better myself. Thank you, Andrew. What is the big deal?

    Anybody got any contention about how Ralph Blewitt getting a Slater & Gordon mortgage goes to any conduct by me, or any assertions of wrongdoing? What is the big deal?

    PM: Yes and feel free to reacquaint yourself with those four words. I was describing such re-election funds and I used the terminology slush fund and I said in my marathon press conference in this room in August I don’t think the term is assisting anybody understand what happened here.

    And yet no media outlet can run this story without using those words, even though it has been explained that they are very misleading. Dead, buried , cremated

    And good fucken riddance!

    (Mind you, I think it will continue on, walking dead like 😦 )

  13. Also, ulman has set himself up for a big fall, I hope. All that stuck last night when I saw 7.30 was how he claimed forces within the Labor party were pushing this story. I wonder if he has anything to back that. But more importantly, as some bludgers noted, he went on and defamed the PM

    From the transcript
    She helped set up the fund, but has always categorically denied any wrongdoing.

    From the PM’s conference, which happened earlier that day, so cannot plead ignorance (stupidity perhaps)

    I have been defamed on a number of occasions with forms of words saying that I set up a fund or a bank account. Those defamations have been apologised for and retracted on a number of occasions. Despite that, those kinds of references are now littered through media coverage of all sorts: electronic, print and radio.

    I did not set up a fund. I did not set up a bank account. Any such claim about me is a defamatory claim and I’d look to this Press Gallery to try and show some leadership in standards and accuracy here.

    Well done ulman, you complete tool, on the same bloody day that it is highlighted for you, and called out for you lot to show some journalistic integrity for your craft, you do this.

    “toolman”, a moniker you have worked hard to hold, hang your head in shame.

  14. Didn’t see or hear anything Tom, I rarely watch the Australian Brainwashing Corporation.

    The yellow press is the Murdoch rags and now apparently a debt ridden Fairfax has joined in.

  15. Didn’t see or hear anything Tom,

    Not even the post directly above yours ❓

    I know you have blinkers on, but even that is stretching things 😯

  16. It was another el gordo troll Tom. Better to ignore them.

    Easy to spot, they’re a one paragraph, sometimes two, statement that doesn’t make much, if any, sense and posted purely to get a reaction. No explanation or context is ever given so you’re left scratching your head wondering what it’s about, which is its aim.

    Leave these little bits of gimcrack alone and el gordo will be pleased thinking they have made a clever remark and we will be pleased for having ignored it and not let it take up more than a neuron spark of thought.

  17. Iain: “frankly if you get over that even you can enjoy the show”

    That is sickening. Why is watching the failure of democracy in this country and the rise of right wing conservatism a ‘show’ that you can enjoy watching?

  18. Surely it is against the ABC Charter.

    Nothing appears to be these days

    Except perhaps fully informing the viewer on the background of its ‘whistle blowers’ 😉

  19. The photo of Credlin with the dirt file seems to have upset the right wingers. Lots of tweets about “Labor demanding its MPs to supply dirt on Coalition”.

  20. lol Sue

    Labor have never denied it has dirt files. In fact, it says it is common place amongst all political parties. tabot has denied it. Here is the proof he lied

  21. TomR


    that should be forwarded to Tony Abbott. It will prove he is honest about the next election being the dirtiest ever. Just a LIAR about who is shoving the muck around in the press.

  22. Yep the dirt file Abbott categorically stated didn’t exist, and then went on to emphasise it didn’t exist.

    The hypocrites of the right go on and on about Gillard lying, even when she doesn’t, but somehow Abbott lying just about every time he says something, and being outright caught in lying, is not only OK by them but to be lauded.

  23. I have no doubt sue that clips of Abbott categorically denying more than once there is a dirt file superimposed over that picture of the dirt file will get a lot of air time at the next election.

  24. And Julie Bishop is prepared to scoop the mud and muck up all by herself. Gosh she has out scored Abetz when it comes to muckraking.

    “Ms Bishop has told reporters this morning she met with Mr Blewitt for ten minutes in Melbourne to see if he was in possession of any documents that might assist her forensic parliamentary prosecution of the Prime Minister.

    Mr Albanese is grabbing the umbrage and running with it all the way to the little Sky television studio. Quoth he: Ms Bishop is meeting with a scumbag to try and bring down a Prime Minister. He’s made comparisons to the infamous Godwin Grech affair – when the then Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull cultivated public service whistleblower Godwin Grech.

    Read more:

  25. ME

    Should go well in Bishop’s electorate, as well,They could also include a picture of Julie meeting the scumbag,,. He is from WA after all..Wison Tuckey may even do his best to forward that around.

  26. Blewittgate

    Ms Bishop, who has been running the Coalition’s pursuit of Ms Gillard, this morning confirmed she met Mr Blewitt for about 10 minutes in Melbourne last Friday.
    Asked if he seemed like a trustworthy character, Ms Bishop replied: “No, he’s a self-confessed fraudster”.
    “She’s meeting, as the deputy leader of the Opposition, with this bloke at a private, secret meeting to discuss strategy… to try and bring down a Prime Minister,” Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese told Sky News.

    “This says a lot about Julie Bishop’s values, it says a lot about the Liberal party.”

  27. To illustrate how out of touch the failing MSM currently is.

    They labelled Gillard’s speech in parliament against Abbott as a non-story whilst it was going viral on the net, yet they are judging the non-story of Gillard and Slater and Gordon as front page news for weeks.

  28. bishop has lost it ROFL

  29. So, apparently, Bishop just happened to bump into blewitt, and he didn’t give her any explosive material she hasn’t got 😯

    And Martin Ferguson was there, or nearby, or had been, at some time.

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  30. so Ferguson had been to a Meeting, Bishop was creating a meeting. Bishop is sounding like Turnbull (caught on camera at a parliament house function)when he accused Rudd’s staffer of hiding evidence.

    “Just off the phone from the Resources Minister Martin Ferguson. Coincidence. Not curiouser. (See the post from 12.12pm).

    Mr Ferguson confirms he was in Little Bourke Street in Melbourne last Friday – the same street as Ms Bishop. He was enjoying a lunch with his staff after a productive energy reform meeting.

    Mr Ferguson says he was not meeting Mr Blewitt.

    Not last Friday. Not ever as far as he can recall.”

    Read more:

  31. Julie bishop needs to put up or shut up as the claims she made this morning sound very much like slander to me, basically stating that Julia Gillard was knowingly complicit in the fraud.
    Very dangerous ground IMHO, with only her dodgy understanding of what went on.

    She is either in receipt of information that no one else has, or she is completely stupid…. my bet is the latter.

  32. The top story of the day, as far as I am concerned, is the photo of Peta Credlin holding the Gillard/AWU dirt file. Channel 9 on its 11am news covered it very briefly; Channel 7 on its 11.30am news did not; ABC Midday news (with the conservative Ros Childs) covered it briefly, but came straight out of the box with “the opposition says…”

    If the media were to do its job properly, they would be follow this up with Peta Credlin or Tony Abbott for an explanation, but they won’t of course. They know the existence of this file proves Abbott to be a liar. None of them are willing to challenge Abbott. It proves that ALL of the TV media are protecting Abbott because they LOVE him.

    It remains to be seen how the evening news covers this, though I wonder if The Project on 10 will give it a run.

  33. Abbott because they LOVE him…

    No not because of that. I think it’s because they believe with Abbott in power they will have free reign and also be able to call the shots with government to run their own agendas.

  34. Seems there’s a hidden agenda behind everyone whose involved in attacking Gillard over her time at Slater & Gordon.

    Harry Nowicki, a key figure in the claims against Julia Gillard over the AWU issue, saw a potential deal with Slater & Gordon fall through two years ago.

  35. For those who don’t know it was Nowicki who funded Blewit and engaged Wilson to go after Gillard.

    He’s writing a book on the AWU and as stated a deal with Slater & Gorden fell through two years ago which was when he began pursuing Gillard.

    On the hunt for facts of a union intrigue
    BY: HEDLEY THOMAS From: The Australian August 03, 2012
    Nowicki found Blewitt, a pensioner living in Malaysia, and interviewed him. He also found Wilson, now a part-time cook, and spoke to him in NSW. In the past, journalists have been sent on their way, but Nowicki persevered and Blewitt decided to come clean, return to Australia and explain his position. Wilson is keeping quiet, but has in the past denied any wrongdoing.
    “Every day I learn a bit more about this saga, which would be more entertaining if it were not so serious,” Nowicki has told The Australian. He insists he is not acting on behalf of anyone else — not conservative politicians who could gain mileage from new revelations, nor disgruntled Labor MPs who might relish the embarrassment of union or party colleagues. But he has asked a top Melbourne criminal silk for advice, and has arranged a criminal lawyer to look after Blewitt.

  36. And as predicted by some of the more savvy media pundits, mainly in the 5th Estate, the attention turns from the smeared to the smearer.

    Focus is now being put on Bishop the younger and some serious questions being asked that could see her gone.

    It was an all or nothing strategy Abbott played, which is why he, or more accurately his intelligent half, Peta Credlin, sent in Bishop, who would be no loss if it went pear shaped as was highly likely in taking a risk employing a baseless smear campaign.

    If in the end you can’t make the smear stick outside of your rusted on zombie troll followers, who let’s face it will swallow any hogwash their side puts out, then the ordinary folk out there have a habit of turning unfavorably on the one perpetrating the baseless attacks. When that happens their days are numbered.

    It seems the bit I read on Abbott and Hockey distancing themselves from Bishop in preparation of letting her go might have some substance after all.

  37. Why would a man, who fled from Australia to Indonesia them onto Malaysia, have any documents after this time.

    Mr. Blewitt himself self that he was little more than a fall guy, and bagman.

    Mr. Blewitt resided on the west coast of Australia.

    I would say, Ms. Bishop was more likely after dirt and gossip. The documents he has, by his own account, or from those who bought him to Australia.

    As Ms,. Bishop asked yesterday, identical questions, to those asked, at the once again hour long PC of the PM.. I can only assume, they are read from the same file.
    The question that should be asked, is Ms. Bishop is supplying the media, or are the media working hand over fist with Ms. Bishop.

    I have been out today, but hearing the last few minutes of QT, appeared to be a repeat of yesterday.

    I would like to add, I am a poor sleeper, and often listen to radio local ABC after midnight.

    All the calls except for one where clear, that they believe the Opposition is wrong in their attack. Gave good reason why they believed the PM. What was also raised was the fact that Mr. Abbott was gutless, in letting Ms. Carry the fight. They believed he should be doing it own dirty work.

    So, according to Ms. Bishop, client/ lawyer privilege does not exist.

    Ms. Bishop does sure have a fertile imagination.

  38. Ms. Bishop is once again igniting the fact that Wilson was an elected officer of the union.

    Ms.Bishop has no doubt that Mr. Wilson committed a crime against the AWU. Funny no one else has been able to prove this.

    Is being interviewed now.. Is having a hard time.

    ABC 24 Live

  39. To tie in with the theme of the current thread! on a point of order today Bronwyn Bishop said “‘you can say anything you like to the media and it has no consequences'”

  40. I would like to say, the parliament is not meant to be a star chamber or kangaroo court. As Ms. Bishop appears to believe. Ms. Bishop has set herself up as prosecutor, judge and jury.

    Outside and inside the house she has made assumptions and declared them to be true, because this is what she believes.

    Ms. Bishop appears to have made her own rules, which one must judge all.

    Where is the separation of the judicial and political systems. Where is there the presumption of innocence. Where id the legal privilege between lawyer and client.]
    They all go out the window with this Opposition. Hate to say it but reminds one of Hitler, where they became one.

    Ms. Bishop was asked, at the PC where she was saved by the bell, if the attack will continue tomorrow. Her answer was interesting. She said that she did not know as she was unaware what antics would be for tomorrow, as she has not been told, or words to that effect.

    Lyndal Curtis is once again challenging the Opposition spokesman.

  41. Lyndal Curtis. Put an end to what?

    They want the PM to answer all the allegations, rumours and innuendo in the public arena.

    That is a big ask.

  42. My god they are hoeing into Bishop on Twitter/Facebook etc. Some senior TV journalists saying she had a shocker of a press conference.

    Then I came across this doozy. Bishop the younger questions Gillard’s credibility because of her choice of boyfriends. Here is one of Bishop’s, number 4, and each made Wilson look like a saint.

    Ross Lightfoot

    Lightfoot hangin’ tough with some Kurdish militants

    Next is a Westralian Liberal senator who was last in the news in 2005 over reports he smuggled $25,000 in cash to Kurdish forces in Iraq sewn into the lining of his jacket. Reports at the time insinuated the cash was taken to the Kurds, whose homeland is oil-rich, for Australian petroleum company Woodside Petroleum. But this was only one of Senator Lightfoot’s many brushes with controversy. A few years ago the Federal court found Lightfoot breached the Racial Discrimination Act and fined him $10,000 for comments to The Australian Financial Review about Aboriginal people, and in 2002, the former mounted policeman was one of a handful of Liberals to publicly back Bill Heffernan after his homophobic attack on Justice Michael Kirby.
    In fact he went one step further and called on Kirby to resign, saying “Given that Bill Heffernan has stood aside I think it’s appropriate for Justice Kirby to stand aside as well.”

    In the 2001 election the Nationals refused to preference the former boyfriend of federal Education minister Julie Bishop. It didn’t matter though because One Nation did, with a One Nation spokesperson saying, ‘He’s gone out of his way to support us, I think at the end of the day we have returned the favour’.

    In early 2000 Lightfoot described asylum seekers as criminals, wretches, and religious zealots, who were possible carriers of communicable disease, and who should be fined. But proving he still had a sense of humour he said in a press release ‘There is a perception that these people bring with them their prejudices and intolerances.’

    Not that Lightfoot is anti-refugee. In April 2000 when Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe was kicking white farmers off their land Lightfoot called for 20,000 to be given refuge in Australia. He did not believe the same rights should be given back to their black countrymen because they “don’t qualify under my terms of compatibility”. Phillip Ruddock’s office described his comments as bizarre. There’s plenty more where that came from, like his novel about the Stolen Generation

    Bishop is now finding out what it’s like to have the shoe on the other foot. Now if they delve more deeply into her time at Hardies and find out how much she got paid or received commissions for delaying proceedings to wait for people to die so as to save a big company money then she will be really sunk.

  43. ‘They want the PM to answer all the allegations, rumours and innuendo in the public arena.’

    That’s all we ask.

  44. They’re turning it back on Abbott now.

    Bishop the younger has defamed Gillard so now they are demanding that Abbott either backs Bishop or sacks her.

    Abbott the coward he’s always been is still in hiding.

  45. Truth Seeker
    NOVEMBER 27, 2012 @ 1:12 PM

    “She is either in receipt of information that no one else has, or she is completely stupid…. my bet is the latter”

    Spoken as only a stupid truth seeker can!

  46. From Slater and Gordon today…

    “Media statement re: AWU matter
    This statement is issued in response to questions posed by journalists in many forms which essentially can
    be summarised as per below:
    Why did Slater & Gordon not notify either the police or its then client the AWU of information concerning the
    AWU Workplace Reform Association when it learnt of allegations of misconduct by its other client Mr Bruce
    Wilson in August 1995?
    Slater & Gordon has consistently maintained, and still maintains, that at all times it has acted in accordance
    with its legal and ethical obligations in relation to all aspects of the AWU matter.
    Given the repeated publication of the question above Slater & Gordon has obtained independent legal
    advice from Arnold Bloch Leibler (ABL) and Mr Philip Crutchfield SC. The firm received this advice yesterday
    Without waiving any of the former clients’, or Slater & Gordon’s privilege to maintain the confidentiality of the
    communications between it and the firm’s independent legal advisers, that independent advice has
    confirmed that Slater & Gordon was (and is) not permitted to divulge confidential and privileged information
    of one client to another client or any other party.
    Further, in circumstances where a conflict arises between two existing clients Slater & Gordon was obliged
    to, and did cease acting for, both.
    For the avoidance of doubt in relation to the AWU matter:
    a) Slater & Gordon acted for both a union and a union official (personally).
    b) in acting for the official, Slater & Gordon obtained information:
    i). that was confidential to the official; and
    ii) the disclosure of which to the union would have represented a conflict between the
    interests of the union and the interests of the official.
    c) Slater & Gordon ceased acting for both clients after it became aware of this conflict situation.
    As such the advice of both ABL and Mr Crutchfield SC has confirmed that Slater & Gordon was not and is
    not permitted to disclose the confidential information of the official to the union or anyone else.
    Senior counsel and ABL have confirmed that Slater & Gordon acted appropriately by ceasing to act for all

    Wiser counsels suggest and my own advisor agrees:

    “When a potential conflict arises it is normal for a law firm to drop one of the parties, but not both. Inevitably it would retain and continue to act for the longer established and more lucrative client and drop the minor client. The fact that this did not happen and they dropped both speaks volumes for the liability exposure that they perceived when the truth about Gillard’s activities came out.”

  47. But will Abbott jump to Bishop’s defence?
    Even just an incy wincy little bit of defence.

    Or will he call on Margie

  48. Julie Bishop seems to be the only person who can follow her own story. None of the press seems to be able to follow it.

  49. “But will Abbott jump to Bishop’s defence?
    Even just an incy wincy little bit of defence. Or will he call on Margie?”

    Neither, not while Gillard gives this story so much air!

  50. “Julie Bishop seems to be the only person who can follow her own story. None of the press seems to be able to follow it.”

    Perhaps this is because they’re all behind the eight ball! As Pickering wrote a couple of days ago…”Welcome to the real world of investigative journalism, fellas, you have all been asleep.”

  51. Could have the money gone back to the employers. What is a fact, the employers refuse to deal with the police.

    One could ask why?

    Much of what Wilson said, could easily be substantiated or disprove.

    What is a fact, there was no money found at the time.

    What has Blewitt live on all these years.

    There is no evidence of Wilson living the high life since.

    The relationship between Gillard and Wilson did not seem to be a live in one.

    It appears the Wilson and Blewitt spent more time in the west than on the east coast.

    The stories of Bishop are only assumptions she has made. One has to ignore much, to make them sound possible.

    Any agreement Blewitt has with the police would only stand as long as the information he gave was found to be truth.

    Now the media appear to be questioning Bishop, I am sure there will be at least one that investigates further what she is saying. Bishop was severely challenged on all she has said.

    Still no smoking gun.

  52. Today in one of her stupid remarks Bishop said that last friday

    “t’s a small world, she remarked, casually, to journalists seeking more particulars.
    In the very same street she’d seen Mr Blewitt, there was Labor man Martin Ferguson and News Limited man Steve Lewis. Hanging around.”

    Ive posted about Ferguson , here is Lewis

    “Steve Lewis tells me he was in Melbourne last Friday, with a photographer, to interview Ralph Blewitt for a profile piece that run in the Sunday tabloids. Mr Lewis hung out with Mr Blewitt for three or four hours, and took him back to Fitzroy to recall those heady days now subject to rolling political contention.

    quoteJust for the record, I did not see Julie Bishop, or Martin Ferguson, at any time last Friday.

    Read more:

    So Bishop once again jumped to conclusions which were utterly wrong but was more than happy to share her conspiracies with the press. How unfortunate for Bishop that the press followed up on her allegations and found out they were false.

    She really is out of her depth and yet it was reported yesterday that the job of attacking Gillard had been given to Bishop because she has the sharpest mind in the Coalition.

    So sharp she cut herself.

  53. Treeman in full blown projection yet again. Must be a right wing gene.

    Abbott not a coward?

    Has Gillard ever run away from a confrontation or a press conference? Abbott has many times.

    Has Gillard ever run out of parliament rather than face an inconvenient vote? Abbott has, like a startled gazelle.

    Has Gillard never directly confronted her accusers or accusations? Abbott often hides behind others to do his work, and in turn has others pull his strings.

    Which leads into is Gillard her own person? Abbott isn’t, he needs to be carefully stage managed and controlled.

    Abbott hiding behind a female instead of doing the smearing illustrates what a coward Abbott is and he tops it off by not coming out and supporting the defamation of the woman he sent in to do his dirty work.

    Abbott not a coward? That’s a joke, his life is littered with cowardice, even when he was young and committed a crime but couldn’t face the punishment for it.

    Coward thy name is Abbott.

  54. “Could have the money gone back to the employers. What is a fact, the employers refuse to deal with the police. One could ask why? Much of what Wilson said, could easily be substantiated or disprove. What is a fact, there was no money found at the time. What has Blewitt live on all these years.”

    Clutching at straws now CU.

    This summary leaves everything posted by whisperers for dead:

    “Julie Bishop failed today to present new information to give the AWU story life. Her failure, after so much promising, risked making the scandal seem stale and oversold.
    Worse is that the Canberra pack swarmed over Bishop’s verbal slip, soon corrected, suggesting Gillard set up the slush fund for personal benefit for herself as well as boyfriend Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt. The press pack, glad for an excuse, tried its best to make a corrected verbal slip into an intentional overreach and slander. Her 10 minute meeting on Friday with Ralph Blewitt was unwise, if only for letting Labor try to make it seem a Godwin Grech moment – ignoring the slight matter that if Bishop’s 10 minutes with Blewitt was terrible, then what should we conclude of Gillard’s four years of friendship with him, and the legal favors she did him?
    But then came Bruce…
    Bruce Wilson gave an interview with the ABC’s 7.30 to insist Gillard knew nothing of the operation of the slush fund and did nothing of the conveyancing of the Melbourne property bought with some of the money, other than witness the power of attorney from Blewitt. Wilson added he gave no money to Gillard for her renovations.
    He also claimed he did not profit from the slush fund, but Blewitt may have. He had no idea where the money went or who sold the house.
    But he says he can’t rule out dropping $5000 in Gillard’s account, and if former AWU official Wayne Hem said it happened “then perhaps it did”.
    He would not commit to going to police with his story.
    The money is one thing. The other was the scarred face, the twitching half-closed eye and the demeanour of a man much battered by life. This bloke was the Prime Minister’s boyfriend?”

    This is now about credibility, and on the face of it, Gillard’s on a hiding to nowhere!

  55. Now here is a sentiment with which I agree wholeheartedly!

    “There is an uneasy disquiet about this whole sordid business that seems to be holding the Nation in a stupefied trauma. Our Parliament that holds sway over all of our lives has become a whore house of advocates of decadence and absolute lacking in any sense of morality. We appear to sanction any behaviour …much of it that does not conform to the standards of the past.
    Many of us will remember the long drawn out announcement by Rob Oakeshott when he decided to break the deadlock of no party with a majority. I don’t think that if he had decided to throw his lot in with the Coalition that the situation we have to day would be any better. We are, the people of Australia the recipients of poor government born of people who have grown up in prosperous times. The largely ‘I want, I shall have mentality’, where they have never had to strive as their parents did. No they learnt experience of life from text-books, from ideologies and universities.
    If this were not so we would see men or women of integrity standing up in the Parliament and demanding that some sort of sanity be restored and that participants get down to the serious business of running the country.
    One of the great problems is that the standard of conduct has been on the decline for years. This Gillard-Wilson- Slater and Gordon ship has taken the Nation into uncharted waters. As the Prime Minister demonstrated last night over the UN vote on whether to admit Palestinians as observers she will have her way, but not before she pulled those ministers who thought differently into line. They buckled and I am wondering if this is not the case with the established law institutes in this country. Whilst I understand that Larry Pickering places these posts to create comment it is painfully obvious that it attracts a great deal of vitriol, savagery and spite directed at Julia Gillard. It strikes me as being counter-productive to engage in low grade commentary, not withstanding the harsh, shrill and illogical rants of the woman herself.
    Given the amount of material that has been written I have no doubt that somewhere in this entire unsavoury affair there is a case to answer. Given the politics of removing a Prime Minister, given the fallout of scores to be settled and the ripple affect that would permeate all aspects of power …is it any wonder that a Nation holds its breathe in the hope that ‘something will ultimately give’. Police officers, judges, civil servants and a whole army of unionists who break ranks would be in line for retribution down the line. It is that fear that has gagged a nation.
    The big question is not so much any individual but how as a Nation have we allowed this situation to arise. The answer is simple …apathy.
    PS. For those who might try to second guess who Bruce Rugby is don’t. I was a painter for 50 years, never belonged to a union but I speak as I see it.

    It strikes me as being counter-productive to engage in low grade commentary, not withstanding the harsh, shrill and illogical rants of the woman herself. Hear Hear!

  56. The media could, if it wanted, zero in on Bishop, and force her to resign. But they are not going to do that, because if Bishop falls, Abbott will fall soon after. The media don’t want that, because they are IN THRALL to him.

  57. So according to Treeman’s mate , Julie Bishop made a verbal slip and the press jumped on it. Isn’t that what Bishop has hoped that Gillard would do, make a verbal slip?
    Julie Bishop the sharpest knife in the Liberal drawer, couldn’t even do a press stunt to deliver lines that she had written.
    Compare that to Gillard that stood and took questions from the press gallery.

    Keep the chin up treeman’s mate your followers and julie bishop will believe you.

  58. [i]No they learnt experience of life from text-books, from ideologies and universities.
    If this were not so we would see men or women of integrity standing up in the Parliament and…[/i]

    Let me get this straight. Those with a university education don’t have as much integrity as those without it? Is this the new dumbing down campaign?

  59. So we have Blewitt saying he withdrew money from the bank account. {the bank account which was not union money, but donations form business}.

    Wilson says he found out Blewitt was bundling up money and in some cases burying it.
    Wilson says at the CBA bank it was arranged the remaining funds were sent back to businesses. He was not involved in selling the house and has some idea that Blewitt benefitted. Wilson says he walked away from the union and that part of his life.

    Blewitt says he withdrew money from the bank account but under instruction, the house had his name on it and since that time he has lived overseas and has been invovled in land deals.

  60. I wonder how closely Nowicki has looked at Blewitt.
    Wouldn’t it be funny ………….particularly after funding all those incidentals, like flights, accommodation, food, legal representation………….

  61. One could think of bribery. One could think of paying money to keep workers on the side.

    Of course in the tree’s world, it is only Unionist that are crooks. All businesses and bosses are above reproach.

    I kinda remember a couple of inquiries the right set up to catch crooked unions. One that comes to mind was led to the bottom of the harbour revelations. That one sure did catch the boss. Another to get at all those crooked Unionist in the building trade. Many a boss was caught in the one too,

    Maybe the police could not find a crime or someone to charge because the were looking for the wrong thing, in the wrong place.

  62. Pickering??? 😆 Massive fail!

    Meanwhile, in the real world of journalism…

    Ms Bishop’s defamations are starting to bite her on the @#$e big time 🙄

  63. Watching Abbott in the grabs fro Question Time today I get a feeling that the Bishop attack is building to a crescendo. She will have question time to herself again tomorrow and then on Thursday, Abbott will bound onto the attack with a SSO. He has to or he is conceding the leadership to the Bishop/Credlin axis. It would be interesting to hear Loughnane’s plans.

  64. Treeman,
    Coward thy name is Abbott.”
    Spoken like a true coward. I dare you to front up and say that to his face!
    I didn’t make the comment but more than happy to if you want to organise it the next time Abbott is in Adelaide!
    Miglo can even give you my contact details

    put up or shut up big boy!

  65. This Treeman chappie strikes me as a sort of berserker, rushing in, flailing about.
    A bit like Abbott would look without his support network.

  66. Gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless gutless

    Gutless Abbott…

  67. Just like to remind people, in spite of the fiasco that Ms. Bishop, with the backing I assume of the Opposition leader, is creating in QT, there is much going on in Canberra this week.

    If one tunes into the house during the day, there are many serious bills being discussed and being legislated.

    All the Opposition is trying to do, is thwarting the house from good governance. They should, and I believe will be widely condemned for this week.

    Serious debate is required, especially on what is going on with both sides on the asylum seekers.

    Serious matters that affect many personally. These people are being treated with contempt by Ms. Bishop. Their needs being ignored.

    All we are seeing, is a political stunt, one last desperate attempt to derail a duly and legally elected government. A government that was put into place by the mandate of the voters.

    “………..But when the chap tentatively tried to raise it with the Prime Minister, others among the gathered media pack looked askance. They were focused instead on an alleged scandal involving Gillard and some dirty doings 20 years ago in the Australian Workers’ Union — the so-called AWU slush fund affair.

    Gillard told the bloke who wanted to ask about the Defence Force that she’d come back to his question, but never did. It wasn’t her fault; she ran out of time because the questions about the AWU thing rolled on and on, until she had to run to Question Time in the House.

    But that one reporter’s question, and the response, shows us something significant. There are lots of issues about right now: the ADF abuse question, the Murray-Darling rescue plan, the government’s response to the Gonski report on education funding, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, proposed new media laws, the list goes on.

    The government is doing a lot of stuff. There are relevant questions to be asked about it all. And what is the monotonous focus? Something that really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans…..”

  68. ………….“Mr Blewitt is a man who has publicly said he was involved in fraud. Mr Blewitt is a man who has sought immunity from prosecution. Mr Blewitt is a man who has fled Indonesia to avoid a police interview in relation to land fraud, although he denies wrong doing in the case. Mr Blewitt says he owes money on another Asian land deal. Mr Blewitt admits to using the services of prostitutes in Asia. Mr Blewitt has published lewd and degrading comments and accompanying photographs of young women on his Facebook page. Mr Blewitt, according to people who know him, has been described as a complete imbecile, an idiot, a stooge, a sexist pig, a liar and his sister has said he’s a crook and rotten to his core.

    “His word against mine — make your mind up.”

    Now, I might be wrong, but I think the fair and balanced parts of the Australian media have just about made their minds up: there is no scandal here.

    So only two questions really remain. One: how much longer will the partisan media keep on flogging this dead horse?

    Two: How much longer will the Opposition keep on flogging it?

    In Monday’s Question Time, the Opposition devoted every single question to it.

    Deputy leader Julia Bishop was the prosecutor; the Liberal Party has clearly decided leader Tony Abbott, already fighting perceptions of sexism and aggressive negativity, should not sully himself with this particular bucket of dirt.

    In response, Gillard was for the most part far less feisty than she had been in the preceding media conference, explaining herself as if to a dull-witted child………….

    All that is happening, Ms Bishop is setting out to muddy the waters, accusing the PM of crimes, with no basis to do so.

    Mr. Wilson turned up on ABC 7.30 last night. Whether he is guilty of any crime or not, has not been proven. What was apparent, that might be a seedy character, but he did not come across as the the biggest criminal of last century. Far from it.

    After the deluge we had for the last week, nothing more is known. Allegations and accusation are flying everywhere. Not one new thing has been added to this debate.

    Many great scenarios of what happened and why. Not one word that would stand up in a court in this land, including the one of public opinion.

    There were two main players in this scandal of twenty years ago. There was Mr. Blewitt and Ms. Wilson, There were many big employer groups, who paid into the fund.

    All Ms. Bishop is giving us, with her ignominious performances, is her version of what she believed could have happened.

    What she is ignoring, is that what the PM has said could be true. Probably is true. That all that occurred, as far as the PM is concerned, is that legal advice was sought and given, by an elected officer of the AWU. would have been guided and constrained by a important legal necessity. That is legal privilege between client and lawyer. The PM,it appears carried out her duty to the letter of the law.

    Anything else that Ms. Bishop might say is complete conjecture. If, as it seems some crime was committed, the PM is not responsible in any way.

  69. The most futile stunt of all yesterday. One that sums everything up.

    We have once again, an attempt by Ms. Bishop, to change the facts, to fit in with her version of events, Whether Ms. Bishop believes her spin or not is another story.

    Alan Porritt/AAP
    Julie Bishop shows a March 1992 newspaper ad announcing the creation of the AWU Workplace Reform Association. She told reporters that Julia Gillard had tried to hide the existence of the association from the AWU.

    …It’s a wonderful word, mendacious, on account of its ambiguity.

    According to the Macquarie Dictionary (Concise Edition), mendacious has two meanings. It can mean either “false or untrue” or “lying or untruthful”.

    You see the distinction.

    By the first definition, mendacious is a relatively mild word, for a statement can be false without being a lie.

    If I told you the world would end tomorrow, and it didn’t, my statement would have been mendacious. But that would not necessarily mean I was lying or untruthful when I said it. I might be a religious nutter who actually believed it.

    The second definition, however, is a much stronger word, for it does not mean just false, but intentionally false.

    A further delightful subtlety about the word is that when used in reference to a statement, it can be interpreted according to either of its definitions. But used about a person, it can mean only the second….

    What meaning does one apply to the above. Answer in this case, might be both.


    …In fact, let’s skip all further reference to Bishop, notwithstanding the fact that again on Tuesday, she was allowed to waste every single Question Time opportunity in pursuit of that pointless issue of Julia Gillard and the AWU and things that happened two decades ago. And then she held a media conference, in which the press gallery smashed her up pretty bad.

    Instead, let’s move onto a better example, involving Bishop’s leader, Tony Abbott. Remember him? Until recently, he was a loud presence in Question Time, but lately it appears the cat has got his tongue.

    Back in the days when Abbott was not scared to appear belligerent or negative, he spent months inside and outside the Parliament, predicting dire consequences which would flow if the government introduced a carbon tax….

    and on and on and on…………


    ……Throughout the coverage of this affair, the onus of proof has consistently been placed on the Prime Minister by the media. The common line has been that she has “questions to answer”. That argument is dead in the water, given that the Prime Minister has twice answered all the questions the media has put, at considerable length.

    In fact, the onus of proof in investigative reporting should run the other way. The role of journalists is not simply to ask questions. It is to uncover evidence and to substantiate and corroborate serious allegations. The argument that the Prime Minister owes the public an explanation of her actions 17 years ago is valid. But she has provided an explanation, many times. .


    ….Perhaps its time we asked some questions of journalists like Hedley Thomas and Mark Baker. Some questions that come to my mind are: when does an investigation become a giant fishing expedition? What responsibilities do journalists have to back up their claims?
    And if you have evidence to support your leading questions, why won’t you release it? ….

    Yes, under our system, the onus of proof lies with the accuser. Yes, el gordo, that is the way it works.

    The PM does not have to prove anything. Especially as the PM has defended herself many times, on the same allegations, over the last 17 years. When does one believe it should cease.

  71. t appears to be fact, not conjecture.

    What role did Julia Gillard play?

    Julia Gillard provided legal advice on the incorporation of the AWU Workplace Reform Association. However, she played no official role in the association and says she was not privy to any of its operations.

    Gillard claims she had no knowledge of what was going on with the association’s finances. Wilson says that he didn’t tell her.

    Slater and Gordon arranged the conveyancing for the sale of the Kerr Street house. Gillard played a minor role in some of the paperwork for the conveyancing. She was also named on the certificate of currency for the mortgage insurance.

    In summary, Gillard:

    Provided legal advice for the incorporation of the association.
    Witnessed a power of attorney for Blewitt, used by Wilson to buy the house in Blewitt’s name.
    Attended the auction where the house was purchased.
    Was peripherally involved in at least some routine aspects of the conveyancing and mortgage insurance, although these were principally handled by legal secretary Olive Brosnahan under the management of partner Nick Styant-Browne.
    Was in a relationship with Wilson at the time when the house was bought, and visited the house when Wilson lived there.

    Were Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt corrupt?

    If the allegations levelled at them are true, probably yes. It certainly appears that Wilson and Blewitt used union funds in an improper manner.

    But these allegations have never been tested in any Australian court of law. The affair was investigated by both Victorian and Western Australian police in the 1990s, and possibly by other agencies too.

    No charges were laid. Indeed, at the time, setting up incorporated associations for union re-election campaigns was not illegal.

    Several reports claim police may be re-opening investigations. So far, nothing has come of this. The fact remains that no charges have ever been laid regarding this affair, and hence there have never been any convictions…

  72. …Were Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt corrupt?

    If the allegations levelled at them are true, probably yes. It certainly appears that Wilson and Blewitt used union funds in an improper manner.

    But these allegations have never been tested in any Australian court of law. The affair was investigated by both Victorian and Western Australian police in the 1990s, and possibly by other agencies too.

    No charges were laid. Indeed, at the time, setting up incorporated associations for union re-election campaigns was not illegal.

    Several reports claim police may be re-opening investigations. So far, nothing has come of this. The fact remains that no charges have ever been laid regarding this affair, and hence there have never been any convictions. ……….

  73. CU, as I said in my poem @7.30 am;

    While Abbott’s mute… the Bishop shows
    For a lawyer… how little… law she knows
    With questions… based on false premise
    Proving Bishop’s full of wind.. and piss
    Renowned for cats claws… and pussy calls
    Abbott sends her out… to take the falls

    She has defamed the PM and should be held to account.
    Has proved herself to be a liar and Abbotts patsy with possible sociopathic tendencies. 👿 👿


    Migs, Welcome home.

  74. According to a bit I heard on ABC Radio National this morning Ms. Bishop has backed down from saying Gillard did anything illegal.

    I guess this is because the pressure was now being put on the coward Abbott to either sack her or back her on her defamatory statements about Gillard doing something illegal whilst not having a single piece of evidence to back those statements up.

    I then read this morning there’s evidence that Gillard paid for the renovations to her house, and one of Ms. Bishop’s allegations was that they were paid for from the slush fund Gillard setup. I suppose the evidence Gillard paid for the renovations has forced Bishop to back down from her defamatory statements of Gillard being guilty.

    As I’ve been saying I think this was a high risk strategy by Abbott, probably engineered by Credlin, and they used Bishop as the fall girl if it went pear shaped.

    The piece I read on Abbott and Hockey having prepared to cut Ms. Bishop loose may have some validity in light of the complete silence on this matter from both those men, two men who are rarely silent over anything, and how neither has been willing to come in and support Ms. Bishop.

    To my way of thinking when all this does blow over and nothing comes of it, Ms. Bishop will have to go or it will be Abbott that does.

    Ms. Bishop will be soiled goods. She will have lost every bit of credibility she ever had with her side. It doesn’t matter that she never had any with those on the left, they worked out Ms. Bishop a long time ago, but to lose it with her own is a death knell. Everything she does or says from now on in parliament or out of it, or anything she attempts in her shadow portfolio, not that she has done a single thing in it anyway, and every action will be questioned in comparison to her current actions. The moment that’s done she has lost.

    She will become a joke in parliament, and no amount of death stare will stop the government benches having fun at her expense.

    So in the end, like so many of the Howard women, she will be demoted, shoved to the back bench or be forced to go because of “personal reasons”, but go she will.

  75. Miglo
    NOVEMBER 28, 2012 @ 12:22 AM
    I’m behind you on this one, Jason.

    Treefrog is unhinged.

    Anyone who Quotes Bolt is “Off his tree”

  76. Mobius Ecko

    Yesterday in QT, the last question went to Craig Emerson. Quite funny about who number of foregin officials he had met than compared that to Julie bishop meeting blewitt. but during the answer he repeated Abbott’s appraisal of one of his newer promotees, being “at last someone who knows about foreign affairs policy”. the camera picked out the MP and he was having a good laugh behind his hand.

    So with the news this morning that Bishop lied to the press and had talked with Blewiit last Wednesday, the question now is did she lie about the it being ” by chance”, was it pre-arranged? Was the throwing up of the names of Ferguson and Lewis supposed to throw the press off?

    so the press may get their “killing season” in the form of Julie bishop who has turned the big attack on the PM all about herself.

  77. And thank you Lenore Taylor..

    But by day’s end the deputy Liberal leader was trying to make her own get-away from her defamatory and unproven allegations.

    An earlier statement by Gillard included the word “defamatory”. I would suspect that Gillard (my opinion) was suggesting that the opposition ought to tread carefully and consider even more carefully the difference between robust debate and unproven defamatory comments.

  78. TS, it was a problem with iPhone and iPad versus WordPress..therefore due to a weekend away (fabulous Albury..I won’t rave on too much about the lobster mornay followed by Death by Chocolate :)) we discovered that there was no way to comment on the blog…read yes, but as soon as an attempt to comment was made, the blog would crash. If anyone else is having this problem with iPhone/iPad please let us know.

  79. Looks as though Bishop is digging a big hole for herself.

    First the chance meeting and 1 conversation
    Second the relevation she spoke with Blewitt last wednesday
    Third statement from Bishop office, she had not telephoned him, he had not telephoned her last wednesday
    And finally, well so far, last wednesday while she was driving, she got a telephone call from M Smith, he passed the phone to ‘someone’ who didn’t identify himself but the call dropped out. no return call. cannot rule out speaking with Blewitt.

    As D’ath said, “Bishop expects Gillard to remember facts from 17 years ago but she cannot remember what happened last week”

  80. Abbott now launching his campaign for the next election. Abbott, Morrison, Mirabella and Truss.

    ABC 24 live.

    Waiting for the questions. Suspect it will turn out as successful as the Cashsh effort. Cut and run, when questioned.

    We are being promised paradise. Anyone believe.

  81. ME, Bishop lost any credibility many years ago.

    O, the Green Army is back on the agenda, There is thee blast from the past, Menzies Colombo Plan

  82. Unclear whether Opposition leader will take questions. Has moved onto photos. Will be surprised if he does.

  83. Interesting interview on ABC with Richard Allcott.

    You do not change policy to gain a vote. You changed it because if is right. Aimed at Turnbull’s word last night.

  84. Fact number one.

    The PM dealt with Mr. Gibbons words immediately. The PM did not need directions or orders from Ms. Cash to do so.

    The PC of Ms. Cash was no more that a stunt, a gotcha moment. Problem for Ms. Cash, she has trouble keeping a straight face.

    The PM dealt with Mr. Gibbon, the moment it came her notice.

    If one wants some entertainment, listen to the poker machine bill being debated at this time, in the lower house.

    I will add, I agree with the sentiments of Mr. Gibbons. Sadly he chooses the wrong words to say it.

    The PM change of mind it relates to Israel appears to be well received and the right call to make.

    Tune into the lower house. The member for Dennison is sure getting abuse.

  85. Love fess. The god has spoken. All is well.

    If one wants passion, tune into the lower house and the debate of the poker machine bill. Never seen so much for the poker machine industry,.

  86. CU

    Tony Abbott is giving away his e-book, yes free.
    So watch out all you Abbott supporters, if you get a Xmas pressie of this e-book………

  87. the reporters only wanted to talk to Cash about bishop and last wednesday’s phone call. hence the cut and run.
    funny bishop couldn’t keep away from the cameras yesterday, today she is in hiding. even cancelling an appearance at the PNG PM address at press club.

  88. No wonder Bishop is hiding, more problems for her and the UnAustralian newspaper, according to latest at Vexnews, the stat dec and the supposed $5000.

  89. Wonder what Ms. Bishop contributed. Wonder if she manages to write anything herself without plagiarism, which she is well known for.

    A launch without the deputy, says much, I suspect.

    I suspect, that QT will be interesting. No MSSO this week. Wonder why. It would give Labor a wonderful chance to attack the opposition.

    No workplace stunt. Just the launch of an election campaign that has to last 12 months. Not a mid term one, testing the waters, that some have had in the past.

  90. Migs, sounds like you had a good time from Mins reply, hope it helped you get on top of your health issues.

    Have dropped the “Skeptical” now so it’s just “Truth Seeker”.

    I would love some sleep, getting by an around three to four hours a night… not enough…… ZZZZZZ…. OOPS. 🙄

    Cheers 😀

  91. Tony Windsor and Oakshtot, on with Lyndal Curtis. We are not judge and jury. I do not believe we are elected to do that. ABC 24.

    Can see it on PC if you do not have access.

  92. Brandis the COWARD has used privilege to say gillard broke law.

    The media must challenge Abbott on this. Yesterday there was Bishop, who then knowing lied about defaming the PM. Today Brandis using parliament to defane the PM.

    the media should hammer Abbott, he is the person supposedly setting the standard. If Abbott does not call on his colleagues to apologise he should receive front page condemnation.

    what a pathetic loser Abbott is

  93. Miglo do not worry. You will miss nothing, as stories are being rehashed on the hour. Enjoy that sleep. Envy you.

  94. Truth Seeker
    NOVEMBER 28, 2012 @ 1:06 PM

    “Have dropped the “Skeptical” now so it’s just “Truth Seeker”.

    Bravo, now you just need to drop the sabre and you might pass for a reasonable avatar!

  95. Sue
    “The media must challenge Abbott on this. Yesterday there was Bishop, who then knowing lied about defaming the PM. Today Brandis using parliament to defane the PM.”

    And you lot bang on about others telling you haw to behave! pathetic!

  96. For a person who goes on about others’ ad hominem attacks, Treeman certainly is making a lot of them.

    Loser supporting a losing side and a losing coward of a leader with a doomed lying deputy.

  97. Has anyone noticed when those from the right talk, they always start with yous have to do this or that. She has to. Never, this is what I think, or maybe this is correct. No, it is always, you have to..

    and if you do not agree, then it is you are stupid, need medication or what are you

    They appear to live in a world that is black or white. Everything they say is seen as white or right. Any other view is black or wrong.

  98. tree, TS said he was going to do that. He also explained why. If you read comments, you would have known, it would not have come to a surprise to you.

  99. The only thing that still surprises me is that so many here are exactly as you outlined above…”They appear to live in a world that is black or white. Everything they say is seen as white or right. Any other view is black or wrong.”

    Moreover many believe they have the carte blanche on smear and innuendo, denigration and bullying. When they get a taste of own medicine the flavour not so good, to coin a phrase!

  100. Tree troll, a sabre is a back-curved sword, the sword in my gravatar is “The sword of Truth” and has a long straight blade, With Truth written on the hilt.

    I seek the truth unlike you who totally ignores it, so the sword stays, but you are welcome to leave anytime you like!

    Cheers 😉 🙄 😀

  101. I thought Abbott took the cake at projection but folks we have a new winner.

    Wonder if like Abbott they don’t realise they are projecting their mind is so closed?

  102. Off his Treeman
    NOVEMBER 28, 2012 @ 7:39 PM
    The only thing that still surprises me is that so many here are exactly as you outlined above….Moreover many believe they have the carte blanche on smear and innuendo, denigration and bullying

    Oh look we have another fact starved cockroach back…
    How you could get that from the low diversionary tactics of the last few days is proof that you are up their with the factless troll. A neocon cut and paste Zombie….

    What planet are you on?
    Your parroted rhetorical nonsense is only outstripped by the incompetence of this floposition. This is a party in Crisis as desperate as the fools that live in its talent and policy void.

    Prediction….A member\of the front bench is falling on that Sabre and will be subject to defamatory action.

    Labor will win the election…no risk

  103. Sue, Thank you for your kind comment wrt my poem, and it was terribly remiss of me to not reply earlier.
    But you can rest assured that I have given myself a stern talking to.
    Sadly between the stupidity of JB, the LNP and the trolls, I got horribly sidetracked and it completely slipped my mind. 😳

    How embarrassment. 😳 again.


  104. T/S ” Tony Abbotts Christmas Do, coming to a post near you very soon.”
    …. buncha .. ho, ho, ho ‘s …. ( and lets not forget the poster for the ‘do’… if ya break it ya pay for it )


    But Mr Pyne says Ms Gillard invited questioning three weeks ago.

    “The Prime Minister was standing up at the dispatch box and screeching across the chamber ‘If you’ve got a question to ask me, ask me’,” he said.

    “So we’ve asked all week questions to her, and she doesn’t answer them.

  106. “So we’ve asked all week questions to her, and she doesn’t answer them.

    Wrong Pyne, she has answered them in spades, many times, but you don’t like the answers she gives so ignore them. That’s the truth of it, the opposition won’t accept any answer other than “I’m guilty and will immediately dissolve government and hand it to you for nothing”.

    To that end the opposition will lie and smear, and demand different answers to questions already answered dozens of times. All the while their stocks go down,

    Note people that Pyne has now come into the attack and Bishop’s attack role has been reduced, illustrating the utter failure and embarrassment she has been in this.

  107. Gotta like the projection going on in full by the right wingers. Pyne saying Gillard was “screeching” when it was Pyne doing the screeching in that whiny voice of his.

  108. “I’m guilty and will immediately dissolve government and hand it to you for nothing”.

    Its more likely the PM will get rolled by the back bench before she bows her head to the Opposition.

  109. Ricky
    Julie Bishops representing her partner with the investigation of his crime of requesting information about whether a person has a criminal past.

    and his big defence “no wonder, i couldn’t remember that conversation with the deputy police commissioner it was 6 months ago” and to add to that he then went on
    to say” besides as lord mayor i make hundreds of phone calls a week, so any conversation with a police officer is not something i would remember”

    So Julie Bishop liar and hypocrite.

  110. God you’re full of shit el gordo.

    Where is your evidence Gillard is being rolled?

    You have none. Like you always do you have a read a snippet somewhere from a right wing source and used it to come out with a one line troll statement, to repeat as though you are an insider with authority on the matter.

    Yet again you are totally wrong.

  111. Mobius Ecko

    Pyne on the tele emphasised how Bishop had to be hidden from the press yesterday. The only time seen or words spoken by Bishop were in the protection of the parliament.

  112. Lets be clear. Nothing new this morning.

    The PM has said she gave legal advice. That the fund did not belong to the union.

    What has changed this morning. If,in the letter that probably existed, she said the same.

    Was that illegal at the time. It appears not.

    Brandis said in the coward castle and Abbott this morning, are very careful in saying APPEARS illegal.

    Windsor, many issues out there beside the UWA. Many more things going on. ABC24.

    Pyne. said that she said spent the week, that she felt she was dealing with the union. Yes, but he has twisted what the PM said., The PM said that the fund was not connected to the AWU. She also said that Wilson was an official of that union, when asked why she did not tell the AWU.

    Pyne challenged. The PM said she did not have to inform the AWU, as she was dealing with AWU officials.

    They are two different matters, the opposition is trying to merge into one. Accusing the PM of stealing a letter from the archives, is really stretching things.

    The reason that Slater and Gordon cease dealing with all parties, was the fact that when Wilson left the AWU, they became separate entities, that led to conflict of interest.

  113. Would love to know what the ex-partner beef is with Slater and Gordon. A lot more that Ms. Gillard I would believe.

  114. Mobius at some point in the dim past you may have done political science, its all about projection.

    So joolya knows the back bench is getting worried and for good reason. A March election is her best bet.

  115. And the purpose of Abbott was to destroy the the PM’s positive message on policy. Policy that is for the national good.

    Yesterday the policy was Education/Gonski and the beginning for recognition of the first Australians in the constitution but for the media where is Julie Bishop was the theme. So Bishop lied about talking to Blewitt than hid from the media and what a wonderful sacrifice for the Abbott ambition. The media played its part beautifully.

    Today the policy delivery is about our disabled, yes the introduction of NDIS. So today Abbott himself is playing the gamble by weaving the message Gillard, broke law, union, HSU.

    So for Abbott, Mr Negativity, nothing is worthwhile for the nation except his own blinding ambition. And the media jumps at his shadows looking into gutters looking for any dirt to justify their loyalty and promotion for a “thing” that offers no vision for the nation.

  116. Rather than support the 1000’s of disabled Australians and their carers, Tony Abbott has got the media attention for himself.

    What a disgrace of a man..I hope all those who support the NDIS, spread the word that Abbott wanted the media to focus on him rather than support the government in the introduction of the NDIS bill.

    The supporters of the NDIS should spread the news that Abbott chose not to sit opposite the PM as she read the NDIS Bill to the parliament.

  117. Just listened to Paul Bongiorno om ABC Radio 702. He agrees with what I have written above. There is nothing new released the today ant that Mr. Abbott and the Liberals have badly over reached.

    Also the scenario I have put forward to what will occur in the lower house is in play today.The MSSO are on, attempting to get Morrison’s asylum seeker personal bill treated as urgent. Government is blocking the process. Does not consider it urgent, as they said it bought in Monday, now it is Thursday. Effort on behalf of Morrison failed, as all knew it would. Just a time wasting stunt.

  118. More problems for Abbott. I believe, Maybe one he would be more prudent to focus on. Dirt campaigns can back fire badly. Not a smoking gun, but a misfiring cap gun.

    THE Liberal Party will stagger into the election year of 2013 without a candidate on the ground in Labor’s most marginal seat in NSW.

    Party officials have abandoned efforts to endorse a candidate this year in the outer-western Sydney seat of Greenway, where factional jockeying has stalled the preselection process.

  119. ME. what is worse, Pyne taking an answer from one question, to prove she lied to another. What I am saying the PM said that the instrument that was set up, was not for the union. Second that she did not have to notify the union, as she was dealing with the officials of the union. Both statement are correct.

    Where Pyne and co can find a lie there is beyond me.

    That is what they are pushing today.

  120. el gordo, we have a PM who is willing to listen and take on board new advice. It

    The decision was a good one. Neither Hawke, Evans or Carr got what they really wanted. That we should support Palestine. What we got is the first step, that we refrain from voting. Labor and I believe Australia does support a two stare solution. This is not in agreement with the USA. That in itself is a good move.

    el gordo, this is what is important about that story, not whether the PM got rolled or not.

  121. Paul Bongiorno, also said that we are at the same place with the alleged AWU scandal, that we were at first thing Monday morning.

    All the screaming and shrieking in the house and out of it, has not change the matter one iota.

    A wasted week for the Opposition. What is good, it has not manage to waste parliament time, as I fear.

    All we are hearing today is MAY have been against the law.

    The government has been fully in control throughout the week.

    We have Mr. Brandis saying much is illegal, but no predictions, whether about Thomson, Slipper or this matter has come to fruition. One should question his credibility.

  122. Poker machine bill now being debated. Worth listening, for one thing only, how hard the Liberals are fighting for the industry, not the addicts.

    Yesterday afternoon the PM extended QT to 3.30, instead of 3.10, daring Mr. Abbott bring it on. He did not have the guts. He did not have the guts to pull his usual MSSO stunt. Wonder why.

    I expect the PM to go in for the kill today. Should be easy to do. A couple of legal opinions from more than one site should put the matter to bed.

    The vote on the attempted MSSO this morning was 65 to 70 something. I think that is a couple short on behalf of the Coalition. Cannot remember the actual numbers they have but the vote is generally much closer than that.

  123. Sue, at least there were three Opposition members in the house, with one at the table, unlike Monday.

    That is an improvement. Cannot see who they are though.

    Once again, appears to show the PM ….

  124. Paul Bongiorno, also said that we are at the same place with the alleged AWU scandal, that we were at first thing Monday morning.

    Sorry, I don’t agree with him there CU

    I think we are at the same place with the alleged AWU scandal, that we were at 17 bloody years ago.

  125. Tom, I think the problem might be, that no laws were broken nearly twenty years ago. 17 years ago, the story was already becoming stale.

    It might not have been pretty, or honourable, but laws broken, I expect not.

    As Howard was in power for 12 years after that, what did he do to tighten up the laws.

    The truth is that the matter was not considered that important, until Ms. Gillard became PM.

  126. the story was already becoming stale.

    Even a few in the MSM are starting to wonder what it is all about.

    Only the ideologically driven or those with more self involvement with the players than they freely admit (the best man springs to mind) appear to be pushing it now.

    The remainder seem to be going ‘what the!’

  127. Yes, that photo by Alex Ellinghausen says it all really. Where was the opposition and its front bench? Oh, that’s right, they were all out supporting their fearless leader’s newest book-launch and his following diatribe about how much he cares about this country and its people.
    What hypocrisy.
    The LNP are mostly made up of people who seem to be too weak-kneed to come out and tell their fearless leader to just shut up. How can anyone take this man seriously anymore.
    The bills that are being placed before the house at present are some of the most important pieces of legislation for this country’s future and he is out there advertising his book!!!!!!
    People, we need to make a very concerted effort to just keep showing this man and his front bench up for what they are. A bunch of cowardly self opinionated idiots – the worst I have had the misfortune to witness in all of my life.
    That we have a press gallery who are just as bad makes my blood boil. If you read Wixxy’s latest blog about the concentration of ownership of MSM in this country and the overseeing, supposedly regulating body that oversees it, also makes me see red.
    Back in Little Johnny’s day, he just quietly rearranged the balance of reporting in this country. Did we know any of this? No, probably because we were all too busy trying to survive in this dog – eat dog world.
    It is just a very sad fact that you cannot get unbiased reporting in the MSM. Thank heavens we have the 5th estate which is now proving to have a much wider reach to the general public.
    Let’s keep up the pressure on the LNP. (the real liar’s party) can’t believe I once voted for them, though it was a long time ago now.
    Our PM is leading her party and this country well. At least when she is talking to the press gallery she looks straight into the camera. Today’s clip on ABC24 has TA making his big bold statements, never once looking into the camera, his eyes darting sideways and then down. The body language says it all (evasion of truth!!)

  128. Abbott to reinforce support for NDIS

    Opposition leader Tony Abbott will reinforce his support for a National Insurance Disability Scheme at a rally in Perth today.

    In a whirlwind visit to WA, the Liberal leader will also visit a local business in Kwinana at 10am to talk to the owner about issues facing small businesses.

    Disabled people, carers and supporters will march from the Hay Street Mall to Stirling Gardens where a public rally will be held in support of the NDIS outside Council House at 12.30pm.

  129. “the story was already becoming stale.”

    Wishful thinking, it’s just got a whole lot worse.

    “a document released today after 17 years, comes after days of stonewalling by the Prime Minister, including in parliament, on the question of whether she had personally vouched for the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association. The document, a record of interview between Ms Gillard and her law firm, Slater & Gordon, in September 1995, reveals the association was initially regarded as ineligible because of its “trade union” status.
    Ms Gillard overcame the obstacle by writing to the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs in Western Australia in 1992 and arguing that the decision to bar it should be reversed…” It also revealed she she “cut and pasted” some of the rules from her earlier personal work incorporating the controversial Socialist Forum, which she helped found at Melbourne University in the 1980s.

    Gillard tried to make out she was “just a typist” at the socialist forum….and has refused to answer directly about influencing the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs in Western Australia….

    “Gillard’s prime ministership has turned into a cross between Judge Judy (“they done me wrong your honour”) and CSI (join the dots, find the culprits).

    Nikki Savva nails it:
    “ONE way or another everybody ends up paying for their mistakes. The bigger the mistake, the bigger the price, bigger still if the doer holds high office.

    Julia Gillard has made a few doozies in her life and she is paying for them now. Call it karma, call it retribution, call it plain old revenge, Gillard is suffering from events of 17 years ago, and not only because, as Nicola Roxon observed, she might have had bad taste in men. You think? She is ending the parliamentary year as she began it. Very badly. Her enemies inside and outside, in front of her and behind her, will not give up, confident any poll improvement is ephemeral”

  130. tree, sad to say, you are clutching at straws. There is not one thing true. Not one thing to prove the PM wrong.

    It is still as the PM has been saying for 17 years.

  131. “ONE way or another everybody ends up paying for their mistakes. The bigger the mistake, the bigger the price, bigger still if the doer holds high office.”

    Trouble is, neither are that bi. Will only be a little splash.

    Yep agree. Mr. Abbott and Ms Bishop need to be careful today, they do not misstep.

  132. Just had a thought, the WA registry much have accepted the PM’s legal opinion, as it seems to have settled the matter. That it was not a union but personal instrument of Mr. Wilson.

  133. …………..And in Australia? The big issue is about the Prime Minister’s supposed participation in a union slush fund 17 years ago.

    There is no smoking gun. There is in fact no evidence, but the Opposition is plugging away day after day with its Australian Workers Union/Gillard file to denigrate the Prime Minister.

    It doesn’t matter that there is no evidence. The Opposition hopes their suggestion, hints and now accusations will stick. And what an accusation from the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Julie Bishop, clearly doing Tony Abbott’s dirty work so he can avoid reinforcing the sexist and misogynist label Julia Gillard tagged him so successfully with a few weeks back.

    According to Lateline here is what Bishop said:

    She and Wilson and Blewitt wanted to hide from the AWU the fact that an unauthorised entity was being set up to siphon funds through it for their benefit and not for the benefit of the AWU.

    She tried to backtrack later saying ‘their benefit’ did not include Gillard. English is a funny language isn’t it? Alice in Wonderland comes to mind.

    Then you should say what you mean,’ the March Hare went on. And maybe with Julie Bishop too. She appears to be sleepwalking through this.

    `I do,’ Alice hastily replied; `at least–at least I mean what I say–that’s the same thing, you know.’

    `Not the same thing a bit!’ said the Hatter. `You might just as well say that “I see what I eat” is the same thing as “I eat what I see”!’

    `You might just as well say,’ added the March Hare, `that “I like what I get” is the same thing as “I get what I like”!’

    `You might just as well say,’ added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, `that “I breathe when I sleep” is the same thing as “I sleep when I breathe”!’

    `It IS the same thing with you,’ said the Hatter…

    Bishop has no evidence of fraud by Gillard. It’s time to go Julie, and take Tony with you.

    Does the ruling class really want these 2 nincompoops managing capitalism for them?…..

  134. Has it not been a muck up week, on behalf of the Opposition.

    Muck up day: MPs will struggle to find anything nice to say about their opponents today in customary end-of-year valedictories. The last day of parliament in what both sides say has been a “toxic” year will be dominated again by the bitter debate over the AWU slush fund scandal.

  135. This is a shame. Many from both sides would have benefited from such a session. It was court ordered, I believe.

    How’s your father: Members and senators have shunned anti-sexual harassment training sessions provided as part of the government’s settlement with Peter Slipper accuser James Ashby. The training, organised by Special Minister of State Gary Gray, included a presentation by law firm Ashurst Australia and advice from senior Department of Finance officials. It’s understood just 13 of 226 MPs attended a session on Tuesday evening. A second session was held last night. Many MPs have been angered by what they see as an implicit suggestion they that need to be told how to avoid sexually harassing staff members. An online training course will be made available soon.

  136. This is an extract from the transcript of a meeting between Slater & Gordon senior partner Peter Gordon, general manager Geoff Shaw and salaried partner Julia Gillard on September 11, 1995.

    PETER GORDON: All right, well, let’s talk about the AWU Workplace Reform Association Account. That account, as you’ve said, is an account which was the account belonging to an incorporated association by the same name which was incorporated by Slater & Gordon at (Bruce) Wilson’s, on Wilson’s instructions following your advice to him which you described earlier.

    JULIA GILLARD: That’s right.

    PG: And that happened in or about mid-1992.

    JG: That’s right.

    PG: And last Monday I think you gave to Paul Mulvaney a follow-up which demonstrates that Slater & Gordon had drafted model rules for, for that, had submitted those rules to the relevant Western Australian government authority, that there’d been a letter from the authority suggesting that it might be a trade union and therefore ineligible for incorporation under that legislation, and that we had prepared a response submitted on Wilson’s instructions to that authority suggesting that in fact it wasn’t a trade union and arguing the case for its incorporation. My recollection is that all of that happened in or about mid-1992. Is that right?
    Digital Pass $1 for first 28 Days

    JG: I wouldn’t want to be held to the dates without looking at the file, but whatever the dates the file shows are the right dates, so . . .

    PG: Yes. And to the extent that work was done on that file in relation to that it was done by you?

    JG: That’s right.

    PG: And did you get advice from anyone else in the firm in relation to any of those matters?

    JG: No I didn’t.

    PG: Did Tony Lang have anything to do with the model rules or the drafting of them?

    JG: No, I obtained, I had just in my own personal precedent file a set of rules for Socialist Forum which is an incorporated association in which I’m personally involved. Tony Lang and I drew those rules some years ago. Tony more than me. And I’ve just kept them hanging around as something I cut and paste from for drafting purposes, and I obtained, I don’t quite recall how now but I obtained the model rules under the WA act and I must have done the drafting just relying on those two sources. I don’t have any recollection of sitting down with Tony or any other practitioner and talking through the draft of the rules.

    PG: Do you recall whether when it was necessary to argue the case with the, with the relevant Western Australian authority, whether you consulted anyone else in the firm as to what would or would not get, become acceptable or appropriate?

    JG: I once again don’t recall talking to anybody else in the firm about it.

    PG: Beyond that, and it seems from the file that after that letter it was successfully accepted as an incorporated association and duly was created and presumably accounts were set up. I should ask did we have anything to do with the setting up of the accounts or was that done by the officers of the incorporated association?

    JG: Slater & Gordon didn’t have anything, did not have anything to do with setting up bank accounts for that association. We attended to the incorporation.

    PG: Can I ask you then following the last thing that we did to setting up the incorporation, which appears from the file to be the letter arguing that it ought to be not construed as a trade union, did you have anything personally to do with that incorporated association afterwards?

    JG: No I did not.

    PG: Right, to the best of your knowledge did anyone at Slater & Gordon?

    JG: To my knowledge no one at Slater & Gordon had anything to do with it post that time.

  137. It took a hundred years, but at last a result. The NDIS has only been around since the 1970’s.

    I first started working on the problems of the Murray-Darling river system 30 years ago, just as the great expansion of irrigated agriculture was reaching its limits. I’ve done a lot of different things since then, but kept on coming back to this issue. For a brief moment after the election of the Rudd government and the implementation of the Water for the Future plan, it seemed like Australia finally had the policy right. The government would buy back enough of the water rights it had given away in the past, and use them to restore something close enough to natural flow patterns to protect the most vulnerable natural environments. The money spent on the purchases would ease the pain of the adjustments that have been going on for decades anyway, as a result of “closer settlement” policies that encouraged the creation of farms too small to support a family properly. ….

  138. Well that transcript backs up everything that the PM has said.

    If those sharpest of legal minds of the Liberals, Bishop and Brandis, think that the transcript implies the PM did something illegal than Bishop and Brandis should resign. If Bishop and Brandis were able to convince Abbott, Pyne and Turnbull that this was the evidence to” get Gillard” or to make her position “untenable ” then they should resign as well.

  139. Apparently the PM has written to Fairfax about their reporting. As Mark Baker has once before had to write an apology, I wonder if he will be the next to become a blogmaster.

  140. Gillard to Fairfax

  141. Wrong again Treeman.

    Poor bloke believing so much in the right media who have time and again proven to peddle falsehoods in front of an ideological agenda that he quotes them time and again, and time and again ends up with egg on his face.

    There’s so much egg there now he’s being mistaken for an undercooked omelette.

  142. “Gillard tried to make out she was “just a typist” at the socialist forum….and has refused to answer directly about influencing the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs in Western Australia….”

    Once again your comprehension skills are once again letting you down.

    The PM is claiming the opposite, that she is not a typist or clerical. She was an young lawyer giving legal advice.

    What in the hell has her university days got to do about the matter.

  143. My god the Liberals are unbelievable liars.

    Let’s forget the string of lies Abbott came out with in his interview this morning. An interview by the way the ABC edited to make Abbott look better when he was asked a hairy question and they cut the vision, went back to the studio where the presenter said we will now go back to the interview with Abbott, then they came in at a later point. It was clumsy and obvious by the ABC.

    First the Liberals keep stating, as Pyne did last night, that Gillard has avoided answering the question when it’s on the record she has answered it several times.

    Second they keep saying she set up the fund when the documentary evidence clearly shows she didn’t.

    Third they are averring that she stated at the time the association has no union links when again the documentary evidence shows she did no such thing.

    The Liberals are going to end up in a world of hurt over this, you can feel their implosion building.

  144. How many will Abbott take with him when the party realises how much he has f***ed up this week?
    I bet they go for a clean sweep. There are plenty from the back bench who have been itching to get a go and just looking at the old tired Howard ministry, no love there.

  145. If you get a chance to watch that interview with Abbott this morning you would have gotten a glimpse of the real man as the door opened and he swaggered out.

    The unbelievable amount of unbridled arrogance being displayed was telling. I immediately thought of Newman as it was that look of arrogance but magnified several times that was on show.

    I believe what you are seeing in Newman, with his collapsing party and support around him whilst he stuffs up Queensland is what you will see on a greater scale at the National level with Abbott in charge. I doubt Abbott will last out his first term as PM if he becomes PM but the damage wrought in the meantime will be considerable.

  146. “There’s so much egg there now he’s being mistaken for an undercooked omelette.”

    I would not be surprised if they used rotten eggs, the prong is so bad.

    What I do not understand why the Opposition is going down this path. They are either not listening to answers or are deliberately setting out to mislead.

    Has not been for the last twenty years.

    Why has Blewitt taken off so quickly. Could not have other charges to face, outside this business.

    If anything has come out of this, it would be to wonder who the biggest alleged criminal was, Wilson or Blewitt.

    There might be a story there for a decent journalist to explore.

  147. sue @ 9.31
    Great photo. Will it some to anything? Nah.
    But at least there’s more lieberals in the chamber than turned up to vote when Rudd’s A.S. legislation was decided.

  148. The older Bishop trying to get vote upset on poker machines. Claiming a MP is not entitled to vote.

    No one on the side of the Opposition seem to be backing Bishop.

    One of the Labor PM’s is on the board of a club, I believe. Could be the member for Banks.

  149. It also forces Mr Abbott into the frontline attack.

    quoteSpeaker I move that so much of standing and sessional orders be suspended as would allow the leader of the Opposition to address the House for a period of fifteen minutes to substantiate his claim that the Prime Minister has breached the laws of WA or if he cannot do so, to unreservedly apologise.

    That following the leader of the Opposition’s address, the Prime Minister be given fifteen minutes to reply. Speaker, Australians are rightly sick of sleaze and smear.

    It also forces Mr Abbott into the frontline attack.

    quoteSpeaker I move that so much of standing and sessional orders be suspended as would allow the leader of the Opposition to address the House for a period of fifteen minutes to substantiate his claim that the Prime Minister has breached the laws of WA or if he cannot do so, to unreservedly apologise.

    That following the leader of the Opposition’s address, the Prime Minister be given fifteen minutes to reply. Speaker, Australians are rightly sick of sleaze and smear.

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