The headline no one’s buying

It’s unlikely that anyone has picked up a newspaper, hopped on the internet or turned on the TV and not heard about the informants some media ninja has plucked out of nowhere to toss Julia Gillard’s prime ministership into the bins of history over the AWU ‘scandal’.

The media has been in a frenzy over the last couple of days demanding a statement from the Prime Minister and one media legend, Steve Lewis, has provided his dear readers on a list of the matters that they will need to know, in order of course, to form an opinion that is even more detrimental to Ms Gillard than the one they’ve already orchestrated.

The headline to Master Lewis’s article appeared strategically placed on the front page of today.

He needn’t have bothered as it looks like no one cares about the story apart from the media themselves. On’s front page they also have a list of their ten most read stories of the day and apparently their zillions of readers aren’t much interested in what Ms Gillard did 17 years ago or what Mr Lewis says as the story sits at number 10. As a story in pales in comparison to stories that are a bit more refreshing and crappy than the stale rubbish they want to ram down our throats. Enjoy the list.

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  1. Migs, even Conrad Black is getting higher billing tonight on Lateline.

    Did one noticed at the PM PC today, the questions were heard. The cameras were put onto the journalists. There were not many, they appeared a little sheepish, looking towards the ground, not the PM. They did not take up the PM’s challenge to ask any questions, especially the one that says what she had done wrong.

  2. Migs, the more interesting part of the non-story is the, thus far ignored, money trail financing the Ralph Blewit return and the other players popping out of the woodwork, with nothing more than personal opinion and innuendo to try to further discredit a legitimately elected PM.
    Steve Lewis seems to be driven by obsession, to the point of, dare one say, mental illness.
    One could almost conclude that his entire future hangs in the balance.

    Abbott has gone to great lengths to state that he wants to give the PM the” benefit of the doubt” but she needs stop stonewalling.
    This from the man (?) who runs from any questions of substance, about a woman who answered every question from the media until their questions were completely exhausted… What a joke he is… A bad joke that is.

    The trolls are becoming positively apoplectic, as their imaginations go into overdrive, their disappointment will be overwhelming as the whole thing fizzles out.

    Interesting week ahead.

    Cheers 😀

  3. It may be that avid followers of Steve Lewis are just waiting in excited anticipation for the truth to emerge.
    The ute gate- godwin grech email trail as exposed by Lewis only got exciting when the police turned up at grech’s house. Talk about a media frenzy, Lewis was so smug right up to …………. the truth got out.

    Then earlier this year we had Lewis arranging accomodation, pr teams and possibly lawyers for his Ashby scoop. Can hardly wait until all the facts about Ashby are finally exposed. Lucky we have IA

    but always ready for another smear/bullsh!t campaign Lewis is trying ever so hard, to convince his followers what they must know about Gillard.

    Oh well, I suppose sales of the book he co-wrote with Uhlmann have not taken off

  4. Don’t worry about the papers tomorrow, apparently to “divert attention from the PM, the government will introduce legislation about Gonski and NDIS next week”

    Isn’t that just so typical of this disgraceful/ worst ever government, they introduce Bills that will actually be for the benefit of educating our children and looking after our disabled. Shocking!!!!

    I hope the true visitors to the Cafe are as outraged as our MSM on this extraordinary development.

  5. I wonder if Greece is having the same problem as us with them ‘orrible boat peoples……. one could look at the ‘growing’ numbers as an endorsement of ‘our’ position in the world… mmm !!!
    …if Abbortt is finally recognising the ‘Plane’ people one would assume that he may have ‘finally’ got his head around the ‘term’ illegal … a.k.a. over stay visa= illegal…… throw your ‘lot’ to the wind or die trying=refugee=asylum seeker=legal… Boat people are a reallity beyond politics, punishing people that recognise Australia as a good place to ‘live’, is some what un-fair dinkom,… but then again thats something the sheet-wearers (with eye holes 😉 ) of the right will never understand….. Fair dinkom !!!!!!!!

  6. LOVO, I believe that Greece and countries like Italy have greater problems with people coming by boats.

    Abbott is not at least with those, which are illegal, and now said to number in the 100.000 over stayers, all in work. Of course they come from countries such as Ireland and England,

  7. No matter that they were due to be introduced at this time.

    I supposed all the bills signed off this week are for the same reason.

    If one took time to take noticed, that has been happening nearly every day, all this year.

  8. Yes, it’s a bit of a fizzer so far, let’s hope it backfires. But it serves to keep the pressure on, giving the opportunity for idiotic stories such as sue mentions at 11.41.
    Plus I suspect the self appointed media heavies may declare that Julia must appear before THEM instead of today’s first flighters. At a time & place of their choosing. Fuck ’em.
    And nobody seeks to query where the money to fund Blewitt & his “legal team” comes from. If they haven’t got around to asking about Ashby’s crew yet then Blewitt’s safe.
    One of the things that really pisses me off in this life is those situations we’ve all been in where your inquisitors have committed at least as many offences as they accuse you of. That’s happening here.

  9. Carrier pigeon losing its way & crashing here for the night tells me in confidence that in order to take the pressure off the PM the government is to declare war on Atlantis. Remember I told you first. Steve & Dennis won’t be far behind.

  10. They did not take up the PM’s challenge to ask any questions,…

    But, but, CU. What about all those questions the PM must answer as a matter of urgency? You know all those questions that the likes of Mike Smith and Steve Lewis insist must be answered? Do you think they left the list on the table?

    Sue, typical of this incompetent mob! Passing legislation instead of attending to the really important stuff like asking the questions Steve Lewis’s imaginary friend made up.

    Hmmm! Atlantis, you say, Bob. I heard it was Troy.

  11. jane
    I think Troy’s an idea of Abbott’s. I saw him at a joinery the other day looking at how many policies he could fit in this bloody big horse they’re building there & complaining it would be ruined by the carbon tax.

  12. Bob, that was no horse, it was a big, wooden Mincing poodle, and there was no room for policies, as it was so full of shit. And it wouldn’t work anyway, cos they would park it in the Solomon Islands to avoid paying any tax on it.

    Jane, the main question on their lips is;


    The second question is;

    Why can’t we think of any other questions?

    Cheers 😆 😆 😆

  13. The Liberal media (which is, all the media) are really shitting themselves now.

    That the Liberals need all the media on-side shows how utterly worthless and desperate the conservative position is.

  14. Migs
    Yer dreamin if you think that this scandal will go away, Gillard was literally in bed with a crook when she was a partner at Slater and Gordon and if you think that will be forgotten when the election rolls around you must be suffering from a case of excessive optimism and wishful thinking.

  15. Iain, you are right. It is not going away. The media will not let that occur.

    I believe you could be wrong, if you think the public cares.

    Have gone out of my way to bring it up while out and about. No response. Bring up what is happening to trains etc. Yes, plenty of response.

    The trouble is, like everything else wit this Opposition and the media that supports it, they do it to death.

  16. Iain, it happened or most of it, before she was a partner I believe. The so called ex-partner, did not have much to do with the PM. In another department, in another section. In fact it would have been his tole to oversee the conveyancing, Why is he coming forward now. This matter has been in media many times in the last two decades. Only now does he suspect criminal activity.

    I believe and it has been reported, that the partner making the allegations had more problems within Gordon ans Slater than the PM.

    Sour grapes and revenge comes to mind.

    The same goes for Blewitt.

    Both appear to have axes to grind, along with Mr. Smith.

    That is the message I believe many are seeing. They just do not see Blewitt as a respectable witness.

  17. CU
    Like Migs I think that you are suffering from an excess of wishful thinking.

    This interview from Gillard is rather telling she comes across as being evasive and to my mind rather tricky.

    The fact that she tries to pretend that the document in question is entirely unrelated to the AWU when in fact it concerns the property that was purchased with those stolen AWU funds and that she was living in with Wilson just beggars belief. As does her claim that she could not remember the details, memory is a strange creature for sure but the document was not something that she would have missed given her relationship with Wilson and the AWU.
    Further the way she uses the same phases and rehearsed lines repeatedly suggests that she is being less than honest as well. As does her strained tone and body language.

  18. Caucus knows Labor will be wiped out at the next election, but ideally, for the sake of the party, they hope to minimise the disaster.

    Joolya should be replaced as leader immediately or they run the risk of having the Independents side with the Opposition in a ‘no confidence motion’, which might bring down the government.

    A speech along the lines of “I have decided to stand aside until this matter is sorted…” should be enough to give Labor a fighting chance to reduce the carnage at the election.

  19. Iain, nothing evasive in that interview yesterday. The PM looked them straight in the eye and challenge all present to ask questions. There were none coming. Just sheepish looks from the journalist.

    How dies one give answers top alleged slurs and innuendos. That is all that is abroad.

    No accusation of any wrong doing, that one can reply to.

    Wishful thinking maybe, but not as

    This time last year, Abbott was boasting he would be in the lodge for Christmas, Well he is not boasting this year, but is still desperately trying hard to get there.

    I suspect he will not t\be there next year as well.

  20. I love the look on the face of the lady standing behind Tony.

    and and and along with her her her and up and up up

  21. “Further the way she uses the same phases and rehearsed lines repeatedly suggests that she is being less than honest as well.”
    Iain, That describes that last two years of the LNP and every comment made by you and every other troll.

    Hoisted by your own petard…… you people really are idiots.

    el drongo, you are delusional, as the only thing to be wiped out at the next election will be the smug self righteousness of the bought and paid for MSM and LOTO, as their snotty noses are rubbed in their own irrelevance.
    And their mindless sycophants like you and Iain will be left crying foul and wondering where it all went wrong.

    Enjoy your delusions while you can, that is if you can continue to ignore the mirror image of the damage that your team would do reflected back at you from Screwman, O’Stuffup and buggeryou.

    Cheers 😆 😆 😆

  22. Cuppa
    just look at the expression on Tony’s face and his body language in your clip he gets the joke and is amused by it even though he does not play along. By comparison Gillard is both fearful and annoyed as she delivers her well rehearsed answers. One thing about liars is that they tend to tell their lies in with the same words over and phrases and over just as Gillard does. Her tension about these matters is palpable, likewise things like her brushing her hair back is another tell that she is being less than honest.

  23. Lenore Taylor in The Age today:

    …Voters are fed up with tricky political manoeuvres and policies that may win a tabloid headline but don’t actually make sense.

    […] what they really, really want are politicians who solve problems in a civilised and constructive way and who focus on issues important to their lives – the economy, health, education.

    Read more:

    And the Liberals have got nothing but smear and dirty tricks.

    Lies Not Policies – LNP.

  24. Tony’s face and his body language in your clip he gets the joke and is amused by it even though he does not play along

    That’s just absolute spin. The look on his face is of a fish out of water. He’s too thick to even explain a dumb three word LIEberal slogan. See how he stammers:

    “and and and and and and…”

    Before stalking off humiliated without a further word, the cameras on him every step.


    The joke is Abbott and the LIEberals.

  25. Cuppa

    I haven’t read Lenore’s article yet but from the comment about what voters want The economy, health and education. I hope Lenore goes on to say just how the government has delivered.

    Lenore could do the electorate a favour and report every day about it.

  26. Now that was a waste, I read the article. Lines and lines about refugees

    eventually Lenore mentions her own “straw poll” on health and education.

    OOPS ! that was off the previous paragraphs themes so she finished her story.

  27. Sue, It’s not the worst article Lenore Taylor has written. While it is about policy, it’s the politics of the policy that she’s writing about. She suggests the situation is in flux: many people are undecided.

    Of course, in a balanced media environment the public would be well-informed of Labor’s full complement of sensible policies and the NOalition’s lack of same. But the public are denied that useful information by the media. So as usual, the Noalition limp along with the media holding them up and supporting them as they go.

  28. Factless troll
    NOVEMBER 24, 2012 @ 7:21 AM
    Yer dreamin if you think that this scandal will go away, Gillard was literally in bed with a crook when she was a partner at Slater and Gordon

    Literally in bed with a crook….?

    Factless Troll
    NOVEMBER 24, 2012 @ 7:52 AM
    Like Migs I think that you are suffering from an excess of wishful thinking.
    This interview from Gillard is rather telling she comes across as being evasive and to my mind rather tricky.

    being evasive and to my mind rather tricky.?

    Factless Troll
    NOVEMBER 24, 2012 @ 8:30 AM
    just look at the expression on Tony’s face and his body language in your clip he gets the joke and is amused by it even though he does not play along. By comparison Gillard is both fearful and annoyed as she delivers her well rehearsed answers.

    Media degree?..Body language, Facial expressions?..Have he consulted a clairvoyant?….With that type of analysis maybe the factless troll should be working for TDT, ACA or the Bolt report.

  29. Cuppa

    about right for Lenore the “politics of the policy” about how she defended “the politics of the misogyny speech”

    Rather than telling us that we want to hear about health and education, how about Lenore write about what is happening in these areas. i just had a look at her list of articles, she doesn’t write about health, education. Was Lenore at the NPC for Tony Burke and the MDB , after 100years of dispute, and yet no article by Lenore.

    so my argument is the argument about our msm, don’t opine about what voters want, write about that what they want is happening is being delivered.

    and Lenore can start on Monday as 2 Bills will hit the parliament Gonski and NDIS, but I won’t hold my breath about Lenore.

  30. Cuppa

    Of course, in a balanced media environment the public would be well-informed of Labor’s full complement of sensible policies and the NOalition’s lack of same. But the public are denied that useful information by the media. So as usual, the Noalition limp along with the media holding them up and supporting them as they go.


    Saying Labor’s woes are all the fault of the media is utter bollocks!
    Labor are the authors of their own woes due incompetence and ideological stupidity

  31. Michael, Murdoch doesn’t want the NBN as it’ll hurt his pocket. Abbott doesn’t want the NBN as it’ll hurt Murdoch. He keeps selling his arse to big money.

  32. Yep Iain, Labor is so incompetent the economy has grown by 5% whilst most comparable countries are going backwards.

  33. Roswell, if you want that car you’ll have to join the NSW Police. Or if you just want a ride in it, try outrunning one across the Hay Plains. :mrgreen:

  34. Ah, I see Factless Troll is at it again with his usual Right Wing bullshit. If this story is so important, then why is it having so little impact on the polls? Gillard continues to improve whilst Abbott gets increasingly unpopular. Labor, too, has continued to gain ground throughout this confected scandal. Tells me the average punter doesn’t give a s**t about this matter, but are much more concerned by the lack of Federal Coalition policies, & by the policies being brought in by State Coalition Governments.
    Also, I’d just once love to see you provide examples of the Labor Government’s alleged incompetence (though, as a factless troll, I know I shouldn’t have such high expectations). The only area in which I feel Labor are failing is in regards to asylum seekers-but that failure is due to implementation of the Coalition’s preferred method for dealing with the issue-what a surprise…..not!

  35. I see Iaian is also suffering from confirmation bias regarding that video of Abbott. Iain really is quite delusional? Though I guess you have to be to so blindly support Abbott & his mob of clowns!

  36. The idea that Abbott gets that Chaser skit & is cheerfully playing along reminds me of the bit in that 0z beatup collection (called Strewth I think) implying that he was having a marvellous time during the “we’ll take that as a no” interview with Lisa Wilkinson. Are the two pieces written by the same person?

  37. You see, there are genuine issues of corruption which I still feel were never adequately dealt with at the time. Like Stan Howard & National Textiles (the then PM bails out the workers entitlements of his brother’s employees-with tax payers money-no questions asked), the MRI scam, Warwick Parer & his little bit of “insider trading”, the phonecard scandal, the Manildra scandal and-of course-AWB. Heck, I’m also far more interested in Julie “Nuremberg Defense” Bishop’s time as a lawyer-when she sought to delay compensation payments to asbestosis sufferers!

  38. The PM looked them straight in the eye

    How much more ‘evasive’ can you get ❓

    As Jon faine said on his show yesterday, ‘I just don’t get it’

    He asked Mark Baker from The Age why this story should have any legs, and all the ‘journalist’ could say was along the lines of, “well, it’s in the news, so that makes it newsworthy” 😯

    Needless to say, Faine was unimpressed

    I also understand that their big whistle blower blewitt has pretty much fired off a blank, and is now legging it back to the rock he crawled out from under.

    And still nothing that rates as a real ‘story’

    I haven’t bothered with any ‘news’ site yet. Why bother?

  39. Tom R

    Faine obviously upset Baker yesterday as today he has the biggest hissy fit story ever. He even justifies his hissy fit with even the abc is asking questions.

    I hope he goes to Canberra with some allegations, I’m sure Fairfax lawyers will approve.

  40. Basically, the ‘story’ is huge ‘circle jerk’ perpetuated by the media, and the ABC were bullied into picking it up which they pathetically did. imo, that is really the worst aspect of this whole affair, last weekend, murdoch bullied our national broadcaster, and, like the pathetic excuse they are, they followed suit, with some of the worst reporting seen yet in this sorry saga.

    I think the people at 7.30 should be watching what has happened to the BBC in Britain, and should be getting a little nervous

  41. I hope he goes to Canberra with some allegations

    And that is where many people are missing the point I think

    This isn’t about allegations. Allegations, if any, would have been made years ago. This is about perpetuating the story. And every story, which generally talks about the previous article on the story, simply repeats the fact, Gillard once had a ‘boyfriend’, who was a crook.

    Rinse, repeat.

  42. Marcus, confirmation bias is not restricted to one side of politics.

    And a reminder…. the msm is just doing their job of hunting down deceit, innuendo, fraud and political corruption. Its a democracy and the media has a role to play in that process.

    In other countries, when the press is not strong and have become the mouthpiece of the government, you can never be sure what’s going on. Hate media has been correct in digging for dirt and even Fairfax has come belatedly to the realisation that there is something not quite right.

  43. Tom R, all of this new evidence!! Comes from the papers of the man who did the original investigations. If nothing was found well over a decade ago in them, why would it be different today.

    Now I believe that Blewitt resided in the west. How would he be aware of the work done on the PM previous home.

    “By comparison Gillard is both fearful and annoyed as she delivers her well rehearsed answers”

    Annoyed maybe, but would that not be justified to be asked, once again, over two decades to answer alleged innuendo and gossip. Probably sound, if they were rehearsed, because she has answered so many times the same pointless questions which are no more than a witch hunt. No accusations are ever made. No crime named.

    Just watched on ABC24, saying that both sides have drawn anger on the present asylum announcements by both parties. Heard a Liberal, which sadly sounds like an idiot say, these people are unemployable, speak no English and have no skills. Would not get work anyway.

    Sorry, many do speak English, many are highly educated. That is the biggest crime in the way they are treated, they have skills we need.

    There are many professionals among them for starters.

    Yes, I would be surprised, if the public reaction was not to her liking. I would say it’s what she has been working for.

    It is now time for the full Houston Plan to be put in place, alleviating the piecemeal situation we have now, and the public is objecting to.

    Time for Abbott to get off his high horse and come to the party.

    Mr. The Abbott’s announcement that he will be cutting the numbers by 7000, will lead to more getting on those boats quickly, knowing that waiting is not worth while. Abbott will not let them come anyway. This Abbott cannot afford to happen.

    We have the Sri Lanka being returned as soon as they land, in the hundreds. This must make matters better.

    Iain, I feel this will be the story, if any, that becomes the headlines.

    As the PM said yesterday, it is hard to talk policy with a man that puts none forwarded. Well now he has, and like each attempt, over the last few weeks, it is another shocker. One easy for Labor to debate.

    The present actions taken in relation to the asylum seekers was to bring ABBOTT ON SIDE, GIVING HIM WHAT HE WANTS. THERE IS NOW ENOUGH PROOF TO DAY IT WILL NOT WORK.

    Time to move on. Time for Abbott to be dinky di.

    PS, I believe that labor is attempting to help the children in detention. That their needs in such things as education are being met.

    Not a good position for children to be in, but at least they are being given the chance to be in a position to achieve when they are released.

  44. Yes, must silliness in this article. The media could report on the many policies being put into place by Labor. Yes the headlines today are on asylum seekers.

    Example of Abbott’s foot in mouth disease.

    Mr. Swan has just announced, we have already budgeted for increase rates of arrivals. Gave credit to both Rudd and Gillard.

    As for the smear campaign, two disgruntled men with personal oars to push.

    Damage is being done by the media, not the PM.

    But then came the illogical pronouncement that he would save $1.3 billion by cutting 6000 refugees coming to Australia from what he called ”the front of the queue” – an intake level that only five months ago he supported when he was desperate to stop some of his own concerned backbenchers from crossing the floor to vote for a possible solution – as a means of dissuading people smugglers.

    Read more:

  45. “Marcus, confirmation bias is not restricted to one side of politics”

    Reporting truth, is not bias. Truth does not need to be balanced, This should only apply to opinion.

  46. Jon Faine has removed this comment from his website…Thankfully a screenshot was saved and there is no better place to post it than here…

    Very disappointed John by your blatant journalistic bias on the AWU story. This story has gone way beyond the point where a serious investigative reporter can reasonably dismiss the case as ranting ‘birthers’ or right wing trogs. I’m an ardent Labour and union supporter. I believe passionately in the light on the hill. But I think the issues in the AWU case go right to the heart of what’s wrong institutionally with the Australian Labor Party.

    Judging from your comments this morning, I don’t expect this comment to get a public airing but I do urge you (as a listener who has had nothing but respect for you for so many years) to consider the veracity of the categorical denial by Julia Gillard that she knew about the mortgage obtained by Wilson (in Blewitt’s name) on the Kerr St property. She flatly denied last night in her statement that she had any recollection of her having any role in organising the mortgage for Wilson’s blatantly fraudulent purchase. OK…consider this:

    If Ms Gillard truly had no role in the mortgage then how is it that other documents in the publicly available conveyancing file clearly show what she has said cannot possibly be true – sourced to those documents. Not only is there the document referred to on last night’s Seven Thirty Report (which records her involvement – albeit denied by her), there is also a file note on the file recording how Julia also asked for a memo on what higher interest rates would be charged on that mortgage if the mortgagee breached certain clauses. Ms Gillard asked for it in writing..and obtained the detail from her then PA.

    This is significant because it proves – definitively – that Ms Gillard is not telling the truth about her supposed lack of knowledge of the mortgage at the time. She clearly knew about the mortgage and she directed the letter not to the registered owner (Blewitt) but to the real beneficiary, Bruce Wilson.

    Your disgraceful attempt to use a character attack on Blewitt to discredit his evidence to Police does you no service. What you don’t seem to understand is that Blewitt admits he’s a crook – his sister’s allegation is not something he disputes. He admits it. Now he’s decided to make a clean breast of it.

    You are a disgrace to your profession.
    I will not be listening to you again.

    Posted by: Sam Deed | November 23, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    The above and many other comments demonstrate just how out of touch and in denial are the many true believers here. Even my mate in the mines who has voted labor all his life is so disgusted he’s joined the conservatives…

  47. Oh and while I’m here, try googling Gillard AWU corruption, Gillard fraud, Gillard rort and then any of the news.coms “top ten” Kinda puts a different perspective on “The headline that no-one’s buying” doesn’t it?

  48. Oh, & here comes trollman….oh, I meant Treeman, to offer up his usual brand of Right Wing dribble. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, yet the “evidence” provided against the Prime Minister has been pathetic to say the least, & Fain’s disparagement of Blewitt is entirely appropriate under the circumstances. The man is a crook who is only here now because (a) some mysterious donor is paying all his costs & (b) because he’s desperate to save his own skin. Still, should we be surprised that Right Wing conspiracy nuts are so happy to associate with the criminal element if they think it’ll get them the outcome they desire. Also, Trollman, just because a howling mob of Tea-Party conspiracy twits are obsessed about this matter does *not* mean it has resonance within the broader community (especially if the polling is any indication). The reality is that, when you consider things like Manildra, MRI Scams, Haneef, National Textiles, AWB & the Phonecard scandal, senior politicians have gotten away, scot free, with far more corrupt activity than what Gillard is *alleged* to have committed. The fact the Murdoch Press never pursued these events with the same tenacity as they’re pursuing Gillard over this matter highlights the sexist, Right Wing bias of the Murdoch Rags.

  49. It will be interesting to see what the Murdoch Rags choose to report when Palmer says his peace about the shenanigans that have been going on within the Queensland branch of the LNP (&, I hope, the rest of the Coalition to boot).

  50. Tree, if one Google what you have said. All roads lead back to Mr. Smith’s or similar sites, repeating what his said.

    Waste of time. No new information.

  51. Absolutely, CU. Just as with the lead-up to the 2012 Presidential Election, the Far Right is living within an Echo Chamber of its own making!

  52. What is frightening, is the fact, I believe we are seeing today, the opening of the Opposition’s election campaign, for elections due the end of next year.

    I believe they believe their own spin. That is that the government cannot bring in a balance budget and will need to go in March.

    Funny that Mr. Abbott would want that, as I am sure it makes it harder for him to go for a DD later on. This would mean the houses would be out of synch, which I believe has not happened since the days of Menzies. I believe it would have to be for the upper house only.

    This government still has room to move, in keeping the budget to surplus. Still plenty of middle to upper class welfare to roll back.

    This PM has proven, she had the ability to plan ahead, and the patience to wait until the time is right. The PM also has the guts to take the hard decisions, if necessary.

  53. Ricky boy

    Media degree?..Body language, Facial expressions?..Have he consulted a clairvoyant?….With that type of analysis maybe the factless troll should be working for TDT, ACA or the Bolt report.

    communication in the media is much more than just the text, it’s about presentation and the fine art of persuasion, something that you obviously don’t understand at all
    Gary @ 9:25 am

    Yep Iain, Labor is so incompetent the economy has grown by 5% whilst most comparable countries are going backwards.

    You have that the wrong way around, the economy is doing well DESPITE their being a Labor government rather than because of it 😉

  54. Right on, Iain. The Racist Party supporters believe that the government is the be all and end all of how the economy performs.

    Must be because of their welfare dependency.

  55. “I believe they believe ”

    ya da ya da ya blah blah I believe that you’d believe anything!

    CU, you have been blathering on for months about the Abbott’s lack of policy and now something has been announced, “frightening, is the fact, I believe we are seeing today, the opening of the Opposition’s election campaign, for elections due the end of next year.

    Boo flaming hoo!

  56. “Must be because of their welfare dependency.”

    Or the public service mentality….fearful that their easy life approaches it’s use by date!

  57. “Fain’s disparagement of Blewitt is entirely appropriate under the circumstances. The man is a crook who is only here now because (a) some mysterious donor is paying all his costs & (b) because he’s desperate to save his own skin.”

    If Blewitt is indeed a crook and, as ABC broadcast Jon Faine suggests, a sleaze, why was he a friend of Gillard’s in the 1990s, receiving even free legal help? Why was the even dodgier Wilson, a con man, Gillard’s boyfriend?

    Strange company for a future Prime Minister….H/T Bolta

  58. So, when is the Racist Party going to release some policy? I mean costed policy that actually will be implemented in this decade.

    I prefer they go the whole term to ensure their total destruction but they will be gone before then.

  59. From Bushfire Bill at Poll Bludger

    Bushfire BillPosted Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 12:44 pm | PermalinkBHIs there a Mark Baker story today?Mark Baker never HAD a story, a real one that is.All he has – at best – are some minor mistakes made in a busy law office, a few i’s and t’s left respectively un-dotted and un-crossed – maybe – and a 30-something woman caught up in an affair with a larrkin and his spiv mate who bamboozled her into doing some legal work for them that turned out to be hiding a confidence racket they were running with Theiss, the major construction outfit that put up most of the cash.She found out about it. She got out of both the affair and – soon after – the law firm.Her recollections made to her partners two or three years after the main dishonesty event were not illegal, or even improper and did not require police attention.But they have sure attracted the attention of the great moralizing wowsers of the press, in droves. Their own lives wouldn’t bear much scrutiny, I suspect, but that hasn’t stopped them from making judgement upon the lives of others.What DID require police attention was granted it at the time, and the cops found nothing substantial to go on.Today, in 2012, people who live, breathe and sleep with the documents in question and in their possession go through them with a nitpicker’s comb, expecting her to be able to answer questions off-the-cuff about who said what to whom, wrote wrote which memo, whether it had one signature or two, how many nights she stayed in the house, and whether she was prepared to swear on a stack of bibles that all the renovation work done on her home was paid for properly and above board, out of her personal funds.Was that chippy who was there for half an hour helping his mate out paid for out of the slush fund, or was he doing a favour for a mate who was behind schedule?Who knows? Who CARES? It was all such a long time ago.But the slightest retraction, clarification or contradiction – whether admitted or not – will be pounced upon by them like a pack of ravenous dogs, driven mad by hunger, thrown a scrap from their master’s table.The standards applied to Julia Gillard, examining more than half her adult life time, are ticked and flicked when it comes to Tony Abbott. He’s given a free pass for just about everything he’s ever done- wall-punching, Bernie Banton, his foul temper, his own slush find used against Pauline Hanson, his “illegitimate” child that caused him to run away from his girlfriend, only to turn out to someone else’s baby.His smears, when made in parliament, and when they cross the line, are followed by an apology to the Speaker made when the press gallery have all gone home to write up their rubbish stories about “The Arena of politics”. They are never reported and never replayed. It’s been the story of Abbott’s life: the Golden Boy who can always just say “Sorry”, and then resume offending just about everyone who comes across his path.Meanwhile, Gillard, a woman, has her entire life put through the wringer, focused through the lens of misogynists and exploiters (some of them women, to my disgust), political urgers, spivs, and lurk merchants with personal, pride, self-esteem or money-making agendas.Mark Baker is up before the Press Council soon, after a complaint by Slater & Gordon about a false story, and is desperate to pin anything on Gillard that he can possibly pin on her.Callers to 2GB and similar stations remember once when they recalled a file note from an old case a few years back, and then extrapolate that recollection (supplied without context) to all people and all files ever created, especially any file the PM dealt with, no matter how long ago.At heart the allegation seems to be – again, at best – that Gillard and Wilson conspired to stitch-up Blewitt into a contract for the purchase of property without his knowledge, falsifying records, issuing fabricated powers of attorney, back-dating documents and generally behaving like a 1990s’ version of Bonny and Clyde on a merry theft and fraudulent dealing spree, so besotted were they with each other.This is the best they can dredge up after 20 years of poring over files, inventing legal rules that never were rules in the first place and egging each other on further and further, trying to out-do each other with “questions that must be answered”.Not allegations, but prurient, voyeuristic, irrelevant and, in many cases, unanswerable “questions”.And when she says she can’t recall exactly what happened, they call it, like the AFR does today, “an excuse”.I would like Mark Baker, or Mike Stutchbury or Mike Smith or anyone else to tell me what they had for lunch, or who they spoke to, or what was in a letter received not only in another office, but in another building, by fax, on the 4th of February 1993. If they could – which they can’t – their smears might have more weight.Hartcher, surely a joke among his peers (he certainly is among his dwindling coterie of readers), comes up with some far-fetched scenario whereby the government will fall next week, more likely than not, via the vote of the Independents, after the Coalition moves a “No Confidence” motion, presumably.Except that every motion of this type the Coalition has ever threatened to move – from plebiscites to No Confidence – has on every occasion failed to materialise, or (in the case of the dozens and dozens of SSO motions they have moved) been roundly defeated time and time again, without one success.Hartcher cries rivers of crocodile tears that such an achieving government can’t get its message out, because “the media” are too obsessed with Slatergate to care about historic regulation of the Murray, our survival of the GFC,and over four hundred pieces of legislation successfully passed, with only one or two defeats.It’s the ultimate cynicism, isn’t it? The “Political and International Editor” of the Sydney Morning Herald has got the blood-lust up, and cannot bring himself to do what he pompously criticises others for not doing.The excuse is always “the politics” of the situation. It’s the worst excuse you could dredge up, but it suffices to do for just about every occasion. There’s always “the politics”. People like Hartcher have it in their power to change the media’s modus operandi, but do not deign to, even as their newspapers go broke and their shareholders weep in despair at the junk status of their investment. It’s just too easy to join the pack and yell, like T.E. Lawrence, “NO PRISONERS!” as they go in to slaughter the “enemy”.I don’t know what Gillard has done to upset the likes of Hartcher, and along with him, Blewitt, Stayne-Browne, Abbott, Hartcher, Grattan, Coorey, Rudd, Shanahan, Murdoch, Mark Baker, Mike Smith, the Bishop Twins, Mirabella and the scores of callers to shock-jock radio, except, perhaps to succeed where they have failed.Her success must gall them to the bone. She may be famously prone to clumsiness in high heels, but she’s sure-footed enough to avoid the traps that the above bunch of clowns set for her.She is a woman in survival mode. She will do anything to preserve her precious Labor government so that it can continue to govern and set the nation on an even keel. And the spivs and shonks, the low achievers and the outright crazies lined up against her cannot stand it.While they obsess over their little pieces of paper, putting 2+2 together and coming out with 5, while they microscopically examine every shread of “evidence” – giving her the benefit of the doubt over none of it – she travels, meets world leaders, inspires millions of women in millions of himes and offices all over the world, and just plain gets things done.I am so proud of her, and so ashamed of so many of my fellow countrymen and women for the envy and hatred, the petty jealousies and the compensations for their own failures to achieve that they harbour so mercilessly against her.

  60. Very sweet post Migs.

    I love the simplicity of it and how it nicely shows how the media spend more time speaking to themselves rather than reporting on what Australians are actually prepared to pay for, which is what the media keeps telling us they are doing.

    It’s also very fitting that more popular articles involve far more pressing matters like corruption in the police force.

  61. “CU, you have been blathering on for months about the Abbott’s lack of policy and now something has been announced”

    And looks at what happens,

    Do not past scrutiny at the first post.

    Have not been shown to others in the Opposition, except for a couple of ministers.

    Have not been to the shadow cabinet, let alone shadow backbench,

    Suggest they are not policies, just stunts, in which he believed he can wedge the PM.

    If they are policies, believe me, the Opposition are in trouble.

  62. Thank you Jason i hope you spread that post far and wide.

    Miglo do you think Bushfire Bill would approve it being a central post at the Cafe?

  63. scaper, no one has ever denied that the early Labor policy was indeed racist. It was more that that, it was disgraceful..

    What I was taught in school, in the 50’s , was also beyond the pale, Making jokes of chasing the Chinese and cutting off their pigtails etc. Was seen as OK. It was not,

    There were none on the other side of the fence, that disagreed with Labor.

    It was a dark part of our history, but unlike Mr. Howard, Labor does not set out to create a white arm band view.

    We are big enough to accept, that we have indeed made mistakes, and that those mistakes do not distract from our wonderful history. The same that Labor can accept that the indigenous people were also treated badly. It is just apart of who we were and now are.

  64. Treeman @1.03
    Rather than go to all the trouble you suggest, I thought it better to compare like with like & Googled “Gillard lies” & “Abbott lies”. The scores were
    Gillard 2,450,000 hits
    Abbott 7,680,000 hits

  65. scaper, have you not noticed, Labor policies are now being bought before the parliament, as is custom for scrutiny.

    I believe there will be a couple of big ones next

    Sadly, I believe that is all we will be in for.

    I predict the first one will be 9am Wednesday morning, the first day the the lower house is back.

    Future costings will be found in the May budget, which will be before the next election.

  66. “Why was the even dodgier Wilson, a con man, Gillard’s boyfriend?

    Maybe he was clever in keeping his real personality hidden.

    I was stupid enough to marry a man, who made my life hell, who continually raped my daughter from at least 7 years. Does one believe if I knew that about him when I first met him, I would have married him.

    The latter took me thirteen years to wake up to. He presented as wonderful father, especially to my oldest daughter. No matter how bad I found him to be, that I could not imagine.

    By the way, it turned out he was shocking father.

    All it proves, at the most, that I was not much good a choosing partners,

    The same with the PM. Guilt by association, is all you people have.

  67. Jon Faine has removed this comment from his website

    I think that you will find that it usually takes at least one (working) day for comments to posted.

    If you saw it up there initially, it would be what is referred to as ‘preview’

    Check back Monday or Tuesday 😉

  68. Factless Troll
    NOVEMBER 24, 2012 @ 9:16 AM
    Saying Labor’s woes are all the fault of the media is utter bollocks!
    Labor are the authors of their own woes due incompetence and ideological stupidity

    Interesting opinion when all economic data and infrastructure projects indicate competency, progressive social governance and successful negotiation.

    Factless troll
    NOVEMBER 24, 2012 @ 2:55 PM
    Ricky boy
    It’s about presentation and the fine art of persuasion, something that you obviously don’t understand at all.

    Absolutely…I only understand “Facts”. Something the factless troll is devoid and incapable of presenting as he only presents ignorant, ideologue and obtrusive opinion.

    Boy? Boy?
    Wow My factless fuckwit filter just exploded…facts=0 opinion= infinite

    NOVEMBER 24, 2012 @ 3:18 PM
    So, when is the Racist Party going to release some policy? I mean costed policy that actually will be implemented in this decade.

    Obviously talking about the fiberals…yawn yawn yawn…

    NOVEMBER 24, 2012 @ 1:03 PM
    Oh and while I’m here, try googling Gillard AWU corruption,

    Oh guilty then…Google.:-( that is so dumb it sounds like something the factless troll would say.

  69. BSA Bob
    NOVEMBER 24, 2012 @ 4:13 PM

    “Rather than go to all the trouble you suggest, I thought it better to compare like with like & Googled “Gillard lies” & “Abbott lies”. The scores were
    Gillard 2,450,000 hits
    Abbott 7,680,000 hits”

    Try googling Labor lies….85,500,000hits


  70. Ah, Treeman
    And it’s 95,800,000 Liberal lies!
    But enough of this cheerful badinage, I’m told that Abbott has released a policy?
    Must away to look at it before it disappears.
    P.S. Just been out & saw a koala. Not many of them in our neck of the woods. Perhaps he’s out to look at the policy too.

  71. Steve Lewis
    Sunday Herald Sun
    November 24, 20127:30PM

    JULIA Gillard’s ex-lover Bruce Wilson has declared the Prime Minister knew nothing about a 1990s union fraud scandal.
    Speaking out for the first time the former Australian Workers Union boss said Ms Gillard “knew absolutely, categorically nothing” about the affair.
    Mr Wilson – who now works as a cook on the Central Coast – said: “They can go on a witch-hunt for as long as they like and they will find nothing that will do her (Gillard) any harm.
    “It’s just a waste of time, they will find nothing.”
    Mr Wilson also rounded on the union bagman Ralph Blewitt, attacking his former mate as a “very risky” person for Ms Gillard’s critics to rely upon.
    “Relying on Ralph to be your star witness is a very, very risky strategy,” Mr Wilson told The Sunday Telegraph.
    “It’s not one I would be prepared to take.”
    Mr Wilson – referring to those who are pursuing the AWU story – said “there is a group of people who are being funded by God knows who – good luck to them”.
    “But they are going to come unstuck – big time.”
    The Prime Minister has consistently denied any wrongdoing in the establishment of a union slush fund when she worked as a lawyer in the 1990s.
    As the Coalition warned the issue would dominate parliament during the final sitting week and accused the Prime Minister of “stonewalling”, the Treasurer also attacked the credibility of Mr Blewitt.
    Mr Blewitt, a self confessed patron of Balinese brothels and union bagman has admitted he’s “no angel”.
    And Penelope Lennon, Mr Blewitt’s younger sister who said she been estranged from Mr Blewitt for years, said she wouldn’t trust his evidence.
    “I haven’t changed my mind. He is a crook,” she told The Sunday Telegraph yesterday.
    “They should lock him up and throw away the key.”

    Mr Blewitt told The Sunday Telegraph: “I have a sister and others tipping the bucket on me right now. It’s a private family matter, we haven’t seen each other for 35 years.”
    Mr Blewitt’s Australian ex-wife, who asked not to be named, also confirmed that she had no idea Mr Blewitt had bought a house in Melbourne in the 1990s with union cash despite the fact they were married at the time.

    Previously, Mr Blewitt has conceded he has used the services of prostitutes but rejects suggestions he is a “sex predator” as claimed by the humorous political website Vex News

  72. Ms. Bishop’s reply. It is only a part of Mr. Wilson’s cover up.

    So it is clear, that no matter what the PM or anyone else involve say, it will not be accepted as truth.

    I do not believe that there is much love lost between the PM and the old boyfriend, that is if we are to believe anything that is mentioned in the media.

    Up to not, he has refused to speak on behalf of the PM.

    Mr Wilson, said he decided to speak the to the media, so he could get his 10 month old baby to sleep.

    A reasonable reason one would think, when the doorbell rings incessantly.

    That is the problem the PM has, No matter what she says, the questioning will continue.

    It is impossible to disprove innuendo and gossip, especially after nearly twenty years.

  73. treetroll, did Gillard in fact ever meet Blewitt, whose own sister reckons he’s a conman and a crook? Trust the Liars to produce a person you’d have to search before he left your house as a credible witness. 😯

    As for Wilson’s shady character, I think you’ll find that introducing yourself as a conman and a crook isn’t a pick up line guaranteed to succeed.

    Wow!!! Liealot has announced that he’ll announce a policy. Not bad, it’s only taken him 2 years. I wonder how long it’ll take for the next one? Will I have time for an extended tour of Europe?

  74. Jane, he did announce another one the other day to be fair. Was met successful as this one.
    Jane, So no matter what the PM says, or anyone in the know who supports, her, it is only another part of the cover up.

    The PM is correct to act as she is now. History has shown, no matter what she says, the shit we continue.

  75. Not the headlines that Mr. Abbott would savour. After all he believed he would be in the loge for last Xmas. Another year and still not there. Surprise if he will be next year either.

    Wrapped in polls, Gillard defies the ‘killing season’

    It’s been a rough, tough year, but the PM is still standing.
    THIS will be a bruising parliamentary week, the last of an extraordinary and draining year that has strained voters’ tolerance of politicians to the max. As they contemplate the next few days, full of Christmas party cheer and political poison, Julia Gillard will be feeling a little better than Tony Abbott, even though she knows she’ll face a battering on the AWU affair.

    In Abbott’s one-time dreams, the Labor government would have collapsed by now, perhaps through a Craig Thomson-triggered byelection and a crossbench defection or two. An election would have made him PM.

    Or another round of Labor infighting would have reinstalled Kevin Rudd, with cabinet ministers quitting the frontbench, trouble from the independents and a possible election that saw the ALP defeated despite receiving a boost from the changeover.

    Instead, the government and PM are still standing, despite Abbott, despite Rudd. Since midyear, Labor has improved in the polls, and the two-party gap has narrowed

    Read more:

    Could Steve Lewis be backing down a little. Would not say whether he believed Wilson or not. Did say more than once, Wilson is living modestly.

  76. Now that Bruce Wilson has come out in defence of the PM I suppose she won’t be leaving the job for at least a year.

    Joolya is still an awfully large target.

  77. Wilson’s claims don’t amount to much and dare I say that all it suggest is that he is trying to protect Gillard out his own guilt about how his actions in the past may help end a Labor Government.

  78. …………….Former Australian Manufacturing Workers union boss Bruce Wilson on Saturday broke his 17-year silence on the matter telling reporters she only provided initial legal advice on the AWU Workplace Reform Association fund.

    Fairfax Media quoted Mr Wilson as saying Ms Gillard had ‘absolutely nothing to answer for’ and ‘did no wrong’.

    ‘Julia Gillard had absolutely no knowledge of anything that went after and people can search and continue this hunt all they like but they will find nothing. Nothing,’ Fairfax quoted Mr Wilson as saying.

    For the second time in three months on Friday, Ms Gillard was forced to publicly address questions about her conduct as a Slater Gordon solicitor in 1990s when she did some legal work on an Australian Workers Union (AWU) account.

    She said it was a smear campaign that boiled down to nothing.

    ‘Anybody’s got an allegation of wrongdoing by me of any substance, please feel free to put it,’ Ms Gillard told reporters in Melbourne on Friday…………..

    Video on site.

    Could Steve Lewis be backing off a little. Would not say whether he believes Wilson or not. I think there might be an interview tomorrow,

    Did say the matter has a long way to run. Pointed out in the video, that Mr, Wilson is living very modestly. Hinted that it was not known where the money might have gone.

    This is the first comment that Mr. Wilson has made in 17 years. The interviewer tried to say, maybe Wilson was taking because of Blewitt going to the police. Lewis refused to buy into that one.

  79. Iain, that is our point, whatever anyone says to defend the PM will not be given any credence. It is impossible to defend ones self from such a smear campaign. They are not interested in truth. Only bringing down a PM by any means it takes.

    Listen to the interview on the Sky news site. I did not get the impression that Steve Lewis dismisses what Wilson is saying.

  80. CU
    Lets not forget that the dodgy money was real the criminality of Wilson and Blewitt is uncontested, even by them, Gillard was in bed with Wilson at the time, she was clearly involved in setting up the slush fund by her own admissions, Gillard was sacked from Slater and Gordon for her involvement, so where precisely is the untruth?
    Gillard is using claims of ignorance as her defence and its very weak indeed.

  81. The untruth is from YOU that Gillard was sacked.

    You can’t even get that right even though it is a fact.

    She ended the relationship when she found out.

    I know that it is one of those inconvenient truths that you won’t let get in the way of a story but you just reinforce what a troll you really are.

    You have NO credibility, and continue to reinforce THAT FACT. Grow up!

  82. Iain, it might be a good idea to stay with the establish truth. As Lewis said this morning, it is unknown where the money went. Well at least, it is not proven.

    The PM was not sacked. You choose to ignore what Slater and Gordon said, over the views of disgruntled ex partner, that hardly knew or had contact with the PM.

    The fund the PM set up, as a solicitor, on the advice of the client, was not illegal.

    What is now in the public arena, is assumption made by some, from the papers, document, diaries and pieces of paper from the original investigator.

    There is no new information, only new readings of information gathered 17 years ago, with no knowledge of the context, they were originally analyzed. There was no charges laid at the time.

  83. Oh this would be such sweet irony. They try so hard to smear over nothing and in the end it could well be Julie Bishop who falls.

    She is no use to her leader at all. She is never going to get Mal Washer to shut up about asylum-seekers now, never going to stitch together any sort of deal on wheat or any other important domestic issue, and will never be regarded in Jakarta or Geneva or anywhere else as anything more than a punchline. She’s finished.

    Seems Bishop the younger is becoming soiled goods and is being distanced by Abbott and Hockey in preliminary moves that may see her being cut loose.

  84. Noticed Bishop still claims to have Harvard Business school as one of her achievements.
    Julie Isabel Bishop is an Australian politician and the current Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of Australia. She holds this title as the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia. Wikipedia
    Born: July 17, 1956 (age 56), Lobethal
    Spouse: Neil Gillion (m. 1983–1988)
    Party: Liberal Party of Australia
    Education: University of Adelaide (1978), Harvard Business School, St Peter’s Collegiate Girls’ School
    People also search for

    It is true, she did a very short, very expensive course there.

  85. ‘I hope to be Australia’s first female foreign minister’ S

    Leader in waiting? … Julie Bishop

    ….”When I won Curtin in ’98, I wanted to make sure the electorate office was actually in the electorate. The previous MP had his office in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices in the CBD.

    ”People were scandalised and said to me, ‘You can’t have the office there Julie’, you know, because of the history of the place. But it was just too delicious and my mind was made up,” she says.

    It is a delicious irony indeed that today the stench of Cuban cigars has been replaced with that of the perfumed scent of some of Perth’s most influential, connected and best-dressed women. And all for a political cause.

    Bishop has invited 50 of her closest female friends and constituents to the old Med for a morning tea to mingle with the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, in town for a keynote speech to a mining forum.

    ”These are the 50 shades of Curtin electorate women,” Bishop says as she introduces Abbott, the reference to the racy S&M novel received with delight by the well-heeled crowd…..


    Clad in a floral frock and beaming out at ”her girls”, Bishop seems oblivious to any discomfort Abbott might feel being the only man in the room – save for a couple of journalists herded to one side. Instead, Bishop seizes on the occasion to launch another salvo in the ”misogyny wars”.

    ”In these days of wild accusations of sexism and misogyny, I am pleased to introduce Tony Abbott, who will be a great leader of the next Coalition government,” she says, going on to describe Labor’s attack on Abbott as sexist as ”a nonsense”. ”And I wanted to tell you that I hope to be Australia’s first female foreign minister under a Tony Abbott-led government.”………..

    ……Born July 17, 1956.
    Educated at the University of Adelaide and Harvard Business School………

    Newcastle herald’s help for Julie today.

  86. Oh dear, Iain, the old “guilt by association” crap. Well then what does that say about Abbott, a man who set up a slush fund to bring down a political opponent-then lied about it? Remember that this was the act of an MP & Howard Government minister, not some “wet behind the ears” lawyer who hadn’t even entered parliament yet. What does it say about Juliie Bishop, who sought to delay & deny just compensation to sick & dying employees of CSR’s asbestos mine-at a time when the harmful effects of asbestos were *very* well known? What does it say about Turnbull, who used tax-payers money to help out his mate in a Cloud-seeding business? What, indeed, does it say about Howard, who used large sums of tax-payers money to bail out the employees of his *brother’s* textile mill? You see, these acts were all far, far more recent than what Gillard was *alleged* to have done, yet the perpetrators all went unpunished, & the public didn’t much seem to care, so this idea that the average punter on the street cares about a 17 year old *alleged* scandal really doesn’t hold much water!

  87. Oh Iain, you’re oh so funny. I note that the Fiberals are more than happy to associate with Blewitt & rely on his “evidence”, such as it is, even though he fled the Country & is now allegedly running a sex tourism operation in SE Asia. Who else do you think is paying for his expenses (travel & legal)? Man, you LIEberals Lovers really are just a mob of deluded twits, aren’t you?

  88. Why did Abbott lie about visiting Cardinal Pell, in the early hours of the morning. Only after proof was shown to him, that he admitted it was true, he did, laughing if off as a joke. Something Mr. Abbott does, every time he is caught out lying. Sadly that is often. Ms. Bishop seems also to have trouble with the truth. Made statements on Sky news this morning, that are twisted to have other meanings. For some unknown reason, cannot find copies of the video. It was mentioned on the Insiders

  89. Oh, & by the twisted “logic” of Iain, if you have a case where a father is molesting his children, then the mother must also be guilty too, as they were “literally in bed” with the perpetrator. Again, by the “logic” of guilt by association, Abbott & Pell are equally guilty of covering up Paedophilia within the Catholic Church. No wonder they were both so resistant to the idea of a Royal Commission!

  90. Truth Seeker / Skeptical

    The untruth is from YOU that Gillard was sacked. You can’t even get that right even though it is a fact.

    There is no substantive difference between being asked to resign and being sacked

    She ended the relationship when she found out.

    She ended the relationship whenthe truth became known to others not necessarliy when she discovered it.

    I know that it is one of those inconvenient truths that you won’t let get in the way of a story but you just reinforce what a troll you really are.

    Its the inconvenient truths about dodgy union deals that gillard wants to hide and cover up

    You have NO credibility, and continue to reinforce THAT FACT. Grow up!

    You are just so cute when you are angry 😉 Catching up

    Iain, it might be a good idea to stay with the establish truth. As Lewis said this morning, it is unknown where the money went. Well at least, it is not proven.

    well 100K ent into a house Gillard was living in at the time…

    The PM was not sacked. You choose to ignore what Slater and Gordon said, over the views of disgruntled ex partner, that hardly knew or had contact with the PM.

    As I said to TS/S There is no substantive difference between being asked to resign and being sacked

    The fund the PM set up, as a solicitor, on the advice of the client, was not illegal.

    Maybe but it was still well dodgy and Gillard clearly knew that it was a dodgy slush fund.

    What is now in the public arena, is assumption made by some, from the papers, document, diaries and pieces of paper from the original investigator.

    Assumption or logical deduction?

    There is no new information, only new readings of information gathered 17 years ago, with no knowledge of the context, they were originally analyzed. There was no charges laid at the time.

    There is no statute of limitations upon ethical copy book blots by our leaders, but more importantly I detect a double standard in you defending Gillard over this matter when there is at least a paper trail but when the matter was about something that Tony Abbott was alleged to have done as student you were ready to lynch him on what was even more flimsy evidence… Marcus

    Oh Iain, you’re oh so funny. I note that the Fiberals are more than happy to associate with Blewitt & rely on his “evidence”, such as it is, even though he fled the Country & is now allegedly running a sex tourism operation in SE Asia. Who else do you think is paying for his expenses (travel & legal)? Man, you LIEberals Lovers really are just a mob of deluded twits, aren’t you?

    I neither know nor care about what Blewitt is doing to make a quid these days but if it is as you say then it is you minions of the left who should be ashamed, after all he is one of yours 😉

  91. There was only an inference that she was asked to resign by a disaffected junior partner, when al the evidence is to the contrary.
    but again don’t let the truth get in the way of your version of events, I repeat GROW UP.

  92. Tomorrow 9 am. Abbott begins his stunts. First off will be a motion to allow the PM to defend herself, followed by a censure motion. Should waste an hour or two.

    What Abbott needs to be afraid of, that Albanese does, as he sometimes does, allow the motion to go ahead. Get the matter out of the way for the week.

    If Abbott does not succeed here, we will have repeats during the day.

    There will be Morrison on the sidelines, trying to thwart the government with his bill to bring in temporary visas.

    It will not succeed, as he will not bother to follow the guideline for doing so,

    Just before lunch we will see the trio in the courtyard, complaining that the government will not let them present their bill, that they have not got the guts.

    There will be no stunts at a business tomorrow, so workers in the region can relax.

    Abbott will manage to get carbon tax and bad bad government in somehow.

    In the meantime, in between Abbott’s stunts, the house will deal with serious legislation. Will get every bit through, as Mr. The Abbott’s focus is elsewhere as usual.

    Question time will be very quiet on the Opposition side. Cannot afford to have any thrown out.

    Mr. Abbott will sit there, just like that altar boy he once was.

    I expect the PM to have a surprise or two this week. Probably in relation to the asylum seekers. Maybe wrong.

    At the end of the week, the PM will still be in that seat at the table. Maybe, Abbott will still be sitting on the other side.

    By the weekend, the present scandal will fade from discussion just as all that has proceeded it this year. There have been many beat ups, this year.

    Would like to remind anyone that is interested. There has still been no police action rising out of the allegation against Slipper and Thomson.

    I believe the Federal Police are also involved. Senate hearings has reveal little as well.

    Personally I believe, Abbott’s trouble is that it does not exist.

  93. Team Gillard v Team Abbott

    They are the backroom operators Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott rely on when a crisis hits and to help them fight the next election.

    With an election now less than 12 months away, both of the major parties are deep in preparation for the looming poll, finalising the policies and the campaign they hope will attract the votes of Australian families…………

    Read more:

  94. …..But Mr Burke on Sunday said people smugglers had been selling the fact that even if asylum seekers weren’t granted permanent visas they’d still get to work in Australia for a few years.

    “That of itself has been a reason that people smugglers have been able to increase the number of people putting their lives at risk on the high seas,” he told ABC TV.

    “Yes it is tough (policy). It’s very harsh, but I don’t want to see a situation where we do anything that adds to the risk of people losing their lives.

    “(Drownings) are exactly why we are here in this policy area.”

    Fairfax media reported on Sunday that 33 asylum seekers drowned on their way to Christmas Island last month after their boat sank in minutes.

    The sole survivor, Habib Ullah, 22, spent three days in the water watching his fellow passengers from Afghanistan and Pakistan drown one by one.

    Foreign Minister Bob Carr on………

    Read more:

    The real story in this one, is that family and friends begged them to wait. Begged and pointed out, they stood just as good of chance staying where they are.

    The Opposition new policy plus the fact they have a chance of becoming the next government will only take that hope away. I can predict, the boat numbers will now go through the roof, to get here before the next election. Is that what the Opposition wants.

  95. scaper, the answer to your question is “no one knows” If they did, they probably would have been able to lay charges.

    That did not occur.

    Now scaper, what has your question got to do with the PM?

  96. TS, even had a room named after her. Is welcome back each year as an honoured guest.

    Wonder if the disgruntled ex partner is also as welcome.

    As for the skills of Julie, remember she lost back in the days of the asbestos matters, in her quest to take away the rights of dying people.

    The court found her legal opinions flawed. Suspect she will be found as wanting when this one is finished. Suspect, she will not be alone. Mr. Brandis will also be found wanting, in a similar vein.

  97. She left the firm , because it was time for her to move on to becoming more involved in politics.

    There is no evidence she was asked to resign.

    That was her ambition from just after she left school.

    It is a wonder we have not had scaper back, telling us, she moved into another bed, to better her chances.

  98. I would add, even if guilty of any misdemeanour at that time, it would have been seen as minor, not a hanging offence. More one of procedure than anything else.

    All the firm was doing, as I assume happens on a regular basis, crossing the “Ts’ and dotting the “Is”

    In other words, reviewing what occurred. After all, the PM was a junior officer, when these alleged crimes occurred.

    Yes, they were talking about something that occurred two and half years before, because the there were serious allegations in the public arena, about Mr. Wilson.

    Setting up the fund, or conveyance, of a family home, are not that big of a deal for any solicitor.

    In other words, start analysing what you read in the context of the time, not what many are reading into them today.

  99. Marcus @10.59am, and let’s not forget that not only could they not recall any details, but seemed to have developed amnesia, just a few months later.

    Should we bother mentioning AWB and $300m of taxpayers cash, do you think? Or Tip’s currency swaps and disastrous fire sale of the country’s gold reserves?

    Contrast this with the shrill demands from the Liars and the troll brigade that the PM should have perfect recall of events 17 years ago. Hypocrisy writ large-a neon lit billboard, I’d say.

    And of course attempting to rebadge Blewitt as an unwitting stooge duped by the silver-tongued conman Wilson and his moll.

    And there might be some idiots who’d swallow that line whole. There are at least three commenters here who’ve grasped at that straw. Unfortunately for them, Blewitt’s nearest and dearest don’t support that carefully scripted Liars Party tosh.

    CU@12.22pm, I wonder if the Liars will actually articulate ANY of these “questions” they keep banging on about? My guess is that it will just be a rehash of the same questions the PM dealt with in her 70 minute presser, if they actually ask a single question.

    Should it be the same ol’, same ol’, I hope the PM offers them a copy of the recording of her presser. It would be grand to watch Prissy light up like a Christmas tree.

    With an election now less than 12 months away, both of the major parties are deep in preparation for the looming poll, finalising the policies and the campaign they hope will attract the votes of Australian families…………

    Shouldn’t take the Liars too long…10×3 word slogans, costed by a catering company. They’re a shoo-in. 😆

  100. TS, we have no alternative but to call out their lies and twisting of facts, every time they pop up. Will admit, it is annoying, tedious and boring.

    If the PM is found guilty, it will not be about what is in the public arena at this time.

  101. iain, you said this,

    Maybe but it was still well dodgy and Gillard clearly knew that it was a dodgy slush fund.

    How do you know that it was a dodgy slush fund, do you have any proof, if you do you should hand it to the police, if not, you should be quiet on the accusations, otherwise your are just pushing the liberals agenda, no evidence, just innuendo.

  102. SHE left the firm because it was a case of falling on the sword or having her professional head lopped off. There is evidence that she was asked to resign. It was an exit interview, not just an office chat. No use explaining protocols as it is above the heads of fish gutting factory workers.

    Love the way you fools accept Wilson’s very timely bullshit. I wouldn’t trust him any more than Blewitt…it is the documents that don’t lie. Gillard lied when she said she was resigning to campaign to be a Senator. FFS! She did not have a job for six months, on long service leave and ended up as Brumby’s doxy.

    CU, are you denying that there was ever a fraud in the first place? Wilson was not charged because S&G, Gillard and the AWU covered it up! You carry on as if Bishop is a criminal for acting on instructions by senior counsel. You have no idea what you are talking about!

    You’ve repeated your own lies so often you think it is the truth.

  103. Scraper

    it is the documents that don’t lie

    Yes scraper, it is the documents that do not lie, now if there was anything in those papers, charges would have already be applied, there has already been several police investigations in to the AWU on this matter, no charges have been laid.

  104. Jane, if she did table that long media conference, it would be the strongest evidence that the PM believes she is not guilty of any crime.

    If they found one little error in it, the PM would quickly be found of misleading the house, and would be finished.

    This is what this game is about.

    Get the PM to make one mistake, and I believe it will only take one, no matter how small, then charge the PM with misleading the house.

    At least the PM is not making the defence of Downer and Co back in the days of that wheat scandal. Not claiming a poor memory.

    Anyone who believes it is about discovering truth, have rocks in their skull, instead of brains.

  105. ‘Not claiming a poor memory.’

    The PM has trouble remembering 1993, but I’m sure when the facts are provided she will remember.

  106. el gordo

    but I’m sure when the facts are provided she will remember.

    The facts have been provided, there is nothing there, otherwise charges would have been laid.

  107. No scaper, you are once again reading meanings into my words that does not exist.

    I am not saying there was no fraud,

    I am saying what the investigators, all of them came to at the time, no one knows where the money went, but most believed there was fraud.

    As for Ms. Bishop, I did not say she did anything illegal. In fact she did not.

    What I am saying, at the time, her legal opinion was found wanting.

    I also have problem with anyone attempting to get out of there legal obligations to the dying by using legal loop holes. To keep the fight up, on whatever grounds one can find, until they are dead.

    Is that moral in your opinion. One did not have to take that course. As for receiving advice from leading barrister, and therefore not her responsibility, that does not let her off the hook. One tells barristers what one wants, and they provide the advice on how to do it.

    Where does it say the was an exit interview. I missed that one.

    The PM took leave after the interview, then resigned much later.

    Now it is not unusual to take out leave to check out alternative opportunities. Nothing usual in that.

  108. Ah, the it is a right wing conspiracy cover. Funnily, the people that are driving this are all from the left. Until lately the coalition would not go near it, I know that for fact.

    Three left wing sources have indicated that the Labor phones are running hot. If Gillard gets the knife it is either Rudd or Shorten.

  109. No, it is Mr. Lewis who is driving it, supported by Mr Davis, Mr. Lewis is talking more

    Maybe he has been told to cool it.

    I believe he has an interview with Wilson tomorrow, in the Sun-Herald.

    Whether there is a conspiracy, one can make up their own mind on that.

    Ms. Bishop, the younger big mouth, during her PC with Abbott in the west, told us she was well aware of what was going to happen, long before it was in the public arena. One can only assume that Mr. Lewis is keeping her in the loop.

    Mr. Shorten did not say the fund itself was wrong or illegal. He said the way it was used was wrong, and today would be illegal.

    Mr. Wilson did not say there was any fraud. He said no matter how hard they look, they will find nothing that the PM has done wrong.

    The office that Mr. Wilson held at the time, gave him the power to set up the fund. Nothing wrong there. Yes, hiding it would have been, but it was not the PM that did that.

    When the PM found out about what had occurred, it was already in the hands of the police. Why then would she contact them, especially because of the client/lawyer relationship, she was not free to do so.

    All I am asking, stop reading into everything, which is not there.

  110. The Factless troll is in fine form…Opinion, accusation and fill in the blanks with convenient ideological bullshit.

    Does this man show transcripts from documents, Does he substantiate his opinionated assumptions with evidence that would constitute charges in a court of law?

    Is he leading the charge in bringing this great injustice to democracy by forensic investigation of the facts and documents?

    No he just parrots the feeble stories of a wild goose chase that has amounted to not one criminal or substantiated allegation.
    Cnt C, CntV parroted “opinion” I reiterate….has this guy ever posted a fact in Cafe Whispers? Where are the charges, Subpoena’s and evidence?

    I’ll tell you where…Nowhere.

    Pathetic Factless Troll and truly a “Boy” trying to do a “mans” job.

  111. SHE left the firm because it was a case of falling on the sword or having her professional head lopped off.

    Unsupported by S&G, scaper.

    grodo, not remembering 1993 in minute detail is hardly surprising. Most of us have a hard time recalling what happened last week or exactly when we bought a car.

    Momentous events like the birth of a child aside, do you remember every single thing you did second by second 19 years ago?

  112. Scaper

    ” Gillard lied when she said she was resigning to campaign to be a Senator. FFS! She did not have a job for six months”

    Then please explain how Campbell Nnewman could leave his job as Brisbane Lord Mayor for a 11 months before the Qld election. This after the massive floods. Did he not say. he couldn’t do anymore for the flood recovery and his time was more important electioneering.

  113. Why is it that the alleged fraud is just that alleged. According to WA police the money did not belong to the union and there was no complaint by builders. So unless Blewitt has evidence to prove that Thiess paid money to a union but he along with Wilson stole it instead, I cannot see police taking any action.

    So Julie Bishop should go and tell Theiss to give a full and frank statement even a confession to police in their part in this alleged fraud.

    “The WA police investigated allegations that employers paid about $400,000 to the association. They decided not to lay charges after concluding the money did not belong to the union and builders such as Thiess Contractors declined to lodge a complaint. The Victoria Police also did not lay charges”

  114. Jane, thanks for that. I knew there was a reason she took leave but could not remember. Funny when one goes looking for facts, the story changes. That sure undermines scaper opinion.

    Glad she did not succeed in her attempt for the senate. Must be time for scaper to come back with sleeping with a senator, to get what she wanted.

    Yes, she sure was sacked. scaper would know. Wonder if we will get a correction.

  115. As I keep saying, any evidence has to be assessed in the context of what occurred nearly twenty years ago, not today.

  116. Sue @3.26pm, deary me. Perhaps Bishop, J should tear off and demand full and frank answers from Theiss and star “witnesses” Blewitt and Styant-Browne.

    Looks like that egg has just cracked and the Liars and their trolls, touts and crooked “witnesses” had better duck!

    Another Liars Party Cyclone Tracy in a thimble. Will they NEVER learn?

    Wonder if we will get a correction.

    Don’t hold your breath, CU.

  117. Here is a scenario. Wilson set up the fund, to launder bribes he was getting from some very big companies.

  118. Mr Shorten told Lateline that if Mr Blewitt had information for the Victorian police he should provide it. “If he wants to confess to any wrongdoings, if he feels he has got things to tell the police that’s what he should do.”.

    Mr Shorten, who is a former national secretary of the AWU, said that by the time he had taken over, the wrongdoings within the union had been dealt with………..

  119. ………..Mr Blewitt said he had returned to Australia at the urging of Harry Nowicki, a former lawyer for the Builders Labourers’ Federation, who is researching a book on the AWU.

    “I have returned to Melbourne at the request of Harry Nowicki, who’s running this research into that story,” Mr Blewitt said. “The intent of my return here is to meet with [Melbourne lawyer] Robert Galbally, to seek further legal advice as to where we go from here………

  120. More lies.

    “…..Mr Blewitt said he had three reasons for speaking out, which included the bashing in 1996 of a Victorian AWU official, Bob Kernohan by “union thugs”. Mr Kernohan was still fearful of repercussions after raising allegations about the AWU finances in the mid-1990s.

    Mr Blewitt said two journalists had recently lost their jobs for pursuing the AWU allegations– News Limited journalist Glenn Milne and 2UE broadcaster Michael Smith – and influence was being applied to shut down freedom of speech. Mr Smith is now pursuing the allegations as a blogger and accompanied Mr Blewitt in Melbourne yesterday.

    Mr Blewitt has also alleged that a $25,000 payment had been made by a building company in return for using contaminated soil in a Victorian road project……

  121. wonder what the company audited accounts disclose about alleged fraudulent payments to union officials?

    is there a special “note” to the accounts?

    were they a deduction for taxation purposes?

    a charitable donation?

    did they contribute to the calculation of directors bonuses ?

    have the directors of those companies, since received Australia Day awards in recognition of services to business?

    So many questions, no allegations, just more questions

    To settle it (the alleged fraud) for the Companies Julie Bishop could suggest she could make a statement on their behalf in parliament.

  122. “Mr Blewitt has also alleged that a $25,000 payment had been made by a building company in return for using contaminated soil in a Victorian road project……

    Gees I hope the police get onto that. Was it asbestos? Which building company?

  123. …………The Liberal Party is making a similar mistake in its attempt to unseat Julia Gillard. In her campaign against the Prime Minister over the Slater & Gordon matter, Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop has developed one of the most bizarre conspiracy theories imaginable. Last weekend she spoke of a “a sinister cover-up” relating to the way in which files from the early 1990s could not be found at the Slater & Gordon law firm in Melbourne, the West Australian archives and the Federal Court in Brisbane. According to Bishop, “somebody is deliberately destroying documents”, warranting a police investigatio…

  124. Mr Blewitt said two journalists had recently lost their jobs for pursuing the AWU allegations– News Limited journalist Glenn Milne and 2UE broadcaster Michael Smith – and influence was being applied to shut down freedom of speech. Mr Smith is now pursuing the allegations as a blogger and accompanied Mr Blewitt in Melbourne yesterday.

    Gee, Ralph you left out the bit about Milne and Smith telling big fat porkies.

    Seems like Blewitt has the same attitude to “freedom of speech” as Dolt. When you get caught out in a lie, squeal “FREEDOM OF SPEECH!”

    Smith and Blewitt enjoying the sights of Melbourne, eh? Talk about a rogues gallery.

  125. Latham sometimes has value. One needs to remember he has little time, for the PM

    ………….As a frontbencher over the past five years, Bishop’s work has been characterised by an absence of public policy – first as opposition spokesperson for workplace relations, then as shadow treasurer and now as spokesperson for foreign affairs. Outside of her family and immediate Liberal colleagues, no one in Australia could identify what she stands for or believes in.

    The “sinister cover-up” allegation is crazy. The Australian newspaper has examined thousands of pages of material on the Slater & Gordon matter over the past year, using a range of documentary trivia and misrepresentations to keep its campaign against Gillard alive.

    Anyone visiting the website Michael Smith News will find hundreds of scanned documents and wacky claims against the Prime Minister. Whoever “somebody” might be, “deliberately destroying documents”, he or she has done an appallingly bad job. On Monday, the Federal Court found its Brisbane files, again highlighting Bishop’s recklessness.

    Smith, who has worked closely with a number of shadow ministers on this issue, has not been reticent in identifying the suspected thief, describing the Prime Minister as “the great file-emptier”. This is the type of imagery the far right has cultivated: Gillard, presumably under the cover of darkness, pilfering Slater & Gordon’s files, then dashing to Perth to raid the WA archives, before jetting to Brisbane and breaking into the Federal Court………….

  126. …………The consequences of this nonsense for Tony Abbott’s and Bishop’s leadership of the Liberal Party are profound. With the collapse of the opposition’s anti-carbon tax campaign and its failure to develop a policy agenda, the Liberals have run out of things to talk about. They have fallen back on conspiracy theories and quirky Abbottisms, such as his ruminations last week on the cultural integrity of urban Aborigines versus outback Aborigines – the funniest “urban” joke since Elaine Benes invented the urban sombrero in Seinfeld.

    Prior to the resurrection of the Slater & Gordon issue in August, the opposition was coasting in the opinion polls. Since then the political race has tightened and Abbott has fallen to pitiful levels of personal approval. That’s the problem with fanaticism in politics: it makes people pick the wrong issues. The Liberals cannot win a character contest. They can only beat Labor by debating policies……………

  127. A bribe coverup makes as much sense as anything mentioned yet. In fact it makes more sense. There were more than one company mentioned. Believe Mr. Blewitt big mouth might have opened Pandora’s box.

    I sense that Blewitt was told only what he needed to know.

    These companies refused to cooperate with the police. That must could mean something. Could mean nothing, as well.

    That might be what Mr. Wilson was hinting at yesterday, with his warning to the Coalition.

    Interesting to see what tomorrow brings, As Wilson said, he is eager to know what they will come up with next.

    Maybe the investigators did not find anything years ago, because they were looking in the wrong place, for the wrong things.

    PS. Shorten was asked about that alleged bashing of the union official. Shorten said the man was close to him, and he never heard anything about a bashing.

  128. Mr. Newman standing in front of two men, that are built like giants, abour three times his size.

    Are they body guards. Mr. Hopper has upset him.

  129. Brisbane Sunday Mail this morning.

    Column on Pages 1 & 3 on Wilson’s “Gillard knew nothing” story
    Pages 44 & 45 by Steve Lewis doing a who’s who on the AWU thing.

    They can’t even get their story straight.

    Move along people – nothing to see here.

  130. jane
    NOVEMBER 25, 2012 @ 3:04 PM

    Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good smear campaign, The assumptions, innuendo and opinion based on outright lies surrounding the herring are astoundingly ridiculous. All this bullshit flying around touted as fact and not one person has the balls to make a direct allegation or produce evidence of a “crime” that would lead to a potential conviction. I ask all you morality speculators….Are there any charges?

    The only morality in question here are the architects of this low, dirty disgraceful act.

  131. “but if it is as you say then it is you minions of the left who should be ashamed, after all he is one of yours”

    What a complete load of bollocks Iain. Since when has belonging to a union made someone “of the left”? The De Bruyn is a unionist, & he’s about as Far Right as they come. Still, I don’t expect a Factless Troll like you to say anything that’s based on facts or evidence. Even if he was ever part of the Left, it’s not the Left who is paying his travel & legal expenses, & bringing him here to tell a bunch of lies about the PM in order to save his own skin-that’s you & your scumbag mates on The Right, which means he & his behaviour belong entirely to you-which is probably why you couldn’t be bothered finding out about the crimes he’s committed since he left the Country, because those on The Right HAVE NO SHAME to speak of!

  132. Maybe Ms. Bishop, the younger should give us a frank, open and full explanation of what she is accusing the PM of doing. Ms. Bishop should then clarify what the questions are that she requires answers to.

    After all the woman is a train lawyer, who claims that forensic investigations is her strong point.

    Once the PM has that, maybe she would be able to give her answers to whatever questions that Ms. Bishop wants answers to.

    It is near impossible to answer inferences and widespread allegations, that contain no content.

  133. …………..On Sunday, Ms Bishop said Mr Wilson’s comments did not clear the Prime Minister’s name. “His defence of Julia Gillard does not coincide with the recollection of many others and is certainly not supported by the documents we have seen.”

    Ms Bishop urged Mr Wilson to confess his involvement with the alleged fraud to the police.

    “This is a welcome development,” Ms Bishop told Sky News. “For the first time in 17 years, Bruce Wilson has admitted there was a fraud.”

    But Attorney General Nicola Roxon said the continued agitation of the matter by the opposition was part of a long-running smear campaign against the Prime Minister despite the fact they were yet to establish any allegations about her handling of the slush fund.

    “There is no allegation against her,” Ms Roxon told journalists on Meet The Press on Sunday.

    “The liberal party is not trying to prove anything, they don’t want it resolved, they want it to continue because it is the perfect smear campaign. That has been their tactic all along. …………..

    .The worst you could say about Ms Gillard’s conduct was that she perhaps had not chosen the best boyfriend, the attorney-general said.

    ‘All of us I reckon have chosen boyfriends or girlfriends in the past we may not always think, on reflection, were wise choices,’ she said.

    Ms Roxon said Ms Gillard had answered all the questions about the issue she needed to but said it was a matter for her whether she decided to make a statement to parliament.

    She said the suggestion that Ms Gillard later became involved with the AWU files as a lawyer at Maurice Blackburn was an ‘absolute fabrication’………..

  134. “Until lately the coalition would not go near it, I know that for fact.”. Hilarious, Scraper. If that’s true, then why was it the Poisoned Dwarf (Glenn Milne) that kept trying to get the story published in The UnAustralian? Only to have the stories withdrawn within a day. Why was it the Liberals raising the matter in Victorian Parliament back in the mid to late 1990’s? Why is it the Murdoch Rags pushing this story most aggressively? It seems that, once again, what Scraper “knows for a fact” & the actual facts are not even close to the same thing.

  135. Maybe Mr. Blewitts visit back home will be much longer than he expected. Maybe the AWU have some plans for him as well.

    ….Mr Blewitt laughed when contacted by Fairfax Media on Saturday night and was informed about Mr Wilson’s rebuttal but said “I can’t make any comment on this due to on advice from my lawyers”.

    It is also understood the AWU is reviewing its legal options in light of Mr Blewitt’s return to Australia to provide statements to police and, now, Mr Wilson’s public commentary.

    Read more:

  136. Ah, wouldn’t it be hilarious if Blewitt found himself in jail &-during an investigation-a link to Abbott & Bishop were found?

  137. Marcus, the only reading I am getting to what has been produced today, is that many have over stretched themselves.

    I felt that Lewis was more moderate this morning, while Bishop and co are going the other way.

    This could go any where.

    I do not believe that the PM is as stupid as they think, even if she is as guilty as they portrayed. Yesterday, during that Jon Faine interview, it was said the PM could even go inside.

    I believe that tomorrow morning, that the PM will take her stand, Labor has to put this to bed before the day is out. It cannot be glowed to fester over the Xmas break, as I am sure the Coalition hopes it does.

    I noticed that Sky interview of Bishop was in Sydney, not Perth, as one would expect this time of the year.

    One thing for sure, it will not go as Abbott believes. This is another that could blow up in his face.

  138. even scaper has been warning us for weeks what was coming. Where did he get his information from. What is that comment he keeps telling us, mode home or something out of Sims 3.

  139. I forgot to say the Opposition have a terrible handicap. They believe e their own spin. Cannot understand that the best laid plans of men and mice can go astray.

  140. The interesting thing here and with the right-wing boils is that I believe neither Blewitt nor Wilson ever were charged or convicted of fraud!…It is all “self-confessed fraudster” stuff… what IS the “crime”?

  141. Scaper…”Love the way you fools accept Wilson’s very timely bullshit. I wouldn’t trust him any more than Blewitt”

    I agree. All Wilson has done is give the scandal more air! Indicative of the sad lack of whispering brainpower is this statement:

    “the Opposition have a terrible handicap. They believe e their own spin.” Dead right about believing ones own spin being a handicap CU but sadly you and your hero the ghastly gillard are the people doing the most spinning and therefore are the most handicapped…in hoisting herself high CU discovers the power of her own petard. Bwu hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah

    and again for good measure

    Bwu hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah

  142. Treeman loses it.

    Isn’t he going to blow a pooper valve when it all comes to naught and especially if it’s Bishop that ends up on the scrapheap.

    Will probably do the usual Rightwing thing and hide for a long while sulking.

  143. jaycee, that is what we keep asking, What is the PM’s crime. I suspect it is that she has the Job Tony wants.

  144. I would really love to know who Scaper and Elgordo and the other trolls really are in real time. Could they possibly be the journalists that are trying to make all the ‘newsworthy’ accusations about the PM?
    OMG could this possibly be the truth? Let’s see – where can we start. Oh, I know, who employs them to write this garbage. Maybe a libel suite or two might be the order of the day when they are found out.
    Guess that is enough of the insinuation and innuendo from me tonight. It really looks and sounds just as stupid as the stuff the trolls are trying to pedal here. Telling them to grow up really is useless as they really love to play games and bate everyone, after all, what really happens when you tell a child to grow up – they just look at you with amazement because they don’t know what you mean. These trolls really are a brainless lot.

  145. ME, maybe you can enlighten me to where we are spinning.

    No one knows what the alleged fraud was, No one knows where the money went.

    Tree how about a list of what you see as our spin. Tell us where we are wrong. Not inferences but examples. We really need to know, if we are to change our ways.

    Point out our delusions.

    Other wise thanks for the compliment of commenting on what I say.

    Really makes my day.

  146. Sandra,

    scaper has outed himself many times on the intertubes, revealing his real name and even posting pictures of himself. He’s just a little man with delusions of grandeur – connections to the halls of power and all that 🙄

    Even el gordo is not as anonymous as she thinks she is, although she has mentioned some past connection with the media.

    You’re right about both of them though – they’re both just wanna-be’s…

  147. “how about a list of what you see as our spin”

    This site is awash with it..Easy to find

    1.Cuppa, as my dear old dad would have said..Tony Abbott couldn’t lie straight in bed..
    2. There is no question that Tony Abbott is wearing thin with the electorate, apparent by the increasing 9 point gap. Was he ever an option?
    3. Maybe this why the coalition can afford to have a free chrissie dinner, why the poor old socialists make their members pay?

    4. at the press stunt he was asked about his personal tanking in the polls. his reply contained the usual, “i don’t comment on polls, however, the polls confirmed how the carbon tax is still unpopular”.

    So Abbott’s response deflecting from his own unpopularity was to say to his party, “the no to carbon tax is still working in the polls , so you better not try and assassinate me” (assassinate being the word of choice in the msm for replacing the leader)

    Tony out again, promising miracles in child care.

    As they said, fair wages for the workers not included.

    What Tony is promising, is another rinquiry, then he will make decisons.

    What will be in the mix, is care within the home. In otherwords, nannies.

  148. Back to the headline no-ones buying….it sure seems to have gotten some traction over the weekend, thanks to the Wilson….And you lot were saying who could believe Blewett because he’s a crook…Because Wilson says she’s not done anything wrong do you believe him?

  149. You have given us a list, you believe is spin. Good.

    Now explain and prove it is spin.

    In fact most of what I see there is what Tony has said and done.

    I have news, it is the same as the opinion we hear from you in regard to the PM. No different.

    What you come here and spew is pure spin.

  150. It is not a matter whether I believe any body. That includes Blewitt and Wilson.

    My problem is that I cannot find anything that has been written that points to any crime by the PM.

    As for the meaning of spin, it is obvious we do not believe it has the same meaning.

    What are the questions the PM has to answer.

    But I can live with that, as it matters little to me. That list does not make sense either.

  151. Treeman according to you a high google count is proof of something. Pay google and anything can go to the top of the list, via their Irish shelf company that operates in the Cayman islands so they don’t pay Aussie tax….

    I reiterate: has anything actually happened constituting a legally substantiated a charge or allegation? I see lots of opinion and innuendo but nothing other than Julie Bishop intending to use Parliamentary privilege to slander the Prime Minister, something she would not dare repeat outside.

    NOVEMBER 25, 2012 @ 7:57 PM
    I would really love to know who Scaper and Elgordo and the other trolls really are in real time. Could they possibly be the journalists that are trying to make all the ‘newsworthy’ accusations about the PM?

    Obviously, like the factless troll..bullshitting neocon nobody’s.

  152. Ricky J Pannowitz
    NOVEMBER 25, 2012 @ 8:27 PM
    “Treeman according to you a high google count is proof of something”

    My webmaster knows it is, which is precisely why she designs sites accordingly!

  153. “Oh well…This will be a most interesting week…Rudd has 40 now and counting!”


    How does one explain why Mr. Rudd has come out so strongly in defence of the PM on this one.

    Do you realise you have just written a lot of rubbish. Not up to your normal standard of writing.

  154. “How does one explain why Mr. Rudd has come out so strongly in defence of the PM on this one.”

    Because he knows there are a lot of gullible people out there!

    Let’s see how the week pans out before we talk of rubbish!

  155. Yes, there are a lot of gullible people around. Not only out there. Many visit us here

    I notice they have a glib answer for everything, especially with what they do not agree with.

  156. Treeman,
    Back when the spill was called in February this year Rudd got 31 votes to the PM’s 71! Yet in the last 9 months you say he’s picked up 9 votes? If that’s all he’s managed to secure he’s lazy and has decided to wait for the tap on the shoulder.
    I agree it will be an interesting week but Rudd wont be the leader at the end of it!
    You seem to have a case of whishfull thinking!

  157. The caucus meeting may be heated and theoretically the PM should fall on her sword, but its impossible to read her mind.

  158. “…….Mr Blewitt, who last week made a statement to Victorian police about his involvement in the fraud, said last night Mr Wilson could not be taken seriously in his public statements as long as he failed to go the police and refused to waive legal privilege.

    He said Mr Wilson’s former lawyers, Slater & Gordon, might be able to shed more light on the union fraud scandal if Mr Wilson agreed to allow the release of his legal files. “If he is serious about this he will arrange for the release of the material that is most relevant,” Mr Blewitt said. “His public comments are ambiguous and farcical………….””

    Yep, it appears that Mr. Blewitt knows more about the law that Ms. Bishop. The answer to Ms. Bishop’s question or more like inferences is above. It is called legal privilege, which prevent the PM from going to the police. Even if she wanted to.

    Noticed the media is going down the path of saying the Opposition are only interested in keeping this going, not solutions. They just want to give the perception of the PM being a liar. They pointed out that Ms Bishop said the so called new information was no smoking gun.

    Today will be interesting.

    Many questions, no concrete allegations. Other words a digging operation to see what they can find, if anything. Nothing to do with finding the truth. If Ms. Gillard was not PM, we would be not hearing one word about this issue, It would remain dean and buried in the long distant past.

  159. El gordo, I am of the belief, that if the PM had done anything wrong, or if s

    I see no evidence that is the case.

    One does not throw the towel in because of dubious allegations, innuendo and no solid accusations, No allegations of fact, except that she is a liar. What they lie is, is not being defined.

    The biggest crime the PM is being accused of, is guilt by association, and having a poor choice in boyfriends, based on the assumptions, being made from old date in pad investigations.

    As we pointed out yesterday, many interpretations or scenarios can be created from those old investigation files of seventeen years ago.

    The original investigation, which were done in the context of the time, found no one that was responsible. It did not find what the actual crime was. All it found was that money was missing.

    People who paid that money, refuse to cooperate.

    Assumptions are not evidence that one has committed a crime.

  160. Exactly what documents are her handwriting over that highlight her lies Treeman?

    Exactly what lies has she told?

    Exactly what questions does she have to answer she hasn’t already answered?

    In regards to the last it doesn’t matter what she says the thin skinned right like you will still not be satisfied.

    Please not people that Treeman has just regurgitated exactly the same smear points that were started by the right wing Abbott supporting media. Nothing new, nothing of substance, just rinse and repeat. Talk about blindly and mindlessly following the gormless leader.

    You’ve become a joke on this and so much so that Bishop the younger my fall as she has put so much of her reputation on it. Even now Abbott and Hockey are paying out more rope on her to distance themselves so they can be as far away for her wild conspiratorial rantings as possible when she comes a cropper.

    And like the last time, when nothing came of attacks on Labor you and the other wingnuts will slink off and disappear again proving the sore losers you are.

  161. “And like the last time, when nothing came of attacks on Labor you and the other wingnuts will slink off and disappear again proving the sore losers you are.”

    Wishful thinking at best. You just reinforced my point that Denigration is De rigueur at the Cafe of whispering smear and innuendo.

  162. Yes, tree, evidence from the past, which proves little.

    When one accuses someone of lying, one is expected to be o\able to outline the lie. Please tell me what the lie is.

    All I see is assumptions being made on data collected 17 years ago. Data that no one was able to charge anyone with at the time.

    There can be many different assumptions made from what has been produced in the media lately. Ms. Bishop herself said, there is no smoking gun.

    There is no evidence to suggest that the PM did nothing more, than her job, in acting on the directions of her client.

    Both of the so called whistler blowers had little to do personally with the PM at the time. The partner in particular, has shown by what he has said, was not in the loop. Actually, he was in another department, in another building. Their paths would have barely crossed. His opinion did not appear to carry much weight at the time. I believe he left the firm soon after. I believe there was other issues he had with the firm, or maybe the firm with him.

    As for Mr. Blewitt, I suspect he hardly knew the PM, as he resided on the other side of the country. Would be surprised if he knew much at all.

    Please do not tell me those words I repeated in my previous comments are his. They sound more like the words of those around him. It was never shown that this man was that brainy. Even he said the job Wilson put him in, was above his ability. That he was out of his depth. I am suggesting he could be in the same position now.

    Tree, what I am saying, is all based on my readings of what is in the public arena, and are only assumptions.

    Saying that, all that is now being put forward as facts, are also assumptions. Assumptions do not prove guilt or stand up in a court of law.

    Sadly assumptions can be seen as truth in public perception. It still does not prove truth, just perceptions.

    That is what this is all about. The evidence does point to this being the truth. The Opposition is simply playing politics and little more.

    tree, you have one opinion, I have another. That is allowed in a free country.

  163. Polls today, so there has been no change in the numbers. This is spite of the new announcement on asylum seekers and the increased attack by the Opposition and media.

    One would think, if the public was taking either on board, a drop in numbers for the PM.

    Abbott door stop. Body language a little subdued. Once again being questioned.Attack is now on the unions. Anything new then. ABC 24

    Continuing to accuse the PM of making shrill denials. Now has anyone heard the PM being shrill. Maybe that is the way she sounds to Abbott.

  164. Just saw Rabbott doing his norm… LIE LIE LIE then was asked a question about what questions need to be answered…. LIE LIE LIE then called out on his lack of answer and RUN RUN RUN!

    What a gutless, lying, stupid piece of shit this pretender really is…. Tree troll et al you must be soooooo proud. :evil 👿 👿

  165. And his media is out in full force, adding to the ‘word cloud’. Here’s a thought phil, instead of simply helping the meme along, do some actual reporting on this, and put this into context for us? Nothing wrong was done, nothing wrong is even insinuated in all of the documents, if they are taken in context (something which the media have refused to acknowledge in all but one event for years), yet you use the same words that helps build a google search result which people who don’t understand what SEO really means think proves something.

    But neither proof nor a thorough understanding among the public of events two decades ago matter so much. Run everything written so far through a word cloud and you would end up with ”union, slush fund, boyfriend, lawyer, corrupt, Gillard” and that’s all that needs to filter out.

    Read more:

  166. The big lie, that they keep on talking about.

    ……….National Times

    No smoking gun but loaded words have already damaged Gillard

    It’s the final sitting week of parliament and attention is focused on Gillard’s involvement in the Australian Workers Union slush fund, as the opposition weighs how to handle the scandal.

    The gulf between the circumstantial case and anything actually linking Julia Gillard to knowingly having done something illegal as a lawyer 19 years ago is a cause of frustration among the Prime Minister’s pursuers.

    The opposition has been building expectations about this week, the final sitting of Parliament for 2012, and how it was going to go after the Prime Minister.

    Bishop will not try to convict Gillard this week but damage her by questioning her conduct as a lawyer, her integrity and trustworthiness.

    The shadow attorney-general, George Brandis, and the Deputy Opposition Leader, Julie Bishop, have been teasing about new information that has come to light and Bishop, the head prosecutor, will lead the charge in the House of Representatives on Monday.
    “I’m not looking for a smoking gun. I’m looking for a full and frank explanation from the Prime Minister” … Julie Bishop.

    “I’m not looking for a smoking gun. I’m looking for a full and frank explanation from the Prime Minister” … Julie Bishop. Photo: Andrew Meares

    On Friday, Bishop, who has been preparing her case for weeks, played down expectations somewhat when she said: ”I’m not looking for a smoking gun.”

    ”I’m looking for a full and frank explanation from the Prime Minister of her role in setting up an incorporated association that ultimately led to a massive fraud being perpetrated against the Australian Workers Union by Ms Gillard’s then boyfriend [Bruce Wilson] and I think the Australian people deserve to hear the Prime Minister’s full and frank explanation in the Parliament as to what she knew,” she told Laura Jayes of Sky News.

    It was an effective admission that no smoking gun has been found and it was not the first.

    Robert McClelland, the Labor backbencher and former attorney-general, is a rusted-on Kevin Rudd supporter who cannot abide Gillard. He gave the opposition the green light to pursue this matter in June with a speech to Parliament on union corruption.

    Two decades ago, McClelland was one of the lawyers representing the Australian Workers Union against Wilson but he tells people today nothing was unearthed back then that could nail Gillard to illegality………

    Read more:

    All this proves, is what the AG Roxon said yesterday. That Labor is very much against any criminality in the union movement and have already tightened rules, to protect against corruption.

    This is what McClelland is talking about. Nothing he said in parliament involved the PM. He was talking about the corruption at the time. What in the hell is wrong with that.

    Once again, others are reading their own meanings into what he said, and why he said it.

  167. The 425-page conveyancing file shows she did not handle the conveyancing

    But she needs to answer the question, WHY did she not handle the conveyancing?


  168. Where is the evidence that the PM or Salter and Gordon where aware that the UWA was not aware of the fund. I would assume once it was set up, the solicitors roll would cease. One would assume the members knew.

    How could they be responsible for how Mr. Wilson used of hid the account. His official position at the time, gave him the right to form the fund, No illegality there.

    Once again, assumptions are being made on what occurred. Assumptions that in this case, are ignoring when the responsibility of the legal advisers ended.

    What is being inferred, is that the PM was responsible for overseeing how Mr. Wilson carried out his duties, within the union. That she was his keeper.

    ….SEVERAL months after being kicked out of the Australian Workers Union for his central role in a major fraud scandal, Bruce Wilson was still removing tens of thousands of dollars of union money from a different slush fund that had been kept hidden.

    Mr Wilson’s withdrawal of the last of more than $60,000 from the Construction Industry Fund was still possible in late January 1996, as neither Julia Gillard nor her firm, Slater & Gordon, had alerted the AWU to the existence of his major slush fund months earlier.

    The Prime Minister denies wrongdoing in relation to the AWU Workplace Reform Association, which she gave advice to help Mr Wilson set up and later described as a “slush fund” for the re-election of union officials, saying she had no knowledge of its operations…..

  169. My webmaster knows it is, which is precisely why she designs sites accordingly!

    So, Treeman has a website (or sites). Care to tell us what it is?

  170. The only thing i could see about coorey’s article was that the latest newspoll, on which ‘journalists’ rely for insight ,was totally unhelpful when you want to infer the PM is damaged, hence look at a Word Cloud. Yes the word cloud confirms PM already damaged.

    And fairfax want people to pay for such cr@p/insight.

  171. Like any other entity that a solicitor sets up for a client, their role ends when they hand it over to the client unless instructed to do otherwise.

    That’s just what the PM did. So any fiddling of the books or embezzlement is on the heads of the account holders and maybe their accountants if they were involved in the running of the association.

    And as the PM was neither involved in the purchase of the house nor in the conveyancing, she wouldn’t have known anything about it. QED

    The so-called lawyers in the opposition should be aware of the role of solicitors wrt trust funds etc, so this witch hunt being conducted by them and their lackeys in the msm has been completely bogus from start to finish.

  172. Abbotts irony.

    He spoke at the ‘presser?’ this morning on ABC24 about how Julia has so many questions to answer, as a result of all the “new” information that has come to light, and about how it was not them that started this, then outright lied about things that Labor members said emphasising lies about what Bill Shorten said.

    Then was asked “What questions do you want her to answer?” to which he reiterated his previous innuendo and smear, only to be asked the same question again, while others of the press called him out on his lies about what Shorten said and he did the bolt.

    He wants Julia Gillard to answer questions that he can’t even formulate, yet he can’t even answer one direct question relating to the subject that he has just finished speaking about.

    And this is the ‘man (?)’ that they think should be running this great country?

    What a joke.

  173. Inquiry to be set up for abuse in the armed forces. Minister Smith will be issuing an apology at midday. Task force also being set up.

  174. ……..This is, of course, total buncombe. At issue is what Prime Minister Gillard might have done for and with her then union leader boyfriend and one other official of the Australian Workers’ Union when she was a Melbourne lawyer in the early 90s.

    And the Opposition Leader has no intention of giving Ms Gillard the benefit of the doubt on anything………….

  175. The taskforce to be funded out of defense budget. defense has run plenty of reviews before but has not enforced the recommendations, only appropriate that they now fund and implement the task force recommendations.

  176. Nothing happening in the lower house yet. There is no one from the Opposition in the house, even at the table.

    I have not peeked at the Senate.

    From this, I assume they are all in a meeting, planning their tactics.

  177. Opposition MP beginning to come into both houses. Meetings must be over. That is as assumption on my part.

    Smith said he had to be somewhere at 10.45. Did not catch why. Media conference is proceeding but the Minister has his eye on the clock.

  178. Will the opposition fully back this task force, particularly defense funding it?

    The ADFA 24 non action was under the Howard watch.

  179. Sue, will they even bother to look at what has been said, Very comprehension actin being taken Apology to be given at mid day.

    Greens speaker, talking on casual employment and the numbers of workers on contracts, with no protection.

  180. Treeman
    NOVEMBER 25, 2012 @ 8:33 PM
    Ricky J Pannowitz
    NOVEMBER 25, 2012 @ 8:27 PM
    “Treeman according to you a high google count is proof of something”

    My webmaster knows it is, which is precisely why she designs sites accordingly!

    So your webmaster is an investigative journalist with a law degree?…What a crock, cmon Treeman that is so
    stupid its ridiculous. It may be relevant when your selling toasters or soap powder but it proves nothing whatsoever other
    than you paid to advance yourself in Google cache.

    NOVEMBER 26, 2012 @ 7:28 AM
    “No allegations in fact, except that she is a liar. What they lie is, is not being defined.”

    What rubbish…there are allegations aplenty and many questions unanswered.

    Her handwriting is all over a number of documents which highlight the lies and obfuscation…

    That’s absolutely the crux of it all… Allegations?
    A dirt unit at the Australian with a few dodgy powerpoints and NO documents proving anything is not evidence. Questions? Why do these need to be answered? Just because someone on a vendetta asks them? What rubbish.

    Then its people like the “factless troll” getting all ACA..oh the body language convicts her….

    Dammed even in the face of fact and truth by people blinded by dogmatic political ideology. For a front bench full of lawyers FActless Fiberals are big on trial by media and protection under parliamentary privilege. This in fact defines this opposition, diversion by doubt…all lie, no substance, no policy

    Maybe you could post these documents with her handwriting all over them.
    I’m big on facts,Not so big on unsubstantiated opinion…especially from the Un-Australian.

  181. Temporary visas are already allowed under the law. What is Morrison about, going to bring in a bill to legalise, what is already law.

  182. It is clear that the Opposition is no longer actively chasing the suggestion that Ms Gillard was a financial beneficiary of anything her AWU clients did with the fund. There is no evidence of that.

    The right wing media are now saying that so it’s only the wingnuts, the blind mindless ideological followers of the gormless Abbott, who say she’s guilty but won’t say of what.

    There’s no evidence and never has been, so yet again, as they are in everything else, the right wingers here have got it completely wrong and just make it up lying through their teeth and justifying the lies with deceits and baseless allegations.

    Very telling that the only way that Abbott supporters think they have a hope of winning the next election is to bring down the government before its time on deceits, lies and smears instead of on policies and lucid governance debates.

    What a sad pitiful lot.

  183. ME, it says a lot, that one is can only win by destroying their opponents.

    How would sports people be seen, if the followed similar tactics

    Not very well I suspect.

    Cheats are seen in a good light. In fact they are despised and are disqualified.

    They would at the very least be seen as bad sports, at the worse ad criminals.

    This is the man who is challenging the ethics and moral values of our PM.

  184. What is sadder, that many good men and few woman sitting behind Mr. Abbott must also have the same beliefs, that this is the only way they can win.

  185. Has anyone noticed, that the parliament is operating so far today, as it was created for. Important matters being dealt with. In the senate we have a bill setting out to protect workers that are being sacked by the Que

    In the building itself, there is an important forum on domestic violence under the auspice of White Ribbon,

    We have announced extensive actions to protect the rights of our soldiers. An apology speech is no\w being given.

    Have seen none of Mr. Abbott’s action seen.

    Couple more wandering in.

  186. Did see Abbott with his white ribbon saying how “shrill” the PM is .

    He is really dumb or just plain offensive?

  187. Sue, that speech was shocking. He turned it into politics. The PM has indeed got under his skin,

    Sue, it is that he just does not get it.

    Especially when he pulls that stunt in front of that audience.

    Noticed, there is no swagger today. He looks as if he is in the dumps. Does not look happy at all.

    By this time in the day, if he is following routines from the past, there would have been at least two attempts to bring the PM to heel. We have nothing. Not even a courtyard MC.

  188. Things have changed. They are now saying the Opposition attack will occupy QT, not Parliament as they have been saying all day.

    PM PC now due. ABC24

    Hockey is now talking about super funds, which now is being debated.

    It seems that Labor is driving the agenda today, and is driving procedures.

    That is not what we heard for the last week. Was not this the day, they wipe the floor with the PM. Of course there is still time for that to happen. They have to get back control first.

  189. It is said this could end up being a showdown between the PM and journalist. They all seem to be there in numbers.

  190. PM, is calling Mr. Abbott “he” . It does have effect. The PM is laying it on, telling it as it is.

    No Howard style Liberals anymore.

    This is going to be as good as that other speech.

    Now it is Mr. Abbott.

  191. Take note people that when they thought that old rehashed stuff proven to have been nothing 17 years ago was bought up by a right wing journalist, the wingnuts here came out in force to dominate the threads.

    Shrill all the way, bleating about the end of the PM and oh how they were laughing so much and oh what fools we all were to believe in such a crook, a crook only in their minds mind you.

    The fools are the ones who believed the duplicitous words of a right wing journalist with an agenda, and just they fall for every other right wing scam and bunko, like the ones thrown out on climate change, they jumped feet first without looking onto this one, and will for the next and the ones after that.

    Where are they all now?

    Where is the domination of the threads and the gloating in glee of the demise of the PM?

    As the polls didn’t change and bit by bit other journalists, including those of the right, began to pen that there was no malfeasance on the part of Gillard, and indeed it was always about a smear, one Abbott and the opposition in the guise of the guileless and doomed Bishop the younger continue, they are falling silent as their posts trail off into oblivion, where again they will skulk under their rocks waiting of word of the next skulduggery to leap out to make dozens of mindless posts of the doom of everything left of the Black Hundred.

    How ignominious to be burdened with such a narrow mindset as to blindly follow ideologically driven falsities as a means to make a point of view when it only takes a small opening of the mind and a narrow expansion in outlook to see the truth through the crud being peddled. That they won’t open their minds even the tiniest bit and are more than willing to jump onto every piece of journalistic crud that floats by in a flotsam and jetsam of crud so often produced by the media, says a lot.

  192. Just started watching the PM’s presser

    “What is the big deal?”


    The look on her face should make every journo in Australia today cringe in shame. The collective just got their backsides slapped.

    The byline says “PM addressing the press” No, she is giving them a lesson from the real world

    Fucken Brilliant 🙂

  193. Bishop the younger is shrill, as for Gillard even in her slap down of Abbott of in parliament she has never got close to being shrill.

    Come to think of it Abbott has often been shrill, so it’s just more projection on his part. If you ever hear him put down someone then you can almost know for certain he’s describing his failing.

  194. It amazes me, that anyone following the PM, would not have expect what we have just witness. It fits in with everything we have seen of this PM during this year.

    A gutsy lady that is capable of defending herself, and taking the argument up to her enemies, which she appears to have many.

    We now getting another great speech with genuine feeling.

    If I was Bishop and Co, I would back off. They cannot win this one.

  195. All the Opposition is achieving, is giving the PM a chance to show her strengths.

    No, she is coming across as a winner, not victim.

  196. I for one am so proud of OUR PM…… come on Trolls, bring it on…. again you Trolls have proven yourselves to be RW nut jobs, loonies and tossers….. cant wait to scroll your up coming wankery, … What a lady, what an Australian, what a great PM, you go girl, woohoo 😀

  197. What is going on with this media interrogation is just absolutely and totally wrong. The PM is just not running away from any questions.
    She is cool and calm in her answers.
    She would be entitled to sue the pants of many people who are trying to smear her including those in the press, imho.
    Who do I believe – wholeheartedly- the PM. At least she is more that capable of handling whatever is flung at her. She is running the country well with the only the still vexing problem of Asylum Seekers still to accomplished.
    The people of Australia need to wake up to the lies they are being fed and I personally think that we (we ordinary people) will continue to become more and more aware of just how bad the opposition are as it gets closer and closer to the election.
    Truth will always better lies, inuendo and obfuscation.
    Now just waiting for the next attack from the Deputy Opposition Leader.
    Here we go!!!!!!!

  198. That bald spot has grown alarmingly.

    Bishop is now repeating breaking of union rules.

    Referring to news conference.

  199. The PM nailed it……. that last nail has been driven into Abbotts LOTO coffin…. run along now Tony, time to study up on what Ambassadors do, Tuvalu is calling 😆 (oh to be a fly on the wall of Abbotts office, guffaw )

  200. Did one notice that the PM said the association was not set up on behalf of the UWA. It was an association of people who got together to raise money for re-election. It appears the younger Ms. Bishop missed that one,

    As she said, it had nothing to do with union rules. Even if it did, the PM was dealing with elected officers of that union.

    If the PM had given Mr Wilson a ruling on the rules, one would be sure, any action she took, would take them rules into consideration. The lady has never been seen as stupid.

    Waiting for the censure motion. That is when we will hear her let go. She is just playing with them now, like a angler with sprats on the line. Enjoy playing with them, before the line is pulled in.

    Labor and the PM needs to finish this today.

  201. Note. Bishop is repeating the questions, word for word, that the media asked. Word for word. Surely she listened to the PC.

  202. Thomson asking a question. Clever strategy

    His question is true. I travelled on the trains in the fifties, the stream and diesel trains from Wyong were faster.

  203. Who is in control of this QT, I wonder. Where are the fireworks. We have the deputy Opposition leader who is once again, guilty of plagiarism. Copying the questions of the journalist, unless it was her that gave the questions to them to ask.

  204. Catching up
    NOVEMBER 26, 2012 @ 2:30 PM
    Note. Bishop is repeating the questions, word for word, that the media asked. Word for word. Surely she listened to the PC.

    Are you asserting that certain sections of the media and the Fiberal Floposition are colluding? Surely not….. 🙂

    This is looking worse and worse for the Fibs…like the impact of the policy that they favoured before DR No back flipped with a double pike…its going nowhere, outa petrol…. fast

  205. I predicted one thing last night. That the Opposition would be on their beat behaviour, as they would want all in the house. I would say we are in for a censure motion.

  206. I believe that line is now being jerked a little will soon be reeled in.

    I cannot understand how any lawyer who listened to what they PM had to say, could be making so many mistakes.

    Ms. Bishop either did not listen, or heard what she wanted, or believes her own spiel.

  207. “Are you asserting that certain sections of the media and the Fiberal Floposition are colluding? Surely not…”

    Of course not, just making an observation and wondering why it is so. Would nott accuse the lady of being so low, let alone lacking in ability.

  208. Must be in the air. I am sitting at my computer, hearing Kookaburras laughing loudly.

    They must be over hearing QT. Cannot think of what else would make them laugh so hard.

  209. This lady is going too far. That is Bishop, I mean.

    The PM is correct, in the scheme of things, it was just a small matter for any solicitor.

  210. Abbott rubbing his forehead. Very quiet, wonder if he has a headache.

    We do have a lady that sounds very angry and a little shrill.

  211. Love the final words of the PM. For those who listen to radio, the Opposition leader was present. m So much for the expected fireworks. Just as I predicted last night, a fizzer.

  212. CU, if they think the bloodnut in charge of this country will fold under their pathetic questions, they are very poor judges of character, determination, will and plain old fashioned guts.

    She’ll maul Bishop, J and then have her for lunch.

    If I were the PM, I’d be tempted to attack the Liars lawyers along the lines of their lack of knowledge of basic law.

    If laypersons know that once a solicitor completes the work to set up a trust fund, an association or a company, their involvement ends there unless otherwise instructed, how come the seat shiners on the opposition benches are ignorant of that fact?

    On that performance alone, I would warn anybody not to consult any of them once they leave or are chucked out of, political life.

  213. Jane, that is what happened. It was inferred in most answers of the PM. The trouble is that Ms. Bishop, the younger has not yet woke up to the fact, that is what occurred.

    I believe most that were watching, got the message.

    The fact that there was no MSSO, says it all.

    Where has Morrison been, with his members bill on a TPV. Which by the way, are already law.

    Does not appear to be an MPI either. Maybe later.

  214. …how come the seat shiners on the opposition benches are ignorant of that fact?

    They aren’t ignorant of the fact at all and this has been smear from beginning to end, smear they thought would damage Gillard, but failed.

    The telling point was the timing of it, coming immediately on the back of polls showing collapse in support for Abbott. Internal Liberal party polling must also show they could lose the next election with Abbott, so they are doing everything they can to engineer a government downfall, just as they have been from the day after the 2010 election.

    They know the further along they go with Abbott the greater the chance of him stuffing up big time, or stuffing up so often it makes him one big stuff up anyway.

    They know they’ve hooked to a loser whose mostly clueless and needs to be carefully coached and managed every step, but even then he’s a ticking loser bomb.

    They know that apart from their blind followers the Australian voters have a limit on the negativity and bullshit being spewed forth by the Liberals and even the help of the complicit right wing media, including the ABC, cannot help cover up for Abbott’s blatant incompetency.

    What they didn’t know was one Ms Julia Gillard and what has turned out to be a fairly disciplined Labor party, which is unusual for a Labor party.

  215. ME. the problem lays with the younger Ms. Bishop big mouth, She broadcasted the whole campaign. Could not help with being smart.

    Her statement of no smoking gun was beauty.

    Should have given the stunts last week in WA a miss.

    Abbott can no longer blame the PM and accuse her of running a dirt campaign. They are being condemned out of their own mouth.

    If anyone believes the next election will be a rerun of the last, have rocks in their heads, instead of grey matter.

    The PM was not in control then. That is no longer true. The PM has the patience and nous to wait, to strike at the most opportune moment, no matter how long it takes.

  216. Its all gone so quite since the Prime Minister used the Word Defamation….

    Julie Bishop just delivered the greatest fizzer of modern political times since the flopositions attack cabbage Pinoclean. Albo was in fine form…..

    Prime Minister Gillard….”For those listening on radio I would like to inform you that the opposition leader was present at question time today”..priceless.

    This flopposition has just crossed the abyss into a whole new level of incompetence…They are truly pathetic in every respect. Morality, policy, direction, vision….A vacuous collection of policy incompetents.

    I noticed the trolls have scurried into the darkness but like cockroaches they will crawl out to crawl though the excrement and feed off the crumbs of decaying lies.

  217. There’s something missing from the Café this afternoon – can’t quite put my finger on what it is 😉

  218. Ricky, that photo really says it all. Hope it goes viral.
    ‘We don’t have a dirt file on Labor’, rats to that. But hang on, the file had the PM’s name on it, didn’t it.
    It looks pretty thick too. Must have been collecting things since 2010!!!!
    I wonder where the DOL got her degree as a lawyer – I don’t think that I’d want her working on a case of mine.

  219. Bacchus, I thought one would be big enough to say, hi Catching up, you were right last night, I was wrong, Things turned out just as you predicted..

    Well that is not quite tight. I did predict that Abbott would call his first stunt when the house first sat. I did predict that Morrison would be back with his bill, which would go nowhere, as they ignore procedure.

    There would be a courtyard PC screaming that the Labor were denying them their rights.

    That QT would be very quiet, to allow for a secure motion.

    None of that happened.

    All we has was some weak questioning from the younger Bishop.

    No fireworks as all.

    The PM has manage to establish that she did not set up the association, that she only gave legal advice. That she had naught to do with the conveyance file.

    That should be the end of it all. Then we have Bishop asking those questions that have nothing to do with PM.

  220. “The PM has manage to establish that she did not set up the association, that she only gave legal advice. That she had naught to do with the conveyance file.

    That should be the end of it all. Then we have Bishop asking those questions that have nothing to do with PM.”

    You wish! Every time Gillard opens her mouth on this something new is revealed…

  221. Andrew Bolt nails it…
    “Julia Gillard’s tactic in calling the press conference before Question Time becomes obvious in her response to the very first question – from Julie Bishop:

    My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer the Prime Minister to her statement today and to this letter she wrote as a partner of Slater&Gordon to Bruce Wilson in August 1991 in which she provided him with detailed advice on AWU rules on branch offices, union officials an elections.

    Will the Prime Minister now admit she was fully aware of AWU rules about the authorisation to set up entities and bank accounts bearing the name of the union and that the AWU workplace reform association breached those union rules?
    Gillard simply refers Bishop to the answer she just gave in the press conference, pretending this was exactly one asked by a reporter from The Australian.

    One benefit of such an answer, of course, is that Gillard avoids any risk of later being found to have misled Parliament. Misleading journalists carries little danger”

    We have two lawyers slugging it out in the Federal parliament and IMHO more questions have been raised and many left unanswered.

  222. All the muckrakers are ever so busy sending Julie Bishop “congratulation” emails and tweets, oh and some for Tony and Peta as well. And they need it.

    And Julie Bishop reckons she will give a repeat performance tomorrow.
    How thick is she?

  223. At thePC today, PM Gillard said there was a muckraking file being pedaled by a Coalition Minister back in 2007. she even said who the journalist was who was invited into the Minister’s office to have a glass of red and spread the smear.
    The PM challenged the journalists present to find out who that Coalition Minister was and see if they still had a job. I wonder if any will or are they too attached to running Abbott’s smear, in his attempt to get the prime ministership.

  224. What substance. Things she does not know about. Things she is not responsible for.

    Things that have nothing to do with her. Did you not listen to the words.

    In fact that letter that the younger Ms. Bishop was waving about indicated the PM was doing her job.

    The PM gave advice on setting up an association. The PM did not set up the association.

    The PM had nothing to do with the Conveyancing file. This is supported by those who have read it.

    Others had the responsibility and carriage of that matter. Advice on setting up an association. The PM did not set up the association.

    The questions that Ms. Bishop is pursuing need to be addressed to Mr

    What are the questions of substance that have not been answered.

    I am not adding anything to this. I do not intend to spend my time, going around in circles. If you did not get it, that is your problem. Just want to set it out for others to consider.

  225. Treeman is a RW nutter, completely bonkers, you can shove the truth in his face and he would still say ‘NO’…. if it dosn’t fit the fantasy land he is living in then …NO NO NO….. the fact that he shows up here, complete with egg on his face shows he’s not living in reality……. answer this can you, what is your next smear and innuendo campaign…. ’cause you dudded out on this one…. bwwwaahhaaa etc

  226. Just one more tag for to be added to the description of Blewitt. And 7.30 is interviewing this person.
    And Julie Bishop and the press gallery have hung off his every word.

    “Relying on Ralph Blewitt as an authoritative source on anything is looking less sensible by the day. VEXNEWS can now reveal the sordid reason why his ex-wife loathes him: she caught him watching his teenage step-daughter in the shower.”

  227. Sue, thanks for clearing up who was in the house. I thought I was seeing things.

    Tree, Did you not watch QT. The PM did answer questions. No stonewalling that I saw.

    The PM answered all relevant questions of any substance. Not her fault that they keep asking questions that she has no responsibility and should be directed to those who have.

    Yes, providing a copy of the rules, would not come under giving advice.

    The PM did NOT set up the Association. Do not you get it.

    She gave legal advice. That was not seen a big task. That is why no file was created. Why their was no cost. It was a minor matter.

    If you seek legal advice, walk out the door, and do not follow the advice. Who is responsible, your solicitor or you.

  228. There was no file, as the PM did not set up the Association. The PM said this can be checked at the registry.

  229. “…the substance of specific questions.” Now that deserves a round of applause as the most inane statement I have read here.

    I watched almost all of the pressie and had the feeling of…dejavu? It was the August pressie redux.

    Two hours of questioning and still nothing ‘substantive’, except for those whose hatred for Gillard knows no bounds.

    Quoting Bolt…well… enough said.

    If I could be a little rude…piss off Treeman!!!!!

  230. All those questions that you and Ms, Bishop want answered, can only apply it the PM set the association up, and was an official of the AWU.

  231. “What they didn’t know was one Ms Julia Gillard and what has turned out to be a fairly disciplined Labor party, which is unusual for a Labor party.’

    I believe this might be because of the respect that PM has earned, not fear.

  232. I have seen reported that Julie Bishop attempted to table letters, the contents of these letters were then described in the news reports. What was missing was that the tabling was declined but what has been tabled and so incorporated into Hansard, is Julie Bishop attempting to delay court proceedings for asbestosis cases. Where delay could mean claims denied if the claimants DIED before case completion.

  233. tree, are you now attacking the PM for being better at politics than Mr. Abbott.

    Is the problem that the PM is better at the game, than Abbott.

  234. Uhlman is in his glory tonight. Pity he could not just report, and leave his opinions out of it. 7.30 ABC 1

  235. That description the PM made of Blewitt was made outside parliament. It is open for Blewitt to sue the PM.

    Blewitt helped Wilson, not for money, but to keep the job.

  236. Yes, Leigh, I would feel dirty too, if at the same table.

    Can see what Mr. Wilson warning to Ms.Bishop was.

  237. …but like cockroaches they will crawl out to crawl though the excrement and feed off the crumbs of decaying lies.

    On cue Ricky, and the same old discredited lies with not one thing different. The rinse and spin cycle in the old tired machine is winding down, but still trying to get a couple of more turns out of the right wing dirty laundry.

    And the stupid thing is that in a few more months, for some even weeks, they will deny they ever regurgitated the smear, will run diversions on another smear or strawman and say it was all Gillard’s fault in the first place for not really being a crook.

    The most draw dropping thing I’ve read from a right wing journalist that every month predicted a Rudd takeover for the next month was it never happened as it was Rudd’s fault.

    If you can work out the stupidity of the wingnuts you’re a better person than I am.

  238. Why should the PM be expected to answer questions that have nothing to do with her, in anyway. Questions that she does not have the knowledge to answer.

    The PM also accuse Ms. Bishop of lying three times today in parliament and said the Opposition needs to do something about it. I would say, that is another sleeper.

  239. Read the headlines, that Abbott is ready for an election in March. Wants one now. Sorry, Tony the train had departed the station. There will not be another for you.

    Mr. Abbott’s body language said it all. Bet the phone lines are ringing hot tonight.

  240. I+ took the time to have both houses on today. It was eerie and surreal Both chambers empty, especially on the right. No one at the table as well. Never seen that before.,

  241. CU

    At least we know who is covering “incidentals” like lawyers.
    Mr Nowicki.

    Sales found that out. None of the scoops did or are they not interested.

    It was interesting at the PC today how Gillard described how the Australian runs its smear stories.

    The Australian runs story 1 with lots of suggestions of illegality by the PM to damage her, the 2nd story then has the facts,. The dishonest Australian of course had access to all information before running story 1.

    Where is the Press Council? Isn’t the Australian breaking its own self regulation rules?

    Where is the other members of the press why are they not reporting on this deceitful practice? , Are they afraid of Murdoch or just complicit?

    How many of the press gallery will have the gall to turn up for Xmas drinks, after this disgraceful year of reporting?

  242. CU

    PM said Julie Bishop had misled parliament, 3 times and quoted the occasions.

    Did Bishop claim she was misrepresented? if not what are the procedures / actions that happen to Bishop for misleading parliament?

  243. What was that old fashion word, it escapes me at this time, rock something or other.

    Do you mean the prison term for a pedophile CU?

  244. Sue I got distracted.Went back when Turnbull was still ranting on about Abbott being called mendacious.

  245. Bacchus, I believe I do. Maybe wrong, but with my life experience, I can now smell them. Pity I did not have that skill before I married.

  246. They had Thomson asking a question today. Just like they are kicking the sand back in Abbott’s face. Good question if was too, Pointed out that Central Coast trains are slower than they were in the 1950’s. Ride on them then and now, The statement is true. Difference is that they are not steam or diesel.

  247. CU
    Albanese reply to Thomson was interesting as well. The report on VFT will be in early next year then there would have to be a debate by the community to see if they wanted it. If so then everyone will have to decide the funding.

    Albanese also pointed out that Thomson’s question was the only question on policy coming from the other side of the house.

  248. Sue, Bishop asked every question.. Wonder why she wore white. Would it be for purity. Would not mind the money she paid for that outfit. Believe I could have a good weekend with it.

  249. Off his treeman Andrew Bolt nailed it…

    He sure did, nailed his credability with his lies to the cross of shame….. Quoteing Bolt… The factless fuckwit filter indicates extream desperatation

  250. sue @ 8.12 yesterday

    How many of the press gallery will have the gall to turn up for Xmas drinks, after this disgraceful year of reporting?

    All of them. The keyword is, of course, “gall”. Plus a fair degree of sycophancy, grovelling to whoever’s the biggest cheese in the room.
    Julia should tell the bastards it’s BYO, they’ve been keen enough to supply everything else to their own satisfaction.

  251. Did someone turn the light on the hill on? It seems to be illuminating factual truth and a big fat policy hole…all the cockroaches have scurried back into the filth along with their credibility.

  252. Shocking headlines today. PM rolled. PM forced to back down PM loses first fight in caucus.

    Shocking is it not that the PM listened to the voice of the MP’s voted into parliament by their electorates. Strange indeed.

    Strange that the PM listened to senior, and experience people like Hawke and Garrard. Strange that listening to others views and facts, that the PM changed her mind

    Strange days when our electorate MP’s are taken into account, when decisions are made.

    PC Cash PC . Something about calling Bishop a bimbo etc. Cash coming. Big grin on her face,

  253. Wonder how many out thee are having the same react

    Media appear bemused.

    They are good at telling the PM what to do.

    This is ridiculous.


  254. Media now asking questions about Bishop. Is not it fair that we ask questions hwhen Bishop spoke about Blewitt. Cash running. No questions accepted.

  255. The PM has already dealt with Mr.Gibbons. Very early and severally it is said.

    Looks like Bishop did talk to Blewitt by phone. Bishop now says she spoke to someone but the phone cut out. She did not know who it was. Wonder who is leaking in that camp?

    It might be worthwhile listening to QT in the senate, when Wong replies to the question we all know that is going to come from senator Cash.

    That PC Ms. Cash called must be the shortest in history, considering that lady could speak for an hour under water.

  256. An election launch? Is it going to last 12 months. Talk about diversions. Where does the deputy fit in. Not present.

  257. Yet it remains unclear what Gillard has to answer for, except that she had a boyfriend who turned out to be more than a little dodgy. Virtually every story published has stated explicitly that there is no suggestion that Gillard had acted illegally. There is no ‘smoking gun.’

    Nothing has changed as a result of deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop’s relentless questioning of Gillard in parliament. The questioning has been relentless but fruitless.

    And Tony Abbott has looked increasingly uncomfortable sitting there in silence at the dispatch box as Bishop has pursued Gillard, taunted by Gillard to get up the courage to ask a question himself instead of leaving it all to his (female) deputy.

    It is hard to imagine that any former prime minister could have been subjected to such sustained media and opposition scrutiny over something that was in their distant past and based on such a paucity of evidence of wrongdoing.

  258. The shadow FM doesn’t turn up to the NPS for a speech from the leader of a nearby country. What could be more important for her. Wonder if Mr. Turnbull once again fills in for her. No comment on the Israel decision either.

  259. First question at the NPC, was on asylum seekers. Where is Morrison, surely this is more important than a book launch. A chance to hear what the NG leader has to say.

    It appears hearing Joyce speak is more important than the NPC.

  260. ME, I suspect that is not the reaction they set out to achieve. Mr. Abbott needs to take on board, that there is a time and place for everything. I suspect this is not the time for a book launch, a book that is the result of a committee. A book in his name, that he says, everyone has had a part in.

    Another statement of am hearing this day, is the the PM is desperate to keep her job. Where is the evidence for this. What I see, is an Opposition that is desperate and willing to do anything to take that job away from her. So willing, they cannot wait until the next election is due, as is it should be.

    The Opposition defence of the Poker Machine Industry, is sickening.

  261. Ricky J Pannowitz ‏@rickypann
    Abbots new book comes in soft two ply 12 packs, trouble is nothing sticks #AbbottBooks

  262. Brandis uses privilege to suggest Gillard broke law

    Speaking in the Senate, the shadow attorney-general said it was clear Ms Gillard knew the association’s funds would not be used for their stated purpose, which was for the advancement of workers’ rights.

    Instead, Senator Brandis said she knew the funds would be used for the “private purposes” of Mr Wilson and fellow union official Ralph Blewitt.

    “There is no doubt – no doubt whatsoever – that at the time she was involved in setting up the slush fund, Ms Gillard knew what its purpose was,” he told the Senate.

    “Indeed, the choice of an incorporated association as the entity to hold the funds for union election purposes was Ms Gillard’s brainchild.

    “It is already clear, that from (the association’s) inception, Ms Julia Gillard’s involvement in this matter has been characterised by concealment, deception, professional misconduct, and it would appear several breaches of the criminal law.”

    Mr. Brandis record of predicting crimes, has not been that good up to now. Makes many assumptions that others disagree with. Says the PM may have broken a few laws. Does not detail the actual crimes. more bullshit that will not add to the man’s credibility, which I believe, little remanins.

  263. Ricky Pann
    NOVEMBER 27, 2012 @ 8:55 AM

    “He sure did, nailed his credability with his lies to the cross of shame….. Quoteing Bolt… The factless fuckwit filter indicates extream desperatation”

    You must be a very intelligent man Pann!

  264. Now this is a real news headline and far more damning for the Liberals, and especially Howard than anything Gillard is alleged to have done 20 years ago.

    Campaign for Iraq war inquiry gathers momentum

    As Australia is the only CoW country not to have a major enquiry into our going to the illegal Iraq war then this is long over due. And if it’s comprehensive it will be a damning indictment on the Howard government.

  265. Off his Treeman
    NOVEMBER 28, 2012 @ 6:47 PM
    You must be a very intelligent man Pann!

    Thanks, Yes I am, but my partner is smarter, she has a maths PHD.
    Now excuse me FFF just went off again…
    Oh and if you happen to see Bolt (the poor mans Bill Oriely) He may want to catch this months New Scientist

  266. What has changed this morning. The PM said that the fund did not belong to the union but to Mr. Blewitt and Wilson,

    Is that not what the PM has been saying.

    Abbott is carefully saying appears.

    So if the PM wrote that letter , stating that it was not a union fund, that was a fact.

    No record after 17 years. That is proof.

    Yes, the PM gave legal advice. Telling one how to do it, would I assume be a part of that advice.

    Is what she did, illegal. Maybe now, and should be. At the time, probably not.

    Has the PM lied.

    No, this is what she has been saying all along. No new evidence to prove otherwise.

    The issue has to be seen in the context of the time. Was what was done legal or illegal then. That is the only way it can be judge.

    One does not break laws or rules that do not exist at the time. Laws are not made in retrospect.

    The fund was set up by Mr. Wilson. The PM held no positions or any connection with the fund.

    The PM was not aware that the fund could or would be used for illegal purposes.

    Yes, many, including myself believe it was poor practice, bordering on deceit, but not unusual; at the time. Finds set up for reelection of officials of the union,

    I am sure all that contributed to the fund, where aware of it’s purpose.

    The question one needs to know, it if is true, that the was the norm or not.

    Whether illegal or not at the time.

    Whether the PM do more than provide advice, and that

    Is Abbott right, when he says the PM made false presentation. I say Mr. Abbott is once again wrong.

  267. During the Whitewater scandal, Bill Clinton’s opponents went flat out to destroy the president and came up empty. As Barrie Cassidy writes, the Coalition better hope the AWU slush fund affair doesn’t follow the same path.

    There are uncanny similarities between the AWU scandal in Australia and the first major scandal of the Clinton administration, Whitewater – a story that I covered while based in Washington in the early 1990s.

    The origins of Whitewater went back 16 ……

  268. ………….If the “Go Home, Idiots” moment arrived in the AWU scandal, then it was probably around 4.15pm on Tuesday, when the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Julie Bishop, fronted a doorstop interview in Parliament’s Mural Hall; though this time it was the reporters making the judgment that the allegations had gone too far.

    Inadvertently or otherwise, Bishop had earlier left an impression with reporters that the Prime Minister had knowingly committed fraud. She had massively raised the stakes, effectively accusing the Prime Minister of corruption.

    She had said:

    … she (Gillard) and Wilson and Blewitt wanted to hide from the AWU that an unauthorised fund was being set up to siphon funds through it for their benefit and not for the benefit of the AWU.
    The quote was put to her time and again at the 4.15pm doorstop and Bishop denied having said it. She eventually insisted her remarks applied to just Wilson and Blewitt, and not to Gillard. But for too long her obstinacy got in the way of clarity…………………

  269. News 9 new results for gillard

    Julia Gillard to launch campaign based on Women for Obama
    Herald Sun
    JULIA Gillard is to launch a new Women For Gillard campaign based on the United States’ successful fundraising movement Women for Obama. An independent campaign arm, partly funded by the Labor Party, the Women For Gillard campaign will seek …

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    Gillard and the Lost Crusade
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    Ice queen Gillard must thaw or be carved up by slogans
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    Rudd back to denying bid to overthrow Gillard
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    Kevin Rudd insists he has no designs on Julia Gillard’s job but has continued to choose his words carefully declaring he could not ”see any circumstances” that would see him become prime minister again, and confirming that he is not a candidate.

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    Letters: PM must eat humble pie
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    READERS are concerned about PM Julia Gillard’s record, the future of the AFL, people’s manners and dangerously slow driving. School sandwich is PM’s humble pie. I REFER to the editorial “Manners lost amid flying sandwiches” (Sunday Mail, June 2).

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    Push to review gambling logos on footy jumpers
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    A fortnight after Julia Gillard intervened to head off the public backlash at Tom Waterhouse and other spruikers of live odds, the joint select committee on gambling reform has asked whether regulation has gone far enough in insulating children.
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    Without a yes, education cash could be Gonski
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    Air of inevitability pervades as Labor MPs clean offices
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  270. It is ridiculous as to what we are getting from the media this morning. The basis of their argument seems to be, this, what the PM has achieved is much, and is good. The policies that the PM is promoting are good.

    I believe the problem is not that the public is not listening, it is that the media is blocking what she is saying.

    Add the above, to the economy that has existed under this government, leads the world.

    Tell me, are the public this naive and stupid, or is there a chance the public might just making their own minds, not following what they are being fed.

  271. Remember, Tony, no matter what the election throws up, cannot demolish anything be July 2014, unless the present senate agrees to.

    As for the mandate argument, that is rubbish.

    According to the Constitution, the voter elects their local member, gives them a mandate to act on their behalf, on the floor of the houses.

    I cannot see where it says, one mp has more legitimacy over another. PM and parties not even mentioned in the Constitution.

    Government is not formed by the party that gets the most votes. Never has been.

    It is form by the vote of MPs on the floor of the lower house.

    Yes, not even the party that gets the most seats, has the right to government.

    Therefore any mandate is reflected in what one can get through the houses.

  272. Today’s comedy hit. Tony will be governing for all. Np hubris here of course.

    ” Abbott maps out first day in PM’s office

    …Tony Abbott wants to lead a government that is far less factionally driven than the one he hopes to replace and become a prime minister who gains respect even from those who do not vote for him.

    Stressing that he does not take September’s election outcome for granted, the Opposition Leader told Fairfax Media he had a busy first day planned should he win office.

    “There’s a real sense within the community that the current government is more interested in dividing Australians for its own political interest, rather than governing in the national interest,” he said…….

    Read more:

  273. A glimpse into the future. After all we have seen of Abbott, do we rely know what he intends to do, and whether he has the ability to carry it out.

    My view is we do not, that all that Abbott is interested in, is winning, and has given little thought to what comes after.

    If we look at his performance as minister or any other r role he has taken on, except being the Liberal party bully and head kicker, does not give one confidence.

    What is more worrying, know one else seems to be able to fill in the details. Yes. many slogans and motherhood statements, little more.

    What is more worrying, day after day, he says it will be the present shadow ministry, nearly all from the Howard government that will be his front bench. That is, ministers from a government that was thrown out in 2007, two elections ago.

    To me, that indicates laziness and the inability to apply oneself to details from Abbott. When one recalls Abbott’s lack of interest in reading important documents, or even being up on the details on legislation, that his Opposition has supported in this present government, makes one wonder. What comes to mind, Abbott saying he did not know what the government’s NDIS details where about. The questions he raise, was to be found in the legislation, which he supported and was now law.

    This has happened on more than one occasion. Making out that Labor was hiding things, that can be easily found in the legislation passed.

    I do wish, that those who condemn the PM so loudly, and sometimes with hate, please tell us why Abbott will be better.

    “………Tony Abbott has put the Coalition within reach of victory. What this means for Australia remains to be seen….

    …..A complex individual, Abbott may become the nation’s accidental prime minister, but he has been lying in wait for years.

    It won’t be an easy role or an immediately comfortable fit for him. Tagged with allegations of misogyny, labelled unstatesmanlike, accused of being an eternal doomsayer, Abbott has worked hard to reform much of his image of late.

    Despite these efforts, his combative early years in public life continue to dog him. On Saturday, there was another revelation of Abbott’s fiery years in student politics, with a former Sydney University researcher telling of a physical confrontation with the firebrand conservative student leader that landed the two young men in court.

    In addition to battling himself, Abbott has to battle competing right- and left-wing pressures inside his party to present a team that is publicly united, although some of his frontbenchers can hardly contain their own ambitions. Look no further than Christopher Pyne, Scott Morrison, Greg Hunt and Mathias Cormann.

    And while Liberal MPs are united in their eagerness for a return to the Treasury benches, some lament that shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull is not the one poised to be prime minister.

    But most recognise that, like it or not, and perhaps despite himself, Abbott is the one who has brought the party to the verge of victory.

    ”Tony’s got the discipline – most of the time,” one shadow minister says. ”He will be a Liberal Party hero for getting us back into office. But he’s hardly statesmanlike. Hopefully that will come. It’s good he has been consciously toning down the negative Dr No stuff lately.”

    Another says Abbott will have to become more inclusive and consultative as prime minister than he has been as Opposition Leader.

    ”There have been a few things that have come unstuck because he didn’t consult first,” the shadow minister says.


  274. …….I’m not sure of the value of those opinion polls anyway. I am sure they are driven by a hostile news media. That same media is telling us people switched off months or many months ago. What were they thinking when they switched off? Were they sick of Labor’s policy stuff-ups (ignoring the achievements) or were they sick of the LNP’s nasty negativity.

    Whichever way you look at it, our Prime Minister is caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Maybe the are just sick of the media’s beat ups. Cassidy is sure showing his hands,. Where has Oakes been today?

  275. Why do they believe, if the PM did decide she should hand over the reins, why would it be to Rudd?

    How in the hell, can he unite the party, or Labor followers for that matter.

    Is there another in the party, with the guts to take up the poison chalice, as she did,

  276. II just had a horrible thought, could Abbott be more interested in destroying Labor and what it stands for, than what he wants to do as PM.

    In this regard all we have heard is throw away words, that he wants to fix the economy, cut the waste, and give employers a free go.

    One wonders what he means, when the first thing to go is CEF finance. A body set up, to lend money to industry to clean their act up. Money that will be paid back with interest. Now they say this is waste. How can something that is to be paid back, be wastes for the government. Is it not waste to closed it down, when he will need a similar instrument, to distributed money, under his Direct Action. Not sure if he intends that money to be a loan or grant.

    I not sure how one fixes an economy, that does not appear to be broken. One that is still growing. albeit not fast.

    Yes, I do remember an old Liberal leader, that could not wait when the election was over, to put in place many of Labor’s policies. Did not worry the father of the Libs. Not in the business of tearing down. Was happy to finish what they begun, sometimes taking the credit for himself.

    Petersen was not even in his class. Yes good at demolishing and pulling down, but generally to build again. Have not heard Abbott say, he is interested in building anything.

    Yes, I am afraid, that Abbott is only interested in winning. When he has, he will quickly lose interest. My fear is who will replace him.

  277. The big debate is now on. Love it when Turnbull said on Monday night, that Rudd could debate with himself, as he is good at that. Yes, that has been repeated many times.

    What we do not hear, is the retort from another guest, that debating with Abbott would be the same as debating with oneself.

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