Do you trust this guy?

Something about the Ralph Blewitt saga doesn’t look right. The return to Australia of the former AWU official to make some sort of obviously well-rehearsed allegations against Julia Gillard is very suspicious to me. Especially this bit from tonight’s 7:30 Report:

“I was having trouble with recollection of the events,” he said.

“In recent times I’ve been shown numerous documents that have been uncovered by Freedom of Information and various other sources that have refreshed my memory as to the course of events and filled in some of the gaps in my memory.”

Really? Why would anyone want to single you out to show you documents obtained under Freedom of Information? And who?

In my opinion it’s not Julia Gillard who needs to come clean, it’s those who sit across from her in Parliament.

Somethings not right but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Can you?

408 comments on “Do you trust this guy?

  1. Miglo, I take it,you are joking. Follow up with Lateline and what Shorten had to say.

    Can you tell me Miglo, what is the crime that the PM is said to have committed,

    This man is I believe self confessed fraudster. I am not too sure who is being taken for a tide by show.

    Reminds one of the days of Hanson and Haneef. Truth does not matter.

    Ms. Bishop looked just as shonky. In my opinion, that was bad form on the part of Abbott, taking himself off to Western Australia for that press conference.

    Ms. Bishop had too much to say, especially the information that the man had trouble with his conscience and wanted to get it off his chest.

    Mr. Blewitt stumble when asked if he had a guilty conscience. Took him a little while to come up with an answer. Do not know if he was given prompting. I believe his answer, maybe a little or something.

    Someone got their lines confused. Suspect it was Ms. Bishop going too far.

    No Abbott and Bishop would have done better to keep their traps shut. Trouble is, neither can help themselves.

    It this is deliberately a setup, I must say, I have never seen politics played so dirty. Twisting and misrepresented has always been around. Creating a whole scenario is another. I suspect this is complete make believe, based on little or no facts.

    Would love to know what Wilson had to say. It is obvious their is no love between the two.

    This is a farce. One can say no more.

  2. Michael Smith has an axe to grind against the PM and is obsessively collecting ‘evidence’ against her. Blewitt is staying with him and Smith is probably the source of the ‘documents’ he mentions. Smith is behaving like a stalker and is probably feeding him with things to say.

  3. I can’t remember much of what I did 17 years ago but pay me enough money and I’m sure it’ll prod a few memories.

  4. Roswell it is actually 17 to 21 years ago. On top of that, this mad was on the other side of the country for most of that time.

    Do you really think he would be let in on any of the details. It is written, he was unable to cope with the position Wilson put him in, to protect his interest, when he came to the east.

    Yes, bagman is a perfect description. I have never known one to be credit with many brains.

    It does not add up.

    Does anyone know who the solicitor is. Also the one that was with him today, who is said to be writing a book about the union.

    Was Blewitt ever charged or convicted of any crime, in relation to this matter. He is described as a fraudster.

    If they have nothing, I can see the PM becoming very wealthy in the future, if she decides to take action. Wonder will she buy a yacht, as Hawke did.

    That site of Smith’s says a lot. So does the audio. Everything is a big joke.

  5. One thing for sure, they are well organized. Who backs this site, I wonder.

    …he second is Ralph Blewitt being prepared to tell all. He has been living in Asia since 1997 and currently lives in Malaysia. He is back in Australia to come clean on the fraud and has a criminal lawyer to represent him. The man who seems to have made this happen is Harry Nowicki who is a retired Melbourne lawyer who has been investigating the matter for the last six months for a book on the scandal. (Click here to read the story)

    The third could and would mean major problems for Julia Gillard given that she has never given a detailed account of her involvement and/or knowledge of what happened. Blewitt potentially could implicate her and if I was a betting person I would say that is exactly what would happen. Then it would be a bit late for any denials from Gillard to carry any weight as she should have given a fully detailed account a long time ago.

    This is important for this site and it’s supporters as well. Some people write in the comment section that there is nothing we can do about corruption and others have said we should have a revolution to get rid of corrupt governments. Well the revolution will never happen physically but it is happening online. So even though Julia Gillard killed off the story in the main stream media last year she never killed the story online. This site got the ball rolling last August with the post mentioned above and other blogs picked it up and ran with it as well and it has been kept going by the people using Facebook, Twitter and email etc. So no matter what happens with this matter now we have made our presence felt.

    As this site and others like it grow so will our power to drive the political agenda and real change. Give it a few years and sites like this one, and hopefully this one, will be as much the mainstream media as the major players.

    I was planning on doing a different post on a current court case but this matter has gathered momentum. So I will do the other post midweek.

    If this story develops further over the next week or so I will update this post.

    Update: Alan Jones has interviewed Michael Smith again, 10/8/12 in relation to the Bruce Wilson / Julia Gillard AWU fraud. (Click here to listen)

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  7. Be careful of that site,. Got this email.

    This is what I got. Did not tick anything.

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    outside courts and other workplaces.

    Shane Dowling who worked for Fairfax Media before – he says – being unlawfully sacked by the company has represented himself against the company’s high-priced lawyers from Freehills – a highly regarded firm known for aggressively representing the interests of employers – and has made some big claims against the company, the lawyers and even judicial officials involved in the case. Most of them are far too racy, even for us.

    An affidavit obtained by VEXNEWS sworn by a Freehills lawyer Shiv Jhinku explains what happened outside the court. Even accepting his story entirely, it has hard to tell how Mr Dowling’s actions differ in any respect from the actions of journalists working at Fairfax Media.

  9. I assumed he’s virtually been coached by Michael Smith, who’s hovering in the background. I gave up following the screaming headlines leading to Smith’s site after one let down after another and put off by the adoring comments and general incomprehension. Often the pieces had no mention whatsoever of Julia Gillard but commenters didn’t notice and bagged her anyway.
    I saw a carefully nursed Bob Kernahan in a video. Much was made of M.Smith being good to him and making him feel secure and confident as he’s in so much fear – all filmed (to make him feel even more comfortable?) Just before he spoke Michael Smith suddenly lurched at his shirt pocket and took something (sunglasses?) out and threw them on the floor (to make him feel even more comfortable?). It was very strange and I couldn’t make out what the story was proving as it seemed to contradict what I’d read elsewhere.
    The thought of this lot driving the ‘political agenda’ is frightening – I saw that statement. Who does Michael Smith believe he is? And does he have another income now? Is there proof that Julia Gillard lost him his job – it’s an accepted truth among them that she gags all criticism – ironic considering the size of M.Smith’s site!

  10. Maybe money paid by you know who was the thing that refreshed his memory as to the course of events and filled in some of the gaps in his memory?

  11. The more I think about it, the more it puzzles me. Why would they seek out a bloke – no longer living in Australia – who had trouble remembering anything?

  12. Wixxy had trouble with the MORON who runs Kangaroo court a while ago, and I went there once to post a polite comment disputing some of his statements on said rubbish site.
    My comment was banned, so I made a not so polite second comment telling him that the only honest thing about his site was the name ‘Kangaroo court’ and that he was a wanker of monumental proportions.
    Needles to say that comment was barred as well.
    He will only allow comments agreeing with him and his nonsensical point of view.
    I am not surprised that he is trying to get donations, as from what I have heard, the only reason that he hasn’t had his arse sued, because of the spurious nature of the claims that he has made, is because he lost his unfair dismissal case and that he has no money.
    You will find no truth there at all, so I am sure that Treetroll. el drongo, voyager of the seven fantasies and Iain will find it a place of solace and comfort, although I doubt that they would be prepared to pay for the privilege.

    Ignore him and he will die the slow and painful death of relevance deprivation syndrome by a thousand stupidities, the fate of most right wing fanatics. 👿 👿 👿


  13. TS, I am guilty of mentioning the site. Got there by accident. My point is that he appears to be a part of the assault against the PM. That is all one can called it, an assault.

    Wonder how many such sites there are.

  14. Maybe his recollections were so bad that they saw him as a blank canvas upon which they could paint the scenario that suited their nefarious purposes?

    The man is a self confessed fraudster, which makes him an inherent liar, and a perfect fit for the likes of the LNP and their supporters.


  15. And has a history of being used by others, Mr. Wilson in specific.

    Wonder what the police think of being used as as arm of Opposition and media, especially those in Victoria. At least the NSW did try to stay at arms length.

    Trey and see how one succeeds as a private citizen, if one attempts to get them involved in private battles.

    A lawyer goers to the police, on behalf of a paper, to arrange a man be let off, if he gives the story they want. A man who would be in the centre of any crime, if one was committed.

    If this was an novel, it would be laughed at, as being too far stretched.

  16. Conroy nine. Pointed out 15 years ago, Blewitt would say nothing. Also that he is a party to any alleged crime, not a witness.

    Conroy said this is a circus. The man responsible for the crimes is now giving evidence, is being treated as a hero.

  17. ………Mr Shorten, a former national secretary of the AWU, was asked about the fund on Wednesday.

    ‘That account was unauthorised by the union and it was an inappropriate account … as far as I can tell,’ he told ABC television.

    ‘That was out of bounds.’

    Mr Shorten, now workplace relations minister, said members’ money should never be used for re-election purposes.

    ‘When that account came to light what I do know is the union took action,’ he said.

    ‘The union leadership of the day reported this to the police.

    ‘In terms of the prime minister’s explanations – I’m satisfied with them.’

    The Labor minister said the Gillard government had introduced the toughest laws possible regarding union ‘good governance’.

    Former AWU official Ralph Blewitt has admitted he engaged in fraud with Mr Wilson in the 1990s by issuing bogus invoices and receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    He’s returned to Australia vowing to reveal everything he knows to police in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

    Mr Blewitt on Wednesday said in the past he had been ‘having trouble with recollection of the events’ but more recently had been shown numerous documents ‘that have refreshed my memory as to the course of events that occurred and filled in some of the gaps’.

    The former AWU official apologised to union members and said he deeply regretted his involvement.

    ‘It was never my intention to do any harm to members,’ Mr Blewitt told ABC television.

    ‘At no time did I personally financially benefit from it.’

    He also called on others with knowledge of the scandal to come forward and help clear the decks.

    ‘The public have a right to know.

    ‘The police need as much information as they can (get) so they can, if they deem necessary, reopen and investigate the thing.’

  18. Yes, it was Mr.

    Wonder if Mr. Blewitt is sick of living in Malaysia and needs assistance in coming home.

  19. Gillard
    is being both deliberately evasive about her role in this fraud and less than truthful about why she was sacked from Slater and Gordon, and it shows in the way that she responds to any questions about it from the media.
    Now when it comes to “what crimes has she committed” type responses its not about criminal activity on her part as it is about her clear lack of good judgement and poor personal morality that she was literally in bed with a thieving crook. Now we have this woman leading the most incompetent government in living memory so its hardly too much of a stretch to point out that her pattern of behaviour goes back years and years now is it?

  20. Blewitt’s statement to the police will be accurate.

    If Julia quits her job because of this unseemly mess, the Ruddster will become PM and Labor may still win this un-winnable election.

  21. We should always be suspicious of the Liberals because they refuse to do the ‘normal’ political duty of developing policies, instead constantly seeking the backdoor/shortcut route to power.

    They should be spending their time in Opposition developing costed policies, to show that they are serious about wanting to govern responsibly. But they spend their days plotting, smearing and spinning in the media.

    They are not interested in serving the people, they only serve themselves and their corporate masters.

    If ever there was a mob that deserved to be WorkChoiced (sacked) it’s the Lazy Liberals.

  22. ‘Now that I’ve read all the stuff about what I’ve forgotten, I can remember it all!’ So Blewitt has read the script, now all that is required of him is that he put on an Oscar winning performance. One knows for whom the performance is intended, we just need to know who the scriptwriter is! Hope a certain Bishop is not involved — plagiarism comes to mind!
    Believable? About as believable as a hungry crocodile saying he won’t bite you if you hop in his pool!

  23. Morning Migs..hope your well.
    NOVEMBER 22, 2012 @ 6:17 AM
    The more I think about it, the more it puzzles me. Why would they seek out a bloke – no longer living in Australia – who had trouble remembering anything?

    I came to Australia so these two axe grinders could help me wif my recollection of events Guvna. and all I got was dis dodgy Red T shirt.. I’m a self confessed fraudster and bagman, I wont see freedom of speech muzzled….except when I’m flanked by axe grinders… No Comment….



  24. Iain- To be fair she ended the relationship when she became aware that he was a crook. How has she been less than truthful or evasive on te issue? She answered questions for over an hour on the subject. There is no specific allegation here concerning the PM. Just plenty of baseless claims. It’s not the highlight of her career and it’s embarrassing: the PM likely feels used, and you lot seek to make political gain out of it. Slow clap. If this is all the conservative side can contribute to the public debate the country really is in trouble.

  25. When I saw Abbott standing behind Bishop as she called the PM a liar and that Blewitt had a conscience., I thought what a chicken he is.
    Abbott is willing to let Bishop fall off the back of this particular ute, when the facts emerge. How stupid is Bishop or does she think Abbott will always want her as the faithful deputy?

  26. The most incompetent government in living memory was the Miserable Liberal government of John ‘The Rodent’ Howard.

    Let us recall a sample of the ministerial disasters:

    * Minister Jim Short was forced to resign for failing to divest himself of financial interests in his area of ministerial responsibility.

    * Industry minister John Moore was exposed for his shareholdings in technology investment and share-trading companies.

    * Parliamentary secretary Brian Gibson lost his job because of a conflict of interest.

    * Small business minister Geoff Prosser was running three shopping centres while he was a minister and he was forced to resign. [Geoff Prosser resigned in July 1997 following the disclosure that he was a shopping centre landlord while he was responsible for commercial tenancy provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1975.]

    * Resources minister Warwick Parer had massive share interests in a coalmine and in other resource companies; he stayed, in breach of the ministerial code.

    * Acting minister for communications Peter McGauran forgot that he owned 70 poker machines.

    * Employment services minister Mal Brough promoted training courses which were actually Liberal Party fundraisers.

    * Industry minister Ian Macfarlane was involved in a complex scam to rort GST rebates from Liberal Party fundraisers.

    * Aboriginal affairs minister John Herron kept up his practice as a surgeon, in breach of the code.

    Mr Howard himself was found to be in breach of his own code when he failed to resign as a director of the Menzies Research Centre.

    Mr Howard misled the parliament over meetings he had held with ethanol producer Manildra’s boss – massive Liberal Party donor Dick Honan. It was eventually proved that the meetings did occur, and three weeks later the government increased trade penalties against a Brazilian ethanol producer. And there’s more:

    * Parliamentary secretary Warren Entsch’s concrete company won a massive government contract in breach of the code.

    * Peter Reith was appointed as a consultant to defence contractor Tenix immediately after resigning as defence minister.

    * Health minister Michael Wooldridge signed a $5 million building deal for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and days later, after resigning as health minister, was employed by the college as a consultant.

    * Senator Coonan, as Minister for Revenue, avoided paying a land tax. She was then exposed and forced to resign as a registered director of an insurance dispute resolution company operating from her own home.

    * Wilson Tuckey, then Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government, heavied a state police minister on behalf of a family member.

    * Parliamentary secretary Bob Woods retired from politics when he was under police investigation for travel rorts.

    * Communication minister Richard Alston’s family trust held Telstra shares.

    * Peter Costello, the Treasurer, appointed Liberal Party megadonor Robert Gerard to the Reserve Bank board despite being told by Mr Gerard that he was involved in a 14-year long tax evasion dispute with the Australian Taxation Office.

    * Three ministers – John Sharp, David Jull and Peter McGauran – were forced to resign as a result of travel rorts involving false claims, mismanagement or cover-ups.

    * Parliamentary secretary Bill Heffernan was forced to resign over fabricated claims against a High Court judge.

    What else have we had over the past 10 years? Ten years of public policy failure. A partial – very partial – list would include:

    * the massive pork-barrelling of the $1 billion Federation Fund program;

    * the scandal over the budget leak about MRI machines;

    * the development of a culture of assumption and denial in DIMIA while Mr Ruddock was minister for immigration, which the Comrie report called failed, catastrophic and dehumanised; the wrongful and scandalous deportation of Australian citizen Vivian Alvarez Solon;

    * the wrongful and scandalous detention of Cornelia Rau at Baxter detention centre;

    * the utter incompetence of veterans’ affairs minister Dana Vale over roadworks at Anzac Cove;

    * the rorting of the $500 million Regional Partnerships program, with massively disproportionate grants being allocated to coalition seats – not to mention the Tumbi Creek and Beaudesert Rail scandals under the same program; and

    * support for the training of scab labour in Dubai to work on the waterfront and the use of dogs and security guards in balaclavas during the waterfront dispute as waterside workers were sacked under the cover of darkness with the loss of all entitlements and, in some cases, personal possessions.

    Of course, the Prime Minister introduced the GST after promising he never, ever would.

    * The Howard government have sponsored many attacks on the independence of the judiciary and the courts, including repeated slurs by Senator Heffernan in this chamber and in Senate estimates.

    * They scrapped the free Commonwealth dental health scheme for low-income people.

    * They put back the cause of reconciliation irrevocably by refusing to say sorry to the stolen generations.

    * They blurred the line between church and state by the disastrous appointment of Archbishop Hollingworth as Governor-General of Australia.

    Within days of coming to office, the Howard government sacked six departmental secretaries and have since politicised the public service so that officials will never offer frank and fearless advice. In fact, the government have encouraged a culture where advice of any kind from a public servant is not welcome.

    * They have increased government staffing of ministers and parliamentary secretaries from 293 when they came to office to 430 now, many paid above the salary range.

    * They cynically manipulated public sentiment about asylum seekers for political advantage.

    * They refused to sign the Kyoto protocol to deal with our greatest global environmental challenge – climate change.

    * They sponsored attacks from the former communications minister Richard Alston and from government backbenchers over alleged ABC bias while making partisan appointments to the ABC board.

    * They introduced draconian industrial legislation to strip away the hard-won rights of Australian workers.

    * They introduced the flawed Pacific solution, which has seen detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island remain open without any detainees.

    * They have allowed an Australian citizen, David Hicks, to be held overseas without charge or trial for more than four years and left him to face a highly flawed tribunal process without making any efforts to ensure he will have a fair trial.

    Then there was the dithering over preferences to One Nation, giving succour, as a result, to Pauline Hanson and tacit approval of her racist views.

    * There was the billion dollar bungling of major defence upgrade and acquisition projects. There was the massive blow-out of $2 billion in the Commonwealth’s consultancies bill.

    * There was the complete fiasco of the family tax benefit debt trap, which has slugged millions of Australian families with over $1.5 billion in debts.

    * There is the fiasco of child-care shortages and the broken promise of the government on the child-care rebate.

    * We have had the Minister for Health and Ageing, Tony Abbott, presiding over private health insurance premium hikes, which have totally absorbed the government rebate.

    * We have had the plunge in bulk-billing rates and the breaking of the health minister’s promise not to increase the Medicare safety net threshold.

    We really have seen 10 years of sleaze, deception and manipulation. We would be here all night if I had time to list every sorry exploit of the Howard government, but I do not. A mere sample includes:

    * National Textiles, the company headed by the Prime Minister’s brother, Stan Howard, which was bailed out by the government to the tune of $4 million;

    * the infamous Peter Reith telecard affair; and

    * the lies and deceit of ‘children overboard’

    Then this nation was committed to war in Iraq on the basis of faulty intelligence about weapons of mass destruction while the government claimed that they were not aiming for regime change in Iraq.

    But when the government’s claims about weapons of mass destruction proved false, of course regime change became the justification for the war in Iraq. Never before has an Australian government sent our troops to war and lied to the Australian people about the reason for doing so.

    We had Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty heavied for doing no more than stating the obvious about the increased terrorist threat in Australia after our involvement in Iraq.

    * We have had public servants and senior defence officers forced to take the blame over the government’s denials about their knowledge of the abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison.

    * We have had an unprecedented amount of public money splurged in advertising campaigns – as the Auditor-General has reported – to promote Liberal Party policies in the lead-up to the last three federal elections when the Howard government was in office.

    * We have even had the government write the name of the Federal Liberal Party into electoral legislation on 33 occasions to strip the Liberal state divisions of public funding. They even now use the parliament for their own dirty factional work.

    Despite the farcical denials that we have heard about Senator Hill’s appointment, he is about to become the 18th former Liberal Party politician to be appointed by the Howard government to a plum diplomatic post.

    Mr Howard perverted the accepted definition of an election promise. He broke promises willy-nilly but just redefined those broken promises as ‘non-core’ promises.

    What about the Nixonian leaking of a classified document to Andrew Bolt in order to politically assassinate its author, Andrew Wilkie, while not vetoing the leaker from contesting a Liberal Party preselection ballot?

    We also had a situation where Mr Howard’s government engineered the sleaziest of deals with a former Labor senator, Mal Colston, to promote Colston to the deputy presidency of the Senate in return for Colston’s vote on crucial legislation. How low can you go? Just recently, we had the unprecedented gagging of public servants before estimates committees.

    Kickbacks to Saddam

    Mr Howard himself, his senior minister, and his entire government have turned a blind eye to kickbacks paid to Saddam Hussein’s regime to ensure wheat sales. At the same time, we had Mr Howard self-righteously proclaiming that Saddam Hussein is a ‘loathsome dictator’. They turned a blind eye to our single-desk wheat exporter, who practically became the banker of the Baath Party in Iraq. Who knows where that money ended up? Who knows what it paid for?

    What we do know is that, under the government’s own terrorist legislation, if someone acts recklessly and funds turn up in the hands of terrorists, the guilty party is subject to life imprisonment. You go to jail and they throw away the keys if you recklessly engage in an action under our terrorism laws where financial resources end up in the hands of a terrorist. Let us see what happens in relation to the Howard government, which has acted as Saddam Hussein’s banker.

    Of course, all these sins mean nothing to the Howard government. After all, how can they repent what they cannot recall? This government, and its hand-picked sycophants, suffers from the worst case of collective amnesia in medical and political history.

    What are the bywords of the Howard government? ‘I cannot recall,’ ‘I don’t recollect,’ ‘I wasn’t informed,’ ‘I can’t remember,’ ‘I have no recollection of that.’

    Best of all, we had Trevor Flugge of AWB fame claiming, as his defence, that he is hard of hearing. It seems to me the whole of this government is hard of hearing. They are certainly deaf to the cries of conscience.

    NOTE: This is an edited excerpt of a parliamentary speech by Senator John Faulkner, 22 March 2006.

  27. deliberately evasive about her role in this fraud and less than truthful

    I understand that our media journalists are pitifully inadequate, but to describe a PM who stood in front of all the assembled journos for over an hour and take on all questions as being ‘evasive’ is just plain dumb.

    A shame to see the abc devoting so much energy to absolutely nothing last night. Looks like they got bullied by murdoch … again.

  28. Looks like the truth is starting to emerge. … its a dogs and fleas scenario I suggest.
    It all comes about by not having principles or if Gillard does have principles then she can’t stick to them.
    What an amateurish “government” we have had since 2007.
    I have been on holidays and have been reading Lazarus Rising. How things have disintegrated since we had honest pragmatic government and prudent handling of the nations funds.
    Have I been politically incorrect with my comments …. again …….and get censored….again?

  29. Factless troll
    NOVEMBER 22, 2012 @ 7:58 AM
    is being both deliberately evasive about her role in this fraud and less than truthful about why she was sacked from Slater and Gordon,

    Absolutely and inequivalent again “FACTUALLY INCORRECT as usual. The Prime Minister was never at any time “sacked” from Slater and Gordon. Another Lie.

    its not about criminal activity on her part as it is about her clear lack of good judgement and poor personal morality that she was literally in bed with a thieving crook.

    Morality? Oh the moral outrage,..quite a pathetic gallop on the moral high horse there …yawn yawn

    Now we have this woman leading the most incompetent government in living memory so its hardly too much of a stretch to point out that her pattern of behaviour goes back years and years now is it?

    Again factually incorrect. The figures regarding performance, especially in regard to the economy indicate exactly the opposite. Incompetence is factually unsubstantiated opinion…

    What a tied-some bore this factless troll has become.

  30. I wonder if Blewitt will be able to take Smith in to visit the police, he may forget his lines otherwise.
    What is funny is that Smith is now Blewitt’s bagman.

  31. What is even funnier is the Murdoch press and Abbott/Bishop making out that this Blewitt is somehow now an “upstanding citizen”.

  32. This really does look look like tabots last stand, and using bishop as a pawn, it is probably hers too. They have hoisted their petard, will it hoist them with it?

    According to Bishop, “somebody is deliberately destroying documents”, warranting a police investigation.

    Anyone visiting the website Michael Smith News will find hundreds of scanned documents and wacky claims against the Prime Minister. Whoever “somebody” might be, “deliberately destroying documents”, he or she has done an appallingly bad job. On Monday, the Federal Court found its Brisbane files, again highlighting Bishop’s recklessness.

    I looked a smiths site, what a sad little man. It was claimed last night on 730 that he was sacked over the Gillard story, but I was led to believe he was sacked for secretly recording his boss in a meeting? Anyone know the story here? I particularly like his little spliced video from media watch. Talk about cherry picking lol

  33. Thanks for that one Sue. Another that comes to mind is Costello’s selling of our gold reserves at a give-away price.

  34. I find most of the comments amazingly dissmissive.
    Everyone supports the Royal Commission into child abuse which will dig back
    20 maybe 30years or more into the minds of then children.Undoubtedly this
    will be taken seriously and perpetrators jailed.
    Yet when the evidence does not suit as in grubby evidence against Ms Gillard – you simply deride ones memory of some very shonky seemingly fradulent actions of the 90s era.
    There is a long way to go, Truth and Credibility at stake here.

  35. Drunk Slag
    she ended the relationship when others discovered his wrong doing and we really have no way of knowing what she knew and when she knew it which is sort of the point.

  36. Yet when the evidence does not suit as in grubby evidence against Ms Gillard

    I’m sorry. What ‘evidence’?

  37. If this is all the conservative side can contribute to the public debate the country really is in trouble.

    It is all they can contribute. “Policy” is a foreign word to these losers. They went to the last election concealing their costings (such as they were), making all sorts of excuses for not releasing them. It became clear later why the CONservatives were so keen to keep them hidden:

    Peter Martin, The Age, 01 December 2011

    The federal Coalition’s economic credibility has been dealt a blow after a tribunal found that two accountants who costed its 2010 election policies had breached professional standards.

    LNP : Lies Not Policies.

  38. we really have no way of knowing what she knew and when she knew it

    What we do know is that for 17 years her political opponents have been trying to find something untoward out, and so far all they have uncovered is what she has always claimed.

    Pretty damning hey 😉

  39. What we do know is that for 17 years her political opponents have been trying to find something untoward out,”

    And these opponents appear to be mainly from the ALP. It was former Attorney General Robert McClelland who raised the issue in Parliament. And the issue was followed up by a radio personality who lost his job when about to raise the issue on his radio program.

    The Coalition waited a long time before raising the issue. If the situation was reversed and it was Abbott who left Slater and Gordon the ALP would have been all over this issue years ago.

  40. I have a feeling columns like this will become commonplace. Although, like this one, the apology will be more a rehash of the smear than an actual apology.

    The Age did not intend to imply that Ms Gillard was involved in any fraud or that she had knowledge of it.

    Read more:

    Nah, by ‘reporting’ on a heap of unsubstantiated rumors from every corner of sin city, we didn’t mean to imply anything. 😯

  41. They went to the last election concealing their costings (such as they were),”

    Cuppa, are you aware what Labor did before the 2007 election.??? More than 100 Labor policies were not submitted for costing until 3 days before the 2007 election meaning they could not be costed.

    And the Libs were submitting their policies for costing before the 2010 election until Wayne Swan started to leak the results.

  42. It was former Attorney General Robert McClelland who raised the issue in Parliament

    No he didn’t. All he did was say that both he and Gillard worked with unions previously.

    To use that as an out to smear like is happening now is truly pathetic.

  43. Iain- you have no evidence to contradict what the PM said. There is no reason why she would be aware of it. I didn’t realise we could make claims about people without any evidence. Was she really in a classroom during the moon landing or was she part of a conspiracy to fake it? No evidence required, just make it up!

  44. No he didn’t. All he did was say that both he and Gillard worked with unions previously

    McClelland still raised an issue that had been dormant for 17 years. It was ALP supporters who raised the issue.

    Three weeks ago, Mr McClelland revisited the case when he told parliament about new legislation with the power to crack down on dishonest union officials.

    “I know the Prime Minister is quite familiar with this area of the law, as lawyers in the mid-1990s we were involved in a matter representing opposing clients,” the Labor MP said. “Indeed, my involvement in that matter has coloured much of my thinking.”

    His surprise resurrection of the case that has dogged Ms Gillard for 17 years was seen by Labor figures, the federal opposition, and commentators as a deliberate bid to prompt new questions and scrutiny, potentially destabilising Ms Gillard at a crucial time amid speculation of a comeback by Kevin Rudd.

  45. McClelland still raised an issue that had been dormant for 17 years

    Bullshit, it has rarely been ‘dormant’, and has been peddled continually on and off for the past three years.

    McClelland talking history doesn’t lend any weight or inalienable right to push a smear, no matter how much you want it to.

  46. Cassidy on Jon Faine about the ‘slush fund’ story

    Asks the question WHY, and on what substance?

    Not to Gillards behavior, but to those raising this smear now.

    Asks Jon Faine ‘did you cheat to get your job at ABC’ .Faine says he’s been waiting for someone to ask so he can clear the air over this matter ROFL

  47. I can’t wait till this Faine episode is up on the site, compared with 730 and Lateline, it is gloves off to ltdnews

  48. Margo Kingston describing how Phoney Abbott was caught out in 2003…

    …Abbott then sought to destroy One Nation. He put together a slush fund to promote legal action against One Nation and pay the legal fees of disaffected One Nation members.

    Oh, and he lied to the Australian people when he denied any involvement in agreeing to pay legal fees. And now he’s trapped.

  49. Interesting first line in that article Cuppa

    Tony Abbott’s lie means he can kiss goodbye to any ambitions he had to be prime minister, writes Margo Kingston.

    And yet he has run for over two years (with the cheering from his media) about the PM allegedly lying

    Bewildering, isn’t it?

  50. Tom

    For the media spend years boosting Abbott, who has been caught lying many times, while denigrating the Prime Minister for what was, at worst, a change of mind on the so-called “carbon tax” is RightWingProjection on a massive, media-wide scale.

    I guess when they’ve got nothing but spin and slurs, the dishonest tactic of political projection is a natural to the Right (ie the Wrong).

  51. I certainly don’t trust him. He’s got a certain Kathy Jackson look about him. I formulated the same opinion about her the very first time I saw her dial on TV.

  52. Oh look, here’s factless troll spouting his usual, evidence-free clap-trap. If Gillard’s alleged “lack of good judgement” makes her ineligible for High Office, then what can be said for Tony Abbott-who has been charged with vandalism, assault & sexual assault in his past, & who more recently set up a slush fund/dirt unit to bring down Pauline Hanson (& subsequently lied about it)? Also, what does it say about Bishop, who used all kinds of underhanded tactics to delay compensation for victims of asbestosis?

  53. Oh, & notice how all the Liberal-lovers have had *nothing* to say about the long list of corrupt behaviour which occurred under the Howard Government. Typical Right Wing denialism.

  54. Oh, & notice how all the Liberal-lovers have had *nothing* to say about the long list of corrupt behaviour which occurred under the Howard Government. Typical Right Wing denialism.

    Yep, all they’ve got is spin. They constantly repeat the line “most incompetent government in living memory”, but it’s no more than a slogan. And a dishonest one at that. The most incompetent government in living memory was the Howard government, as indicated by the long (though in exhaustive) litany of lies posted above

    Spin, slogans, lies, projection… that’s the CONservatives.

    Lies Not Policies: LNP

  55. McClelland talking history doesn’t lend any weight or inalienable right to push a smear, no matter how much you want it to.”

    I find that comment strange coming from a supporter of the ALP. The ALP are masters at smearing people. The Coalition has until recently been very quite on Gillards past behaviour before she entered Parliament.

    But what Abbott did when he was 19 years old is an issue with you people and Bacchus once sent me an article about what John Howards father may or may not have done in 1927.

    It is obvious that McClelland knew what he was doing and what would happen if he raised the issue in Parliament. It was payback by him for being dumped by Gillard.

  56. “The ALP are masters at smearing people.” Really, Neil of Sydney? Care to back that claim with some *evidence*? Or are you just another factless troll like Iain? Abbott’s behaviour when he was at university only became an *issue* after The Coalition (with the help of their propaganda arm in the Murdoch Press) raised the 20 year old allegations against Gillard-something they actually have been doing on a semi-regular basis since around 1996 or so. If such old allegations are relevant, then why shouldn’t the actions of a younger Abbott be relevant too-especially when this earlier behaviour is so apparent in his *current* behaviour? Oh, but Lib-Trolls don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot, do they?

    As for “masters of smear”, need we remind you of the smear against Pauline Hanson? The smear against Craig Thomson, the smear against Peter Slipper & the ongoing smear against Gillard? Or how about the constant attempts to smear Rudd during the 2007 election campaign? Sounds like you’re guilty of typical, Right-Wing projection there Neil!

  57. Oh yeah, I forgot about that Cuppa-yet apparently it’s the ALP who’re the “masters of smear”. Just more Fiberal BS!

  58. Hey, does anyone remember the details about a private phone-call that Howard made to a major Liberal Donor/Nuclear Power investor the night before Howard announced the Coalition’s nuclear energy policy? I know it definitely occurred (around 2006), but I’m a little fuzzy on the details!

  59. What have we got now Marcus:

    Lies, spin, slurs, slogans, smears, stunts, projection… but no policies!

    LNP: Lies Not Policies

  60. Yes attacks based on false documents are not u8nknown from the Liberals. We had Hefferman, and Ute affair for starters.

  61. It appears he is attempting to make that so

    I do not think so. Who was it who started the race riot in Canberra?? Who was it who played politics with Abbotts trip to Afghanistan??

    It may be the dirtiest election ever and it will be the ALP to blame. The ALP even attacked Campbell Newmans family in the Qld election.

    And I do believe if it was the other way around and it was Abbott who left Slater and Gordon just before he entered Parliament, the ALP would have been on his back about this years ago.

    It appears to have really entered the news cycle because McClelland raised the issue in Parliament as payback for being dumped by Gillard.

  62. And, of course, abusing the public service…

    Godwin Grech offered to stay in Treasury as a mole for opposition

    Godwin Grech, the public servant at the centre of the OzCar affair, offered to stay in Treasury because that was where he could be of most value to the Liberal Party and claimed to have been doing fundraising for Malcolm Turnbull.

    The OO, 26 November 2009

  63. It might surprise some but there are people from both parties that are not above getting even for what they consider slights against them. Sadly it is human nature for some. One takes this into consideration when assessing the worth of what they have to say.

    Vengeance is sought by many. It does not make them wrong. In fact, it is a truism, they are often wrong.

    What many are doing here, and justifiably so, is judging what is being said, taking into consideration, past behavior of the Liberals, and some in the media.

    What is being said, just does not ring true.

    They have4 mounted attacks in the past on bogus facts.

    We know from Mr. Abbott’s attack and pursuing of Ms. Hanson to prison, what he is

    Mr. Blewitt said this morning he has not been paid any money. Maybe not, just expenses, who knows.

  64. “Who was it who started the race riot in Canberra??”

    LOL, that was no race riot, you Fiberal idiot. That was a protest over the typically insensitive comments of Tony Abbott-a protest in which Gillard herself was caught up.

    “Who was it who played politics with Abbotts trip to Afghanistan??” What crap are you talking about now? No-one was “playing politics” except Abbott himself.

    “The ALP even attacked Campbell Newmans family in the Qld election.” Oh yes, Neil, & look how true those attacks proved to be.

    Seriously, Neil, you really are just a moronic, deluded Fiberal Troll-one for whom facts don’t actually matter!

  65. Actually Neil, Abbott & Co have frequently gotten off scot-free over far worse stuff than they have tried to crucify Labor over. Abbott should have been sacked over the Pauline Hanson thing, & his nasty comments about Bernie Banton, amongst other things. Turnbull should have stood down several times-over that business with his mate who did the cloud seeding, & over the Godwin Grech Episode. Several Howard Era ministers should have been stood down over AWB, Manildra, phone-card misuse, lying about children overboard etc etc.

  66. Yes attacks based on false documents are not u8nknown from the Liberals.

    Or the Liberal Nationals, for that matter. From when they were in opposition in Queensland…

    Qld Opposition leader sacks chief of staff

    Queensland Opposition Leader John Paul Langroek has sacked his chief of staff because of an email controversy.

    Staffer Paul Cormack changed the heading of an email from the Premier’s Department about funding for billboards.

    Their ABC, 05 August 2009

    LNP: Lies Not Policies.

  67. Who was it who started the race riot in Canberra??

    It was either the idiot who who said the tent embassy had passed its use by date, or the dumbass media who reported it as him saying he was going to tear it down.

    Who was it who played politics with Abbotts trip to Afghanistan??

    Probably the idiot who said something so crass around the issue of a soldiers death, or the same idiots inability to answer a simple question, ‘what did you mean?’

  68. LOL, that was no race riot, you Fiberal idiot. That was a protest over the typically insensitive comments of Tony Abbott”

    It was a race riot organised by Gillards office. You had Hodges running around inciting hatred and telling people where Abbott was located so that some physical harm would come to him.

    Hodges was lucky to only lose his job. Gillard swiftly removed Hodges out of the country. An implication of guilt.

  69. Gordon and Slater did say I believe, that the PM was not sacked. Maybe that could be the case. Especially when the PM made her next move into politics, an ambition I believe had most of her adult life. But to some, both Slater and Gordon must be lying. Does not fit in with their story.

    Mr. Carr denied knowing anything about this. Does not understand what the offense is. He admits that he gives up before reading the acres of reports.

    That is something I share with him, what offense has the PM committed?

    The most I can see, is guilt by association.

  70. “It was a race riot organised by Gillards office. You had Hodges running around inciting hatred and telling people where Abbott was located so that some physical harm would come to him.”

    Oh, what a complete & utter load of bollocks, Neil. You really are a BS artist, & a typical Liberal Party apologist. Why don’t you go back to your troll-hole, Neil you utter twit!

  71. The facts of the story, Neil, is that Abbott made disgustingly insensitive comments on Australia Day about the Tent Embassy, & those comments got reported to the people at the tent embassy-members of the Tent Embassy then marched to Abbott’s location (where Gillard was also located, as someone within her office would have known-thus making it a ridiculous claim that it was deliberately organized by Gillard’s office). There was no acts of violence, beyond banging on windows. If you call that a riot, then you need a new dictionary.

  72. The facts of the story

    Lol, that’s a Liberal you’re talking to there Marcus. They’re “liberal with the truth”…

  73. & those comments got reported to the people at the tent embassy

    Yeah and who did the reporting?? It was Tony Hodges, a Gillard staff member. So Tony Hodges was acting on his own?? Really, you people are too stupid to talk to.

    Hodges lost his job in Gillards office and was removed to the UK for his behaviour. It obviously got out of hand.

  74. BTW, the fact is that Gillard sacked the person responsible for passing on the comments of Abbott. During the Howard Era, no amount of bad behaviour was apparently sufficient to get someone sacked-as seen from the Manildra & AWB affairs-not to mention the phonecard scandal, the MRI scandal & truth overboard.

    Also, you want incitement of racial hatred, how about your mate Alan Jones with Cronulla, or Howard’s claims about boat people being “sleeper terrorists”?

  75. “Really, you people are too stupid to talk to.” If you believe that, then why the *hell* do you even come here, you stupid twit? How could it have been pre-planned you fool? It relied on Abbott making the stupid comment in the first place, & would have also relied on Abbott being somewhere that Gillard wasn’t. As usual, your claims are not actually borne out by the facts, which is so typical of Fiberal Trolls such as yourself.

  76. Common sense would dictate that IF Hodges had been acting on Gillard’s instructions then instead of losing his job, he would have received a promotion. Which compares with Cori Bernardi who was rewarded for his anti-gay comments after his resignation by being quietly given a job with a few extra grand pa…not exactly the “political penance” which Abbott promised.

  77. “00 Labor policies were not submitted for costing until 3 days before the 2007 election meaning they could not be costed.”

    Yep, correct. But they also did not go out and seek a company to come up with fraudulent costings either.

    Abbott, ABC 24. Angry said in a speech in the golden west, that she has no right to call the sexist card, acting as a victim. Gee, he sounds desperate as he finished his speech. The forum is Leadership does matter.

    Mostly on stop the boats, PM acting the victim, and a policy from the past. A new Colombo Plan. That takes us back to Menzies day.

  78. Marcus, I like your interpretation better 😉 …to quote your good self,

    How could it have been pre-planned you fool? It relied on Abbott making the stupid comment in the first place, & would have also relied on Abbott being somewhere that Gillard wasn’t.

  79. So lets sum up shall we-Abbott makes a dumb-assed comment (as usual); comment gets passed on to tent embassy members; tent embassy members stage a protest; person responsible for passing on the comment gets sacked. Yet you’re claiming the whole thing was staged by Gillard/ALP? Now, lets compare that with Ashby & his close associations with key members of the Liberal Party (Brough, Pyne & Bishop) & Jackson’s associations with Abbott & Pyne. Big difference.

  80. Asked about stop the rolling out of NBN. Did not say he would. Much mis-information given on how he would do it better. Did not say he would stop the roll out.

  81. As for the so called race riot. The police said there was no case to answer in this one. Another creation of the Opposition.

    Then maybe the police are lying.

  82. Marcus, plus I am certain that the PM “planned” to be dragged along bodily by body guards who had hugely over-reacted.. It’s not that Gillard received any positive publicity from the event and an event which quickly overshadowed all of the positive which had happened on that day.

    Abbott’s dumb-assed comment has been recently confirmed by his description of Ken Wyatt as an “urban Aboriginal”…zero understanding of indigenous issues.

  83. Tom R, it has been peddled on and off for at least 17 years. That is why the PM is reluctant to keep answering the allegations. They just keep asking, ignoring her previous denials. How often is one expect to treat the questions with respect.

  84. The information which Hodges gave out was the location of the PM and the leader of the opposition. It was a major security breach, Hodges resigned. What benefit would it have been to the PM to have her whereabouts known by protesters so that her event could be interrupted.

  85. Cuppa, that’s right..absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Tony Abbott made comments offensive to the Tent Embassy on the occasion of their 40th Anniversary. 🙄

  86. “So Tony Hodges did passed on the information himself without checking with Gillard??”

    Oh, spare us your ongoing stream of bullshit Neil. Have you got any *evidence* that he checked with Gillard before passing on the info? If he did, don’t you think she might have said “well, Tony, Abbott & I are attending the same function, so could you please hold off passing on the info until *after* we’ve gone our separate ways?” The fact that the protest occurred when Gillard & Abbott were in THE SAME PLACE strongly suggests that Hodges *didn’t* check with Gillard before passing on the info-& is further backed up by his sacking (something which never seems to occur with Fiberals when they do awful things).

  87. “But what Abbott did when he was 19 years old is an issue with you people and Bacchus once sent me an article about what John Howards father may or may not have done in 1927.”

    What his father did is of interest. It appears he was not just a local garage owner in Earlwood. He had dubious business dealing in Papua New Guinea.

    As for Abbott’s history, it is not what occurred as a nineteen year old that worries not, it is that he has repeated that behavior all of his adult life.

    He has just not changed or learnt anything in that time.

    The Tony then, is the Tone\y we see now.

  88. Or Abbott statement made yesterday. Those who do the wrong thing cannot expect luxurious accommodation…….

  89. Heard the retired lawyer interviewed this morning on ABC Radio 702. Said there was no smoking gun in what Blewitt has to say.

    Just that the documents told a story. Did not seem able to say what the story is.

    It was a funny response that the lawyer, who is writing a book on the union, in his retirement, gave.

    Could not help but feel, he was testing out story lines. Throw everything up in the air, and see where it fell.

    He was a Industrial Relations lawyer in his working life. Do not know whether for Unionists or employers.

  90. What his father did is of interest.”

    So what Howards father may or may not have done in 1927 is of interest to you people but what Gillard may or may not have done just before she entered Parliament is of no interest. I get it.

    “it is that he has repeated that behavior all of his adult life.

    So Abbott has been punching walls all his life?? You people are insane.

    I know why you people want Turnbull to lead the Liberal Party. Turnbull is not a danger to labor but Abbott is. Hence the personal abuse and smears against Abbott

  91. Abbott, in that speech this morning, said he was not going to say bad things about the government anymore.

    Did try hard not to. Problem, he then has to talk about policy, which he is quickly questioned about.

    Letting others do the dirty work, Mr. Abbott is also not Leadership.

  92. LEGAL experts have challenged Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s assertion it is ”illegal” for asylum seekers to arrive by boat in Australia.

    Mr Abbott toughened his rhetoric against asylum seekers on Wednesday, saying more than 2000 are ”coming illegally to this country” every month without papers.

    ”The people who have come illegally to this country need to know that they are breaking our laws, that they are, if I may say so, taking advantage, unfair advantage of our decency as a people,” Mr Abbott said.

    ”There need to be consequences for people who do the wrong thing and that’s what rigorous offshore processing is all about.”………………………….

    Read more:

    Yes, nothing changes. Even when Abbott is trying to say the right thing, he put his foot in it.

  93. more

    Quizzed by reporters in Perth on the illegality claims, Mr Abbott stood firm.

    ”It is illegal to come to Australia without papers, without proper documentation, without adhering to the normal requirements that we expect of people coming to this country,” he said.


    But ANU international law professor Don Rothwell said it was clear it is not illegal to enter Australia without a visa and seek asylum.

    ”Any person who arrives at Australia’s borders, whether it be at an airport or harbour or being intercepted by navy patrols is entitled to present an asylum claim to Australia,” he said.

    Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said it was not illegal under Australian or international law to come to Australia and claim asylum.

    Read more:

  94. “So Abbott has been punching walls all his life?? You people are insane.” LOL, more Right Wing Projection, Neil, you nutter! Abbott was charged with sexual assault, assault & vandalism during his late teens & early twenties. He has displayed a tendency towards such aggressive, sexist & borderline violent behaviour throughout his entire, parliamentary career. Of course, I’d not be so interested in Abbott’s past if the Fiberals hadn’t first lowered the bar about how important the pre-parliamentary activities of sitting MP’s were.

  95. Mornings host Jon Faine has had it with a long-running media campaign casting aspersions about Julia Gillard and her alleged role in establishing a union slush fund. He lays into the journalists who continue to push the story, and raises doubts about whether information from former unionist Ralph Blewitt is likely to produce any evidence.

    audio on the link

  96. 22 November 2012

    Legal experts have challenged Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s assertion it is ”illegal” for asylum seekers to arrive by boat in Australia.

    Mr Abbott toughened his rhetoric against asylum seekers on Wednesday, saying more than 2000 are ”coming illegally to this country” every month without papers.

    Jon Faine from their ABC went through the “asylum seekers are not illegal” lesson with Abbott in August. He was actually quite insistent about it…

    Faine: They’re not illegal [Abbott keeps talking] Tony Abbott do I need to remind you that the use of words in this is critical. They are not illegal arrivals, there is nothing illegal about seeking asylum when you are a refugee

    Abbott: ….eh, ah, well, I’m making my point, ah, Jon

    Faine: Well so am I making mine

    Abbott: ok, well…

    Faine: …and I think it’s been made to you before

    Abbott: The point I’m making…

    [audio src="" /]

    The fact that Abbott continues to use the terminology, even after he’s been instructed it is incorrect, indicates:

    a) Abbott is a slow learner
    b) Abbott uses terminology in the full knowledge it is inaccurate


    Mornings host Jon Faine has had it with a long-running media campaign casting aspersions about Julia Gillard and her alleged role in establishing a union slush fund. He lays into the journalists who continue to push the story, and raises doubts about whether information from former unionist Ralph Blewitt is likely to produce any evidence. Also, Victorian Labor has vowed to reverse many of the State Government’s funding cuts to the TAFE sector, if it wins the next election. Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews says the $300 million cuts have paved the way for hundreds of job losses, course cuts and…

  98. You mean this one Neil?

    Shows you how much time and effort ALP supporters go into to smear their political opponents. 1927 is ancient history as far as I am concerned and typically David Marr picks on a dead person who cannot defend himself. I would not be smearing Howards parents. Both Howards father and grandfather served in WW1.

    And typically the ALP supporter (Marr) picks on a family member.

  99. Tom,

    I’ll go with option (b) there Cuppa 😉

    That will be: b) Abbott uses terminology in the full knowledge it is inaccurate

    LNP: Lies Not Policies.

  100. You mean a Liberal supporter would never say something like “Her father died of shame” Neil? And an opposition leader wouldn’t make indirect reference to this disgusting claim in attacking Julia Gillard in Parliament?

    Yeah right! 🙄

  101. You mean a Liberal supporter would never say something like “Her father died of shame”

    Did David Marr apologise?? But 1927 is ancient history. Shows you what Labor supporters are like. Trawling for stuff from 85 years ago to try and defame somebodies son. Disgusting.

  102. Neil, it was you that bought up the history of Howard’s father not myself.

    Just said that this history did not compute with Howard background being that of a small local suburban garage.

    One could add some suspicious behaviors of the brothers in business as well, and how Mr. Howard helped them out.

  103. Quote Nil: And typically the ALP supporter (Marr) picks on a family member.

    More Right Wing Projection there from Nil.

    BBC News, 29 August 2005

    NSW politician quits after slur

    A leading Australian politician has resigned after calling an opponent’s Asian-born wife a “mail order bride”.

    John Brogden stepped down as leader of the Liberal Party in New South Wales state after insulting the wife of former state premier Bob Carr.

  104. Quote Nil:

    Did David Marr apologise??

    Only a conservative would insist that someone apologise for writing the truth.

    Did Liberal supporter Alan Jones apologise when he made the remark (to a gathering of Young Liberals) that the PM’s father “died of shame”?

    No, he did not. It was his qualified, NON-apology that, along with the original disgusting comment, contributed to the enormous expression of public revulsion for Jones and his HateRadio session.

  105. John Brogden stepped down as leader of the Liberal Party in New South Wales state after insulting the wife of former state premier Bob Carr.”

    Yes and Brogden stepped down.

    Did Anna Bligh apologise for attacking Cambell Newmans family after promising she would not??

  106. LIBERAL National Party leader Campbell Newman says he won’t seek an apology from Queensland Premier Anna Bligh after she declared in parliament he would end up in jail.

    The corrupt way he’s behaving with the nepotism and cronyism he mightn’t end up in jail but like his predecessor Peterson he’s certainly a crook, and in that Blight was 100% correct.

  107. Speaking of Brogden, wasn’t it the far right of the Liberals that drove him to a suicide attempt?

    Nice lot the right wingers support.

  108. Speaking of Brogden, wasn’t it the far right of the Liberals that drove him to a suicide attempt?

    Nice lot the right wingers support.

    It was none other than the miserable Tony Abbott who mocked him…

    Sydney Morning Herald, 05 September 2005

    The federal Health Minister, Tony Abbott, has reignited factional warfare in the Liberal Party with the revelation that he made offensive remarks mocking John Brogden only hours after the former state Opposition leader’s apparent suicide attempt.

  109. Gee, and remember when Abbott verbally attacked a Labor MP-who then went on to commit suicide? Or remember when he tried to imply that Bernie Banton might be being dishonest & politically motivated, just because he wanted a drug listed on the PBS? Remember Abbott’s nasty comments about the Former leader of the NSW Liberal Party (name eludes me right now), after his failed suicide attempt? Yet Neil wants to focus on a SINGLE INCIDENT. As to the Howards-first of all, just because someone fights in a war, doesn’t automatically make them decent people. Also, I’m far, far more interested in the events surrounding Stan Howard & the collapse of National Textiles, an event which passed without any thorough examination-especially when one considers the large amount of tax-payer funds which went into bailing out the workers at that mill!

  110. Hmmm, did Bligh call Newman’s wife a “mail order bride”? No, she didn’t Neil, so you’re comparing apples with oranges. Queensland Labor quite rightly raised doubts about the fact that a woman who worked as a property developer was going to be married to the, at the time, potential Premier of Queensland. A fair point to raise IMHO, especially given the past behaviour of former Conservative Queensland Governments, & fair given Newman’s behaviour as Mayor of Brisbane & now with his “jobs for the boys” approach as Premier. Still, Neil, wouldn’t expect a Fiberal Troll like yourself to allow FACTS to get in the way of a good story.

  111. But then the miserable Liberal leader has a record of trying to make “humour” from death and tragedy…

    …Referring to the Costa Concordia – the Italian cruise ship that became a watery grave when it hit rocks and overturned – he said: “Well, that was one boat that did get stopped, wasn’t it?”

    Think about that.

    Eleven bodies had been recovered, 22 passengers and crew – including a five-year-old girl – were still missing, assumed dead, somewhere in the stricken ship.

    And the alternative prime minister of Australia thought it was an appropriate subject for humour.

    Sometimes you wonder whether, besides being maliciously aggressive, punchy Abbott is thick between the ears. Maybe too many belts around the head while in the boxing ring did him some damage up top.

  112. Hmmm, did Bligh call Newman’s wife a “mail order bride”? No, she didn’t Neil, so you’re comparing apples with oranges

    Brogden resigned over that comment. But the lowest of the low is trying to trash a dead man who cannot defend himself over something very unclear about what may or may not have happened 85 years ago.

    And you lot do not like it when ALP people ( and until recently it was mainly ALP people) question what Gillard was up to just before she entered Parliament.

    And Anna Bligh even had Campbell Newmans wife, his wifes brother and father in television adds. Quite disgusting. Were these things needed to be mentioned in political advertisements on television??

  113. Were these things needed to be mentioned in political advertisements on television??

    Simply because the whole lot of them are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg Neil. What was advertised was FACT. 🙄

  114. Don’t forget Abbott’s remark on Bernie Banton Cuppa, and Bishop deliberately delaying legal proceedings so victims would die and the company she represented would have less to pay out.

    Wonder if she got a commission for every delay that had a victim die in the meantime. That should be investigated.

  115. Abbott’s latest lie, this one on Gardasil, where he said he had it implemented on the PBS as good news about its cancer fighting capabilities had been announced.

    Turns out a rudimentary check finds Abbott in government attempted to have its implementation delayed to 2008 when it would be reviewed as it was too expensive to put on the PBS. It was Howard who overrode Abbott who had it implemented.

  116. blewitt has an difficult question for the PM to answer


  117. Yep Tom that’s what this has all boiled down to and is still boiling down to, Gillard has questions to answer.

    Yet whenever anyone, from Abbott to a Ltd News pretend journalist, is asked just what question Gillard should answer they all go mute, and for good reason.

    Gillard herself has said several times; “What question do you want me to answer?” A stunned silence is normally the reply or the idiotic, “Just answer the question,” but we won’t tell you what that question is and then smear you for not answering the question we won’t articulate.

  118. This scenario reminds me of a certain prositute dragged out to give evidence against Craig Thomson.

    Or a ute for Kev 😉

  119. I was thinking much the same thing, wobbles. I was also thinking about a certain James Ashby, who seems to be doing very nicely from the launching of his case against Peter Slipper.

  120. You do have to love the tenacity with which Fiberal Trolls like Neil will try to defend the thugs who make up the LIEberal Party. By raising instances where no evidence of actual smear has occurred (after all, the doubts raised by Bligh were based on the actual past misdeeds of the Newman family-& have since been borne out by his behaviour in the last 6-8 months) to defend the very, very numerous incidents of massive smear by the LIEberal Party.

  121. Senator Carr says he has never understood what impropriety the prime minister is alleged to have committed.

    Asked whether Ms Gillard should make a statement to parliament, he told reporters in Canberra on Thursday, “No, because I can’t understand what the allegation is against her.

    “In the acreage of print, I have never got to that killer accusation.” …

  122. Environment Minister Tony Burke said he not been closely following the issue but he believed Ms Gillard had dealt with matters related to her time as a lawyer at Slater & Gordon in a lengthy press conference in August.

    “I’m not in a position to be able to add anything,” he said in a question and answer session after addressing the National Press Club in Canberra.

    Earlier, Workplace Minister Bill Shorten told reporters in Sydney Ms Gillard was being verballed.

    “Periodically these matters are verballed up and recycled,” he said.

    “She’s dealt with all matters and she’s never had any specific allegations of illegality.”

  123. ……Queensland IT Minister Ros Bates has been accused of accepting donations from Technology One in return for several meetings with the company.

    Bates has been under fire recently, after she voluntarily tabled her register of activities with lobbyists and they were found to be inaccurate. At the time, Bates blamed the incomplete list on an administrative error, explaining in parliament sittings earlier this month (PDF) that a staffer provided only one of two spreadsheet tabs containing the full list.

    “The original document was tabled in haste by my staff member after 6 o’clock and Estimates. It was an administrative error that anybody could have made. It was a mere Excel spreadsheet. There were two pages to the Excel spreadsheet. It was faxed, at the behest of the opposition, during that time,” Bates said.

    Bates subsequently tabled an amended register that brought the total number of lobbyist contacts from 30 to 77.

    The new register (PDF) reveals that of 13 meetings held with various lobbyists, Bates met with Technology One four times via Santo Santoro Consulting, and an additional time at a Technology One luncheon………..

  124. Wow, this is just bizarre. They raise an allegation, and, in the same article, the explanation debunking it (and, I assume, acting as some kind of correction for the first half of the article)

    There is no contradiction in anything you have put to us. In addition, contrary to previous claims by you and The Age, the Prime Minister did not run nor was in charge of the conveyancing file – and as such couldn’t be expected to have a detailed recollection of the transactions in the file two and a half years after they occurred.

    Read more:

    The gutter gets lower

  125. Tom R

    they just had that styant-browne on 7.30. but bl**dy 7.30 and leigh sales who conducted the interview did not cover this particular detail (from your link thanks)

    “The conveyancing for the Kerr Street property was handled by Olive Brosnahan, a paralegal, under the oversight of Nick Styant-Browne, the relevant partner. A note in Ms Brosnahan’s handwriting appears on the publicly available file dated 22 March 1993. It states that Ralph (Blewitt) was chasing up the Commonwealth Bank in relation to the Certificate of Currency. It also records the making of a phone call to Ms Gillard which resulted in a message being left for Ms Gillard. The file contains no evidence of Ms Gillard returning this call.

    Read more:

    7.30 and Leigh sales had a very prejudiced interview at no time was the viewer informed that Styant-Browne as the relevant partner have the oversight of Brosnahan. in fact the paralegal was never mentioned. It was implied that the PM was in charge of the whole conveyancing matter and that he Styant-Browne had not much knowledge.

    Disgraceful interview by Sales.

  126. David Spears and The Nation on Sky is querying Gillard’s honesty, integrity and ability. Bouncing between Slater Gordon stuff, Border “Protection” and Gillard’s perceived dishonesty going all the way back to knifing Rudd while being the loyal lieutenant…..
    How did we get to this cesspit of a Labor government.

  127. Sue, that interview was more about what he would not say. Put out information, and keep saying he was not that involved. Would not give any opinion.

    That, I believe is a little spineless. One wonders how much weigh his opinion carried at the time. He did shortly after, I believe split from the firm. It is my impression that it was not only the PM that he had problems with.

    Still no evidence of any wrong doing. Still no accusations.

    In that day and age, it would not have been unusual for male solicitors have any respect for young women lawyers, especially one with ambitions. They were not welcome with open arms by many men.

    Just watch Annabelle Crabb with her cooking show. Vanstone and Pyne. Worth a look if you want to get some insight into how Pyne operates. Very telling and not very complementary.

    He is sure a creep. Vanstone needs to address that weigh. It is slowing her up.

  128. During the show, they were talking about learning Italian. Pyne had to get his nastiness in, saying she had to learn “that witch..” so she could make comments, if necessary. The man cannot help himself. I believe there could be a plank missing.

  129. CU

    What annoys me about that 7.30 interview is that Sales had not done any research. Or if she had she didn’t give the viewer the details, such as those in the Baker article in the AGE.

    A disgraceful performance by Sales as it was misleading, whether that was deliberate . I will check out the 7.30 page to see the PM’s replies.

  130. I know it is bush fire season but the level of ‘smoke screen around here is worse
    than that from any coal fired generator in Australia’. Im coughing badly.
    The distracting rubbish being aired is not what we are about on this post.
    Get back to the issue – quite simply is Ms Gillard clean, soiled or corrupt?
    That is what Voters need to know and they want to know now.
    Has her past now ruined her future?
    Does she in fact have any future in Australian Politics or are all the claims fake?
    Truth – plain and simple .It has not come yet.
    Truth is what I demand , its that simple.

  131. Tweed, as most if all has not been tried with your so called border security, which it is not, by the way.

    It is about boats coming across the waters, and people drowning.

    Our borders are safe. We are not being invaded,

    All Of what Mr. Abbott demanded has been put in place. The boats are still coming.

    Now we have bridging visas, which have less rights that the temporary visas. Those on temporary visa were eventually given permanent visas.

    Hundreds are now being returned to Sri Lanka.

    It is now time for Abbott to get off his high horse, and work with the government to put the whole of the Houston plan into operation.

    They have done as he asked, it has not worked.

    It is time to stop playing politics.

  132. The Prime Minister was asked for her comments on the latest information and her spokesman stated:

    The conveyancing for the Kerr Street property was handled by Olive Brosnahan, a paralegal, under the oversight of Nick Styant-Browne, the relevant partner. A note in Ms Brosnahan’s handwriting appears on the publicly available file dated 22 March 1993. It states that Ralph (Blewitt) was chasing up the Commonwealth Bank in relation to the Certificate of Currency. It also records the making of a phone call to Ms Gillard which resulted in a message being left for Ms Gillard. The file contains no evidence of Ms Gillard returning this call.

    What this entry on the file shows is that Mr Blewitt was personally attending to dealing with the Commonwealth Bank about the certificate of currency.

    Ms Gillard has no recollection of seeing the correspondence from the Commonwealth Bank dated 23 March 1993.

    Ms Gillard stands by her statements in the Slater and Gordon interview of 11 September 1995 as her best recollection of events two and a half years earlier.

    There is no contradiction in anything you have put to us. In addition, contrary to previous claims by you and The Age, the Prime Minister did not run nor was in charge of the conveyancing file – and as such couldn’t be expected to have a detailed recollection of the transactions in the file two and a half years after they occurred.

    In addition, the certificate of currency does not show that Ralph Blewitt was her “client” in relation to this conveyancing matter, as you allege, nor that the Commonwealth Bank was “her bank”, as you allege, nor that she personally sought confirmation of the insurance cover, as you allege.

    Given your recent history of publishing unsupportable claims on this matter, and having afterwards to correct them, it’s a pity The Age is again considering publishing allegations you can’t substantiate.

    Read more:

  133. ……….CARO MELDRUM-HANNA, REPORTER: Back in the 1990s, Nick Styant-Browne was an equity partner with the Labor law firm Slater & Gordon in Melbourne. He made his name fighting high-profile cases like the campaign for compensation for Papua New Guinea villagers for the environmental devastation caused by BHP’s Ok Tedi mine.

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE, EQUITY PARTNER, SLATER & GORDON (1995): This decision upholds the political right of the Attorney-General to decide whether or not criminal contempt proceedings should be brought.

    CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: But around the same time, Mr Styant-Browne became embroiled in tensions within the law firm, which then acted for the Australian Workers’ Union. At the centre of it were these two men: union official Ralph Blewitt and branch secretary Bruce Wilson. They were accused of being behind a fraud in which hundreds of thousands of dollars from developers were paid into a slush fund and then siphoned off. Julia Gillard was a lawyer with Slater & Gordon at the time and Mr Wilson’s girlfriend. She helped set up the fund, but has categorically denied any wrongdoing.

    JULIA GILLARD, PRIME MINISTER (August 23): These are defamatory allegations and they are wrong.

    CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: The saga was revived yesterday by the self-confessed fraudster Ralph Blewitt. He returned to Australia after eight years abroad announcing he plans to tell all to the Victoria police fraud squad tomorrow.

    RALPH BLEWITT, FORMER AWU OFFICIAL: I would say to anybody that has any knowledge of this: please come forward and clear the decks.

    CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: Prompted by the renewed coverage of the issue, today Nick Styant-Browne, now a lawyer in Seattle, decided to give his first television interview to reveal what he knows about the slush fund saga. He’s provided 7.30 with documents that he says shed new light on Julia Gillard’s involvement in a key transaction associated with the fund: the purchase of this house in Kerr Street, Fitzroy. One document is a previously unseen excerpt from an interview between Ms Gillard and her superiors at Slater & Gordon in which she told them she had first learned about the mortgage on the property in 1995. Another document is a Commonwealth Bank fax addressed to Ms Gillard which refers to the mortgage details in 1993. Nick Styant-Browne says the documents raise important new questions.

    LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Nick Styant-Browne is now a lawyer based in the United States and he joined me earlier.

    Nick Styant-Browne, why did you decide that you wanted to speak out about what you knew regarding Julia Gillard, Slater & Gordon and the AWU slush fund?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE, LAWYER: In August of this year it became clear to me that after all these years this story was finally going to come out and Slater & Gordon made a public statement that Ms Gillard had been cleared of any wrongdoing, had taken a very long sabbatical, had resigned from the firm and a meeting room had been named after her. And that was on any view a stunningly incomplete account of the circumstances of her departure. And it was following that that I resolved it was in the public interest to release both non-privileged parts of the transcript of the interview of September 1995 together with Pete Gordon’s statement concerning the circumstances of her departure.

    LEIGH SALES: When did you first become aware of the existence of the slush fund?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: It was around August of 1995 when it was first brought to my attention.

    LEIGH SALES: And how was that brought to your attention?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: I can’t remember precisely. One or other of the partners came to me and told me what they knew at that time about the involvement of Ms Gillard in the incorporation of the Workplace Reform Association.

    LEIGH SALES: What action did Slater & Gordon take to investigate the circumstances?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: Well, again, I was not the principal or one of the principal partners involved, but in so far as I was involved there was an interview of Ms Gillard conducted on 11th September of 1995 where various matters were put to her concerning both her involvement in the incorporation of the association and her involvement in the acquisition of the Kerr Street property by Ralph Blewitt. And it was following upon that interview that Ms Gillard took her long sabbatical and resigned several months later in May of 1996.

    LEIGH SALES: Broadly, what did Ms Gillard say about her role in that interview?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: Well, it covered a number of areas, Leigh, so it’s difficult to give you one statement that summarises what she said. So far as the association was concerned, Ms Gillard claimed that she thought it was a slush fund for the re-election of a union ticket headed by Bruce Wilson that she had no involvement in the setting up of any bank accounts associated with the association and she had no involvement with the association otherwise following upon the work she did in relation to its incorporation. In respect of the property transaction involving Kerr Street, she stated that she understood Mr Blewitt was buying the property as an investment, that Mr Wilson would be a tenant and she believed that Mr Blewitt had the financial resources to fund the purchase together with a loan.

    LEIGH SALES: What were your concerns about the fund and about Julia Gillard’s involvement in its establishment?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: Ms Gillard stated in the interview that she did not open a file. This was not passing advice to a rank-and-file union member; this matter involved the incorporation of a legal entity and it was most unusual that a file was not opened. Fees were waived in relation to the work that was done on the file. Then there was the question of her involvement in the purchase of the Kerr Street property and the fact that she had understood that a tenant of the property was to be her then boyfriend Mr Wilson and that was a relationship which had never been disclosed to me. I did not find out about it until August of 1995. And so they were two of the principal matters that concerned me about her conduct.

    LEIGH SALES: Did all of the partners in the firm share that view? Did Slater & Gordon have an official view about it?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: There was a spectrum of views across the partnership and Peter Gordon has said that he was willing to give Julia Gillard the benefit of the doubt, so that was one end of the spectrum. I was towards the other end of the spectrum in that I was not readily prepared to give Ms Gillard the benefit of the doubt and I made that clear. There was never any real resolution of that debate in the partnership because as events transpired, Ms Gillard agreed to resign, and so it was never necessary for the partnership to resolve itself what actions should be taken.

    LEIGH SALES: In the draft statement that you and Peter Gordon worked on together regarding the matter, Peter Gordon said that trust and confidence had evaporated. Is that accurate?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: Yes. As you can imagine from the circumstances that I’ve just explained regarding her work in the incorporation of the association and the acquisition of the Kerr Street property, those things taken together removed the trust as between the partners and Ms Gillard.

    LEIGH SALES: Was Ms Gillard asked to resign?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: You know, I don’t want to sound evasive; I don’t have a precise recollection of each and every discussion between the firm and Ms Gillard and I was not privy to all of the discussions. The best way I can put it is this: there was deep disquiet amongst the partnership about Ms Gillard’s conduct and it was never necessary for the partnership to resolve that issue because Ms Gillard herself elected to resign.

    LEIGH SALES: Today you’re releasing an extra section of the transcript of the Gillard interview at Slater & Gordon. What does it show?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: What it shows is that Ms Gillard claimed at the interview in 1995 that the first she heard about the Slater & Gordon loan for the acquisition of the Kerr Street property was around August of that year. So, her claim is that the first she heard about the fact that the loan for the Kerr Street property was a Slater & Gordon mortgage was not until August of 1995, the transaction of course having taken place in March of 1993.

    LEIGH SALES: OK. You’ve also released other documents. One is a fax from the Commonwealth Bank to Julia Gillard. What, in your opinion, does that show?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: Yeah, I haven’t released those documents, Leigh. Those documents form part of a conveyancing file which are now matters of public record. So they are from the conveyancing file which Mr Blewitt consented be released and made publicly available. Now what those documents show is that there is no doubt Ms Gillard knew of the mortgage from Slater & Gordon in March of 1993. And just to give you some examples, she personally arranged for the mortgage insurance for the Kerr Street property through the Commonwealth Bank and a letter was faxed to her on March 22 of 1993 from the Commonwealth Bank marked for her attention noting that the insurance had been renewed and further advising that the Slater & Gordon mortgage interest was noted on the policy of insurance.

    LEIGH SALES: What do you believe is the significance of the facts compared to the statements that Julia Gillard made in the interview?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: Well, it’s a matter for others to make judgments about the credibility of Ms Gillard’s statements. What I can say is this: that there is absolutely no doubt that Ms Gillard not only knew of the Slater & Gordon mortgage in March of 1993, but was specifically involved in taking steps to facilitate that mortgage. Now, that’s a matter of documents; it’s not a matter of assertion or hearsay. Now, you then have a situation where two and a half years later in September of 1995 Ms Gillard is asserting that the first she heard it was a Slater & Gordon mortgage was in August of 1995. Now, it’s up to others to make the judgment about her credibility.

    LEIGH SALES: Do you accept that there’s no evidence of any wrongdoing on Julia Gillard’s part?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: You know, I have tried to avoid making those sorts of judgments. My role is a limited one and I’ve been assiduous in so limiting it to simply give what access I am able to to an accurate account of the circumstances of Ms Gillard’s departure in 1995 from Slater & Gordon. And I leave it up to others to make judgments about wrongdoing and relevance and so on.

    LEIGH SALES: In August, Julia Gillard held a press conference and answered every question put to her. Do you believe that she’s answered all relevant questions?

    NICK STYANT-BROWNE: Well, again, I’m not really sure that that’s a judgment for me to make. I think that’s best made by the public and by political commentators………….

  134. … CU. The net tightens? It is like watching a game of 500 and waiting to see who holds the right and left bowers and the joker. I suspect Gillard holds none of them.
    Reading all the statements would sloppy or dishonest or a combination of the two terms be appropriate to describe current events………
    I really think Gillard should sue The Age and have her day in court to clear her name.

  135. As the transcript of Sales interview the relevance of the paralegal was left out, the relevance the paralegal was under Styant-Browne’s responsibility, the relevance that the paralegal’s and Blewitt’s signatures are on the conveyancing documents.

    Once again what are the allegations? what is new?

  136. Still cannot see what the accusations are. Blewitt would have known Gillard personally, I assume, outside her role as a lawyer. After all she had a nearly four year relationship with Wilson.

    Would it then be usual for him to address matters to her, whether she was responsible for the work or not.

    At the time I believe this was before she became a partner. According to the interview, there was a file in this matter. At no time was it said, it was files compiled by Gillard. The opposite appeared to be true. The documents or notes etc where in that file.

    Blewitt gave permission for the file to be released. Released to whom?

    Where did the ex partner get this from. What role is he playing, along with Blewitt and Smith. What communications are they having. Has the ex partner discussed this with his old firm lately.

    Why or what has brought him back from the states?

    If it was about anyone else, but the PM, the headlines would be screaming, CONSPIRACY

    No Bishop today.

  137. CU

    by those questions and the replies it confirms that sales did not do proper research.

    in particular question 9,
    what the heck was styant-browne going on about. the account he gave the australian now contradicts what he claims is “unusual ‘practice in a law firm.
    styant-browne looks a goose 2 very different opinions, both his

  138. Sue, once again, he is repeating what has already been denied by his previous partners.

    There is still nothing new.

    There is nothing illegal in the Conveyancing of the house, or setting up the so called slush fund.

    The illegality was not in this, but in how they were used. There is no evidence that the PM knew where the money came from.

    It is clear, this ex-partner does not like the PM. It is also clear, he had little to do with her. Different departments I believe.

    He apparently hardly knew her, or he would have been aware of who her boyfriend was,

    Clive Palmer has shocking news to reveal. Wonder what (aside)

  139. There is no evidence she worked on the sale of the house.

    I know, the limited contact I have had with solicitors over the years, if I knew someone in the office, I was inclined to get in contact with them, especially is the solicitor was not available, and they would fix things for me.

    Same when I worked as a DO, if clients new another worker, they would ask for them, if I was not available. The message passed on. The so called documents appear to be memos and notes. Two or three words on them.

    They appear to be from a file that was not compiled by the PM. If that was not so, I am sure we would have been told.

    It is wrong to say, that the other matter was not in a file. It was, it was in the PM miscellaneous file. Yes, sloppy work, as she has acknowledged. A hanging offence, I believe not.

    Solicitors so lose files and documents. More likely bad filing though. I gave up on one firm finding my divorce papers. I forgot to ask for them, until a couple years later. The truth was I was not that interested in them, until I needed them for another matter. After 17 to 212 years, it would not be that amazing , they have been misplaced.

  140. Truth is what I demand , its that simple.

    That is HILARIOUS coming from a wingnut.

    It’s not even a truthful statement!

  141. ““The ALP are masters at smearing people.” Really, Neil of Sydney? Care to back that claim with some *evidence*?

    Easy…just scroll down through this post!

    How interesting that as pressure builds on Gillard the shrill, smears and denial elevate to new highs. CU goes into overdrive. methinks she doth protest too much.

    Next week will be most interesting…

  142. “This will undoubtedly continue to be part of the political debate in Australia … (but) I do believe the Prime Minister has answered the questions put to her so far,” Mr Rudd said at a lunch in Brisbane on Thursday.

    “I’ve been on the receiving end of questions like this myself in recent years, aka the celebrated case of ‘ute-gate’.

    “In the Parliament of Australia, the Opposition is going to ask you any question, any day about any subject, that’s just fair cop.”

    Ute-gate, also known as the OzCar Affair, related to allegations Mr Rudd had acted improperly on behalf of a Queensland car dealer who was seeking financial assistance from a government agency.

    He was cleared of any wrong-doing. …….”

  143. I’m still aghast that a journalist on a show like 7.30 can allow a lawyer to say he has ‘proof’ that Gillard knew about a document, and then fails to show his ‘proof’. Sorry, but what he had was nothing, from what I am reading from legal types, just because a letter included someone in the ‘to’ field, does not mean that that person actually saw that document. It would have most probably been handled by the para-legal in charge of the conveyancing. That is actually the most probable likelihood. So his ‘proof’ is a personal assertion, backed up by his supposition.

    Yet sales sat there mute, and just let these claims get poured out.

    Even worst, after the oppositions BACKFLIP on asylum intake numbers, news radio said the two big stories of the day, Questions for Gillard to answer (WHAT QUESTIONS?), and a new opposition asylum ‘initiative’


  144. Tweed
    NOVEMBER 22, 2012 @ 9:45 PM

    “I really think Gillard should sue The Age and have her day in court to clear her name.”

    Well said Tweed. It might help to clear the air of the smell that won’t go away!

  145. Gee I am upsetting the trolls. Must be hitting the mark somewhere. No I will not shut up. Just point out what you disagree with.

    Once again, what crime has the PM committed.

    The present Slater and Gordon still supports the PM.

    I noticed they are showing photos from that time. It shows a very young PM.

  146. “I’m still aghast that a journalist on a show like 7.30 can allow a lawyer to say he has ‘proof’ that Gillard knew about a document, and then fails to show his ‘proof’

    Maybe she just botched it? Would Red Kerry have done a better whitewash?

  147. Always so so boring go to sleep reading it.

    Is it those ‘word’ thingy’s that do it to ya’ ? Comprehension can be difficult for some 😉

  148. Would Red Kerry have done a better whitewash?

    Kerry would have at least asked the guy ‘why’ he was making these claims, and ‘why’ in a large law firm, with plenty of para legals to do the mundane tasks, this letter ‘prooves’ anything.

    It is their job, as a journalist, to ask these things. Else, they are simply an advertising agency

  149. One does not have to read. Always free to scroll past. as I do sometimes, especially from trolls that have little new to say.

  150. “It is their job, as a journalist, to ask these things. Else, they are simply an advertising agency’

    And the ABC is not an advertising agency?

  151. “Red Kerry” would have researched the publically available documents and seen that a paralegal was handling the conveyancing. “Red Kerry” would have challenged Styant- Browne’s contradictory statement made in the Australian. “Red Kerry” may even have challenged what are the allegations?
    Sales did not and as such was ineffective.

  152. Since being sowed with right wing activists the ABC is of little more benefit than the rest of the media.

    The harm to Democracy from all the media being concentrated at one end of the political spectrum can’t be overstated.

  153. Hi Truth Seeker,

    Yep it was one of the most inadvertently amusing things I’ve read this week. A RWF saying they insist on HONESTY. Gold!

  154. Cuppa, I agree example is the debate on a price on carbon. One media organisation did a tally and the “least biased” reporting surprisingly came from the Herald Sun with only 75% of it’s stories being negative. With such bias, how can the public make informed choices..and informed choice is the basis of any democracy.

  155. Sales did not and as such was ineffective.

    She really does look to be that quite often. The only ‘scalp’ she has is tabots, and that’s only cos he is so friggin’ inept at handling questions, not because of any real talent displayed by her

  156. I just heard the tail end of a news wrap on abc. It said Gillard still claims to not have seen the file, and the name of a para-legal shows that someone else, not Gillard, was dealing with the bank.

    So the ‘proof’, unchallenged by sales,regurgitated across the front pages today, is NOTHING!

    Smear is too kind a word.

  157. Tom R, spot on, in our dealings with lawyers, most have a central fax machine and the paralegals do almost all of the conveyancing work and handle most documentation even if a solicitor is involved.

    They’ve got nothin’!

    Cheers 😆

    CU I’d rather read a thousand words of yours than a one line sentence from any of the trolls.
    Keep up the good work telling the truth, which the trolls have no cocept of.

    Cheers again 😆 😆

  158. Michael Smith “if they have a go at you on your credibility that’s good because they’re not having a go at you on your evidence”

    Whisperers take note…that’s exactly what you’ve been doing and it shows!

  159. “if they have a go at you on your credibility that’s good because they’re not having a go at you on your evidence”

    right wing projection much

    Because this is precisely what is happening to the PM at the moment

  160. Michael Smith suggests that this Memo goes to the heart of Gillard’s credibility.

    “And it wasn’t enough for Julia to just get that information about the mortgage she knew nothing about verbally. Or even hand-written. It was typed out. Nicely. In a way that you could take home and show to your lover who was enquiring about the mortgage he was acquiring. But Julia knew nothing about that. Just ask her.”

    Oh what a tangled web….

  161. to answer the very questions that she needs to.

    What was the question again?

    half of 7.30 was taken up with claims last night, but no question was asked. And those claims were soundly refuted even before it went to air. It also looks like the very documents used to raise those claims negated those claims (not sure where the name of the para legal concerned appeared, but they show that Gillard herself did not attend to those matters with the bank)

    The only real question that remains appears to be “Why have you done nothing wrong?”

  162. Oh what a tangled web….

    I saw that last night treeman. There is no mention of a specific loan there, it is a general question about loans.

    sorry, #stitchupfail again 😦

  163. Pretty much sums up the entire case treeman.

    A solid case would have continued with ‘because we have evidence that shows you have done something wrong”

    In this case, they have don’t have that evidence. Probably because there is no such evidence, which is most probably because Gillard did do nothing wrong.

  164. “In this case, they have don’t have that evidence. Probably because there is no such evidence, which is most probably because Gillard did do nothing wrong.”

    You obviously are not up to speed Tom. Take a few deep breaths and read what Michael Smith has posted over the last few days. Then break out the Kool-Aid!

  165. Tree troll, the day that the likes of you could enlighten me on anything is the day that I volunteer for a full frontal lobotomy….. oh wait for you to enlighten me on anything that would have already happened.

    Truth, fact and reason are concepts that you obviously struggle with, probably something to do with your total lack of language comprehension, so just take care with the amount of spinning you are doing as you may well ringbark yourself, which is the equivalent of a full frontal lobotomy for tree trolls.

    Or maybe that has already happened? ….. that could explain a lot!

    Cheers 😆

  166. Truth Seeker,

    For those who inhabit a political outpost defined by its moral and intellectual darkness to talk about “enlightening” others is another of those RW absurdities that has me rolling on the floor laughing.

  167. Cuppa, I’m with you, sadly they really do think that they are the fonts of all knowledge and wisdom.

    There must be a right wing dictionary with different definitions from the ones that the rest of the world uses, as I have never heard of anyone being ‘enlightened’ by lies, spin and obfuscation.

    But I do think that sometimes they crave validation so much that they make completely ludicrous statements in the hope that someone will respond to them, making them feel that what they think (?) actually matters to someone else.


    Relevance Deprivation Syndrome is alive and well, and residing in the minds of trolls everywhere.

    Analyse that you idiots!

    Cheers 😆 😆 😆 😉 🙄

  168. Truth Seeker,

    I have to laugh. It’s one thing to be innocently manipulated into getting behind the political agenda of the right-wing media noise machine. Millions of people fall for that (to the detriment of democratic integrity).

    But to take that to the next level, that being to go around spamming the media’s propaganda through other sites in cyberspace, shows a willingness to be not only individually brainwashed, but to want to brainwash others who are not afflicted.

    It illustrates the terms “vector” and “useful idiots”.

  169. Treeman, you keep quoting Michael Smith for your supply of so called (mis)information. There is no information that the dodgy right wing muck rakers can produce, just wake up and accept the fact. The heading of this discussion by Migs was “Do you trust this Guy”. The answer to that is a definite NOOOOOOOO!
    The LNP are in opposition and with a bit of luck, they will end up wearing the muck bucket squarely upended on their heads.
    I realize that you take great pleasure in bating those who just want to have a conversation with friends, you probably think that it is funny running people down with your ‘Chinese Whispers’. The joke is on you my friend because we are all awake up to your capers.

    CU, Cuppa, Tom R and Min, thankyou for all of the great work you all do to keep us informed of what is happening in MSM, those of us who don’t join in on a regular basis at least get to keep up with what is happening in the real world. That is something that the trolls wouldn’t really understand (the real world).

    Talking of the real world – has anyone read Julian Burnsides article on The Conversation blog regarding the Asylum seeker problem. It is a really good read and hopefully the government will take note of his suggestions. I personally don’t mind if the PM has to change direction yet again over this problem because it will mean that she would at least be trying to find a better way of handling this very vexing situation. This problem will not go away – why? because Australia is the best country in the whole world and people will always want to come here if it means that they have the opportunity to have a better way of life.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  170. ‘The joke is on you my friend because we are all awake up to your capers.’

    In defence of Treeman, this is the blogosphere not facebook, the regulars here accept the rough and tumble discussion.

  171. go girl, 😉

    NOVEMBER 23, 2012 @ 10:30 AM
    The only real question that remains appears to be “Why do keep pretending you done nothing wrong?

    No the only remaining question is who will benifit from all this bullshit…

    The Fiberals: Yes check
    The Media: Yes Check
    The voting public: No
    Political and social policy advancement: No

    This is a vortex of politically advantageous bullshit.

    For those on their moral high horse…fuck please take good hard look at yourselves its pathetic. The only morality in question here is the perpetrators of this bullshit.

  172. PM, once again answered all questions put to her. Asked for a question that identified what she did wrong. No takers.

    PM mentioned that Ms. Bishop, was asked during a lengthy interview this morning to clarify what she believe the PM had to answer. Was unable to do so.

    Once again what is the crime that the PM has committed.

    By the way, that conveyance matter had naught to do with the union or AWU.

  173. Great response from PM.
    Pointed out that Bishop (?) was unable to come up withe one allegation on radio this morning.
    pointed out to the press that she is not a victim, just that certain people have run a constant smear campaign, and that while the smear was in the headlines the opposition did not have to debate any real issues.

    she said the press should be looking to its own standards to see if they have aided in this smear.

    poor trolls, PM was quite relaxed

  174. CU
    PM pointed out the conveyancing was done by a paralegal who was under someone else’s delegation, not hers.

    The name that comes to mind as reported to be in charge of the paralegal is Styant-Browne.

  175. Sue, also the media present had little to say.

    Feel that the wedge is tightening.

    Poor trolls cannot even see it.

    This PC was in her own state.

  176. Sue, you are absolutely right. Styant-Browne is now working with whom? Why did he leave Slater & Gordon. How reliable is his memory of what happened back nearly 20 years ago.
    Oh, the whole issue is really just smoke and mirrors as the PM put it beautifully due to the fact that the opposition has nothing to offer this country in the policy department.
    The PM was yet again, cool, calm and collected. Go you good woman.

  177. Cuppa, why are we being accused of smear, when all we are doing is showing and repeating what Mr. Abbott has said.

    Cuppa, that one with Riley, is poor anger. Nearly done it again yesterday at that speech on Leadership. Became very angry when accusing the PM of being a victim and how dare she call him sexist. Was surprised at the anger he rose to. His body was nearly shaking.

  178. Wonder why the man feels the need to work in another county.

    Must try and get that interview on ABC 24 this morning with Anthony and Schacht

  179. Sandra

    I looked up Styant-Browne and his career appears quite stellar. Has fought the good fight for a lot of worthy causes.

    So possibly just a personal thing for him. He was quite cautious in his accusations last night. Those who are leading the smear must have money behind them, it would be good if the money trail could be followed. Because the money trail backers have sent people to the USA and Malaysia. There would need to be a handy amount of money for Blewitt’s personal expenses and legal representation. I wonder if any journalist has asked Blewitt if he is a self funded in his quest for freedom of speech and putting things right.

  180. The princess of the Pilbara doesn’t shout. She sues. While her friends stay silent about her for fear of falling out of favour, her critics watch their words because they don’t want to get a writ. Lawyer Nick Styant-Browne knows from personal experience how relentless a litigant she can be. “Indefatigable. She does not give up,” says Styant-Browne, who acted for Hancock’s third wife, Rose, in the epic battle that erupted when the old man died in 1992. Styant-Browne figures that by the time the dust settled more than a decade later, Rinehart had spent tens of millions in legal fees. “She went through an extraordinary number of lawyers, including the best in the country,” he says. “She kind of exhausted the Perth bar and then went to the Melbourne and Sydney bars. When she’d lose a round, she would retain a new set of lawyers to dream up some new theory to continue the fight.”

  181. Best laugh today the Faine interview.
    What are the trolls smokin?

    Styant-Browne and Gillard worked in different buildings. Does this mean that the conveyancing part of the business was in the same building as S-B who was the supervisor? If so it may explain why the commonwealth bank “form” letter that had notations by the paralegal was not seen by Gillard.

  182. Catching Up,

    Cuppa, why are we being accused of smear, when all we are doing is showing and repeating what Mr. Abbott has said.

    CU, It’s Right-Wing Projection. That being, the political tactic, not to be confused with the psychological behaviour called Projection which is usually subconscious. This behaviour is deliberate and employed for political effect.

    When the Right (so-called) know they are perceived for a certain negative behaviour or trait, they seek to flip that perception 180 degrees to make out it’s their opponents who have the trait.

    For example, the Ugly Right have spent five years now slurring and smearing, first Kevin Rudd, now Julia Gillard. Aware that they’re the most unprincipled dirty smear merchants in the history of Australian politics – what do the Right do but say it’s LABOR who do the smearing!

    Detract from their faults by ascribing them to their opponents.

    It’s as dishonest and hypocritical as it is cynical – par for the course, unfortunately, for conservative extremists.

    This video by Rachel Maddow in the US describes in detail and with numerous examples how Mitt Romney used the tactic of Right-Wing Projection. You’ll see it comes from the book of tricks of RW spinner, Karl Rove. Like so many Republican/Tea Party tactics it’s aped by the substance-free RWFs here in Australia.

  183. Remember in the schoolyard when a kid was accused, or found to have done something wrong. He’d point to his innocent classmate and say, “HE did it!”

    Right-Wing Projection is just a more sophisticated, calculated political version of that form of lying.

  184. The claims relate to the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association “slush” fund and were made in a lengthy statement provided to fraud squad detectives by former AWU official Ralph Blewitt this morning….

    The self-confessed union “bagman” spent close to two hours with detectives discussing a raft of issues relating to the 17-year-old AWU scandal – including payments from the AWU Workplace Reform Association. In 1995, Ms Gillard described the union association as a “slush” fund. In 1992, Ms Gillard – then a lawyer with Slater & Gordon – had given some legal advice on the incorporation of the union association.

    This afternoon, lawyers for the former AWU official, Galbally Rolfe, said their client had provided the police with information about the “operation of the AWU Workplace Reform Association between 1992 and 1995 including the conduct of various parties involved in the renovation in 1994/5 of a property owned by Ms Gillard”.
    Digital Pass – $5 weekend papers

    The Prime Minister sold the house – located in inner-Melbourne suburb Abbotsford – in 2007.

    Ms Gillard in August told reporters that she had ……..

  185. Posted at a Crikey blog. Quote:

    The “questions Gillard must answer” meme among the right-wing trolls has a sociolinguistic basis that explains why its proponents just can’t let it go:

    In any dyad, the person who is in control of the conversation is the one asking the questions. Think interviewer-interviewee, teacher-student, examiner-examinee, parent-child (interesting to see what happens when the child is the one asking the questions, yes..?)

    This is why the angry white conservative males are getting ever more SHRILL and HYSTERICAL in their insistence that there are “questions Gillard must answer”. Because they want control, and they aren’t, and having Gillard respond to their questions would give them the control they crave.

    Now think of a teenager who responds to parent’s questions with grunts and monosyllables…this is the teenagers way, sociolinguistically, of asserting ‘you don’t control me any more, mum/dad, I won’t respond to your questions’ — until they reach an age where they can re-establish dialogue as adult equals.

    What we are witnessing in the “questions Gillard must answer” meme is the desperation of the irrelevant angry conservative rump to re-assert control.

  186. I have never seen politics played so dirty.

    Lionel Murphy, CU. The mongrels hounded him into the grave.

    Hilarious! Treetroll is claiming that Michael Smith is a credible source.

    Sue @3.53pm, Mr Styant-Browne is another very interesting character with an big fat axe to grind, imo. I noticed that in his interview with Leigh Sales he very studiously avoided mentioning that piece of information and nor did Ms Sales.

    I would have thought it to be very pertinent, quite frankly. As for his third rate water cooler recollections….pffft!

    And as Bacchus has mentioned, his account of events has been refuted by someone who was actually present at the meeting between Gillard and the partners, not in another building. At best, the only information S-B would have is office gossip.

    The other thing that struck me as odd was that he kept referring to the mortgage for Blewitt as a S&G mortgage. I was under the impression that the mortgagee was the CBA and that S&G were the conveyancers. Curioser and curioser.

    Then there’s the matter of the $67,000 settlement cheque Gillard is accused of sighting. As she had nothing to do with the conveyancing, that cheque, if it was ever in S&G’s offices, would have been in possession of the conveyancing officer and her supervisor, Mr Styant-Browne.

    However, it has been claimed that it was deposited in Perth, and if so, the possibility of it being sighted by ANYONE at S&G is a nonsense.

    Cuppa @3.57pm, remember the Swift Boat smear against John Kerry by the GOP? He was a decorated (Purple Heart) soldier from the Vietnam War and the mob of gutless wonders, calling themselves the Swift Boaters successfully smeared him as a coward.

    The so-called Swift Boaters were proved never to have set foot in Vietnam, even for a holiday, yet were able to ruin John Kerry’s reputation and his political career. A confirmed case of successful projection by the right wing.

    I don’t care how much “proof” this bunch of Liars produces, I know it will just be a pack of lies from start to finish in their obsessive quest for power at any cost. There isn’t a single one of the buggers that’s not crooked.

    As for their star Blewitt, if he shook your hand you’d have to check to see if you still had all your fingers.

    And as for all these “questions” the PM has to answer, why haven’t her accusers actually asked them? It seems the lies, innuendo, obfuscations and bullshit emanate from one camp only and it ain’t the PM’s.

    There’s more muck being raked by the Liars and their facilitators than in Bart Cummings stables.

  187. scaper, Liealot siphoned public money to finance the prosecution of Pauline Hanson, a fact which he subsequently lied about until he was cornered. And despite denials by the Rodent and other senior ministers, it was revealed that they were aware of Liealot’s actions.

    This was nothing to do with official government business, it was well dodgy and done to hound and harass an inconvenient woman; right up Liealot’s alley.

    So nice try, but no cigar.

    Cuppa, it’s fascinating that these mysterious “questions” the PM must answer are never enunciated. What are these “questions” and why are they never asked, only insinuated? Could it be that the the “questions” ever more shrilly spruiked about don’t exist?

  188. Jane, what is going on is no more than a witch hunt. they are hoping the PM will say something, that incriminates herself.

    I believe this police inquiry which now seems to be on in two states, will be one of the quickest in history. It can only one or two outcomes. That Blewitt along with Wilson be arrested. Which us unlikely, as they would have to rely on a proven liar. Or the matter will be quickly dropped.

    This era of politics will be known as the time the media and Opposition used police across the country for political reasons,

  189. Abbott has again comprehensively wedged Gillard and Labor.
    Border Protection and Union Corruption …… just keep on giving for the Coalition.
    Work for Welfare ………love it.
    Craig Thompson has gotta get a run again soon……….. surely.
    I see even the media left are now starting to do their job.

  190. Tweed, I feel you have read these wedges wrong. If I was you, I would not be spending any money you bet on it yet.

    We do agree on one thing, that there are wedges going on.

  191. CU. Abbott is reading the mood of the center voters.
    What pisses us taxpayers is seeing our taxes consistently getting pissed up against the wall by this government.
    Everything Labor touches is a cockup but worse still is that the cockups like Border Protection that costs billions for no result.
    Seriously, even the coalition is going to have to work very hard for an extended period to solve this little adventure by Rudd/Gillard/the warm inner glow left. etc etc etc.
    Those voters who have mortgages, are putting kids through school, pay private health insurance to protect their families, pay progressive tax rates, absolutely relate to Abbott.

  192. Id you say so Tweed. Just a few facts missing, but that does not worry the likes of you. I have more faith in people.

    If that is what you see, that is OK as well.

    Nothing we say, will change your view, why should one try.

    Everyone is entitled to their own reality.

    Time will tell.

  193. … tight ship. This government has spent more that it has collected in taxes since Rudd became PM in 2007. Overspent by nearly $300 Billion. is this a definition of “tight ship” CU? Is woeful implementation of policy an example of “tight ship” CU?
    Are Border Protection, Craig Thompson, AWU, HSU, Gillard examples of a “tight ship”?

  194. ‘Everyone is entitled to their own reality. Time will tell.’

    Gillard won’t be PM after the next election…that’s realpolitik.

  195. Tweed, surely you have something new to say, or at least use new words.

    So not see any army invading the country, the borders are safe.

    There is the little matter of the GFC which you lot are blind to, Rest of the world seems to be still getting over. That is OK.

    You may have not noticed that Mr. Thomson still has not been charged with any criminal matters. He is still to be convicted of any civil matters.

    AWU, that matter was back in Howard’s day. Still no charges there either, as fare as I am aware.

    Yes, the tight ship, that still has one of the best economies in the world.

    We are among the leaders dealing with man made climate change. The economy has not collapsed.

    Massive amounts of legislation passed. The Murray-Darling put to bed after a century. Oh, yes and the NBNco is well on its way. World class broadband.

    Yes, the list is endless.

    And the PM has refused to lie down and die. In spite of a minority government, she is still there.

    Of course all this is only in our feverish imagination.

    Now Mr. Abbott could get off his high horse and come to the party on the asylum seekers and the boat trade. His way has been proven not to work. Time to put the whole Houston plan into place.

    Saying that, there is disastrous, as will his Direct Action and cutting of expenditure. He will rip the guts out of the economy, for no gain.

    It ie OK Tweed, I do respect your opinion but do not agree,

  196. Bacchus, that cannot be true. Tweed and co must be correct. They obviously know more than us. We are only deluding ourselves if we believe that.

  197. I trust that this ‘guy’ is the LNP’s Malaysian solution…. 😆 a sorta, kinda, a claytons Monkton *ka-ching* 🙄
    I wonder if this ‘me me’ came ‘cheap’ ….. just say’n 😉
    Tweeds back… ( to front )…. still the rodeo clown I see………. always chasing bull 😀 ….. triple AAA that Tweedle Dum… guffaw
    Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of Australia and has proven to be one of our best PM’s……. only a bloody minded blinkered zealot would see ‘that’ truth any other way……… all of ‘our’ PM’s deserve respect, no matter which ‘side’ of the spectrum they are on……. like if ,( in the unlikely event), Malcolm win’s for the LNP next election, I would respect that he has gained that position…. but IMO I think Julia has got the edge on Malcolm… though it may be close, but I think the voters may tar Malcolm with the’budgie feathers’ of the previous LOTO….. just say’n ….. 😀

  198. The Liberal backbencher Alex Somlyay has accused Tony Abbott’s office of issuing a false statement in his name.

    Fancy that! Liealot telling porkies! Who knew?

    There is the little matter of the GFC which you lot are blind to…

    Not just blind to it, CU. They deny it ever happened.

    Then there’s Tweed’s furphy wrt to government spending. Ample evidence in the form of facts and figures have been provided showing that the Rodentochracy was a profligate spender, whereas the Rudd/Gillard governments have kept a very firm hand on the purse strings.

    And that has been the history of government spending in this country. Liars Party governments toss the readies around with abandon, whereas ALP governments are far more careful with the dosh. Of course, with all their profligacy, Liars governments rarely care to toss any of the cash in the direction of the poor and needy.

    Another one of Tip’s disasters was another $5bn down the gurgler in currency swaps.

  199. C’mon Jane, you know we can’t let truth, fact or reason get in the way of lies, spin and obfuscation, or a good story.

    What were you thinkin’?

    False statements? …. Who’da thunk it?

    Cheers 😆 😀 😆

  200. That audio of Jon Faine, should be compulsory listening.

    [audio src="" /]

  201. CU
    agree, he sure wasn’t putting up with Smith or Baker. But then Faine used commonsense and legal training. and still no allegations were aired.

  202. sue, pointed out what I Believe most know who have bough a house. The solicitors have little to do with the transactions, even in small offices.

    I do not believe the PM has ever said she knew nothing about the purchase of the house. I believe what she is saying, she had nothing to do with the conveyance or details of it.

    Fair enough, I am sure there have been people out there, even family that accompanies one to an auction. Does not mean those know of all the legalities, or any of them for that matter.

    All that is happening, meaning and assumptions are being made bits of paper from 19 years ago, They have no knowledge of the situation these paper originated from. Most are those of the investigator of the time, who would have had knowledge of context of the time. he obviously found no grounds to find evidence of any crime.

    They are putting their own assumptions on the meanings. Most of the assumption are fairly wild and far stretched.

  203. I wonder if Smith and Baker realiise, assumption do not count in court. One needs hard evidence. Which one said that the PM could end up inside.

    Read weeks ago, if the PM was guilty of any crime, it would be minor and hardly attract a small fine.

  204. Steve Lewis infamous for Grech-Utegate, Ashby and Slippergate is now very cautious after spending days smearing and muckraking against PM Julia Gillard.
    Why ? what has happened to Lewis? it was only yesterday he said the smear was important, Blewitt had important new evidence. Now today he tells what most have known for ages, about Blewitt, information Lewis would have known but chose not to write. what’s the matter Lewis, next you know you will have doubts about kathy Jackson and her, whistleblowing on Thomson?

    “”They can go on a witch-hunt for as long as they like and they will find nothing that will do her (Gillard) any harm.

    “It’s just a waste of time, they will find nothing.”

    Mr Wilson also rounded on the union bagman Ralph Blewitt, attacking his former mate as a “very risky” person for Ms Gillard’s critics to rely upon.

    “Relying on Ralph to be your star witness is a very, very risky strategy,” Mr Wilson told The Sunday Telegraph.

    “It’s not one I would be prepared to take.”

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  206. I think Blewiit is a black flag and working for labor.
    He was ‘fixed’ by Shorten under Gillards instructions.
    So Shorten is fixed also…
    Blewitt will go thru a role play aka John McTernan casting and scripting to pretend to be an antagonist. But after Bruce Wilson (also fixed) declares his hand, Blewitt will fail to deliver with only faint damnation and nothing to press charges on.
    Blewitt will get relief on the AWU and a number of subsequent matters as payoff from labor and be ‘looked after’.
    Maybe in 10 years when he needs money again he will reveal how he worked with labor to sucker the media and create a ‘pivot point’ of an assumed protaginist that in fact was coached on how to clear Julia, Nicola, Bill etc and prevent a more widespread investigation into union corruption.
    I believe Blewitt was ‘fixed’ by Shorten in Asia just prior to him then volunteering to come back to ‘clear the decks’.
    Yes, for Julia who once ‘redeemed’ will get a massive boost in the polls and we get another 4 years…
    Check out the links between shorten and Blewitt and the coaching plus benefits promised. Blewitt is playing for the other team and all his posturing is just that, it’s a role play to create the ‘pivot’ of an unlikely but ‘credible’ so called independent witness.
    Gillard in denigrating Blewitt, also a role play to ‘build up’ the creditability that Blewitt is a hostile witness.
    This is how labor maniplulate the media and public opnion.

  207. “Yes, for Julia who once ‘redeemed’ will get a massive boost in the polls and we get another 4 years”

    Is this the trolls surrendering?

    If so just get lost back to the hole you came out of.

  208. I hope you’ve all bought your tin foil hats from “Blewitt False Flag Op by McTernan” That’s the sort of tripe I’d expect to see over at Pies’ site, or maybe Bolt 🙄

  209. Well one thing for sure, the PM called their bluff today, with that attack on Mr. Blewitt.

    It was a shocker, one so damning, that most would be heading straight for their solicitor.

    The PM did it outside parliament, not in the coward’s castle. One can only surmise, that she is daring him to sue.

    Now, I believe that Ms. Bishop used the coward’s castle to make accusations against the PM, that she has been careful not to make outside.

    I also believe the PM gave Ms. Bishop a warning to cease the lies. Yes, the PM cannot sue, but can have the shadow charged with misleading the house.

    In passing, this is what Bishop is hoping for the PM to misspeak, and accuse her of the same charge, That is not going to happen.

  210. sue, I really cannot see how the trolls can now keep their attack up on the PM. As I say there always comes a time when reality overtakes spin and innuendo.

    The words thrill and pressure and in trouble just does not ring true with the performance the PM put on, inside and outside the house. Bolt is wrong, the PM said as much inside as well as out.

  211. Blewitt False Flag Op by McTernan – ” I think Blewiit is a……” ….. thats where you blewit… 1st two words 😆 …… havn’ts gots a link(s) to that BFFOBMcT.. 🙄 …. like do you get paid for shit like that or what 😯 …… I hope for your sake that your just another ‘paid for here at CW’, ’cause if your not and ‘thats’ hows you’se a thunk’n….. you either need help and/or a Publisher ;)….. it blows my mind that you thought to write it…. crikey….your hatred is blinding you….. we are all Aussies together ….. wake the F* up…. ‘taint Nth agin Sth southerner…. look around and smell the posers……there stink’n the F* out of what *used* to be an opposition, I repeat *wake the F* up*…. what ever you think you are doing is really a disservice to you and your fellow Aussies….. either that or thats how you get your jollys….. Geezes H……. and by the by and by, your last line.. “This is how labor maniplulate the media and public opnion.” …. f’n cracked me up….. almost spilt me Latte, ay 😀

  212. Cu, thanks for asking 😉 he comes back Friday…. had no contact….. which is sorta how its set up….. no phones.. no PS3’s….. no Ipods……no laptop etc … any contact has to go through staff…… so I have taken that on board and ‘guessed’ that if theres a problem, then I’ll hear about it. Hope he’s having a ball 😀

  213. It’s not only people here who don’t trust Ralph, now it seems Julie Bishop doesn’t either.
    Actually, poor Ralph’s treatment at Bishop’s hands lately goes to something that I bang on about a bit but is worth keeping in mind. Every single one of these creeps the liberal machine would have you regard as some sort of heroic whistleblowers can be tossed over the side whenever they become a liability. As I understand it, even while he continues with his spiel moves are already afoot to conflate Blewitt with Gillard- “all tarred with the same brush, lefty unionistas you know, crooks & shonks the lot of them”.
    Those seeking to make themselves useful to Abbott should reflect on this.

  214. I agree BSA Bob. The Labor Party, Gillard, the unions are all part of the same family. Federal, State, shop floor it is “George Orwell’s Animal Farm” repeated again and again.

  215. Where the hell did BSA Bob say that for you to agree with Tweed?

    The wingnuts really are losing it over this as they desperately attempt to deflect from the massive, and I mean really massive, failure of the Liberal party in what has been a long string of failures for them. A major failing was choosing the coward Abbott as their leader, their biggest was believing in Howard. They have gone downhill ever since and have now become a standing joke of a party.

  216. Appears there were mo QT After that book launch. Was force to defend Bishop when they caught him on the way out.

    Did someone mention guts. Not even willing to defend your own book launch.

    I seen a headline that said where Labor was in retreat. Why am I then seeing one after another, with much to say.

    Also the PM office saying they agree with Senator Cash, it was disgusting. The word retreat must have a different meaning to the media.

  217. On Israel. One would have thought that would come from Bishop. Julia pointed this out. Where is Julie, nowhere to be seen today. PM having fun

  218. Abbott interjecting. Abbott on very thin ice, has the call. Shrill attack on the Opposition. Thinned skin, are they not.

    Chair could not hear.

    One to the PM.

  219. As all the experts have been pointing out all day, say, is the right call. Labor is supporting a two state solution.

  220. Why does Smith and others involved, have her personal phone number?

    Bill on education introduced this morning. None from the Opposition bothered to attend.

  221. PM, interjected to demand that Mirabella withdraw. Wonder what that remark was, Chair giving lecture on disgusting behavior of the Opposition saying she cannot understand how they can treat their own parliament with such contempt..

  222. Albanese and PM in deep discussion. Wonder what is afoot.

    PM appears to be relaxed and enjoying herself.

  223. Deputy leader told she does have to jump from her seat, she will get the call.

    Question are now in cuckoo land. Did the PM notify taxation etc.

  224. getting to embarrassing to watch. Deputy at box, looking very confused.

    Yes, one has to agree with the PM.

  225. Mirabella at it again. Tried to use the word mendacious, Quickly told to leave the chamber.

    Now on the $5000 again. Misrepresenting what Wilson said last night.
    Must be MSSO today.

  226. We are now back to 1996 Why does the PM not admit the truth. Albanse interjects. Pyne on his feet.

    Pyne once again mistating what Wilson said.

  227. Back to this one. Is a gift, if that is what it was be a taxation matter.

    “a’while is back asking whether Ms Gillard has checked with the Tax Office about whether Mr Wilson placed $5,000 in her bank account. If the bank doesn’t have the records, how about the ATO?”

  228. Combet putting the boot in well and truly. Very passionate as well. I also feel that Combet is genuine.

    Still no call to end QT.

  229. Called to an end/ PM said she had extended QT time to endure that Deputy has time to ask her questions.

    Personal explanations.

    Abbott first off the rank.

    Waiting for Bishop.

  230. CU
    did the ABC continue the broadcast so that abbott got the chance to be on tv and say he supported asbestos victims?

  231. The government tried to get a theme going today, (and all week) – that Ms Bishop is not the architect and author, but merely the front lady for Mr Abbott’s negative political strategy.

    At one point today, the frontbench accused Ms Bishop of being the ventriloquists dummy. (She was at the dispatch box asking the question. Mr Abbott was mouthing is beside her.)

    Have a look.

    This is where the PM told Abbott or ask the question hinself.

  232. CU
    from your link. Bishop has been trumping blewitt as believable so this bit should hurt her. He is confirming that bishop has again lied to reporters. But will they chase her about it?, well that’s if they can find her.

    “In a further muddling of the account, Mr Blewitt has told Channel 9 on Wednesday morning that he did speak to Ms Bishop on the phone and that it was on Thursday last week.

    Mr Blewitt said that he had been handed the phone by Mr Smith and that he had talked to Ms Bishop for about three or four minutes.”

  233. Can’t get ABC24 here, but I get the impression that the Noposition are still doing Slatergate. I agree with whoever it was said it’s come down to an attempt to get Gillard to mislead Parliament, asking question piled upon question & trawling through the answers, parsing, defining, redefining to suit themselves & distorting etc..
    Interesting that they continue down this track given the MSM has obligingly given them something else to talk about today with their beatup about Gillard’s neard death experience, throttling, humiliating defeat & abandonment of the State of Israel to suit her own craven purposes & Rudd’s in the wings etc.
    I’d have thought that the Opposition Spokesthing on Foreign Affairs might have something to say on that.
    Just kidding, I didn’t really think that at all.

  234. Sue, QT at this time is the best comedy in town.

    Ms. Bishop will need to have a big one tomorrow that justified this week actions..

    I suspect the lady has not.

    The stupid thing is that there are things available to attack the PM. Turnbull has tried, with no success.

    Many other serious things are going on in every area. None are getting an airing. None at all.

    The Opposition appears to be rudderless, much noise but little substance. To sum it up, we now have a new slogan. How many in the last week or so. Strong Australia, wonder whose brain fart that is.

    I sense that the PM would have welcome a MSSO for any reason. One that would have allowed her to serve it back. Abbott was apparently not willing to take the risk.

    What is obvious, that this week for the first time, there is no doubt that Labor, and the PM is fully in control of the parliament and it’s agenda.

    Yes, there has been a major change in the political climate this week and it is the PM that is benefiting the most.

    Abbott has not only missed the boat, he is now yesterday’s man.

    I was wrong I think. Senator Cash did not ask that question I expected on sexism. Maybe, after her PC, she woke up, she was on a loser.

  235. I am no lawyer and could be wrong with what I am going to day. I believe when the allegations of wrong doings by Wilson came into the public domain, Slater and Gordon sought advice as to where they stood.

    The answer seemed to be, that there could be conflict between what has now was two separate entities.

    The advice was not as far as I know, alleging and inappropriate action by the PM or the firm up to that time.

    When the PM advise Mr. Wilson, he and the AWU where one and the same. When Wilson was no longer an officer of the AWU, that changed.

    Slater and Gordon took the action to separate themselves from both parties.

    The PM shortly after took leave, to allow her to make an attempt for the Senate.

    The PM was not successful but I assume after the leave of absence decided to seriously move into politics, leaving the firm.

    Once again, Ms. Bishop, being full aware of the meaning of that legal advice, tried to twist it into meaning something else.

    If she was not aware, all one can say, the lady must be a little thick, but they say she is an marvelous forensic solicitor.

  236. CU
    what i thought was apparent today was the PM enjoying herself. all last week Bishop was self promoting how she was going to make Gillard answer questions. Gillard having answered questions in 1995, 96, 2001,2007 it was probably like the movie, groundhog day. Then to the PM’s surprise/delight/boredom the basis of Bishop’s questions have been supplied by M Smith, the same blogger that those silly or should i say them smokin visitors to the cafe always link .

    One more day of QT and then the PM can get on with a couple of weeks work, COAG etc, where NDIS and Education/Gonski will dominate, then the settlement of the Royal Commission and then next we see it will be Xmas. A short break for a holiday, then all action as we will be in an election year, on the PM’s terms.

    and during the election year the PM will be able to visit schools, with new halls, nbn and new funding; the sites for the NDIS startups and that’s just for starters.

  237. So Bishop spoke to Blewitt Thursday, and turn up in Melbourne on Friday, having coffee with him. Of course it was a chance meeting.

  238. Conflicts of interest and perceived conflicts of interest, are not the same thing. Any lawyer knows, that they happen all time.

    ABC Drum. Speaker repeating all the lies. Is being challenged. Like reporter be sacked for persisting with the story. Browne, hardly a Liberal plant?????

    When are they going to cease.

  239. I started watching the Drum and the panelists and the host didn’t even know that Gillard had condemned the tweet by Gibbons before Cash spoke with the press.

    the so called experts were saying/informing the viewers “Giillard should act.’

    How much does the ABC pay for this INEPT and UNINFORMED comment?

  240. Catching up
    NOVEMBER 28, 2012 @ 4:48 PM

    “I am no lawyer and could be wrong with what I am going to day. I believe when the allegations of wrong doings by Wilson came into the public domain, Slater and Gordon sought advice as to where they stood. The answer seemed to be, that there could be conflict between what has now was two separate entities. The advice was not as far as I know, alleging and inappropriate action by the PM or the firm up to that time”

    You’re clearly not a lawyer CU and you should get something to help you sleep. It might improve your comprehension and expression!

  241. “Bottom line, despite all Gillard’s bravado, insults and jeers.

    Four times she refused to say whether she’d written to the WA Corporate Affairs Commission to guarantee her former boyfriend’s slush fund was actually a genuine non-profit association dedicated to workplace reform.

    Repeatedly she refused to rule out receiving $5000 from her con man boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, as alleged by Wilson’s then assistant and not disputed by Wilson.

    Gillard refusing to deny this in Parliament suggests to me she did not want to deny something that could be proved true. Draw your own conclusions.”

    I agree with the above analysis

  242. For a cafe of no consequence you spend a lot of time here Treeman, spewing forth a lot of nothing of consequence.

  243. tree, you main problem is that the PM can play the game as good as Abbott.

    My comprehension is no where as bad as yours the other night. Can only think you had consoled yourself with some brown amber.

    Maybe you can pint out where I went wrong without the insults and put downs. After all you are the expert on all matters.

    I often put a post up, to see where it goes. This is a case of that, which would have been clear to anyone that was capable of lateral thinking.

    You have your opinions and views and opinions. I have others. That is OK.

    Most of what is in the media and coming from the Opposition is no more than assumptions and suppositions. That being the case, there are always alternative ones to be made, that hold as much water.

    If you cannot see or accept that, that is your problem not mine.

    I suspect my predictions for this week have been closer to reality, than yours.

    Tomorrow will be the tipping point. Not sure it will be a day, that Mr.Abbott will like to remember.

    This is only a prediction on my part. Anything cam happen. I am a little disappointed that the Opposition is faring so badly. Expected better from them.

    tree, what is your problem that you cannot accept that many do not agree with you.

    More so, there is no reason they should.

  244. Ignore it ME – it’s like all trolls, only after the reaction it can garner. We have already ascertained that it has nothing useful to say – all it is capable of is coming here and reposting crap from Bolt or Pickering. Says it all really 🙄

  245. “tree, what is your problem that you cannot accept that many do not agree with you”

    You wish it were that simple! As I’ve said many a time. I come here for fun and will stay as long as the enjoyment lasts which has nothing whatsoever to do with who agrees with me or not!

  246. The best effort today was that book launch today that allowed no questions.

    That L.A.W. was eventually paid in full. Workers are still benefiting today, with what I think, 3% of super being paid by the government. Yes, no reduction in tax, but a on going benefited.

  247. Well there is an old saying, that small minds are easily amused.

    Do not know what they call or say about those who get there fun from attacking and upsetting others.

    Is it cowardice or bullying or maybe a combination of the two.

    Definitely does not need brains or insight.

  248. And there you have it, from its own words – by definition, a troll. I can almost hear the squeals of delight as it reads each response to each troll (in the sense of “troll – angling by drawing a baited line posts through the water blog.”

  249. ‘Repeatedly she refused to rule out receiving $5000 from her con man boyfriend’

    Which is silly of her because Wilson won it fair and square at the Casino the night before and he felt a strong desire to gift her before he lost the lot to his gambling habit.

  250. el gordo, you can’t rule out something you can’t prove either way. From what she’s said, it seems she very much doubts she ever received the $5K, but she’s a lawyer and certainly smart enough not to get caught out because of something that is alleged to have happened 20 years ago. I don’t remember what I had for dinner last night, little lone 20 years ago… (where is scaper btw? 🙂 )

    The most STUPID question from Ms Bishop in QT today – re checking the Tax Office records is absolutely stunning. el gordo, if your friend gives you a sum of money as a gift, in no way related to your employment or business, it doesn’t have to be declared to the ATO.

    IMO, the “strategy” from the PM & the government today was to deservedly ridicule what Ms Bishop & the Coalition had been doing all week. No question on the AWU matter was going to be answered directly, and I expect more of the same tomorrow.

    Everyone’s had more than enough of the crap – time for the Liberals to move on or wear even more of the mud themselves.

  251. Bacchus I think their line of attack was that interest on bank deposits must be taxed and declared to the ATO.

    Not sure what the rule was back 20 years ago and how this was tracked, but it’s still a stupid line of attack as there would be no way of tying down tax paid on bank interest to any particular bank deposit, just the annual amount of interest paid by that bank account, which can vary throughout the financial year.

  252. Well at least we’re having a lot of fun at the moment watching the right wingers implode and sputter over the total failure of another thing we’re having a lot of fun over, the complete failure of the clowns that call themselves the Liberal Party.

    Great laugh watching that lot of fools in action at the moment being led by a gormless ventriloquist manipulated puppet manipulating a gormless deputy. Even more fun reading their narrow mindless supporters attempting to stick up for them in idiotic posts of no consequence.

    Ignore that and miss out on the fun reading the asinine comedy they reply with, no way.

  253. Yes, my brother in law who very nearly destroyed his life and that of his family because of his addiction to gambling.

    That is not the point. You missed the point, that’s the point.

  254. As Tony said…’I give her the benefit of doubt’. What could be fairer than that?

    Let’s assume Joolya was still young and naive at 32….its believable, as all of us well know.

    Still carrying too much weight coming down the main straight, she’ll have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to win.

  255. ‘You missed the point, that’s the point.’

    So the $5000 was for some other purpose….payment for services rendered. Sort of off the books.

  256. Are you following this story at all el gordo or just making things up as you go?

    To prove if you are following can you please tell us the story behind the $5000, it’s supposed source and Gillard’s exact response to the allegations about it?

    Now I don’t want the false Ms. Bishop’s version, nor that of the opposition or the right wing journalists, just the police findings and facts as presented.

    From what you posted on it seems you’ve missed the point entirely.

  257. Think of me as an ordinary member of the public who hasn’t really been following the story, but picks up bits and pieces here and there.

    Wilson gave $5000 to Gillard…. the runner counted the money when he put it into her account?

  258. So you are contending that Wilson directly gave Gillard $5000 with her full knowledge, as in, “hi sweetheart, here’s $5000 for nothing, don’t ask where I got it from”?

    Be careful here you are treading very close to defamation.

    Where’s this evidence of the runner counting it?

  259. It is unlikely there was $5000.

    If there was, lying about it would not have made sense or be necessary.

    There are many reason people give one another money. To repay a loan. It could have been a gift. It could have been a loan to the PM. It could have been for something bought or sold. It could have been for someone else. It could have been for shared expenses. The list is endless. Why then come to immediate conclusion, it had to be for criminal reasons.

  260. ‘Why then come to immediate conclusion, it had to be for criminal reasons.’

    Exactly, that’s why I assumed Wilson had a good night at the casino and gifted her before he lost the lot.

  261. el gordo, then why say you do not remember, That is my point. I am of the opinion., that it is likely there has been crossed wires, or faulty recall somewhere.

    Have you not had memories, that you would swear by, but when one revisited, found your memories to be faulty. We are talking about up to 20 years.

    Mr.Wilson’s problem seem to be, that the person telling the story is a decent bloke, and he cannot see any reason why he would make it up. What that says about Mr. Wilson, I am not quite sure.

    As I say, all that Md. Bishop the younger is spinning, is all conjecture. This happened because that happened. This two words on a bit of paper proves this or means that.

    The problem is that it all could and may mean something else, or nothing at all.

  262. el gordo, the PM has already pulled the rabbit out of the hat. It is called fact on her part and no proof on the part of Bishop and Abbott.

  263. No, this back bench revolt is an ominous sign for Gillard.

    ‘Cabinet sources confirmed the PM was forced into a desperate backdown during caucus yesterday after reported threats that Foreign Minister Bob Carr would vote against her if it was put to a vote on the floor – a precedent which would have forced his resignation.

    ‘The PM only warded off a caucus bloodbath by announcing a compromise position for Australia to abstain from the UN vote. Her spokesman said yesterday she did not comment on caucus or cabinet matters.’

    The Daily Telegraph

    A year is a long time in politics and its reasonable to think they will be counting numbers over the Xmas break.

  264. Back bench revolt. It appears, once again a few facts would not go amiss. The PM took advice from the likes of Mr. Hawke and Mr. Garreth, that maybe the better decision was that one she took to caucus. Yes, duly elected MP’s had different views

    Yes, the PM listened and changed her mind.

    Listening go the experts, present and from the past, they believe the right decision has been made.

    No PM would or should have concrete views on everything. One takes advice and makes decisions.
    No, the PM is not in trouble from the back bench. That once again common sense has reigned.

  265. By the way, Mr. Pyne proudly said on Annabelle Crabbe’s cooking show, that he did not like or has no respect for the PM. .

    He was on with Vanstone. It appears that Pyne is one of her proteges. Knew he wanted to be politician in year ten. Also was a proud flag bearer for the Liberals at four. Used to wear medals to school

    Nothing nice about this man. That show is good value, if one wants insight into his values and personality. Admitted he is not that bright.

  266. The theme of this post, do you trust this guy, Ralph Blewitt. Well apparently he has left the country, and Mr Smith has his guarantee he will return to talk with the WA police if they want.

    He left after confirming, yes he did withdraw money and bury it is his own backyard and yes some was destroyed about $10,000.

    blewitt may have just said too much.

  267. I suggested to my wife over breakfast yesterday that Gillard’s erratic behavior and paranoid fixations about males may be related to Menopause. She quietly informed me menopause had not made her a liar, an incompetent manager of business nor had menopause made her refuse to answer yes or no to straight forward questions.
    My wife asked why Gillard, as a lawyer, did not answer yes or no to very simple questions from Bishop if only to put the whole AWU issue to rest. In a court of law or a Judicial inquiry she would have to answer yes or no. hmmmmmm……

  268. Yes, Tweed many would have to answer questions, including those big business who refused to cooperate with the police. They will have to be disclosed what they paid the money for.

    One better be sure what they will uncover if they go down this route. There is no way Mr. Abbott will have an inquiry for this reason. It could show up his lies for all to see.

    There is nothing menstrual about this PM. There is no evidence she is lying. In fact all in the public arena points the other way.

    Tweed it is not beyond the PM ability, to do such as what Abbott wants. Not into her behavior but unto unions in general, to clean the air.

    Sometime one should think before they demand, they might get more than they want.

  269. I do not agree with this writer, in trying to involve the PM is any wrong. I do agree with her when she makes some attempt to explain what the slush fund was meant to achieve.

    It was set up, in my opinion to accept bribes at the expense of the members and the the communities. The contributors to the fund, themselves could have been guilty of a crime as well.

    That is why there will never be an investigation set up by Mr. Abbott. Too many big people involved to allow this to occur.

    “The point of telling this story is that there seems to be some confusion about one of the central elements of the Australian Workers Union slush fund saga. This core and egregious element revolves around the ability of union officials to extort money from companies in exchange for outcomes that have nothing to do with furthering the interests of the members.

    Nothing to do with union members bullying the poor boss.

    It was also the convention at the time for funds to be set up for reelection and were not illegal.

    This was a association set up in the pose of seeking money to support their campaign, but was in fact, likely used for illegal purposes. There had been no evidence to emegr that connects the PM to any possible illegality. All they have is guilt by association, plus the PM should have known what her boyfriend was up to.

    In this case, the union officials, Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt, were often selling the members out in order to extract money, directly or in-kind, for their personal benefit.

    The fact that AWU was used in the title of the AWU Workplace Reform Association is a critical part of the story. This ruse enabled the dynamic duo to pass off the association as part and parcel of the AWU. In so doing, companies were led to believe they were dealing with the union proper.

    Let’s be clear about one thing. Even under the laws that operated at the time, it was not permissible for union officials to sell industrial peace or to extract certain favours in exchange for encouraging members to undertake work that they might otherwise, and quite legitimately, be reluctant to do.

    It has been reported that work undertaken by AWU members on a site with contaminated soil was sanctioned by Wilson and Blewitt, even though one of the purported aims of the association was to promote workplace safety.

    One of the excuses Julia Gillard gave all those years ago for her role in the incorporation of the AWU Workplace Reform Association was its purpose to fund the re-election of the union officials. It is true that, under the law, it is illegal for union officials to use union funds to assist in the election of officials. This is as it should be. After all, the members are best served by open and competitive elections for union officials. Allowing an incumbent group of officials to preferentially gain access to union funds to promote itself at the expense of other candidates undermines the integrity of elections. It also reinforces the power of incumbency.

    To get around this quandary, it is not uncommon for like-minded union officials to band together and set up joint bank accounts to finance their re-election campaigns. Oftentimes they will commit to weekly deductions from their pay, which is then deposited in these joint bank accounts. All this is completely fair and reasonable………………….

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