Misogyny Downunder

Who is this fool Tony Abbott,
The arch chauvinist downunder,
Who’s been made toast of, ‘Welsh rabbit,’
Trying to steal la Gillard’s thunder?

Thought he’d shame her but roused her anger.
Which brought her fame instead, world over,
Like another Aussie ranga,
Songwriter, feminist moreover.

Has the man no brain? Does he think
Disproving claims of his misogyny
Is easy, like changing ties from blue to pink,
Or parading his wife and female progeny?

It’s a fortnight since that Question Time on October 10th when Tony Abbott’s tasteless taunts about ‘shame’ over ‘sexism and misogyny’ in supporting Peter Slipper, drove the PM just too far. “The Speech” she made then has been tweeted, emailed and linked throughout the world wide web to millions of women, and to men too, of course. Every time I read of the overwhelming approval of people responding to her I am reminded of another Aussie red head who did so much to change the world for women, Helen Reddy. In fact the “I Am Woman!” song has been reverberating through my head for days now, so that when I came to write about “Misogyny Downunder” the rhythm of Reddy’s lyrics were inevitably beating through my brain! Pictures of her remind me very much of the young Julia Gillard who would have been much inspired by the I Am Woman message of female liberation. So when I tried to just write about misogyny for Miglo I found myself thinking of the women (and men too!) all over the world this is how it came out in first draft!

Women Near and Far Are Calling Julia!

We are women! From near and far
We are calling Julia,
To let you know we’re with you to the end!
We raise you a loud hurrah,
Cos though PM and super-star
You’ve been insulted once too often to pretend.

Who’s this Abbott, the boy wonder,
The misogynist Downunder?
Making light of feminism
Could prove his biggest blunder.
Trying to steal your thunder
Underlined his chauvinism.

He called you liar, tried to frame you,
Tried in many ways to shame you,
But instead roused so much anger
That once he had inflamed you
Women everywhere acclaimed you!
Another mighty Aussie ranga!

We are women, how we’ve grown,
Not always going it alone.
There are men who know what’s fair and right.
But for some it’s still a battle zone
To keep the world their own.
For that they’re ready any time to fight.

In spite of them you have come far,
You’re number one now, Julia!
Thanks to Abbott and Anal Jones,
The whole world knows who you are!
Women and men have hit the phones
Saying,, “Misogynists Downunder, Au revoir!”

There has been much written about the PM’s supposed misuse of the word ‘misogyny’ and Macquarie Dictionary’s updating of the definition to its more complex meaning about general prejudice against women, rather than simple hatred. Most of the focus on that has come from the Opposition and its media supporters who have conveniently forgotten that it was the LOTO himself who raised the term and kicked an own goal. The government has largely moved on from the topic but I see that Menzies House have mentioned it again today with their article titled Tony Abbott You’re a Goose Which is a bit of a misnomer. After all this
talk about sexism and gender wars they could have found a better title, after all he should be a gander. Well a gentleman at least. The writer even thinks that Abbott’s attitude to and ruthless treatment of Julia Gillard, though not technically misogynist, is seen as beyond the pale, and is losing him electoral support. I guess today’s 50-50 Newspoll explains this warning to Tony that he’d better change his ways. He is in danger of becoming as infamous as Sir John Kerr, the arch Labor traitor of 1975, rather than the LNP hero who is supposed to win government for the Coalition in 2013. So, if Menzies House is rattled and questioning Abbott’s leadership, it looks like that speech has helped and not hindered as many predicted.

If Labor gets back because of you and your blind spot for Julia Gillard, Kerr may appear as a saint by comparison. You are so close to being out of time, Tony.

114 comments on “Misogyny Downunder

  1. My thirteen year old can write better than that. You know why Gillard hates Abbott?

    Because she tried to crack onto him and he told her to “fuck off”!

    What is it with Gillard and married men? The slag just can’t help herself.

  2. scaper what an imagination. Crack onto Abbott would be the furthest thing from the PM mind.

    I have not seen any evidence, that women lust after Abbott. I cannot see any reason why they should.

  3. What is it with Abbott, that he feels the needs to drag his women around by holding onto their wrists, like one does with very young children.

    I wonder if he has noticed, his girls have grown up. In fact they are no longer children.

    I wonder if he has noticed that the PM has got his measure, and is better at putting him down, than he has ever her.

    Does he not notice that the PM spends very little of her time thinking or caring about him.

    The PM spends her valuable time addressing the needs of the nation and laying the groundwork for the next election.

    It was not the PM that asked for an apology last week. When asked about the comments, the PM only reply was, you need to ask him. The PM did not appear to be that interested.

    What has the genius got to say today. For starters, he is changing nothing, and intends to go on as he had since he stabbed Turnbull for his job.

  4. scaper, I do hope you have more respect for your daughter. I wonder what you would do, if someone made a similar comment in your hearing about her, or her mother for that matter.

  5. Love the ABC news tonight. Show Abbott at the same company today, that he visited twelve months ago.

    Played from both visits. No change in words or actions. Show clearly that Abbott is still stuck at the same place in time.

  6. Yes, Cu, I hadn’t picked that! He does hold their hand a lot, doesn’t he? And that was well before the recent misogyny debate. Mind you his old fashioned sexist attitudes have always been challenged by women and enlightened men. Remember his idea that girls should hang on to their virginity as a precious gift?

  7. Congradulations on learning to walk upright Scraper. Your 13 year old son can write better than that, obviously the milkman has a phd and a significantly larger manhood. Now back under the rock, there’s a good little troll.

  8. A very vicious article and very little substance. Everyone complains about
    how low the Politicical dabate has got but this site prides itself in its self
    claimed interlect. But in fact Cafe Whispers is the Promulgator – do you get the
    message. Time for all of us to do a bit of tidying up in this area rather than
    just slagging off at any of our elected members.

  9. Great words patricawa. now i’m humming that tune too.

    i had to laugh though, fancy Abbott getting a serve from Menzies House.

  10. The comments above reveal that sexism is alive and well beyond the Leader of the Opposition. Absolutely disgraceful.

  11. Take note you minions of misogyny peddling hatred and bile in the guise of reasoned debate.

    “The shameful disgraceful sordid affair in which Gillard had a pivotal role”

  12. ‘THE opening salvo of Julia Gillard’s gender war has delivered a back-handed vindication for Tony Abbott and entrenched divisions between male and female, and Labor and Coalition voters

    ‘The Prime Minister’s attack on the Opposition Leader over claims of sexism has not won emphatic support among women or younger voters most devoted to social media.’

    Shanahan in the Oz

  13. Speaking of ageing student pollies, who was it who said Aussie mums were prostitutes?…The answer is here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/cut-paste/speaking-of-ageing-student-pollies-who-was-it-who-said-aussie-mums-were-prostitutes/story-fn72xczz-1226505624821

    Misandry no less ….”JULIA Gillard’s first foray into politics was in the early 1980s, when … she became active in the now-defunct Australian Union of Students. The AUS was then totally dominated by the extreme Left. In 1983 – the year she was elected AUS president – an AUS annual council defeated heavily a call to oppose “all acts of terrorism and political violence”. Furthermore, the AUS annual council declined to recognise the rights of religious clubs and societies at universities to “express their views on campus” or to have access to campus facilities. The AUS declared 1983 to be the International Year of the Lesbian. It also adopted a policy on prostitution which said, in part: “Prostitution takes many forms and is not only the exchange of money for sex. Prostitution in marriage is the transaction of sex in return for love, security and housekeeping.” This bizarre statement made headlines across Australia. Anti-AUS student activists produced posters with the slogan: “AUS says your mother is a prostitute!””

  14. As for stealing la gillard’s thunder…there’s something about Labor leaders of late that reminds me of Irving, the 142nd fasted gun in the west who gunned himself down…

    H/T Lightening Bolt “Hedley Thomas and Paige Taylor discover more about the fall guy who then solicitor Julia Gillard assured her partners seemed like the kind of investor who really did have $100,000 to play with – $100,000 that actually came from her boyfriend, using money he’d scammed (unknown to Gillard, she says)”


    “Misogyny…cos nothing else will work every work is so untrue…Misogyny you’re such a piece of work…our nations really ashamed of you…”

  15. shane

    Shanahan is obviously looking at what the polls say, he’s a journalist and your ageist slur has not gone unnoticed.

  16. Positive discrimination or perhaps just sexist affirmative action.

    ‘LABOR heavyweight Don Farrell says he is prepared to swap spots on the South Australian Senate ticket with minister Penny Wong.

    ‘Parliamentary secretary for sustainability and urban water Mr Farrell said today on ABC Radio that he would cede the No.1 spot on the ticket to Finance Minister Ms Wong.

    ‘He said he had discussed the matter with Prime MInister Julia Gillard last night.’

  17. Voyager, not all the elected members are Coalition. In fact the majority are not.

    Two very nasty reps from your side of the fence on Q and A last night.

    So nasty, that one woman in the audience commented on it.

    There was a woman politician from Rwanda, that appears to know more about our system of politics than many Australians do, including some visitors to this site.

    Pointed out to Abetz that the PM did not pretend Slipper. That the PM said she would leave it up to the courts, where the matter is at now.

    Also attack the two men, saying it is a disgrace that they cannot find a way to name our indigenous people in our constitution.

    All we heard from them was the comment that the indigenous people need new young leaders, because the older have become too angry, and the public is not listening.

    One of these lovely reps from the right, was heard to tell the woman from Rawnada, that at least we do not shoot out politicians. The lady was explaining how they were working through the wrongs done in the country, meeting them head on, so that they could forgive and move on. Said a country cannot move on until they do. Her comment was that we should be doing the same here in relation to how we treat our indigenous people.

  18. “Tony Abbott is not a mysoginist,”

    Maybe he is not. That is immaterial, as he uses the tools of such, and acts like one.

    He does this for political advantage. Surely that is worse.

  19. Treeman, I see many marriages, especially those in the past, as little more than being a prostitute as well.

    Sorry, that is the reason I have little respect for the so call sacrament of matrimony.

    I will agree that the situation is not the same today. Mainly because today, there are choices for both men and women.

    There has been much written of the centuries in this vein. It is not a new concept.

  20. Well el gordo, if you listened to Q and A last night, all age groups appear to be agreeing with the PM. In fact, I believe that many young women are realising that they are wrong, when the believe the war has been won in this regard. There is still a lot of mopping up to do.

  21. Alan Jones has a last laugh…and I suspect there will be a few more where that one came from!

    In the seventh and penultimate Nielsen radio survey for the year, Jones, who came under fire for repeating a remark that Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s father had “died of shame”, at a gathering of Liberal Party members in September, still convincingly won his timeslot, even gaining 0.5 per cent….Jones had 17.3 per cent of the audience for 2GB from 5.30am to 9am, well ahead of second-placed ABC702 (13.1 per cent), with 2DAYFM in third place (12.1 per cent).

    This ratings period, from Sunday July 29 to Saturday September 1 and Sunday September 16 to Saturday October 20, includes three weeks of the fallout from Jones’s “died of shame” comments.
    Despite calls for his sacking, a desertion (for a while at least) by advertisers and at one stage a suspension of advertising by Macquarie Radio Network in damage control, Jones recorded the biggest ratings gain in his timeslot.

  22. It would be interesting to see make up of the new audience. Would be interesting to see what he lost.

    No one has ever said there are not a lot of like minded people outr there.

    We only have to see the number that visit this site.

    That does not make Jones or his audience to be correct.

  23. CU, surely you mean all age groups on Q and A? There’s a distinctly different demographic to the general populace!

    You’re right about a lot of mopping up to do however. Mopping up the mess left by Gillard and her cohort of fumblers, failures, fiddlers, flatterers and flim flamerers, with no apologies to Tim (the dams will never fill again) Flannery.

  24. Nope, the mopping up created by the likes of you and your ilk.

    History will write our first PM up well.

    The same as it has Whiltlam, that was treated in a similar manner.

    Abbott will be as hog tied, as Mr. Fraser was.

  25. rose to 17.3% from the 16.8% the show posted in the sixth survey (in that survey, it fell 1.7 points, from the 18.5% recorded in the fourth and fifth surveys, which were his peaks for the year). Jones’ better performance this time around also saw a strong gain of 1.1% (to a share of 18.7% from 17.6%) for fellow 2GB screamer Ray Hadley in mornings, while in afternoons Chris Smith, another of the loud lads of 2GB, saw a 0.9% gain to 13.7%.

    From the figures in the latest survey, it would seem that the online and Twitter campaigns against Jones and his employer, 2GB, have failed to have an impact on the Sydney radio listening public, especially in the older demographics where Jones and 2GB dominate, such as people aged from 55 to 64 and over 64.

    While the station’s shares in the 18 to 24, 25 to 39 and 40 to 54 all eased in the latest survey (and there was a small rise in the already tiny share of listeners from 10 to 17), the share in the over 64s jumped by nearly 5% to 35.7% from 30.8% in the previous survey as his older audience picked and stuck by their favourite shock jock.

    2GB as a whole (which has taken a financial hit from the loss of advertising on Jones’ breakfast program, much of which is at a premium, especially live reads) saw its share rise to 15.5% from 14.7% in the previous survey. But like Jones, the station’s latest survey share is below the 2012 peak of 15.8% in survey five. The solid performance by Jones should help him in any problems he has with management and 2GB owner, Macquarie Radio (70% owned by John Singleton). The next test for him is the Sarah Ferguson examination of him for Four Corners which is due to air next month.


  26. Maybe, but I am not talking about that. I am talking about legislation that has been passed through the parliament and is now in place.

    Most of which will stand the test of time.

    As I said, Labor builds, the Coalition demolishes.


  27. ‘Most of which will stand the test of time.’

    Certain the tax on carbon dioxide will be abolished, along with all the clean energy rorts.

    I’m happy to discuss other legislation that will stand the test of time….there will be a few.

  28. The poem on this thread is woeful…not the construction but the fact that someone would write idolising a politician. No politician is worthy of that. Obviously, the writer is far removed from the polity. Only thirteen year olds in love with their favourite pop star would write such a sycophantic piece of sacharine laced fantasy!

    I would be interested to know how well you lefties interact with your MP’s. Get written responses, standard letters or phone calls or don’t even bother with any correspondence?

    I’ve never had a problem interacting with certain Labor MP’s and senators from your side in relation to my stated agenda. Shame their hands are tied.

  29. scaper, I believe that you might be going a little too far. What you are writing is past being misogynist and is libelous.

    I, and I bet most other women, and I suspect many men readers of this site, take what you are saying as highly insulting.

    Please think of others before you pen anymore similar statement

    It adds nothing to the debate. In fact is says that you have little to offer to the discussion.

    It say much more about you, than it does about the PM.

  30. It say much more about you, than it does about the PM.

    It certainly does CU. I was giving scaper the benefit of the doubt – to make such statements,one would have to be pi$$ed or a real low-life scum. He has once again proven to be the latter 🙄

    I wonder is it because the trend of the polls is indicating his heroes will be badly beaten in an election next year? A right-whinger’s worst nightmare 😉

    Fear not scaper, polls this far out from an election don’t actually mean much – they’re just grist for the media industry that commissions them, nothing more…

    As far as communicating with my local MP, I regularly do so personally (ie. not with his office staff) via email and twitter. The gentleman in question is also a senior minister…

  31. Bacchus, I have no problem either. The couple of times I have, I have been looked after quickly. In the past, I knew members personally, actually at one time, considered them to be friends. No problem there.

    When I email a minister, I always get my email acknowledging that I have made contact. A couple of times, the reply indicates that what I wrote has been acknowledged.

    So the latest is to portray the PM as a tramp, sleeping her way to the top.

    Now, I suggest to scaper, that they rack that one up. We all know what the results will be. More votes for the PM. It only proves the level of sexist abuse that the PM has had to endure.

    Yes scaper and Tree, keep it up. Prove the PM correct.

  32. Prostitution in marriage is the transaction of sex in return for love, security and housekeeping.”

    Wow! Do you think she might have been referring to Hugh Heffner’s or Geoffrey Edelston’s progressively younger trophy wives? Mind you, you have to hand it to them. They deserve every penny they can squeeze out of these senior citizens.

    As a boss of mine observed wrt Rose Hancock, she earned every penny she got.

    el gordo, like your hero Liealot, you’re long on porkies and short on fact. There isn’t a carbon tax as you very well know. Please at least make an attempt to get your facts right.

    As for Julia’s lack of charisma, there’s 2 million+ who obviously don’t agree.

    scaper, your sour grapes are showing. Liealot’s problem with women in power has a long history. He’s a talentless, sulky chauvinist bully who thinks he should be handed everything on a platter.

    Instead of sucking up to grubs like Anal, he should stop the tantrum, stop lying and develop some properly costed policies which aren’t brain farts.

    By all means hitch your star to a lying toerag, just don’t expect us to.

  33. jane, watching Reith. I heard the same from Morrison earlier. Whinging because Labor is introducing a Howard’s program..

    No credit for doing what needs to be done, no matter how distasteful.

    The PM told Morrison today, that he said Nauru. We have Narua, the boats are still coming.

    At least Bowen is honest. He is banning them, pull the stop. No lines drawn on a map. Also, the policy is different. None are to be assessed here, and it is up front.

    The problem that Reith and Morrison have, is that the PM is again wedging the Coalition.. They will have no alternative but to go along with the Malaysian solution. It is inevitable.

    Nothing short of this has any chance of working, distasteful as it may be.

  34. Ever met or chatted with Abbott?

    This ‘woman hater’ thing so so wrong. With his faults your side had to pick something so blatantly ridiculous? It’s not working out there in the real world.

  35. Cu, Bacchus et al, thanks for your vigilance. It is not Miglo’s policy to have scurrilous libel like that in comments here at Cafe Whispers.

    Re the excision of Oz from the migration zone, this was recommended by the Houston Committee report in August. Don’t forget the PM and Bowen convened that after all else had failed. The party agreed to accept all of its recommendations at the time, as did the LNP, I think. Not sure how Greens voted when it was convened in June after their joining with the Coalition in voting down off-shore processing in Malaysia.

  36. No scaper, I have never met or spoke to Mr. Abbott. i have no desire to.

    Watching and hearing him in the house, especially during question time is enough for me.

    He is simply not a very nice man.

    Sorry. Whether he hates women or not, is immaterial. He is a bully, and hates being beaten by a woman. That is clear for all to see, if they take the time to look.

    The PM has taken the gloves off, after nearly three years, and is giving as much as she has received.

    I do not like he likes being told what to do, by a woman either. His responses to the Speaker are sometimes a little sulky.

    No scaper, the man has been just a poor loser. No more and probably no less.

    scaper, you are attempting to defend the indefensible.

    He is not PM material.

  37. CU
    “history will write our first PM up well…” May I assume you mean our first female PM?

    Actually. history is already writing her up badly…

    Broken promises made in Gillard’s first speech as Prime Minister:

    And today I can assure every Australian that their Budget will be back in surplus in 2013.

    Status: being broken. Promise no longer made. Figures suggest a multi-billion-dollar blowout.

    And it is as disappointing to me as it is to millions of Australians that we do not have a price on carbon… But first we will need to establish a community consensus for action. If elected as Prime Minister I will re-prosecute the case for a carbon price at home and abroad.
    Status: broken. No consensus sought or reached. A carbon tax introduced against the public’s wishes.

    There is another question on which I will seek consensus and that is the proposed Resources Super Profits Tax. Australians are entitled to a fairer share of our inheritance, the mineral wealth that lies in our grounds. They are entitled to that fairer share.

    Status: being broken. Tax introduced that failed to raise a single dollar in its first three months.

    On the question of asylum seekers can I say this; I can understand that Australians are disturbed when they see boats arrive on our shores unannounced…. I am full of understanding of the perspective of the Australian people that they want strong management of our borders and I will provide it.

    Status: broken. Boat people arrivals now at record levels, at 2000 a month.

    Broken promises from Gillard’s 2010 campaign launch:

    I’ll bring the Budget to surplus in 2013 … The Budget is coming back to surplus in 2013.

    Status: being broken. Government no longer promises a surplus.

    … we will cut taxes for all businesses in this country… [Abbott] wants to put company tax up. I want to put it down.

    Status: Broken. Company tax not cut. Taxes effectively lifted instead in last week’s MYEFO.

    …we will recognise the first Australians in our Constitution.
    Status: broken. Promise postponed indefinitely.

    Broken promises made during the election campaign:
    There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.

    Status: broken. Tax imposed.

    Gillard’s ‘cash for clunkers’ scheme… Old car owners will score a $2000 rebate if they buy a new fuel-efficient vehicle, under a “cash for clunkers” scheme announced by Julia Gillard today.
    Status: broken. Scheme scrapped.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard is defending Labor’s climate change credentials, including the much-ridiculed plan for a citizens assembly. A re-elected Gillard government would appoint 150 randomly-selected Australians to assess published climate science and policies to combat the impact of climate change, such as an emissions trading scheme.
    Status: broken. Scheme scrapped.

  38. Jane

    “Wow! Do you think she might have been referring to Hugh Heffner’s or Geoffrey Edelston’s progressively younger trophy wives? Mind you, you have to hand it to them. They deserve every penny they can squeeze out of these senior citizens…blah blah etceterah

    What a vacuous comment. Heffner and Eddelston weren’t around when Gillard’s AUS promoted that ideology, well maybe Heffner was but Gillard wouldn’t have known about him at the time. As for the Rose Hancock comment “a boss of mine” is a weak appeal to authority at best. Two million hits do not constitute agree, merely curious. As for the rest of your angry and abusive low level language, what else can one say…?
    Your language gives you away…

  39. Tree, I am surprised, you a man of the world have not come across such writings, outside those penned by the PM. It might surprise you, but many women think the same way.

    There has been many serious studies on the topic.

    No one is saying all marriages are prostitution, but many are for money and status.

    If that is not a form of marriage for money, sex for money, and I suspect very little love, what is it.

  40. Does anyone realize, even if there were super profits at the moment, to collect that tax, it would raised hardly one percent of the revenues in this year’s budget.

    That’s makes Mr. Abbott’s rant and rave about the MRRT so hilarious.

    At the same time, only a few would have been liable.

    There is still the normal tax being collected, plus the extra royalties, that the states have put their hands out for.

    I believe the budget will come in on target, even if it is it necessary for the economy.

    What has been said by the PM and treasurer that does not make this so. Both has said, the answers are in the mid year report.

    Abbott and Co are twisting words, to make t appear it is not true.

    Cannot help but think, the PM is toying with him.

    It is all a matter of semantics.

  41. Today in parliament, there were many bills introduced. One dealing with the FGWA. One changing how uncollected money is treated. Now there will be interest paid. One on the asylum seekers. There were two or three more.

    No matter how Mr. Abbott rants and raves, the business of government proceeds regardless.

  42. CU, Phonecard and Morrison. What a Melbourne Cup double. Radish and Francis the talking mule.

    scaper, I believe Barbara Ramjan has met and talked to Liealot. Not a positive encounter, I believe. Then there’s the grope while addressing a meeting and all the other nasty threatening behaviour.

    Blatantly ridiculous? If it looks like a chauvinist bully, walks like a chauvinist bull and talks like a chauvinist bully, it IS a chauvinist bully. What is blatantly ridiculous is excusing, defending and downplaying this type of behaviour.

    Liealot has a huge problem with women whose status and power are greater than his. That’s why he hates Gillard. He doesn’t hate her, he hates that she is PM and he’s not, he hates that Windsor and Oakeshott chose to back her and not him, even though he made no effort whatever to get them on side.

    He would hate any female PM, because no mere woman should have a a job he covets.

  43. The news tried to portray that Hockey and Abbott had the PM on the ropes.

    One watching could not help but think the PM was playing games with them.

    She has them on that line, and is taking her time to pull it in.

  44. Treeman, please don’t insult everyone’s intelligence by pretending that wealthy aged Lotharios are anything else but a cash cow for their trophy wives. If these men lost their fortunes overnight, wifey wouldn’t be able to get out of the door fast enough with any portable goodies she could lay her hands on.

    And it is as disappointing to me as it is to millions of Australians that we do not have a price on carbon…

    Sorry Treeman. The price on carbon emissions is $23/tonne as you are well aware. And there is no carbon tax as you also very well know.

    Company tax not cut.

    Thanks to the Liars Party.

  45. ‘No one is saying all marriages are prostitution, but many are for money and status.’

    For more than 100,000 years homo sapiens were a savage lot, totally uncivilised, with 60% of the births having come about through rape. When Migs gets back into the office he might like to question that assumption.

    With the rise of feminism at the end of last century there was hope (at least in western democracies) women could become truly liberated. This high ideal has been realised in many ways and women today are far more independent than their grandmothers, still… we are not quite there yet.

    It is fair to say that men marry women for regular love and in return women hope to find emotional and material security because they are bound to become pregnant.

    In the bad old days a loose woman (unattached) would have been extremely vulnerable, so we can assume marrying for money or status is written on the hard drive.

  46. This in the Telegraph, who would have thought.

    Have just read this article on Tony Abbott and his lack of women on the coalition benches. An interesting read.

    Women are deserting the Abbott they know.
    UNTIL the “Gender Wars”, you would be forgiven for thinking that to be a woman in the Coalition you had to be named Bishop. Only Bronwyn and Julie got a look in.

    As poll after poll shows Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s personal support with women continuing to go south, Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has been thrust to the front line to soften the Coalition’s image. Abbott has a track record of sexist policymaking and undermining of women’s rights that no amount of spin or the wishful thinking by Fierravanti-Wells in this newspaper last week will alter.

    And the public’s not buying it either. Yesterday’s Newspoll not only further dented Abbott’s personal support (from 33 per cent to 30 per cent, while dissatisfaction rose three points to 58 per cent), the Coalition’s support fell from 45 per cent to 41 per cent.

    The press gallery may have dismissed it, but the misogyny speech resonated with voters because it’s consistent with the Abbott they know.But if Fierravanti-Wells wants to defend the Opposition Leader she knows, perhaps she can also explain where she was during the 10 years Abbott denied the women of Australia a paid maternity leave scheme. Where was she, when Abbott said maternity leave would be introduced “over the Howard government’s dead body, frankly” and nearly a generation of young mothers had to struggle to return to work within weeks of the birth of their children?

    Where was the Senator when Abbott tried to control women’s access to abortions, or attempted to take IVF off the list of Medicare-funded services? Where was she when Abbott was publicly undermining the anti-cervical cancer drug Gardasil?

    Mute, apparently.


  47. el gordo

    How on earth can you claim I made an ageist slur. I was commenting on Shanahans political allegiance and the fact that telephone polls do not include mobiles which removes the majority of youth.

    Your assumption of an ageist slur shows your desperation of accusation when a comment does not agree with your particular poilitcal bias.

    Ageist comment, just ridiculous.

  48. ‘…your quoting of Shanahan when it comes to women and younger voters is truly laughable.’

    I must have misunderstood.

  49. Quoting some pro-Abbott spin from the Torygraph is like quoting a pro-water fish. (The conservatives depend on the one-sided media for their very political survival).

  50. There is the fact based side and then there are the journalists from Ltd. News fabricated side, and none more so than those who write for the Daily Telegraph.

    The right seem to always forsake the fact for the fabrication.

  51. El gordo and,

    For more than 100,000 years homo sapiens were a savage lot, totally uncivilised, with 60% of the births having come about through rape. When Migs gets back into the office he might like to question that assumption.

    This is an interesting one and there is no easy answer. Examples include that during one part of human history rape was an approved way of obtaining a wife..all about power and domination. However during another time and place a raped woman was perceived as “soiled goods” and not worthy of the status of “wife”. The later still exists today in many cultures.

  52. So an opinion piece by Hussein and Kovac of EMILY’s List is acceptable, even in hate media, but everything else is suspicious?

  53. The right seem to always forsake the fact for the fabrication.

    Yeh, funny that. The right thrives on lies and spin (while projecting that behaviour onto their opponents – “Juliar”). I guess it’s up to the left to reveal what the right are about – that being increasing the divide between rich and poor, the dismantling of workers’ conditions, the corporate takeover of governance, scapegoating minorities for political advantage, deregulation of environmental protections etc etc.

  54. Min I was thinking of the Australian aborigine around the time the Europeans took over the place.

    The 60% figure might be incorrect and It would be interesting to see if there is any anecdotal evidence to support the claim.

  55. and the fact that telephone polls do not include mobiles which removes the majority of youth.”

    Interesting comment about telephone polls. I wonder how that effects the unemployment rate??

    Unemployment is determine by a telephone poll conducted by the ABS.

  56. El gordo, Migs of course would be the expert on that one..

    However, on the subject of 60% of births being a result of rape that would be exceptionally difficult to prove…and I am speaking of 18th-20th century western cultures. For example many young ladies who fell pregnant and especially to person’s unknown might claim rape so as to avoid the church-based sin of fornification.

  57. Looks like I made a mistake. From memory I though the unemployment rate was determined by a random telephone poll so I wondered how mobile phone ownership affected this. Did a quick google search and i was not quite correct


    “5 Households selected for the Labour Force Survey are interviewed each month for eight months, with one-eighth of the sample being replaced each month. The first interview is conducted face-to-face. Subsequent interviews are conducted by telephone (if acceptable to the respondent).”

  58. Good morning all you early birds in the East. I’ve just woken at 6.30 to find you all hard at it .

    Treeman, you are like so many of Abbott’s supporters on this who keep talking about what a nice fellow Abbott is when you meet him or know him, i.e. he’s a good boss, great husband and wonderful dad to three daughters.

    Paulwello Is much more to the point when he points to that article in the Telegraph which is all about the political Abbott whose resistance to progressive reform for women’s lives in really important ways is on the public record of the past two decades. Those are the facts! In the Telegraph, no less.

  59. ALP politicians are the masters of diversion. All this Abbott anti-woman crap is just designed to divert the topics from the ALP to the Opposition. The ALP attacked Cambell Newmans family before the Queensland election and they will do the same to Abbotts if they can.

    If the ALP really believed they were doing a good job they would focus more on policies.

  60. Miranda Devine proves the point that the worst guilty of misogyny are other females…

    THERE are two types of females in this world: the “woman’s woman” and the “man’s woman”.

    The latter adores men and is an incorrigible flirt. At a party she will prefer their company. She will never observe the “BBQ rules” that frequently divide Australian social gatherings down gender lines.

    She regards attention from men as more important than the regard of women.

    A woman’s woman loves men just as much but for the most part she abides by a loyalty code to her own sex, which holds that the best way to ruin a good friendship is to compete for the attention of men.

    Oh really Miranda? There are two types of females in the world..and me (oh foolish mortal) thought that women were people and came in many varieties. The inference is that females are somehow pre-programmed to be of two types only and that both of these types are referenced according to how they behave and react around men. That is, the litmus test as to one’s personality type = a reaction to men.

  61. Neil, I am a woman. I do not like Mr. Abbott, mainly for the way he treats women in general.

    As for Labor not focussing on policy, please tell me what all the announcements are each day. What are the many pieces of legislation, put before the parliament in the last two days alone.

    Are there too many for you to keep up with.

  62. Neil, if you look at Abbott the reason why he is unpopular with women is fairly straightforward…women are generally adverse to condescension.

  63. el gordo – late and wrong as usual. Min demolished that piece of pap from Devine over six hours before your post 🙄

  64. Oh…good.

    ‘The inference is that females are somehow pre-programmed to be of two types only and that both of these types are referenced according to how they behave and react around men. That is, the litmus test as to one’s personality type = a reaction to men.’

    Damn whores or god’s police. The theory has been around for a couple of centuries, maybe longer.

  65. She has them on that line, and is taking her time to pull it in.

    Or, to quote another well known Labor PM, she wants to do them slowly, CU. 😆

    If the ALP really believed they were doing a good job they would focus more on policies.

    Should read: If the Liars Party really believed they were doing a good job they would focus more on policies, instead of brain farts.

    There, fixed Neil.

  66. THE public has delivered an extraordinary verdict on the Alan Jones controversy and the attempt to destroy his program via an advertiser boycott.
    The Alan Jones show has surged back to the top of the market. It is again bristling with ads. His number of listeners – all voters and consumers – is showing a healthy glow.


    Two million hits on social media mean nothing…

    I’m working on a rewrite of Chunder Down Under especially for cafe Whispers….Bwu hahahahaha

  67. Tree troll,

    Why do the Liberals need all the mass media outlets in the country boosting their cause?

    Probably for the same reason they need crews of trolls ‘working’ the blogs.

    Because they’re hopeless on their own!

  68. If the ALP really believed they were doing a good job they would focus more on policies.


    Should read: If the Liars Party really believed they were doing a good job they would focus more on policies, instead of brain farts.

    Wow, there’s some classic Right Wing Projection from Nil. The party that has no polices (bar a renamed SeffChoices) and not even costed policies – saying others need to focus more on policies.

    Right Wing Projection: The political tactic where the right seeks to distract from their faults by ascribing them to their opponents.

  69. It is amazing for two years they have thrown every thing but the kitchen sink at Julia and she has stood tall and proud and all of a sudden the polls have slipped to parity, Abbort looks down in the dumps and out come the knives the ides of march are early. He would have been long gone if the MSM had done its job properly.

  70. “Why do the Liberals need all the mass media outlets in the country boosting their cause? Probably for the same reason they need crews of trolls ‘working’ the blogs”

    Delusion and paranoia respectively I suggest.

  71. Good one Jane. It is amazing how some believe they are so clever.

    I believe time will open their eyes, that if they make the effort to get their heads out of the sand.

    One only has to look at the pictures one sees of Abbott’s body language, to realize how things have changed.

    It is now a new ball game.

    Abbott has shown by his actions, he believes he can only win by destroying the PM and the Labor government. His problem is that he has to trash the country to do this.

    Abbott does not believe in playing by the rules.

    Abbott did not realize there is another way. One could have set out to show he could do better. Win by being the best, not being biggest bully, bad loser and poor sportman..

  72. One thing I cannot understand is why the MSM is very quiet about what Gillard got up to before she entered Parliament.

    I will have to say that i do not like investigations about what people got up to before they entered Parliament. Very few people have no skeletons hanging around.

    However the ALP did go after what Abbott did 30 years ago and they also went after what Howards father may or may not have done 85 years ago.

    However David Marr has said nothing about Gillards time at Slater and Gordon. If it was Howard at Slater and Gordon, David Marr would have had 10 articles on the topic, Miglo would have posted 10 blogs on the topic but the MSM is silent.

    Even more concerning is that Michael Smith lost his job apparently because of pressure from the highest office in the land because he spoke about what Gillard did.

    Now that is very worrying. Even more worrying is that if Howard had forced someone to lose their job because of what they said about him all the leftoids would be in protest. But we have nothing but silence from the leftoids about Gillards abuse of power.

  73. Neil, if you look the MSM have shown more and more interest in the last few weeks. Two articles from The Age and a number of articles in The Australian.

    Today Hedley Thomas asks the question: WHY were police and the clean-skin leadership of a major union not told of a secret entity – a slush fund set up with legal advice from Julia Gillard – that had been used in a major fraud?


    As Thomas points out, this is a slow burner…..

  74. BTW Neil I agree that if this had been Howard, there would have been howls of derision from the holier than thou’s. For mine a prime example of just how blinkered they are was the proposal from Warren Snowdon that grub Bob Collins be given a state funeral.

  75. This site is very balanced IMO. It balances out the Bolt Report, Alan Jones, ( frankly all of 2GB), Karl Stefanovic, The New Zealander on 10 Breakfast. The My Story mining propoganda websites, News Corp. How about we name the sites it balances out. Im sure the regulars can make an extensive list.

  76. Shane, I very much doubt that IATW would put his face to any of his comments. 🙄

    Plus Migs is always right onto any sock puppeting.

  77. Migs

    Yes, funny how any site where the majority do not agree with their conservative dogma needs to be re-educated. Whereas most of the sites that are ultra conservative publish a miniscule of disgareements which makes those rusted on supporters believe that the majority must agree. The rest are simply trashed and they call themselves opinions or news. Only that which suits their needs.

  78. Walrus has previously confessed to owning 20 blogging identities, one of which was quite a nice one and a regular contributor on Blogocrats.

    He could be anybody.

  79. http://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2012/11/the-whole-of-the-vientiane-conference.html

    JOURNALIST: The former AWU official, Peter Trebilco, has said that if he’d been told by Slater & Gordon back in 1995, 1996, they could have acted about that slush fund more quickly. So the question for you is why didn’t you communicate to the AWU what you knew about the creation of that fund?

    PM: Well, I’d like to be very clear about the timeline here. Firstly let me say I’ve dealt with all of these matters extensively on the public record and I’ve dealt with them in parliament. I know the Opposition is making some points about this, but the statement I made in parliament that they are pointing to I stand by and it is wholly true.

    Just on the timeline here, in August 1995 it was becoming apparent within the AWU there were some issues here. In September 1995, it was the subject of an internal review in Slater & Gordon. That internal review is out there in the public domain and what I said in that internal review is not contradicted in any way by any other things that have been said. What I said in that internal review is the truth.

    JOURNALIST: Do you regret-

    PM: Let’s just, there’s issues here with the coverage, and because of issues in the coverage, there are issues in your questions.

    My role here was as a lawyer. I provided advice on the incorporation of an association. I was never connected with the operation of any fund. Never connected with the operation of any fund. I was not an office bearer of the association. I was not involved in its activities. I was not involved in any bank accounts it may have held. I was not an official of the AWU. I was not in charge of the conveyancing file. So you are effectively asking me why didn’t I report to authorities things I did not know.

    “Yet Julie’s sharp questions must I shun
    I gave advice – I didn’t run
    A lawyer too! No wonder why.
    I felt rebuked beneath her eye.
    Oh! What a tangled web we weave.
    When first we practice to deceive!”


    The Old and Unimproved Dave nails it…..

    “The way things are going for Julia, she’d do better to study the verse of Arthur Guiterman.

    “The tusks which clashed in mighty brawls
    Of mastodons, are billiard balls.
    The sword of Charlemagne the Just
    Is Ferric Oxide, known as rust.
    The grizzly bear, whose potent hug,
    Was feared by all, is now a rug.
    Great Caesar’s bust is on the shelf,
    And I don’t feel so well myself.”

  80. As I said, answering the questions would not make any difference.

    You put too much emphasis on the words slush funds. Does not necessarily mean what you are trying to portray. The word is used more like, calling your little one, a devil. Does not mean you think he is a devil.

    Why not accept that the PM did not realize what was set up was for illegal purposes, and it was only when it was in the public domain that she became aware of the alternative use of the fund.

    tree, when did you last hear of a solicitor putting in their client to the police.

    I suspect there are laws actually prevent this. Isn’t there something about confidentiality between client and their lawyer is sactrosant.

  81. “Why not accept that the PM did not realize what was set up was for illegal purposes, and it was only when it was in the public domain that she became aware of the alternative use of the fund”

    Because I’m just not that gullible!

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