The shout heard ’round the world

Julia Gillard might have stopped shouting at Tony Abbott but her words reverberated around the world.

Hence this post is not about the speech by Julia Gillard or about the man it was directed to, but briefly on the impact of it.

By now most of you would have digested some of the more celebrated responses – including those linked above – so I won’t cover old ground, however, one is worth mentioning; not for Julia Gillard’s stand against misogamy but for her often overlooked performances as a gutsy politician. The New Yorker wants performances like that to enter into American politics. They write:

So why is this among the most-shared videos [the Julia Gillard attack on Tony Abbott] by my American friends today? Purely as political theatre, it’s great fun. Americans used to flipping past the droning on in empty chambers that passes for legislative debate in this country are always taken in by the rowdiness of parliamentary skirmish. It could also be that the political dynamic depicted in the clip parallels the situation in the States: a chief executive who is a “first” took power after a long period of control from the right of center, and whose signature policy achievements have at times been overshadowed by personal vitriol. Or perhaps it’s that we are right now in one of the rare periods every four years where the American political process provides actual face-to-face debate between the leaders of the two parties. After his performance last week, supporters of President Obama, watching Gillard cut through the disingenuousness and feigned moral outrage of her opponent to call him out for his own personal prejudice, hypocrisy, and aversion to facts, might be wishing their man would take a lesson from Australia.

Similarities between our two political theatres abound. Julia Gillard has found a way to evolve from it.

But her attack on misogamy has attracted more responses than her parliamentary grunt. And oh how the responses differ. In one corner we have the international media, the social media and social analysts supporting her speech while in the other corner sits the Australian mainstream media going alone in its condemnation.

Yet in the Australian media all we hear about are the opinions of the Australian media. Elsewhere it is news. Here they are purely opinions.

To hear the praise coming from Australians one has to read an overseas newspaper. For example, the Irish Times provided a better and more balanced appraisal of Julia Gillard’s speech than that dished up locally. Where, in the Australian media, will you read such honesty as this?:

When Australia’s prime minister, Julia Gillard, told the opposition leader, Tony Abbott, this week that if he wanted to know what misogyny looked like he should pick up a mirror, it was seen by many women as a defining moment for feminism in the country.

“I almost had shivers down my spine,” said Sara Charlesworth, an associate professor at the University of South Australia. “I was so relieved that she had actually named what was happening. She was so angry, so coherent and able to register that enough is enough.”

It was the first time an Australian leader – and possibly any world leader – had delivered such a forthright attack on misogyny in public life.

Prof Barbara Pini, who teaches gender studies at Griffith University in Queensland, said it was a watershed moment. “It’s incredibly significant to have a prime minister powerfully state that she has experienced sexism and even more powerfully state that she will refuse to ignore it any longer,” Pini said.

“That the sexism which is so deeply embedded in the Australian body politic was named may give some women licence to express and seek to counter the sexism they have experienced in their working lives.”

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, one in five Australian women has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. A recent study by Monash University in Melbourne showed that 57 per cent of women who worked in the media had experienced sexual harassment. It said women were badly under-represented in top levels of media management, holding 10 per cent of positions, compared with an international average of 27 per cent.

The report’s author, Louise North, said her findings might go some way to explaining why much of Australia’s mainstream media concluded that Gillard’s speech was a political disaster. “PM will rue yet another bad call,” said one comment piece.

“Gillard’s judgment was flawed. All she achieved was a serious loss of credibility,” said another.

That response was in stark contrast to much of the commentary in social media and conversations between women around the country, which were alive with praise for the prime minister’s stance.

“Leader writers are generally white, middle-aged men and they have no perception of gender bias,” North said. “They don’t want to acknowledge that it happens within their newsrooms and they certainly wouldn’t be open to challenging some of those positions and changing the public discourse either.

Tim Dunlop, in his fabulous article on The Drum, The gatekeepers of news have lost their keys takes up the fight against the Australian media – one of the few in the media to do so – as he tackles the local bias:

The authority of the media – it’s ability to shape and frame events and then present them to us as “the” news – was built upon its privileged access to information and the ability to control distribution.

Collecting, collating, packaging and transmitting information – “news” – was expensive and thus the preserve of a small number of big companies, and we were pretty much bound by the choices they made.

But those days are gone. That model is a relic, though it still dominates the way the mainstream media goes about its business, and provides the template for how journalists think about their role as reporters.

When you have the likes of Michelle Grattan, Peter Hartcher, Peter van Onselen (paywalled), Jennifer Hewett (paywalled), Geoff Kitney, Phillip Coorey, and Dennis Shanahan (paywalled) all spouting essentially the same line in attacking the Prime Minister – a line at odds with the many people’s own interpretation of events – people wonder what the point of such journalism is.

It bewilders me that our mainstream media is taking such a vociferous and concerted stand against public and international opinion. The impact of the speech is lost on them. One could be forgiven for thinking they have an agenda. Regardless of how much they condemn the Prime Minister, the world isn’t listening.

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  1. This aricle is a testament to perspective. Many of the hate blinded “no brigade” have missed this as a milestone in AUSTRALIAN political history and feminism. Great article….this is why mainstream media is in the wilderness…..

  2. My FB comment: With the different versions online there have been over 2 million views so far. That probably doesn’t include embedded views. The speech is viral – the journos are feral!

    And waiting for a reply: @abcnews Do you have a breakdown of Views for the YouTube version of Gillard’s speech by country? Lots of speculation about who’s watching

  3. Miglo
    the media has been declaring the end of this minority government, since the day PM Gillard negotiated it. The Gillard govt wasn’t supposed to last to Xmas 2010, then Gillard as PM wasn’t supposed to last from a Rudd attack by Xmas 2011. The next damning prediction was that as polling was so disastrous Gillard should just fall on her sword and die. And then after,Thomson to the cross benches, Slipper and the sexual harrassment we had the crescendo of the Australian reigniting claims from the 1990’s and PM Gillard took questions from the assembled press until the press ran out of questions.
    So in a way when PM Gillard debated Abbott she also showed up the media for assisting Abbott in hiding his disrespect for the office of PM. Every one of the Canberra press gallery have a birds eye view of Abbott’s behaviour during QT. They more than anyone can see the sledging across the table, the sneers, the deliberate non use of “Prime Minister” and instead the use of “she” and “her”.
    So the press have been complicit and rather than be honest and report the PM’s speech for what it was, they once again attack the Prime Minister, what else have they got left, “she” just won’t listen to them either.

  4. You guys forget. Today, Tuesday, in the blogosphere it is Gillard who? If Gillard had given the same speech and inserted Slipper wherever she had Abbott then the rambling monologue might have had some relebance….Whisperers the Youtube is consigned to the big cyber bin that holds the equally important and equally amazing feats of the surfing dog. Cyberspace does not care and does not vote in Australian Elections.
    More spin from Gillard and Labor. Will it never end?
    Fortunately yes. We have a constitution and she has to front the voters.
    Thank God for the constitution..

  5. “You guys forget. Today, Tuesday, in the blogosphere it is Gillard who?” Yeah, yeah, keep spouting your Right Wing BS there Tweed. Who knows, some gullible moron like yourself might even believe it. Face facts, your precious hero, Abbott, is increasingly being shown up for the liar, bully & fraud that we’ve known he is for day one. Meanwhile Gillard’s speech is *still* being treated as news both in the blogosphere & the MSM of other Countries. Of course, only a Right Wing moron like yourself would not realise that.

  6. Back to the point at hand-I believe the problem with our media is that they no longer simply want to report the news, they want to *make* the news. Those overpriced pieces of toilet paper put out by Murdoch are especially guilty of that.

  7. BTW, Tweed, take a look at the long-term trends in voting intentions, & you can see that your moronic mate Abbott’s time is fast running out. As his fear-mongering over the Carbon Price is exposed, along with all his other bald-faced lies, his ratings continue to slide, & he is slowly but surely dragging the Coalition down with him. The only question is-will they cut him loose & try & elevate a new leader from amongst the talentless bunch of losers on the Front Bench, or do they believe Abbott can somehow turn things around for them again?

  8. Hey whisperers, good to be back home in QLD after my week + in NSW.

    Migs, great article, as usual.

    Marcus, have made the same point, a number of times over the life of this government, about the MSM wanting to make the news rather than just report it.
    Maybe their fear of “Relevance Depravation Syndrome”, as a result of the NBN, has become a self fulfilling prophesy?


  9. Today Gillard labelled Abbott a ‘mouse’ for failing to raise his plans to tow back asylum seeker boats during a meeting with Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He has earned it. A lion when safe at home and a mouse abroad. The behaviour of a bully.

  10. Migs, have decided to go with Truth Seeker, but will put /Skeptical for a while.
    Not sure about the gravatar, will ponder on it for a day or two.


  11. The footage of Abbott getting up close and personal with the poor Indonesians was almost enough to make any sane person puke. The totally false ever sincere look he gets on his ugly dial as he employs his suck up tactics to try and win himself some brownie points is just pure tack. Such a big talking loser.

  12. Migs, thanks for your feedback, and of course you’re right. 😀

    I concur with your one word summation of The Abbott, succinct, explicit and accurate!

    Well done 😆 😆 😆


  13. Today Gillard labelled Abbott a ‘mouse’ for failing to raise his plans to tow back asylum seeker boats”

    You know it would really help if the name calling would stop. It is the PM’s office that is setting the tone for debates.

    She even tried to start a race riot for political purposes on Australia day.

  14. Mr. Abbott made on more than one occasion while in Indonesia, that it was the actions of the Labor government and the present PM that the boats resumed coming. He has also said that he, as PM would stop the boats. He also said that he would turn the boats back. The question I would ask Me. Abbott and Mr. Morrison, whether the Indonesians agree with Mr. Abbott that the PM is fully to blame with what is occurring.

    I would also like to ask the Opposition Leader why he believes if is OK to take his dislike and hatred of the PM onto the world stage.

    The PM was asked about her ongoing battle with Mr. Abbott on ABC24. The PM was asked if she liked the man.Not too sure of the whole discussion, but the PM replied that she wished the Opposition leader no ill will. The PM said that she spends very little time thinking about him. She added that she hoped he stayed Opposition Leader forever. There was great mirth from the audience

    One should also ask the Opposition Leader, if he believes it is OK that the PM has to deal with such questions, when on a important visit to one of the biggest country in our regions, negotiating on behalf of this nation.

    Also when is Mr.Abbott going to be asked,if it is not time he put the nation before his own obsessive drive to be PM.

    Let it be clear, it is the Oppsotition leader that has taken his dislike and undermining of the PM onto the world stage.

    There use to be a convention, that one while overseas did not discuss such matters.

    ABC24 summed it up, when they described Mr. Abbott’s visit to Indonesia was designed to present the PM is as bad a light as possible.

    One would love to know what the Indonesians feel about being used as a tool to get back at the PM.

    Does one trust that man that sinks to such low behavior.

  15. Neil it must have missed your notice. It is the Opposition Leader who began the name calling in Indonesia. What else do you call criticizing a PM while you and the PM is aboard.

    The whole aim of Mr. Abbotts exercise was to make the PM look as bad as possible.

    In the past, any Opposition Leader that did that would have been condemned.

    No Australian leader would have acted as Mr. Abbott has. They would have put the good of the nation above their own desires.

    To make things worse, he came across as a fake, which does not bode well if he was ever to become PM. I am sure world leaders do have long memories.

    How can one trust this man, who plays domestic political games on the worls stage, using world leaders.

  16. “She even tried to start a race riot for political purposes on Australia day.”

    Neil, another urban myth. All inquiries found those allegations not to be true. That includes the ACT police.

  17. Yes, Neil, The PM is setting the tone. Look at her behaviour in India. Smiles all around from those she meets.

    The PM is working hard on behalf of Australia. As she said, she has little time to worry about the Opposition leader.

    I also noticed yesterday, that Mr. Abbott has picked up another annoying habit from Mr.Howard. That is when shaking the hands of world leaders, they keep pumping, not letting go of the poor leader’s hands. One thing the PM does not do.

    The PM appears to be respected by all she is meeting in India.

  18. How else would you describe an Opposition leader-Neil-who talks tough on boat arrivals in Australia, yet fails to mention his tough policy with the Indonesian President, not once but twice. How else would you describe an Opposition leader too stupid to even bother finding out where the Indonesian president was prior to bagging out the PM for being in New York? As for your claims that the PM tried to start a riot on Australia Day-care to provide any evidence? It was Abbott’s dog whistling which helped get that protest (it was hardly a riot, as I’ve seen teenage parties more out of control) started. Another example of Abbott opening his fat gob without thinking-a dangerous trait for someone who wants to be Prime Minister.

  19. “It bewilders me that our mainstream media is taking such a vociferous and concerted stand against public and international opinion. The impact of the speech is lost on them. One could be forgiven for thinking they have an agenda. Regardless of how much they condemn the Prime Minister, the world isn’t listening”

    Now this really is denial…opinion pieces in The Guardian and Jezzebel along with a mishmash of reporting from overseas leftist tabloids, a touch of twitterati and a “viral” video clip in rapid decline does not in any way constitute public and international opinion. You may as well use Texe Marrs as an authoritative source of truth!

  20. Oh, & here comes another Right Wing Troll to tell us how “wrong” we are. You Rightists are quick to call things like the “Convoy of No Consequence” a “popular uprising (even when it consists of little more than 300 people), yet you are quick to deny that a video shared by *millions*, & talked about by the media & celebrities around the globe is significant in any way. Typical double standard I’ve come to expect from the ignorant Right Wing set. Now why don’t you P.O back to your troll hole, “Treeman”?

  21. That panel that brought up the subject in India, is not exactly Jezabel or like.

    Seemed to have a good handle on what is occurring. Began with the line, how do you feel after continuous abuse ion parliament over the last two years, or words to that effect.

    They appear to understand the climate the speech occurred in. Many in this country are doing their best to deny this fact.

    In fact, the PM was asked how one could like a man that did that to you.

    If the Opposition does not address the matter, they will find it will not go away. Too many women take it as a insult to women in general, not just the PM.

    We had Bruce Baird the other night trying to put less importance on the speech but had to admit that the women in his family are giving him hell and do not agree with him.

    Not I believe no one could say, Bruce Baird is a creature of the left.

    It is not about politics. It is about women still being put down and undermined in roles of power.

    Many women, from all sides of the political fence agree that enough is enough.

  22. Oh dear, I’ve long since given up listening to anything that Shanahan-chief Liberal Party propagandist-has to say about *anything*. First of all, what evidence has Shanahan got that Abbott mentioned his boat policy to *anyone*? Well, except for Shanahans own words of course. Yet even if Abbott had mentioned it to low level officials-so what? If he believes in “turn back the boats” so badly, then he needs to be discussing it with the Indonesian President & Foreign Minister-not some low level official.

  23. BTw, Treeman, way to miss the underlying premise of this piece, which is the diminishing role of traditional media in the reporting of events like this. A situation which gets the Murdochs of this world in a right tizzy.

  24. Marcus attempting to distract by another major Abbott failure on the international stage and a display of blatant hypocrisy by Morrison in attempting to defend Abbott.

    Whenever the Liberals and their blinkered ideological supporters are on display it’s a comedy hour of denials and hypocrisy.

    You can always tell when the gormless Abbott has screwed it up yet again because the wingnuts come out of the wood works in a concert of strawmen and look over there away from Abbott.

  25. Marcus

    I don’t see Murdoch in a tizzy…just got another term as I recall. Besides, the Oz media gave Gillard’s speech a pretty good airing but clearly the aroma did not find approval here.

    One could equally say that whenever Labor gets into strife the wingnuts of the left rise in chorus but whispering to themselves won’t get Gillard over the line. Something that you’ve all missed here is that her “wonderful speech” really isn’t viewed the way Miglo describes it above by all Australian people. Sure there are some who might applaud it and perhaps some more who agree that she said something worthwhile. IMHO the great majority of Australians saw it as a dummy spit and an opportunistic smear of Abbott. The strategy to smear the opposition is clearly not working for Labor and the Oz MSM have less to do with that than the perpetrators of the strategy. Time for a rethink on a certain Scottish spin artist?

    How interesting to read today: “THE Australian government solicitor threw 17 lawyers at its defence of sexual harassment claims brought by James Ashby against former speaker Peter Slipper. It also emerged that Julian Burnside QC was paid $4800 a day to represent the Commonwealth with the huge team devoted to defending the case partly explaining how the Commonwealth legal bill topped $700,000 in a case settled last month for just $50,000”

    I’ll bet you rather the daily telegraph didn’t cover this issue!

    And there’s a lot more which you won’t like, able to be read online in Australia courtesy of the Oz MSM that you love to hate because they just don’t smell right to you right now.

  26. How else would you describe an Opposition leader-Neil-who talks tough on boat arrivals in Australia, yet fails to mention his tough policy with the Indonesian President

    How do people know what is discussed in private?? Anyway the President knows Abbotts policies. And megaphone diplomacy is not the way to go. He is certainly handling Indonesia better than Gillard. They are still angry about how the live cattle trade was handled.

    Also lets hope Gillard is true to her word and calls out misogyny whenever she sees it.

  27. How convenient is this for Gillard and Labor?

    A FILE detailing Julia Gillard’s role in helping set up a union slush fund from which her former boyfriend stole hundreds of thousands of dollars has disappeared.
    Law firm Slater & Gordon yesterday said it could find no documents relating to the work done by Ms Gillard — a former salaried partner of the firm — in establishing the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association in 1992.
    Police believe the association was used by Ms Gillard’s former boyfriend and senior AWU official Bruce Wilson to steal more than $400,000, including about $100,000 which helped fund the purchase of a Fitzroy unit bought with Ms Gillard’s professional assistance.
    Slater & Gordon managing director Andrew Grech told The Age last night that the firm had not been able to locate any documents relating to the controversial transaction.
    ‘‘We have not been able to identify any such documents following extensive searches of our archival records,’’ Mr Grech said.
    ‘‘If there are such documents, we don’t have them. They could have been misplaced, or lost. I simply don’t know.’’


    Gee if I did not know better I would have to think that maybe someone is protecting a certain ranga’s arse by misplacing an embarrassing file in the office shredder….
    Oh the joys of Labor in power….
    Cheers Comrades

  28. Look foward to Ms Gillards return to Australia.
    Because wherever she is whatever she does , trouble and disaster follow.
    She seems jinxed but most self inflicted. ( Slipper,Thomson,HSU, Williamson
    and Slater and Gordon to mention a few )
    The Slater & Gordon questions just wont go away , until they are answered
    unequivocally the PM and Labor have serious problems.
    There is a real stench with this and maybe the truth will come during the
    Election Campaign.If I was the Coalition I would patiently wait till then.

  29. Have we become a right-wing blog?

    It has become more truthful and sensible. Cannot believe the comments about what Abbott should have said to the Indonesian President. Sounds like ALP supporters wanted Abbott to pick a fight and have it out with Bangbang.

    Anyway it looks like the topic of turning the boats around was mentioned. I don’t know much about Abbott but anybody who gets the leftoids riled up is good enough for me. Abbott is like Howard to leftists. He just has to adjust his tie and leftoids start screeching about how he has done his tie up the wrong way.

    Go Tony!!

  30. Neil of Sydney:
    She even tried to start a race riot for political purposes on Australia day.


    Factless Troll (paid liberal party stooge) cut and paste:

  31. Migs, good question!

    The sound of BLAH BLAH BLAH is nearly deafening, they must be worried. 👿 👿 👿 😯

  32. Reading the vapid comments from the trolls as they attempt to redefine reality, it occurred to me that there should exist a word to describe them collectively.(as in “flock” of sheep, “herd” of swine. etc.,)
    In this light, i suggest an accurate descriptor of massed trolls would be “a derangement”.
    so that, in reply to Migs’ question,
    “No, it’s just a derangement of trolls, engaged in a “swamping” exercise.”

  33. Cu, I’m not sure of what they were thinking, but I am sure that Abbott would have only been a passing thought.

  34. Gee, it is lucky for the PM, a letter she wrote, I believe saying the union was properly registered cannot be found after 20 years. Surely those whom she wrote to still has a copy. I am sure they have a copy of the one wrote to her. Not exactly world breaking letter. Just one supplying some information.

  35. Reading the vapid comments from the trolls as they attempt to redefine reality

    You know this is the first instinct of leftists. Second and third instinct also. Just abuse people who hold different beliefs. Gillard is the same. Can’t help herself. She even abuses Abbott from overseas.

    And the hypocrisy. Calling for more civil debate while abusing people at the same time.

  36. Cuppa, how dare you pick on Tony like that. I know it is just a recording of what he has said, but the trolls do not like it.

    I know we are all guilty of repeating what he said, but that it appears, not being fair to Mr. Abbott.

  37. Neil, the PM answered a question. The PM was also applauded for her answer. It one looks at the question, it appears they questioner was well aware of the whole environment that the speech was made in.

    Now when an Opposition leader visits a country with the sole purpose of undermining a PM, that is a little different.

    Wonder if the Indonesians believed that Labor and the PM were responsible for the number of boat people coming. It is an amazing statement to make while aboard. One generally does not trash your government while aboard. Especially not, when they are visiting a near neighbor on an important mission, developing trade between the two countries.

    There was no other purpose for the visit, unless it was to escape from the Australian media for a few days.

  38. Nice post Miglo, it is interesting that the Leaders screeching video went viral and Joolya has a feminista fan club in India.
    I wonder if they all know that the duopoly Leaders then voted together to cut womens pension payments.?
    Does anyone else smell hypocrisy.?

  39. Well the truth certainly doesn’t thrive in Abbott Voyager.

    How come you keep going on about truth but never pull up Abbott for his litany of lies?

    Very telling that you are nothing more than a hypocrite espousing double standards.

  40. So this is Neil’s new line of attack, accusing the left of doing what the right is.

    We have always known he was detached from reality but he’s now entered a whole new twilight zone.

  41. But somewhere some copies of ‘the truth’ will be found.

    Yep, Howard and Downer are dreading the day the stuff on Iraq and AWB comes out, makes anything any other pollie has ever done pale into insignificance.

    How many truck loads of shredding left parliament house when Howard was booted?

  42. And now for some light relief, based on that old tried and true refrain “in your guts you know he’s nuts”

    All trolls look away…. NOW!

    In your guts you know he’s nuts.

    In your guts… you know he’s nuts
    The Abbott’s more than a… political clutz
    His mouth springs open
    While his brain just shuts
    If the Abbott played golf he’d play
    No drive… bad putts

    It’s really sad.. the Abbott’s mad
    His economic creds.. are just plain bad
    On… foreign… policy
    He’s… a bit of a…. lad
    And his attitude to Women
    Is rough… just a tad

    He’s politically lazy.. but he’s also crazy
    His policy platform’s… kinda hazy
    His ears.. might be cauliflower
    But his brain’s… pure daisy
    And his temperament he struggles with
    Cos his anger’s… quite.. blazey

    Though lacking hearts.. his team.. play their parts
    With very few finishes …despite.. plenty of starts
    Avoiding talk on… policy
    Yet defending Abbotts.. brain farts
    While their lies.. spin and dishonesty
    Are rating…. off the charts

    Chrissy Pyne.. thinks he’s just.. fine
    But the mincing poodle’s… full of whine
    Bishops class… is just a farce
    As she’s always talking through her… arse
    Sloppy Joe Hockey… is always cocky
    Though to say the least.. his maths are rocky

    Barnaby…. lets his mouth.. run free
    But he can’t see the wood.. cos it’s hidden in the tree
    Turnbulls creds… are all in.. shreds
    As he’s aligned himself… with the farting heads
    And the whole front bench.. has an awful stench
    Like a rotting carcase beaten.. with a monkey wrench

    And it’s really sad… that they’re all quite mad
    Pushing ideas… that are old… and bad
    And they’re all quite lazy… and completely crazy
    With a policy platform…. that’s incredibly hazy
    And everyone with him… is a political clutz
    And in your guts.. you know they’re ALL.. bloody… nuts

    Cheers 😀 😎 😆

  43. Möbius, Downer had 11 wheely bins full of shredded documents. Just a quick Sunday morning job the day after the 2007 election.

  44. Court cases often do not go the way many expect. Looking at the evidence in both, I would not be betting my house on the outcome.

    There is a long, long way to go yet.

    Did I read somewhere that the Australian is backing Ashby financially.

    Yes, there have been many allegations and claims made. That is all they are so far. Did you take the time to read some of those emails and texts. They could mean anything.

    Would love to read Ashby, and believe before any weight is put on Slippers, Ashby’s need to be taken into consideration.

    Both could be guilty as charged, Both could be found not guilty. Both are only civil matters.

    If they are found not guilty, there are going to be many other heads roll.

  45. “then voted together to cut womens pension payments.?
    Does anyone else smell hypocrisy.?”

    To be fair, that was the policy under Howard. I was under the impression that it was already so.

    What is also true, that there has been much money and effort assisting these women back into the workplace.

    That will be what counts.

    As for poverty among many of these people, that is a problem, that I believe will not be solved by raising pensions.

    The cause is the lack of affordable housing, especially in NSW.

    It is time for governments to move back into the supplying welfare housing/

    Rental rebates and other subsidies just do ot work. All they do is push the cost up.

    The only way is to increase the housing stock. We need to go back and have a good look at the post war scheme, that over time was wrecked. It worked very well in the beginning. Many retiring over the last6 few years, with a little money, got their start then.

  46. Yep, Howard and Downer are dreading the day the stuff on Iraq and AWB comes out,”

    Still going on about the same talking points 5 years after the 2007. The biggest crime is that Labor in govt has done nothing about these alleged crimes. And that is the big surprise to me. Actually not to big a surprise because all your allegations are usually wrong.

    Why did not Rudd do something about the alleged AWB crime?? He was in Downers office. When in Opposition Rudd hounded Downer over AWB. Why has Rudd now in govt done nothing??

    Could it be that as usual there is nothing in your allegations??

    The thing I have never been able to understand about AWB is how Saddam got the wheat deal for Australia. If AWB did pay kickbacks to Iraq to get the wheat sales how then did Iraq arrange for us to get the business?? Food sales to Iraq were conducted under a UN resolution and Saddam would have then had to bribe someone in the UN to make sure Australia got the wheat business. Would he not??

  47. Trolls come to this site, with not ONE good word about the PM. They then make many unfounded and unproven allegations, along with allegations that have been found to be false.

    They then set out to lecture us about what we say about Mr. Abbott. Most I must say, we back up with evidence, most which come out of his mouth.

    PM just had a nasty fall in India but appears to be OK. Heel caught in the grass.

  48. Neil, whether they were involved or not, is immaterial. The problem is, if they were doing their job, should have known.

    They were responsible for supervising the process.

    It occurred because the Howard government was not on the ball., some would say, criminally neglectful.

    Never seen so many bad memories. Problem is, it was their job to know.

  49. Julia Gillard’s blistering parliamentary attack on Tony Abbott has gone viral in India, prompting a very direct question from a local: “Do you like the man?”

    Participating in a youth forum at the Australian High Commission in downtown New Delhi on Tuesday, Ms Gillard was asked about women in politics.

    Before long, discussion turned to the divisive speech Ms Gillard delivered amidst the Peter Slipper controversy last week, in which she savaged Mr Abbott for alleged sexism and misogyny.

    The event’s moderator, popular local journalist Karan Thapar, said he watched the speech after it went viral on social media and couldn’t take his eyes off the stunned and squirming Mr Abbott.

    “Do you like the man?” Thapar asked.

    Laughing, Ms Gillard responded: “That’s a very hard question.

    “Day to day I don’t spend much time thinking about the leader of the opposition.

    “I bear him no personal ill-will.

    “And I hope he is leader of the opposition for the rest of his life,” she said, prompting guffaws of laughter from the 40 Indian youngsters…..

  50. Migs, could be the subject of another post… who would play Abbott, Pyne, Bishop etc in “Abbott” the movie.

    Maybe Steve Correll in ‘The LNP are in complete K.A.O.S.

    CU, I always enjoy your posts and appreciate you feedback.

    Cheers 😀

  51. Good idea TS/S.

    But I’m off on holidays tomorrow morning so I won’t be able to do any posts for a couple of weeks. Maybe I could try putting one up via the iPad if I get access to WiFi.

    It’s worth a go.

  52. Or maybe I could do it later tonight after the last minute rush one goes through when packing the suitcase.

  53. in which she savaged Mr Abbott for alleged sexism and misogyny.”

    Yes, Abbott looked at his watch and she said he hates women because he looked at his watch.

    I was going to say that Gillard is insane. But she is just a shocking liar. Even Alan Jones comments were not misogynist. They may have been offensive. But Jones called Gillard a liar and her father would be ashamed of her. What is sexist about that??

    What a disgusting PM. Just an immoral and dishonest human being.

  54. I do not believe the PM said looking at the watch proved he was sexist. I suspect it was an indictatio0n he was finding that kitchen very hot, and wanted in to stop.

    In my opinion, if one likes dishing it out, they have to be prepared to get some in return.

    While you continue the PM, that is OK, but suggest you take the effort to listen to the one by Mr. Abbott, proceeding it. It could be an eye opener for you.

  55. ‘What a disgusting PM Howard was. Just an immoral and dishonest human being.’
    There, fixed it for you Neil.

    I’m sure your better than that…????????? 😀

  56. “But Jones called Gillard a liar and her father would be ashamed of her. What is sexist about that??”

    Neil, who said that was sexist. That is just plain cruel and not the truth. If you cannot see the difference, I feel there is little hope for you.

    No one has said all that has been aimed at the PM is sexist. Much of it is just nasty and untrue. Much goes further and is cruel.

  57. Migs, another great post. I do disagree that the impact of the speech has been lost on our msm. Far from it; that’s why they’re trying to throw as much shit as they can and willfully refusing to acknowledge that it is one of the great political speeches.

    Unrehearsed, unscripted, passionate and brilliant, spoken straight from the heart, articulating the unspoken, suppressed anger of women from all walks of life, sick of glib patronising disrespect and downright hostility.

    That’s what the msm and the barrackers really hate; because all the talentless hack they’ve hitched their star to is capable of delivering is jaded, pathetic 3 word slogans and chauvinism.

    Treeman, 2 million viewers and still being talked about as a landmark speech by a woman in power. Troll away. Your bridge awaits.

    CU, the ultimate put down was that the PM spends no time thinking about Liealot, when it is obvious that thoughts of the PM consume his very being. He seems to have lost weight and looks more gargoyle-like everyday.

    Neil, if it had been discussed at all, Liealot’s shills would have been trumpetting it all over the countryside. Gillard was asked the question by some gormless msm knob and she answered it. As usual, allergic to the truth.

    Iain, we only have to keep our tax records for 7 years, ffs! It was done and dusted nearly 18 years ago. Only the Vatican keeps old pieces of paper for a zillion years.

    preosaur1, a perfect descriptor.

  58. Neil, who said that was sexist

    Well then what is Gillard going on about?? What sexist comments?? The guy can’t even look at his watch without being called sexist

    It looks like her adviser (McTurd) has told all ALP cabinet ministers to keep saying this about Abbott because it will win votes.

    The more they talk about Abbott the more it shows he has got into their brains. They cannot answer a question without mentioning Abbott. Plibersek on Lateline included Abbott into almost every answer. The topic on Lateline was Peter Slipper and why did the ALP back him. After backing him he then resigned. What terrible judgement.

    What a dishonest political campaign.

  59. Neil, I do not believe you are that stupid. It appears you have not bothered to listen to the speech. Much is listed there.

    Plus there are the slag, slag bag, Harradine, nasty piece of goods, bitch and worse that comes across the table every question time fore the last two years. Yes, two years.

    That is just a short list. Do not forget the :should be dying of shame and the cross on your forehead.

  60. “It looks like her adviser (McTurd) has told all ALP cabinet ministers to keep saying this about Abbott because it will win votes.”

    Neil, if he did, it would be good advice. After all it is what Mr. Abbott has been saying, and kept up the next day at QT. That was when he had to withdraw the nasty piece of goods.

    The PM has put on notice that if she asked for anything to be withdrawn, she will be repeating the words. Suspect this will stop the practice. Up to now, we have no idea what has been said.

  61. Neil, we all know where to lay the blame with the low level political debate has sunk to in this country. Where is Mr. Abbott’s comments on what the PM is doing in India.

    The only comment I have heard from Mr. Abbott bout the PM today, that she needs to get away from the personal abuse and get back to being PM and governing.

    Pray, what is she doing in India at this time

  62. “No, it’s just a derangement of trolls, engaged in a “swamping” exercise.”

    Gold pterosaur 😆 😆

  63. Gold pterosaur, a new name for a group or herd of animals.

    Pride of Lions
    Murder of Crows.
    Rookery of Albatross
    Derangement of Trolls

  64. Migs, great work.

    Have a great holiday, and will look forward to your re-vigourated return.
    Stay safe.

    Cheers 😀

  65. Yep, Howard and Downer are dreading the day the stuff on Iraq and AWB comes out,”

    I see AWB has been mentioned again. I still cannot work out why the person when in Opposition (Rudd) was all over the Coalition about AWB but when in govt did nothing.

    It makes me think that Rudd was just making a noise about AWB for political purposes.

    One thing I would like to know is how did bribing Saddam mean that we got the business?? Lots of countries would have liked to sell wheat to Iraq. But Iraq was under sanctions and food could only be sold to Iraq through the UN Oil for Food program. Did Saddam have the power to make the UN say which country got the wheat business?? Does this mean Saddam bribed the UN to make sure Australia got the wheat contract??

  66. Looks like Labor MP’s have made sexist comments. Second quote shows Gillard has to. Perhaps she is just playing politics with here attacks against Abbott. Or perhaps she is just telling lies about Abbott

    THEY are as bad as Janet Albrechtsen, a skanky ho who will die in a ditch to defend the Liberal Party.
    Labor opposition leader Mark Latham, Hansard, November 14, 2002:

    WHILST I am always willing to deal with, accept and wear criticism, however flimsily based it is in logic, it is worth noting the criticisms that were made by the shadow minister, Julia Gillard. They surprised me a bit because I did not think that was her style. She used the phrase of the Democrats being “rented by the hour”. I am surprised that such a sleazy, sexist piece of abuse came from Ms Gillard. I have heard it from others – from the bovver boys of the ALP – and it does not surprise me when it comes from them, but it does surprise me when that cheap, sexist rubbish comes from her. It is the sort of thing that one might expect from perhaps Mr Latham, who seems quite comfortable calling people whores quite openly in the lower house, but I expect better from the shadow minister.
    Senator Andrew Bartlett, Hansard, March 5, 2003:

  67. Well, we find the likes in all parties and levels of society. Does not change anything. Have you noticed, he is no longer of the Labor family.

    What surprises me, that in the twenty first century, there are still so many.

    I expect all women, or at least those with any concept of self respect, will be following the lead of the PM, identifying and challenging the behavior wherever they encounter it.

    Yes, enough is enough, the line has been drawn in the sand.

    It is not going to go away.

    A cannot see how anyone can jump up and down with rage against what Mr. Slipper has been alleged to have done and condemn the PM for talking about against much worse. Yes worse,.

    If the PM was in any other work place she could take action. Why should being in politics be any different.

    Sexual harassment and abuse is the same, no matter where it occurs.

  68. She used the phrase of the Democrats being “rented by the hour”. I am surprised that such a sleazy, sexist piece of abuse came from Ms Gillard. I have heard it from others

    Where is the sexist abuse.

    Mr. Abbott ABC 24.
    Same script. The new word “Harder”

    At a steel mill.

    Does he believe if he says in often enough, it will be the truth.

    Deceit is now being used.

    We are, according to Abbott that the mid year statement is being rushed out.

    Just more whining.

    Those lines on his face are getting deeper.

  69. Purpose of price on carbon emission, is to make clean energy an financial option.

    Down the track, this will be the cheapest method of producing power.It is the change over that is expensive.

    As for that UN position. The countries that he reckons \we should be able to meet, have diplomatic corps double ours, ones are represented in many more countries. Something that we should be ashamed of. That is both the Labor and previous Liberal government.

    The PM is not acting as a victim. The PM is making a stand from a position of strength.

    The next campaign will be the most nastiest and personal attacks in living memory. Will it be any worse than the opposition attacks for the last two or more years.

    I expect Mr. Abbott to squeal like a pig, every time he is pulled up for his language. Many have said, it is so inr\grained in him, he cannot help it.

    I would like to add, he cannot even see where it is wrong.

    I have news for Mr. Abbott, we women can.

    If those who do not agree that there has been sexist behaviour and the PM should shut up and ignore it, are they willing to take the chance, that up to fifty percent of the population might just take offense at the next election.

    Mr. Abbott, himself is beginning to sound like a victim. AS poorly done by one at that.

  70. I see the right-wing commentry here are in communial share of lain’s anal speculum and are delving into their “inner-self” for enlightenment and lucidity!
    A pity they do not share such knowledge with their fellow travellers in the MSM. as THEY seem to be struggling in the “valley of death” for something relevant to say!
    Perhaps they could use said speculum and “shine a light into the darkness” of their own souls and become, like our trolls ; enlightened and chatty!
    But pray, tell us you rightos’…on this “turn-back-the-boats” issue…how long can Tony tread water?

  71. The train has left the station…the bulk of the MSM have missed it…left standing their looking like fools…mocking, ridiculing, playing crafty games to please their bosses…more and more people are seeing thru them.
    Finding alternative media.

    Top post Migs. Have a great hols.

  72. The next campaign will be the most nastiest and personal attacks in living memory. Will it be any worse than the opposition attacks for the last two or more years.
    agree…this lot are BAD losers…and they are backed by a media baron, Murdoch, who can’t stand being wrong…and is renowned for throwing everything but his undies at a political party if they aren’t willing to obey.

    And his sycophantic, politically biased knobheads will do anything he asks…he who must be obeyed.

    Even tho it’s leading them over a cliff.


  73. JC
    “I see the right-wing commentry here are in communial share of lain’s anal speculum and are delving into their “inner-self” for enlightenment and lucidity”

    Here’s a bit of inner self and lucidity for you on this thread ‘The shout heard around the world’

    “FORMER high-profile Labor MP Maxine McKew has accused Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s office and her backers of an “offensive and sexist” smear campaign against her following allegations that her upcoming book on the ALP had been ghost-written by Kevin Rudd.”

    Maxine is “also disturbed that confidential correspondence between myself and the PM’s office – in effect, a host of questions I put to the PM for comment back in August, in the same way I put detailed questions to other members of the government – had apparently been released,”

    Chickens coming home to roost and leave their calling card on a PM who resorted to the gender and victim cards. Leading her supporters over a cliff is Gillard!

  74. Nasking wrote “The next campaign will be the most nastiest and personal attacks in living memory.”

    Now here’s the thing:

    “If you get to senior positions, you have to be able to kill your opponents. It is not pretty, it’s not pleasant, but if those at the top can’t kill, then those at the bottom certainly cannot. High politics demands very low political skills, too.”

    Who said this? A filthy foreign import with a shady past named John Mc Ternan said this.

    This is the philosophy of Julia Gillard’s Director of Communications. This is the man who would see Australia cleaved in two for the sake of Julia Gillard remaining in Office. This is the man we taxpayers have to support. This is the man behind the current gender war of division.

    This is the man Gillard believes can save her by destroying Abbott. This is the author of the gutter politics of class, sex and hatred.

    Did Abbott in his uni days refer to married woman as “prostitutes”, did he propose full-term abortions in the “Year of the Lesbian” among a raft of other vile proposals? Nope, but AUS President Julia Gillard did.

    Did Abbott, and his girlfriend at the time, conspire to defraud his own Liberal Party of hundreds of thousands of dollars? Nope, but Gillard and her boyfriend did. Has Abbott accused Gillard of this? Why doesn’t he fight back?

    Abbott punched a wall… well, maybe. So why does he refuse to get down in Gillard’s gutter? He has loads of ammunition to degrade Gillard with.

    Well, unlike Gillard and McTernan, Abbott appears to have more respect for himself, his family, his party, the Australian people and the Parliament, including the position of Speaker.

    Gillard and McTernan are obviously prepared to “destroy the joint” to achieve their unpopular ends.

    As McTernan said, “…high politics demands very low political skills.”

    Expect a lot more of the same from the masters of gutter politics, the Labor Party!

  75. Gillard’s shout that was heard around the world probably assisted in the overwhelming support for Australia for the UN security council seat. The vote exceeded expectations with the win coming in the first round.

    Howard lost a similar vote in 1996 and refused to try ever again.

  76. “Expect a lot more of the same from the masters of gutter politics, the Labor Party!”

    …and here you see right wing projection at its finest. Yep Abbott, whose whole political history has been based on gutter politics, who was used by Howard because of his ability to evoke gutter politics (so could keep clean) and over the last two years has demonstrated time and again the lowest of gutter politics is the one above board, and it’s Labor whose the master of them and engaging in them?

  77. Mega George on the shout that is now a Megaphone

    What I think I missed the first time is how the reaction of the Opposition Leader adds to the tension and, in turn, validates what Gillard is saying. Every man would recognise the flicker of panic in Abbott’s eyes, when he switches from blokey guffaw to “hang on, she might have a point”. This is the son being told off by the mother, the partner being given the ultimatum.


    There was another look that crossed his face – exhaustion. He seemed to shrink as she approached her finale. Then, with a gesture that could never be scripted, she mocked him as he glanced at his watch. Abbott threw his hands up, the child protesting to the mother that he wasn’t guilty of that too. The theatre was the story; an irony given the self-serving critique that the press gallery has faced on social media. Wasn’t the problem of the 2010 campaign the reverse; that the press gallery ignored the context and focused on the trivia?

    It has been tha same ever since, focussing on the ‘theatre’. Unless of course Labor put forward ‘theatre’ that cuts through. Then it is all about the ‘context’.

  78. It seems Gillard’s shout has taken on new meaning and perhaps emboldened some of the more tacky elements of the Labor party…

    A LABOR MP has described the partner of a Coalition backbencher as resembling a “retired B-grade porn star” in an ugly slur which has reignited the misogyny row.

    Opposition Whip and former Legislative Council President Amanda Fazio pulled out her Blackberry at a parliamentary event on Thursday to post “deplorable” comments about the partner of Nationals MP for Tweed Geoff Provest on Facebook.

    “At the NSW Parliament Spring Ball. Excellent singers from Bankstown Talent Program. Geoff Provest has a date that looks like a retired B-grade porn star,” Ms Fazio posted to her 135 Facebook friends. Trish Marinozzi and two others “liked” the comment, with Kashif Amjad responding: “how do you know what a porn star looks like”. Ms Fazio replied: “I know due to my extensive research into the adult industry. When I show you the photo there will be no doubt”.

    Absolutely right CU, it’s all about theatre and particularly about two bit players who just can’t help themselves!

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