Tony Abbott flees Australia

Losing fights at home to a female Prime Minister has seen Tony Abbott flee the country to pick a few fights elsewhere. The international praise for Julia Gillard’s knock-out blow also gives the fleeing escapee the chance to step up to the international plate.

Typically, he follows in Julia Gillard’s footsteps of seeking an audience with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

And typically, he has been all hit and miss before he even meets with him.

Riding into Indonesia on a wave of brain farts must be leaving a few of the locals thinking the circus has come to town. What to think of a clown who has perfected the art of talking in riddles?

Namely, he has consistently claimed that relations between Indonesia and Australia have soured under the Labor government. They will certainly sour even further whilst he is adamant that he’ll turn boats around.

“Be under no misunderstanding, the next Australian government will stop the boats. We will stop the boats, but we will do it by working in the closest possible harmony with Indonesia”.

(I don’t think that’ll win him any friends. Not only have Indonesian officials voiced objections to Abbott’s plan – which he was already aware of before his visit – but how will they like to be shirt-fronted by a noisy little upstart who assumes his party will be leading the country in 2013? I can’t imagine much harmony once the hand-shakes are over).

But then perhaps by talking in more riddles he’ll smooth things over.

“I’m coming here to listen, to learn and to indicate to the Indonesian government that as far as I’m concerned, Indonesia and its government should always be treated with respect and should always be dealt with as a candid friend.”

Mr Abbott said he believed a Coalition government under him could achieve the levels of co-operation with the Indonesian government necessary to ensure to stop the boats.

I’m coming here to listen! Perhaps he can start by doing a bit of listening before he even gets there: they’re not interested in his verbal punches. I don’t even know why they bothered to give him an audience. Maybe they want the laughs. Maybe because he’s Australia’s political answer to a circus clown.

Is it just me, or does anybody else see Tony Abbott coming home with his tail between his legs . . . only to be punched down again by Julia Gillard?

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  1. So Mr.Abbott believes it is OK for an Opposition leader to visit our biggest and nearest neighbour to spend the time discussing with it’s leader, how bad our present PM is.

    Where has the convention gone, that MP’s did not trash the nation when overseas.

    This especially when there are trade discussions going on between the two countries.

    Of course the MSM will give him a tick for this.

    Mr. Abbott should attack the people who allowed the cruelty to those animals to continue.

    The people the beef growers paid to supervise and prevent the cruelty to happen.

    The government at the time had no alternative to call a halt until the matter was addressed.

    It was for a very short duration and things are now back to normal.

    Mr. Abbott one does not have to crawl to other countries. One can at times stick to principals. The first is to respect your PM while aboard. Scoring political points all the time is unnecessary, sometimes, as now, it is wrong. .

  2. Miglo, I would not be surprised if the PM directed the FM to do everything in his power to get the audience for Mr. Abbott.

    If I was in her place, I would want Mr. Abbott to be in the position, to tell the leader, he intends to turn them boats back, no matter what the Indonesians want.

    To stir up the halting of the cattle because of cruelty, is only stirring up trouble. No other explanation can be made.

    This man should never be let out without a minder.

  3. We’re not quite sure why, but it’s no longer OK to talk about the PM knifing Kevin Rudd

    BARRIE Cassidy gets squeamish and rewrites his history of the night of the long knives.

    Squeamish about knives. ABC1’s Insiders yesterday:

    MICHAEL Stutchbury: If you go back to Julia Gillard’s search for legitimacy, after they knifed Kevin Rudd, she knifes Rudd, they go to an election.

    Barrie Cassidy: Well, hang on, hang on, you use that language, but in fact they sacked him. He was their leader and they sacked him.

    Stutchbury: Well, whatever, whatever, whatever, Rudd goes.

    Barrie Cassidy, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 16, 2010:

    AMBUSH on night of long knives. Barrie Cassidy chronicles the rolling of a Prime Minister.

    The mood in Ripoll’s office was upbeat, with most MPs convinced that Gillard could change the policies that had dragged down Rudd. Ripoll told them: “Julia has much better numbers than Kevin.” The MPs also felt that in a few months “the night of the long knives” would be forgotten. As one of them said” “Julia will be PM and it will seem that it was always so. The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on.”

    The reason is that Mr. Rudd was not knifed, he was sacked, as Mr. Cassidy pointed out. Nothing to do with sexism.

    It is not about political correctness. Mr. Cassidy has obvious rethought what he said, and the caravan has moved on.

    It is now over two years and an election since that was written by Cassidy. He has come to realise the stupidy of his word

    PM are removed because they lose the support of the caucus that put them in the position in the first place.

    Oh, how so many have their knickers in a knot this morning, over at the oz and other right wing sites.

  4. Mean while our PM does what good PMs do.

    Gillard in surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan

    BY: SID MAHER From: The Australian October 15, 2012 6:24AM

    JULIA Gillard has made a surprise visit to Australian troops in the province of Oruzgan in Afghanistan linking their mission to the fight against terrorism sparked by the deaths of more than 100 Australians killed since the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States.

    In a snap day-long trip to Afghanistan, which began with a meeting with president Hamid Karzai and ended with a barbecue with the Australian troops at their base in Tarin Kowt, the Prime Minister praised Australia’s soldiers for sticking to their mission despite the August attack by an Afghan insider that killed three Aussie diggers….

    From here , the PM is on to three days in important discussions in India.

    What does Tony mean when he says this government does not give enough attention to the region.

    Maybe if Tony took some time, to do some reading and listening to what this government has done and is doing, he might get a pleasant surprise.

    I suppose a few facts and reality are not to his liking, if they are positive.

  5. It must never be forgotten that it was Kevin Rudd who caused the almighty mess with illegal immigration when he removed the disincentives for them. The People Smugglers and the UNHCR are now in joint control of Australia’s immigration policies.

  6. Here is the standard of “diplomacy” to be a word, arrogance.

    Indonesia slams Bishop over asylum policy ‘arrogance’

    Mr Thohari says the Coalition’s policy to send asylum seeker boats back where possible is unfair on Indonesia.

    He says he told Ms Bishop that Australian policy on asylum seekers should be more humane and he has accused her of being arrogant in explaining the Coalition’s position.

    “In my opinion, that view is a view that is solely focused on Australia’s perspective, without considering Indonesia at all as the country that experiences the negative impacts of the illegal immigrant issue,” he said.

  7. Crap Jarl.

    For starters it was the opposition running around shouting as loudly as possible that the gates were open and all were welcome here, a message the people smugglers passed onto their customers. That fact has been canvassed.

    It will only take a Labor opposition to run around saying the same no matter what policy the Liberals have in place for the same outcome.

    The boats are still coming even with Nauru and Manus and they would have come if Howard had won in 2007. The numbers were increasing world wide and they were ramping up here.

    As Min rightly states the outcome of two court cases mean the Coalition can no longer undertake their policy as it was.

    Let’s put some perspective here.

    Greece is a basket case of an economy with very high unemployment yet takes ten times more asylum seekers than we do.

  8. Oooooh Noooooo the cries of Hockey can be heard by Abbott as he hides o/s.

    “A RECOVERY in the iron ore price and signs that China’s economy may be stabilising are giving the Gillard government some respite as it brings together its midyear budget update.
    Europe’s industrial production rose in July and August, while the US housing market has been lifted by rising demand for mortgages.
    China reported an improvement in trade over the weekend, including the biggest imports of iron ore in 20 months.
    Both exports and imports grew, suggesting world trade and China’s domestic demand have stabilised.
    Australia’s single-most important commodity export, iron ore, had its best week in a month, rising 11 per cent to $US118 a tonne. At its low point in August, it was $US87 a tonne. Although analysts expect the market to remain volatile, the free-fall of a month ago, which would have undermined Australia’s budget calculations, has turned around”

  9. Being a fellow pugalist, perhaps Mr. Abbott would meet with a fellow slugger ; Mike Tyson and quietly but firmly explain to Mike that he really shouldn’t be supporting JG. against himself : Tony…and if he(Mike) pushes the issue further when he comes to do his show in sydney, he(Tones) will “fix his little red waggon”!

  10. It must never be forgotten that it was Kevin Rudd who caused the almighty mess with illegal immigration when he removed the disincentives for them.”

    So true. We only had something like 7 asylum seekers in detention when Howard lost the election and I am guessing they were in detention because ASIO would not give them a security clearance.

    However we still took 14,000 asylum seekers but we chose which we would take.

    Labor has handed over to a criminal organisation which asylum seekers come to Australia. It is looking like our 14K places will now be taken by boat people. People who have no money to pay a people smuggler cannot get a place. This means no more Sudanese refugees or from other far away places. Refugees have to get to Indonesia to have a chance to get one of our 14K places.

    The only thing wrong with Howards Pacific solution was that we should take more than 14K asylum seekers.

  11. So true So wrong. John Howard sent relations with Indonesia back decades – especially via his choice of demonising genuine asylum seekers and placing the blame in a good portion onto Indonesia.

    Kevin Rudd whilst Prime Minister and later as Foreign Minister worked with the Indonesians to establish far closer cooperation with Indonesian authorities, who continue to work with our Federal Police in trying to stop people smuggling at it source. No, not the impoverished Indonesian fishermen but the Big Bosses.

    Kevin Rudd was also able to gain cooperation with Indonesia in allowing 2 of our patrol boats into Indonesian waters.

    And after all this work, what stomps big mouth Abbott egotistically proclaiming that he’ll turn the boats back. Indonesia has of course expressed their growing concern about this intention and has made it very clear that any such action by an Abbott government will be treated with concern (diplomatically speaking).

  12. who continue to work with our Federal Police in trying to stop people smuggling at it source”

    Well that is really working well

    Kevin Rudd was also able to gain cooperation with Indonesia in allowing 2 of our patrol boats into Indonesian waters.”

    Typical Labor policy. Result= total failure.

    Was it not the Indonesian President who told the Labor govt to take the sugar off the table?? Labors stupid and dangerous policies are costing us $1B/year more than when Howard was in power.

    It also reaffirms my belief that Labor supporters have no morals. What is right or wrong depends on who is in power. If Howard had 6,000 boat people locked up, some for years at a time there would be marching in the streets and people chaining themselves to detention centers. However we have silence from the usual suspects.

    The only thing Labor is good at is building more detention centers.

  13. Jarl, I need to remind you that Mr. Rudd carried out an election promise.

    Action that was support by a majority of people. There is no evidence that the boats would not have resume coming even if Howard remained in power. It is a fact that the Howard would have been changed under Howard because much of the Pacific Solution was found illegal.

    The question I posed to you is why did Howard set out to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Christmas Island if he believed the problem was solved.

    What is different under this governments stricter in many ways answer, is even though the UNHCR has many questions, re it;s legality, the reports also include that there are no evidence that the asylum seekers are been treated in an inhuman manner. The opposite is true. This was not so under the Howard regime.

    You are comparing apple with oranges, It is five years since that government has come into power. What makes you believe what worked then, will work now.

    Those seeking asylums are capable and do find ways around any barrier put in their path. In fact to survive they have too.

    Jarl, I do not believe there are a majority, in spite of the number of boats want to go back to the Howard solutions.

    In fact many do not like the present arrangements, but see it as necessarily evil. To get the system to work, and more important, less harmful to the asylum seekers, all the package has to be put in place.

    It is time for Mr. Abbott to act as a responsible Opposition leader, practice some bipartisanship and assist the government in putting in place the Malaysia part of the package and spreading that to other countries in the region, such as Indonesia.

    Mr. Abbott could make a big man of himself if he bought that up today in Indonesia, instead of his cry,of turn back the boats.

    It is not unknown for Opposition leaders to act in a bipartisan manner, putting the nation before their own desires.

    The truth is that Mr. Abbott is not interested in doing what is good for these people, or that of this nation.

    Mr. Abbott is only interested in destroying anything the PM does, so he can grab power.

  14. ME, do not those that invade Greece come by boats.

    With the other problems in the middle east over the last year or so, it is amazing the numbers are not greater.

  15. practice some bipartisanship and assist the government in putting in place the Malaysia part of the package

    Oh that is really great. Lets send refugees to Malaysia where they can be canned and flogged.

    What an immoral policy is the Malaysia idea.

  16. Sue, is not what is in your article, as Swan predicted.

    Yes, there has been a slupm in ore prices. The truth is that the prices, in spite of the slump, are still high. It is not boom and bust, as in the past.

  17. Just looking at a rerun of the news and the PM in Afghan.

    She comes across as very business like. Those men around her did appear to be taking her seriously.

    The PM appeared to be very confidence and on top of it all.

    Unlike the fumbling impression that Abbott is giving in Indonesia. With Abbott it is all about him, what he is going to do. About how bad the PM is. How much better Howard did it. About what he did as Health Minister. All in the past. Nothing about today or the future.

    About what Howard did actually.

  18. CORY Bernardi, the Liberal senator forced to quit the Coalition frontbench for suggesting gay marriage could lead to the legalisation of bestiality, received a pay rise of more than $5000 this week.

    If, as some observers speculated last month, Senator Bernardi was sacrificed for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to make a point about party discipline, this week’s boost will be some compensation to the disgraced South Australian.

    In a little-noticed move, Senator Bernardi was appointed as a temporary Chairman of Committees, a role with a 3 per cent salary loading, worth about $5700 a year.

  19. Neil, you are incorrect but is that anything new. The UNHCR have supported the scheme. It is more humane than leaving them on islands in the middle of the oceans.

    The idea is to stop them getting on boats. What is different in Mr. Abbott’s desire to turn the boats back to the same countries, with no protections in place for the people.

    The proposed scheme has led to the Malaysians actually treating the people within their borders better.

    Neil, do you think it is OK saying that the halt in the live trade cattle incident, running the PM down by saying it was low point in the relationship between the countries,

    The only ones I have heard it called a low point, is Mr. Abbott and his team.

    I have not heard any one from Indonesia put it that way. I believe in the scheme of things, that incident was only a small thing in the relationship.

    Mr. Abbott is up to his tricks of over exaggerating and over blowing the problem. Mr. Abbott cannot deal with anything, without lies and exaggerations.

    That is what got him into trouble with his speech against the PM and Slipper.

    Tried to make out it was much worse than it was.

  20. Maybe Neil and Jarl are correct. Those on the left have no right for their desires and wants to be taken into account. It is only the right that has this right.

    After all they are born to rule.

  21. @ Neil from Sydney. Changes in push factors had a far bigger impact on boat arrivals than changes in Australian Government policy over the period of 2001-2006. For almost a full year after the Pacific Solution came in, boat loads of asylum seekers still risked the perilous voyage to Australia. Then, from 2002-2006, we had the brief stabilisation of Afghanistan & the Invasion of Iraq-both of which led to a noticeable reduction in global asylum seeker movements. From the beginning of 2007, numbers of boat arrivals were starting to rise-& People Smugglers had changed from larger, slower moving boats to smaller, faster moving boats-boats which could more easily evade interception. Throw in the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan/Pakistan & the intensification of the Civil War in Sri Lanka, & you can see that numbers would have risen regardless of what government was in office at the time. The only solution sure to work in the mid to long term is one which seeks to process & relocate asylum seekers, quickly, *before* they leave their launching off points & to assist the launching off Countries to provide better living conditions for Asylum Seekers. Anything else is really just playing to the local Redneck crowd!

  22. The PM definitely has a bounce in her step. Does not look contrived at all. Different to the body language we are witnessing of Abbott.
    a emergency

    Abbott reminds one of the kid in the playground caught out doing something wrong.

    Well they say if the things sent to try us do not kill us, they make us stronger.

    All PMs seem to need a tragedy or disaster to weld them into power. Mr. Howard had Port Arthur and later the Twin Towers.

    This PM has Mr. Abbott and his abuse. Problem is that it is a slow burn, taking time for the public to realise the full extent of it.

  23. Neil, you might have missed the fact, the sugar has been taken off the table. In fact much more has been done, but as usual, you will choose to ignore that, and keep talking about the past.

    Neil, nothing in the world of politics, economy or society is black and white.

    More so, nothing is constant. It changes all the time.

    One deals with what exists today, not a decade ago.

    All we have from Mr. Abbott, is turn back the boats.

  24. By the way, there have been five hundred people arriving on six boats off Christmas and Cocos Island.

    What is now evidence it is time to put the rest of the plan into operation.

    It is time for Abbott comes to the party. It is essential he does, that is if he is fair dinkum.

  25. Changes in push factors had a far bigger impact on boat arrivals than changes in Australian Government policy

    I was under the impression that there were 20 million refugees around the world. I do not think it matters if so-called push factors increase these numbers.

    The fact is the people smugglers know about Australian immigration policies. It was Kevin Rudd who caused all this (and the people who voted for him).

    And it reaffirms what I have always believed about “the Left.” You have no ethics or morals. Everything you do and say is for political purposes.

    You can say whatever you want but if Howard was in power with 6,000 boat people locked up, hundreds of children locked up and acts of self harm going on all the time there would be marching in the streets. Howard would be called inhumane and people would be chaining themselves to detention center fences.

    But we have silence from the usual suspects.

  26. Neil, there are many. Not all will be in camps for years.

    Many of those will return home, once situations change in their own country,.

    There were millions after the second world war. That problem worked itself out.

    As it has been said, the situation changes day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year. As I said the problem is not black and white.

    What we should take responsibility for those who arrive in this region.

    What is true, many of those from Afghan now, including would you believe Christians, do not have a safe place in the new Afghan.

    It is unlikely they will in the future.

    Neil, one has to deal with the problems we are faced with. We cannot turn our backs on people, because you say, we cannot help them all.

    In fact we can help them all. What we cannot do, is take them all.

    Australia is lucky, as taking in refugees over the decades is what has made this country great. That cannot be denied. Yes, there are always teething problems, but they are always overcome and quickly forgotten.

    This not just a Labor problem. It is a problem of the whole government.

    Yes, Oppositions also have a role to play, and have responsibility for solutions being found. It is not their role to sabotage all that is done. Yes, object, criticise and even condemn. Sabotage, no.

    Neil, talking about history does not solve the problems.

  27. Neil, it is really not about morals or ethics. It is about what is achievable and what is possible,.

    It is not moral or ethical for Abbott to continue with his agenda of sabotage everything this government has done.

  28. Watched footage on ABC24 of Abbott and John Howard together. Are they together at the moment or has Howard returned back to Oz. If they are together in Indonesia, the question needs to be asked as to why Abbott needs his ‘godfather’ with him to shore him up.
    Am I just imagining this. Hope someone can shed some light on it because to me this a very very bad look for an alternative PM.

  29. Actually, Neil, you’ll find most of us “on the Left” object to both of the Major Parties’ approaches to asylum seekers. You can pretend otherwise if you like, but all the evidence shows that “pull factors” had virtually no role in determining how many boats came to Australia (plane arrivals throughout the period of 2001-2007 remained extremely high, not that you’d know it from the under-reporting of it in the MSM, not to mention the roughly 60,000 Visa Overstayers-the true ILLEGALS).

  30. Cu and,

    It is not moral or ethical for Abbott to continue with his agenda of sabotage everything this government has done.

    Hence the reason that Abbott’s opposition will take it’s place in history as the worst, most ineffectual..having achieved nothing. Power and attention seeking devices (aka getting one’s name in the newspaper) is achieving nothing because as the old saying goes, yesterday’s news is nothing more than today’s fish and chip wrapper.

  31. The solution is that Indonesia firstly decide to take the issue of people smuggling seriously (historically and culturally they do not). It is only via diplomatic methods that this can be achieved not via Abbott’s unrealistic and unachievable goal of somehow being able to turn boats around.

  32. Sandra’ without Howard it is a very bad look.

    The minister he has with him. is one of Howard’s I believe.

    What he is doing and saying is also a bad look. One does not rubbished your country overseas. Does Abbott really believe he can hoodwink the Indonesian with his talk of how good they are, and they need to be given credit. I suspect not. Never knew any idiots from the east.

    His line of saying the PM has a toxic relationship just does bear scrutiny.

    The PM appears to have a good and close working relationship with the Indonesia on all levels.

    I hope that the Indonesian leader points this out to Mr. Abbott today. Mr. Abbott’s comments are just as insulting to the Indonesian leader aqs they are to our PM.

    Once again Abbott is using lies and exaggerations to get his point across. The point by the way, is I should be PM. She robbed me.

  33. Actually, Neil, you’ll find most of us “on the Left” object to both of the Major Parties’ approaches to asylum seekers.”

    Maybe so, but you would be marching in the streets if it was Howard with 6,000 boat people locked up

    but all the evidence shows that “pull factors” had virtually no role in determining how many boats came to Australia

    The Indonesian President has told Australia to take the sugar off the table.

    plane arrivals throughout the period of 2001-2007 remained extremely high, not that you’d know it from the under-reporting of it in the MSM

    This plane arrival topic really annoys me. I find it hard to believe that people fleeing persecution come by plane otherwise why don’t the boat people come by plane?? It would cost less than $10,000.

    I have friends who tell me most of these so-called asylum seekers who arrive by plane are students on student visas here to get an education. Before their student visa expires they apply for asylum saying it is dangerous for them to go home. Which is usually a lie. It is just a life style choice.

  34. “This plane arrival topic really annoys me.” It can “annoy” you all you like-but doesn’t change the official numbers. Three times as many people seek asylum in Australia after arriving by plane, than the numbers who arrive by boat-yet they’re about 50% less likely to be genuine refugees.

  35. Apparently the Indonesian Armed Forces aren’t properly funded by the Government and supplement their income by “host of legal and illegal practices that include legitimate involvement in state-owned and private businesses, as well as a range of activities in the ‘black economy.'”
    (source =

    I wonder if these “business activities” include people smuggling – so not just the few “rogue elements” recently discovered in the military, but widespread corruption designed to make money.

    Perhaps Tony Abbott could raise this matter with the Indonesian President?

    BTW, the people smugglers are now using GPS, so they can easily sail to Christmas and Cocos Islands, unlike the boats ten years ago (which tried to sail towards Australia, knowing it was difficult to miss). They also equip the boats with a satellite phone programmed with Australian Search and Rescue, so they can all the Navy to their assistance. How would Howard have dealt with this? We don’t know, because the tactics used by people smugglers have moved on – and so the strategy to disrupt people smugglers needs to change too. Saying “It worked once, it will work again” wilfully ignores that times have changed.

  36. “The Indonesian President has told Australia to take the sugar off the table.”

    Oh dear, what bloody sugar? These people risk potential drowning at sea, then potential mental scarring due to long-term detention…..yet we’re meant to believe that’s “sugar”?

    “Maybe so, but you would be marching in the streets if it was Howard with 6,000 boat people locked up”

    Actually, just because you don’t hear about them in the MSM, doesn’t mean there haven’t been any street marches-though most of the protests during the Howard Era were related to specific centers-like Woomera. Still, typical that a Right Winger like yourself chooses to rewrite history for your own benefit. Also, a large number of “protests” have now moved to the realms of social media & online petitions.

  37. Maybe Neil, you could be correct. Howard was locking up and deporting people who were Australians.

    He kept people in isolation, and hidden from the public, even overseas agencies I believe. Mr. Howard denied them access to the legal system.

    There were many identified cruelties under Howard. People being the fools they are, just reckoned this was not on. They did not like boats, with children
    on board having to sink before the navy could intervene.

    Today’s system is not the Pacific one reborn.

    It is not a system that few like. It is the system that the political climate at this time has allowed.

    I am sure if Mr. Abbott got together with the PM, in a genuine effort to find a better one, it could occur.

  38. It can “annoy” you all you like-but doesn’t change the official numbers.

    It annoys me because I believe it is deliberate tactic to divert the issue and confuse people. I first thought that these plane people were fleeing for their lives. However a large number of them come here as students on student visas and apply for asylum after they arrive because they do not want to go home. The only thing they are fleeing is a lower standard of living back home.

    Oh dear, what bloody sugar?

    Well you will have to ask the Indonesian President because that is what he said.

  39. Why would one set out to confuse people.

    We are just repeating facts.

    What one makes of them, is their own business.

    Neil, not many follow the same process as the Opposition leader.

    That Modus Operandi belongs to Mr. Abbott, I am afraid.

  40. MWS, all things evolve as better ways of doing things are continually found.

    You need to make exceptions for Tony Abbott. His mind hasn’t evolved.

  41. No matter how poorly Abbott performs in Indonesia his visit will be hailed by our media as one of the greatest diplomatic excursions ever taken by an Australian political leader.

  42. The only “illegal” immigrants in Australia are those that overstay their Visas. So we have 14000 refugees (who like others have a presumption on innocence – therefore until proven otherwise they genuinely have a fear of returning to their point of origin). The number is so small in world terms, it’s the pimple on the backside of the issue globally. Europe has millions crossing borders daily – Canada gets double our numbers and gets them out of prision camps in 3 days on average. WTF is our problem here?

    The real shame here is that clowns like those above and in the media claiming some measure or other will “stop the boats” are given the oxygen to prove their xenophobia. The other problem is that the ALP think there is enough votes in the boats (sorry 😀 ) to listen to the xenophobes.

  43. Forgot to ask – so why is Indonesia playing the game of even talking to Abbott? The guy is an idiot – and the Indonesians are probably well aware of the fact. At the end of the day – he’s nothing at the moment and has an increasingly small chance of being something late in 2013.

  44. At least someone noticed

    Mr Clare said some of the finer details of Mr Abbott’s policy appeared to have changed since he arrived in Indonesia on Saturday.

    “He says in Australia that the core element of his policy is turning back the boats, but then he goes to Indonesia and says he’ll only do things that are in harmony with Indonesia,” Mr Clare told reporters in Sydney.

    “He says he’ll work together with Indonesia before he ever announces a policy, but back in Australia he announces he’ll turn back the boats without consulting Indonesia at all.

    “He’s now saying he’ll increase aid to Indonesia but after the Queensland floods he said he’d cut (it).

    “So there are two Tony Abbotts. Which one can you believe?”

  45. Why would one set out to confuse people.

    Beats me but this appears to be a tactic of the left. I was talking about asylum seekers with someone and he told me it was unfair that asylum seekers who fly in and not detained whereas asylum seekers who come by boat are put in detention. Seemed unfair to me to as well.

    However, are the alleged asylum seekers who fly in fleeing death?? I have not seen any figures but it looks like most of the alleged asylum seekers who fly in come in on student visas. You need a visa to get into Australia and they like it so much here they try and get permanent residency and if that fails they apply for asylum.

    The only thing they are fleeing is an unpleasant life back home.

    However boat people are more likely to be genuine asylum seekers than plane arrivals for the reason stated above, however it is a shame that they can purchase a place in Australia while Sudanese refugees would not have the money to.

  46. From Tom R’s pic..John Wayne like…
    ” So what do yo’all wanna be when you grow up? People smugglers eh?….Well not on my watch, cowboys”.

  47. That unpleasant life includes the danger of being killed or starved to death.

    An example of (alleged) asylum seekers who fly in are Chinese students who fly here and pay a lot of money to get a University degree. They like it here so much they try and get permanent residency and if that fails they apply for asylum saying it is dangerous to go home because China is a communist country.

    I would like to see figures for people who fly here fleeing persecution. Asylum seekers who fly in are less likely to get refugee status since most of them are lying about their life if they return home. Lifestyle choice is not a reason for asylum hence the large rejection rate for flyins compared to boat people who are more likely to be refugees.

  48. Neil, you might like to know, they did not claim to be refugees.

    What we see he is the result of the chaotic scheme set up by Mr. Howard. A scheme that led to many coming here, to study in bogus education. It also led to many of the students being ripped off. Did not get the education they paid for.

    These students are not the people that have been mention coming here illegally to claim asylum.

    They are seeking to be allowed to stay under other schemes.

    Yes, Mr. Howard did make many stuff ups.

  49. I think I just heard that at a luncheon speech in Indonesia, Abbott has said aid should be tied to co-operation on people smugglers.

    I hope i heard wrong, otherwise rather than listen, as Abbott declared, he has given another lecture. (and Australia’s foreign policy of the last 20 years).

  50. I have not heard of many coming from Communist China claiming to be refugees. Could be wrong on that. Neil, I would love to follow that up. Maybe a link.

    I was under the impression that many that escape in the past, are now making there way home because of the rising living standard in China. I do not know how I could be so wrong.,

  51. sue, I suspect you heard correctly. Did you see pictures of the dinner. Not a lavish affair at all. Appeared like something put together at late noticed in some back office.

    A few business men, sitting around makeshift table. Notice Credlin had pride of place. At least I believe it was her.

    So he is not going to lecture them, he is going to bribe them, or is blackmail the word.

  52. Sue, how about Scott Morrison as Minister for Foreign Affairs? He could do for our relationships with foreigners as he did for cultural harmony in Cronulla a few years ago.

  53. I have not heard of many coming from Communist China claiming to be refugees. Could be wrong on that. Neil, I would love to follow that up. Maybe a link.”

    Well I did a google search and found this

    Most Chinese asylum seekers enter Australia on valid student or tourist visas and then apply for refugee status.

    Patricia Cruise worked as an immigration officer reviewing such claims for eight years. She says the process is being routinely cheated by applicants from China.

    Only about 20% of asylum seekers who fly-in are found to be refugees. Most boat people are refugees however.

    People who mention plane arrivals (Like Marcus did) are trying to confuse the issue by diverting the topic. The left are the masters of diversion.

  54. Indonesia is worth $16B a year to the Australian economy. Let’s throw all that away so Abbott can get his wish with people smugglers.

    Is the man stupid? Does he not remember why Howard gave $1B in aid to Indonesia after the Boxing Day Tsunami? Howard wanted to protect that $16B.

    Abbott wants to unwittingly destroy it.

    I repeat, is the man stupid?

  55. At the end of the quote. Still supports the argument put forwarded, that those who come by planes are the illegal ones. Come on visas they intend to use for something else.

    Most are sent back. So please tell me what the problems are.

    Australian immigration officials have not responded to the allegations but said in a statement that each refugee case “was assessed on its merits.”

  56. Migs – to answer your question – YES.

    Again for the slow ones – the only “Illegal immigrants” in this country are the ones that fly in and overstay their visa. It has nothing to do with foreign students.

  57. Again for the slow ones – the only “Illegal immigrants” in this country are the ones that fly in and overstay their visa.

    Agreed (sort of).

    I only mentioned plane arrivals because Marcus said this “plane arrivals throughout the period of 2001-2007 remained extremely high, not that you’d know it from the under-reporting of it in the MSM

    I have noticed that anyone who mentions asylum seekers (allegedly) who arrive by plane are trying to confuse the issue. If they are fleeing trouble do they apply for asylum when they arrive?? I doubt it. They appear to be mainly students who do not want to go home.

    The year is 2007 and Neil is still there

    Ah yes, the year when we had no Federal govt debt. One thing that ALP politicians like to brag about is our low debt compared to the rest of the world Too bad they had nothing to do with it. Actually what should be compared is our total State and Federal debt combined. Since Labor was involved in most states until recently it must be huge.

  58. Rab – he did prove your point. Those that fly in and overstay visas I would suggest all come by plane. It’s a bit hard to fly in on a boat (regardless of it’s seaworthiness) These people were generally treated with much more humanity than those that arrived here on boats seeking asylum during the Howard administration – despite actually breaking the law unlike those who do arrive here by any means seeking asylum .

    As for the visitor’s rant on economics – it’s crap. Australia’s economy was the only developed economy to avoid recession during the GFC, is one of the few with a AAA rating from three ratings agencies and the country’s debt level is considerably under 20% of GDP – and most of that doesn’t belong to the Government.

  59. Sounds like our asshole Romney going to meet with foreign leaders only to embarrass himself and the rest of the anti-diplomacy war-mongering Republicans. Can’t we keep these morons on a leash?

  60. After hearing at about 6pm the comment by Abbott that “aid should be linked to people smuggler co-operation”, there has been nothing. Not even any report on Abbott’s meeting with SBY.
    Has anyone seen any reports?
    Very strange

  61. These people were generally treated with much more humanity than those that arrived here on boats seeking asylum during the Howard administration

    Is the Gillard govt treating visa overstayers any different to what the Howard govt did?? I think it is nearly impossible to find a visa overstayer. You people find it easy to judge Howard but forgive Gillard if she does exactly the same thing. And Gillard is treating boat people better than Howard?? How many has she locked up?? Gillard has the record for the most boat people locked up. Six thousand people costing $1B/year more than when Howard was in power.

    and the country’s debt level is considerably under 20% of GDP

    I didn’t say it wasn’t. But why is it so?? I always get condemned for repeating myself but I have to with you people.

    Howard/Costello kept at it for 11 years and paid off all the debt you retards created last time in power. In fact we were one of the few countries paying off debt from 1996-2007. During this period of time which ALP supporters say was worldwide prosperity we were one of the few countries paying off govt debt. US/Britain/France/Germany all increased govt debt levels. We were one of the few where debt went down.

  62. Yes, Neil, the people are being treated better. The UNHCR says this, in spite of there being raise issues of legality.

  63. Yes, Neil, the people are being treated better.”

    Tell that to the 6,000 people Gillard has locked up.

    I have never met a people whose concept of right and wrong depends so much on who is in power as much as ALP supporters. If Howard had 6,000 boat people locked up, hundreds of children locked up, you would be saying Howard is mean and nasty and inhumane. But with Gillard in power you do not care.

    Here is a picture of the normal outcome of ALP policy decisions.

  64. Once again Abbott has failed to bring up his policy, rock solid policy, of turning back the boats to Indonesia with President SBY. This is the second time Abbott has had the opportunity to discuss this policy and has not.

    “OPPOSITION leader Tony Abbott did not raise his policy of towing back asylum seeker boats to Indonesian waters when he met the country’s president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in Jakarta tonight

    The day before his meeting with Dr Yudhoyono, Mr Abbott had stood strongly by it, saying: “We will stop the boats, but we’ll do it by working in the closest possible harmony with Indonesia”.

    Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop, who was also in the meeting, said the issue would be talked about in private, not through the “megaphone” of the media.

    Asked if he stood by his own objections to the turn-back policy, Mr Natalegawa declined to answer.

    “I think it’s not what I believe, it’s just basically all sides basically recognise the Bali process provides the framework to be able to address the problem,” he said.

    He was referring to a regional forum which is trying to involve all countries involved in refugee issues — the source of asylum seekers, the countries they travel through, and the destination countries such as Australia.

    Read more:–but-not-about-boats-20121015-27n9e.html#ixzz29MnQwinU

  65. So Julie Bishop claims the press is after ‘megaphone’ politics.
    gee maybe the press should ask Tony Abbott about his statements,
    “the Indonesians are well aware of our policy to turn back the boats”, suppose this is just more dog whistle (the ultra sonic megaphone)

  66. Yes, Neil, the people are being treated better.

    Tell that to the 1,000 people that we know of who have drowned in the ocean trying to get here.

  67. CU, Liealot knows exactly how much this government has achieved and is consumed with jealousy.

    Min, it seems the shadow FM has made a big impression on the Indonesians. I bet they’ve already made a huge donation to the Get Liealot Elected fund. Bbbwwwahahahaha! Do you think it’s possible this mob could stick any more feet in their gobs?

    Neil, the number if asylum seekers who try to reach our shores is miniscule when compared with other countries. As usual gob wide open and both feet firmly planted in it. Perhaps you should read the link Min provided @7.13am on the enormous success of Liars party diplomacy.

    Let’s throw all that away so Abbott can get his wish with people smugglers.

    Obviously it would be better if he stuck to budgie smugglers, Migs. And yes, he is a cretin.

    Neil, you keep rabbitting on about supluses. Can you explain what use they are? And why do we have debt? Because your hero the Rodent let public infrastructure deteriorate almost beyond repair and it’s been up to this government to fix it and in case you missed it, there was the little matter of the GFC. The government borrowed to keep people employed.

    Unlike the Liars Party, ALP governments think it’s better to keep people employed than to allow mass unemployment. People who have jobs pay tax and spend money which keeps the economy functioning and people employed.

    That’s the reason the government handed out $900 cheques very early on-they wanted people to buy stuff. It kept people in the retail sector, the country’s biggest employer, in their jobs and gave their bosses the confidence to keep them in their jobs.

    The only thing the Liars had to offer was useless tax cuts. Cutting tax is as much use as an ashtray on a motor bike if you haven’t got a job.

    In a downturn, the only ones to benefit are the wealthy and they are not job creators. Another line of bullshit fed to the gullible by the Liars.

    The ones who keep the economy ticking over are the likes of us; ordinary people going to the supermarket, buying clothes, shoes, tvs, computers, the latté on the way to work. We helped the government navigate the GFC and I for one, am mighty proud of that and so should you be

    vegasjessie, perhaps we could lock the pair of them in a cellar somewhere and not let them out until 2050.

  68. ‘Craig Thomson will sleep well tonight’
    Posted that a few weeks ago and of course got a barrelling here.
    Know I will sleep better than Craig tonight and tomorrow night as well.

  69. Abbott seems to be surpassing himself here- the usual telling his audience of the moment what he thinks they want to hear. Or perhaps it’s his media minders changing things by the minute?
    How fortunate for Tony that the media won’t have anything like the appetite for dissecting his statements that they currently have for defining “misogyny”.

  70. I note that, not content with being too gutless to bring up his ‘turn bck the boat’ ‘ policy’ with the Indonesian’s, he is also doing his best to rebuild the apparently broken relationship with them, in his own inimitable fashion

    “Now, it is a function of geography as much as Indonesia’s fault that the vast majority of the 27,000 illegal boat arrivals to Australia have come via this country.”


    Let’s hope he doesn’t want to make enemies with someone!

  71. Neil, the number if asylum seekers who try to reach our shores is miniscule when compared with other countries.

    Maybe so but it would be a shame if our 14,000 places are taken by those who have $10,000 to pay a smuggler. It means we have no refugee places if you are stuck in some camp in Africa.

    The ALP has turned our refugee intake into a boat race. The first 14,000 who sale in get a place.

  72. On a less delusional note…
    It looks like Tony Abbott will get more cooperation from Indonesia than Gillard will as they know he will be the next PM. He is actively trying to do something about illegals unlike the current inactive government who don’t care who lands here and how much it is costing taxpayers. Despite doing little to stop the unarmed invasion of Australia via its territory, last Friday Gillard gave Indonesia another 50 million borrowed dollars – for a health program in Java…so concerned and desperate was the Indonesian Government to improve the health services for women and children in eastern Java, that three weeks ago it ordered 8 brand new AH 64D Apache battlefield assault helicopters for $1.4 billion. This $50 million is in addition to the $578 million Indonesia will get from Australia for schools etc in 2012-13.

  73. He is actively trying to do something about illegals

    You mean like saying one thing in Australia, and another thing in Indonesia, while saying it is as much as Indonesia’s fault


  74. How can Boat People arrive on normal International Flights in Indonesia and go
    through Immigration. Then board an illegal people smuggling boat and have
    -no immigration papers when entering Australian waters.
    Answer this truthfully and people smuggling will stop.
    By the way why bypass all those other countries on the way to Australia?

  75. …have been away for a while. An enjoyable sailing sojourn.
    I see nothing has changed with the whisperers. Border Protection, Craig, Slipper, Gillard incompetence, Labor disarray, unions leaders feeding off their members all these issues continue to provide a groaning smorgasbord for Tony.
    Gillard’s “Long Game” now a significantly shorter game……

  76. Thanks to a Turnleft, this link from 2011. Two of those who reckon Abbott ain’t sexist based I suppose on their standard of behaviour of the PM

    “It was raining heavily in Canberra on Wednesday so, after question time, Julia Gillard walked the corridors back to her office rather than cut across a courtyard as she usually does.

    As she strolled past opposition MPs’ offices, Christopher Pyne and Joe Hockey, like two schoolyard ne’er-do-wells, trailed about 10 paces behind, heckling. Hockey was bellowing the Engelbert Humperdinck lyrics: “Please release me, let me go, ’cause I don’t love you any more …” Pyne, doing his best to affect a menacing gravitas, was taunting repeatedly: “You’re drowning Julia, not waving, you’re drowning.”

    By any measure, it was disrespectful behaviour towards a prime minister but Gillard, whose government has plumbed record depths in unpopularity, is getting used to such treatment and ignored her tormenters.

    Read more:

  77. What Abbott is doing on everything has just become sad, he needs to fade away because there is no doubt that this man will wreck our economy and country if ever he got power.

  78. George, I agree absolutely. Abbott has no vision for the future whatsoever and it is for the future that we elect our politicians.

  79. George, as Opposition leader he is already doing what he can to wreck the economy and the country. But for now it’s all for political purposes. If he ever becomes Prime Minister the outcome will be exactly the same. Only the motives will be different.

  80. What Abbott is doing on everything has just become sad, he needs to fade away because there is no doubt that this man will wreck our economy and country if ever he got power.

    You people have different brains to me. i think Labor is wrecking the economy right now. The ALP were lucky they were handed unemployment at 4.3% and no Federal govt debt.

    The main aim of the Carbon tax is to destroy our second biggest export.

    I have never seen Labor do any good with unemployment. It is never lower than what they are handed. Same with govt debt. It usually explodes under Labor.

    I think the ALP is a useless political party.

  81. As Abbott flies back from Indonesia, a Senate committee has heard how Abbott LIED about infrastructure promise.

    “OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott never spoke to the co-ordinator at Infrastructure Australia – or his office – about the controversial East-West tunnel in Melbourne, which a Coalition government has promised to fund to the tune of $1.5 billion, despite claims that he had spoken to the authority about the plan.

    On June 30, Mr Abbott announced a future Coalition government would contribute $4 billion towards major road projects in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, saying he had discussions with state governments and Infrastructure Australia.

    In Melbourne, the Coalition promised $1.5 billion for the East-West link with Mr Abbott saying: “Infrastructure Australia have given me a categoric [sic] assurance that this project stacks up.”

    And, “I explicitly discussed this specific project with Infrastructure Australia before making the announcement”.

    But during a Senate budget hearing in Canberra today, the co-ordinator of Infrastructure Australia, Michael Deegan, said he or his office had never spoken to Mr Abbott or his office about the project.

    “My office has not had discussions with Mr Abbott, it’s possible that he may have had discussions with individual council members,” he said.

    Read more:

    Hearing the lifeline about “individual members”:
    “Mr Abbott’s spokesman said today: “Tony spoke to senior members of Infrastructure Australia prior to the Coalition’s policy announcement in July.”

    Abbott also LIED about the priority of the project, declaring:
    “On September 4, Mr Abbott said: “We spoke to Infrastructure Australia. We’ve spoken to the Victorian government. This is the number one major project that Victoria needs right now.”

    When the truth of the matter is:
    “However it is not a high priority, especially compared to the Melbourne Metro Rail project which is listed as “ready to proceed”.

    Which lead Albanese to state:
    “It appears the ‘discussions’ Mr Abbott refers to never happened and the ‘categorical assurance’ he claims to have received was never given,” Mr Albanese said.

    “If he can’t be straight with people on one of the few policies he’s released as Opposition Leader, how can anyone trust Mr Abbott to be honest about the big issues he would inevitably confront were he to become prime minister.”

    “Not only hasn’t Mr Abbott said where the money would come from, he’s now been caught out misleading about where the policy itself came from.”

  82. Miglo, you were correct. Mr About has come back with his tail between his legs and his head should be touching the ground with shame.

    Have we ever had another Opposition that went to a nearby country, which we rely on for trade, with the intention of acting in a way that makes out government and PM look bad.

    The look and smile on the face ot Indonesian FM said it all.

    Will he be condemn, I suspect not but at least the ABC has said it as it is.

  83. Cu, from your’s well worth repeating..

    Which lead Albanese to state:
    “It appears the ‘discussions’ Mr Abbott refers to never happened and the ‘categorical assurance’ he claims to have received was never given,” Mr Albanese said.

    “If he can’t be straight with people on one of the few policies he’s released as Opposition Leader, how can anyone trust Mr Abbott to be honest about the big issues he would inevitably confront were he to become prime minister.”

    On trusting Abbott to be can’t.

  84. As said, ABC 24, in spite of the PM being in India, I would add making ground breaking endeavours, the focus in on the Opposition leader and turning back the boats.Not a bad stunt this one.

    Thomson is not even getting that much attention, not that he should, as there is little new in the story. Has he come home like a dog with his tail between his legs, or is he more like a rabbit caught in the headlights, not being able to go anywhere.

    Abbott now has a new let out clause he has been using lately. “Humanely possible”

    Does that mean, we have to take it6, that he is human.

    He has not yet released one policy that had stood until dark. They all fall over before the first hurdle.

    Just like the ABC describe his hasty prepared trip to Indonesia. Abbott appears to be reacting to everything that is occurring.

    That performance of Hockey and Pyne is disgusting. I expect it from Pyne, but not necessarily from Hockey.

  85. Have also heard him described as both a lion and a mouse. Any other animals that Abbott reminds one of.

  86. Oh dear the PM is now saying the Opposition leader has no guts. Those gloves are well and truly off.

  87. Is the ALP NSW Branch going to pick up Craig Thomson’s legal fees just like last time? Oh its a wonderful generous world we live in for the chosen ones .
    Not for the HSU members unfortunately.
    Did Craig get some anti -depressants today.

  88. Simon Birmingham appearing on Capital Hill has just stated that

    “if SBY had a problem with the Coalition’s tow back the boats policy SBY could have raised it with Tony Abbott”

  89. He probably won’t need any anti-depressants, Voyager.

    Reading your comments should provide him with some much-needed humour.

  90. Sue, oh duh on Birmingham’s comment…SBY already has on at least 3 reported occasions, and ever single time said the same thing..that Indonesia will not be accepting any of our returns.

  91. Miglo
    October 16, 2012 @ 12:34 pm
    Hey Mig. Good to see you are still swirling in the whirlpool of denial with CU, Sue and Min. The ranks seem to be thinning? I know I would get tired of retyping anti Tony stuff. I mean there are only so many ways and times you can tell people you don’t like Tony. Guys get used to it.. He is not going away. Gillard and Swan and the Labor nongs are.

  92. LOL. I see “Tweed” has taped his trashed crystal ball back together and it’s still providing him with reports as inane accurate as it always has before 🙄

  93. Tweed
    Love your work! “still swirling in the whirlpool of denial” succinctly summarises much of what is written here IMO. How interesting to read today that Abbott did discuss turning the boats back but Gillard launched her broadside (no pun intended for the sensitive) from India suggesting he was a coward for not doing so! How interesting also that Combet calls for a moratorium on name calling just before Gillard launched her “cowardly” attack on Abbott! Chooks coming home to roost here and leaving a few well deserved droppings.

  94. Yes Treeman good to see hyprocrasy at its highest level.
    Some on this site are already in training for 2016 Oylmpic High Jump and one
    of the key elements is Balance. A rarity on CW.

  95. I mean there are only so many ways and times you can tell people you don’t like Tony.

    Is it eleventybillion ❓

  96. Morning Treeman. What the hell is a logical person, such as you obviously are, doing on the whisperers page?
    I believe Tony has shown he has a more effective foreign policy than the government …. and he is doing it from Opposition.
    The Coalition policy on Border protection is streets ahead of anything Labor has attempted.
    I suppose it raises the question do we leave Labor in government playing their dumb political games and Tony simply governs from Opposition.
    Maybe Treeman this will be the new paradigm?
    I do wish I could spend more time winding up the whisperers but work interferes.

  97. By the way, I have not seen a troll yet, that has the ability to wind one up.

    Annoy yes, bore yes, but not wind up. It takes someone with brains to do that.

    The thing that annoys one the most, is that they have nothing new to say or add. That they keep repeating misinformation from the past. Allegations that have been proven wrong on many fronts.

    Yes, they are indeed tiresome.

  98. Abbott is complaining about the PM attacks him from overseas. When did she do that. She answered a question saying she wished him no ill will but would not mind if he always remained an Opposition leader. Where is the attack in that.

    What about the aim of his visited to Indonesia, where he continually ran down this government.

    He is not going to be lectured by….

    Cannot even use his own words.

    This man is angry. I would say the PM has got to him.

    He is going to leave the personal attacks top Labor. Why is he now doing it now,. Personal attacks and cheap grubby smears to the Labor Party. Not getting into the cheap politics of smear.

    Does that mean he is going to begin to act like an Opposition Leader.

    Can someone tell me what the PM is doing overseas, in Afghanistan and India, if she is not dealing with government business.

    Ready to walk away. Questions getting a little hard.

    Body language does not show he is comfortable. Voice raising. No smile, just a glare. Australian day riots once again mentioned. Funny that our trolls brings things up just before the government does.

    Cannot get away.

    The neck muscles are very tense.

    PS. Saying he has no guts, is just stating a fact. Blaming the PM for the boat people, in Indonesia is not?????

  99. If one plead guilty to a non existent crime. Does that make one guilty or not.

    Says something that the only charge they could get to stick, does not exist, one they had to make up.

  100. Good to see the troll is trying to develop a sense of humour to go with his sense of rumour.

    “I believe Tony has shown he has a more effective foreign policy than the government …. and he is doing it from Opposition.”

    😆 😆 😆 😆 :lol; 😆 😆


  101. Sue, and became animated when crying they are picking on me. Won’t be lectures by…. Trouble is, he is being lectured very effective by that woman.

    Noticed he stayed close to home.

    Sue, If the PM is not addressing matters that relate to the country, what else is she doing.

    Mr, Abbott has got what he has always wanted, to be the center of attention, does not seem to like it.

    The slogans are disappearing. Only because he is not getting away with them anymore.

  102. Miglo, Mr. Abbott went to Indonesia to undermine the government and the PM. One cannot allow her to have any success.

    All he has managed to do is put the focus on himself.

    It is amazing the the PM is putting in place, sales uranium to India with no obvious scrutiny from our media.

    What’s more, the PM is only getting positive press.

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