Jones and Macquarie Radio Network discover the power of consumers

The continuing Alan Jones saga is proving to be far more interesting than most commentators could have ever hoped to have predicted. It’s only been a little over a week and Alan Jones and his team are clearly feeling the pressure.

What started out as an awful apology that wasn’t even really an apology has morphed into a social media behemoth aimed at Alan Jones and his corporate sponsors. It was certainly telling that Macquarie Radio Network decided to issue a press release declaring that it was the sponsors of Alan Jones’ breakfast program who were being bullied. MRN thought it highly inappropriate that advertisers on their 2GB radio station were being ‘cyber bullied’ into withdrawing advertising from Alan Jones’ breakfast show.

Quickly the cries of cyber bullying were being made by commentators on Sunday’s politics and current affairs programming like Insiders and The Bolt Report.

The statement from also Macquarie Radio Network exposes their failure to understand modern public relations. Plenty of others have commented about these media and PR related perspectives, and a lot better than I.

However one of the less highlighted angles is the social media campaign targeting businesses that advertise on John Laws’ breakfast program is consumer power at work.

We’re constantly told about the power of our decisions as consumers and if we don’t like something we can vote with our feet. Well Australian consumers are voting with their feet and their keyboards. Consumers are taking the power back from the one-way PR machine of corporate advertisers and telling them loud and clear what they like and don’t like.

Though one has to wonder how clever the people at MRN are as they’ve spent a couple of days deriding and criticising consumers for using the power of their wallets to effect change. Consumers voicing their opinions through social media is proving to be quite powerful and if the likes of Macquarie Radio Network don’t begin to come to terms with it, then they’ll continually be on the receiving end of such campaigns.

It is not consumers caught behaving badly, rather Alan Jones and MRN. It’s time such personalities and their associated entities quit their complaining when social media turns on them because we all know how much they love social media when it’s working in their favour.

150 comments on “Jones and Macquarie Radio Network discover the power of consumers

  1. Hey Guys and Girls
    dont you think we are all just about over and done with Alan Jones.
    Find a more interesting topic.
    I know thats difficult now that the football season has finished .
    What about Spring Racing fashions – just to prove we are not in any way sexist>

  2. Voyager . . . Wrong.

    I see it as a post about the emerging power called the social media. Yes, we can thank Alan Jones for this emergence.

    Personally, I like the post by Alex. Sage and succinct.

    BTW, as an author Alex is free to write whatever topic he likes.

  3. Miglo, it was Malcolm Turnbull that brought it back into the arena.

    Added to that, it was Abbott today in his rant, using the phrase that the PM needs to be “ashame” more than once. It was as if he was endorsing what Jones had said.

  4. Miglo, so are you free to write as you like.

    Maybe voyager can pen one and ask you to put it up. If not here, maybe our visitor would be glad to oblige,

    Keep up the good work.

    Not interested in racing fashions, or any fashions for that matter. Definitely have no interest in what the top end of town wears, or in some cases, barely wears.

  5. If you make any more posts criticizing Alan Jones or Tony Abbott, I’ll leave this site for good.

    Just kidding.

  6. Migs, I would like to add my support for both Alex and yourself.

    Voyager, it should be remembered that Migs gives all authors a free rein to write about which topic they personally feel inspired to write about. Via Migs’ permitting, no not just permitting, but active encouragement of authors we have seen many people go on to do some quite inspiring things. Don’t believe me? Just ask me. 😉

  7. Alex and,

    We’re constantly told about the power of our decisions as consumers and if we don’t like something we can vote with our feet.

    Precisely, hence the reason I was shaking my head in disbelief at the claims of “bullying”. Bullying? This is capitalism in action. If one does not like the company nor the way that they do business, then we as consumers are free to take our business elsewhere.

    On the word “free”, freedom of express = until the right themselves are criticised. Freedom of choice, until the left makes their choice.

  8. Well I got my wish.
    ‘Slipper resigns!’
    Somewhat more significant than recycling Alan Jones might I humbly state.
    The difference between Speaker of the Federal Gov and a radio announcer
    resigning. Big no huge.
    Ramp it up Girls and Guys ( Im not leaving myself open to sexism criticism.

  9. What happened today is the worse of the two worlds. How. Labor voted for procedure. /Slipper has apologized and resigned.

    They gain a extra vote.

  10. They will still have the vote of Slipper, which those speaking are ignoring. Not the same as before, when Slipper voted with the Opposition.

  11. Very telling and hypocritical that when the shoe is on the other foot the right come out saying enough is enough, please leave us alone and move on, shouldn’t we be talking about other things like making up things about Gillard and Labor.

    But when it’s about Labor or Gillard they will go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…

    Also a good laugh at the hypocriticalness of them telling us to “toughen up” over abuse hurled at Gillard and on Abbott being a bully but now they are the wimpies and it’s OK Abbott is a namby pamby because his wife says he is, so we all now need to go soft.

  12. Good post Alex. Bringing this discussion back to the Jones saga, I found it astounding watching Q&A last night and hearing people talk about the petition as some kind of cyberbullying activity, while in the same conversation raving about how absolute free speech is. So Jones has a right to express his views but 100,000 consumers don’t have a similar right to express theirs or take action on them? I would have thought consumers’ right to organise themselves is a pretty core part of democracy. What are the critics saying – that we can’t vote with our feet or talk with others about it?

  13. Martin, your comments are in my opinion, absolutely correct.

    The Jones’ event was clearly a case of attempting to play the victim, via a role reversal.

    Jones even tried to gain mileage from the fact that his merc was taken away from him. According to Jones the people from Mercedes-Benz are and I quote, “gutless wonders”. Therefore not only are the public forbidden by Jones to express any opinion, but neither are companies such as Mercedes-Benz….

  14. All has changed in relation to the governments number, is one more Independent. :Labor is still ahead.

  15. Lyndal Curtis, in the end Labor was not defending Slipper. The PM and Labor were defending Process. At last some reality.

    The precedent that would have been set would have been disastrous in the future. Lyndall must be getting advice from the experts.

    Yes, Abbott once again went in for the overkill, not realising what he attempted to put in train.

  16. ME, being nominated. Will depend on whether Abbott will seek to play games. I assume he might have learnt his lesson today, and lay low.

  17. Very telling and hypocritical that when the shoe is on the other foot the right come out saying enough is enough, please leave us alone and move on

    That is not my opinion. My opinion is that you are using Jones for political purposes. If someone from the ALP made a terrible comment about Abbotts father it would not even rate a post on an ALP supporting blog.

    My opinion of ALP supporters is that what you believe to be right or wrong depends on who is in power. You do not seem to have any concept of right or wrong.

    If Howard was in power doing what Gillard is doing the posts would be about the 6,000 asylum seekers that are locked up and the 1,000 refugees who have drowned trying to get to Australia by boat. Since it is Gillard who has locked up 6,000 asylum seekers nobody says Gillard is mean and nasty locking up people as you would say if Howard had 6,000 asylum seekers locked up.

  18. Neil, give up. Time has moved on. Abbott is going to be asked to put the rest of the asylum seekers policy into operation.

    I feel as usual he will be found wanting, and continue to act in the negative, not what is good or needed for the nation

  19. Pity Abbott could not be as gracious. That is not to be. Has to keep putting the boot in. He regrets. Politics to the end. Abbott is not letting go. Gee, he has lots of regrets today.

  20. Pyne jumped in before Albanese. Once again, not gracious.

    We know that Pyne has no time for her. That is no secret.

    Pyne should stop whining for once.

  21. Voyager & Neil – you do realise if you start your own blogs, you have editorial control? Until then you have no control.

  22. Pyne is condemning the hung parliament. Wonder does he realise he is insulting the voters, who voted in this minority government.

  23. Albanese made a point of saying he was speaking to the motion. Pity the Opposition could not do so.

  24. 2353, they could even take themselves over to our visitor site. I am sure he would welcome them with open arms.

  25. Miglo, Abbott would never do that. We all know he is above politics, in fact if we believe all that has been written, he is indeed a Saint, a sensitive saint I believe.

    Secret ballot.

  26. Mercedes gave a month’s notice of ending their advertising arrangement, as per the terms of its contract with 2GB on September 19 – three days before Jones made his offensive comments…
    JULIA Gillard’s caucus chairman Daryl Melham has dramatically quit in what colleagues claimed was a damaging vote of no-confidence in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet…
    Nicola Roxon doesn’t mind misogynists so much, after all, provided they are Labor’s misogynists…
    Based on preference flows at the 2010 election, the Coalition’s two-party-preferred lead has returned to a resounding election-winning lead of eight points, 54 per cent to the ALP’s 46 per cent…

    Not a lot to applaud here folks!

  27. Treeman, once again you are wrong.

    What you are repeating is Abbott’s verballing of Melham, who rose to speak in the debate denying what was said. Went on ABC24 to correct what was said. That is in anyone terms, is a strong denial.

    National Party has deputy chair.

  28. Treeman. Votes do not count in themselves. It is and always depended on the number of MP’s elected.

    Sorry, but there often have been government’s including Coalition that have had minority number of overall votes.

    It is time to get over being such a bad loser.

    This is a duly elected government according to the Constitution,

    All the whinging and tantrum throwing will not change a thing,

  29. Treeman, Mercedes-Benz has corrected this misinformation..

    Mercedes-Benz replies to Jones attack on exec

    Mercedes-Benz Australia today released a response to a personal attack on one of its senior executives by broadcaster Alan Jones….

    Jones claimed a Mercedes-Benz advertising contract with 2GB had been cancelled two weeks before his controversial comments about the death of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s father.

    But the Mercedes-Benz statement claims there was more than one contract.

    “Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific cancelled its corporate sponsorship contract with 2GB on 1st October 2012 giving 28 days’ notice,” the statement read.

    “Separately there was an advertising contract with 2GB and our NSW Dealers. We now understand that this contract was cancelled on or about 19 September 2012 giving 28 days’ notice of this to 2GB.”

  30. They should go back to the good old days – Leaping Leo for speaker.
    I will be back in SYD next week Miglo.
    9Sept can only be called a day of surprises and who knows how this will
    play out in the longer term. Not a day anyone should be proud of.
    (just like ending a sentance with a preposition – very poor form)

  31. Too bad Gillard didn’t withdraw her support for Slipper immediately after his comments…Oh dear, Slippers just resigned…

    No lies here nor bad losers. Merely reporting the facts.

    Note that no-one denies Roxon’s misogynist comments or Gillard’s desperate defence of Slipper by smearing Tony Abbott. Chooks coming home to roost here folks house of cards looking shakier by the minute.

    What a wonderful thing for Labor that only ten days of parliament remain before the next recess!

  32. Below are a whole lotta statements by ‘the’ visitors’…… notice the same theme… *look over there*…….great concerted effort *TROLLS*…. NO cigar but…ay.. 😉
    Hey Guys and Girls
    dont you think we are all just about over and done with Alan Jones.
    Find a more interesting topic
    ‘Slipper resigns!’
    Somewhat more significant than recycling Alan Jones might I humbly state.
    My opinion is that you are using Jones for political purposes. If someone from the ALP made a terrible comment about Abbotts father it would not even rate a post on an ALP supporting blog.
    And I cannot believe you are still going on about Jones. It is looking more and more like you are using Jones terrible comments for political purposes
    The shock jocks are indeed often nasty but they are just entertainers when it comes down to it frankly
    Anyone would think it should have been Alan Jones who was arrested today from
    some of the recent posts here.
    But no it was Mr M Williamson , I wonder how Mr C Thomson is going to sleep
    Beats me why people are still talking about something that Jones said.

    Actually it does not beat me.

    Gillard is a total failure. So her supporters who are traitors to Australia want to talk about anything other than Gillard
    I still cannot believe that Jones is still a talking point.

    Surely you have milked everything that Jones said for whatever evil reasons you have.

    If somebody from the ALP said something similar to what Jones said would you condemn it?? I think not

    Jones has been abused for many years by you people and I guess he lost it.

    Jones is still a better human being than anybody from the Labor party.

    business as usual’ summed up ‘alan jones’

    Jones does an enormous amount of charity work. More than anyone who posts here.

    He most probably does more charity work than anyone in the ALP. And it would not surprise me if he does more charity work than the whole ALP MP’s.

    Does Gillard do any charity work??

    Jones does his charity work free of charge. He answers all his emails personally.

    But Jones got one thing right.

    Gillard is a liar according to Jones.

    And the point I would like to make is that Gillard is a liar, just like the people who voted for her.

    Neil of Sydney
    I agree with you opinions about Jones (mostly) but you need to be consistent.

    Jones apologized
    Disagree with what Jones said , very poor form to drag the deceased into such
    dialogues. But its over now and continuation is also disrespectful.

    …….. its so wonderful that Jones and Abbortt have provided the catalyst for ‘change’ 😀

  33. Nice job Alex, and bang on.
    Mac-Radio and the rest of the embedded media all promote themselves and urge the public to follow them on facebook and twitter with the delusion they are above the rest. Shock-and-Awe sets in when the public tear strips off them, for their bad behavior.

  34. And I wonder if the Liberals didn’t support Slipper for a long time knowing he was a problem?

    Nope, they supported and stuck up for him for three years even deliberately covering up some of his malfeasances.

    FAIL morals test Liberal.

    Wonder if Abbott reject Slipper’s vote when he was challenging Turnbull for the leadership and rejected Slipper as a friend at the time?

    Nope, Abbott supported and stood by Slipper every step of the way welcoming his vote with open arms, a vote that got him over the line in becoming leader.

    FAIL morals test Abbott.

    So if I understand this right, the Liberals knew of and covered up for Slipper for quite a number of years but kept it from Labor and the public, but now this is all Labor’s doing?

    Yep the old Liberal’s hypocrisy and deviousness in full flight again. They can never win on merit or policy so always have to resort to lies and deceits, and it’s worse as their blind followers not only support this low behaviour they endorse it as long as they win.

  35. “That is not my opinion. My opinion is that you are using Jones for political purposes. If someone from the ALP made a terrible comment about Abbotts father it would not even rate a post on an ALP supporting blog.

    My opinion of ALP supporters is that what you believe to be right or wrong depends on who is in power. You do not seem to have any concept of right or wrong.”

    Neil you have made erroneous contentions along this line many times, and just as many times you have been proven wrong on it, but as is your way you just ignore the facts and lumber on in your very narrow minded blinkered view of everything, which is a wrong very narrow minded view of everything.

    As we have shown many times, and there are papers and articles on it, it’s the left who are more willing and more savage in their criticism of their own than the right are of theirs. It’s the right who go out of their way to forgive, distract, distort and deceive on the malfeasance and failings of the right, of which you are a perfect example.

    So look at yourself whenever you make that claim again Neil, not that you will and like the broken record you are you will just repeat the same old nonsense you always have hardly changing a word.

  36. And today The Age has some ‘breaking’ news….
    “THE disgraced former boyfriend of Prime Minister Julia Gillard took a leading role in the purchase with stolen union funds of a Fitzroy unit bought in the name of a union crony, new documents reveal.
    The documents also confirm that Ms Gillard intensely managed legal work on the 1993 transaction – without advising her senior partners at law firm Slater & Gordon of the involvement of boyfriend Bruce Wilson”

    And there’s more:
    The Age finally runs the story and starts asking questions of the Prime Minister that should have been answered long ago. The sub prime house of cards even shakier this morning than last night when Slipper resigned…?

  37. So if I understand this right, the Liberals knew of and covered up for Slipper for quite a number of years but kept it from Labor and the public, but now this is all Labor’s doing?”

    From what I have read is that there were always allegations being made about Slipper but no hard proof that whatever he may or may not have done that he should be removed from being pre-selected.

    However just when the Liberal party were trying to disendorse him and replace him by Mal Brough, Labor steps in and picks him up.

    Wise move??

  38. Bullshit Neil and a perfect example of the right making excuses for failings of the right while only a short time before you stated the left are the ones who do it.

    Thanks for proving my point.

  39. Neil of Sydney + Voyager Brisbane ..
    Wordpress is free to use.
    So is a cart-Load of other blog platforms.
    Merely bitching `you don`t like the post content`
    is such bullshit. Sign up, write a blog.
    Or don`t you really have anything worthwhile to say.

  40. Christopher Pyne has stated the opposition are willing to accept Slipper’s vote in parliament.

    Wasn’t it just yesterday they were decrying sexists and were wanting nothing to do with them?

  41. This statement has come from a leading pollster in the US who is known for their non-partisanship, and it reflects on the politics here as well.

    “When you give conservatives bad news in your polls, they want to kill you,” he said. “When you give liberals bad news in your polls, they want to kill themselves.”

  42. I imagine Julia Gillard felt loyalty towards Peter Slipper because he put aside his right-wing style of hate for awhile and supported the great policy changes taking us further towards a “fair-go” society…

    i bet he apologised to her for the misogynist comments on email and as a loyal gesture the PM supported him one last time and his seeking redemption…

    she probably didn’t want to see him commit suicide or attempt it like Brogden.

    The Coalition were vicious towards both Slipper and Brogden…

    ..and Thomson…

    as was Abbott towards Bernie Banton.

    I doubt the PM wanted to see another victim…

    pushed to the limit by a leader who attended Slipper’s wedding…was comforted by him.










    It’s insidious, like a malignant cancer growth…the corporate fascists and their obedient MSM spreading their mind and action numbing sickness everywhere.


    Time to WAKE UP…become an ACTIVE CITIZEN…take back our children, businesses, assets, land, minds, decision-making, homes, art, sports, educational and health and childcare and defense systems…from the CORPORATE WANNABE TOTALITARIAN CAPITALIST LEADERS…

    and some of their puppet politicians like extremist Tony Abbott…

    and Mitt Romney…

    and those imposing grotesque cuts on the essential public services…and providing PROTECTION for the PRIVILEGED FEW as the money and assets FLOOD UPWARDS…

    those harming people in GREECE & SPAIN…and CHINA…and RUSSIA…

    those who promote returning women to the status of SECOND SEX…


    those who use WARS and CONFLICTS to PROFIT and DISTRACT and create FEAR to gain OPPORTUNISTIC VOTES…





    N’…shoulda used this as a post. 🙂

  44. And again we see “Treeman” with his corporate developer cap on repeating something someone else has said as if it is gospel truth-itmustbe-becauseitiswritten-inthenewspaper…and then his head, having being emptied of any further knowledge, stops thinking.

  45. Then, as a coincidence, Neil of Sydney…though he could just as easy be Neil of the Simpson desert because after only one observation we see nothing but vacant space…for miles and miles and miles!

  46. Nas @ 9:14. You read my mind.

    I’ve been working on a post over the last couple of days about that very same thing. The post will be appropriately titled “You say you want a revolution”.

    John Lennon’s words.

  47. Migs,
    you can add some of this if ya wish (and above comment):

    The FOX NEWS/FAUX NEWS MURDOCH EMPIRE would rather spruik, sell their children’s programming that has had a terrible IMPACT ON CHILDREN and their ATTITUDES and EATING and PURCHASING and SCHOOL BEHAVIOUR…

    think Bart Simpson. Family Guy…rebellious and dissing adults…making adults look stupid…and greedy too often…

    whilst sacrificing public television for children…such as SESAME STREET…for COMPETITIVE and PROFITEERING and CORPORATE BENEFITTING reasons.

    Murdoch doesn’t care about the healthy mind of a child…but rather their money, purchasing power…and his news shows get high ratings for capturing children/youth acting up…acting like Bart or worse.

    Rupert Murdoch does not want public television funding by govt…

    nor an NBN because it will leave his grotesque brainwashing propaganda, profiteering empire out in the cold.

    NOTE: Most of us have had some fun with Bart & Homer…but they are terrible role models…shown to kids of all ages for many years…and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox has made a mint from those audiences and advertisers.

    We as educators in the 90s noticed a direct correlation between kids who acted up and those addicted to both The Simpsons and Gansta Rap…in too many cases.

    Rupert don’t care…he rolls in dough.


  48. Neil Cavuto is one greedy corporate media hack…

    he’s spent a great deal of time playing apologist for the FLOOD UPWARDS OF MONEY & ASSETS RICH.

    He’s also an attack dog for Murdoch’s Fox News. And he loves promoting sexist companies, views and comments.

    Fox’s Neil Cavuto To “BB”: “We All Love You, Big Bird. We Just Think It’s Time You Flew The Coop”
    “Big Bird. I’m talking to you. You got to calm down…We just think it’s time you flew the coop.”…/190492







  49. ME. Was asked why Thomson’s vote was tainted but Slippers was not. It appears that Thomson’s is, because of potential criminal charges of stealing, I think $500 thousand from HSU.
    So one is now a criminal if there are potential charges in the future.

  50. nasking, where did the PM show any loyalty to Slipper. The PM was strong in her condemnation of what he said,

    What the PM showed loyalty to was Procedural Fairness. If Mr. Abbott had succeeded yesterday, some dangerous precedents would have been set. His only aim was to wedge the PM, knowing she had no choice but to vote against the motion. I believe the biggest shock he got, was that Albanese allowed the motion to go ahead. Up till then, Abbott’s attack was focus fully on the PM

    The position of speaker must never be in the position that a simple vote can get rid of a speaker they do not like.

    There were many other actions that Abbott could have taken yesterday, if he was genuine in his concern about Slipper.

  51. Looking forward to reading t Migs. Just been watching ABC24 trot out the “scintillating?” stories about the Slipper affair. I just had to turn it off when they wheeled out Mal Brough. I just hope that people will start to realize that PS has been well and truly been set up by people he thought were his friends and workmates. It just smells of double standards for the LNP to stand before the cameras still trying to blacken the PM with their smear and inuendo again.
    They are so vicious, so righteous, so holier than thou. UGH!!!!
    With all of the comments by the MSM, the LNP , I just hope that they do not drive PS to take his own life, nobody deserves to be hung drawn and quartered by a kangaroo court. The man needs to be able to have the proper processes of the Law take place and his resignation as Speaker will give him that opportunity.
    Do we need a revolution – you bet we do!
    We, the ‘little’ people now have the power to be heard, something that has been lacking for a very, very long time.

  52. Well that’s a turn up. The worst of the most quoted texts by Slipper were sent when he was still a Liberal.

    I could be my house that if he was still a Liberal then they would not have been made public and the Liberals would still be covering up for him.

  53. where did the PM show any loyalty to Slipper. The PM was strong in her condemnation of what he said,
    by not using the parliament as a kangaroo court.

    She demonstrated some respect for him…whilst still condemning his actions. But was probably aware he would fall on his own sword…and respected his past help and his family and mental well being enuff to let him do it on his own…rather than being bullied as a speaker by the desperate wrecker Abbott who seems to care little about his old friends when it comes to him winning power.


  54. An avowed socialist friend from the 60’s was recently observed by his Mum surreptitiously binning his Marx and Engels books that had been gathering dust under her house for decades.

    Having lived in Central America during Bay of Pigs with my dad and his colleagues in UN/Diplomatic roles, I never really warmed to the socialist movement for which my friend showed so much enthusiasm. As a part time student of Political Science in the 70’s my ambition was for the Diplomatic core so I watched the marches with somewhat detached amusement from the sixth floor of the Commonwealth Government Building in Adelaide st Brisbane where i worked in admin.

    Call me a troll with a corporate cap if you will but I’m just a gardener who uses quality machines. The cap came with a new Walker Mower and it reflects that I’m GREEN! In fact I’ll guarantee that I’m greener than any who write here.

    Grown trees in the tens of millions anyone here? Anyone here brave enough to put up their real photo? Not bloody likely…Cafe Whispers is more like getting a half shot latte when a double shot short black was indicated.

  55. Well that’s a turn up. The worst of the most quoted texts by Slipper were sent when he was still a Liberal.

    It also appears that ashby was leading the conversation, egging him on as it were. In fact, the comment about the female MP was made by ashby I’m led to believe, to which Slipper agreed.

    Reminds me of a movie with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones 😉

  56. Ah I love this site for the commentary and debate it generates. This article was not an effort to sledge Alan Jones any further and as has been noted there has been plenty of commentary about it.

    What I was hoping to achieve with this post was to highlight the rank hypocrisy of companies like Macquarie Radio Network (and their mouthpieces) that complain about such campaigns taking place on social media. I was also hoping to make as clear as possible that these sorts of actions are consumers voting with their feet and their wallets.

    To complain of bullying is extremely disingenous and offensive. MRN and Alan Jones are simply experiencing consumer action on a grand scale and they’re clearly not handling it very well.

  57. This shows what the Opposition expected yesterday. The Independents would vote with them. Following the disposal of Slipper, Labor would then refuse to name a new speaker. The Coalition would then put up one of their own.

    They appear to be angry did not do, as they predicted.

    Abbott once again on ABC 24 talking the economy down. Nothing new in that. Nothing but negatives. There are many positives he could talk about as well.

    Mr. Windsor took the path, one that Mr, Abbott could have taken, and spoke to the speaker. The outcome was the best for the house, parliament and the nation.

    It has emerged that Sunshine Coast LNP MP Alex Somlyay told colleagues he would like a nomination for the role of Speaker if the Government didn’t put up its own nomination.

    Mr Somlyay has been a long-time opponent of Mr Slipper’s, and the move would have lost the Coalition a vote on the floor of parliament.

    Ms Bishop said she spoke to Mr Somlyay and he said he’d be happy to have his name put forward by the Opposition.

    “He said it to me in the Chamber just before the vote was taken…but we’d already agreed we would nominate Bruce Scott,” she said.

    Ms Burke’s election to the Speaker’s chair left Labor with just 70 MPs on the floor of parliament.

  58. THE federal opposition has accused Labor and two independent MPs of making “another grubby political deal” to allow Peter Slipper to resign as Speaker rather than be sacked by parliament.
    Tony Windsor revealed on Wednesday he and fellow independent MP Rob Oakeshott told Mr Slipper he should consider resigning as parliamentary Speaker because his position was untenable.

    Mr Windsor had met with Mr Slipper an hour before Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on Tuesday moved a motion in parliament calling for his sacking.

    Yes, it was grubby because it robbed Abbott of his desired outcome, that is to destroy the PM and her government.

    Oh, yes, she is still picking on him, by using the gender card.

  59. Great read… The latest Jones gaff and Tory mirror gazing has provided Interesting insight into digital ignorance and language kidnapping. As i have predicted, social media is starting to claim the future and reclaim free speech. It was only a matter of time before people realised the potential of application is significantly more powerful than terestrial media. I object to these luddites like Pino clean the attack cabbage commenting on FArcenook..when he has no idea of how it works. Bolt and Jones using cyber terrorism /bullying , and free speech devaluing the language. People power is a wonderful thing…even if you have to endure factless, stereotyping trolls.

  60. Treeman, you also are a mind reader.

    As a matter of interest I’m planning to put up an About page which will have my full name with one of my better photos gracing the page.

    If I can find one. 😦

  61. Thanks Alex. I’m glad you enjoy the commentary here. We certainly appreciate your fine post. Has got people thinking.

    The post has also received a lot of commentary on some Facebook pages as well.

    Keep up the good work. You set the bar fairly high.

  62. Thanks Mig and Mobius for your comments. And thanks to everyone commenting on this thread. The issues associated with this situation, and not just the comments themselves, I think have recast the thinking around what Australians consider is acceptable ‘commentary’ about the political leaders of our country.

    It’s particularly pleasing that in this day and age we have options like the Cafe Whispers blog to raise, discuss and debate such issues.

  63. 200.000 hits for Gillard speech. Gender card is always risky but speaker on ABC 24, believes the PM has come out the winner,

    Gone viral on the internet,

    Albanese this morning pointed out that they have got four hundreds pieces of legislation the though. Mr. Albanese said this has occurred because Mr. Abbott is not interest or takes a part in what occurs in the house. Too busy with scaremongering and stunts.

    I agree with Mr. Albanese entirely. Abbott has given the PM a dream run. A minority government should have had a much harder time.

    While Abbott plays the clown, the government gets on with good governance. Dealing with Abbott is only a sideshow.

    While Abbott plays the clown, the circus has moved on. He is rapidly becoming isolated and not a part of the game.

  64. The thing I notice with ALP supporters is that Conservative politicians who cause Labor trouble get the most personal abuse and lies told about them.

    Turnbull does not get abuse because him leading the Liberal party is not a threat to Labor.

    Go Tony!!!!!

  65. Your biased hemline is showing too much Neil. Throw back whatever you like in projection you just continually show us that it’s the Liberals who are the iterant liars, for which you never call them out on though the evidence of their lies, especially Abbott’s, are often tabled.

    The Go Tony with no less than five explanation marks shows you are desperate.

    “Albanese this morning pointed out that they have got four hundreds pieces of legislation the though.”

    This is what passes for political journalism on the ABC these days.

    As is the norm ABC Local Radio had an ABC journalists interviewing an ABC journalist who was supposed to be a political commentator.

    After bagging Gillard and the government the commentator stated that they have had all these failures despite getting through what must be close to “I think” 200 pieces of legislation with a minority government.

    Yep a political journalist who is all up the the right wing spin and government bagging but hasn’t a clue on government policies, good or otherwise let alone how many have been passed. I would hazard a guess this so called political journalist would have had trouble naming a handful of the passed policies if asked.

  66. Neil, Abbott attracts abuse, because he is so good at handing it out. Any abuse aimed at him, is only made in reply.

  67. Opposition refusing to table bills they are reading bills they are reading from.

    Every question has been on electricity bills.

    Wonder what the MSSO is going to be about.

  68. Pyne has just outdone himself.

    Albanese said someone was a good bloke.

    Pyne demanded it be withdrawn n, as if he call one over there a Shiela, he would be asked to withdraw.

    Speaker ignored him.

    Problem for pYne, is that bloke is seen as a positive. Sheila is seen as a negative.

    Minister for Riverina thrown out

    Burke speaking how we sell wheat. Seems to upset Opposition.


    About five minutes later Mr Slipper began what the Opposition has called “‘vile anatomical references”. Referring to women’s private parts, he said: ”They look like mussell (sic) removed from its shell. Look at a bottle of mussel meat. Salty C..ts in brine.”

    That day Mr Ashby attempted to get the SMS conversation back to politics, but Mr Slipper persisted.

    Peter Slipper leaving court earlier this week. Picture: Craig Greenhill

    “Been to thw (sic) fish shop yet to buy the bottle of shell less Mussells (sic)?”

    On October 12 Mr Slipper referred to Liberal front bencher Sophie Mirabella, who had criticised him.

    “Yes i agree she did push it too far. But did she do it because you’re mates or she’s just an ignorant botch (sic)?” he said in a text.

    By early October last year, Mr Slipper was aware of Mr Ashby’s interest in an insurance agent the Speaker called “Bill” because he reminded him of former US President Bill Clinton.

  70. Pyne sent out at last. Continued to ignore speaker when she spoke.

    Speaker sounds a little angry.

    The elder Bishop has taken over from Pyne. Younger Bishop now up. Lecture is being given.

  71. Now on FW act. Now in to criticising union officials.

    Provisions cited in FWA have not been changed, Have been lifted from Workchoices and re-enacted. Therefore Abbott’s work.

    PM enjoying this question.

  72. surreptitiously binning his Marx and Engels books that had been gathering dust under her house for decades.
    Critiques of capitalism are useful…as are texts on classic liberalism, social democracy, the Third Way and so on…why limit yerself?

    A community, participatory democracy, and so on, benefits from examining the length and breadth of all political socio-economic systems and theories (including various interpretations of said texts). We draw upon the lessons learnt, accomplishments, failures, evolution of each…based on demographics, geological, resource and other determinants…empirical, ethnographic etc. studies…ensuring we can adapt our communities to changing circumstances.

    Why be myopic and limit yer research/study by dismissing essential works? It would be like dismissing the works of John Stuart Mill, Adam Smith, John Locke, Jeremy Bentham, Malthus, Weber and so on…I can’t see the point.

    Frankly Treeman, your comments come across as smug, presumptuous and somewhat arrogant…and betray a tone of unwarranted defensiveness.

    A number of contributors on here have identified themselves…including by way of Facebook:

    As for your pic…it could be that of an individual whose pic you co-opted for all we know.

    BTW, I’m as interested in observing and studying the socialist experiments in Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuala as much as I am the diversity of democratic capitalism in scandinavia, europe, the Americas, Australia and so on…and the authoritarian capitalist states of China, Saudi Arabia and Russia…and all things inbetween. Including social democratic elements and liberal democratic elements…and the role of the state, corporations, franchises, small business, contractors etc etc etc…

    each reveals goodies, enigmas, problematics, useful problem solving and service delivery, approaches to energy production & utilisation/distribution/usage…sustainability and environmental protection practices and viability and productivity of manufacturing sectors…the role of philanthropy…the list goes on.

    I also have concerns with the increasing corporatisation of our communities, media/news outlets, information gathering sites, sports, arts, education, health etc.

    Using texts from previous eras comes in useful in assessing impacts, ways to resist, adapt, approach, utilise, transform.

    And yes, I’ve planted a heckuva lot of greenery in my time…natives…and accidently, invasive plants…it’s a learning curve.

    Books in bins chucked out by others can come in handy. As can getting out there and demonstrating, protesting…making our voices heard in myriad ways.

    Thnx for yer advice.

  73. Hockey continuing with trashing the economy. Must be MPI.

    Carbon tax makes things worse. Time for a new topic.

  74. Abbott has screwed up bigtime with that electricity bill…another Rio Tinto moment…and Wyalla moment…

    overreaching, exagerration, scaremongering, misleading the public, slack research…

    using an elderly lady for base political purposes without notifying her about the complexities, possible problems with her bill…or checking the validity, accuracy of her statements…

    Abbott should be ROASTED OVER HOT COALS BY OBSERVANT MEDIA for this episode.

    Some Libs look distinctly uncomfortable, embarrased, concerned regarding these stuffups on a daily to weekly basis by Abbott.

    He’d be a dreadful leader.

    He’s a wrecker, an attack dog, a wedger, a headkicker…a pretendor…playing the role of leader.


  75. No wonder the PM puts her head into her hands. This is one of the very few that were not on electricity bills.

    It was like they never found time to prepare questions for question time.

    3.00pm: Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop has attempted to ask the Prime Minister a question about whether it is appropriate that opulent houses with butlers pantries are bought for union officials with union funds.

    Speaker Burke rules the question out of order because it has no relevance to the Prime Minister’s portfolio.

    This ruling prompts much outrage and points of order on both sides.

    Speaker Burke advises Ms Bishop to reframe her question to tie it to legislation administered by the parliament.

    Ms Bishop reframes.

    The Prime Minister responds.

    We have the same rules governing registered organisations as the Howard Government. Do you have an allegation? Refer it to the regulator, Ms Gillard advises. Anyone who has an allegation should take it to the regulator.

  76. wear the “corporate cap” because it both fits and suits you. You are no more a “greenie” than a fart from a Gunns lumberjack! And the weakness of all your right-wing arguements is reflected in your cynicism for social policy and social sensitivity.
    A GARDENER!!!???….three zuchinni plants and a terrarium do not a gardener make. If some one with your crass insensitivity to people can call themself a gardener, so can a banana farmer or a sugar-cane grower.
    No, I wouldn’t put a photo of myself up…the vulgarity of yours is pushing the envelope of decency just a bit too close to the edge as it is!
    Now go do a Billy Connelly!

  77. CU,
    I take the electricity bill stuffup very seriously, as should you…this will hurt Abbott’s credibility and carbon price argument BIGTIME if the media FOCUS on it.

    And the govt.

    Here it is:

    2.10pm: A Dorothy Dixer from Labor on the economy.
    Now back to the Coalition and the carbon price and power bills. (Isn’t it true if you cut the carbon tax you’d lower power prices?)

    And back to Ms Gillard accusing Tony Abbott of reckless negativity.
    Ms Gillard says the power bill tabled by Mr Abbott shows an increase of 9 per cent for an average daily usage.

    Caught out, like you were on Whyalla, and the lamb roast.

    Mr Abbott is back, quoting from an email from the Perth pensioner. He says this lady has done all the same things, and she doesn’t know why her power bill has gone up by $800. Don’t you care about this pensioner?
    Ms Gillard says she cares about the pensioner. But she doesn’t care for Mr Abbott misleading people about her power bill.

    1.10pm: Mr Abbott at the Food and Grocery Council just before.
    (Do you remember Clint Eastwood’s star turn at the US Republican convention talking to a chair?)
    It’s catching on.

    1.02pm: Julia and Julie (Gillard and Collins) have meanwhile met up with some community workers who will be the beneficiaries of a pay rise.
    The government has put $2.8 billion towards equal pay increases for community workers.…/…-10-2012-20121010-27c4h.html

    If the news and current affairs miss these tonite they are USELESS.

    But we already know that.

    Good on Katherine Murphy for recording these events…@


  78. nasking, it amazes me that they are continuing with this campaign. Albanese strat allowing them to table the bills, only to reveal, they are not as stated, They still persist.

    Except for the younger Bishop question, which the PM wipe the floor with no other question.

    It is if they could not be bothered preparing for question time. Other things on their mind.

    Yes, the answers are important. Taking away the carbon tax will not lower charges that much, the same as they have not added much to the rises.

  79. Now here’s a piece by Paul Sheehan that sums up this sorry saga succinctly:
    “The dictionary defines misogyny as “hatred of women”. It is an ugly word, an ugly accusation and an ugly fact of life. It is now the word that has driven Australian politics to its lowest point in decades. Yesterday, the mask fell away, the curtain dropped, the real driver of the politics of personal abuse was revealed.

    After sending out two attack dogs, Gutter and Sewer, to do the dirty work, after hiding behind two political zombies, Insufferable and Unspeakable, to stay in power, after using the Minister for Innuendo and the Compromise-General to play the gender card, the mask has finally dropped away to reveal the driver of the politics of hate in Australia.

    The mask fell at exactly 2.42pm in the House of Representatives. Looking on were the member for Gutter, Anthony Albanese, the member for Sewer, Wayne Swan, the Minister for Innuendo, Tanya Plibersek, and the Compromise-General, Nicola Roxon, and the independents who will do anything to avoid facing their electorates, Mr Insufferable, Robert Oakeshott, and his fellow regional zombie, Mr Unspeakable, Tony Windsor.
    Someone had to set Gutter and Sewer loose. Someone directed Innuendo and Compromise to play the gender card. Someone paid the bill for Insufferable and Unspeakable. Someone’s authority still rests on the vote of Craig Thomson. And someone had to approve making Peter Slipper the Speaker despite his being manifestly disrespected by either side of the house, a low point of political opportunism.
    At 2.42 pm on Tuesday that someone rose to speak. The mask fell away. Julia Gillard came out snarling”

    That exactly the impression I got watching the clip. Snarling with a too nasal dash of ‘strine!

  80. Miglo
    Just a suggestion here, the best blogs for mine have a ‘Reply’ button. From the moderation viewpoint a ‘Report this’ button is worthwhile. ‘Thumbs up’ and ‘Thumbs down’ buttons complete the picture.

  81. Crikey!..Treeman..when reading your second paragraph, I thought : He’s either lost ALL his marbles or he’s come over to the honest side of politics!
    You see..I thought you were describing the opposition front bench!…But nah!..
    I see too, your mask has fallen away and you much prefer a Chrissy Pyne tantrum moment. Oh well, Treeman…I’m all for democracy..; each to his own! As for the “nasal strine”…are you with me in prefering a soft lisp?

  82. Then go start your own blog Treeman, nothing stopping you.

    What is with right wingers that come into blogs and want to change them to their way, but of course they don’t do the same for right wing blogs that are setup the same as this one.

    There was another here that was always demanding this blog do this and that, which when boiled down meant only to praise the almighty high Abbott in the most glorious and adulating tones possible whilst denigrating Gillard and Labor in the harshest terms possible. Even then I suspect they wouldn’t have been happy as we would not have given enough adulation for the former or aspersion for the latter.

  83. Treeman, you are a little late, It has been put up on Media watch, disgraceful article,

    So make sure you keep reading all the comments, Many are scathing.

    Keep to the truth. The PM DID NOT support Slipper. PM procedural fairness. Yes, maybe Slipper had to go.

    The path Abbott went down was not the way to do it,

    There was the way the Independents went. Abbott could have moved a motion asking the speaker to resign. Abbott could have demanded an explanation. Abbott could have taken the matter to the privilege committee, Abbott to have sought to have the speaker appear before the bar of the chamber,

    All these gave Slipper the right of reply.

    No, Abbott went the same way as Ashby, avoiding the normal route, straight to the action that would cause the most damage to the PM and Labor.

    Women do have a right to object when continually expose to what Abbott is dishing out. Every thing the PM said is already in the public arena. What happened was that the PM has decided it will cease.

    Abbott could not help himself and had another go today.

    It does not matter if you believe Abbott did nothing wrong. The PM and most women believe he did.

    The behavior is unnecessary.
    Yesterday’s drama was not necessary to remove the speaker. In fact if Mr. Abbott had succeeded, it would have put in place a dangerous precedent for future governments and speakers. It is not good for a speaker to be removed by a simple vote.

    This is the reason, that the rule invoked has not been used in 112 years.

  84. Jeezus keerist!..Treeman…for someone whose self-confessed occupation is pushimg a Victa lawnmower around and raking up wind-blown leaves…you don’t half expect much!!

  85. ME, you sound like the PM. She said she is sick of being told what to do, by those who disagree with her.

    I know I flinch every time I hear Abbott, Pyne or Bishop, the younger say, she has to do this, or got to do that.
    Same with the trolls.

  86. As was commented on today if Abbott had succeeded then any text message created by any politician including his own side that was in anyway derogatory, discriminatory, abusive, sexist and considered of poor taste would lead to that politician being made to stand down, even if the politician claimed it was private and done in jest.

    Abbott indeed was opening a can of worms that Gillard and the Indies saved him from. Yet another massive brain fart by a gormless leader who again shows he’s nowhere fit or intelligent enough for the stewardship of this country.

  87. Watching 10 news. Amazing the PM is in trouble for defending herself. It appears if one is Labor, you are not allow that.

  88. Cu 10 News did everything but report honestly. They had Gillard as the failure, the aggressor, the sexist and her career over soon because she dared to stand up to the new poor wittle weak and wimpy Abbott feminist lover who prefers Downton Abbey over football, even though they are on at different times and he can watch both.

  89. It appears the news I saw tonight missed out on tabot caught out lying

    Abbott ‘caught out’ on use of pensioner’s power bill

    He followed up with a supplementary question: “With an $800 increase in just one bill of which 70 per cent is due to the carbon tax, how can the Prime Minister possibly claim that Hetty Verolme’s compensation is in any way adequate?”

    What really happened

    As a percentage of the overall percentage increase, the carbon tax component is just over 70 per cent.

    Is tabot THAT dumb?

  90. Wow ME, that column by sheehan is appalling, in every way imaginable

    As Twitter said he’s interviewing as the Alan Jones replacement.

  91. This one still has a lot of life in it. I believe it will consume many before it is finished.

    Will be surprised if it is the PM, or maybe not even Slipper.

    The politics we have had for over the last two years need to come to an end.

    For the good of the nation, the likes of Abbott needs to be brought to account.
    Women, whether they like the PM’s politics or not, need to come in behind. You men might just have daughters that want to enter politics. Do you want them to endure what the Labor woman have.

  92. This PM has done nothing to warrant the hate dished out to her. She has acted as a lady at all times.

  93. Pingback: Macquarie Radio Network discovers the power of consumers « Alex Schlotzer

  94. Someone’s authority still rests on the vote of Craig Thomson

    Which is unacceptable because……..? Is there a defamation action against him? No that’s Treeman’s hero, Liealot. Mayhap a nasty piece of work with a penchant for elderly lawyers with Alzheimer’s. Bugger! Yet another Liar. Misleading and deceptive conduct? Nope?

    Gosh, Thomson’s vote is unacceptable because he has absolutely no charges against him.

    Treeman, there are plenty of other blogs which have “reply” buttons. I have a suggestion. Why don’t you infest one or all of them? Or start one of your own with all the buttons your little heart desires?

    In the meantime, this is Migs’ blog and he calls the shots, so stop whinging…. oh hang on. You’re a barracker. It’s your default position.

    Just as a matter of interest, why don’t you just drop the pseudonyms Gutter and Sewer? We all know you mean Prissy and Bishop, J.

    WRT power bills, here in SA they are set to drop. Another benefit of the carbon price? As for that mendacious bullshit from the Liars, nowhere on power bills is there any reference to the carbon price, unlike Liealot’s GREAT BIG GST component.

    The last Liars scam wrt power bills from non-existent businesses was exposed for the scam it was, so is this.

    They go from lie to lie, scam to scam and are constantly exposed, but true to the losers they are, they keep trying to pull the same tired, motheaten old confidence trick and are too stupid to see that nobody’s buying it anymore, except for the barrackers.

    Even Don Quixote woke up in the end.

    Tom R @8.36pm, he really IS that dumb. And before we are reminded that he had a Rhodes Scholarship; he found it in a Weeties packet. Which seems appropriate, Rhodes was also a liar and a conman.

  95. You would think the liberal party would have taken him of their mailing list, DOH!!!!

    Another act of incompetence from the liberal party.

    Secret Liberal bid to woo Craig Thomson’s vote.

    A SENIOR Coalition frontbencher has been caught trying to secretly secure the vote of disgraced suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson in a damaging blow to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s public vow to never take his “tainted vote”.

    A letter obtained by The Daily Telegraph confirms a formal approach was made to the MP and ex-union boss two days ago asking him to support a Coalition superannuation bill.

    It came on the same day that serial text-pest speaker Peter Slipper was forced to resign after admitting to making vile remarks about women’s genitalia – and 24 hours before Mr Abbott repeated his pledge to never accept Mr Thomson’s vote but admitting he would take Mr Slipper’s.

    But revelations of the secret approach from one of Mr Abbott’s senior frontbenchers to Mr Thomson will deal a credibility blow to his own attacks against Ms Gillard for accepting Mr Thomson’s vote.

    The letter was delivered via internal mail from shadow assistant treasurer Senator Mathias Corman to Mr Thomson’s office on Tuesday.

    Dated October 9, it requests a meeting to secure Mr Thomson’s support for a Coalition bill to amend government superannuation changes.

    “I have attached the Coalition’s proposed amendments which I submit are worthy of your support,” Mr Corman said in the letter. “If you would like to discuss the amendments feel free to give me a call.”

  96. 10 News did everything but report honestly. They had Gillard as the failure, the aggressor, the sexist and her career over soon…

    This reeks of right-wing projection, not to mention desperation. It tells me that a Liberal leadership spill is just around the corner. I caught a glimpse of Abbott on TV tonight and he really looked worried and uncomfortable. I reckon it’s on.

  97. On The Hamster Wheel this evening, they basically accused Craig Thomson of paying for prostitutes. It sounded to me like Thomson would have grounds for a defamation case.

  98. Alan Jones represents the core beliefs of the Conservatives and also was involved in placing Abbott as leader of the Liberals. The Liberals will never get rid of Jones, only we the people can!

    Alan Jones crying about “cyber bullying” and yet he preachers daily about other people, just like a true conservative, loves to dish it out but when it happens to them, they cry about it. Suck it up Jones, you have done it to yourself and now live with it just as you have done too many.

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