I’m sorry . . . from the bottom of my heart

“Sorry” seems to be the word of the moment. Everybody’s calling on someone somewhere to offer an apology to contrived victims of verbal vitriol. Some of these are obviously warranted, such as the recent call for Alan Jones to apologise to Julia Gillard for his much publicised ‘dead dad’ remark.

And we learn today that the same Mr Jones has been ordered by the courts to apologise for his racist rants against Lebanese Muslims.

I hope his apology – when forthcoming – is more inspiring and convincing than his token apology to Julia Gillard.

With “sorry” being the favourite word in the media we now see people lining up for an apology.

Campbell Newman wants one:

Campbell Newman has demanded Labor apologise to all Queenslanders in the wake of broadcaster Alan Jones saying sorry to Prime Minister Julia Gillard about comments he made about her dead father.

Mr Newman on Monday said Mr Jones “had the guts” to apologise to Ms Gillard for suggesting her father died in shame and he would be happy to appear on his program.

However, Mr Newman said unlike Mr Jones, Labor were yet to say sorry for the series of accusations they levelled at him during the March election.

The Opposition want one:

The opposition has demanded Foreign Minister Bob Carr apologise for attacks on Julia Gillard by his associate Bob Ellis over her response to her father’s death, accusing Labor of double standards over the Alan Jones affair.

Ellis, a speechwriter to Labor figures including Senator Carr, accused the Prime Minister of “girly tears” and taking “time off playing hookey from her national obligations” on his Table Talk blog last month. “Julia Gillard’s oft-boasted ‘steely resolve’ has been tested lately, and she has failed to show it every time,” Ellis wrote.

Bob Carr wants one:

Earlier, speaking from New York, foreign minister Bob Carr said Jones’ remarks were deplorable and should be denounced by the Opposition Leader.

“I’ve heard some indecent things in politics but never something as thoroughly indecent as this,” Senator Carr told Network Ten’s Meet The Press program.

“Tony Abbott ought to do the decent thing and say today loud and clear that he apologises to Julia Gillard for unacceptable remarks, made at a Liberal party gathering attended by frontbench liberals.

“She fled an important conference, and a meeting with Hillary Clinton, because three of her soldiers had died by gunfire in a war, and went not to the warfront but Canberra. She fled an important conference, and a meeting with Vladimir Putin, because her father had died at 83, and fled home weeping to Adelaide.

“The doctrine of ‘Gillard Exceptionalism’ should now be abandoned. She should either do the job, or get out of it.”

Catherine Deveny won’t be giving one:

Dear everyone,

I’m sorry, but I won’t be writing an apology letter to Bindi, Rove or the Anzacs.

Or to people who spend long hours working jobs they hate to send their children to private schools to feel good about themselves.

I won’t be writing a letter of apology to women who change their surnames when they marry, or to people who drive four-wheel drives, or to fans of McLeod’s Daughters, The Footy Show or Two and a Half Men, or to people who listen to 3AW, to readers of the Herald Sun or people who shop at Chadstone.

And I won’t be writing a letter to The Age for supposedly offending people with bad-taste remarks, inappropriate language and being me.

It’s also catching on in America and now Mitt Romney wants one:

Mitt Romney disputed reports that he worked for Bain Capital longer than he had publicly suggested, insisting Friday he had no role “whatsoever” in managing the company after February 1999 when he left to run the Winter Olympics. Public filings from the company suggest otherwise.

In consecutive interviews with all five television news networks, Romney accused President Barack Obama and his campaign of attacking him on his record at Bain Capital in order to “deflect attention” from Obama’s “failed” economic record. And he called on Obama to apologize for the false attacks.

And of course, he owes one himself:

My dad would have said “small people have to make other people feel small so they can feel big and important. We should pray for them.”

So I have been praying for Mitt Romney because I honor my father’s legacy by my actions. I have been praying for Mitt Romney to give me an apology. I have praying for him to have a heart and I have been praying for him to see me, a working nurse, along with the other nurses and healthcare workers and my patients and veterans, those of us in the 47%, to see us and not try to extinguish us or call us non-valuable human beings!

In keeping with the media’s obsession with apologies and who should be making them, I thought we’d introduce the theme to the blogosphere. Namely, who would you like to see make an apology?

Yes, you can have some fun with this.

I have one to kick it off: I’d like to hear Tony Abbott apologise for frightening most of us half to death during his fraudulent ‘carbon tax’ scare campaign. Not a half-baked Jones’ style apology, but one from the bottom of his heart. 😯

98 comments on “I’m sorry . . . from the bottom of my heart

  1. Christopher Pyne should apologise for making our ears bleed listening to his whinging and whining during Parliament.

  2. The Church needs to apologise for destroying Indigenous cultures in their attempts to convert them into Christians.

  3. What small minds we have if everyone needs an apology.
    Its time to toughen up , get some gangoolies and get on with the job.
    And change the subject!
    If you are in public office, get over it .This says what to expect –
    ‘Semper in excretum est’ Always has , always will.

  4. voyager, cannot you recognize sarcasm when you see it. The Opposition reaction to criticism is to raise the argument, that it is OK for them, as everyone else does it.

    a’Semper in excretum est’ Always has , always will”

    Are you saying that human beings are incapable of making things better, or that they should not try.

    What is wrong with wanting a better society.

    Are you saying, we have to take what those who consider themselves superior dish out. I hope not.

  5. It is amazing how Coalition want to change the subject, when the tide is running against them.

    Sorry, it is now your turn, The running story of this time, was bought on by yourselves and cannot be ignored,

    If you follow this site, you will see we are also talking about other current matters, as the PM and her government is doing.

    This is just another noisy sideshow, The real business of government is occurring.

    By the way, not many of the other current stories are positive for the Opposition either.

    Interest rates lowered. Qantas to pay. Mess of Howard’s cleaned up by this government. Slipper matter close to being finalised. Debate on second airport for Sydney proceeding.

    Yes, Abbott should apologize for the money he wastes each day, crossing the continent for two years, with his election campaign, which should be paid for by the Liberal Party.

    He has been in this mode since this government was formed, because he refuses to accept the legitimacy of this government.

    he is throwing one of the longest po9litical tantrums in political history.

    We the taxpayers are paying for it, in money, and being exposed to his tiresome behaviour each day.

    We all waited for Mr. Abbott to appear since last Saturday morning, hopin that at least this time he would have something worthwhile to say.

    Once again, we were disappointed, More of his tedious wail about the carbon tax and how he is going to rebuild one of the best economies in the world.

    A economy by the way, that exists in a world where all economies are fragile.

    A economy that he and his ilk talk down each day.

    He should apologize for putting this economy at risk.

    His behaviour is that of a spoilt brat, that destroys the toys he is not allowed to play with.

    He is a demolisher not a builder. He should apologize for this.

  6. Johnny H should have said “I’m sorry but no ” to Bronny B and saved the liberal party and us all from their luv child.

  7. John Winston Howard for being John Winston Howard, the leader who started the downward spiral in politics we now find ourselves in and who mentored Abbott to be the far right negabore he is.

  8. “He shouldn’t have said (what he said) but should that stop the bloke from having a radio career?” Mr Harvey said.

    Let me get this straight, harvey (the nations stingiest boss) reckons that not being able to convey his opinion better is no reason not to be on air 😯

    It begs the question, what is a Dinosaur ❓

    And sorry jerry, but you’ve made your fortune from the Mob. You just forgot something from your ivory tower

  9. CU

    “He is a demolisher not a builder. He should apologize for this.”

    No its Labor who need to apologise for creating futile monuments to their own ideological stupidity (like the carbon tax) that will have to be demolished for the sake of the nations future.

  10. iain should apologise for the unwarranted slur made against me when he accused me (without any evidence) of “hiding behind my stroke” when i pointed (with supporting evidence) out that he had ied, in several statements he made concerning climate change.

  11. I would like to say in advance… Sorry for this

    The Abbott of OZ.

    Julie.. the Bishop… sat on her porch
    With her small mincing poodle called Pyney
    As a dog he was crap.. but he sat on her lap..
    And he didn’t bark.. just sounded.. whiney

    And along the east coast.. the right wings.. great boast
    Was that services… they would be cutting
    With the axe they were wielding… and political storm building
    As a result of the things…they were shutting

    And as Julie watched on… the storm came along
    Giving her no time.. to even go.. for a pee
    Though a staunch right wing toff.. the storm sucked her right off
    Unceremoniously dumping her in Sydney

    As Pyney.. her poodle sat licking his doodle
    Young Julie looked down in dismay
    Her landing had been broken.. by that sad human token
    Sophie.. the wicked witch… of the day

    As a pollie she’s sad… as a human she’s bad
    With notoriety… around all that she’s spoken
    Laying flat on the ground… with her thinking not sound
    And her leg like her moral compass… was broken

    Then the good witch… Ms Gillard.. stepped out from her front yard
    Removing.. golden shoes.. from the beast
    That woman’s a sleaze… but you may as well have these
    She’s got one thing… that’s useful… at least

    Now.. if you want to go back… give the Abbott a crack
    But I don’t like your chances… I’ll say
    Cos he’s hard to pin down.. acting more like a clown
    And when asked things… he just runs away

    The Hume Highway you know.. is the way you must go
    To our Canberra… the Abbotts spin city
    Full of press.. leaning right.. and the Liberals.. a blight
    But the rest of the place is quite pretty

    So with nothing to lose.. Julie put on Sophie’s shoes
    Heading down.. the yellow brick road… in disgust
    When a scarecrow she saw…and a Lion with no roar
    And a tin man all covered in rust

    Now the scarecrow she saw…was a man.. stuffed.. with straw
    And…. Barnaby Joyce…. was his name
    From his pole… down he came.. then tried climbing it again
    Cos poor Barnaby… was lacking.. a brain

    The tin man.. Joe Hockey… was acting so cocky
    Brain rusted and refusing to start
    Caring not what he said.. causing people such dread
    And totally… lacking in… heart

    And the lion named Turnbull.. truth and fact.. he will spurn all
    To keep faith… with the great party line
    The NBN he’ll try sacking… cos his courage is lacking
    And his credibility’s… on the decline

    So her dysfunctional mob… getting on with the job
    Moved along.. down the road to spin city
    With their hopes running high and a glint in their eye
    Except for pyney.. who’s demeanour was shitty

    Musical interlude; 

    We’re off to see the Abbott, The misogynist Abbott of Oz
    We hear he is a pugilist wiz, if ever a wiz there was
    If ever, oh ever a wiz there was, The Abbott of Oz is one because
    Because, because, because, because, because
    Because of the misogynist things he does 

    Back to the tale;

    So to Canberra they came.. primed and set for the game
    With their burdens… all keen.. to unload
    But with many paths to choose… and guided by.. Sophie’s shoes
    They were quickly.. led down.. the wrong road

    But they found their way back.. to the Parliament shack
    As the Abbotts.. grand office they sought
    It was quite hard to dodge… as he called it “The Lodge”
    A bit presumptuous… most people thought

    So they knocked on the door… feeling tired and sore
    Until ‘Come’.. was the call from within
    And they entered his lair… for an audience.. fair
    But instead they got mouthfuls of spin

    When he finally stopped… Julie’s question.. she popped
    ‘To my home….. can you help me to go?’
    But his wobble and stare… showed he wasn’t all there
    Till at last he responded with … ‘NO.’

    Then they all stated hey.. we’ve been walking all day
    And all you give us… is stupid death stares
    So with a face full of thunder.. he gave them lifeline’s… phone number
    Saying.. ring that.. and tell someone who cares

    So their goals were sent packing.. as they were all sadly lacking
    Fitting perfectly… with Abbotts theme
    As lacking brains.. courage.. and heart… is an integral part
    And requirement.. for joining his team

    So he asked them to stay… offering excellent pay
    Joining him and the rest of his bogans
    In the campaign of fear… running out of his rear
    Spouting nothing but spin.. lies and slogans

    So they all joined his team.. and promoted his theme
    In the place that they truly belong
    And they found a good fit… in that vacuous pit
    And their commitment.. to Abbott.. was strong

    And the moral for all.. who consider voting.. Liberal
    Is to look.. to the team… that you’re backing
    For a political storm… will become Abbotts norm
    As.. brains.. courage.. and hearts.. they are lacking

    NOT… 😆 😀 😆


    BTW… 100,500+


  12. “No its Labor who need to apologise for creating futile monuments to their own ideological stupidity”

    LOL Iain, when it comes to creating futile monuments, your Liberal Party mates have Labor beaten hands down-or need I remind you of such monumentally stupid policies as a non-means tested rebate for Private Health Insurance & Child Care? Or how about that $3 billion dollar war in Iraq to find non-existent WMD’s? Or how about…..*WORKCHOICES*. Unlike all of these ideologically driven, & monumentally stupid policies, placing a price on CO2 emissions is a well-recognised, market-based solution to reducing said emissions-one which is supported by rational politicians & economists on *both* sides of the political divide. Seriously, Iain, do you simply come here just to show how utterly ignorant you truly are?

  13. Oh &, btw, I *do* think that Ellis should apologize-unreservedly-& Carr should have no further dealings with him. The man is a nasty little misogynist, & not much better than that awful Graham Richardson. The sooner Labor cut away deadwood such as this, the better off they’ll be.

  14. I for one DO NOT WANT to hear Alan Jones say he is sorry .. because it would be hollow.. I want him to be removed from being a public broadcaster . He has too much power and influence over his dimwitted listeners.

  15. From Jeff Sparrow at Overland, and why sacking Alan Jones would really achieve much, maybe only for a short while.

    To be honest, I’m doubtful very much will come of this. As Crikey explained somewhere, Jones owns a big chunk of his radio station and is its major source of profits. Yes, some advertisers are jumping ship but they did that with Kyle Sandilands as well, only to come scurrying back once the immediate outrage subsided. In any case, even if Jones resigned, there’s a legion of imitators willing to take his place.

  16. I’d like to see an apology from Alan Jones for his hypocrisy. As I’ve ranted before, even in his DT article on Monday he has told lies (or is an idiot. His choice). It won’t happen.

    An apology from the likes of Joe Hockey and Barnaby Joyce for their misleading use of gross debt figures would be nice. Alternatively, if they are elected I hope the ALP makes them wear it day in and day out.

  17. An Apology that is not sincere IS NEVER an apology ..

    Alan Jones will NEVER be truly sorry for what he has said.. NEVER.. Hearing an *apology* from him would make me sick…

    IF he WERE truly sorry .. he would suspend himself from broadcasting .. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  18. Marcus, you have it wrong, the visitor comes here because he believes he can make us look stupid.

    He fails badly at the task he has set himself.

    Yes, we have a PM who is brave enough to bring in the essential price on carbon emissions. Essential for the future wellbeing of coming generations.

    Yes, this PM is strong enough to do what is right.

    PM due for door stop.

    Griener to give PC which I believe could be4 important for the people of NSW.

    ABC 24

    I( am sorry for the people who are taken in by Abbott’s destructive spin. I am sorry that the facts do not seem to make much difference.

  19. CU, thanks for your comment, Glad you liked it 😀

    And I also enjoy your comments………the poetry of clear thinking 😀


  20. I think we should all say it all the time. For example: ‘I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, you seemed ignorant…”, “I’m sorry, I blocked you after you said you heard Alan Jones say it…”, “I’m sorry, can you repeat that without the stupid?”, “I’m sorry, do you even know where Whyalla is?”, “Forgive me, are you a Liberal voter? Yes. Oh, my bad.”, “Forgive me, you seem like a real troll… Is that a full-time pursuit, or just a hobby…?”, “Forgive me if this seems a personal question, but do you know what ‘scientific method’ is?” And so on and so forth… One could spend 90% of their day starting with an apology. I say get on trend. Do it!

  21. So, on one hand we have Labor-whose legacies will be proper funding for those with disabilities, better & more equitable funding for our schools, a world class broadband network, a fairer tax system, & more equitable distribution of the wealth coming from the mining boom. On the other we have the Coalition-whose legacy was to squander a “once in a lifetime” mining boom on ideologically driven Middle Class Welfare Schemes!

  22. For saying mean things about Jones, Rabbott and the Lieberals/ Nopposition I am sorry from the heart of my bottom! 😀 😳 😆


  23. Sue, if I did, they would have been mistaken for an LNP policy statement = brain fart.

    😳 Sorry 😀


  24. skeptical
    abbott’s latest brain fart- the failure in the road system this morning in melbourne is the federal government. truly, according to abbott there is a lack of infrastructure spending by the federal govt but abbott has promised to melbourne $1.5 billion and that will fix it all.

    the man is visionary, yesterday he promised $2 billion for the pacfic hwy to complete duplication by the end of the decade. wow 4 years later than even howard promised and with less money than is already on offer.

    sorry for being off subject but abbott promises will definitely lead us back to the sorry howard era of infrastructure spending

  25. I’m sorry that shaneinqld forgot to mention that in addition to Rio Tinto factoring in a carbon price for years – BHP have done the same.

  26. Sue, once again, Abbott promised to take us back to the past. Howard’s day this time.

    He is going to rebuild the road system with less money

    He is indeed am amazing person.

    He is going to fix a problem that does not exist, that of no growth in the economy.

    We know this, as it has been growing, through thick and thin for the last twenty one years.

    He is going to fix the debt problem, which again is one of little concern
    Yes, the man is amazing.

    He sees what it not there.

    Now I hope the critics that visit this site, acknowledge that I have acknowledge what a wonderful and clever man, Mr. Abbott is.

    Yes, he is going to be the miracle worker, in rebuilding our good economy.

    My fear is that he will first wreck it. Now many would say, that is a stupid fear, and we have nothing to be afraid of.

    I do hope they are correct, because the same people re-assure us, that he will take over after the next election, that there is no way the present PM can survive.

    As they are so confident in their predictions, we have no option but to bow to their superior knowledge. They must have the ability to see into the future, which sadly we cannot.

    They say we are delusional, if we believe the present PM has any ability whatever. What we are seeing does not exist.

    We must bow to their superiority and and admit that we know nothing and every belief we have is wrong.

    Well that means I believe, we have to accept that Mr. Abbott has all the answers to the needs of this country. The fact that there is no evidence for this belief does not matter. They are right, and we need to follow them.

    The only thing I asked, now that I have given in, is for one tiny little fact, why Mr. Abbott will be a better leader. Just one.

    I do hope I wake up from this nightmare.

  27. I think the best sorry I heard expressed was on the Closer TV show, when Chief Brenda Johnson in one episode had to apologise for upsetting the Assistant DA, the FBI and the police Captain or lose her Job.

    If I remember it correctly it went something like this, to the DA I am sorry you are so poor at your job that the suspect went free, to the FBI I am sorry you are so inept that you lost your bribe money and to the police Captain, I am sorry you are so incompetent that you could not get enough evidence to arrest the suspect.

    After she left the Police Chief said tongue in cheek, at least she said sorry.

    I thought it was funny, but Jones will get his just reward some day.
    may the force be with us all

  28. ‘Allo, ‘allo!….five years and the Liberal Party are STILL in opposition!!?…Oh, so sorry about THAT!….Better luck next time, Lib’ fans!…..you’re sure gonna need it!

  29. I tell you what; Lib’ fans….the next time a new public building is to be opened, we’ll let Jonesy “cut the ribbon” to the ablutions block…..he’ll like THAT!

  30. I tell you what Lib’ fans…the next time Tones goes for a ride on a fire engine we’ll all gather at the firehouse gate and sing :” Toot- toot goes the whistle, ding, ding, ding goes the bell…”

  31. I’m sorry that I laughed when someone said that Tones was all smuggle and not much budgie..oh wait a moment, no I’m not. 😀

  32. From the PM,

    “I haven’t spoken to Mr Jones and I don’t intend to,” she told reporters in Launceston.

    Julia most definitely will not be sorry for having made this decision…

  33. Not a half-baked Jones’ style apology, but one from the bottom of his heart.

    You’re stuffed already, Migs. I believe he not only has a heart the size of a pea, it IS a pea. Should I be sorry for all or part of that comment?

    Shane @8.59am, as has BHP.

    Skeptical, love the poem.

    Inga Leanora, roflmao! Spot on.

    ME @11.17, brilliant! Should be played whenever that great tub of lard opens his gob.

    CU @1.59pm. Aaahhh! The Golden Years of middle class welfare, using public money to bail out your brother’s business, underfunding all public infrastructure, taking up residence in Dubya’s backside, demonising refugees, deporting Australian citizens, falsely accusing Indian doctors of terrorism, rewarding corrupt ministers for embezzlement, having Australian citizens tortured in foreign gaols……….sigh.

    Oh for the good old days, none of this namby pamby refurbishing our public infrastructure, funding public education, NBN, NDIS and that sort of nonsense.

    Don’t worry about Liealot, he has a magic wand-all will be well (up that well known creek without a paddle).

    bilko, I also remember that episode and smirked.

  34. Related to:

    (Was unable to comment on the thread as it’s been archived…lovely to read again)

    Thnx libbylodge and Miglo. I didn’t read yer comments…you know me…always hurrying on to other things.

    Libby, simply gorgeous…yer poems grab me.

    Certainly brought back memories.
    Bronk’s been gone for awhile. I still dream of him.
    We still have Emi & Apollo…and the garden…madder than ever.

    Cheers Patricia for the link.

  35. The Abbott of OZ.

    Skeptical…absolutely freakin’ brilliant.

    I read it to my wife and she couldn’t stop larfing.

    Well done. I’m gonna post it on The Political Sword and my Facebook site…giving you the credit of course.


  36. Jane, glad you liked it 😆 😀

    Nas, I am so glad that you and your wife got a larf out of my poem, and I am happy for you to re-post it, although I did post it on TPS about a week ago under my other name “Truth Seeker”, but post are easy to miss when there are so many going up, so I am just happy that you found it here.

    TPS and CW are my the two fav sites and the ones that I post my poems on, and I know that like you and Patricia, there are a few that frequent both.

    I have only been posting for a few months and when I started, I chose different names for different sites. 😳 and it seemed easier to stick with them after I started, so here I am “Skeptical”, and on TPS I am “Truth Seeker”, but the poems are the same!

    Cheers 😆

  37. Ahhh, Truth Seeker…thnx for clearing that up. I do enjoy all yer work. An accomplished poet like Patricia, TT, Migs, TB and Libby…a few others of course.

    Good stuff.

    It was great to have a good larf with Stace a week after her operation…gracias!

    Keep up the top work…highly imaginative…superb, well-timed wit.


  38. Skeptical, that was a delight to read. We have both ends of the spectrum here: your brilliant post at the top, and el gordo’s dribble at the bottom.

  39. Nas, I knew that Stace was recuperating after an op, that’s why I was so glad that you were both able to have a good larf.
    Give her my best for a speedy recovery.
    I have not had much time to post or write lately, but I have been following yours on TPS, you have been very prolific of late, very informative on a variety of subjects, keep up the great work.

    Cheers 😀

  40. Roswell, thanks for your kind words. It’s such a shame that the trolls don’t seem to have a sense of humour or creativity, although they can be very creative with their lies and spin.
    To quote Maxwell Smart….”If only they used their powers for niceness instead of evil”! 👿

    Cheers 😆 😆

  41. Hey Skeptical – now that you’re “outed”, perhaps it’s worth considering using the same moniker on TPS & CW? Save a little confusion for those of us who read across both blogs?

    Love yer work btw 😉

  42. Bacchus, thanks for your kind words, and I did “out” myself a while ago on CW and considered just using the one moniker, but as I was already getting some feedback on both blogs under the different monikers I thought it would be better to keep using both.

    Maybe I could join them together and call myself “Skeptical Truth Seeker”, or maybe not!

    I do prefer Truth Seeker, but would appreciate some more feedback from you and all those who have been reading my poems.

    Cheers 😕 😉 😀

  43. You want some feedback? Here’s some for you: you’re a poetic genius. Your poems bring much delight and humour to the blog. Keep up the good work.

    Was that RN I saw? Our old friend from long ago.

  44. Migs, Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, and I appreciate it greatly, but I was after feedback relating to the confusion about my monikers, and whether I should just use one for both CW and TPS?

    Unfortunately my hangover is getting the better of me, so I will have to retire for the night, will check back tomorrow.

    Cheers :mrgreen: 😐 😯

  45. Well, Skeptical, can we expect you to be bright and chirpy tomorrow once you’ve shaken off the hangover? :mrgreen:

    As far as your blogging identity goes, that’s your call. However, some people might read a poem of yours here or at TPS and think that it was stolen from the other or either blog by you or your TPS identity.

    I’d be interested to see what you decide.

  46. Thnx Truth Seeker/Skeptical…appreciate yer supportive comments.

    I will pass yer kind words onto Stacey.

    BTW, top job with yer posts and running the blog.

    I do mean to get here more often…but for some reason I keep having to check into WordPress.

    I do read most posts tho…and LIKE and SHARE them. 🙂

    Many top comments.


  47. Hi Nas,

    I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments yet but I get the drift that Stacey has not been 100% lately. I do hope she’s on the way to recovery.

    Could you please pass on our best wishes from all here at the Cafe?


  48. Migs, “sorry” but after about 4 hours sleep I am neither Bright or chirpy, rather dim and grumpy, but you get that.
    Not good when you’ve got to drive into Brizy from the Sunny Coast later, but you get that too. “Sorry”
    At least I am able to stay on theme. “sorry”

    I will ponder my blogging ID over the next week or so, as we are heading down to Sydney for a week, from Sunday, for my youngest daughters wedding, so will have some time to think and write hopefully, but as a result, wont be able to peruse your great work much, if at all. “Sorry”

    Cheers 😦

  49. Agree Miglo, Skeptical is genius – keep them coming Skeptical. Great humour!

    Yes Miglo, its RN of old. MIA for some time and deeply sorry for that!

  50. Great post Migs. I know it was mainly satirical, but the great underlying message I reckon (aside from making us laugh at the sudden onset of ‘apologomania’) was to draw attention to a lot of moral equivalence being practised by the Right – ie the ‘they do it too’ defence. Lately we’ve seen all the expected ratbag fringe comments by Bob Ellis, Catherine Deveny, Marieke Hardy etc trotted out, with no consideration at all of (a) the frequency & severity of the remarks, (b) the reaction by fellow travellers or (c) how central they are to the political movements to which they are linked. That’s the thing about this Jones outrage – it looks awful on all these indicators.

  51. Hi Min,
    glad to see the gang still here! Reading the comments on this thread makes me reslise what I have been missing. Intelligent & clever as ever.

  52. Hello!…We’re the people of Australia and we’re sorry you didn’t use a “political franger”!

  53. Skeptical! No need to apologise for that! How ever did you manage those first line double rhymes consistently throughout! I’m sorry I can’t compete!

    ME, I’m truly sorry that I did a double take and asked myself, “Is that really Elton John?” Because I honestly had forgotten that he once looked like that. What a beautiful man, then and now. What talent too, not just in music. Remember what a considerable sportsman he was, football, tennis………generous with his money and supporter of great causes ……….and an honest man too. I bet he is a great dad to son, Zachary, with his partner of decades now, David Furnish.

    Not sorry you linked to that, ME. I’ve just enjoyed a trip down memory lane, thinking about Marilyn Monroe and Princess Di particularly. And I’m all for Oz becoming a Republic!

  54. Nas’ glad Stacey is getting better. Give her my best and a big pat on the back for you for being such a good carer.

  55. Patricia, thank you for your gracious words, you are most kind, but I am sorry, you stand tall amongst the best! 😀


  56. I’m sorry . . . from the bottom of my heart for even mentioning Min & Alan Jones in the same sentence 😳

    (On Café Talk X thread)

  57. We absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your post’s to be exactly I’m looking for.
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    I wouldn’t mind producing a post or elaborating on most of the subjects you write with regards to here. Again, awesome web log!

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