Oh the arrogance of the high and mighty

This story in the Brisbane Times tells us the not too unexpected news that “a defiant 2GB boss has refused to distance himself from Alan Jones despite the mass walk out of major advertisers in response to the broadcaster’s fudged apology to Julia Gillard on Sunday“.

Oh, so it was the fudged apology. Thank goodness for that. For a brief moment I thought it might have actually been the sewer-dredging speech Jones delivered when he attacked Julia Gillard for ‘causing’ the death of her father.

I’m glad we’ve sorted that bit out. At least we know where 2GB stand.

It’s OK for their putrid pin-up boy to keep squealing that the PM should be tossed out to sea in a chaff bag or agree to her being guillotined, or to delve even deeper into his horrid bag of pus by linking her to her father’s death – while they sit back and rake in the advertising dollars – but to fudge up an apology has them startled:

Asked for his response to the desertion of advertisers and sponsors from the station, Russell Tate, the chief executive of 2GB’s owner Macquarie Radio Network, said: “When there’s a response it will be between me and my sales team and our individual advertisers. The relationship with advertisers is a private one and a commercial one. There won’t be a response, there isn’t one and that’s the end of it.”

That was only a teaser. Consider this arrogant bile:

Asked if the 71-year-old could be expected to address the issue again, Mr Tate repeated “Alan will be back as planned on air tomorrow morning. I suggest you listen.”

That’s the problem, you idiot. People have been listening to him.

And they don’t like what they hear so they want him to shut up.

If people such as yourself don’t shut him up then expect the backlash to keep growing. Get off your high horse and take a look at what’s happening in the social media.

The arrogant high and mighty are no longer immune.

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  1. I listened carefully to Jones yesterday. He stated that he was only repeating what he had been hearing all day.

    He also denied he created or was the first to used, JULIAR. The circles he was moving in were Liberal.

    Now listenting to Drum. Making out Jones is not so bad, does lots of good work. The outrage is not real. Same people will be outraged about something else tomorrow.

    All spin of Labor, I supposed. It is the Labor trolls to blame.

    Abbott does not have problem with women.

    Yes, it is all Labor’s fault.

  2. You have to have a conscience and some sort of decency to give a shit and apparently these bastards don’t. The only thing that hurts these mongrels is their hip pocket nerve. They really are poison to our society as a whole.

  3. We all have to maintain the rage and the pressure on the sponsors or this mob of scum bags will get away unscathed, unrepentant and back to their old tricks.

    I still find myself enraged when I think of how that maggot twisted a father’s concern for his daughter into a gutless, vicious attack on her by accusing her of causing his death.

    Particularly as the lies and abuse the Maggot has been heaping on her would have been one of the things upsetting the PM’s parents and who knows may have hastened John Gillard’s death?

    What parent wouldn’t be concerned if their child was publicly accused of lying by a revolting creep who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the bum?

    I repeat; he is a maggot and we should be applying Mortein.

  4. I repeat; he is a maggot and we should be applying Mortein.

    Perhaps an organochlorine mix would be more appropriate jane – maybe a cocktail of DDT, chlordane, dieldrin, aldrin and heptachlor. Let’s make sure the maggot can never rise again 😈

  5. …from above link….
    “Rob McCasker is a former radio programmer and now freelance writer, here he gives his perspective on Alan Jones controversial comments about the Prime Minister, reported here.

    Alan Jones is cunning. Far too smart to give a speech without knowing he’ll be reported and recorded.

    His address to the Young Liberals was a lesson in just how shrewd this man is and how he manipulates media in this country.

    Firstly Jones would never say those things about the prime minister’s father on his daily radio show.”

  6. Frankly, I don’t care if Jones continues to rant and snort on air…his audience will diminish…as will his influence…and advertisers will be wary of backlashes due to his unpredictable attitude of late…he has become a verbal timebomb…and few I imagine want to be at ground zero.

    The listeners are probably rusted on folk with some backward, archaic and extremist views…Jones provides them with their daily glass of bile…oft bitter and envious people unwilling to move beyond their apathetic state of mind where life is defined by black and white answers…and fear & loathing.

    Jones serves a sad purpose…but that purpose grows less useful…and far less important as generations of audiences search for more complex answers…less hype, exaggeration and blowhard anger. And unenlightened views sometimes pushed for sheer naked monetary gain…and political point scoring.

    As the public becomes more informed & empowered via the internet, higher education, publicly funded and independent media, TAFE etc…the less influence Jones will have…

    particularly if politicians do the right thing…and ignore the snorting bull who has now shrunk in the eyes of THE MANY.


  7. Disagree with what Jones said , very poor form to drag the deceased into such
    dialogues. But its over now and continuation is also disrespectful.
    All the attention will perhaps only increase the Allan Jones ratings.

  8. Other “High and Mighty” should apologise too. It seems that Alan Jones got the message from Bob Ellis who coincidentally is a speech writer to Bob Carr http://www.ellistabletalk.com/2012/09/12/the-real-julia-stripped-bare/
    “Julia Gillard’s oft-boasted ‘steely resolve’ has been tested lately, and she has failed to show it every time.

    She fled an important conference, and a meeting with Hillary Clinton, because three of her soldiers had died by gunfire in a war, and went not to the warfront but Canberra. She fled an important conference, and a meeting with Vladimir Putin, because her father had died at 83, and went home weeping to Adelaide.

    Leaving a battlefield because of a dear one’s death is not what she lets our soldiers do. They must stay, and fight on till battle’s end.

    Yet she thinks she is different somehow. She is allowed her tears and her time off, playing hookey from her national obligations, her duty.

    The latest conference had a day to run. The funeral wouldn’t occur for about five days. There was time to get home and comfort her mum before then. Her sister was on hand, doing this already. Many Australians overseas when a parent dies don’t get to the funeral. That is the way things go sometimes.

    But not for Gillard. She is what Schwarzenegger might call a ‘girly man’. She goes AWOL.”


  9. And as it is in Twitter in come the straw men from the right. You see it’s all about Gillard and Labor, nothing to do with Abbott and his right wing mouthpieces that have lowered the discourse to below the gutter and into the sewers.

    But it’s a sure sign the wingnuts are being defensive and in being so proving the points being made against Jones, Abbott and the right in general.

  10. From my perspective , I have never seen such a low cowardly attack on an elected leader, in my lifetime. It’s appalling. Not once has that maggot jones said sorry, the need would not have been there is he had not opened his festering gob in the first place ! I hope this vile man fades away to nothing , back to the cesspool that he emerged from.

  11. Thanks Tony for illustrating something for me.

    Across the Interwebs and other media I have seen there has been an ALMOST universal condemnation of Alan Jones and against 2GB for backing Alan Jones.

    Why there is an ALMOST universal condemnation is that after an initial long period of silence there has been a lack of or there’s a conditional reserved condemnation by the right, whose main reaction it seems has been to throw in lots of straw men of look over there at Gillard, Labor and the Left, but very little outright condemnation of Jones, with several endorsing what Jones said and calling Gillard weak.

    The furphy of free speech has been bought up by more than one on the right and the reason it’s a furphy is that they only cry free speech when it’s someone of the right stating the abuse or slander, when it’s on the other foot they sue as Abbott did and got awarded compensation for his hurt.

  12. But its over now and continuation is also disrespectful.

    It is not over – it has just begun. This Country is demonstrating that there are community standards – an idiot has breached them on a repetitive basis. The only respect Jones deserves is to be packed off into retirement where he can find the true meaning of the work irrelevance (I would also suggest he stay out of toilet blocks) with his Order of Australia being stripped from him.

    The reactions of commercial enterprises like Freedom, Woolworths and Challenger demonstrate that community standards have been breached. It also demonstrates the morals and ethics of those that are supporting Jones here and elsewhere are sinking fast. The reason for the moral outrage is clear – how would the the one justifying Jones and the one criticising Gillard above feel if a vindictive and nasty person made a comment at an event suggesting that they cause their loved father’s death less than a month ago on top of a prior history of vicious name calling and bullying?

    Let this be a lesson to those that preach “win and all costs” within the community. Australia has drawn the line in the sand. We are a society – a society looks after those who are vulnerable or less well off than your are. It is not “all about me”. Abbott’s two year dummy spit because he can’t negotiate or compromise is rapidly falling apart at the seams. You will be thumped down because ignorance and fear do not win. Romney and the US Tea Party will apparently be learning the same lesson come November.

  13. But its over now and continuation is also disrespectful

    How many times can these shrieking violents overstep the mark with another putrid attack on the PM, issue a totally insincere ‘apology’, and then we get told to move on, it’s all over.

    As has been highlighted, jones ‘apologized’ for the chaff bag remark, then bid on one. His apology, as piss weak as it was, means NOTHING. He has proven that.

    We need to keep the pressure on the sponsors of 2g whatever and any other station that condones this level of vitriolic abuse on a regular occasion.

    This is not simply a ‘my bad’ moment, this is where the line needs to be drawn. jones has had numerous ‘my bad’ moments, and he hasn’t learnt. It is time for the lesson. It is a lesson tabot or the libs are obviously unwilling to dish out, so the people as a whole will/are. If the ‘leaders’ (such as they are) won’t lead, then common sense and decency will have to.

    And yes, this is directly reflective of the liberal party as a whole. It was at a liberal party PUBLIC function. A place where people wanting to join the liberal party were invited to attend. It was attended by sitting liberal members, and aspirational liberal leaders. And this is what they got. Directions in abuse of the PM.

    To not address this directly indicates to me that the liberal party is not adverse to this kind of behavior. I can already see tabots interview this morning “I’ve said all I am going to say on this matter” then the runner

  14. Tom and,

    How many times can these shrieking violents overstep the mark with another putrid attack on the PM, issue a totally insincere ‘apology’, and then we get told to move on, it’s all over.

    Because it is obvious that the motivation was to vilify the PM as a person. This is not attacking the politics, this is attacking the person and as such is the lowest form of public commentary.

    There is no apology where there is no sincerity. It is also obvious that given the next available opportunity, that Jones would repeat his actions – and gleefully so.

    We are then told to “get over it” which is an attempt to regain power. A tried and true tactic to make the person offended seem insignificant – in this case it’s the public and the Australia-wide campaign.

    Jones will never change his behaviour because it brings him notoriety and thus is a HUGE ego-massage for him.

  15. Abbott problem is if the public starts seeing the PM as a real person, a caring person, his campaign of the last three years is sunk.

    It is based wholly on Ju-liar and her being incompetent. It is based on the demonisation of the PM.

    There is no other weapons in his bag. He believed he did not need any, that bullying would rule the days.

    The scare tactics have reached their used by date.

    The PM, herself predicted that this would occur, if she stayed focus and kept delivering.

    We are seeing the death throes of Abbott’s campaign. What is not apparent, is what Abbott is going to do from now on.

  16. Good to see Combet give Maggott a serve on ABC this morning. There is such an arrogance in these people that it is hard to even watch them open their disgusting mouths for fear of what might spew out next. They are obviously victims now!!!

  17. Yes Patricia, as Jones did in his non-apology by turning it into being about him as the victim, so the right are now doing it as well in throwing in lots of straw men.

    What gets me about Jones’s attacks on Gillard is they were all framed around her being a liar and how bad that was thus disqualifying her as a leader. Yet Jones lied many times having being caught out and having the lies exposed, but apparently those lies were justified as they were attempting to bring down someone who putatively lied just once. So now Abbott, Jones and the rest of the Liberal Party apparatchiks and mouthpieces can lie as often and as extensively as they want, even putting out worse lies than the putative one they condemn, because of that supposed lie.

    If anyone can justify the logic in that then their thinking is more twisted than I’m capable of.

  18. Cu, and it’s well worth repeating and with a resounding YES!!

    Abbott problem is if the public starts seeing the PM as a real person, a caring person, his campaign of the last three years is sunk.

    It is based wholly on Ju-liar and her being incompetent. It is based on the demonisation of the PM.

    This is precisely what we have been saying, that the Labor media people need to promote Julia the person to the hilt. Notice how whenever Julia receives good publicity that the Libs and their media supporters immediately swing into action with negativity and indeed ridicule…one example being President Obama’s visit which the msm turned into a headliner named The Audacity of the Grope.

  19. Surely this latest debacle should turn the stomachs of most free thinking Australians and the panic button close to being hit. The thought of Abbott leading this country must now be of real concern to anyone with half a brain. He would be a total disaster on a world stage.

  20. We need to remember that it is more than three weeks ago, in QT, that the complaints that Abbott was being treated unfairly and was a victim began to arise.

    Last Saturday week was a Liberal stunt that has gone wrong or them, horribly wrong.

    They seem at lost, as to what to do next. The arsenal is now bare indeed. He has no more arrows left to fire.

  21. I don’t think that we’ve had this link as yet, from David Penberthy and the Daily Telegraph.

    THE motto by which Alan Jones lives his life is unravelling. The qualities he trades on – blind loyalty, fear and commercial power – no longer function.

    Towards the end of his life he is flailing about like some deposed Eastern European dictator, demanding respect and fairness when he has displayed little, claiming victimhood when he has engaged in an act of victimisation which even by his standards sets an abysmal new low.


  22. Patricia, I agree. Abbott has aligned himself with Jones and the shock-jock crowd and once again does minimal to distance himself with Ditch the Witch boganistic commentary. Tony, you bought it now you have to wear it…

  23. Tom, according to Abbott and his ilk, that is only telling the truth. So is calling her a liar and much worse

    Telling the PM she is responsible for deaths and has a cross on her forehead, is also not personal abuse or slurs.

    Of course he gave himself a escape option. Kept saying as far as humanly possible, and he makes mistakes.

    No, Mr. Abbott is above personal slurs. How could we think otherwise of him.

    Maybe the reason they reporters stopped asking questions on this matter, they were too busy shaking their heads, or were still catching their breath as what he said. He got away before they woke up and were able to ask questions.

  24. And..

  25. But its over now and continuation is also disrespectful

    There’s a lot in that. It’s one of the better cons if you can get away with it. It fits the standard so well represented by Abbott; yes you caught me but only after you caught me I said I’m sorry but since I’ve said I’m sorry that’s that. There’ll be no consequences , & next time you catch me…
    It also seeks to drag in the victim; it’s your fault, you know, that this regrettable incident’s being dragged out. It makes you look bad…
    It has the ring of high church sophistry about it (no offence intended to genuine & sincere practitioners here); do something, utter the requisite mea culpa or whatever. You’re OK now so you can go out & do it all again.

  26. Good stuff Miglo. Too frequently we let this kind of thing slide but what worries me is that we’re unlikely to see the end of Alan Jones. It’s also pretty telling that not once has Alan Jones given the Prime Minister an unqualified apology that includes the words “I’m sorry” or “I apologise”. And it’s also telling of the Liberal Party and their attitudes as they back Jones and say they’ll continue to appear on his radio show.

  27. Bacchus
    and how can someone guilty by the broadcasting authority of inciting a riot – the cronulla riots – have an Order of Australia
    ‘SHOCKJOCK Alan Jones and Sydney Lebanese leader Keysar Trad have both failed in their attempts to overturn a tribunal decision that Jones comments about Lebanese Muslims just days before the Cronulla riots in 2005 incited racial hatred. ‘
    the original story

  28. Alex, any apology would be hollow. The only thing which will stop Alan Jones is as per the petitions, that is to name and shame the sponsors which give support to him. I was pleased to note that some sponsors were unaware that 2GB had placed their adverts into an Alan Jones time slot – these sponsors have told 2GB *don’t*.

  29. Wixxy @ 10:10pm. Thanks mate. I read the article and couldn’t help but think WTF? Couldn’t find much else to say but knew it would be a good talking point.

  30. Patricia @ 10:28. Their arrogance has them thinking they’re above all criticism. Their arrogance also has them believing their hip pocket is immune to anything.

  31. Voyager @ 4:03.

    Your comment shows that it’s people from both the left and the right condemn what Jones said.

    The rest of your comment might be true, but I hope it isn’t. 😉

  32. treeman, soldiers get compassionate leave in the event of the death of a family member.

    Your crass and spiteful remark wrt the death of the PM’s father shows what a jerk you are, not what a wimp she is. Just because you don’t give a toss about a death in your family, doesn’t mean others have to follow your revolting example.

    Bacchus @12.14pm, I agree. A cocktail of the most toxic chemicals is what’s needed.

  33. Alan Jones did not apologise according to this article.
    This in the Fairfax press.

    How sincere is that apology?

    “There was no offer made, there was no indication that he’s changing his behaviour,” Dr Juan said.
    “And from Alan Jones’s show this morning, and his audience’s reaction, they practically egged him on to do it again.
    “You know: ‘Good on you mate, keep going.’

    Julie Fitness … a sincere apology could work like “magic”. Photo: Domino Postiglione
    “There’s hardly much of a sincere apology in that.
    “In an insincere apology, there is quite often characterising of oneself as the victim and Jones did that a lot; that he was the person who really should be apologised to because of all this vitriol that came to him.
    “All of this is to cover up one’s own indiscretion and making oneself out to be the victim.”

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/how-sincere-is-that-apology-20121002-26x0r.html#ixzz287k1BDsQ

  34. There has never been unconditional free speech.

    There have always been law of defamation and libel.

    One is not free to lie at will.

    Free speech, comes with responsibilities, as do all rights in society.

    A civil society, requires all to behave in a civil manner.

    That is important if one considers themselves civilised.

    History shows that every generation moves away from being uncivilised.

  35. While I’m told that 2GB breakfast is the best rating radio show in Sydney with around 15% of the market – because I’m not from Sydney, does anyone want to have a stab at what the “market” is? I doubt it would be everyone in the city as there would be a number of people on public transport, without access to a radio, don’t have the radio on etc at the time.

    The reason I ask is with close to 90,000 signing the e-Petition to discipline Alan Jones – does that mean that for everyone that listens to the clown – another person wants him to get off the air.

  36. 2335, it is said that the audience that Jones attracts are not likely to vote Labor anyway and is overvalued as carrying political weight.

    There are greater audiences that are nation wide, that Mr. Abbott refuses to go on. I am talking about the many ABC shows available.

    We have Ellis raised as an excuse by the Opposition to say what they like.

    Has anyone heard any Labor person who has supported Ellis comments.

    There have been many that condemn him. That is the difference in the two incidents. Yes, Ellis is out of place, and Labor has told him so. Jones is out of place, and the Opposition still support him.

    it is a long time since Ellis has carried any weight in Labor.

    That figure is fast approaching 100.000

    Jones, in reality carries little weigh today. Remember Mr. Abbott’s revolution, that Jones was to deliver. Crowds did not eventuated.

    What did, were mostly elderly and I suspect self superannuated. People that did well out of Howard, at the expense of full pensioners and other that relied on benefits.

    Jones now appeals to a narrow section of society.

    Abbott would serve his cause better to return to the ABC and other outlets that cover a wider sections of society.

    it would be terrific to know the age of those signing the petition.

    PS. For all the condemnation Slipper received today, he got what he wanted, for the matter to go straight to mediation.

    I believe the matter will be settled tomorrow. Mainly because the government has quarantined the matter. Slipper is not Ashby’s employer.

  37. PS. Ashby has threatened more emails, that put a question mark over Slipper’s sexuality. Is that a matter that should be before the court.

    I feel that Slipper had been advise not to turn up today, for good legal reasons.

    Slipper was not accused of doing anything criminaL or illegal. He was only accused of bad manners.

  38. Alan Jones has lost his bid to overturn a tribunal decision which found he incited hatred of Lebanese Muslims during comments made on air in 2005.

    The controversial broadcaster and his employer Harbour Radio appealed against a 2009 decision by the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal which found he “incited hatred, serious contempt and severe ridicule of Lebanese Muslims” during comments made on air in April 2005.


  39. CU – thanks for the information on Jones.

    Regarding Slipper – the Commonwealth has admitted liability in the case – so its questionable what the use for further action is (unless Ashby reckons he can bury Slipper on behalf of Abbott).

  40. 2353. Just guessing on my part. That seems to be what they are saying.

    What is clear, the judge has been saying all along that there is not much to the case.

  41. 2353
    Ashby was supposed to bury slipper months ago. funny we haven’t heard anything from steve lewis for quite some time either. hiding?
    so the last throw of the dice for the coalition is their angel, kathy jackson. but thomson charges haven’t eventuated so far.

  42. Good to see the success of the Alan Jones / 2GB sponsor petition at change.org. Up to almost 100,000 signatures as of this moment. That’s one Australian out of every 220 who’ve signed. A really quite phenomenal effort which I suggest will make the textbooks of the future that teach about social / internet activism. Hard to imagine that sponsors (the dwindling number who’ve so far stayed with him) will be able to ignore this very evident public backlash. I’m sure those that do decide to stay will be noted by many.

  43. Good to see the success of the Alan Jones / 2GB sponsor petition at change.org. Up to almost 100,000 signatures as of this moment.

    I wonder if Iain Hall’s signature is on it. 😉

  44. It appears when a majority make statements, or sign petitions, against Jones and his ilk, it is mob rule. When a few hundred turn up at a protest, a PM should resign,

    It appears that when Abbott states his daily scare exercise, he is doing his duty. When the Labor objects strongly to the actions of Jones and his ilk, they are playing politics.

    It is amazing that in this country, any government would involve themselves in politics. Amazing that any government would take action to defend themselves.

    If Labor did not involve themselves in politics, they would be accused of having no political nous.

    It is time to get real. The name of the game is politics. Both sides do and should play it.

    A PM is not the same as an American President., A PM is the head of the party or group of people who have the numbers to form government on the floor of the lower house. The USA president is also head of state, Which means he has to be mindful of that fact and act in a way that is above politics.

    The moral outrage at this time of the Opposition is a little precious. They are accusing Labor of playing the game hard.

    The problem for the Opposition, is that the PM is also competent in playing politics as hard and one will see in the future, as successful as Mr. Abbott, the Opposition leader.

    What has occurred, is that the Opposition’s political strategy of demonising the PM has come unstuck, It has rebounded on them with ferocity.

    There seems to be a large numbers of people, or as the Opposition portrays them, a large mob that is saying, it has to stop.

    It will be interesting to see where Abbott goes from now on,

    We know what Jones intends, he is upping the ante with a more intense attack on the PM. His actions leaves those who advertise on his show, no alternative but to walk.

  45. It will be interesting what Ashby has to say for himself. Ashby has not appeared at all, at court, up to this time. A fact overlooked by many.

    The question I hope will be explained today is what was he doing in that bedroom.

    By the way, that I believe, is not the workplace.

  46. The PM is now on. The PM began by thanking all for their supporting her and her family during this time of grief. Once again, acting in a gracious manner we expect from out PM’s no matter their political colour.

    First question about Jones, which by the way she addresses as Mr. Jones.

    Refusing to engage. Does not stop media asking questions.

    Now talking about the economy. A economy by the way that has been growing for 21 years, despite who is in power, who is PM and the state of the world economy.

    It has been protected during the fiver years of Labor government.

    Economy to grow at trend. Pointed out once again how the rest of the world is travelling. Yes, there are challenges, that they have been managing.

    Mentioned all infrastructure that she has or is putting in place,

    Pushing NBNco.

    Thinks economy has great future. Green clean food and broadband. Tasmania is what she is talking about. Believes they have a great future.

    Pointing out that this state government is working at increasing skills etc. I assume comparison is being made with states that are cutting back in this field.

    Growth in exports, low inflation, triple AAA fro three agencies. Have to keep building for tomorrow.

    Banks should be lowering rates. Stated how much family have saved on mortgage payments.

    Many positives, that are real.

    Will not go on his show again. No interest in his apology.

    NPC. Attacks on uni funding. Education quality.

  47. Miglo, to clarify my point, those attempting to silence Alan Jones and to smear Tony Abbott by association are hypocrites in spades. Here’s a summary for you in case you missed it!
    “Foreign Minister Bob Carr demands that Abbott apologises to Julia Gillard for unacceptable remarks by someone not even a Liberal, yet is silent when Bob Ellis, his long-time speechwriter, accuses Gillard of shedding girly tears and playing hooky by going home weeping after her father’s death.

    Immigration Minister Chris Bowen berates Jones for appalling comments but dismisses as a mere diversion his wife last month retweeting a text noting Jones was just eight years short of the average lifespan and sighing: “Patience my pretties.”

    The ABC has staged a hysterical group hate of Jones, yet ABC host Jonathan Green tweets Alan Jones to die contemptible and alone.

    Regular ABC guest Catherine Deveny can urge a sponsors’ boycott of Jones, yet tweets homophobic sneers at him – and still gets column space at The Age after saying of its former editor I hope he gets a . . e cancer.

    Labor can demand Liberals no longer appear on Jones’s show, despite being led by a woman whose staff whipped up a mini-race riot on Australia Day to falsely frame Abbott as a racist.

    Labor can sanctimoniously accuse Abbott of inciting Jones’ rudeness, yet have had a national president, Carmen Lawrence, endorse in writing a Rock Against Howard CD with tracks such as John Howard is a Filthy Slut and Gun Him Down.

    No abuse of Liberal leaders has been too extreme for the Left now feigning shock over Jones”

  48. Jane, you missed the point. It was not my statement but a quote from Bob Ellis, Bob Carr’s speechwriter! Got a bit of toxic cocktail for Bob have you?

  49. On the subject of High and Mighty…how interesting that Michael Williamson was arrested today on 20 charges. In case you all missed it Williamson is a former labor Party President but we wouldn’t want to smear anyone by association would we now?

  50. Treeman, we not only did not miss it. We commented last night that it was to occur.

    Now why would this surprise us, as we have been expecting this for some time. We have also said the number of guilty would widen.

    Sorry to disappoint you, should read before leaping in. Now, maybe you can tell us, what this police action has to do with Mr. Thomson.

    In fact ,many here were expecting the charges to relate to older allegations against Mr. Williamson. That has not occurred.

    By the way, how does it affect the PM and the government.

    Once again no charges against Mr. Thomson. None from the police. NOne from FWA. Not saying there will not be, but none up to this time.

  51. Treeman, it is many moons, in fact decades since Ellis has carried any weight in Labor.

    He was not supported in the comments he made a month ago. Most seen him as being so insignificant, that no comment is or was needed.

    I believe that Pickering and Ellis might be suffering from the same complaint.

    By the way, back in the distant past, I had respect for both men. Both were good in their field.

  52. Treeman, I believe your gotcha moments are falling flat.

    Most here read widely before they comment. They follow the relevant issues closely.

    You, I am afraid, underestimate them.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,

  53. CU
    yes the arrest as was blogged last night and true to form as predicted kathy j reckons she is vindicated. however as we have read there is more in common with williamson and jackson then there is with williamson and thomson.
    kathy’s own private companies are an even closer possible fraudulent action with the union than williamson’s wifes company.

  54. What is a fact, this arrest has absolutely to do with Mr. Thomson. For Mr. Abbott to infer today it has, is wrong. Mr. Abbott know this but does not care.

  55. Wonder what the words were to those songs that Mr. Jones said raised such jolitarity at that infamous dinner,

    Noticed they have not yet reached the net.

  56. CU, I made no inferences above as to Thomson or the government and you miss or choose to ignore my point about Ellis. Carrying weight has nothing to do with ones ability to smear with impunity and Ellis, Deveney, Lawrence et al have published in their forums and via social media with far worse venom than Jones’ utterances. I’m not making excuses for Jones, merely pointing out that far worse has been written about Liberal leaders by leftist commentators. You’re probably quite right about Pickering and Ellis suffering the same complaint, their websites seem a little unstable at times…
    You say “many here were expecting the charges to relate to older allegations against Mr. Williamson” Can you detail all the charges laid today or guarantee that Thomson will not be charged eventually? We only have his statement to the press that “This issue today isn’t about me, it’s about far more recent events at the HSU than when I was there”
    For mine, the nature of the charges is what is most disturbing. Whether the events were recent or back in the 20th century is beside the point.

  57. Treeman, as for Thomson being charged eventually. If you took the time to read my comment, that has been covered.

    The arrest of Williamson changes little.

    There are many more to come.

    This is something I said two years or more ago. There would be many more in strife when this is over than Mr. Thomson,

    None of this can affect Thomson, since it has all occurred since he left the union. Yes, Williamson it is alleged that Williamson is a crook. So what. There are crooks on all sides of politics.

    What is important, the institutions put into place to deal with crooks are working.

    Your attempt to incriminate by association is falling a little flat, especially here. Most are well aware of all the ins and outs of this matter. It is far from black and white, as you would like to infer.

    Treeman, you are free to keep trying, but suggest if you want some results, go elsewhere.

    Guilt by association is all you have.

  58. Quick summary of charges laid to day, relate to interfering in police investigations and providing false documents to the Tembry enquiry.

    There are five others, that is alleged that Williamson used to destroy records.

    These charges have allowed the police to search the home of Williamson.

    There is a belief that documents have been destroy but police believe they now have most.

    I believe there are twenty charges in all, at this stage. I understand there are more to be laid. I believe,that the investigations are continuing. I understand the investigations relating to these charges have meant that the earlier investigations have been put on hold.

    If convicted, Mr. Williamson could be facing up to seven years in prison.

    What many here expected last night, that the charge would relate to dealings the union had with Mr. Williamson wife. That has not occurred.

    Nothing there that involves Thomson.

  59. Would like to point out to Pyne, getting the numbers for Mr.Abbott’s revolution turned out to be impossible. This is a impromptu petition, that has taken on a life of its own.

    Mr Pyne also dismissed the social media backlash against Jones, with a petition against him attracting more than 100,000 supporters.

    ”I do think people place far too much store in the significance and importance of social media,” Mr Pyne said. It was not hard to get 100,000 people to like a particular Facebook site, he said. ”I am sure there are 100,000 people out there who don’t like Alan Jones – there’s probably a great deal more who don’t like Christopher Pyne.”


  60. Oh, how shocking,

    Controversial Liberal senator Cory Bernardi said in a video on YouTube that Ms Gillard had compared Tony Abbott to Jack the Ripper.

    ”As we’ve seen over the last few weeks, if you’re from the left side of politics it appears you can say almost anything without condemnation. But this rule does not seem to apply [for] those from the right.”


  61. CU

    note the last sentence

    ‘Mr Thomson, who has been suspended from the Labor Party, told AAP that Williamson’s arrest didn’t come as a surprise.

    But he said police had not spoken to him in relation to the hindering of investigations and he was not one of the five people of interest.

    “Quite clearly that’s not me,” he said.

    Police had not spoken to him about the broader fraud investigation, he said, noting he left the union nearly five years ago.’

    Well it’s a bit silly of Abbott to say Gillard should not be relying on Thomson’s vote. And it’s as about as silly as the news media with their Thomson sugar rush.

  62. “there’s probably a great deal more who don’t like Christopher Pyne.”

    Well true but probably not enough who find Pyne would have enough public recognition as to bother to start a petition to say so.

  63. Sue, today’s police action has nothing to do with Thomson, or the PM for that matter.

    Mr. Abbott is once again spreading a lie, to back up his attack.

    Does not appear to worry him.

    Yes, maybe Pyne should start a similar petition supporting Mr. Jones, id it is so easy to do, and means nothing.

    Maybe we should do it for him.

    Any trolls willing to take up the challenge. Not hard to do I believe.

  64. ……..there’s probably a great deal more who don’t like Christopher Pyne.”

    That’s an odds on certainty.

  65. CU
    You’re a prickly one! My only attempt to associate by inference was a rhetorical question! How do you know my inference is black and white as to the ins and outs of these matters? Second guessing is like sawing sawdust, a complete waste of energy.
    One thing is for sure, we agree that this saga is unfolding and has a ways to go. As to “the institutions put into place to deal with crooks are working” Too bad it’s taken so long. Isn’t obstruction from On High a wonderful thing?

  66. How long has it taken to get Mr. Jones to make that apology that occurred back in the days of the Cronulla riots. Long investigations are not unknown in our system.

    Yes, I am prickly, when I believe that issues are going to be twisted to mean other than what they are.

    I was proven correct, when one looks at Abbotts response in two issues today. Thomson and Slipper.

    Yes it is disgrace that a union man acts so corrupt. Especially one that has risen so high in the Labor and Union movement.

    Still he is innocent until proven guilty under our law. This should be respected. There is plenty of time for outrage when that occurs.

  67. Cu and your quote from the SMH,

    ”I do think people place far too much store in the significance and importance of social media,” Mr Pyne said.

    Especially when it’s against you, otherwise the social media would be a reflection of the opinions of “ordinary Australians”.

  68. Anyone would think it should have been Alan Jones who was arrested today from
    some of the recent posts here.
    But no it was Mr M Williamson , I wonder how Mr C Thomson is going to sleep
    tonight. Did Craig Thomson also have ‘a Credit Card provided and paid by the
    Printer’? I think that has been well quoted in the Media – but was it the
    Left or Right Wing media?
    Oh – this is so much more interesting than Alan Jones.
    It is about Honesty, Proprietry and the root of Labor Idelogy – a Union looking
    after its members.

  69. I believe that Mr. Thomson would sleep well tonight, as this is nothing to do with him. It is six years since he left the union.

    No one is sticking up for Mr. Williamson. I am sure that all here believe if his guilty, he deserves all he gets.

    What has that got to do with the outcry against Mr. Jones, who by the way, also bought it on himself.

    No one has ever said that there are crooks, or in this case, still alleged crook within Labor.

    Are you suggesting that the PM is responsible for every Labor person who gets themselves in trouble.

    If this is not the case, I have no idea what you are on about, do you.

    When is Mr, Jones going to make that apology, ordered by the courts many years ago.

  70. voyager, that has been done in depth many months ago. The charges today are not about what was raised in that report. That investigation is still proceeding.

    The charges relate to interfering in a police investigation and providing false documents to Temby.

    The police said that this investigation had slowed up the previous one. The also said the number of those being investigated has grown.

    Why rehash old allegations at this time.

    Be aware, the final outcome just might not be what you desire.

    There are many exciting chapters to come yet. I suspect that Mr. Craig Thomson will not be playing a major role.

    Maybe a minor, but not major.

    It will not bring this government down.

    The charges laid against Mr. Williamson may even lengthen the time to bring this matter to finalisation.

    Most are now happy to let the law take it;s course.

    Even Mr. Uhlmann said tonight, this would not be such a big matter in the public eyes, only for the hung parliament. I would rather use the term, minority government, which it is.

    It is now over two years old and still standing.

  71. Min, I believe that Menzies House and the Tea Party do not share Pyne’s view.

    What they have forgot, both sides can use it.

    Pyne needs to be careful. I do not believe those 108000 odd, who signed like to be told, their action has no value and can be ignores. The next bit of paper they mark, might just say no to his party.

  72. voyager, why not Google for that report yourself, if it interests you so much. Do your own dirty work.

  73. CU is the Temby Report worth reading or is verbose and meaningless.
    If worthwhile I will track it and read it – did you find it an enlightening bestseller.
    What amazes me is this guy Mr Williamson is paid $400000 pa plus he gets
    another top up of $150000 pa for being on the board of a few Union Businesses.
    Just seems excessive to me $550000pa , do you agree?
    I think the PM only gets $385000.

  74. voyager, many here did read it. Whether it is of any value, I am not that sure. What good has come out of it. Maybe you can fill us in.

    It was a report, if my memory is correct about FWA and how it conducted the investigation into the HSU. I could be wrong there.

    I know at the senate hearings, the HSU challenged much of what was said.

    One thing for sure, I do agree that this matter is serious enough to maybe to warrant further enquiry when the police matters are concluded. That will depend on what the police have to say.

    The government, I believe have taken steps to close the loopholes revealed in the FWA investigations.

    Most of the legislation that led to the cockup, come from the previous Work Choices legislation. We all know who was responsible for that.

    it is still too early to jump to conclusions.

  75. voyager, what is your brief, no one here is defending Williamson., NO one in the government is defending the man. Your straw men are very weak indeed.

    Yes, if the man is guilty as charged, he is an arsehole. Satisfied.

  76. yes, I do agree that both Jackson and Williamson wages are shocking. Everyone else, including the Labor government and Mr. Shorten have also voice the same opinion.

    What is new in what you have to say.

  77. And Jackson may have milked as much as Williamson and yet Abbott thinks so highly of her. I suppose Jackson being the current partner of Abbott’s judicial appointee has something to do with that. Oh well we will just have to wait until the Victorian police complete their investigations.

    I wonder if Abbott will say “well kathy’s my problem now”

  78. And a ripper from Mike Carlton on Alan Jones..

    Once you get this about Jones, all else falls into place. He does not have to dumb down for his audience; he’s already there. He has a sure instinct for what his mob wants to hear, delivered in that prissy shriek, raving like a lunatic fleeing a burning building. The man is a pedlar of fear and loathing, preying on the lowest common denominator of gullible, frightened people who believe they are oppressed by evil forces out there that only he, Jones, has the courage to battle on their behalf. It is the confidence trick of demagogues down the ages.


    JONES is far from the only misogynist on radio. His breakfast competitor, 2-Day FM’s oafish Kyle Sandilands, makes a daily meal of it. Sandilands’s grotesque ”interview” with a 14-year-old rape victim wired to a lie detector and his bullying abuse of a woman journalist as ”a fat slag” and a ”piece of shit” went lower than even Jones has gone.

    The sorry truth is that Australian radio is a sludge pit of male supremacy. I cannot think of any commercial talk station that has a female voice in a prime slot. The ABC is better, but not much: 702 has just one woman in its front-line shifts.

    The radio business needs to take a long, hard look at itself, to think about joining the rest of us in the 21st century. But with louts and buffoons like Jones and Sandilands cracking the ratings whip, radio executives don’t have the guts to do it. Most of them are dumb blokes, too.


  79. Poor Tony, everyone picks on him.

    But it is OK, wifie has come to his defence. Those horrible women in Labor better look out, she is on their scent.

    If we believe the stories we read, Abbott has had the women in his family protecting and preparing him to be PM all his life. Lucky Tony to have such support from the female gender.

    While one arm of the Liberal party has been roaming around talking of handbag hit squads and the handbag mafia in relation to female politicians of an alternative stripe, the other arm of of the Liberal party is busy assuring the world they don’t have a problem with uppity women of any kind.

    Sometimes the discourse is so schizophrenic it can be united in one person. Come on down Kelly O’Dwyer, show us how it’s done:

    … we’re seeing gender be used as a political weapon against Tony Abbott. What has been a very vicious and very personal attack waged by members of the frontbench team. What I have coined as the handbag hit squad ….

    A very vicious and personal attack on women playing at being politicians, the uppity dears, so do go on …

    … and I think that that is a real low for us. Margie Abbott today came out in defence of her husband Tony because of this very gendered war that’s being waged as part of a political strategy. (here)

    Yes, the Liberal party doesn’t have a problem with women, it’s just at war with women wielding handbags.

    What next? High heeled hardliners? The libellous lipstick crew? The false eyelash liars? The sanitary pad slanderers and panderers?

    And then O’Dwyer compounded the problem with preposterous denialism when it came to the ‘ditch the witch’ posters that set the game running:

    KELLY O’DWYER: Tony didn’t know those signs were being held up and he repudiated that immediately when he was told that those signs were held up in front of him, I think to try and draw … EMMA ALBERICI: They were right behind him, he must have seen them there, to say that he didn’t know that they were there when they were right behind him is a little disingenuous surely?

    A little disingenuous? That’s the fanciest term the pond has yet heard for completely silly:

    And Citizen Kane had no idea he was standing in front of a large photo of himself.

    KELLY O’DWYER: Emma … well you don’t have eyes in the back of your head, I think it would be sort of a preposterous suggestion to think that Tony could actually you know have eyes in the back of his head …
    EMMA ALBERICI: And they were all throughout the crowd to.

    Of course they were, and the assault on female politicians has been going on through the entire Ju-liar phase, and now Alan Jones has brought it front and centre, and so what does Abbott do? Wheel out his wife and daughters.

    Say one thing, John Howard was a conservative politician, but he never traded on his wife or his family life. Janette Howard might have run a mean kitchen cabinet, but she only hit the news when accused of influencing an appointment on the board of the ABC. Most of the time she accompanied but stayed discreetly in the background. Sure she joined in the parade as required, but there was no trading off.

    Oh she did decide to step into the limelight in 2007 by deciding to help out in an assault on Kevin Rudd (Janet plays second fiddle, with gusto).

    The result? Fare thee well, John and Janette Howard …

    What Abbott and his advisors have done, by flourishing Ms Abbott and kinder in the limelight as a way of cleansing Abbott of his anti-feminist sins, is put them on the front line.

    It shows that in the fight for power – that insatiable greed for “precioussss” – and to balance perceived weaknesses, Abbott will throw any sacrificial lamb he can find on to the altar.

    It would have been a lot simpler just to walk away from those ‘ditch the witch’ posters.

    But enough already, this being Saturday you’re hungering for supportive uxorious commentary dedicated to Mr. Abbott, who is much persecuted and put upon, a real victim of bully boy politics, a pathetic ten stone weakling being pummelled by vicious slobbering brutes. Sand is being flung into his face by mean harpy handbags.

    Yes, it’s ‘pick on poor hapless Tony’ week, and never mind whose been handing out personality politics these last few years, as Tones explained in cogent fashion a few days ago:

    “Honesty, the government blames me for everything,” Mr. Abbott said. “If someone gets a flat tyre on their way to work, it’s Tony Abbott’s fault.” (Labor is playing ‘blame Tony’, says Abbott (forced video at end of link).


  80. Why do they call him Phony Tony again…….. surely its more than ’cause it rhymes…
    ….. am having trouble decieding whether ‘he’s’ a fake or a ‘flake’ …. and/or all three…. 😀

  81. Tony’s latest *stunt* has more to do with *fooling* his “back-room boys” than trying to *floss* the rest of us that are less……………………………………. Tuvalu is calling Tony 😀

  82. lovo

    Sussan (ley) gets a mention in Jones ‘ speech. It reads as though he knows she is present, so she was possibly near by. It might be a good idea to check with Ley on whether she actually did hear the speech and has lied.

    ‘Here we are providing foreign aid in money to countries that are going to spend it on guns when down in MIA they are pulling orange trees out of the ground. Could we harvest the orange trees and use them as foreign aid? So that the farmer gets a bit of a go? So why are we going to continue with this nonsense and Susan well done too you’ve opposed of this rubbish from day one and it’s absolute rubbish. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/alan-jones-speech/story-e6freuy9-1226489927031

  83. All that talk about how much money Jones raises for charity, but he sure must believe in charity begins at home.
    A $250,000 merc for free.
    Now for us plebs we have to save and pay for our cars with after tax dollars and then we have running costs.
    Hope the folllowers of 2GB realise just how much he sponges out of his ratings.

  84. Update.

    Alan Jones has had his mercedes taken form him by 31 October and Mercedes state they will never again advertise with Alan Jones or the Station.

    Congratulations Mercedes and so much for all the sprukers stating that advertisers will return in a few months. I hope the others make the same never again comment to show this type of nastiness needs to stop.

  85. Migs. It wasn’t appropriate that Berger resigned. He should have been sacked, like any other pleb employee would be if they dared bring the brand into disrepute in or outside of employee working hours. To me it shows the Woolowrths board must actually agree with what one of their group did.

  86. Good point, Shane. I guess I was being soft because I don’t like to see anybody lose their job.

    But having said that, his title suggests he should have been apolitical.

  87. Shaneinqld

    It appears the ‘resignation’ by Berger only happened after the Tele sent the full transcript of his speech to Woolworths.
    Well from that it could be read that Berger resigned because he LIED or because he sledged his own company.

  88. What is amazing that it is Merc that has pulled the plug. Are they saying that their customers are not copping what Jones has said, I assume Mr. Abbott’s response.

    Are they saying they are in danger of losing wealthy customers.

    What amazes me, that many of Jones audience would be in the position to buy a merc.

    Are they saying Jones audience is made up of self fund retiree, with a little money available to spend on luxuries.

  89. Sue, one writer said that Jones does not have a normal private or social life. His life consists of 2GB and doing charity work.

    It alleged that he does not have friends as others do,

    Whether that is true of not, I do not know. I didn’t see any rejection to the comment.

    Wonder how many young Liberals. that appear regularly on the afternoon shows on ABC 24, attend that infamous dinner.

  90. An online poll on news.com shows that around 45% of the 15,000 respondents have boycotted 2GB and/or Alan Jones. If those numbers are typical for the wider listening community then it amounts to probably a quarter of a million people.

  91. Cu Jone’s audience are predominantly retirees and from low socio-economic backgrounds with the Deer hunting with Jesus mentality.

    Jones preys on their fears by preaching doom and gloom as good as the most strident US evangelical preacher in full flight at the pulpit. That he tells lies and deceits to achieve this is of no consequence to him, it’s all about a perceived power over his domain and a belief he can make and break politicians.

    It again raises a point I’ve made many times in retirees and rural voters predominantly voting for the conservatives when it’s predominantly been the conservatives who’ve screwed them.

  92. Sue,…. “Sussan (ley) gets a mention in Jones ‘ speech. It reads as though he knows she is present, so she was possibly near by. It might be a good idea to check with Ley on whether she actually did hear the speech and has lied”.
    Sue, I’m really P*off about this now that Iv read that….. and another thing that peeves me about all of this is our local rag,…. our union owned rag, by the by and by…..,scarcely a mention about Jones and NOTHING on Sussan’s involvement at all……WTF…’she’ is our local Fed. MP(say what)….. and the BDT is suposedly the ‘oldest socialist newspaper’ in the world….. 😕
    …… the people at the ‘dinner’ must of been there for the ‘food’, ’cause none of them can remember ‘the entertainer’ 😀

  93. …’cause none of them can remember ‘the entertainer’

    Though immediately afterwards they were full of praise at how good the entertainer was.

    Having taken that praise down it seems it never happened, just like the entertainment. Why isn’t that been highlighted by the media?

  94. Sue, maybe the question should not be did you hear him say it, but did anyone raised the speech with them.

    I am sure some sitting there must have.

    Are we to believe that Jones would tolerate speaking and no one in the audience not listening to him. I suspect not.

    That is what we are being ask to believe, Bit hard, even taking into account that manners and the right barely meet.

    How do they then explain the positive tweets that were made at the time and the next day.

    Still do not know why it took a week to emerge.

  95. Wonder if they can remember the words of the songs that were written for them, by the organisers, Would love to hear them. Maybe would go well on the Tube.

    Maybe the reporter has a recording, as he appears to have recorded the whole night.

  96. shane @10.48am, I think that Berger was probably given the option to resign or be resigned.

    I ave no objection to him being a barracker, but he well overstepped the line with that jacket. Anyone in the position he held with Woolworths with a grain of sense wouldn’t have done what he did.

    Kick in a few bucks as a donation out of his pocket or put up something apolitical, but never do anything which is likely to damage the employer who pays you a huge salary.

    It just shows how arrogant and out of touch this mob is. Up till now they’ve got away with this sort of behaviour, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Alan Jones has had his mercedes taken form him by 31 October and Mercedes state they will never again advertise with Alan Jones or the Station.

    Well the walk to work will do him good. No more flab hanging down to his shoulders over those super tight collars. But he’ll still be possibly the ugliest person on the country-on the inside and the outside.

    I wonder if he’d be stupid enough to have a crack at Mercedes? The denture and incontinence mob would go feral. Maybe they could have rally. 😆 Then they could whine about the cops telling them to move all the goffers.

  97. Jane, after all hew lives in that ugly building called the toaster near the Opera House. Not far to walk, Plenty of public transport nearby.

    Announcement due from Macquarie any time. Have suspended all advertising.

    Maybe it will include a over due retirement.

  98. Plenty of public transport nearby.

    That would be a reality check for him, CU. I wonder if anyone would give up their seat for hm?

    The continuing reaction from this has taken everyone by surprise, I think. In all honesty, I thought that the shock wave would have subsided and Jones would once again be spewing his invective with renewed force.

    But obviously people are now sick of the depths that public discourse has sunk to and really starting to appreciate how much crap the PM has worn.

    The hypocrisy squad from the Liars trying to dress Liealot as abused and put upon by the government isn’t working-people are at last realising how vicious and personal the attacks on the PM by both the Liars and their barrackers in the msm have been.

    By all means criticise, seek to improve and offer up credible alternatives to the policies of the government, that is the opposition’s job. Which they have failed spectacularly to perform at any level.

    Instead we have been subjected to a stream of lies, misrepresentations, obfuscations and fud. And a string of idiotic brain farts thinly disguised as policy which have been neither well thought out, nor costed.

    Invective and abuse has been hurled at the public service and Treasury in particular in an attempt to discredit it’s reputation and lay the ground for dismantling the public service and outsourcing it to the private sector.

    We have a great deal to fear from this disorganised, mendacious and appallingly incompetent opposition. In their current state, they would lay waste to the economy and the social fabric of this country.

  99. Jane, they probably would,as he is past retirement age. Some do for me, and I am of similar age.

  100. cu
    you wondered why the story took so long to come out. i think the tele gambled that it would not be so explosive. they ran the story on the saturday evening between 2 footy grandfinales, on a nsw long weekend and the school holidays.
    what they were not expecting was the net, social media and the utter disgust of average citizens.
    even the young liberals and the cadet journalist at the australian thought they could easily control their side of the cover up.

    anyway just thinking.

  101. hi lovo
    i thought you may be interested in the full transcript.
    ley hid for quite a few days as did hawke and then they came out with the same lame excuse. what made them think that in this day and age of mobile phones etc, that full recordings of events would not occur.
    anyway the suggestion is that she lied and now her electorate can know about it. i wonder if ley will dare to campaign saying PM Gillard lies?

  102. sue, I have certainly started the ball rolling, thanks for the ‘heads up’ …….. Ley (pron. Lee) ….. I was toying with the ‘hook’.. Sussan Ley-iar….. but that would be copycat-ing from the Lieberal Manifester…… then I would have to suffer the barrage of ‘projection-ism’ that the Lieing Nitwit Party trolls have been ordered to produce of late…….. in the vein of …… ” Its not us its them, their being mean to us for no reason” spiel that the trolls are busy dispensing at the mo……

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