Julia: what does it take?

This morning while reading an article by Minister Gary Gray, I noted this concluding paragraph:

..they have allowed us to deliver on our priorities in areas like education, the National Disability Insurance Scheme and important measures like paid parental leave, aged care reform, mental health reform and the biggest aged pension increases in our history.

These words echoed a previous speech by Bill Shorten who added, “and action on climate change – would ensure national benefits long into the future.”

The thing which came to mind was: What does it take for the government and indeed Prime Minister Gillard to obtain due recognition for policies, for a vision for the future?

This most important element, and that which is so clearly lacking in Opposition policies and promises.

It would seem that this particular Opposition can rarely even inspire themselves to be (as John Howard would have put it), “aspirational”.

However, dwelling on the failings of the Opposition will not in itself win the election for Labor.

It is certainly gratifying in the past week or so, that the mainstream media has at long last given Tony Abbott and his policies (or lack thereof) some semblance of scrutiny. But is this just an aberration, a sudden quirk of the media’s and that all will soon return to situation: normal, with the media doing little but adding their Noddies to interviews with Their Tones. Will the media once again return to headliners which include little more than photo ops of Tony attending the opening of an envelope?

However, back to my original question of what must Prime Minister Gillard and her government do to obtain recognition for work done?

One thing is clear and that is that the mainstream media cannot be relied upon for impartial commentary. As has often been noted, even positive stories for the government come accompanied with provisos and negative inclusions, with the aim clearly being to negate anything which might possibly provide a positive impression.

It is my opinion that far more should be done to utilise one of the government’s prime assets and this is Julia Gillard herself.

It seems to me that Labor has shied away from promoting Julia Gillard, First Female Prime Minister, and ever since the nit-picking media drew attention to Ms Gillard’s derrière, ear lobes and empty fruit bowl. It also started with Tony Abbott’s whinge that Julia as Prime Minister would be an unfair fight as “the she” would use her gender against..well, who knows what against, but it is assumed that Abbott meant against himself. Of course the opposite well and truly happened. Therefore is it now time for Labor to Get Over It!! and start to promote Julia Gillard, the woman and the person?

The other thing which came to mind is that Labor needs to promote itself as The Team. This Kevin Rudd did very successfully in the lead up to the ’04 election. By looking at Team Gillard, focus will then be forced back onto Team Abbott. Currently Team Abbott is most definitely a one man show. This clearly has been Liberal Party tactics, firstly an attempt to overcome Tony’s less than savoury background on a number of important issues (lots of photos and minimise the talk), and also because for the most part his team are John Howard’s B Team who showed little aptitude while in government.  One could add, and even less while in opposition.

Certainly Labor needs to concentrate on the positive and as Bill Shorten put it:

Labor’s vision was defined by its core principles of prosperity and equal opportunity for all Australians.

Bill Shorten states “was defined”, but that is what differentiates Labor from Liberal: equality of opportunity. This is what must be emphasised in the lead up to the next election.

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  1. …and with our Internallionally recognized Treasurer deliver the 4 biggest
    Budget deficts in Australias History
    year 1 – only $27B
    year 2 – $54.8B
    year 3 – $47.7B
    year 4 – $43.7B
    For a Grand Total of $175B Defict – well done (lots of applause pls)
    And lets also have a look at ETU purchase of Luxury House for one of its Members
    at Oyster Bay Sydney for about $1.25M (more applause but only from ETU
    Members this time)

  2. The collegiate approach where the team is as emphasised as the leaders is the way to go most definitely. I think Julia has earned a form of respect by sticking to her guns on policy and not backing down on it’s/their essentials too. That takes guts and a degree of tenacity and perseverance.
    It now needs to be laid out in no uncertain terms how these changes and reforms have or will benefit people ‘where they are at’ that will be key as the next election approaches.
    As Abbott flails around in his ‘opposition just for opposition sake’ political negativity opportunism…the more Labor is seen actually governing and providing a degree of stability the more the choice will become that much starker.
    Another great piece Carol. Thanks.

  3. Thank you Mark. 🙂

    I also don’t think that it would hurt if Labor started throwing the fear of god into the equation. Unfortunately by making it look all too easy many Australians have become complacent about how well Australia is fairing when compared with other countries.

  4. Voyager. three letters explains it all. GFC.

    The Opposition would have incur nearly the same debt. It was not about the amount spent but how to spend it.

    Evidence suggest that the Opposition money would not have delivered results, therefore leading to more debt.

    Motherhood statements once again be given out by Abbott Today nine.

    Should be addressing the boats, not be in New York. Failed to give where he stands on the United Nations bid.

    Could not care less if his actions meant Australian failing. Laughed that we should be able to beat Luxembourg.

    There was a weak attempt at questioning him.

    Min, we need to be afraid. Really afraid.

    Yes, there is a wonderful talented team, made up of men and women that needs to highlighted to the hilt.

    Where is the Opposition team. Is there one?

    This PM can deal with many issues at once, unlike the Opposition.leader.

    It does not appear to enter his head, that this can occur. With Abbott, it is either one or the other.

    I am sure that the PM has taken time to talk to leaders, that are also in NEW York, about the regional refugee policy she is attempting to developed and put in place.

    I am sure it will not include, demanding that the Indonesians take back boats.

  5. Min, well said,… “equality of opportunity. This is what must be emphasised …” and this government has been doing that….. its hard for them to get the message out (MSM etc) but ever so slowly that message is getting heard… theres a ‘ground swell’ happening… or as I have been saying ‘the tide is turning’
    Places like the Cafe have been providing that ‘ground swell’…… we hear the whispers here and take that outside 😉

  6. Voyager, you Lib Troll, have you bothered comparing those budget deficits (as a percent of GDP) to the rest of the developed economy-or are you afraid of letting *facts* get in the way of a good little anti-Labor hate campaign? BTW, your beloved Coalition left Labor with a structural deficit-meaning they had more money committed to spending than what they could actually guarantee in revenue-largely thanks to Howard’s overly extravagant welfare handouts to the wealthy. Labor has managed to rein in the worst of this overspending, over the screams & squeals of Abbott & Co. We know for a fact that Turnbull’s solution to the GFC was to use the money spent on the stimulus to fund massive tax cuts instead-mostly for the wealthy. This was in spite of the fact that Treasury had pointed out to him that tax cuts would be unlikely to stimulate the economy sufficiently to maintain growth &-even if it did-would take too long to work its way through the economy in order to prevent a recession. Of course, now your mates in the Coalition want to adopt the failed British approach of Austerity-a measure which has led to a double dip recession in that economy. Yeah, your mob are *real* bright, aren’t they Voyager?

  7. The Opposition would have incur nearly the same debt.

    Sorry CU, but the media would never had called it a ‘debt’, more likely a ‘forward in investment against restraints’ or some such

  8. Mind you, I think that ‘what it takes’ is what is happening now. It has been a long two years of trying to implement reforms, which has just been fodder for the opposition and their press. Now, the media outrage against it all is starting to look a little sick and pathetic. People are seeing outcomes, and not minding (imo) what they are seeing.

    Actions do, it seems, speak louder than words.

  9. Cu, on the refugee question..this is of course just one of Tony Abbott’s favourite look over there strategies. So typical of Tony to always be telling (and I think that it pertains mostly to women), what they should be doing…

  10. And the fact they gave us deficits to get us out of recession and to save hundreds of thousands of jobs that the Liberals planned to throw on the scrap heap must be promoted.

    But I’m glad to see in polls that the people are saying that deficits are not a concern if they deliver improved infrastructure and services.

    The idiotic Liberals and their gormless supporters are the ones who believe in surpluses over every thing else because they have nothing else. When Howard was Treasurer under Fraser he was lauding the deficit he created as it was used for infrastructure and to prop up businesses during a downturn, it was only the advent of a Labor bashing point in Beazley’s Black Hole that deficits became evil somehow.

    That was done by Howard because he had broken his biggest election promise, in fact the only thing he campaigned on with a truck going around the country, and that was his promise to bring the current account into surplus.

    As we know Howard went onto preside over one record current account deficit after another. It was Rudd who bought the current account down.

    Howard also created a huge structural deficit, which is another reason he used the misleading diversion of the budget black hole.

    Because the anserine followers can’t attack on anything else they go on and on about the current government’s deficit.

    But not once have they looked at what the opposition policy was and is, which is guess what, deficit.

    As tabled by Hockey and Robb the Coalition’s GFC policy was just $4 billion less than the governments and involved what America did, which was given significant tax cuts that most benefited the wealthiest plus large handouts to financial institutions, that again mostly benefited the wealthiest.

    So why aren’t the Liberal supporters canning their financial policies for as they did in every other country that went down the same path Australia would have gone into recession, hundreds of thousands would have been unemployed and thousands of additional businesses would have shut down and all for a slightly smaller deficit.

    The cry wolf deficit meme really is becoming one of the biggest jokes around.

  11. Migs
    Another good effort one small point I dispute “Currently Team Abbott is most definitely a one man show.” it should be “half man show” and I whole heartly agree that Labor needs to sell itself. I have been harping on about the p**s weak FED ALP media mob since 2008. I would not let them organise puplicity for a chook raffle. May the force be with us all.

  12. Bilko, I stand corrected..I certainly did over estimate the % of “man” as regards Tony Abbott. 😉

    And I agree on “p**s weak”..sometimes I wonder what Fed Labor’s media mob are frightened of. When we’re given the somewhat rare opportunities to see Julia, it’s 99% positive from non-political point of view – beautifully presented, articulate, intelligent, a cheeky wit..you’ve got a product, ALP media..sell it!!!

  13. Tom, and a strong possibility is that Tony has simply run out of *scare*..like the boy who cried wolf once too often it’s all become a bit ho hum..there he is, at it again.

  14. Meanwhile, tabot and his cronies are doing all they can to ruin the Governments chances for bid on the UN

    THE federal opposition’s negativity towards Australia’s bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council is being used against Australia by its rivals as the lobbying intensifies before the October 18 vote.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/lukewarm-libs-may-hurt-un-bid-20120927-26o1l.html#ixzz27igCr2K7

    And then declares if we can’t win, the BAD Government

    ”If we can’t beat Luxembourg, there’s something wrong, frankly,” he said.

    At least there is a light being shone on the hypocrisy here.

  15. ‘…prime assets and this is Julia Gillard herself.’

    Her UN speech was well presented, without teleprompter…I tried to imagine Abbott in her shoes but it didn’t visualise.

  16. @Voyager, I don’t pay my taxes so they can sit in a bank to make the Government of the day “look good” Howard did NOTHING in his time but bank my dollars, while schools, hospitals and so much were left wanting. Spend it all I say, educate the children, take care of our sick and elderly, the NDIS and Dental plans, pay a decent unemployment because at the end of the day our Books still look better than pretty much anywhere else in the world. As Christine Milne said yesterday, the economy should serve the people and the environment NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

  17. Tony has simply run out of *scare*

    All he has is boats. The fact that, after the public embarrassment of not knowing where the President of Indonesia was, he is still harping on about the the PM should be there. Is he that oblivious to how that looks? Or is he that confident that the media won’t remind us?

  18. “When shown a photo of the two leaders chatting by the Nine Network this morning, Mr Abbott responded: ”We need more than a photo op, we need a strategy to stop the boats.'”

    He really is a complete d**k, isn’t he? Refuses to admit that he’s completely ignorant, so instead tries to reflect it back on her. Given that he’s “swanning around” Australia, instead of being in New York strengthening our bid, how the *hell* would he know if Gillard had engaged in meaningful dialog with Yudhuyono outside of this photo op?

    Also, what is *his* strategy for stopping the boats? Oh, that’s right, the one he was too frightened to raise with the President when he was in Australia-the same one which the Indonesian Government has already categorically refused to endorse!

  19. It appears that the present view as it is to be taught, is not in line with Mr. Howard;s beliefs.

    That must mean the historian experts have it right.

    Seems to object to Indigenous affairs getting to much space, instead of Christianity and our western heritage.

    Maybe Mr. Howard does not reseal, it is not British but Australian history that is being discussed.

    Also, this Labor government has left it to the experts in education to form the curriculum.

    I have big problems with politicians interfering in this process.

    I for one, does not agree with Howard’s view. An fifth generation Australian on all sides, that have very little connection to the so called Mother Country.

    I suspect that Mr. Howard also denies the place that the Irish and others played in our history and culture.

    Many come as convicts and stayed, unlike the British soldiers and government officials, who mostly returned home.

    Yes, Abbott still rabbiting on about the carbon tax, electricity prices and the boat people.

    As Mumbles pointed out, only Mr. Abbott could continue a fear campaign, once what he is scaring us about is in place, and the sky has not fallen in. Yes, most give up at this stage. Most I believe would be hoping the public forgot about the warnings, that have not eventuated.

    The same thing could be said about the climate denialist. They are saying that it will not happen, when it is already here.

    Tom, I do not believe he even has the boats. I suspect most Australians are realistic in this regard, and are sick of hearing about it.

    Even this morning, all Abbott could come up with, if one took ten percent of electricity, it would be that much cheaper. Does he realize he is supporting the PM’s argument, that it has only put electricity up ten percent and no more. That the big increases have come from nowhere.

    Lateral thinking does not seem to be one of Abbott’s better aptitudes. Mumbles, added that they seem to believe their own spin. Must do, or there would have been a change of direction by now.

    Abbott has problems, even Karl is challenging and questioning him.

  20. El gordo and,

    I tried to imagine Abbott in her shoes but it didn’t visualise.

    That sort of thing is what a prime minister is expected to do, and to do it with a good amount of expertise. In some circumstances where a PM fails in this regard, he/she could deputise his/her foreign minister..imagine J. Bishop attempting to fill this role, equally difficult to visualise.

  21. Tom, that’s about it..all Abbott has is boats. The MRRT is going to be a fizzer as there is nothing as odd as a billionaire trying to cry poor.

  22. Especially one that is taken to court by her children, alleging she ripped them off. or at the very least, acted in a dishonest manner.

  23. We have all had people in our lives that exaggerate everything. We soon learn to take nothing they say at face value. We simply do not believe them, even when the happen to tell the truth.

  24. PM Gillard has shown she does not get side tracked by Abbott’s stunts. The PM continues on with tbe reform ing agenda. The Premiers know that the glvernment is expecting input in many areas. The Premiers also know that on many issues the PM has the support of the voters, eg Gonski.
    So full steam ahead for the PM and Abbott and the msm will just have to keep up. And I guess the voters will see the difference.

  25. Min, I wrote this last week and posted it on TPS.
    Thought it would fit nicely with your excellent article.


    The qualities… to be.. PM
    Of this.. our wide brown.. land
    Are as many.. as they are varied
    Like grains.. of coloured.. sand
    We need someone who’s smart and strong
    Who’s fair.. and decent… too
    We need someone… with vision
    And with the guts… to see it.. through
    We need someone to meet world leaders
    And… represent us… well
    To walk.. the world stage.. with honour
    And to ring Australia’s… bell

    So who is there… to take the job
    The pugilist… T Abbott?
    Who cannot answer questions
    Just takes off… like a startled rabbit
    They say.. he’s a Rhodes Scholar
    So you’d think he have some smarts
    He’s short on policy… costing.. and detail
    But delivers… great brain farts
    Physically… he is very strong
    Of that… there’s no denying
    But his character is badly flawed
    And he’s very good at lying

    His.. misogynistic traits.. are there
    For.. everyone… to see
    With a vision.. looking backwards
    To the days…. of drudgery
    With the LNPs… unspoken creed.. of
    Everyone.. for themself
    Unless you’re one.. of the mega.. rich
    Then they’ll help you.. build your wealth
    And his record on the world stage
    Shows the man is.. lacking class
    While his conduct shows conclusively
    He’s not… a PMs…. arse

    And who else.. from the rabid right
    Could… step up to plate
    There’s M Turnbull… mentioned round the traps
    But he’s left his run… too late
    He was touted… as a moderate
    With… an attitude.. benign
    But his credibility is badly shot
    As he tows… the party line
    There’s J Hockey… nicknamed sloppy Joe
    For reasons…. clear to all
    And running down.. our great economy.. shows
    He’s really…. dropped the ball

    The rest.. are just.. a mindless rabble
    With naught… to recommend them
    Regurgitating.. spin and… lies
    Not one… could be our… PM
    They rubbish… our economy
    To push.. their own… agendas
    Ignoring.. facts… and reason
    As they’re professional.. truth benders
    So now.. we come to.. J Gillard
    Opposite.. in every way
    She’s done the job for two years now
    And getting better… every day

    In difficult.. circumstances
    She has done.. a stellar.. job
    Facing lies.. and obfuscation
    From that opposition mob
    Showing guts and real commitment
    To our great Australia fair
    Despite the medias persecution
    And a ‘right’ that just don’t care
    She has… talked the talk with courage.. and
    Walked the walk… with dignity
    Whilst focused… on the future
    And our children’s… legacy

    She’s inclusive… inspiring loyalty
    And a great… negotiator
    And despite.. minority government
    A proved…. Administrator
    With a vision…. for the future
    Based on…. Social…. conscience
    While the misogynistic.. sociopath
    Spouts ideological… nonsense
    So the choices are quite different
    With both taking… opposing parts
    A woman… truly focused
    Or a man who just.. brain farts

    But it’s not about.. race.. or colour
    Or which.. is… the stronger sex
    It’s about effective leadership
    Not about.. impressive pecks
    It’s about a strong… economy
    Not… personal.. ambitions
    Disguised with lies and slogans
    Repeated in… worn out.. renditions
    From a team… of negativity
    That.. really doesn’t care
    It’s about… Australia’s future
    So Advance… our Julia… fair.


  26. Tom, I wonder what that really means. Does it mean that guilt has been admitted. I suspect not. Court case to proceed.

  27. Min
    humble apologies for missing that it was your effort, by the way each abbort brain fart lowers that %, he will be soon be like the “Incredible shrinking man” in the movie of the same name. keep up the good work and have you settled in in our fair city just ignore the rain and thunder like abbort brain farts it will soon pass by.

  28. Tom r
    $50000 does not seem much, especially seeing costs not awarded. It appears it may be the cheaper option to pay an amount rather than court time.

  29. Im also at a loss as to why the Govt has dropped its case against Ashby. Seems they have hung Slipper out to dry and told him your are on your own. Cant see how that 50K payoff to Ashby can do anything else but make The Speakers case more difficult.
    What has happened behind the scenes we don’t know of course, but remember Slipper has sacked his legal team, or perhaps sacked is not the word. Maybe has relinquished their services. Whatever, I can’t help but be suspicious, after the great song and dance the Attorney General raised in a well publicised Press Conference.
    All too curious. Be interested to get others views.
    Sorry Min that is somewhat off topic, hope is nor out of order.

  30. I’m pretty certain that Slipper will fight this tooth & nail-& all the nasty Liberal Party shenanigans will almost certainly come out then-even more than they already have.

  31. Marcus
    Intersting idea, better for Slipper to unload all the dirt than have the govt linked to it. There is little hope for Slipper to win his seat next year, so why not help out his maaaaate Abbott.

  32. Min – great post with one small quibble. The statement

    It seems to me that Labor has shied away from promoting Julia Gillard, First Female Prime Minister, and ever since the nit-picking media drew attention to Ms Gillard’s derrière, ear lobes and empty fruit bowl

    actively discrimiates against Gillard as the implication is that she is good for a woman instead of being a good PM who just happens to be a woman.

    “Rebranding” Gillard as a good PM who happens to be a woman would eliminate a number of the current attack lines used by the media and LNP against her.

    Hope your birthday is full of good cheer.

  33. Slipper will fight this tooth & nail-& all the nasty Liberal Party shenanigans will almost certainly come out then-even more than they already have.

    Maybe that is the thinking behind it.

    Hope so 😉

    btw, Happy 21stish Min

  34. On the Slipper issue, and this is a matter of procedure it would seem on the surface of it that the Commonwealth did have some responsibility in this matter by have no/or an inadequate sexual harassment policy. As such seems to have been proven (not the case, but the inadequacy of the Commonwealth’s awareness policy), a payout by the Commonwealth and an undertaking to improve the “education program” would be fairly standard procedure (anti-discrimination procedure). Unfortunately at such times (and this is just my opinion), the Commonwealth would not have much option but to bow out of proceedings.

  35. Thanks for clearing up the Ashby matter Min, very logical explanation. By the way that is a beautiful picture of Julia at the top of the page. Haven’t seen that one. she is a very attractive woman.

  36. ♯ ♪♫ Happy Birthday to you ♪♬
    ♪♫ Happy Birthday to you ♪♬
    ♪♫ Happy Birthday dear Min ♪♬
    ♪♫ Happy Birthday to you ♪♬ ♯

    Squishy hugs from your Café family.

  37. Thank heavens its Friday .
    We can also celebrate our National Debt cracking $250B
    Well done. (this is solely Aust Fed Gov no one else)
    We will talk about Medi Bank private next week, as I know we all want a truely
    quite and restful weekend so we can enjoy football grand finals

  38. Phwoaarrr – what’s that stench in here 😦

    Must be irrational right-whinger fear, or maybe it’s just that they need their nappies changed – caused as a result of that irrational fear of what they have NFI about don’t understand 😆

  39. $250 billion eh ?

    A fair chunk of that would be held domestically, probably in superannuation funds, paying a nice dividend.

    The rest held by overseas interests who can’t wait to get their hands on Ozzie bonds.

    That’s what I call a vote of confidence !

  40. Share a beer with me guys. It helps with the immunity against right-wing nonsense. It’s also good just to have a beer anyway. 🙂

  41. If a beer guarantees immunity against “right-wing nonsense” Roswell then I’m shouting the bar.

    How much beer would $250B buy ?

  42. Fantastic. $250B.
    How many hundreds of thousands of jobs has that saved?
    How many thousands of businesses?
    How much much needed infrastructure neglected by Howard has that built?
    How much long term investment has that made?
    How many people has that saved?

    What about the recession? That’s right we didn’t have one. $250B did that.

    Shoe on other foot.

    Coalition debt as they tabled it was $4B less. So what would $246B of Liberal debt have got us?

    A recession.
    Hundreds of thousands more out of work.
    Destroyed families and businesses.
    Crumbling infrastructure.
    Closed schools and hospitals.
    Top 5% much wealthier.
    Increasing debt and failing economy.

    Yep, $250B well invested.

  43. Min, Happy Birthday… Cheers!

    I thought that the payout might be something to do with the constitutional appeal bought about by Ashby, as a time waster that the government withdrew from to clear the decks for the rest of the case.

    Just a thought.


  44. Crickey……(msm) http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/happy-ending-or-not-gillard-a-heroine-in-political-sphere-20120918-264i9.html
    “In the past few weeks, she has reminded us why Labor entrusted her with leadership. She is a fighter; a woman who rises against the odds; can lose her much-loved father and turn up for work ready for the battle of her life. She’s a Labor success story, with a plot twist or two yet to tell.”

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/happy-ending-or-not-gillard-a-heroine-in-political-sphere-20120918-264i9.html#ixzz27lcSR700

  45. A lover-ly bit of prose…. ay 😀
    “It will always be easier to read the papers or watch TV. And it’s even easier to develop unreasonable prejudices based on ignorance. Which is why hating the prime minister is the path of least resistance, and science tells us that path is definitely the way to go. But then, if we believed scientists, we probably wouldn’t hate Gillard so much in the first place. This is what is known as a paradox.”

  46. Nice try Min but the sad reality for you lefties is that Julia has done her dash and without a credibility transplant she has no chance of the people believing a single thing that she says. Without the people believing her she has no chance of getting anyone apart from Labor tragics to vote for her, so expect her fortunes to decline as the voters put their trust elsewhere at the next ballot.

    Happy Bithday form me as well BTW 😎

  47. Time will tell. The PM is still miles ahead of her opponent. This is proven by the fact she is still standing.

    We have a gutsy. courageous woman with a wicked sense of humour running this country.

    We are indeed a lucky country.

    Others are entitled to their views, but I feel time will prove them wrong.

    There are killjoys everywhere. in this fine land of ours. We can be thankful, that they are in the minority.

    Min, your effort is spot on, as most who come here will agree.

  48. CU

    “Min, your effort is spot on, as most who come here will agree.”

    You forget that the Cafe is not actually a good analogue of the electorate at large.
    Your problem is that most who come here will agree does not matter because most who come to the polling booths will not agree and they will vote this woman and her woeful government into the wilderness as soon as they get a chance to do so 👿

  49. Iain,
    The majority here at the Cafe have their eyes open and can see what a great job Prime minister Julia Gillard and her Ministers are doing for this great Nation.

  50. Thanks for the comments on the ashby case Min. Puts it into perspective. Mind you, it might be for nought. On reading this, it looks like Nicola Roxon has put her foot in it, very unlike her. Unles there is a bigger game being played?

    Mr Ashby has accepted $50,000 to drop his claim, and MPs and senators will also have to undergo a sexual harassment education course as part of the agreement.

    Attorney-General Nicola Roxon then issued a statement maintaining that despite the settlement, Mr Ashby’s case was vexatious.

    Ms Roxon said the cost to taxpayers was foremost in her consideration.

    “It was a lawyer’s picnic that could have extended well into next year,” the statement said.

    “Settlements aren’t about who is right or wrong, they are about bringing matters to a speedy conclusion.”

    Mr Ashby says he is now considering fresh legal action against Ms Roxon and the Commonwealth for defamation and contempt of court.


  51. they will vote this woman and her woeful government into the wilderness as soon as they get a chance to do so 👿

    I love the smell of right wing fear in the morning 🙂

  52. Based on recent poll trends Iain it seems that it’s only 50% of the electorate “will vote this woman and her woeful government into the wilderness as soon as they get a chance to do so”

    The other 50% look like voting the Cafe Whispers ticket.

    And I’d say the upside is Labor’s to win, the small upside needed to get it over the threshhold and back into government. Abbott himself and his up-till-now highly successful spoiling strategy have become a negative for the Coalition.

    It seems the electorate has gotten past the carbon tax, pink batts, the BER and The Boats, and moved on. Those issues now seem to have had a relatively short shelf life.

    It would be counter-productive for Abbott to keep re-visiting those “Labor failings”.

    So what’s he going to do ?

  53. Lenore Taylor has this suggestion for Abbott in the SMH:

    If Abbott can make it through to sometime close to polling day saying that, like Labor, he aspires to better education, fair disability reform sometime in the future, a good environment, reducing carbon emissions etc, etc – but that he won’t stuff things up while achieving these goals, then the ALP’s goose is truly cooked.


    I think Lenore Taylor is also blissfully unaware that the pendulum have swung back to middle.

  54. You have to be kidding. Now it’s Labor that’s pugilistic and Abbott whose adept on his feet.

    I just got that from the headline without bothering to read the crap that would be the article.

    Right wing reverse projection at its best. Abbott the victim of pugilistic Gillard. This is because being tough and aggressive for Abbott has become a huge negative so now the media attempt to reverse it.

    Without the media running guard for Abbott he would have been gone a long time ago.

  55. Yes Tom isn’t it something that everything Abbott promised in his lame attempt to be positive was to deliver what this Labor government is already delivering.

    Difference is that as Labor has it in policy and has done it all the detail and funding is openly available, but for Abbott it’s all based on rhetoric and “trust me”.

    Short Abbott: “I will deliver more of what Labor is delivering, but with much less whilst cutting everything and growing the economy and productivity at the same time, giving tax cuts to the wealthy and bringing in more revenue by removing taxes, clean up the environment by removing environment regulations and most of all I will be honest whilst lying through my teeth.”

  56. Oh, it must be wonderful to be all knowing as our visitors are. Wonder where they get this terrific aptitude from.

    As they are so smart and clever, can see into the future and know what all is thinking, they must now be very wealthy indeed.

    Wonder why they waste their precious and unique time here.

    Why are they not out in front of all, spreading their words of wisdom. Well least words of wisdom in their own belief.

    Like some here, see it, the words are indeed wrong.

    I find it a little irritating being taken to task by a light weight, one who has nothing new to say, and insists on repeating himself.

    One who ignores many inconvenient facts to reach his conclusions.

  57. “You forget that the Cafe is not actually a good analogue of the electorate at large. “

    Maybe not, maybe yes. Time will tell.

    What is true, the site is growing each day and reaching out to more on Twitter and Facebook. I know from my sites, many are reading and finding what is said here as a positive.

    Can the visitor say the same on his site. I believe not, as he spends so much time here, tempting us back to his, with no success whatever.

    Your one talent is being good at put downs, but reading them has become tedious.

    Too many inconvenient facts get in the way, for your contributions to be taken seriously. You really do not have much to say that is worth acknowledging. Just thought I would let you know once again. Yes, to do this, I am guilty of repeating myself.

    That cannot be helped as you are deeaf to what others say. Too wrapped up in your own little world, I suspect.

  58. By the way, I believe all the lefties that visit this site are proud to be seen as such.

    They have one thing in common, they cannot stand the policies of the right. Do not believe they are good for the majority or for the nation.

    It is not about personalities, but about the common belief we all appear to have.

    We are proud to support these policies.

    What are yours? Do you know?

  59. 🙂 happy birthday for yesterday, Min 🙂

    trolls are bleating a bit, perhaps they’re finding it a bit difficult to cope with all that pinko reality which they find so threatening?

    Mo @ 8:51

    who was it that reckoned they weren’t releasing policies as they would be “stolen” by the ALP ?

    such an attitude is revealing in itself (in addition to the obvious hypocrisy), of a belief that good ideas(sadly lacking from the lnp) shouldn’t be shared, not even for the good of Oz – good to know that they place their own interests over those of the nation they reckon they should be governing. 😈

  60. Tom, I suspect there is bigger game being played, a very big game. I have seen no evidence in any other field that Attorney-General Nicola Roxon is stupid. None at all.

    What it does, removes to the government from the court. It puts the focus on the allegations.

    Remember, if what we have read in the allegations put before the court, and the judges asides, there does not seem to be much of a case.

    The government has done as the court ordered, come to a conclusion. The government is clear that it dopes not admit guilt. To me that is normal legal procedure that occurs every day in the court system.

    It amazes me that the Ashby lawyers did not demand this as a part of the agreement. They have not.

    The cases are now getting closer anyway. Slipper has move the need for the High Court challenge, The government has removed themselves. It appears that now the matter should be able to proceed quickly, all the red herrings dealt with.

    I would also like to point out, there have been no charges laid by anyone against Slipper and Thomson. None at all.

  61. “It seems the electorate has gotten past the carbon tax, pink batts, the BER and The Boats, and moved on. Those issues now seem to have had a relatively short shelf life.” and belong to another government.

    People are becoming aware of the fact that all that Abbott’s predicts, his exaggerations and scare campaign are coming to naught.

    They have in front of them, a PM who is nothing like that portrayed by the doom sayers.

    What they see, when they look, is an attractive, gutsy and caring woman, who is well and truly on top of the job she is doing.

  62. “Mr Ashby says he is now considering fresh legal action against Ms Roxon and the Commonwealth for defamation and contempt of court.

    That would be a separate case that could go on for years. One hard to prove, I believe.

    it allows the present matter to be dealt with quickly.

  63. Yes Tom, attempting to portray Swan as a bully is a little rich, after spending the last few years painting him as a weak.

  64. “This is because being tough and aggressive for Abbott ” is now so scared of that handbag brigade, or is it hit squad, that he now on the run.

  65. While everyone’s been busy debating whether Tony Abbott’s alleged pugilism is real or a fit-up by Labor ladies wielding handbags, it’s been easy to overlook the fact that the next election campaign is shaping as one where it is the ALP that will have to pick a fight.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/pugilistic-labor-tries-to-land-a-blow-as-abbott-skips-away-20120928-26qj8.html#ixzz27oUZSRTf

    Suggest the writer is a little out of date. The PM has set the agenda in stone. Battle is well and truly under way.

    Abbott is now busy, punching at shadows. he has nothing of substance to offer.

    Cartoon says it all. The PM has moved on. Abbott, as usual is struck in the past.

  66. taylor misses the point, unsurprising

    That’s why it’s Labor that really needs to pick a fight right now.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/pugilistic-labor-tries-to-land-a-blow-as-abbott-skips-away-20120928-26qj8.html#ixzz27oV4l6oW

    No lenore, that is why, if the opposition are going to make wild claims about their ‘aspirations’, you, the media, need to keep onto them about HOW this will be achieved. Unfortunately, in the real world, ‘aspirations’ don’t pay the bills.

    But no, the media would just prefer a punch up. Schoolyard sycophants

  67. WOW ME, that is an impressive list. Pity lenore couldn’t have mentioned a bit about that when she was harping on about ‘a hook for its moral framing comparison’

    There’s an entire tackle box right there, totally ignored by the journo’s, presented by a politician.

    And, apparently, Labor just cannot sell its message 😯

  68. We need to remember that Ashby is not accusing the government of abusing him

    His gripe was that they failed to protect him.

    That means, I believe, that they did not educated their ministerial sufficiently in this regard.

    We have an agreement with the government to improve their act and provide more training for ministers.

    This settlement was made, in spite of the fact that Ashby approached no one, no one at all, before taking the matter to court.

    It has little to do with the matter he has has against Slipper, who he alleges abused him.

  69. Isn’t it something Tom, a major reforming government, arguably one of the most in modern history, with nearly 400 pieces of legislation passed and the media continuously frame it as though the government hasn’t done a thing.

  70. Never known Lenore to miss the picture so badly. Even the cartoon does not show, what she says.

    Wish they would take another look at the PM. She looks very smart today, nothing frumpy about her.

    A roaring, angry bull, with the PM ignoring and walking away from.

  71. @ the cafe there’s much Gillard adulation but here’s the thing:

    “THE conspicuous feature of Lindsay Tanner’s argument this week that the Labor Party was beset by deep-seated historical problems and faced an era of “unprecedented bleakness” was the absence of any credible rebuttal.
    Tanner’s claims seem too lethal to be discussed in public. The Gillard government, naturally, refuses to provide oxygen to any such debate and most of the political media just runs from an issue that defies retail simplicity and goes to the essence of politics.
    The pivotal question in Tanner’s essays is whether Labor, if the party is this badly smashed, can still constitute an effective and viable government for Australia. This is the real battle that dominates Julia Gillard’s prime ministership”

    Paul Kelly goes on to write:
    “THE conspicuous feature of Lindsay Tanner’s argument this week that the Labor Party was beset by deep-seated historical problems and faced an era of “unprecedented bleakness” was the absence of any credible rebuttal.
    Tanner’s claims seem too lethal to be discussed in public. The Gillard government, naturally, refuses to provide oxygen to any such debate and most of the political media just runs from an issue that defies retail simplicity and goes to the essence of politics.
    The pivotal question in Tanner’s essays is whether Labor, if the party is this badly smashed, can still constitute an effective and viable government for Australia. This is the real battle that dominates Julia Gillard’s prime ministership”

    For mine Tanner has written a reality check for Labor and Kelly takes it a step further to elucidate the impacts of Tanner’s statements on the Party and the electorate. Kelly OMO makes far more sense than the blind adulation here.

    “There is a permanent schism in the Left with power shared by Labor and Greens. Labor is divided about how to handle the Greens because it is confused about its own values. There are belated signs it will become more aggressive in the quest to save its soul.
    The logic is inescapable: Labor’s historic mission is lost if its primary vote settles at about 30-33 per cent. If Labor’s future is to govern in its own right, it must reclaim a section of the primary vote it has lost to the Greens. On the other hand, if the Greens keep growing, then Labor will be forced into a long-run accommodation from weakness, with grave consequences for public policy.The government has not recovered from the Rudd-Gillard rupture and Tanner identifies one of the tragic results: internal attacks on Rudd’s legacy to justify his removal have only weakened Gillard in office”

    Another OP by Peter van Onselen touches a Labor nerve as well.

    “This government has confused the reforming failures of the second half of Howard’s time in office with the alleged successes of its own time in power. Howard ran out of puff, but Labor didn’t use its political capital well on returning to office (and Kevin Rudd must take much of the blame for that).

    Finally, a few uncomfortable facts that puncture Labor’s artificial narrative of economic success. “Savings”, as Labor MPs keep referring to them, include tax increases, not just spending cuts. Average voters would consider such rhetoric tricky.

    Whisperers may scoff at these OP’s but if they’re even half right labor is in trouble.



  72. can still constitute an effective and viable government for Australia.

    Check out ME’s link above, should be answer enough. Of course, journo’s want to ignore this, preferring to keep trying to bring on the ‘biffo’

    Much more fun 😉

  73. @ Treeman

    The pivotal question in Tanner’s essays is whether Labor, if the party is this badly smashed, can still constitute an effective and viable government for Australia. This is the real battle that dominates Julia Gillard’s prime ministership”

    pretty stupid “pivotal question”, as an

    effective and viable government for Australia

    seems to be exactly what has been provided by the ALP, Greens and independents since 2007, despite the efforts of the lnp to destabilise it, even to the extent of (attempted) sabotage, including several attempts by the lnp to get into government without having to face the voters. (utegate, thomson, slipper beat-ups)

    The conspicuous feature of Lindsay Tanner’s argument ……was the absence of any credible rebuttal.

    or maybe it was regarded as too insignificant to warrant attention?

    fair bit of delusion right there.

  74. If you search you will find plenty of rebuttal, including a story on the demise of the Left, and no Labor hasn’t been Left for a long time, not since Hawke and especially not since Keating.

    What is it with the hypocritical Right that think adulation of Abbott is perfectly OK and all legitimate criticism of him should be crushed, yet just praise for Gillard is also to be crushed?

  75. Treeman, could it possibly be true, that Tanner has little new to say. That people are past why Rudd was deposed. At the end of the day, many see it as Rudd losing the confidence of his caucus.

    As for my opinion, Tanner was careful not to condemn the PM or government, while making complaints that contradicted his message.

    He agrees that the Rudd government was chaotic, but did not warrant his dismissal.

    He appears to be talking about the past. Does not acknowledge that there have been changes.

    I suggest that Tanner had it correct in his first book, he wrote. His description of the media explains why Labor has so many problems.

    I also believe that this PM after holding her ground for two years, is getting a handle on how to get around the media circus.

    I have respect for Tanner, but at this time, I am a little complex at what he is trying to say, or what he believes his solutions to be.

    One fact that stands out, it is not Labor or the PM that has thwarted debate on Tanner’s book. They just do not have that power.

    The other problem is that many here do not see Howard’s government as reforming. Very little occurred under his ten years.

    One has to rewrite history to come to that conclusion.

    What most do not realise how much has been achieved by the Rudd and Gillard government.

    We now have a government that has the guts to build and is looking to the future,

    We have a government that has delivered one of the worlds best economies.

    We have a government that has all the figures in the right places,

    A government that has bought many of our institutions into the twenty first century, Education and childcare for starters.

    They have only started in this regard. They are now looking at what next needs to be built.

    All that is occurring, is what Labor has done since conception, is evolving to deal with the problems of today and tomorrow.

    This, it has always done. Often in a violent way, such as the splits of last century.

    What is true, that it always reconstitutes it’s self and moves on.

    Personally I would like to see more dissent in the party, but with the present media we have this is impossible. I do hope it is occurring behind the scenes.

    Of course we all know that the Liberals and their cohorts the Nationals, are one big happy family, who know where they are going.

    I do believe this Labor government now knows where it is heading.

    Yes this is correct,

    The pivotal question in Tanner’s essays is whether Labor, if the party is this badly smashed, can still constitute an effective and viable government for Australia. This is the real battle that dominates Julia Gillard’s prime ministership”

    and the answer is no, it is not smashed, and is quickly becoming effective.

    All that Abbott is offering, is demolition.

  76. Treeman has got a good grasp of labors Problems.
    Lindsay Tanner has written a book about it – has anyone read it yet?
    And is it worth reading? Tanner has always been a respected Politician
    and has always performed soundly. I guess when you have one as experienced sounding the warning bell and
    if you dont listen you will finish the bigger fool. This seems Labors real problem
    in recent times. Dont think there has been a good result since the last Federal

  77. Anyone have comment on this statement. I would have applied it more to Abbott, has the PM no policy or ideology. I would have thought that her belief in education is a fairly strong one. I would have though, removing unnecessary benefits from the wealthy by means testing is another. Many straw men are set up by those opposing Labor. It would help if they began using reality to back their arguments.

    This response is understandable but exposes the truth – the purpose of modern Labor is to govern and exploit the power of the Treasury and executive authority to further its interests. Tanner is explicit on this point: for Labor today “nothing else matters” but winning elections – no cause, no ideology. Power is its own reward.


  78. I see Treeman quotes freely from that intellectual void ; “The Australian”…What’s the matter, Treeman…can’t intellectualise without a fractured crutch?
    Get yourself another source of realistic opinion or get your hands off it!…I mean to say!!: Paul Kelly!! ..Van Onselen!!?…poor child!
    Ps. I see you’ve still got your corporate developer freebie cap on!

  79. Perhaps someone can remind Treeman and Voyager-Sydney the reality of the situation…: Labor holds Govt’..Labor rules…..the rest are in opposition…they carp!
    Get real…get a life because you haven’t got govt and by the way your crowd is going you’ll never get it the next time around!…so back to the tissues boys…there’s work still to be done by the real workers!

  80. I went behind that pay wall. Not something I can be bothered to do often. The article also appears to be having problems working out what Tanner is about,

    There are many ideas and opinions within the party. The time is long past, since it was about unions and workers. Labor has moved on to operate in the new environment it finds itself.

    All these stories are old hat. They assume that nothing never changes, that Labor is the same party it was in 2007.

    This is why what Tanner has to say, has hardly raised a ripple.

    The government is performing well. Most Labor supporters realise this.

    Unlike the Coalition, that appears to have to go back to the past to find solutions. That do not have one new policy of their own, to deal with today and tomorrow.

    No we are no blind or delusional. We are acknowledging what is true today and moving on.

    Labor is not perfect. No party can be, as what is needed is always a moving target.

    That means that Labor always needs to change and move on.

    When the likes of the Australian and Tanner begin talking about today, maybe we will show some interest.

  81. Ms Taylor being the weak, insipid jurno she has become, is doing the bidding of her News Ltd Masters. She doesn’t believe that crap she wrote, anymore than those who instruct her do.

  82. Interesting how the MSM and trollman’n Co seems to have been cherry-pick’n Tanner…… bit of ‘look over there’ going on ….mm !!
    “Midway through 2010, exhausted by the pressures of government and family life, federal finance minister Lindsay Tanner quit politics. He settled down to write a book, Sideshow, on what he saw as the biggest problem facing Australia’s political system – the media.”

  83. Bushfire Bill, one of the more astute non media aligned writers on politics (like your good self Min) makes an excellent observation on the Ashby settlement.
    Bushfire:”[Coalition] panicking, & I think they (or their urgers) have panicked in settling in the Ashby case” http://bit.ly/SrW83g

  84. Listening to a repeat of Milne at the Press Club. I am not a fan of the Greens, but much she says makes sense. A lot of sense.

    I cannot say the same when I listen to the representatives of the Coalition. Noticed that Sinodinos is out and about. Maybe if Corey had done his job, he might still be in sight.

  85. Don’t insult our intelligence Treeman/Voyager.

    If Tanner had written a book or piece praising the Labor party and government you would have ignored it and if we quoted it you would have said it was biased. If another ex-Labor party member had written a book lauding the party you would have ignored or lambasted that as well.

    There has been plenty written praising the current Labor party and not peep from you but you have no problems quoting the biased right wing media and Coalition in their criticisms of the government. Conversely you ignore or fob off credible criticisms of the Liberal party and their considerable failings, and if those criticisms are written by ex-Liberals you heavily censure them and state it’s bullshit.

    The Liberal party has huge problems non the least being they are currently made of mostly talentless old hacks but most of all they are led by a gormless bully who can barely get out of negative three word slogans. Yet I have not seen one affirmation from you on the valid criticisms written about them.

    Quoting Tanner as bible and then doing a circle jerk in affirmation whilst ignoring tomes of evidence and writings on the positive things this government has done all the while ignoring or snow jobbing the negatives on the Liberals just affirms you as the hypocrites you are.

  86. @Treeman/trollman “The pivotal question in Tanner’s essays is whether Labor, if the party is this badly smashed, can still constitute an effective and viable government for Australia. This is the real battle that dominates Julia Gillard’s prime ministership”
    I wonder are some people just plain stupid or ignorant or both. What do they think has been happening since election 2010? The Govt led by Julia Gillard has been one of the most effective reforming Govts in decades. Over 500 pieces of legislation, many many groundbreaking. Who says there is a battle dominating Julia Gillards Prime Ministership? You, the has been Kelly? Tanner with the axe to grind? News Ltd? All off course unbiased in their observations NOT.
    The proof is in the pudding, the ingredients of the pudding are a well organised, highly effective, successful Administration, led by a woman who has had more abuse and lies thrown at her than any other PM in this counties history. Has she cracked? Has she buckled? Has she run for cover? Not bloody likely and that is what gets under these critics skin, mainly men to boot.
    You trolls cant come up with anything factual, anything that makes this Govt look weak and incapable so its the good ole Tory fallback. Criticise, moan, negativity and of no importance trying to tell this performing Govt how to handle themselves internally. Is the new line of attack because all else has failed so miserably.
    Not interested in your games and destructive comments, only interested in watching and enjoying the climb back in the polls of the Govt and a Leader with heaps of talent and guts, as they take this country forward in reform, prosperity and decency. Something sadly lacking in the Opposition rabble.

  87. Cannot agree more, David….someone better tell these trolls that the name of the game is “politics”…and to play it sharp, play it well, one needs more that a “left slash punch” to get past the first round!
    The “coalition of the crave’ ” is punch-drunk already and the real fight hasn’t yet begun……..Ring the bell!

  88. Trollspeak…”You forget that the Cafe is not actually a good analogue of the electorate at large.
    Your problem is……balh trol balh trol, I love Tony,, blah, blah…, homophobia….blah blah blah….authority on evrything….boo hoo I troll and reproduce others work because I am incapable of original thought…blah blah…nobody reads me…blah blah…..

    The problem is thick skined trolls who sail in here with outrageous opinions, no fact and offering embbaressingly stupid opinion on everything despite not haveing actually done nothing.

  89. What does he believe in. I suggest his god given right to rule, install in him by his parents when he was a child. As for pity, I have none. I get a good feeling seeing bullies get their come-upperance,

    His policies may be all wrong, but at least he believes in something.

    My heart does go out to him a bit, however, when he gets abused because Marr has unearthed stories about his denouncing poofs and deriding dykes and punching walls in the vicinity of women’s heads.


  90. Ricky
    there is nothing at outrageous about believing that Gillard is heading for a thrashing at the election , or to take pleasure in the futile atttempts from frightened and bitter lefties like you to convince themselves that Labor have more than a snowflakes chance in hell of winning at the next poll .

  91. Time will tell.

    History tells me that many on the other side are in for a shock.

    We are not bitter. We leave that up to the other side.

    We even accept the will of the voter.

    As I have said more than once, if one does lose, there is always another day in three years.

    That is what democracy is about.

    What is frightening about losing?

    What is frightening, is having Abbott as PM. Still it will only be three years at the most.

    It will be shorter if he keeps his promise, to keep calling elections until he gets what he wants.

    See, we really have nothing to be frightened about.

    Why do the conservatives hate so much? Why cannot they accept defeat?

  92. Roswell, and others who I may have missed…thank you all for the birthday greetings. A big sleep in this morning by yours truly. 🙂

  93. : lain Hall….Methinks the man doth profess too much!
    I know why the right-wing like Tony so much…: They always enjoy a good reaming!

  94. A reamer is a metalworking tool used to create an accurate sized hole. The process is called reaming. They may be used as a hand tool or in a machine tool,


    eamingpresent participle of ream (Verb)
    Widen (a bore or hole) with a special tool.
    Widen a bore or hole in (a gun or other metal object) in such a way.
    More info »Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary
    ream someone’s ass – WordReference Forums
    forum.wordreference.com › English Only › English Only
    5 posts – 3 authors – 10 Jan 2006
    What does the police officer mean by saying ‘ream’ here? Does he mean he’ll cover someone? Thanks in advance, Thomas.
    What does it mean when someone got ‘reamed’? – Yahoo! Answers
    answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid… – United States
    7 answers – 30 Oct 2006
    Top answer: the meaning you are looking for is an idiom of the word ream. REAM OUT scold, give you hell, tie into He reamed me out for driving too fast. He said I …



    yacee, you may have not been too far from the mark. Interesting word.

  95. Has’nt the MSM done a good job of informing everyone about our PM’s birthday….. very telling …. 👿
    What does does it take …….
    Happy Birthday Julia, hope you had a great day at the AFL GF.. 😀 *CLINK*

  96. The troll leaves its cesspit under the bridge to foul the air here with its BS it’s all the Tory Libturds have left. Back under the bridge troll and take your stench with you.

  97. Mangrove @8.16am and,

    ..but that he won’t stuff things up while achieving these goals,

    The inference in Lenore Taylor’s statement is that Tony is likely to stuff things up.

    Odd isn’t it, that while other Prime Ministers and LOTO are described as having made tactical errors and other errors of judgement..with Tony we are reduced to the analogy of stuffing things up. Talk about bringing things down to the lowest common denominator….

  98. CU
    <blockquote.Why do the conservatives hate so much? Why cannot they accept defeat?
    Really I am not the one spewing hate here, just look up thread to the splutterings of,

    David Sep 29, 6:39 pm

    The troll leaves its cesspit under the bridge to foul the air here with its BS it’s all the Tory Libturds have left. Back under the bridge troll and take your stench with you.

    September 29, 2012 @ 6:09 pm

    : lain Hall….Methinks the man doth profess too much!
    I know why the right-wing like Tony so much…: They always enjoy a good reaming!

    More hate from David

    September 29, 2012 @ 12:12 pm

    Troll sporting the white feather. Your birthday greetings, shove them back where they came from. They are as dishonourable as the giver.

    So I have to ask why do lefties hate so much?

  99. LOVO, thank you for the reminder. Julia was in the crowd at the AFL grand final, it would have been nice for our Prime Minister to receive some sort of acknowledgment (if there was, I didn’t see it). I cannot imagine Howard attending and not stand for a round of (subdued) applause. Anyway..here is one for Julia’s birthday, courtesy of Lavinia Projustice.

  100. That is not hate. At least of conservatives. That is just some making comments in kind.

    It is aimed at trolls, who come to make trouble. That is the answer.

  101. Min, maybe you could put up quicky birthday post to allow commentators to say ‘Happy Birthday Prime Minister’ ….. (well the MSM seem to have missed it for some reason)

  102. LOVO, I would love to but I’m on kitchen duties at the moment with an almost cooked French-style roast chicken (tarragon, garlic etc). This is my 2nd go at the creme sauce as someone (me) got distracted and burnt it… 😦

  103. CU
    Hate is hate may dear no matter who it is aimed at and the comments that I have cited are dripping with it, I could go and cite the hate spewed at Tony Abbott and his team which has just as much bile as the comments aimed at yours truly.
    There certainly are some hateful souls here but they are definitely not the conservatives.

  104. I think the real word would be contempt. Have not seen any hate,here. except from trolls.

    Trolls are simply not worth the effort of hate. They are just an annoyance.

    Min, excuses, excuses.

  105. Iain, I would have to admit it..although quite Shakespearean in his eloquence, David was just a smidgey bit over the top. 😉

    Iain..keep on a’trollin’..you’re a stayer and that’s for certain.

  106. Iain, absolute garbage..and you know fully well that Cu is clinical in her appraisal of Tony Abbott and so am I. We do not talk about his bald head, his scrawny hairy chest and that his smugglers are short of a budgie..wait a minute, I think that the last one I did mention somewhere along the line. 😀

  107. Gentlemen: I am going to call time. Back on topic please.

    Oh that’s alright then – the rest of us can continue talking about whatever we want… :mrgreen:

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