Game on!

Or should I say ‘games on’ as this weekend we see two of the biggest events on our sporting calendar – the AFL and NRL Grand Finals. Both will be a showcase for interstate rivalry; Hawthorn from Melbourne playing Sydney in the AFL, and Sydney’s Bulldogs playing the Melbourne Storm in the NRL.

In the AFL, Hawthorn are firm favourites.

Last week against Adelaide they were loose, lethargic and sloppy. Only the efforts of a few stand-out players got them over the line against the team of tooth fairies from the city of churches. Perhaps the early tag of premiership favourites has made them complacent.

Their coach is a known wall puncher (like Tony Abbott) and I reckon he’ll be doing some punching on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Swans were methodical in the way they dismantled Collingwood. They might take it up to the Hawks.

I don’t know much about the NRL (except that Canberra missed out). I’m sure some of our readers can fill in the gaps for us.

BTW, here’s a nice ‘premiership’ photo. :mrgreen:

23 comments on “Game on!

  1. It’s the battle of the states….NSW v Vic….not happy as a one eyed Dragons supporter having to back the Bulldogs, but its just not in me to barrack for Mexicans…our podcast will be up tonight with the grand final wrap up…

  2. I’d like to see the Swans win. I generally hope the team that has has a longer space between premierships get up on the day. The Swans last won in 2005 and the Hawks in 2008. Besides, who outside of Victoria ever wants a Vic team to win?

    I despise the Melbourne Storm. Despite given an easy entry into the NRL they still went ahead and rotted the salary cap. I have a soft spot for the Dragons. Losing too many players to State of Origin didn’t help them.

  3. …as a one eyed Dragons supporter.

    Oh you poor man. I know there’s a cure for it as I was a Dragon’s supporter before they merged with Illawarra.

  4. Yawwwwn. Who cares?. An organised brawl between two bunches of low intellect hooligans. How did it ever get to be called `sport’.

  5. Jarl, in the same way that boxing (you know stick two people a ring and let them belt the shit out of each other) is apparently sport

  6. In Australia some ‘people’ call duck shooting a sport. Rabbit shooting, well that’s fair game (ouch)! 😀

  7. I used to love the watching the league grand used be on at 3 in the afternoon. I’d meet with a mate, have a few drinks at some pub or club somewhere and settle down, watch the gf and enjoy the atmosphere. It’s all different now. 😦

  8. An organised brawl between two bunches of low intellect hooligans. How did it ever get to be called `sport’.

    Because ‘Liberal Party conference’ was just too long 😉

  9. The perfect GF, imo,… would be Swans v Hawks…. and they both lose …. 😀
    Like that time Port got done by the Bye…. :mrgreen:
    “An organised brawl between two bunches of low intellect hooligans. How did it ever get to be called `sport’ ” … you must be think’n of soccer fans, ……these people here are talking about that great aussie institution.. Aussie Rules and that other one..umm,… you know the one….run 3ft..jump on each other…. repeat….then throw the ball with your hands 😯 …… and then jump up’ndown on each other again…… come to think of it you maybe half right there Jarl…. 😆

  10. Gees LOVO – that was almost as boring as a game of AFL 😆
    The difference being of course, that there was a point to the rugby fellows kicking the ball back and forth :mrgreen:

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