Cory Bernardi and the beast

LIBERAL Senator Cory Bernardi has suggested legalising same sex marriage would lead to demands for bestiality to also be sanctioned.

“It is another chip in the fabric of our social mores,” he said. ”The time has come to ask, when will it end? If we are prepared to redefine marriage … what is the next step?”

The above quote from Cory Bernardi leaves one shaking one’s head in dismay at the thoughts processes of some people.

Under normal circumstances, such statements can be ignored as the rantings of homophobic, bogan types. However, this ranting does indeed emanate from someone whom one should assume has at least a modest amount of intelligence.

Ironically, Joe Hockey subsequently called for, “a sensitive and measured parliamentary debate on same-sex marriage”.  Sorry Joe, your fellow Liberal Cory Bernardi has already spoken.

Apart from the fact that Bernardi’s statement is nothing more than homophobic blathering, there are excellent reasons why bestiality has zero to do with marriage equality.

And yes, I am attempting to treat this matter with due gravitas all the while battling my instinct to reply to Bernardi in a Shakespearean way: Thou clay-brained guts, thou knotty-pated fool, thou whoreson obscene greasy tallow-catch!

However, will Bernardi’s argument against gay marriage be taken up by certain right-wing shock jock types? Ans: it’s possible. Therefore, as per below:


Grounds on which marriages are void

(1) A marriage to which this Division applies that takes place after the commencement of section 13 of the Marriage Amendment Act 1985 is void where:

(iii) that party is mentally incapable of understanding the nature and effect of the marriage ceremony; or

(e) either of the parties is not of marriageable age;

Bernardi also suggests that gay marriage would have the consequence of leading to polygamy.

Why should it, as we have s(1)(a) of the Marriage Act which states that a marriage is void if “either of the parties is, at the time of the marriage, lawfully married to some other person”.

And so there we have it, that in order for Bernardi’s fantasy nightmare of bestiality and polygamy to come to pass it is the Marriage Act (Cth) 1961 which would have to be amended, and in such a way as to allow underage marriage, marriage without consent and bigamy.

In spite of the opinion of Cory Bernardi, marriage between consenting adults, irrespective of gender does not alter the basic integrity of the fundamental that two people who agree to unite, and who are prepared to take on the responsibilities and privileges of that agreement, should be permitted to do so.









Breaking News: Cory Bernardi quits. This would be one of the rare times that I would have to agree with Tony Abbott.

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has resigned as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s personal parliamentary secretary following a widespread furore over the South Australian’s comments that legislating for gay marriage could lead to demands to legalise bestiality and polygamy.

In announcing Senator Bernardi’s resignation, Mr Abbott said his contribution to the same-sex marriage debate was unwelcome.

“They are views that I don’t share. They are views that many people will find repugnant,” Mr Abbott said.

135 comments on “Cory Bernardi and the beast

  1. add this comment to the crap spoken by that imbecile, Ron Boswell, & you really have to ask how the Liberals managed to come so close to winning government in 2010!

  2. it’s okay Voyager, I am 100% certain granting people the right to marry isn;t going to “turn” anyone, our chances of survival are roughly the same *facepalm*

  3. Voyager is simple 😉 …..better *zip* it up…. your small minded bigotry is showing….
    .Marcus, voyager- must be channeling Iain 😀

  4. Senator Wong is now speaking on the bill. Would not expect anything less from Bernardi. One of the nastiest person in the senate.

    I found senator Boswell as insulting as Bernardi

    Maybe same sex marriage is now a part of god’s grand design. Maybe the time is passed, god saying go and populate.

    Sarcasm by the way.

  5. Does that mean if he had been disciplined he would not havs expressed them
    Now abbott being questioned on the term “ill disciplined”

  6. Yes, voyager, it just might slow down the population growth.

    It is not about ensuring that only same gender can marry. men will still be able to marry women. No problem there.

    it is about a smaller minority having choice.

    In my lifetime, I have seen this group able to emerged into the real world, not hide themselves, often marrying and attempting to live so called normal life. A disastrous practise was that.

    I have not noticed that the sky has fallen in. I have not noticed any noticeable change.

    I feel the same will happen, if they are given the right to marry. Look at the new opportunities for new businesses to arise.

  7. Why I wonder, as he has made worse remarks on the asylum people and other matters.

    He is one of the leading questions askers within the senate. His role was parliamentary secretary.

  8. Of course it is not about finding a spot for Sinodinos. has been a problem for Abbott since he took us his position in the senate. I am sure that Mr. Howard has been having a word in his ear. Abbott problem is that he said ion the name of consistency, he was taking his front bench to the next election.

    Needed someone to fall on his sword or resign.

  9. I don’t think he resigned but was pushed by Abbott. Just heard an interview with Abbott over his meeting with Bernardi and it seems to me this was Abbott getting rid of an embarrassment.

  10. LOVO thoughts too. Life is what you make it and if a person thinks that anyone who chooses to marry might impact on their own marriage, then I would suggest a dose of introspection about that person’s own relationships.

  11. Paul, Cu et al..I have now just updated the topic to include this. My first impression is that things would have to be very crook indeed for Tony “Action Man” Abbott to be pushed into taking any action whatsoever. Action is something which Tony tends to run away to speak.

  12. How fucked is this.

    Bernardi will be allowed to make comments like the ones he got sacked from the front bench for from the backbench as he’s now a “freelance”.

    Some journalists on Twitter are going apeshit over this double standard and deceitfulness from Abbott.

  13. I was listening to a constitutional lawyer on the ABC this morning and after the 1961 marriage act was changed by Howard it may not be so easy for the federal government to overturn the States. In 2012 this is the biggest non issue on the books. really have we not moved on. My 78 year old gay female cousin is dumbfounded by the rhetoric. I will try and find the reference.

  14. Mobius, I take back my comment about Abbott taking action. For a brief moment there (very brief), I thought that Abbott might have some principles lurking there. I clearly was wrong.

  15. Ricky, that is of interest to myself as Constitutional law was my field..did the constitutional lawyer provide any specifics on this?

  16. No, more like finding a place for Sinodinos.

    As I said, he has said worse things, on a regular basis. Maybe Senator Wong will get a better go. She will only have to cope with Brandis now, and that other idiot. Maybe Cormann could fall on his sword as well. He, also would not be missed.

    No, do not give Abbott credit for doing the right thing. He would be in complete agreement with what was said.

    Still two more bills to go.

  17. I’ve asked for confirmation on Twitter to a couple of journalists on that Min.

    It seems incredulous to me that after Abbott sacked Bernardi for being ill disciplined he’s now saying Bernardi can be as ill disciplined as he likes from the backbench without consequence.

    So in one deceitful stroke Abbott has gotten the ultra artful Sinodinos to the front bench and an ill disciplined homophobic mouthpiece to run interference for him on the backbench.

  18. Ah the new Tones softer more caring just what the people want/needed look out for the poll boost, headlines anyone Abbott’s FIRST POSITIVE ACTION watch out for more.

  19. Roswell, I believe that your dog isn’t at all interested in you *that way*..however the cavalier spaniel down the road has some appeal.

  20. MO, I see we are in agreement. Bernardi will have a full time job, keeping those sites going up to the next election.

    We can expect many more trolls. Wonder if any get paid.

  21. Let’s not kid ourselves though, Abbott only did this so that Bernardi will have more time to say his hateful comments-on the Coalition’s behalf-via the relative anonymity of Menzies House & CATA.

  22. Minchin on Bernardi’s comments:

    “His remarks have been quite mischievously and deviously conflated and misrepresented”

    If Minchin watch the full speech and then the radio interview and still made that remark then he should be disowned from the Liberal Party.

  23. Marcus, I actually perused the comments in the off chance that I’d finally see some condemnation for a Liberal amongst that primitive lot. No success. 😦

  24. Abbott has replaced bernardi sith two secretaries, sinodis in the senate and someone in the house.
    As parl shadow secretaries do not get any more money, it won’t cost the tax payer more.
    More importantly for abbott he doesnt have to do a reshuffle and sack tso of his front bench. The coalition has two more on their bench than the govt and with the payrise all pollies got abbott was able to keep them. If he sacks anyone he has to bring his bench in line with ghe govt.
    I wish albo could see this sacking as a breach of the rules. It would cause big problems for abbott.

  25. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Bernardi meant every single word spoken. His arguments that any changes to the Marriage Act will lead to doom and depravity are old, very old ones.

    This is typical Bernardi. Who can forget his rant that the burqa should be banned as it is the preferred dress of bandits. This caused much mirth here at the Café because as some wag pointed out..ever tried running wearing a burqa.

  26. “His remarks have been quite mischievously and deviously conflated and misrepresented”

    It’s in the bloody Hansard FFS

  27. There is a rumour that Abbott only acted after pressure from Turnbull.

    There is a rumour that Abbott only acted after he ran out of walls to ‘negotiate’ with. 😉

  28. The PM is thanking Australians for all their good wishes. The PM has broken down. How will Abbott deal with this,

  29. Min, as I said, he has said many shocking things, why today, Oh, yes, the new senator, one that need to be found a place on the front bench., The one pushed by Mr. Howard. He is now entrenched in Abbott’s office.

    Now it is on. Abbott did not claim the same length of time.

  30. Miglo, I am surprised that Bolt has not.

    Told you what the new track is :where is the money coming from”

    Will be revealed at the normal time when the half yearly report is released later this year. That is the norm,

    The house is very quiet today.

  31. Not a sound to be heard. Maybe the deputy speaker did as she promised, earlier in the week. That is give them copies of all the complaint5s she receives when she goes back to her office each day.

    New slogan :”where is the money coming from”

    PM has no problem answering. Turning it back on them.

    I do not think this one will last long.

    Pyne up, a little angry.

    The PM is delighted that they are talking about the economy. Delighted that who best runs the economy, will be the contest at the next election.

  32. Worth watching. I do not believe we will see such a quiet house again during QT. Not working, The new, kinder Abbott.

  33. Roxon complaining about comments across the table. They must be keeping their voices low..

    Damming Standards report. Triple AAA I believe. All three the same.

  34. There appears to be noise, but it is not coming across on the TV. Has there been technology changes within the chamber. The speaker is continuing to call order. Nice not to hear it.

  35. If Turnbull did this, then where was he when it came time for the vote..ah yes, that’s right T’bull would have had to resign from the front bench. Clearly T’bull’s principles run a clear last when compared to his ambition.

  36. Leigh Sales Tweeted that Abbott gave a touching and gracious response to Gillard’s speech on her father.

    Swan threw the opposition’s $70 billion black hole back at them in response to Hockey demanding, and nearly blowing a pooper valve, that Swan reveal where the $20 billion deficit that doesn’t exist will be paid from.

    First time in Australian history all ratings agencies have given Australia a Triple A Plus gold rating. Swan keeps throwing that back at the opposition as well, which along with shoving the Liberal States failings in their face is not going down well.

    Abbott just sitting there looking like the new boy in a strange school not knowing what to say or do.

  37. Abbott is basing his speech on rumours from yesterday’s caucus.

    Abbott is once again in his glory, talking the economy down and loading on the abuse,.

  38. Albanese is having fun. PC this morning at 6.30. Albanese said will be 5.30,

    Albanese said that Bernardi resigned. No apology from no one. Pyne once again complaining. Affronted.

    Noise now on again, in full force. Albanese said he cannot withdrew, as he said nothing offensive.

    Oh, he said the leader of the Opposition did not respect people. What a shocking thing to say.

    Albanese had ten minutes to attack the PM. Not allowing Albanese to talk. Two previous speakers were heard in silence.

  39. MPI is about the same topic. Will have the same debate twice.

    Albanese is improving with experience.

    Pyne now thrown out.

  40. No plan for a three year plan in Opposition. His plan is for a election tomorrow, every day.

    Quoting Menzies. Policy of negation, that Menzies rejected.

  41. Voyager, I agree to a certain extent. The PM does not agree with marriage equality and this is her right, but at least she allowed her team a conscience vote which compares with Tony Abbott.

    Yes the numbers are disappointing, and according to all polls do not reflect the opinion of the majority of voters.

  42. Möbius and,

    Abbott just sitting there looking like the new boy in a strange school not knowing what to say or do.

    Doubtless because he was confronted with factual information..not his strong suit.

  43. They say a conscience vote would not make much difference. Not too sure.

    I wish they would just vote for it. It will happen. Then we can move onto other matters.

  44. Just one point Min and it is that Gay marriage has already been cited as a precedent in attempts to legalise polygamy through the courts in Canada. No doubt that won’t be the last time it is tried.

  45. As soon as they “legalise” Gay mariage (which will happen sooner or later, a no-brainer really) you watch the gay divorce rate go up… 😀 ….. currently failed gay marriage stats stand at nil … 😆

  46. “attempts to legalise polygamy through the courts in Canada. No doubt that won’t be the last time it is tried.”

    Maybe we should ask if this would be the end of the world. It already exist in the USA and other countries. Not my choice, but should that rule it out.

    it is not that long ago, that most of us would have seen ourselves talking about same gender relationships, let alone marriage.

    Such things as child marriage is another thing again. We no longer allow that at all. We would be unlikely to change in this regard. It is about the protection of children.

  47. …the vote was 98 – 42 against.

    70 of that 98 had no conscience vote in the matter being ordered to vote along Abbott’s line so as not to make him look any more an idiot he already is.

    If the Coalition conscience vote was allowed then it would probably have more closely reflected the community, which is now over 60% in favour of gay marriage.

  48. “…attempts to legalise polygamy through the courts in Canada. No doubt that won’t be the last time it is tried.”

    Was that Iain’s post Cu?

    The utterly stupid slippery slope argument and made in ignorance of the laws. It’s as bad as the marriage to beasts argument for the same reasons.

    It failed in Canada and will always fail in Canada, which is why it hasn’t been attempted since that time in February 2009 and was revisited in 2011 on another context. Polygamy in Canada: Justifiably Not Tolerated and Polygamy ruling revisited: Judge takes swipe at ‘alarmist’ views of gay ‘marriage’ opponents

    That doesn’t stop the Catholic Church using ignorance to falsely spread fear about polygamy linked to gay marriage: Now Polygamy

    And do you know the irony of the attack by the Christian Catholic Church on this is that in British Columbia there are Christian homophobic groups practising polygamy and taking underage brides for elders. Not a peep from the Church over them.

    The claim that gay marriage will lead to polygamy or any other breakdown in an already broken marital system is specious in the extreme and shows an ignorance of common law and how laws work in Western societies.

    Conflict of marriage laws

  49. Very shallow. All he has done is delay the inevitable.

    Now back to Cory, it appears he did not have the nous to sack him. No, even when a great part of his team are off doing their own thing, he choose to do nothing, Cory resigned.

    He then puts on a show, stunt, taking down the economy, with a MSSO and MPI, plus Hockey being interviewed this morning, based on a claim that was not backed up in the report he used.

    Yes, he is definitely a loser. A noisy one at that.

  50. Cory Bernardi seems to have a mind that is quite sick and nasty. There has always been same sex relationships and always will be so why try and make life more difficult than it needs to be just because someone is in a minority. Most people I know have a friend or family member who is gay and from memory I cannot think for the life of me when the topic of polygamy or bestiality was raised as a possibility for future fun and recreation. I think I could envisage some extreme gardening or something along those lines if anything. I so hope Karma bites him on his nasty evil arse sometime soon and he has to reflect on the bile that spews from his mouth.

  51. Australia and Great Britain do recognise polygamous marriages, but only when those ceremonies were conducted in countries where polygamy is legal. This is along the lines of the Canada experience where it was decided that individuals should not be punished for taking part in a polygamous marriage. However, refusing to punish does not make it legal and it still stands as per Australia that the 1st marriage is legal, but that any subsequent marriage is void. The 2nd “spouse” does however have the status of de facto.

  52. Goodness..another rap on the knuckles for Tony by Michelle Grattan, which makes it the 2nd one in the past few days.

    Once again the Opposition Leader looked over-scripted — and over-loyal. Surely Abbott, who has a gay sister, was appalled by the Bernardi contribution. But what came through was a certain reluctance to have to cut his ‘‘freelancer’’ loose. Abbott hates to dump on colleagues. Let’s hope that accounts for his demeanour — because it also raised the question of whether he is worried about upsetting the more extreme part of his right constituency.

  53. Daryl Melham is my local member, and he is a surprise name on that list as he is generally regarded as progressive. However, on this issue, his loyalty to his Catholic faith seems to have overwhelmed his progressive values.

  54. ““It is another chip in the fabric of our social mores,” he said. ”The time has come to ask, when will it end? If we are prepared to redefine marriage … what is the next step?””

    Problem with this statement is that it is wrong, and he is stupid.

    The truth is that marriage is always being redefined and has been throughout the ages.

    Look how our attitudes have changed since the 1950’s.

    Most marriages are no longer in the church, before the altar. Most are not now only between people of same colour or faith.

    Getting out of marriage, the change has been more dramatic,

    Women are no longer chattels of the man, The man no longer has the right to flog his chattel,

    Marriage is a process that comes from the community, to meet the needs of the community. It is not something that comes from the heavens or out of space.

  55. Menzies House reaction. He did nothing wrong.

    Bill Muehlenberg suggests Tony Abbott took a knee-jerk reaction to Senator Bernardi’s controversial statement about bestiality.

    South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has just been hung out to dry by his own party. Why? Because he had the guts to tell the truth, and his PC political mates were too chicken and too spineless to back him up. He was speaking on the homosexual marriage bill, and had the courage to suggest where all this might lead.

    He had given a very good speech in the Senate outlining his concerns about homosexual marriage and how children especially will be impacted. His entire speech is well worth reading (see link below). He also spoke of where this was all heading. He said in part:

    Most article seem to see Abbott’s reaction as weak kneed yesterday. Did not come across as a strong and decisive leader. Party is being perceived as being weaker than ever. Howard’s influence has become more entrenched, with the installing of two of his men.

  56. From above

    So I know just how Bernardi feels. He was exactly correct to say what he did, and his party should be ashamed for not supporting him. But there are a few things we can do here. Please write and offer Bernardi your support, encouragement and prayers:

    And please write to Tony Abbott and ask him to reinstate Bernardi:

  57. ll this leaves Abbott looking like, in e.e.cumming’s deathless phrase, an arse on which everything has sat except a man; a man with many big problems and few options with which to solve them.
    In other words, today the Liberal Party gave us a glimpse of its deep-seated, intractable problems, without the satisfying and interesting process of resolving them. The images that Abbott was a bit of a knucklehead but that the Liberal Party as a whole is fundamentally sound, and that the latter should be given the benefit of the doubt over the former, are not as crystal-clear as they were. Today showed that the sort of organisation that regards Tony Abbott as the answer is asking itself, and the country, the wrong questions.

    Yes, Abbott is well and truly on that downward, slippery slope. Hope it is a long one, for as long as he is around, the better for the PM. The PM appears that she is only to willing to do him slowly. Appears the PM has listened to Keating, who was also good at a slow cooking.

  58. Today was not a diversion for the Libs that strengthened Abbott. Today was a day that saw Labor split but the Coalition united on the floor of the House. Labor people looked committed to their position yet bemused, like people who have agreed to disagree and leave it there. Abbott showed that his actions are not decisive, an ultimately fatal position for a leader. Today showed the Liberals lack a leader with the strength and common purpose to unify them.

  59. This was more interesting yesterday. It must have hurt him. More so, I suspect, than letting Cory go.

    It was a deeply moving speech. Enough to get Tony Abbott to respond to her speech with words of high praise.

    It was a remarkable man, he said, that can produce a remarkable daughter.

    Yes people. Tony Abbott admitted that Julia Gillard is a remarkable woman. But he went even further.

    He also said that it was a remarkable parent that can produce a Prime Minister of this country.

    There. He finally said it. Sort of. In his way. Julia Gillard is a remarkable woman and a remarkable Prime Minister.

    The PM made another moving speech last night at the Multicultural do. Followed by Lowry.

  60. Cu and,

    PS. Marriage is now seen as a union between equals, the biggest change.

    Precisely…hence the danger of Abbott’s idea of 2 types of marriages one going back to the old faults based form of divorce. It would again put women (and the majority would be women) in a position of inferiority.

  61. Min, many men blame all their troubles on the feminist.

    Sadly their problem is that they have not been able to adjust, and cannot function in a world where women are seen as equal. Their ego’s require them to always being in charge, with no dissent allowed.

    Poor men.

    The clever men are those who see the changes as freeing them and having pride in their women, who are at least allow to have brain. Real men like the challenge.

    Life for both have been enriched.

  62. Dragonista puts on her tin foil hat, and comes up with the totally plausible

    So I’m sure Abbott must have secretly been relieved when Cory Bernardi unleashed his inner Tea Party Animal in the Senate last night. The combined disgust and rage of free speech-loving tweeps, equality-loving MPs and scandal-seeking journalists created a torrent of condemnation that swept all mention of Abbott’s thuggery from our tweetstreams, RSS feeds and tv screens.

    Bernadi might be dumb, but he isn’t stupid, which makes Dragonistas conspiracy theory all the more enticing.

  63. Cu and,

    Today showed the Liberals lack a leader with the strength and common purpose to unify them.

    Abbott’s refusal to allow a conscience vote is not a sign of leadership but yet another example of his inability to do anything except say No.

  64. Tom, there is most definitely something in that..after all Abbott would have been fully aware of Bernardi’s opinions and that he was going to express these.

  65. In the lower house today, we have seen hours of speakers, standing up, defending Mr. Abbott’s failed and expensive chronic dental scheme.

    Speaker after speaker. It appears all on the Opposition are tro speak. Each speaker, repeats what the one before has said.

    A scheme that not many knew about, about went through the roof as far as cost is concerned.

  66. Min, he was his secretary, one would assume that would entail working out procedures. Maybe I am wrong. Funny that it takes two to replace Cory.

  67. A NSW Liberal Party member has taken an internal dispute over candidate selection methods to court.

    A NSW Liberal Party Central Coast branch member, Denis Pogson, is trying to stop the party’s annual state council meeting happening this Saturday after a motion to vote on the issue of plebiscites – the direct election of candidates for state and federal seats – was left off the agenda.

    The state council meeting will not include a vote on the issue after the party’s state executive declined to include it on the agenda, describing it as ‘uncertain’, Mr Pogson’s lawyer, Wayne Muddle, SC, told the NSW Supreme Court on Wednesday.

    Mr Pogson is conducting the case against the NSW Liberal Party and various members including Premier Barry O’Farrell, party president, Senator Arthur Sinodinos, and the state director, Mark Neeham.

    Happy families in Liberal land.

  68. from politicoz …
    QUESTION: You said Senator Bernardi’s comments were ill-disciplined. Do you think they were offensive and do you think they were wrong?
    TONY ABBOTT: They are views that I don’t share. They are views that I think many people would find repugnant.
    In the short press conference announcing the ‘resignation’ of Cory Bernardi from the Opposition front bench, Tony Abbott didn’t condemn the sentiment behind Bernardi’s words.
    Note the wording: In stark contrast to others (from Malcolm Turnbull to the UK Tories), Abbott simply said he didn’t share Bernardi’s views, and that many people would find the views repugnant. “He’s a decent bloke,” added Abbott.
    Bernardi’s sin was ill-discipline: he should have known better than to say in public what he actually thinks (a la Mitt Romney). Because he’d been warned not to.

  69. But those arguments still won out yesterday when Parliament voted down a bill to legalise same sex marriage. Why? I dunno. Maybe because a relatively small number of gay men and lesbians choosing to pledge a life long commitment to each other would totally be way more damaging to Australian society than the millions of heterosexual couples who give it a go and fail miserably.

    Read more:


  70. New export. or is it just exporting hate?

    Cory Bernardi has flown from one storm of controversy to another, with British news organisations branding the South Australian as “disgraced” ahead of his expected arrival in Oxford this weekend.
    Senator Bernardi flew out of Australia yesterday shortly after he triggered outrage and calls for his sacking when he suggested to Parliament that legalising gay marriage could trigger demands for bestiality and polygamy to also be legalised.
    He is expected to deliver a lecture to the European Young Conservative Freedom Summit in Oxford this weekend.

    Senator Cory Bernardi. Photo: Andrew Meares
    Conservative Future, which

    Read more:

  71. C.U. at 8.30
    That’s some quote from Andrew & is of course quite right. The veneer of “Conservatism” being a responsible, careful, middle of the road movement can’t sustain too many more outbursts from ratbags like Cory.


    Call me Cynical..but is this just another shiny thing damage deflector…Look over here…..its all fine, I’m a compassionate caring guy and Gillard is Horrible…..Terrorist Terrorist. Why did he not do more when he was in power? Smaks of outright opportunism……Oh Terrorist Terrorist Victim Victim, sign my petition…

  73. Bob, the attempt at change of behaviour in the house during QT tells us what internal polling is showing.

    Suggest much worse that the public polling. Pyne found it hard, an went prowling, which got him in more trouble. Bishop could not stop herself at the end.

    The noise level has dropped. Frustration is evident, for now they have to rely on questions.

  74. Don’t worry Ricky, the PM pointed out the relevant facts to him. He did ask in such a nice manner. Voice kept low. Body language, said this was hard.

    Anytime they forgot and reverted to normal, the PM reminded them they were bellowing.

    I believe that lady might have a wicked sense of humour.

  75. Ricky J P
    Abbott, not only had a press conference with victims in tow at the Bali memorial garden, he then took his politicking into the House. He tried to ambush the PM, no doubt he had his visitors in the gallery, but the PM turned it back on him.
    Abbott then tried with a supplementary but the PM once again had facts. A very tastless but typical ploy of Abbott.

  76. 2.13pm: Treasurer Wayne Swan has just compared shadow treasurer Joe Hockey and finance spokesman Andrew Robb to a couple of pitbulls, racing into the parliament with their ears pinned back.
    Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne objects to the slag and bagging.

    Read more:

    He’s not the handbag hit squad, Mr Pyne notes, but it’s still out of order.
    Manager of government business Anthony Albanese is now objecting to the objection.
    That wasn’t a real point of order, he contends.

    Read more:

  77. Pingback: The Perfect Storm | Café Whispers

  78. I endured for years, a violent marriage. Did not have the sense to get out.

    It was not the blows that got to one the most.

    It was the words that came out of a face that looked exactly like Pyne.

    I manage to stop the blows, never that face or words.

  79. Someone should tell Bishop, J that Labor doesn’t have to lift a finger for Liealot to make a complete goose of himself.

    That photo of Prissy makes me wonder if he will force the scientific community to reconsider their stance on spontaneous combustion.

  80. Where the fuck to Liberal politicians think the people came from, direct from Neanderthal to modern humans with any brain growth in in between.

    Dutton is saying Abbott hasn’t used slagging of Gillard as a tactic.

    Two years of vilification and denigration, at times of the lowest form and nastiness, and now they have become all precious because Abbott is getting a little deserved attention, and probably worse for them it’s factual, which means they can’t counter it.

    Liberals, and that includes their followers, sure love to dish it out and to the nastiest levels, but have the most fragile of weak minds when it comes to getting a little back or being scrutinises. It’s why they always try to hide behind changing legislation and secrecy when in government, they have great difficulty in being held to account and facing the consequences of their words and actions.

  81. Please swap “with” with “without” or it appears I have come direct from my Neanderthal relative without any brain growth.

  82. I think that the thing which I disliked the most about the Bernardi issue is the obtuse suggestion that it was *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* all ok..the telling term being that Bernardi is now “a free agent” – as if it’s something which one could boast about.

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