Excuses, excuses

By now most would be aware that Labor and Julia Gillard have recorded massive boosts in the latest NewsPoll, so I won’t go over what is already old ground. However, I was amused at the ‘excuses’ provided by The Australian (cited in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday) as the reasons for these good fortunes:

The Australian points out that Labor unleashed a personal campaign against Mr Abbott over allegations of intimidation during his student days 35 years ago, the government banned a Dutch super-trawler from fishing Australian waters, the first asylum seekers arrived on Nauru, five Australian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan and Ms Gillard took a week off to mourn her father’s death.

Laughable, isn’t it?

All the dirt thrown about the Prime Minister’s history with Slater and Gordon was incidental but the dirt thrown about Abbott’s aggressive past are poll drivers. The other excuses are candidates to cause one to choke on the morning coffee.

Goodness, imagine how the polls would have turned if the Government and the Prime Minister were actually doing things right. 🙄

Here is a photo of the Canberra Press Gallery.