The end is nigh

Tony Abbott will never be Prime Minister. Why? Because the world ends in 100 days.

Whyalla will finally be wiped off the map. ‘Bout time, too.

The planet will just be a rocky outcrop spinning in space with no evidence that life ever existed on it. It’s back where it all started thanks to those damn Mayans.

Ah well, maybe life will spring up again some day but let’s hope they don’t eventually evolve into something that resembles we destructive humans, and particularly Mayans. They could produce another calendar and stuff the place up again.

OK guys and gals, you’ve only 100 days left. What are you going to do?

I know what Tony Abbott’s going to do: he’ll blame Julia Gillard for the world ending. It’s not the Mayans, it’s that damn carbon tax.

72 comments on “The end is nigh

  1. The funny thing is that my birthday falls on December 21st exactly-so I’m planning a 3-day party to “celebrate” ;-).

  2. time to take a day… ok 100 days off work and spend time wiht my family, I like the max out the credit card Paulwello so off to Sweden on a family trip…and pretty much anywhere else I feel like going at the time. Then if it doesnt’ happen I’ll have had enough time with the family they’ll want to kill me and probably need some time alone, so ‘who to haunt? hehehehe

  3. Time to vomit,

    Senator Cash on Capital Hill claimed “Tony Abbott had not been out and about with the media as a sign of respect for Juila Gillard, who lost her dad ”

    Doug Cameron – “Now that’s utter nonsense”

    Jeez, I wonder who in the Abbott team thought up that bit of spin?

  4. Sorry last post not on topic but that gem by Cash was proof the end is nigh for Abbott, if they are coming ot with that.

  5. The truth is that, had the Mayans not died out during the Middle Ages, then they would hsve just started work on a new, 5,000 year calander ;-). I don’t think much of the prophetic abilities of a society which failed to see its own demise!

  6. LOL.

    I’m going to build a time machine and go back to Sydney when Abbott was harrasing the left of politics at uni. Tell the young women they need to create a rugger team and invite Tony Abbott to play on the opposing side. I leave the rest to yer imagination.

    I’ll tell Turnbull how to win the Republican debate by getting him to run against a younger dorky Howard and beat him.

    I’ll advise Keating never to cater to Rupert Murdoch.

    Tell Al Gore he musn’t kiss his wife on TV like he’s swallowing her tongue and oneday when he runs for president he needs to share lots of pretzels with governor Bush of Texas…and create a team of scrutineers and media people to make sure all Floridians vote…and on proper ballots.

    I’ll have a pretend affair with Lady Di and convince her driving in Paris is no fun…take trains.


  7. The `100 days to go’ story reminds me of older times. During the Cold War era between the West and Russia, and there was a very real threat of nuclear war either by design or by accident, the British people were constantly told by the government that they should not worry. The government said that early warning stations would pick up any incoming nuclear missiles and everyone would be given a four minute warning.
    So the only thing to worry about was What to do with your last four minutes?. It was unsurprising how many people wrote to the government saying, “But what will I do with the other three and a half minutes?.”

    So with a final hundred days to worry about, some people are going to have to deal with some massive problems.

  8. ‘Hope the extraterrestrials get away.’

    Flying at light speed, they should get away on time.

    The catlicks say its all coming to an end in a couple of weeks, after three days of darkness. Its millennial fever, not to be taken seriously, but a CME could provide an electronic blackout which may last a few days.

    Just sayin….

  9. That’s actually my wedding date. True story. I agreed to that date after eight years and three kids. Reception is on a mountain on the south coast so we will get a great view of the killer wave. So when she does ‘chain me down’ it won’t be for long…who’ll be laffin then? He he.

  10. @Marcus, you’re funny, you have little respect for a civilisation who cannot see its own demise, what then do you think of this civilisation, we not only don’t acknowledge the possibility we willingly work towards making it happen….Come to think of it I don’t have a great deal of respect for the right either so lets call it even!!! Seems to me our prophetic abilities leave a lot to be desired 🙂

  11. Gee I reckon that there has to be lots of opportunities to extract goods and property from the gullible at real bargain prices and on day 101 to sell them their stuff back at vastly inflated prices thus making a hefty profit from their millenarian panic 🙂

  12. It posted the link, why is relevant to the topic, I would not no, I thought this was “The end is nigh” or does he think the asylum seekers will be there till the end of nigh

  13. Mig’s I noticed the link to the Mayans story goes to a News Ltd site and there are no comments, I get the impression they do not have a sense of humour.

  14. Paul, do not acknowledge that the visitor is once again attempting to divert the post. Nothing new there.

    If Abbott ever got into power, it would mean the end being nigh.

    Thankfully we can relaxed. that is not going to happen.

    The end cannot be nigh, I am having too good a time now. Wait nearly a lifetime and in no hurry for things to change.

    Maybe there others in the same position,

    It would just be my luck for the end to be nigh. I will just have to ensure I enjoy the next hundred days.

    Sorry for being a little disjointed.

  15. I believe the end will be nigh for Abbott if things continue the way they are going, people are starting to ask the right question of him, but he is unable to answer because his slogans and abuse is not working.

  16. The TAB and several bookies have opened betting on the precise second the world will end on 21/12/12. So get your bets on early. Notification later regarding where winnings can be collected.

  17. I wouldn’t be able to collect my winnings as I’ll be in Heaven. I suspect all the bookies will be in the other place.

    Pity the bookies weren’t taking bets on the world ending July 1. I would have cleaned up.

  18. I recon the rapture gag is a must on the 20th. Go to St Vinnies and get a heap of Vinnies clothes on the cheap and lay them all around Tony’s and Pell’s place. When they wake up it will be fun to hear the “NOOOOOOOOOO why God why not me???”
    Then perhaps get a megaphone and pronounce “Because I’m actually a gay woman!!”

  19. State government is putting a $400 cap per annum subsidy for taxi’s the disable used. It allows the disabled to get to work. Affects the elderly as well.

    Is there anything that they will not stop at. Why have these governments cut so hard, sack without concern, and still have big deficits. I believe Labor had two in more than thirteen years.

  20. Maybe they should put some of those fire works under two or three state premiers. Might remind them, that cuts affect human beings.

  21. Tom, is the end in nigh for the Crows?

    Yes, just not sure which ‘end’ that will be yet. But at the moment, only one thing to do 😉

  22. Unbirthday: the birthdays that don’t count.
    Practise time for when the day arrives. You should encourage practise present giving at every opportunity.
    Migs, we should encourage all teams to end the Tingles season asap.
    And we should definity encourage those bloody Mayans to lift their game and find some more rocks.

  23. With you on that one Paul.

    You need only look at what the Liberal States are doing and their growing list of major failings then multiply that by any huge number you can think of and you will still be short of the damage Abbott will wrought.

    You can already see it with the Pacific Hwy decision and the promise to return 80/20 funding to the States. Forget the fact Abbott hasn’t got the billions that promise will cost but it’s an open invitation for the Liberal States to bleed the Federal government.

    Sorry but if the States are being under funded because of the drop in GST revenue then that’s Howard’s and their fault as it’s the tax and revenue sharing system they signed onto. So yet another Howard failing in a long list of them.

    The answer is, as it has been in just about every other goods and services taxing regime is to increase the GST. By world standards 10% is low.

    We are stuck with the GST and this is one of the consequences of bringing in that type of tax, and an inevitability as manifested in other countries is it must regularly increase.

  24. The problem is not with GST – the problem is, as it has been in every other country, that compensatory reductions in direct taxation of earnings have not been fully made. Direct taxation in Australia is still at horrendous levels.

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