We’ve been saying that all along

We not of the mainstream media (MSM) have been a lone voice in the wilderness in our scrutiny of Tony Abbott and our expressed doubts of his political credibility. And it appeared that the more we screamed, the more we were ignored. After all, we are just the looney left, latté sippers, radicals, greenies, Julia’s cheer squad or the sorry souls backing a loser.

But wait, I hear other voices. The most surprising was from the mouth of one famous for overlooking Abbott’s inadequacies, Laurie Oakes’:

Let’s not beat about the bush. Tony Abbott tells lies.

Laurie, we’ve been saying that all along. Have you read Ad astra’s well-written, probing piece titled Tony Abbott, we are sick of your lies in The Political Sword? Ad astra reels off a plethora of issues in which Abbott has been caught out lying, including the Howarth audit, the NBN, the Home Insulation Program, the BER, the Global Financial Crisis, the Liberal’s budget ‘black hole’, boat people and his promise to repeal taxes. In a direct address to Tony Abbott Ad astra says:

It is absurdly ironic that you, the one who has admitted on national TV that sometimes you do not tell the truth, should spend so much of your time and energy demonizing Julia Gillard as an inveterate liar, not to be trusted, even picking up on your favourite shock jock’s tag: ‘Ju-liar’. You have been relentless in labeling her a liar while day after day you lie bald-facedly to the Australian public.

We are sick and tired of your lies, your misrepresentations, your deceit, which you perpetrate day after day because virtually no one in the MSM has the guts to confront you with your deception, and when a marginally less timid journalist tries, you avoid giving an answer and close down the questions. Without a compliant MSM you would not be able to get away with your disingenuousness; you would be exposed for what you are.

Thanks for catching on, Laurie.

Canberra journalist Michael Moore recently echoed our cries with his piece Why won’t Tony Abbott face his critics? Moore writes:

The technique adopted by Abbott warrants analysis. He is certainly regularly in the media at openings, as a “real man” on his bicycle, running or swimming, on a production line with workers or at shopping centres. There is always the brief “grab” and the standard line usually repeated a couple of times in different ways. A negative, sharp, smart line is delivered critically focused on the Government and the Prime Minister in particular.

Will Abbott be able to provide the depth and insight into his own thinking and that of his “alternative government”?

We will not know until he allows the cross-examination. Apart from economics, job cuts, health and education, Abbott will have to face difficult questions about how he will deal with his own minority view on the right of women to have affordable control of their own fertility and other moral issues such as gay marriage.

Ironically, Michael, I asked those same questions an eternity ago. In my Open Forum: could Abbott deliver? I wrote:

Tony Abbott keeps telling everybody, probably even the Queen, the British PM and Alan Joyce that we’re a whisper away from a federal election, the result of which will see him take up residence in The Lodge, his rightful home.

He could be right.

But he is only focusing on getting his hands on the keys to the door.  God knows what he plans to do after that.

He hasn’t told us!

Well, he sort of has.  We know he’s going to stop the boats, rip up the NBN, tear down public departments, return a surplus by within the hour, scrap the carbon tax and save us from the fires of hell, but for a man who’s going to be Prime Minister by Christmas I’d say he’s fairly well under-prepared for the job.  Is he that convinced the electorate will punish Labor that he only need to rely on this?  I believe he does.  Why else would he have nothing to offer?

Michael, thank you for noticing that nothing has changed since I wrote my piece almost a year ago. Abbott did not then, and does not now, offer much in the form of an alternative Prime Minister. It’s something we’ve been saying all along. A good piece to read is Ad astra’s Has Tony Abbott got a Plan B over at The Political Sword for further evidence of what we’ve been saying about the vision-less Mr Abbott.

Now, dear readers, you’ll need to hold onto your seats for the latest startling revelation. ABC Insiders presenter Barrie Cassidy – yes, Barry Cassisdy – has also listened to what we’ve been saying all along. In his piece on The Drum titled A rare challenge to Abbott’s free pass he expresses dismay that:

. . . the media has failed to hold Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to account for his prevarications on asylum seekers and the carbon tax.

When Jon Faine interviewed Tony Abbott on ABC’s 774 on Tuesday, something unusual happened.

The Opposition Leader’s careless use of words was actually challenged.

Abbott, discussing the asylum seekers issue, asserted:

Frankly, we’ve had 22,000 illegal arrivals, almost 400 illegal boats …

Faine responded:

They’re not illegal. Tony Abbott, do I need to remind you that the use of words in this is critical? They are not illegal arrivals. There is nothing illegal about seeking asylum when you are a refugee.


Well, I’m making my point Jon …


Well, so am I making mine! And I think it’s been made to you before.

Tony Abbott did not further dispute the point. Like an errant school kid, he seemed to accept the admonishment. Yet within 24 hours, he was again referring to asylum seekers as illegals. Nobody in the media pulled him up. He knew they wouldn’t. They rarely do.

Well, well well. Haven’t we not of the MSM been saying that all along. Human rights advocate Julian Burnside QC in writing about the Myths and facts about boat people tells us that:

Asylum seekers who enter Australia by sea (or plane) without a valid visa are not illegal. They do not break any Australian law by coming here without papers and asking for protection.

The right to enter without prior authorisation is protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) which Australia helped to draft.

A more in-depth attack on Mr Abbott by Burnside can be found here on The Drum. It makes delicious reading and leaves you wondering why nobody in the media does indeed pull him up, as bemoaned by Cassidy.

Claims that Tony Abbott is sexist (or even one who borders on a misogynist) have been circling the universe for eons despite outright denial from the man himself and the claim laughed off by the MSM. It is laughable only that the denial is made amid a circus of evidence. The recent evidence has been overlooked and it takes a 35 year old story for the MSM to raise a few eyebrows. From the pen of an un-named writer at the Herald Sun we read that:

When you get Tony Abbott, punch and woman all in the same sentence, Australia’s alternative prime minister has a problem.

A long-ago political rival at Sydney University, Barbara Ramjan, has emerged 35 years on to accuse Mr Abbott of punching the wall near her head in an incident she describes as intimidating.
He says it “never happened”. She says she’s never forgotten it happened.

It was a long time ago. But it is a damaging allegation to be raised about a man who is constantly accused by Labor critics of having a problem with women.

Thank you, Mr/Ms unknown writer. I’m glad someone from the MSM finally agrees with what we’ve been saying all along, yet it is amusing that your piece was titled Tony Abbott dealt another blow over his dealings with women when we haven’t yet read much about his previous blows. This is what I wrote about Tony Abbott’s sexist ‘reality’ while the MSM were still ignorant to yet another one of his many absurdities:

. . . as a modern day politician he should at least make an effort to be aware that the modern day woman is a phenomena, not a relic. Nor an object.

The circus clown with the big ears had the audience in raptures a year or so back with his comment that women should stay home and iron, or something to that effect.  Although the laughter has died down, the image he painted has not. It is an image that was all too familiar in this country: the barefoot and pregnant housewife.

He has never retracted that comment, which suggests he still carries that ideology . . . here I want to hone in on the stupidity of his ideology and how out of touch it is with reality.

Mr Abbott, you are a fool if you think the modern day woman wants to stay home and iron, and a bigger fool for saying it. Women should not be stereotyped, especially into the role model you expect of them. Instead of barking at everybody how the carbon price is going to destroy the universe, try grasping something in the real world. Here’s a start: woman don’t want to stay home and iron. They want to work. They want jobs and careers. They want what their mothers fought for. It’s been that way for 40 years. Only a fool doesn’t know that.

The article from the unknown author in the Herald Sun article provides us with another example of what we’ve been saying all along: Tony Abbott is a bully. And haven’t the press been going into a frenzy over this news-breaking, breathtaking claim? I enjoyed the headline Bully tactics came out early in Abbott and this particular paragraph:

Marr said the Santamaria dictum – when you have not got the numbers be vicious – had become Mr Abbott’s hallmark and, time and again, he had shown when there was a choice between values or politics he chose the pragmatic option.

But haven’t we been shouting that all along too?

64 comments on “We’ve been saying that all along

  1. Migs, an excellent and timely post. That is something which I hadn’t considered..this being your quote from the SMH – when you have not got the numbers be vicious.

    Vicious certainly provides the (wrong) impression of being effective without achieving much except notoriety for oneself.

  2. Abbott in an interaction with Sabra Lane

    ‘AM’, Their ABC, 13 May 2011


    …SABRA LANE: So you deny that you’re weakening these laws?

    TONY ABBOTT: Of course I’m not. Self-evident, I mean, I mean self-evidently I’m not. And you’re not accusing me are you?

    SABRA LANE: I’ve said it was the government.

    TONY ABBOTT: Okay, alright.

  3. Cuppa, you could always get a job as a political journo. 😉

    Your first assignment is to find examples of Tony Abbott stuffing up.

  4. Let’s face it. If he didn’t amuse us with his constant brain farts Tony Abbott would be the most boring person in Australia.

  5. Your first paragraph is the most enlightening and truthful .
    If your facts are totally correct it just shows how ‘ leadership poor’ Australia is.
    I still think Julia would win – by a long nose .

  6. And the Right wing zombie trolls do their usual. “quick look over there at Gillard”.

    No surprise whatsoever, and that they are wrong is no surprise either.

    Great piece Migs, and I’m sure as this topic’s responses grow a whole lot more of Abbott’s lies and deceits will surface, it is after all a long list from a less than stellar political career going back to university days.

    Wonder if you can call his blatant (subconscious?) projectionism lying as well?

  7. Trouble is Abbott has been the LOTO for a few years and all there is in the msm is a handful of articles that actually question Abbott as a potential PM.

  8. ‘After all, we are just the looney left, latté sippers, radicals, greenies, Julia’s cheer squad or the sorry souls backing a loser.’

    It appears so.

  9. Loan hall . . Credibility of a limp carrot ? I think not. Typical msyoginist . It’s only abbott’s rantings that have attempted to make Julia look that way. But who listened to Abbott ? Not me .

  10. According to an article in Sundays Courier Mail Abbott punched out Joe Hockey during their Uni years, gave him two black eyes.
    Hockey was not happy about not being picked on Abbotts footy team.
    Maybe that’s why Hockey just does as he’s told?

  11. Sue @ 7:39 am “Trouble is Abbott has been the LOTO for a few years and all there is in the msm is a handful of articles that actually question Abbott as a potential PM.”

    Contrast that to the Howard years when the Howard government insisted the opposition and their leader be held to account as an alternative government and Prime Minister, and he media duly obeyed that mantra.

    Howard was never more vociferous in that demand than when Rudd took the Labor leadership, insisting that every word, policy announcement or non-announcement, every criticism of Howard and his government by Rudd and the opposition be scrutinised to death as they were the potential government and should be judged on that.

    At one stage Howard’s demands of scrutiny of Rudd became so demanding one political journalist commented that the government was behaving like an opposition, demanding scrutiny of the other side whilst eschewing scrutiny of themselves.

    Contrast that to the current situation under Abbott, where the media barely give him a glance and Abbott’s supporters here and elsewhere say he should not have to be scrutinised as he’s only the opposition leader and his sole job is to oppose and nothing else.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that if the situation were the other way round with an Abbott government in power these very same commentators, supporters and media would be demanding the opposition be minutely scrutinised as the alternative government.


  12. Mobius @7.28am..the right whingers can only counter with comments about Gillard’s physical appearance and other snide remarks. The Gillard government has made only 1 perhaps 2 mistakes – the first one being not covering their backsides due to the unforeseen event of the High Court reversal of the Supreme Court’s ruling on off-shore processing. The 2nd mistake being not utilising the talent that they have at their disposal – and especially that of the PM herself.

  13. Let’s face it Min, the government has made a few bad policy decisions, but considering the amount of good policy they have implemented and gotten through unopposed, along with the considerable amount of major reforms and significant long term infrastructure projects they have successfully undertaken, including the largest ever undertaken that was completed in the shortest time ever and with a greater than 90% success rate, the achievements far outweigh the small handful of bad policy and failure.

    Compared to the Howard’s government litany of failures, with their greatest being sheer laziness of riding on the crest of the greatest global sustained economic boom in history, then the Labor government have done remarkably well.

    I think it is the fact the government has done so well that has pissed the opposition, the right wing media and their rusted on supporters so much, as they thought the government would fail miserably, especially economically, and the Liberals must have been rubbing their hands together with glee when the GFC hit, something Costello portended but Howard refused to let him do anything about. Then the government in its second term had to contend with a minority government and the indolent opposition, especially under a gormless Abbott, must of thought for a second time they had the government in the bag in short shrift.

    Lazy to the core is just one way to describe the Coalition both in government and in opposition.

  14. …and as if on cue, here comes Iain to “defend” his beloved Abbott. Not with evidence of how “wrong” our claims are, but with claims-unbacked by any evidence, of how much worse Gillard supposedly is. Oh, & we can add 2 more exhibits to the Abbott has no credibility case-a partial backflip regarding the Gonski Review & a refusal to back new parliamentary standards for MP’s-right after praising a piece by Turnbull about the so-called “trust deficit”.

  15. Mobius, I agree and absolutely. To my way of thinking, because we have such an incompetent opposition, that when the government does make mistakes that they’re allowed to get away with it…see parliamentary question time for evidence of this. Instead Abbott covers only those things for which he can give slogans as answers – as you mentioned yesterday, doubtless because he is completely unable to get a grasp on policy, so is unable to ask/answer anything more in-depth.

  16. On Migs’ topic of the MSM trailing behind the blogs, there appears to be a pattern happening here. I recall that on Joni’s The Blogocrats that it was quite a regular occurrence that something on the blogs was reproduced in the MSM a few days later – even down to precise phrases used by not only authors but by contributors.

    Then somewhat later the MSM started attacking the credibility of the blogs, and of some authors – Greg Jericho by way of an example. Only “real” journalists the oo exclaimed could be considered to have valid opinions.

    The opposite has now proven to be true.

  17. ….because he is completely unable to get a grasp on policy, so is unable to ask/answer anything more in-depth.

    But worse Min, he is unable to contribute anything to any policy debate but three word slogans, so nearly 400 pieces of legislation goes through unamended or without a single input, good or bad, from the opposition, with only the Greens and Indies contributing in anyway whatsoever.

    That is gross laziness on behalf of the opposition, the worst this country has ever witnessed.

    Then the Abbott lovers have the gall to intimate the quality of the policies implemented is not up to some made up arbitrary standard they won’t elaborate on. How would they or anyone know about how good or bad the policies implemented are as the opposition in not doing their job haven’t scrutinised or pointed out the flaws, if any, in those 390+ pieces of legislation. They just wave them through, one after the other so they can attack a handful of headline grabbers with nothing more than slogans and smear, certainly not with honest fact, figures, projections and highlights of any weakness in the policies.

    We have an opposition that has become so lazy, started in its time in government, that it no longer knows how to be an opposition let alone govern.

  18. Mobius, exactly my thoughts..Abbott has been completely ineffectual. Three word slogans might bring down a government, but three word slogans do not govern a country.

  19. Hah, even when they do attack legislation, the attacks prove to be ill-founded. Remember how means-testing of the health insurance rebate was going to spell the end of Private Health Insurance (well, at least that’s what Hockey & Abbott claimed). If anything, the numbers on PHI grew since the means test was applied! I’m sure there are plenty of other areas where their fear mongering has not matched the reality, but that one is the most obvious to me!

  20. I was skimming down through Miglo’s link on TPS and spotted this under “Budget Lies”:

    But we still have Andrew Robb being non-committal and insisting the debt be paid off before committing to expenditure,

    Slightly OT, but they’re all liars as far as I’m concerned.

    Ad Astra was referring to that silly fight over who had the more credibility vis a vis surpluses (the competition for the dunce cap).

    And this reminded me about the last time the Coalition “paid off the debt”. The bond traders had a heart attack because they had no more “stock”. Treasury stopped issuing bonds.

    So what happened ? The Howard govt told Treasury to keep issuing debt.

    I’m sure Robb wouldn’t have forgotten.

  21. Migs, well done again, ‘they can fool some of the people some of the time… etc’ , they are most certainly not fool’n some folks around the Fifth Estate.
    …and most certainly not fooling the good folk here at CWU…. its about time that the ‘evidenced’ based posts and arguments provided on sites such as this gained some ground in MSM reporting 🙄 ….( even if only for the ‘fact’ that the works been done for them on a blog somewhere and they can then go back, quickly, to their Carreer Path musings 😉 ) … as you know I have rummaged around in the cellar here at the Cafe many a time 😀 .. and I for one can verify that ” We’ve been saying that all along..”
    Cafe Whispers U, teaching the MSM about the news… and me too!!!

  22. “With our ammunition gone and faced with utter defeat,
    Who was it that burned the crops and left us nothing to eat?”

    When I think of Costello flogging our gold reserves Marcus I always think of those beautiful lines from L’il Abner, the Ballad of Jubilation T. Cornpone.

    Costello…smug dickhead.

    One day we’ll come to realise that his other great achievement, the Future Fund, was even more stupid.

  23. A saying I once heard about Tony Abbott sums him up perfectly: If he tripped over he’d look back demanding “Who pushed me?”

  24. Take polls how you want them but the latest Essential is interesting with the 2PP unchanged but the opposition down in primary to a new low.

    primary votes of 34% for Labor (unchanged), 47% for the Coalition (down one to a six-month low)

    Gillard has improved and Abbott has a shocker going further backwards.

    personal ratings measures have Julia Gillard up four on approval to 35% and down three on disapproval to 54%, while Tony Abbott records his worst net rating yet with approval down four to 32% and disapproval up four to 55%. Gillard now leads 40-37 as preferred prime minister after trailing 38-36 last time.

    No wonder Abbott is in hiding, they are trying to work out new tactics for him, and since he can’t to positivity or lucidity then I guess they are attempting a brain transplant or maybe a brain swap with Howard. Come to think of it Howard has been making about as much sense as Abbott lately.

    The only negative for the government is the Carbon Price.

    Only 28% of voters thought the introduction of a carbon price was good for Australia, with 51% rating it bad — indeed, 35% of voters rated it “very bad”.

    No wonder Abbott keeps banging on about it, he has nothing else and the snow job was so good it still hanging on, but the longer it goes the less effective the snow job will be.

    All Labor’s other major reforms, including the BER, MRRT, FWA, NBN, GFC, Houston Panel on Asylum Seekers and Paid Parental Leave are positives and Pensions, Super, Tax changes, NDIS, Marine Reserves, Dental Care and Education all receiving very strong support.

    Once the Carbon Price is gone as a bogeyman, then Abbott will be an empty shell that in response to the wind blowing between into his ears echoes meaningless three word slogans against non-existent bogeymen all the while with a blank dumbfounded look on his face.

  25. And this poll yet again illustrates the contradiction of what people are answering in support or against specific items to the overall low support of the government.

    Time and again they state they like what the government is doing and the things it has done but apparently won’t vote for it in the next election.

    How does that contradiction gel, especially when put together with their low support for Coalition policies, the small number of scant things released that is?

  26. Möbius, that is certainly well worth repeating, and in bold.

    …. echoes meaningless three word slogans against non-existent bogeymen all the while with a blank dumbfounded look on his face.


  27. Migs, I thought the U in lovo’s comment meant Underground. Now I particularly like that. It is after all where the cellar is (and Bacchus too, no doubt).

  28. “Of course Tony might be worried if he was not the alternative to Gillard who has the credibility of a limp carrot…”

    Maybe, but the PM is still there. Stronger than ever. Are we to believe that Tony cannot dislodge someone with the credibility of a limp carrot. Says a lot for Abbott’s ability.

    Maybe if Abbott had her backbone and ability and guts, he might just do a little better.

  29. Miglo, I have just come to understand our visitor’s beliefs when he tries to convince us, that we are delusional for believing the world can be a kinder place.

    If we began to believe it could be, people would start rejecting the vicious politic’s that is the norm today.

    There is no place in Abbott’s world for doing what is good for the nation. No place for bipartisanship. Every success in the country, whether the economy or government policy must be destroyed at all cost.

    The only way Abbott believes he can win, is by talking down the economy and obstructing all that the government attempts.

    he see this as strength. I see it as the actions of a bully and a destroyer.

    There is another way, convince the people you have the ability to do the job better. that you have better policies.

    All we have seen for the last few days, is the Opposition clutching at all negative news, and exaggerating it to the hilt. All positive, which there are plenty, are ignored or twisted to mean something else.

    Abbott is all about the past. All about whining that they did better. I think I heard the deputy speaker tell Pyne today, if he was not careful, she would give him something to whine about. Need to go back and check the exact words.

  30. Mobius Ecko

    The interesting aspect of the Essential poll is that it is a list of Government actions and that those polled approve of the government.
    Now if the msm would read the list of achievements and compare to the rubbish they have headlined for the last few years. And the msm wonder why readers have abandoned newspapers.

  31. Sue, that must be a first as “normal” would be along the lines of: given that the carbon tax is so unpopular, do you believe that….

  32. rabbit September 10, 2012 @ 2:21 pm
    “Migs, I thought the U in lovo’s comment meant Underground. Now I particularly like that. It is after all where the cellar is (and Bacchus too, no doubt)”
    The cellar at Cafe Whispers University is really the Archive section, by the by and by 😀 I loiter there lots, ,,,,the BYO selection is amazing, and Migs always serves exactly the tipple you desire…. ahhh, self-service … inspirational Migs 😀
    ….. the coffees roolly good too, but, ay…. so long as you make it yourself 😉

  33. Nothing, it appears, is too low for tabot, not even using the death of a family member for political points

  34. Did anyone see the faces of Pyne and Bishop, while Abbott was offering his condolence. They were shocking. The hatred shone through. Abbott actually asked questions yesterday. He has been refraining lately,

    Spent the day, once again rubbishing the economy.

  35. Well this deflates Abbott’s bad mouthing the economy balloon somewhat.

    Trying to chase up the source but Howard has stated that Australia’s economy is traveling better than most.

    Found it:

    “When the Prime Minister and the Treasurer say that the Australian economy is doing better than most, they are right, I agree with them,” he said. “There is no doubt the Australian economy is doing better than most – our unemployment is remarkably low, our debt-to-GDP compares very favourably and on all the measurements, our inflation is low.”

    He said it during his speech to the Westpac forum in August.

  36. That sounds similar to what tabot says to people overseas ME. His story changes for the local consumption though. And the local media amplify it for him

  37. Is Joe Hockey Australia’s most misunderstood politician?

    Twitter is going on about there being some other Joe Hockey to the one being gushed over in this obvious PR piece to sell up Hockey.

    I’ve heard some crap being written on politicians, none more so than the bullshit denigration of Gillard that frequently does the rounds, but this article does take the cake.

    Now it also has me wondering why they are selling up Hockey so much and on the back of Abbott’s recent decline.

    I have no doubt that if they win the next election that Abbott won’t be around as PM for long, which he probably doesn’t mind for as long as he gets his picture in the corridor of Parliament House, but most importantly is around long enough to get the full PM termination entitlements. Because when boiled down, that’s all Abbott is about, the power and the entitlements. Country and everything else be screwed.

  38. Möbius, is Christopher Joye half asleep?

    Hockey used to be hidden from the media by Howard during election campaigns because it was always known he’d stuff something up. To now suggest he’s the front man during a campaign is ignorant of history.

  39. Imagine if they did promote him though. Hockeynomics would become part of the lexicon. Kind of scary when you think about it.

    The question is, who do they promote

    The hockeynomics guru. or the utegate man, who, while he is busily ripping down the NBN here, is investing in an FTTH system in France that is more akin to Labors model, not the oppositions?

  40. Ah just found out, Joye was one of Hockey’s former advisers.

    OK, go back about your business, nothing of any relevance or meaning to see here.

  41. re Fitzys tweet from earlier

    SAMANTHA HAWLEY: Mr Fitzgibbon says during a vote on an Opposition amendment to the Governments offshore processing plans, Tony Abbott reneged on a deal to be paired with the Prime Minister, who’s taken leave after the death of her father.

    JOEL FIZTGIBBON: She’s home grieving with her family and she was entitled to believe that while she was missing a very important vote, so too was her counterpart, the Leader of the Opposition.

    SAMANTHA HAWLEY: Julia Gillard was paired with the Liberal backbencher, Judi Moylan, instead, but Mr Fitzgibbon is convinced she was planning on abstaining from the vote.

    A spokesman for the Opposition Leader say the record shows the Prime Minister was paired.

    Judi Moylan didn’t return AM’s calls.

    JOEL FIZTGIBBON: That gave them an extra vote, but it also in my view is a breach of faith.


    He really is a low-life scumbag

  42. LABOR yesterday launched a two-pronged attack on Tony Abbott, demanding he account for an alleged incident from his student days and alleging he misled parliament over the shelved Olympic Dam expansion.

    Intensifying Labor’s attack on the Opposition Leader’s character and honesty, cabinet minister Anthony Albanese called on Mr Abbott to explain decades-old allegations about his conduct in student politics.


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