Johnnie loves Tony

It’s official. John Howard loves Tony Abbott. In Florida for the Republican National Convention little Johnnie swooned:

“I think its fair to say I’m about Tony Abbott’s biggest fan on the Australian political scene,” Mr Howard said. “I think hes done a fantastic job.”

If that isn’t scary enough, then what’s he doing at the Convention? That’s the scary bit. Playing the errand boy, perhaps?

Next time he whispers in Tony’s ear he can tell him how great a country would be if it paid its workers $4 an hour; if it could scrap health cover for the poor; if it could be controlled by the robber barons; if it could manipulate foreign governments; if it could spend more on defense than it does on welfare; if it shoots its political opponents; if it panders to the wealthy; if it only thinks about its’ own interests and rapes the planet.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get my drift.

He’s priming Tony for the final strike. Let’s have a party: a Tea Party. “Tony, you are the man and I am the messenger”.

Howard’s presence there is frightening, but it has a twist: the Convention is being held in a place called Tampa.

Little Johnnie loves that word. Just like he loves his little puppet called Tony.

I smell trouble.

Photo courtesy of SMH