In the year 2050

Tony Abbott has lamented that the introduction of the carbon tax has not been “absolutely catastrophic” but warned Australians they will be $5000 worse off by 2050 unless it is abolished. Because of that dastardly Julia Gillard the carbon tax will take $2.53 a week out of our pockets for the next 38 years, quipped Blogotariat.

So that’s the worse thing Abbott reckons can happen to us and our future generations over the next 38 years. I can live with that.

In 2050 Australia will probably be a good place. Thanks to a long-gone Prime Minister way back in 2012 we’ll awake to clear blue skies and we’ll have jobs to go to. Our economy will continue to be the envy of the world and our telecommunication systems have been modeled around the world, as have our green technologies.

There is no such thing as a minority group as Australia will be a country where all people are equal. Even our Indigenous brothers and sisters can walk down the street without being racially vilified.

Tertiary education is affordable and there are enough hospital beds to house the sick.

The image of Australia in 2050 paints a very attractive picture.

But I wonder what it’ll look like had Tony Abbott have been Prime Minister way back in 2012. Allow me to amuse myself with the following picture.

Those people lucky enough to have jobs – and there aren’t many of them – will don face masks before they leave for work. The streets will be empty; acid rain has been forecast.

Twenty people have been killed by the riot police in Melbourne’s shanty town.

The nation’s capital, Port Hedland, now has a population of four million.

Areas of Western Australia that were once sacred sites containing art work from a lost civilisation are now big holes in the ground.

Prime Minister Thomas Rinehart dismisses calls to end Australia’s ties to the monarchy.

Meanwhile, the war with Malaysia goes well. It’s also good for the economy and helps line the pockets of the billionaires.

The unemployment rate of 46% is steady.

Refugee boats are sank as soon as they enter Australian waters. Tony Abbott’s long ago promise to stop the boats has been a success.

The reintroduction of the assimilation policies have failed so Aborigines are again sent to reserves.

Gay marriage is illegal.

It’s now been 12 years since a fish has been caught in the Murray. The waters are too polluted to sustain life.

Plans are being drawn up to move the major coastal cities inland due to the rising tides. This should help employment.

Meanwhile the war with India goes well.

There is great excitement in the country after the Government announces the go-ahead of a National Broadband Network.

In the finance sectors, interest rates have dropped to 26% and the dollar is 35 cents against the Greenback.

A new university is planned for Port Hedland. The country will then have five universities.

Religious Instructions are compulsory in primary schools.

The skies are black, the riverways are murky and the beaches are sludge. Nothing grows.

The billionaires thank Tony Abbott for their lucky life. And for a white Australia.

Meanwhile, the war with Somalia goes well.

26 comments on “In the year 2050

  1. In the year 2050, of the 54% in some form of employment (mostly subsistence farming), 80% are men and boys. When interrogated by Squire Fleghorn Bolt, Minister for the Non-Status of The Others as to why he still employed women, Arfer Rudd answered, they’s git gentler ‘ands for me milk cows. This excuse carries with it a minimum 3 year mandatory sentence.

  2. All those mansions, along our coastline, have long gone to a watery grave.

    The water is encroaching on Sydney nearly back to Parramatta. The harbour bridge has now become a shipping hazard.

  3. The last surviving group of humans from an obscure suburb east of the ruins of old Melbourne examine a piece of printed poster….It says ; “The Liberal National Party are the only party that will deliver secure, economically sound government in 2013.”

  4. yes, Migs, if Abbott and his cohorts rule, it will be a paradise lost. So much promised. So little results.

  5. the discovery of the Higgs boson early in the century has opened new doorways of understanding into the nature of reality, with the first manned trip to Alpha Centauri planned for the end of the decade. Energy has ceased to become a limiting factor, and distance becomes almost irrelevant in any context.

    Turns out the agw problems have manifested much more rapidly than the scientists at the turn of the century could have anticipated. few coastal cities now exist.

    The remarkable advances made in gene and nano-technology have allowed the growth of massive artificial trees, capable of linking with others, and of being engineered to provide housing, plumbing and waste disposal, power being also provided by the massive leaves of the crowns. Engineered to take advantage of the waste CO2 from the old civilisation, the trees can be grown in a matter of weeks, readily and cheaply modified/personalised and the new ‘erbs provide welcome shelter and protection from the violent storms which are destroying the remnants of the “greedy times”.

    and I’ll be a 102 :lol :

  6. Migs, I think you should fill in the details and turn it into a Si Fi novel, followed by the movie.

    At least it wouldn’t be the “Terminator” scenario, as our internet would be too slow for Skynet to work. 😆


  7. ONE of Australia’s most influential businesses, Coca-Cola Amatil, the largest producer of bottled air in the country, has described lunch breaks for staff working mandatory hours on weekends as a drag on business.

    “Productivity has fallen behind — there’s not been any marked improvement in productivity in Australia in the last 10 years,” a spokesman said

  8. Skynet turned out to be real, and would have succeeded in taking over the planet. Unfortunately, just at the crucial moment, as Skynet was about to launch the nuclear devises, the operating system did an unscheduled update to its software, and performed a forced reboot. Unfortuantely, the dodgy patch corrupted the Skynet application, which resulted in it playing AC/DC’s classic Highway To Hell on all defense systems in a repeated loop. After some minor modifications to the code, it is now being widely used as a personal home defense system.

  9. The price of Abbott’s carbon scheme is $350 per tonne.

    It costs each household and SME $3750 pa in 2050 adjusted figures with no compensation.

    It is estimated the scheme is being rorted by big polluting businesses to several billions per annum.

    Not a single tree out of the hundreds planted by a green army consisting of the 10th Caufield in Victoria and the 1st Turramurra Scout Group Scout Group in NSW survived beyond sapling stage on the marginal land they were planted in.

    As was scientifically proven beforehand the locking up of carbon in the soil turns out to be nonviable and extremely costly for farmers who demand $50 per tonne to do it and then abandon it when the Abbott government reneges on the policy, as they do for each and everyone of their promises.

    Abbott’s policy sends green businesses offshore where they make significant advances and became successful. Meanwhile Australia is an environmental backwater falling well behind the rest of the world and has heavy trading restrictions and penalties imposed on it for not abating carbon.

    The net result of Abbott’s environmental policies, as predicted in 2012, is to see Australia’s carbon emissions increase by 22% at an estimated cost of over $20 billion in 2012 dollars.

  10. …Then there are the shanty towns. Hundreds of hectares in size, they circle the major cities. They have no streets, no sewage systems, no lighting, no parks or public spaces. The dwellings are constructed of whatever the residents can trade or lay their hands on. Bits of discarded corrugated iron, three-ply, garbage bags, advertising hoardings. The dwellings go sideways in the event of a big storm, so there is the constant activity of repair and patching up. The slum dwellers consist mostly of the legions of working poor, those too old or sick to work (the Social Security system was abolished in the Conservative Revolution of 2020). And children, tnes of thousands of children dressed in rags.

    There has been a population explosion in recent years. The Catholic Church, which since the Revolution, has more and more influenced politics and social life, has strict prohibitions agains abortion. Consequently there has been an explosion of births. Children of the poor are everywhere – working in factories (anti-child labour laws were abolished during the Revolution), begging on street corners, shining the shoes of the Elite, scrounging garbage tips for saleable scraps.

    Since the abolition of the public health during the Conservative Revolution, the air is punctuated with the sound of hacking coughs, vomiting, crying and moaning. Infant mortality is on the rise, the elderly, and even those not so old, die in their houses, tended by weeping family and neighbours.

    Drug dealing, violent crime and prostitution are rampant as desperate people do anything for their next meal. There is a roaring trade in organ sales: people book into a clinic, are anaesthetised and have one kidney removed for eventual sale to the members of the Elite. Every weekday there are queues blocks long outside blood-giving rooms where the ‘donors’ are paid enough money to buy a day’s food.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the boondocks, are the gated communities of the Elite. Small in number but extravagant in opulence, the houses are majestic. Dozens of rooms: ballrooms, libraries, guest wings. Breathable air is pumpted in through chutes. The grounds are adorned with fountains and sculptures. Butlers, gardeners, drivers, nannies, servants and personal assistants inhabit servants’ dormitories.

    Since the Revolution the Elite are at the centre of government and the Church. They own the mines, the handful of media companies, the supermarkets, the private schools and hospitals. More than a few of them are kingpins in the flourishing trade in contraband that both blights the lives of the masses and provides the means for the desperate to score a few bucks for hour-to-hour survival.

  11. Hang on this reality Cuppa just mentioned already exists in the land of the free ,LA & NY so just nip accross the not so blue pacific and you have reached abborts legacy. Hurry last chance to really see the future.
    PS avoid the soup kitchens and dont walk anywhere it might not be good for your wealth.

  12. …An everyday human feature in the countryside are “swagmen”. These are homeless itinerants, without employment or regular income. They carry their earthly possessions in a bag on their back – a few pieces of clothing, food, bedding, cooking pan. During daylight hours they walk the roads, stopping at farmhouses and rural settlements to enquire for “work” – a few hours’ hard labour in exchange for a meal and if they’re lucky a room for the night. Nights on the track are spent under the stars, or in caves or hollows in event of inclement weather.

    The rate of illness among this growing segment of the population is high and rising. Mental illness, communicable disease, exposure being the most common. There being no Medicare or public hospitals (these were abolished during the Conservative Revolution of 2020) they forage the bush for herbal “remedies” with which to self-medicate, or rely on the charity of strangers, usually unqualified and also reliant on bush herbs.

    A booming trade in people smuggling is carried on in port cities. For a sum that would buy a meagre slum dwelling desperate Aussies obtain passage on leaky boats, seeking a better life in other lands. China, Vietnam and Indonesia are the most popular destinations. These countries provide the allure of high wages, a welfare state, vigorous public health and education systems – all the benefits Australians enjoyed prior to the Conservative Revolution.

    Commonly when the Australian economic refugees land on foreign shores, they are treated with hostility and derision. “We remember how you Australians treated refugees during the years at the turn of the 21st century!” snarl the natives as they shunt the wretched Aussies to hellish gulags on desolate islands in the middle of the ocean….

  13. Did that war begin after we we were flooded with refugees, that began at 53, 000 per year in 2012. Did they swim, or use boats.

  14. “Hyperbole extremis”

    I have never read a novel, that predicted Hitler’s Germany

    Even my generation has forgotten the lessons learnt during that period.

    We have forgotten that democracy is frail and can be quickly lost.

    Much is similar today.

  15. Love it.

    Abbott still saying the government got it wrong on carbon tax. Maybe that could be true, if it was a tax.

    Abbott is condemning the government for listening to industry. I take it, if Labor has it wrong, so has industry.

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