Julia’s job must be that easy even Abbott thinks he could do it

There’s only one place that Abbott wants to sleep at night and that’s The Lodge, Canberra. He won’t have to do anything to run the country once he’s there. Long sleep-ins will be his due reward.

Throw away the alarm clock. It won’t be needed.

Personally, I reckon it’d be best for the country if he did stay in bed. It’ll provide him with his only sanction.

Once you take up residence in The Lodge a tough world awaits you each morning. And the toughest job in the world would have to be the one where you are tasked with leading this country with a minority government. And one where you want to lead this country into the 21st century with groundbreaking social and economic changes. And doing so amid a hostile media, public and political environment.

They all conspire to make your job tougher yet they unwittingly toughen you up. They’ve toughened Julia Gillard up but not the man who is her opposite.

Conversely, he has grown weaker. It’s been a soft ride for him. He simply lacks what it takes to walk out of The Lodge each morning and run a progressive country.

There will be tasks on the job description that will leave him stupefied. I have picked a few out.

Support strategic direction

Applied to government, strategic thinking is the picture or profile that will determine the direction, nature and composition of their party. Primarily, strategic thinking produces a vision, a profile of what they want to achieve, which then helps them make the choices or decisions that fit within the parameters of this profile.

The party needs to collaborate on a shared purpose and strategic direction. Such areas include the broad strategies and key activities in their programs and policies. This involves the setting of priorities, establishing outcomes, developing action strategies and assigning timelines against each strategy.

Mr Abbott would need to apply a strategic approach. For instance, if an issue needs addressing then he needs to take responsibility for reconciling or correcting the issue, which means examining the issue and covering the nature of it, the dimension of it, the current approaches to it and the most suitable future action to resolve it.

How do you rate Mr Abbott on this?

How does he compare with Julia Gillard?

Communicate with influence

Two basic principles are required to confidently enter into conversation, liaison or negotiation: knowing what you are going to say and delivering the message appropriately; and by listening clearly to what is being said by the other party. Knowing the audience is also important. Any failure to communicate is not entirely the fault of the audience, and on such occasions the audience’s needs may not have been taken into consideration.

Learning to consult, listen, and interpret other people’s needs would be essential skills. This is particularly so during negotiation. During negotiation Mr Abbott would need to examine the situation from the other parties’ view in order to find common ground and build on emerging relationships. He would also need to recognise that negotiation or liaison is always best achieved if both parties are working to an agreed agenda. During the negotiation or liaison Mr Abbott would need to endeavour to adhere to a fairly rigid set of tried and tested processes that adopt those beliefs. These processes are to: examine the situation from the other parties’ view in order to find common ground, build on emerging relationships, detail any changes necessary and in a non-threatening manner describe the likely results if these changes do not take place.

How do you rate Mr Abbott on this?

How does he compare with Julia Gillard?

Develop productive working relationships

The Prime Minister has to recognise that the Australian community is one with varying and diverse cross needs and that effective working relationships are dependent on valuing these differences and diversities. If Mr Abbott were Prime Minister he won’t be able to simply polish up his skills in this area by building on working relationships he has with the mining billionaires, the media or the Catholic Church.

The Australian community is far more diverse. It includes unions, minority groups, government agencies, welfare groups, Indigenous Australians, Muslims, multi-culturalist societies, poor people, homeless people, atheists and the Proletariat.

And you’d also need to maintain effective working relationship with foreign powers.

How do you rate Mr Abbott on this?

How does he compare with Julia Gillard?

If Tony Abbott thinks Julia Gillards job is easy then he’s in for a shock. The three basic skills I have introduced are three that he demonstrates with breathtaking incompetence.

If he makes it to The Lodge he may as well stay in bed all day. Stupefied, of course.

32 comments on “Julia’s job must be that easy even Abbott thinks he could do it

  1. I can already hear TA saying, ” That is what my front bench is for. They do all the negotiating, they deal with foreign diplomats, My treasurer deals with fiscal policy, so and so on. the lazy prick. (sorry but that is what he is)

  2. The idea that a simpleton like Abbott could come within a heartbeat of the toughest job in the land is simply preposterous. I doubt anyone less qualified has gotten to lead a mainstream party. This is a guy who doesn’t do nuance. Complexity is out of his reach. Even with the full force of the media apologising for him he would be a disaster. If by some awful turn of fate he did become Prime Miniature, the Liberals would rue the day. He would bring such discredit onto the party they’d never live it down.

  3. Migs and,

    They all conspire to make your job tougher yet they unwittingly toughen you up. They’ve toughened Julia Gillard up but not the man who is her opposite.

    One thing that Abbott has not done, and at all and this is grown with the job..to the contrary his efforts during his term as LOTO have been downhill all the way.

  4. “There’s only one place that Abbott wants to sleep at night and that’s The Lodge, Canberra.”
    Is that because he thinks he has no where else to go?

  5. If and that is a big IF he got into the lodge he would not stay in bed but erect a hammock to lie in and let his departments run things just like Cossie did.
    MIgs , where are the rest of the skills required for the job? Even before you start assembling them he would fail in all but staying on message”Stop the Boats/nbn/ndis/mrrt ,etc etc etc May the force be with us all.

  6. Bilko, I just picked three of the many skills he lacks.

    Strategic planning: where are his policies?

    Communicate with influence: he couldn’t talk his way into the Prime Minister’s job because he couldn’t negotiate with the Indies.

    Productive working relationships: he’s offended most minority groups and countries he has visited.

    The force isn’t with him.

  7. “OPPOSITION leader Tony Abbott has conceded the introduction of the carbon tax has not been “absolutely catastrophic” but warned Australians they will be $5000 worse off by 2050 unless it is abolished” reported News Ltd on the 26th August 2012.
    UH? How’s that again? I need to back Tones the Terrible’s race for The Lodge because the carbon tax will take $2.53 a week out of my pocket for the next 38 years?
    Now how much is that cup of coffee I see before me?


    Yes Tony can do it better, or so they say.

    Why then cannot they tell us why.


  8. George W Bush was the laziest POTUS the US has ever had, taking more days off than any other president in their history. The figures are doing the rounds but it’s something like180 days for the same time frame Obama has taken 61 days off.

    W Bush would also start late, have long lunch breaks spending two hours in the gym as well as the lunch and he would often knock off early and go to bed early. The only time he became a workhorse was when he went on the campaign fund trail.

    Things got so bad with the amount of time Bush was spending at the ranch on holidays they set up an office there and would send staff for photo and video ops so as to make it appear Bush was working for the country from his ranch, when he was actually spending his time cycling around and holidaying.

    Abbott Liar will be the same. He will spend long lunches on his cycle or in the gym using the excuse he needs to keep fit to rule the country and the only time he would do real work would be for media ops and Liberal Party fund raising.

    By the way I think the second laziest POTUS was W Bush’s farther with Ronald Reagan up there as well.

  9. Reactive defiance does not a PM make. Throwing a rhetorical slogan at each issue whilst preaching negative fire and brimstone is not consultive negotiation or a plan for the future. The cracks are now apparent as his lack of vision will bring him undone. The free pass is over and the predictable thing about company media are they whore themselves for popularity. If its popular to capitalise, capitalise they will. Abbott is tough on the outside but he has a soft centre of no substance. Tony Abbott is a fake.

  10. CU…

    “but warned Australians they will be $5000 worse off by 2050 unless it is abolished”

    sounds similar to the argument for less lifeboats on the Titanic

  11. Had a little chuckle over something I came across when looking up POTUS laziness. W Bush’s I read about during his time as president but when looking up Obama’s for comparison I found that the wingnuts have Obama taking a lot more holidays than he actually did.

    For example when he went to Hawaii for a week of an international economic forum of some type he also took a week off as he’s from Hawaii. The wingnuts counted the entire 14 days as his holiday so adding 7 days to his tally.

    You can guess where our media and Right wingers are taking their clues from.

  12. No, Abbott is not a fake. He is an out and out bastard and idiot, with no saving graces. He is a proven liar, and does not deny this fact himself.
    He lives in his own universe, where he sees himself born to be king.

    He makes his own reality and is Oppositional, that is in the clinical term.

    Wherever we look, we can find evidence for what I say

    Sadly, I really wish I am just name calling. Sadly, I am not.

  13. One thing that maybe in Gillard’s favour and play against Abbott getting into power is the failing Liberal State governments, though I have no doubt those States will all of a sudden become benevolent and magnanimous just in time for the next Federal election.

    The voters saw through this tactic with Kennett and will hopefully do so for the current crop of flunking Liberal Premiers.

  14. “Could one imagine Tony sitting down with Hilary Clinton, or the German leader?”

    One long-gone German leader in particular, Cu. 😉

  15. Well thankfully I won’t be here in 2050 so I’ve been spared from the long-term affects of the dastardly carbon tax. 😉

    But me thinks that those who are here in 2050 will be thankful that someone had the guts to introduce it in 2012.

  16. No, that very powerful lady they have now.

    Yes, I could imagine him with that one from the long past, agreeing with everything he says and does. This is not hard, as he is now using all his methods to get into power. Just hope that he does not continue, if he does.

  17. “But me thinks that those who are here in 2050 will be thankful that someone had the guts to introduce it in 2012.”

    by then it will be about as controversial as Jack Lang’s widow’s pension.

    but probably much sooner than that, when our major trading partners start muttering about non-tariff barriers for those recalcitrants still in denial.

  18. Mangrove, probably about 35 years sooner.

    “about as contoversial as Jack Lang’s widow’s pension”. Love it. Do you reckon Abbott will bring it up?

  19. MJ, or that Opera House everyone loves. Which this generation is faced with a costly refit to bring it up to it’s original concepts.

    Yes, the Liberals might have finished it a little cheaper by cutting corners and producing an inferior building

    Taxpayers today, are paying for their errors.

    The last thing that one thinks about, is the cost. Which I believe has been returned a thousand fold in tourism alone.

    It was a prudent undertaking, which many said we could not afford at the time.

    They were wrong, as the doomsayers are today.

    Much of what Lang built, also stands us in good stead today. Starting with the electrification of rail and the many suburban hospitals he built.

    I have just mentioned two governments that were thrown out for wasteful spending. Who would say, that what they built was waste today.

    As I say, Labor builds, Liberals demolishes.

  20. ‘Who would say, that what they built was waste today.’

    Not even Abbott would be that silly CU.

    But the worst kind of waste is unemployment and Labor govts have always understood that. That probably explains why it’s only Labor that builds. The interests of capital are well served by regular doses of unemployment.

    The Libs solution to unemployment is war.

  21. This on the Punch, even thay are getting stuck into Abbott.

    “Tony Abbott’s affectionate cross referencing with the “golden age” of John Howard’s prime ministership is starting to be more of an embarrassment than an advantage.
    Howard’s legacy now a hindrance for Abbott”
    Compare that to his pledge, just 10 days before, to reproduce that ancient regime: “The Howard government now looks like it created a golden age of prosperity which is lost. Our task, to which we are wholly and solely dedicated, is to recreate those great days for our country and we will.”

    One minute he’s speaking of the Howard administration as if only a Homer could do it justice, the next he is patting it on the head in a patronising dismissal..

    So will the real TA stand up or is this the fake TA.

  22. Abbott Liar has always been all over the shop in his messages, from way back when he made his first appearances in parliament and in interviews.

    Difference is for the first time he’s being called out for the confabulations and contradictions he’s been constantly sprouting.

  23. Thanks for the link Paul, it’s very clever. I wonder if Sales had more questions up her sleeve in case Abbott was in his alternate universe (truth serum just isn’t strong enough – I’ve watched Harry Potter movies as well :D)

    It seems “The Golden Age” slogan is falling apart quicker than the Slipper and Thomson “scandals”. Another well thought put and stunningly executed LNP program.

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