History Never Repeats

They say history never repeats, but I tend to get the distinct impression that we are stepping back in time, as Kylie Minogue would say.

We saw Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher again bring up her Time Warp episode, as she resigned from parliament after being found guilty in a South Australian court. She has faced assult charges. and multiple charges of shoplifting.

Tony Abbott must have had a flashback to his infamous interview with Kerry O’Brien, the 7 30 Report. The one on which he admitted that only carefully scripted comments of his could be taken as gospel truth. Well, he seemed to have yet another one of those moments on 7 30 this week with Leigh Sales. Tony Abbott looked like someone not fit for a job on the back bench as he once again showed us just how liberal he is with the truth.

Speaking of being liberal with the truth, Queensland LNP Premier Campbell Newman seemed to be caught telling porkies. Newman, the man who told us that Labor lost the election for being dishonest with Queenslanders was caught serving the state a massive bullshit sandwich, and asking all to take a bite.

Campbell Newman still plays with these

So much so that the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Tony Burke, felt it was necessary to write an open letter to the Premier in an effort to block the deluge of bullshit that consistently was pouring out of his mouth.

Queenslands Real Premier

Here in NSW, we have the Attorney General, Greg Smith, determined to take us way back into the pages of history.

You may remember I wrote about Greg Smiths decision to stand up for one of his mates, a paedophile priest, when he was arrested. Thant was not good enough for Mr smith, oh no, he also has to insult the victims who had been sexually abused as children as well, saying they were greedy and only in it for the money. What a piece of crap.

After shaking Greg Smiths hand, a lady takes precautions

You may also remember him as the big hearted fellow who told victims of asbestosis that there would be no compensation if they had the hide to die before court finalised their case, forcing all the medical and funeral costs as well as court costs onto their grieving families.

It would seem that James Hardie’s treatment of these poor souls, whose only crime was to show up for work, was just the foreplay. It took an O’Farrell Liberal government, and Greg Smith as Attorney General to really screw them.

Well, now Greg Smith is at it again it seems… He has turned his eyes to the weekend family trip to watch the footy.

Greg is not happy with the family having the excitement of a brilliant game of A-League Soccer, he wants the family to get a little more for their entrance fee. Actually, maybe a little more bang for their buck would be more appropriate.

What Greg thinks may add to the excitement of the game for the spectator is a bit of rioting. You know, people throwing punches, bottles, cans, chairs, even flares. The prospect of getting a nasty injury from a bottle, or a 3rd degree burn from a flare will make it all the more exciting for the kiddies.

A goalkeeper after being hit by a flare. A real crowd pleaser in Smith’s mind

Greg Smith, has decided he will turn the clock back on laws introduced by the Labor government in 2005 that allowed judges to ban hooligans from all sporting events of any code. Something I would have thought was a no brainer, but still, Mr Smith doesn’t seem to understand.

Scrapping this law will put the hooliganism back into our stadiums, and comes hot on the heels of violent clashes at a soccer game just the day before this story broke. Instead of these hooligans being banned, under Greg Smith they would be able to attend any game of any code.

Gee Greg, are you sure you don’t want to throw in some free tickets as well?

Is this the face of a happy punter Mr Smith?

Still, this is hardly a surprise from a government that has lost control of the streets.

A government that sends riot squads to break up a group of indigenous peaceful protesters in a park in Grafton. A government that has allowed bikie crime to grow out of all proportion in this state. A government that has allowed for a dramatic and drastic rise in the level of gun crime. And now, at last, a government who wants to put the hooligans back in our sporting arenas.

This is a government that has shown itself to be devastatingly tough on working families, and workers rights. Crushing in fact.

Yet, still finds the time to look after the common criminal. This is a government that is not just soft on crime, it is ready to start handing out pillows.

Tontine O’Farrell.

38 comments on “History Never Repeats

  1. If you look into some of these jokers childhood history, you’d find they probably used to run a “book” on the outcomes of sports day and make a little on the side selling sugar candy to the first-graders at recess!
    Real free-market boys!

  2. I wrote to O’Farrell about his total silence, and thus condoning, of Smith over Smith’s support for a paedophile priest and denigration of victims of that priest.

    Got the usual standard template non-response sent by a staffer with a scanned O’Farrell signature at the bottom.

    Newman might be getting all the attention at the moment as he just went in like a bull at a gate believing he could openly lie and break promises at break neck speed and his crushing electoral win would allow him to get away with it, but in many ways O’Farrell is worse but he’s playing the small target approach, only ever sending in ministers to answer controversies and stuff ups whilst he swans around in fluff piece media opportunities and events.

    Every indicator that O’Farrell promised he would fixed has gotten much worse under his stewardship, and they can’t be blamed on the previous Labor government as many of them were on the improve when O’Farrell took over.

    What is galling about O’Farrell’s failures is that they are on the very things that when in opposition he and his shadow ministers were almost daily in news cycles heavily criticising as Labor government failures. Every shooting, every traffic snarl, every hospital incident or death, every speed camera complaint, every train failure or public transport stumble, and it goes on, were canned for days and sometimes weeks by the O’Farrell opposition. Yet every one of those things has gotten far worse under him, yet the opposition leader, Robertson, gets scant air time to criticise them. The only thing that has bought them to the forefront is that things have gotten so bad under O’Farrell and the amount of broken promises and stuff ups of such a volume that the media and government could no longer keep them out of the limelight away from most of the public as they are impacting most of the public directly.

    Barnett in the WA election campaigned very heavily on law and order, making a huge deal of it in opposition, but here we have another Liberal government that is failing in what it promises it would fix and what arguably had won it an election.

    Baillieu’s terrible performance in Victoria speaks for itself, again on the back of a string of broken promises.

    Then the Right wonder why the States have such long term under performing Labor governments. The answer is simple, the woeful long term destructive Liberal ones are far worse, and it takes a decade to wash away the memory of their destructiveness so they can be elected for a term or two again.

  3. The sad thing Mobius, is the public seem blissfully unaware…
    With all the broken promises and massive cuts, O’Farrell has even better polls than when he was elected. I think the public liked Keneally but wanted to punish the party…

    I fear the right is slowly taking over everything, just look at the press….

  4. I’m not so pessimistic wixxy.

    It will take more than one term, but as is happening in other States, the scale of O’Farrell’s failures and amount of broken promises will impact on the greater public and the media won’t be able to continue to underplay them or cover up for O’Farrell.

    I think the public are giving him one term to see what he does to fix things, but so far there has been scant action with lots of excuses and blame shifting to the previous Labor government, something by the way O’Farrell promises he wouldn’t do.

    I the meantime the amount of complaints, public rumblings, criticisms against O’Farrell and stuff ups are growing monthly. Just keep highlighting them as you have done with Smith, and there will be those who read it and pass it on.

  5. Doesn’t surprise me Migs. Like Newman, O’Farrell has been screwing things royally and breaking promise after promise. The only difference is that O’Farrell has been a more subtle.

    The first thing he did was refer his major promises off to committees not scheduled to convene until way down the track whilst in the meantime he claimed he was taking action on them.

    The next is that O’Farrell used his ministers to take the brunt of any fallout whilst he swanned around in positive set media pieces, whereas Newman has been front and centre.

    Where O’Farrell is coming a cropper with his small target strategy is that the number of failures and broken promises can’t be covered up by saying they will be addressed by a committee two to three years away whilst he swans around, and the daily news cycle can’t keep the almost daily shootings, major traffic jams, frequent hospital failures sometimes leading to death and so on out of the headlines to replace them with fluff pieces on O’Farrell.

  6. Miglo
    Yes it was NSW Labor

    But there is also a swing towards Labor in Qld,

    And in Vic, Bailleau was too frightenend to run a candidate in the by-election, and of course he got a belting over the radio from the voters after the last COAG on the NDIS. Then there is the cuts to TAFE, jobs, training and small towns that supply the TAFEs all unhappy voters.

  7. You are right about regressions in the laws. This was very apparent in the amendments to the Family Law Act 2006 passed under the Howard government where a minority group were able to exert political influence to revert back to the laws regarding women and children in the early 19th Century. In those laws women and children were referred to as the `Goods & Chattels’ of the male head of household and this is again their position in Family Law and the Family Courts which have enforced male `ownership’. The minority achieved this by the clever use of euphemisms and sophistry in the 2006 Amendments but the underlying attitudes and beliefs are those of the 19th Century. The Gillard government have been able to make some corrections to the 2006 amendments but a great deal more is required to remove this legal confirmation and collusion in paternal oppression.

  8. That shows why it was foolish of those like Tweed to put so much on the regular polls this far out from an election, and it shows why Abbott was and still is so desperate to engineer a downfall of the government.

    A lot can change in a very short time in politics. Terrible State Liberal governments and Abbott’s habit of brain farting and putting in bad performances being just two of many factors that can quickly change things around. or a major failure by the Federal government can see them collapse.

  9. Sindenos says that if you have a record of getting things done that should build credibility or words to that effect.

    If that is true, the PM should be miles ahead.

    It has a rider, one had to be authentic. Surely one cannot say that of Abbott.

    I think that Bowen and Sindenos maybe talking about a world that is long gone.

  10. By the way, no one has noticed that the PM’s body shape has changed, she is trimmer now. Why are those who criticise her, not congratulate her now.

  11. wixxy, I do not know that they will not notice.

    Some are already complaining about how they are going to be affected by that train line, that was meant to go underground,

    The better off, with their expensive homes, do not like to see them demolish or have train stations and lines going past their front doors.

    Too much of what they are doing, affect people directly.

    The headlines say it everyday, with knifing, shooing and young people dying from unprovoked punches.

    There are too many speed cameras, which by the way, I have no problem with.

    They are just not delivering on their promises.

    Everything is more expensive. The doubling of parking at Sydney Airport for starters.

    Not the state’s responsibility I know. Planning for a much needed new airport to take the pressure off, is.

    Today’s by election might just throw up some interesting figures. The Premier did not have the guts to have a candidate. Seven percent in Queensland is telling. That takes Labor within two percent of winning.

  12. People forget, we have been in this political environment in the past, more than once before.

    They states turned on Whitlam, after his by election loss in Tasmania. They turn on the Liberals, beginning with Victoria.

    We appear to go through cycles, where all the states are one party, that Federal the other. There are brief times when one party has all or nearly all. Then the pendulum wings quickly back the other way.

    I have a feeling that the swings are going to be more rapid than usual. Maybe the NT will be a pointer.

    Whatever happens,. there will come a swing against the Liberals. History tells us so.

    That is why, I do not understand the gloating of the trolls. As they say, I believe there is a season for everything. I will add, that seasons are always changing.

  13. WRT the photo of Can’t Do, I’d suggest that’s not all he plays with, wixxy.

    This is a government that is not just soft on crime, it is ready to start handing out pillows.

    And a comfy chair.

    Jarl @11.27am, thanks for that info, I was unaware that those changes had been made. The sooner the reforms are implemented the better.

    CU @1.30pm, I think the seasons will be much shorter for the Victorian, NSW and QLD governments.

    It’s a rum do when 3 tired former state governments, well past their use by date are already being regarded with affection in very short order, due to the incompetence, arrogance and stupidity of the incumbents.

    I’m a great believer that no party should hold government for extended periods. They run out of steam and new ideas and instead of admitting that the other side needs a run, do everything to cling to power.

    Unfortunately, it seems that the ONLY idea that the Baillieu, O’Farrell and Newman governments had was to gain power. Very disappointing and of course, wasteful and damaging to each state.

    Will they wake up to themselves? On current performances, it’s unlikely.

  14. Good post Wixxy.

    Keeping games family safe is essential…what are the Liberals thinking? I stopped going to UK football in the 80s because of hooligans…they’d kick in neighbours fences, destroy public phonebooths, intimidate young girls and women…insane.

    This Smith sounds like a real liability for the Libs.

    Why does the Liberal party cater to these vile wankers so much these days?

    Fraser and other more rational Liberals must be shaking their heads…the damage being done to their party will be revealed soon enuff and will last for years.


  15. Migs et al
    My other half came up with a good idea, any “Pictures of Abbort” should be just the negative print, says it all really, any Guru’s out there able to oblige. May the force be with us all

  16. Migs
    Yep and I have her permission to say so
    Pterosaur1& Skeptical
    (nice one Cyril) old UK advert ref to a soccer player and linked to “Mother’s Bakery”

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