History Never Repeats

They say history never repeats, but I tend to get the distinct impression that we are stepping back in time, as Kylie Minogue would say.

We saw Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher again bring up her Time Warp episode, as she resigned from parliament after being found guilty in a South Australian court. She has faced assult charges. and multiple charges of shoplifting.

Tony Abbott must have had a flashback to his infamous interview with Kerry O’Brien, the 7 30 Report. The one on which he admitted that only carefully scripted comments of his could be taken as gospel truth. Well, he seemed to have yet another one of those moments on 7 30 this week with Leigh Sales. Tony Abbott looked like someone not fit for a job on the back bench as he once again showed us just how liberal he is with the truth.

Speaking of being liberal with the truth, Queensland LNP Premier Campbell Newman seemed to be caught telling porkies. Newman, the man who told us that Labor lost the election for being dishonest with Queenslanders was caught serving the state a massive bullshit sandwich, and asking all to take a bite.

Campbell Newman still plays with these

So much so that the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Tony Burke, felt it was necessary to write an open letter to the Premier in an effort to block the deluge of bullshit that consistently was pouring out of his mouth.

Queenslands Real Premier

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