Such was the  success of my previous post,  HOWARDS WAY IS THE ONLY WAY,  that I have had numerous invitations from the MSM to offer my services. Hedley Thomas said, ‘You are the tour de force of modern journalism’.. Michelle Grattan said,  ‘ You are what Fairfax, needs.’  And Tony Abbott said: ‘NO”… I could go on …

So here it is folks…the chance to predict what will be the ALP slogan for the 2113 election.

Here are some past slogans:

1951: “What Labor Promises, Labor Will Do

1961: “Let’s Put People First”

1963: “Time For Action”

1966: “Vote ALP and End Conscription” / “What Price Freedom”

1969: “Labor, Where the Action is”/ Join the swing to Labor

1972: “It’s Time”

1974: “Go Ahead” / “ Whitlam, he’s so much better”

1975:  “ Shame, Fraser, Shame”/ “Advance Australia Fair”

1977: “Get Australia Working”

1980: “Raise the Standard”

1983: “Bob Hawke: Bringing Australia Together”

1984: “Put Australia First”

1987:” Let’s  stick together” / Let’s See it through.

1990:”Bob Hawke For Australia’s Future.

1993: “Australia deserves better”

1996: “Leadership”

The rest are far too crappy to even mention.

So there you have it.

What will/could be the ALP slogan in 2013?

Will it be: “Julia by a neck”:  “Gillard: A nose in Front”: “Abbott: Why bother”

And please, keep it light. It’s been a long week.