Open Forum: is it time for a leadership spill?

Only yesterday I asked if Tony Abbott would eventually have the blowtorch applied to him. I didn’t have to wait long thanks to Leigh Sales on the 7:30 Report last night. She applied it and Abbott discovered that it burns. It was demonstrably too hot for him to handle. He looked and performed like an absolute dill.

We’ve all had our laughs from it but now it’s time for more serious questions. I’m wondering if the party is ready to ask them.

Here are some important ones they could consider:

  • How long can we sustain a leader who displays breathtaking incompetence?
  • How long can we remain policy bare?
  • How long can we sustain a leader who does not show he is fit to be the alternative Prime Minister?
  • How come our leader keeps calling for an election while being totally unprepared for one?
  • Would we last long in government under Tony Abbott?
  • Can we continue with a leader who regularly embarrasses himself on both the national and international stage?
  • Can we continue with a leader who shows more loyalty to the elite few ahead of the wider electorate?
  • Do we really want to miss out on the opportunities of the future?
  • Can we continue with a leader who is out of touch with the majority of Australians.
  • Is our leader too radical?
  • Do we have a leader who could sustain media and public scrutiny without ‘cracking’?
  • Wouldn’t we be more productive with a firm leader instead of one who continually gets caught out lying or back-flipping?
  • Is it wise to return to Howard’s Golden Age, considering the electorate rejected us in 2007 because of Howard’s failed and unpopular policies?
  • Are we really heading in the right direction?
  • Do we want to be part of a global community or remain isolationist as our current leader would prefer?
  • And more importantly, based on the above truths, is it time for a leadership spill?

Is it? What do you think?

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  1. Would you like that lying ass delivered on a plate with a nice bottle of tell truth serum…or have you already sold it Tony. Oh I best be nice, she’s a woman and I’m an entirely modern man this week. It was a good 60 seconds before he mentioned John Howard as his eyes twitched and squirmed like a grub rolling in a pile of bullshit.

  2. the main problem if he goes then it might be harder for Labor to win, it turned up in the university/AEC vote surveys after the last election that Abbott was actually the main reason the Libs didn’t win then. if they dump him and get a more credible/charismatic leader, they might be able to paper over the fact they have a bunch of non-grown-up schoolchildren and should-be-retirees on their front bench who stand for nothing and can offer nothing.

  3. Agree Beau, the later they dump the better. With the PM and team, the Independants, CT turning around, the speaker (and Deputy) issues settling down, (Anna is doing well too!) the Rudd factor quiet but not dead, the boats issue “stopped”, they (the LNP) are resorting to desperate dirt to capture the press’s attention, but the press are turning (eg Leigh Sales who’d have thought!), and it is the LNP under pressure.

  4. That was absolute joy to watch. Beau, charismatic/credible? They have one of those? I know a lot of people think Turnbull fits that description, but Utegate will always come back to bite him. All he is really, is a more polished turd than Abbott.

  5. I love this …

    TONY ABBOTT:… but typically of this prime minister she just tries to brazen her way through it by refusing to answer the question. She said … ”

    And a little later

    TONY ABBOTT: Look, these are questions that have been put to her by The Australian, which has run I think a very proper investigative analysis of her period with Slater & Gordon.

    LEIGH SALES: And what are those questions? What are the questions?

    TONY ABBOTT: But look, this isn’t the main game for us. The main game for us are the cost of living pressures that this government has inflicted on the Australian public. It’s not really …

    LEIGH SALES: Well sure, but a string of your – I’m sorry to interrupt, but a string of your frontbench have come out on this Slater & Gordon issue so I’m just wondering what are the questions that you want answered?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, the issue here is not whether she was an unethical lawyer. The issue surely is she is an unethical prime minister. And that’s the main game for us, Leigh.

    LEIGH SALES: No, but your – members of your frontbench keep saying she should give a statement to the Parliament. You said you would assist her to do that because you thought it was in the public interest. What are the questions you want to hear her answer in the Parliament?

    TONY ABBOTT: And the point I’m making is that various reputable media bodies have put questions to her. I think the …

    LEIGH SALES: I’m just asking what those questions are.

    What a dickhead.

  6. An absence of Abbott supporters for me to scroll past this morning. Strange I’m an early bird and they are usually up and running off at the mouth here before I am or around the same time.

  7. My estimation is that Abbott will not be dumped because the Libs would no longer be able to run with having their mates in the media trying to destabilise the government by constant Gillard leadership speculation. One could hardly run endless Gillard/Rudd stories when Abbott had been “knifed”.

    Mind you, previously I have said that if we are going to lose I would much rather lose to T’bull than to Abbott, however given T’bull’s recent porkies about the NBN it seems that he isn’t much of an improvement.

  8. Business and finance gave him his chance to force am election before the CT came in. He couldn’t do it. They have no use for him now. They have accepted it is here and Abbott is now a the wrecking ball that he has been warning about. The dogs are being unleashed because they want certainty for the future, Abbott doesn’t provide that.

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  10. The media is completely ignoring this 730 meltdown, as I thought they would, and instead are looking avidly into the non story that tabot couldn’t even formulate what the actual questions were last night.

    Even fairfax is joining in, declaring loudly

    THE Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, may have breached West Australian corporations law

    the story continues, with, after much bluster and insinuation, that she didn’t

    In essence, the story amounts to, if the PM had broken the law, she would have broken the law 😯

    Meanwhile, tabot continues to lie blatantly to the electorate, and our media just don’t care.

    He will be around for a while yet. Why would you get rid of someone who gets a free pass like that?

    Any other ‘leader’, after a performance like that last night, would already be packing up their things. Instead, tabot just gets to repeat his dishonesties.

  11. I do not want Abbott to go. He is providing too much comedy. Have not had such a good belly laugh for a long time, as I did last night.

    Good comedy is scarce today. Maybe some channel could approach him for a reality show. All they have to do is follow him around each day.

    I do not fear a new Liberal leader as some do, as there are no alternatives of any ability. This will be the case, until Howard loses his influence over the party. They are too busy going backwards.

    We have no idea of what the new generation, that is if there is one, thinks.

  12. Abbott’s latest promise after his abysmal interview.

    “There will be no facts under a government I lead.”

  13. Look up Alex Hawke Cu, and the rigging of UQ student union voting by the young conservatives and there are your new generation of Liberals.

    Not a good future for them or us I’m afraid.

  14. Abbott will be leader at the next election because the Libs think they are on a winner – when they realize that perhaps they aren’t it will be too late and Abbott will be vanquished at the polls

  15. “Opposition leader Tony Abbott says people coming on boats to Australia are seeking permanent residency, rather than asylum.

    Mr Abbott has told the ABC if they were happy with temporary protection visas, then they might be able to argue better that they’re asylum seekers.”


    Under domestic and international law, people seeking asylum can enter Australia with or without a visa, and Mr Abbott says people should gain entry to Australia through the front door.

    Very true Tony. The want stability for themselves and families. That, according to Tony, must be a unrealistic expectations. They would like their babies settler before they reached adulthood.

    Yes, they come through may countries that will or cannot meet their needs. Countries that are poor and over populated themselves. Countries that do not offer them permanent refuge.

    Yes, Tony these people are funny, they want what all take for granted.

  16. The other thing about last nights interview was that it wasn’t really even a blowtorch. Sales could have/should have pushed on these non answers, but didn’t. That may have been better in the long run, as it meant that there was more time to move onto other questions that he didn’t answer. But, he was given plenty of time and opportunity to answer, and, as noted by others, he was not interrupted incessantly like Gillard and Swan are, even as they are answering questions.

    It will be interesting to see if Labor have any dixers in parliament today in regard to this and, if so, if the media will continue to ignore it then.

  17. opposition leader Tony Abbott says people coming on boats to Australia are seeking permanent residency, rather than asylum.

    So, in six years, we have at least moved the debate on from asylum seekers are terrorists to asylum seekers are migrants.

    Baby steps 😉

  18. The comedy continues through to this morning. “I didn’t say the mining and carbon tax was all to blame……blah blah” Time for him to shut up.

    The more he says, the deeper the hole gets.

    Maybe he should take a sickie today.

  19. Wonder if Iain will get any comments on his site. Hope so, so many, that he has not got time to come here.

    PINGBACK: Julia Gillard, Naughty in the nineties? | Iain Hall’s SANDPIT [Edit]

  20. Cu @8.42am and Abbott’s statement. So to Abbott the “front door” is arriving on a false visa via plane – false because it would be a tourist visa etc when the person’s intention was not a holiday but to claim asylum. But if you arrive by boat with the clear intention of claiming asylum, this is somehow less honest. It doesn’t quite make sense.

  21. Tom, only economic know the sort of stuff, escaping torture, imprisonment and wanting a better life for one’s kids. Pure economics, one is inclined to up one’s income if one is able to escape a war zone.

  22. Wonder if Iain will get any comments on his site

    I’ll never know

    (unless someone comes here bragging about it) 😉

  23. Was Adolph smart?…and Benito and Franco ..Bush..McMahon…Noriega…Pinoche…..Smart isn’t in the game…”Useful” is…Is T Abbott “useful”…..ask Marius Kloppers..ask Gina, ask Clive……ask the NAB. and their mates down at the “club”.
    Filth attracts filth.

  24. Hi Beau. That’s the downside of having Abbott (sensibly) replaced. In his current form he’s Labor’s best gift and could well be on the way to handing them victory. It will be tougher for Labor without him, but even in opposition, whilst not being leader, he will still be a gift horse.

  25. Have to (reluctantly) agree Miglo, something inside tells me to sink the boot into the “garbage bag”, while a little voice says….”careful, careful…this shit’s still confined to their own bed..let THEM lie in it!”

  26. where have the lnp rabble to go if tones gets “the chop” ?

    MT is often canvassed as the “thinking” alternative, but he has been irreversibly tainted through the “utegate” farce – which revealed that despite his claimed intelligence and “polish”. MT is similarly ethically challenged to the loto, and both he and the only other possibility i see as possible loto, greg hunt, have been expending their efforts on promotion of policy stances (on the nbn, and agw) which both know to be unsustainable and “bad policy”.

    while stances such as this may deliver rewards if they ever manage to get their “election now” through spreading FUD, any election campaign based upon policies will see the lnp consigned to the “also-ran” category. 😆

    the abandonment of reality-based politics, as exemplified by the lnp and their “urgers”, is a fatal flaw, and will bite them many times more, imho. 😈

    what amazes me, is that anyone thinks that denial of reality will lead to positive outcomes. 🙄

  27. Well there you go. After all the talk in the 7.30 interview about telling the truth, Abbott is now saying that he answered the question incorrectly and that he had actually read BHP’s statement. Is this idiot serious!!!

  28. Apparently tabot has just declared that he read BHP’s release yesterday at 3.45PM

    Which means, he is either lying now, or was lying last night?

    I’m confused

  29. Looks like Abbott may have been caught telling the truth and abruptly had to rectify the situation. lol.

  30. “Is this idiot serious!!!”

    He and he opposition certainly do treat the public like idiots. Says a lot about his followers that they condone this ludicrous crap from their leader and make excuses for it.

    As we know if it weren’t for a compliant media not challenging Abbott’s constant stream of bull he would have been gone a long time ago.

  31. I missed this one last night. Guess when there is so much wrong, something like this slips past

    One thing that got past Leigh last night was that abbott *Changed* the meaning of the abbreviation SIEV trying to get out of a corner of constantly and falsely calling AS Illegal Migrants.

    SIEV – is an abbreviation for Suspected Irregular Entry Vessel.

    abbott got away with saying the Government itself used that abbreviation to mean Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel.

    More Lies.

    I also note that patriciawa is back over there. Nice to see 🙂

  32. @ Migs, closest i’ve ever been to a SAGE is when fishing 😀

    @ Min, you’re spot on there, and given their choices, they’re not likely to “find” any.

    i notice the loto is promoting the fact that 16(?) members of his “team”, are remnants from howard’s “golden age”, as a reason to vote for the lnp ❓

    still working under the assumption that voters are “sleepwalking”, as they so obviously were for the 2007, 2010 elections

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  33. Labor better start poking at the alternative lib leaders to see what they can shake loose. A change in LOTO would double the libs popularity regardless of who they put in.

  34. A good observation
    “9.10am: I didn’t see the interview last night, but watched before coming online this morning.

    Fair to say it was not Mr Abbott’s finest hour.

    People have observed that he was unprepared.

    I think the opposite, even though that observation might seem counter intuitive.

    Mr Abbott was prepared up to the eyeballs with his phrases and formulations which he draws on in door stops and press conferences – the attack lines he delivers so well. He was even armed with a page of quotes which kept bobbing up on screen.

    When you go on armed with a script, some times you don’t respond nimbly in the moment. You are more preoccupied with delivering the line than hearing the question. Suddenly the door has closed behind you, and you can’t pivot out.

    A little case study in the talking points culture of modern politics.

    Read more:

  35. Tom, I hate to have to correct you but a SIEV is indeed a Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel. It simply means that according to reported shipping movements that this vessel is suspected to have illegally entered Australian waters. The term is used by both the Navy and Customs. However the term “illegal” has nothing to do with any persons onboard and this includes crew members who are entitled to the presumption of innocence until if/when convicted of possible people smuggling or other charges.

  36. The PM is being interview ABC 24. Will not make statement to parliament. Stated she is telling the truth. Paper apologised today for lies. NEWSltd has now apologised three times.

  37. The PM appears willing to make a statement to the house, if Mr. Abbott can articulate what it should be about. I think the PM means, tell me what I am accused of doing wrong.

  38. I should add, perhaps the Labor government has changed the acronym which would be a wise choice so as to avoid confusion.

  39. Min, so is my brother in law. Doesn’t change this though:
    “Presentation of Commendations to RAAF Personnel
    On the 16th of April, 2009, Suspected Irregular Entry Vessel (SIEV) 36, which had been apprehended by a Royal Australian Navy Patrol Boat to the north of Australia, was severely damaged by an explosion which caused a major fire.”

    From the DOD website.
    (Date uploaded: 30 April 2010 – 10 images)
    View Gallery

  40. One needs to compare this interview of the PM with Mr. Abbott’s last night effort. Not one slogan in sight.

    The hour mark has long gone.

    Answering questions on many topics. Clear, concise answers.

    One hour ands seven minutes. Maybe a record for interview of that nature.

    As it is now nearly two, I wonder how long it would have gone for, if it was not QT.

  41. What kind of idiot appears for an interview unprepared? Basically an arrogant one who thinks he can get away with lying ad infinitum and that the mainstream media will just take him at face value — which they usually do! More power to Leigh Sales. She’ll probably get a rocket from ABC management today for treating Phoney Tony too roughly.
    Some real journo’s asking some real questions and chasing up proper answers to those questions from Phoney Tony would be refreshing — they could take notes from Leigh if they feel that’s beyond them!

  42. Sue, I’m with you on this one. Abbott was prepared alright, but he just wasn’t prepared for a tough time.

    He prepared himself for the usual fluff and cuddle he’s accustomed to.

  43. Bolt is still at it. Claims the PM is answering question for the first time. Another lie, but why would that worry Bolt. which the PM by the way, the PM refuse to name.

  44. Australia’s third largest iron ore miner, Fortescue Metals Group, has boosted its full year profit by more than 50 per cent.

    FMG made a record profit of $US1.56 billion for the 2012 financial year.

    The company says the result was driven by increased production and improved operating performances.

    That drove revenue 23 per cent higher to $US6.7 billion.×1&width=100

    A boom coming to an end, does not mean bust.

  45. “Cannot read one page of a release by BHP”

    Think that we will hear that a fair bit in QT today 😉

  46. Abbott is offended.

    Only because he is not sure what the acronym SA is for?

    Could be something dirty 😉

  47. I t seems both suspected illegal entry vessel and suspected irregular entry vessel are used by defence…

    At around 8:15 am (AEDT) Thursday 16 Apr 09 there was an explosion onboard a suspected illegal entry vessel that was intercepted the previous day in the vicinity of Ashmore Reef. HMA Ships Childers and Albany recovered all survivors from the water.

    The Australian Defence Force has awarded 51 commendations to the men and women who helped rescue, treat and evacuate those injured in an explosion onboard suspected irregular entry vessel 36 (SIEV 36) on the 16th of April, 2009.

  48. Tony Zappia asking about certainty for company tax rate ROFL

    Turning it around nicely on the libs extra paid parental scheme

  49. ……..No, BHP’s first hidden mistake was much bigger. Towards the end of 2010-11, BHP spent almost $10 billion buying back its stock at prices inflated by the boom. It was a bad mistake by the BHP board and against the advice of a number of the wiser Australian long-term institutions who told BHP in no uncertain terms to lift the dividend instead of buying back shares.

    Instead Marius Kloppers and his board paid $40.85 a BHP share for most of the stock (the shares were higher at the time) and since then they have seen BHP shares slashed in price. BHP shares are currently around $33 which means that BHP shareholders lost a massive $1.8 billion on the deal. When BHP shares were around $31 a few weeks ago the loss was approaching the US writedowns.

    BHP’s actual cash dividend payment in 2011-12 totalled only $5.8 billion (last year it was $5.1 billion) so the buyback was twice the level of dividends.

    Moreover, in 2011-12 the company was forced to increase its borrowings by $11 billion – about what was used in the buyback.

    Australian shareholders are sick of buybacks that are designed to benefit overseas shareholders and help deliver personal bonuses to institutional mangers. BHP should have saved shareholders nearly $2 billion in losses and paid most of the $10 billion to shareholders via a dividend.

    The second mistake was that BHP saw Olympic Dam as a massive earth-moving operation. It is much more than that. As I wrote last month (BHP Billiton’s desperate Olympic race, July 30), in 2005 the complex mineralogy of the Olympic Dam copper sulphides caused the giant Anglo American group to walk away from bidding seriously for WMC (which then owned Olympic Dam). Anglo engineers argued that while a flotation process should be straightforward, uranium would remain in the copper concentrates. And even after an acid leach of those concentrates, the level of uranium in the concentrates would present technical and political problems if the concentrate material had be transported.

    Seven years later and it seems that there is still no widely accepted hydro metallurgical route for the recovery of uranium from an acid leach in relatively saline water.

    Others say that BHP needs to erect another smelter, as WMC concluded.

    BHP needed to have invested much more in the Olympic Dam technology and should be much further towards a solution than it is.

    The goods news is that in announcing the cancellation of Olympic Dam BHP emphasised that a new technology approach is required………..–pd20120822-XE9YR?opendocument&src=idp&utm_source=exact&utm_medium=email&utm_content=94624&utm_campaign=kgb&modapt=commentary&WELCOME=AUTHENTICATED%20REMEMBER

  50. lol, Emerson just went to town on tabot

    he can read soft porn, but not BHP statements

    Then calls him everything to do with liar, and ends up getting bronnie bishop booted

  51. Migs wrote: He looked and performed like an absolute dill.

    We’ve said for a good long time that Abbott is not leadership material…the Coalition put Mr. NEGABORE in there to be a wrecker and wedger…to get attention. They were surprised when the Murdoch empire and scumbag shock jocks with the aid of some ALP own goals helped Abbott win more seats and get higher polls for them than they expected.

    But now the Murdoch minions are being shown up for the lying sods they are and that media mob lose respect of more readers by the day…and the public begins to turn a deaf ear to some of the corporate lackey BSing shock jocks…and the govt begins to incrementally move up in the polls…many of their policies gaining ground with the public…and Abbott’s HYPE over everything and anything begins to look like the desperate ramblings of a delusional egomaniac with the approach of a conman…

    the Coalition begin to panic knowing they’ve burnt Turnbull, now a pale imitation of himself, and lumped themselves with a DUD.

    A dud, a dill, a dickhead, a weathervane, a lead balloon, a negabore, a fearmonger without a principle, a Murdock puppet, a man who gives the nudge nudge wink wink constantly to Tea Party and women hating tactics…an overly aggressive politician who leads the talking down of the economy and damaging businesses in the process.

    Yep, they’re stuck with Tony Abbott.

    They deserve him. And the loss coming.


  52. ” Phoney Tony too roughly.”

    She did not treated him roughly. All she did was ask some questions. Mild ones at that.

  53. There’s something missing here…..Oh yes!…the right-wing hubris from the right-wing posters…could it be they are too busy, like loto, ducking the brick-bats coming their way? Could it be their perceived gold medals have quickly turned into wooden spoons?

  54. Labor on all fronts are coming across as passionate. I have never heard Burke speak with so much passion.

    The younger Bishop asking the question on the AWU, at the last moment.

  55. Tom, I believe that is a badly written novel, called Shades or Grey or something, his daughters gave him to read.

  56. jaycee it’s something I noticed with the right though I might generalising, but it’s certainly something I have come across often.

    When Labor or the Greens, in the old days the Democrats, would lose, even if they lost badly, they and many of their supporters would be there the next day taking the taunts and abuse, answering the questions and writing/posting away.

    On the other hand if the Liberals lose big time, though not the Nationals who seem to be better in this area, they would disappear, then there would be massive dummy spits, accusations everywhere blaming all and sundry except themselves and then they would go on as though they were still in power and ruling the country, demanding this and that, insisting things be done their way and that they be listened to and heeded.

    From day one of their loss in 2007 this opposition have never accepted they lost, and that’s their biggest problem. 2010 was even worse and again they cannot accept that Abbott cost them that election and they lost it fairly, though they attempted some very dirty stuff to win, and that is with the full complicit aid of everything the MSM could throw at Labor and the Greens.

    And now you see it in their supporters.

  57. It is certainly crystal clear that Abbott’s Liberals have never accepted defeat – see Abbott’s former constant bleat about it being an illegitimate government. And Abbott lost it for them by not being able to negotiate adequately with the Independents; it was his arrogance.

  58. Migs wrote: He looked and performed like an absolute dill.

    Nas, what I really wanted to say was something like this:

    A dud, a dill, a dickhead, a weathervane, a lead balloon, a negabore, a fearmonger without a principle, a Murdock puppet, a man who gives the nudge nudge wink wink constantly to Tea Party and women hating tactics…an overly aggressive politician who leads the talking down of the economy and damaging businesses in the process.


  59. They only played a snippet 😦

    Apparently, she ripped pickering and certain others a new one. Love to see that bit 🙂

  60. Hockey will have a heart attack, if he keeps this anger up, in what I believe is the MPI.

    Could it be desperation.

  61. Boom is over. How he gloats.

    NO, the boom is not over. The boom prices are.

    Missed the beginning., Forgot about it.

    What they really are good at, is talking the economy down.

    They are in full flight now.

  62. During that extraordinary press conference with PM Gillard there came a point, where the PM skewered each and every member of the press.

    The PM expected the “elite” of the press to be able to differentiate between the muck and smear of Pickering and facts. The tone of sarcasm was accentuated by the lift of the eyebrow. I wonder how the “elite” felt as they scurried to take up their places in the press gallery. As to the journalists from the Australian they would just reinforce their prejudices.

  63. news Malcolm Turnbull has disclosed a new financial investment in France Telecom that places the Shadow Communications Minister in a significant conflict of interest situation with respect to the French telco, due to its extensive business operations in Australia through its Orange Business Services brand, including some 240 local staff.

    The investment was disclosed recently through the Parliament’s Register of Members’ Interests, which requires parliamentarians to disclose financial investments and gifts. In Turnbull’s latest disclosure, he noted that he had personally made an investment in international telcos France Telecom, Sprint in the US and Spain’s Telefonica.

    Speaking to Lateline this week, Turnbull said that he didn’t “obviously” invest in telcos in Australia because of his position overseeing the Communications portfolio for the Coalition. However, he said, ” I don’t have any conflict with France Telecom, and I thought their shares were good value so that’s why I bought them”.

  64. I would like to remind people, this government is still governing. It has address the sex abuse problems in the armed forces. It has upped the number of refugees we are taking, It has bought down the cost of using your mobiles overseas. It has pasted new legalisation for My Super.

    This is just what I have noticed in passing,. I believe there is much more.

    All this keeps on going on, as the Opposition Leader rants and raves, and puts that wrecking ball through all he gets near to.

  65. Cu, thank you for that one. Yes indeed this is not only odd behaviour from Turnbull and as Conroy stated:

    “Did he invest in British Telecom? No. Has he invested in New Zealand’s Telecom Chorus? No.”

    “Did he invest in France Telecom and its fibre to the home network? Yes, yes, yes.”

    But it is indeed a substantial conflict of interest.

  66. LOL Migs. You’ve done a top job this week. Firing on all cylinders.

    Many great comments on here too.

    You should be proud of yer Cafe team.

    Til later

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  68. Ms Gillard is asked whether this issue will always hang over her head?
    The Prime Minister says the misognists and nut jobs on the internet will continue to circulate untruths.
    Lunar right Tea Party-style folks will carry on. Best to ignore it than launch legal action. Ms Gillard says she doesn’t want the ranters to become the orthodoxy.

    Read more:

  69. Miglo I have enjoyed today not having to scroll past the
    “”misogynist nut jobs on the internet”

    Also I appreciate that the Cafe has been editing some of the language they use in description of our PM, which unfortunately had on occasion got through.

  70. That photo is just CREEPY man!!!
    I can’t work out if they want to steal the kid for brainwashing…or eat it!!

  71. To answer the question at the top – who else do they have. One of Howard’s “golden legacies” was the burning off of any real talent that would replace him. So when he lost his seat, the Liberals had Costello (who wasn’t interested apparently), Abbott, Hockey, Nelson and Turnbull. They have gone through effectively three of them. It would be a really hard sell to get most of the rest of the front bench up as PM.

    I reckon Brough being preselected in Fisher on the Sunshine Coast is to send reinforcements (as the whizkid that managed Newman’s campaign was up against him – he’s probably owed a favour!), but he has to get elected. The LNP misfires occasionally – in the recent Brisbane Council election they spent a lot of money and time in attempting to regain a Ward that was held by a Councillor that clashed with Newman and was kicked out of the LNP. The now independent Councillor got back with a larger majority (and damn close to 50% of the vote). A good independent grassroots campaign will beat Brough too and generally people are no longer impressed with political games – although I don’t think Slipper is the person to do it.

  72. did not notice, is that a baby in Bishop’s arms

    It is kinda creepy…I got to thinkin’ of Rosemary’s Baby.

    Once this religious extremist bunch get their hands on yer kid…

    Add the Murdoch, shock jock, Tea Party, Neo-CON propaganda…

    Suddenly you’ve got the super consumer on yer hands lacking in principles and praying for millions whilst giving the finger to you gay/lesbian friend(s) and family…obsessed with a war on Islam, unions and the ‘fair-go’.

    Suddenly the wee child has grown up into someone who believes he is one of the master race…and deserves everything…including tax cuts.


  73. Abbott’s latest promise after his abysmal interview.

    “There will be no facts under a government I lead.”

    And that’s a promise he’ll have absolutely NO trouble keeping, ME.

    I did not notice, is that a baby in Bishop’s arms.

    She’s having it later for dinner, CU.

  74. Watching the Libs try to keep Abbott and his wandering brain and impulsive mouth out of the spotlight is going to be a delight as the election grows closer. His minders are going to go crazy and his gaffs are going to continue to grow bigger and better. He may also have to answer a few questions from a journalist or two who are not part of the vested interest groups and that will also be cause for celebration. I think we have a lot to look forward to.

  75. Tony Abbott is fighting for his political skin, but he still can’t lie straight in bed. Last night, he put out a statement suggesting he did not lie to the ABC. Why? You guessed it, he was only replying to the first part of the question! And, you mightn’t guess this, because offering to pay Terry Sharples’ legal expenses was not offering money!

    He’s learnt from the master deceiver and has done a Manildra!

    The Four Corners question from Tony Jones was: So there was never any question of any party or other funds from any other source being offered to Terry Sharples?

    Abbott: Absolutely not.

    In his statement last night, Abbott said:

    “I replied, in response to the first part of the question: ‘Absolutely not.’ No Liberal funds were at any stage offered or involved.”

    But Tony, the question asked was whether any Liberal Party OR OTHER FUNDS were at any stage involved. He must be taking lessons from the master, because that was how Howard tried to get out of lying to Parliament this month (See Howard meets Honan: You be the judge whether he lied about it).

    Abbott’s second attempt to say black is white and lies are true was to suggest that the trust was set up after the interview. So it took him only three weeks to set up a trust and sign the trust deed? Yes, Abbott told Kerry O’Brien on the 7.30 Report last night. He set up the trust to find other disgruntled One Nation members to legally destroy One Nation when his prior arrangement with Sharples fell over.

    But that proves the lie, doesn’t it, because he’d denied any funds from any source being offered to Sharples. No, said Abbott, because offering to pay legal costs is not “funding” the legal case or paying “money” for it. And when he made the promise to Sharples – before conceiving the trust idea – where was he going to get the money? “I’m not going to tell you,” Abbott told Kerry, and he’s not going to tell us who donated to the trust, either. Oh dear, we’re getting too close to the shadow world of big power and big money which manipulates our democracy for its own ends, aren’t we? Way too close.

    Abbott signed a note on July 11, 1998, long before the Four Corners interview, personally guaranteeing to fund the Sharples case. Here are the relevant extracts from Deborah Snow’s piece on Abbott in the Herald in 2000:

    Abbott’s troubles began with a meeting he instigated with Sharples at the Brisbane offices of solicitors Minter Ellison on July 7, 1998. … The meeting discussed how to raise money for a court application by Sharples to stop public funds being paid to One Nation. Within days, the action had been mounted and would ultimately succeed – although not without a massive and convoluted falling-out of the anti-One Nation players along the way.

    What has been at issue since is to what extent Abbott promised to bail Sharples out if he got into financial difficulty (Sharples is now being sued for bankruptcy by One Nation in Queensland).

    At the original Minter Ellison meeting, Sharples maintains, Abbott asked him to “keep his name out of things” because, claims Sharples, Abbott didn’t want the action seen to be connected with anyone from the Liberal Party. A few days later, Sharples asked Abbott….

  76. More proof that Mr. Abbott can only deal with one task at a time.

    ‘‘I haven’t had a chance to read the transcript; I haven’t had a chance to compare what has precisely been stated or is known to be a fact with what the prime minister said about it,’’ you explained.
    ‘‘I’ve got a lot on my plate.’’
    Tony, we all have a lot on our plates. Here is our advice to you. Never forget Rule 1 of Job Interviews for Dummies: the best prepared candidate is the one most likely to succeed.

    Read more:

  77. This is what our resident troll had to say on his site, again I was slumming it again.

    Iain said this “I did not see the 7.30 program last night but I accept that Abbott did not perform well, even so I think that it will hardly register on the political pendulum.”

    Then This “I’ve just watched the piece in question and I think that Abbott did not perform that badly at all and what Andrew Bolt says in his blog has merit:”

    Now Iain what is it, was he bad or was he good, you seem to be having a bet each way.

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