Julia’s barrackers

Many is the time that this blog has had the accusation hurled: barrackers!

I should imagine that the implication of this term means a failure to see flaws, a failure to properly scrutinise. Yet I think not. Usually the term barracker implies a football team. I do not see that barrackers fail to see faults and flaws, in fact it’s usually barracker’s who are their team’s harshest critics. Barrackers believe that the coach should be pushing the team harder – should have taken a player off the ground when they weren’t performing – should have brought back Peter McKenna as full forward. 😀

As an aside the term barrackers is a military one, those who live in barracks. It therefore has the implication of teamwork, and of camaraderie.

The implication in the term barrackers is therefore: encouragement, but also criticism is given and taken as a way to improve; not criticism so as to point the rude finger, not criticism so as to say I’m better than you are, but as a sincere desire for improvement.

It would be delusional to suggest that Labor is not in dire straits in the lead up to next year’s election.

Yet there is little to suggest that Prime Minister Gillard has done anything particularly wrong in her term as Prime Minister. She LIED about the carbon tax some bleat, when the facts reveal this to be a falsehood.

My personal disappointment is the Prime Minister’s failure to support gay marriage. We have alternatives here, I think. A Prime Minister who seems somewhat separated from this issue versus a potential PM. I see Julia as thinking, it’s only a piece of paper versus Tony who considers that all gays and lesbians are going to rot in hell. The PM should be aware that this issue is going to be brought into play.

The result of Abbott in Opposition is via Anthony Albanese:

We provided $1 billion in this year’s budget to design and commence trials on the National Disability Insurance Scheme – a landmark reform which will transform the lives of our most vulnerable Australians. Again, no questions.

Labor has delivered record increases to pensions and supported families through the Schoolkids Bonus and household assistance payments. All of it was opposed by Tony Abbott. That might explain why Jenny Macklin has not been asked a single question in nearly 18 months.

Labor’s budget saw the single largest investment to improve mental health care and support for Australians of all ages in Australian history. I’m betting Mark Butler will be waiting a long time to be asked about our $2.2 billion package.

More than four years after it was first flagged, this Parliament passed means testing measures to make private health insurance fairer, which began on July 1. The Opposition voted against it. Did they have a question for Tanya Plibersek? No.

The idea that the ministers responsible for these major reforms shouldn’t receive a single question from the Opposition about how the policies will be delivered or funded is ridiculous.

Accountability and debate are the bedrock of the system of government we inherited from the Palace of Westminster. Nowhere are these principles more evident than in the daily Question Time battles that Westminster-based parliaments conduct around the world.

Mr Abbott has instead trashed this institution, like all others, in his desperate quest for power. He must be the only opposition leader in history to have shied away from the chance to ask serious questions of ministers.

It might seem like a bizarre approach for an opposition to take until you consider his motives. As a general rule, oppositions only ask questions if they are interested in a policy or would rather persuade the public of alternative policies.

Tony Abbott, unlike his predecessors, has no interest in positive policy. His only interest is in saying no. His only policy is to oppose.

So, instead of asking ministers about policies, Tony Abbott and the Noalition have trashed Question Time and interrupted proceedings with motions to suspend the House’s order of business.

These interruptions and stunts have meant that another 375 questions were lost in the current term of Parliament, equivalent to 19 full Question Time sessions.

I return to my analogy of barrackers. How to play the game when the other team does nought but kick the footy out on the full. There might be a 50 meter penality, but the ball remains out of play.

Tony Abbott might think that he’s good at shirt fronting, and often imagines himself taking the speckey but Julia excels at the torpedo punt, and positioning, and will be there at the final siren.

94 comments on “Julia’s barrackers

  1. My comment from TPS earlier:

    if this letting Abbott off the hook nonsense continues and the govt falls and Abbott brings in fullbore Austerity Meaures with his Coalition and LNP allies I reckon we know who to blame…

    and the people WILL WAKE UP to this CON.

    We are humans trying to survive the best we can in an unpredictable world…we need security amd routine including affordable healthcare, education, aged care and child care to help keep our lives more stable so we can focus our efforts positively and efficiently…we are not a corporation…not robots…nor serfs to be used without empathy, tolerance, fairness and compassion.

    We will only put up with being crapped on from a great height for so long. Our history shows this.

    It’s time our media stopped acting like the plaything of corporate interests and media barons.

    Work in the public interest…or be damned.

    We all know Abbott has made many mistakes, said many grotesque things, has created a vile negative atmosphere. He is not good for the progress and harmony of this country.

    It’s good to see that some in the media are now courageous enuff to express this.

    And about bloody time.

    Tony Abbott should NEVER be Prime Minister of this country.

  2. Good article Min, putting a nice affirmative on the way the term barrackers is used as a negative against anyone who attempts to say anything positive about Gillard, even if that is stating facts.

  3. Tony Windsor reminds me of my late father..push, push, push but we warned if pushed to far…

    Tony Windsor said after the last election, when the negotiations were going on as to who would form government, that Tony Abbott begged for the job and made the point he would do anything to get that job.

    Dare I say it, he used that phrase again that Tony Abbott said to him: “The only thing I wouldn’t do is sell my arse.”

    I would contradict, Abbott would have sold his arse..


  4. The term `Barrackers’ is most likely, as you say, to be a military reference and to have its origins in `Barrack Room Lawyers’, now more commonly referred to as `Bush Lawyers or Pub Lawyers’. These are people where a little knowledge makes them dangerous, in that they are able to take a grain of truth and turn it into a mountain of distortions, embellishments, and misrepresentation of the facts.
    Now how could that possibly be true of contributors to these columns.?.

  5. Jarl, the term barrackers is a couple of centuries old and refers to teamsmanship, those who live in barracks. It’s a military term later used by followers of football..the term barracker was coined in reference to sporting teams around the beginning of the 20th Century.

  6. Jarl, now if you can tell me where the term “it’s raining cats and dogs” originates or perhaps the term “dead ringer” and in reference to what, then I’ll take notice of your knowledge of history.

  7. I wouldn’t barrack for either side as in the scheme of things they are fighting for the wooden spoon.

    I’ve noticed, especially over the last eighteen months that an underswell of disgust in the standard of politics is creating a new movement. Might get somewhere but who knows.

    Also, politicians seem to get some form of respect that is undervered as they work for us and some do not even have the courtesy to reply to their constituents. They treat them with contempt.

    On the adventure I’ve had occasion to meet quite a few from both sides and very, very few have impressed me. I reckon I could count them on the toes of my left foot and still have a few left over…having lost my big toe in a motocycle accident there aren’t many.

    The worst five I’ve met…two from Labor and three from the Libs. Stick to supporting your footy side as until politicians start playing for their country they are not worth a pinch of you know!

  8. Paul, more than likely the term came from the fact that household pets, cats and dogs would go into the roof to seek warmth during the colder months. As thatched roofs weren’t all that sturdy in those days, when it rained then pets would fall through the ceiling.

  9. Min, I too have noticed the intense and persistent hatred of Julia Gillard from those who condemn us as ‘barrackers’.

    I think we might need to become as vociferous and shrill as those banshees.

  10. Why the hatred. Look at the Premier of Queensland today. Why the need for such vicious remarks.

  11. Now that depends on whose side, scaper.

    If it’s the other side you’ll have to practice pumping up the veins in your neck to within a millisecond of bursting. You’ll have to feel no embarrassment about harping the same old rubbish on a daily basis over a two year period. You’ll also need to know how to talk complete and utter bullshit. You’ll have to feel to shame about being considered a complete idiot.

    I can point you in the right direction if that’s the way you want to lean.

  12. Migs, I thought it quite ironic that a good old Aussie term, barrackers should be twisted around to be turned into an insult. As all good barrackers know, we are the most fervent in our bisecting and dissection when the team captain gets it wrong.

    Therefore chewy on yer boot. 😀

  13. I would contradict, Abbott would have sold his arse.

    Sold it, Min? He’s been trying to give it away for the last 2 years. And the only takers have been Anal Jones, Hadley and Dolt.

    I think Tony Windsor is thoroughly enjoying himself.

  14. Min, I can talk on behalf of jane and I when I say that as Port Adelaide supporters we will always support that team even though the players and captains come and go.

  15. No thanks. At least this place hasn’t a thread dedicated to the banshees. More like bed wetters!

    Oh, I’ve just found an image of the host.

  16. Jane, my late dad was a man of few words..clearly I don’t take after him, but my dad described Abbott as a twerp and sometimes one word is enough to provide the picture.

    Scaps, you did marshall arts? Son was Victorian Judo champion..

  17. Migs and Min, I can talk on behalf of jane and I when I say that as Port Adelaide supporters we will always support that team even though the players and captains come and go...and come and go..and come and go..and come and go…

  18. Nice photo of the PM. Hope she’s smiling like that tonight after Windsor’s remarks today – wasn’t he brilliant.

  19. Migs
    I think that entirely misunderstand that the function of the parliament is as political theatre and as such its not about substantive debate of the issues at all. So why should you expect the opposition to ask questions of ministers when they know that all that they will get is spin of procrastination or at best the same information that is contained in the government press releases. The real business of government takes place in cabinet where the executive decides just what it is going to do.

  20. Iain and,

    parliament is as political theatre and as such its not about substantive debate of the issues at all..

    Situations are what you make of them. The opposition can choose to make it as an opportunity to call fault when they see it, the opposition can choose to make it as an opportunity to put forth their own *superior* ideas, or they can turn it into a debacle.

    As you know Iain, debate is only as good as the person who you are debating. The opposition wants to lose all those opportunities, then they have no one to blame but themselves.

  21. The opposition can introduce its own ideas and can get them through at the moment. The choose not to, and want only to create a sense of chaos. This is why they are unfit to govern. They show no respect for the parliment and therefore those who elected it…us.

  22. Iain, you’re talking about QT. The real business of Parliament is conducted out of sight of the tv cameras.

    2353, Windsor will be a hard act to follow. I think he’s enjoying giving the Liars a big fat serve, after what they’ve dumped on him over the years.

    Kitkat @6.50pm, the Nopposition won’t be introducing any of their ideas. They haven’t had any since about 1953 and even that one they pinched from Labor.

    But I do agree with everything she’s said.

    Except about Port, Migs.

  23. Min, nice one. 😎
    Yes good choice of pic.

    T W pretty much single handedly put to bed the lies perpetrated on the sadly ignorant public by the LNP and the MSM about the introduction of the Carbon price.
    He has made it very difficult for any in the LNP to maintain the old worn out slogan of J G lied.

    Migs, Abbott only ever looks smug, he has only one look.
    I did however detect some squirming from Abbot and Pyne.
    😆 :lol::cool:


  24. By the way, have you met LOVO?

    You’ll have to acquaint Cuppa with the cellar to facilitate that meeting Migs 😉

  25. Hi, Min *waves* to Cuppa
    Ive had a bit of a *brain fart* a *thought bubble* if you will….. I wondered what country Tony will be Aust. Ambassador of in (approx) 2014-15……also… can you imagine him as one of our *elder statesmen*………..Tony Abbortt the Ambassador of *PHART* 😀

  26. Well then, Bacchus, Cuppa could enjoy the benefit of meeting the both of you at the same time. :mrgreen:

    You could show him around. After all, nobody knows every nook and cranny of the cellar like you do. 😯

  27. LOVO, excellent choice..Tuvalu it is. I can see it now..Tony getting swept out to sea while while bleating, But climate change is crap! 🙂

  28. Mr Grech says Tony Abbott has a first-class intellect, a strong moral compass and ”will quickly become an effective prime minister in the John Howard mould”. He says Mr Howard should succeed Quentin Bryce as governor-general when Ms Bryce’s term expires in a year. Mr Howard and Mr Abbott would give Australia ”a world-class leadership team”.
    ”Malcolm Turnbull will continue to be the target of faux love and ego-stroking from the left as attempts are made to destabilise the Coalition.”
    Mr Grech accuses Mr Turnbull, while leader from September 2008 until December 2009, of being unable to manage the Coalition partner, the Nationals, and of being too inclined to placate Mr Rudd.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/public-sector-needs-to-be-more-accountable-says-grech-20120816-24bj0.html#ixzz23kAqB0c3

  29. What a difference five days make. Last Monday, it was political wisdom that the PM was heading for another disaster. That there was no way that either Mr. Abbott or the Greens were coming to the party.

    Today, the PM has what she asked for nine months ago. A solution, albeit far from perfect.

    There have been further good figures on the economy. The PM is moving on to deal with manufacture and productivity.

    They have had a big win in the courts, against the tobacco mob. A win that has made the world sit up and acknowledge.

    Figures being released, shows that the so called carbon tax has come into being with few ripples and as predicted.

    We have the electricity mob themselves being held accountable for excessive cost rises.

    Out of the States on the eastern seaboard, all we have is negativity.

    As for the boats trade, we already have personnel on both Manus and Nauru.

    We seen Morrison and Abbott make fools of themselves, over a issue on a ship that picked up 62 asylum seekers. They just got it wrong.

    Yesterday, for the first time, we seen Mr. Abbott held to account for what he said and his actions. Would love to know what is on that Blackberry.

    We are no longer hearing, Rudd and that the PM demised is nigh.

    Yes, what a difference a few days make.

    Not a good week for our Tony.

    The week turned out exactly as the PM and Bowen predicted last Friday.

    Yes, that was a wonderful executed back flip. The belly flop of Mr. Abbott was sight to see.

    Mr. Abbott is learning that the dead horse he continues to flog, is becoming a little on the nose. Every kick he puts in, comes back to haunt him.

  30. Min. I agree the whisperers are barrackers. I think barrackers, the same as found among Collingwood supporters. Everyone is an Eddie. Need I say more.

  31. Are you kidding? Labor has had a shocking week. An expert report that did them no favour, total capitulation on their stance and four days of eating shit sandwiches.

    In my opinion, the coalition went in hard for way too long but what would one do if one was vilified for years. I, for one, would not have rubbed the salt in…the “I told you so” has no place in a mature democracy.

  32. So Tweed just show us the facts and figures on the economy being bad and the government not getting over 300 pieces of legislation through. almost all totally unopposed and unamended?

    Show us the facts where Abbott and the opposition don’t consistently lie.

    Show is in the supposed parallel universe Cu inhabits where Whyalla has been wiped off the map? It apparently has been in Abbott’s universe.

    So this is Tweed’s alternate reality.

    A parallel universe because he’s looking at reality from a right wing Bizarro world that totally warps his view of the real universe.

  33. Scaper,
    yer living in lala land.

    Thnx for the good health wishes previously. Same to you.

    A rest might do you good. I think your fatigue made you hallucinate the week as being a goodie for Abbott. Fatigue can create false perceptions. Seriously.


  34. Nas, didn’t say it was a good week for the coalition, just said it was a bad week for the government and the coalition won the week.

    In this political climate it is a case of who is the least baddest that wins the day…no heroes, just zeroes but the barrackers don’t seem to see that. Hang em high!

  35. By the way my take is it was a very bad week for both major political parties.

    The proof it was bad for the Coalition is how quickly they moved back to lying about the Carbon Price even before the Asylum Seeker legislation had been fully done and dusted.

  36. Moby. The real universe that most of us live in see Gillard forced to accept Nauru and Manus, with indecent haste.The Malaysia “solution” is dead and buried. Tony will bring in the rest of the necessary changes to rectify the vandalism done to our Border protection by Rudd and Gillard. There will be TPVs, the boats will be turned/towed back when safe to do so.
    Gillard again has attacked a problem in her usual half baked way. She won’t be able to deliver the “Pacific Solution” as she does not have the balls or the cohesion. The looney tune rabble of Windsor/Oakeshott, the greens, the pissed Left, the pissed Right, the Rudd Camp, the army of Labor Spin Doctors. They are all scratching and biting each as we steadily line up for next election either this year or next year.
    Tony will continue to bring up the stupid Carbon Tax. It is as bigger gift from Gillard as Border protection. Our MONTHLY electricity bill arrived this week. The CARBON TAX COMPONENT was $25,0000 extra….. think about it Moby.
    We will survive ok but less profitable business will fold. Wyalla manufacturing, yes Moby, mining and steel making is manufacturing, will be wiped of the landscape. No if no buts. It is rooted. We are 6 weeks into the Carbon Tax and you say nothing has happened. Moby, it is death to manufacturing. Get a real job in the real world where a business only survives if it can remain profitable. We don’t survive on government handouts. We have to look for the cash every week to pay our employees.

    Can a whisperer explain the relationship between the Carbon Tax and the change in the climate in the last 6 weeks. Moby, you and your head in the sand cronies are a joke. Gillard EDITED and all you is warmth and moistness. Gillard takes you guys for a ride every time.
    Read about your leader Moby.

  37. Tweed,
    our electricity bill was not bad.

    You just have to look around and get the discounts.
    Frankly, I reckon the increases were far worse the last few years because of various reasons that had stuff all to do with the carbon price.

    Seems to me that there are alot of Righties out there hoping to continue pushing Australia into a Nation of Whingers attitude so they can undermine this govt and

    sabotage any decent essential services increases unless it goes into the hands of fave businesses…

    hand the workplace over to businesses lock stock and barrel…and freeze the minimum wage…

    bring in nuclear energy…

    chop just about every tree down possible up north to create a massive cattle farm…

    shove more and more Aussie taxpayers’ money into the hands of neoCON allies and corporates in order to continue their crusading War on Islam…

    and promote their religions of choice…basically stuffing them down educators, childrens, the aged, infirm, disabled, single mothers’ throats…

    and go so over-the-top with volunteerism that it undermines jobs and helps cut public service so tax cuts can be found for their beloved corporate masters and other mega rich and aspiring free market elites.

    Just for starters.


  38. To all that do not see things as I do, I would like to say, I am much happier in this universe, than one that has Mr. Abbott in charge.

    The world is made up with people have many views, beliefs and ideology. It would be a dull world, if things were different.

    It is the competition of views that allows us to progress.

    No one has a monopoly on truth or anything else.

    Yes, I am comfortable in my parallel universe. I can say this, because in spite of all the negativity, the human race eventually goes for the opposite. I like to believe out future is positive. Yes the glass is half full.

    I feel for those that are so blinkered, they cannot see or understand that their way is not necessary the best.

    I am sad that out political climate has led to asylum seekers being treated so harsh. We can only hope that the boats stop. We can only hope that the positives in the scheme go ahead quickly.

    In the real world, sometimes there is not much choice. The best we can do, is go down the track of least harm. We have has to face that, this week.

  39. Cu and,

    Mr Grech says Tony Abbott has a first-class intellect, a strong moral compass and ”will quickly become an effective prime minister in the John Howard mould”.

    I see that poor Mr. Grech has now been let out from the funny farm restful retreat where he decided to take himself following the Turnbull affair.

  40. Short on Tweed. Same blah, blah, blah bullshit as always.

    Nothing concrete, no facts just lots of supposition, innuendo and crap.

    What about Abbott’s carbon pricing? It will cost far more, be inneffective and cost each household three times more than the current carbon price, for which they are getting compensated, but in Abbott’s scheme there is no compensation.

    If the Carbon Price is so toxic to Gillard as you keep claiming, blindly aping Abbott’s gormless three word slogans, then Abbott’s carbon scheme will be outright virulent.

    $250000 extra. If that isn’t alternate Bizarro universe stuff then nothing is.

    Wonder what percentage that $250000 increase was as compared to the increases put on by the State over the last few years?

    Wonder what percentage increase Abbott’s increase will be. According to their estimate for each household it’s around three times more than the Carbon Price so if we take that as the basis Abbott will cost Tweed an extra $750000.

  41. I will answer Mr. Abbott’s and Bolt’s question.

    The price on carbon emission is not meant to raise the cost of power. It is designed to raised the cost of power produced by burning coal, creating carbon emissions.

    It is planned that over time, coal, along with other fossil fuels will be replaced with renewals.

    No, nothing has changed over six weeks. It is a long term project. What will be changed, is a more competitive environment for renewals to come on board.

    That why the cost on emission will he many times higher by 2050. It is hoped that there will be no carbon emissions to pay the charge on.

    We have, or should move past, she lied. That no longer counts. What is of importance, is it the appropriate action.

    Mr. Windsor pointed out yesterday, that Abbott has the same goals as the PM. The difference is that Mr. Abbott is proposing a more expensive method of reaching the target.

    The question is, do we believe in man made climate change. If so, how so we deal with it.

    Short cut. Is it the right way to go.

  42. Cuppa from your link,

    It would offer women a full replacement wage for six months funded by taxpayers, up to an eye-watering $75,000 for women earning $150,000 a year….

    But if you think it’s cheeky that Abbott wants to bang on and on about the impact of the carbon tax while introducing a $3 billion levy on business to pay for parental leave, you are not Robinson Crusoe.

  43. Stick to that safe and comfortable parallel universe you live in Moby. No need to come into the real world. We are handling it just fine, creating wealth for Gillard to redistribute. We will let you know when the wheels fall off the Labor Gravey Train…. when Gillard has killed the Golden Goose.
    CU, breathtaking logic as usual. Hang in there girl.

  44. Bloody hell Tweed. The right have been predicting the wheels falling off the Labor Gravy Train since November 2007 and things just kept getting better, even after the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression.

    The Right in their Bizarro universe keep predicting a lot of things but none of it comes to pass, so just who is in an alternate universe?

    Going to answer me on Abbott’s carbon tax and what it will cost you?

    Anyone else notice that Tweed doesn’t really address anything or answer questions, just throws out the same old guff always thrown out ad nauseam?

    I believe Whyalla is still there:

    Whyalla’s $8 billion investment boom
    Whyalla expected to boom, not bust, under the carbon tax
    Investment Forecast – Whyalla Industrial Estate. Boom over the next five years
    “After more than two decades of setbacks following its golden era as an industrial boom town, Whyalla is again a centre of opportunity and prosperity”

  45. The CARBON TAX COMPONENT was $25,0000 extra (I suspect there’s an extra 0 in there, judging by the position of the comma).

    So Tweed, what are you doing to reduce the size of this bill? Perhaps you may like to try thinking outside the square for a change – other smarter people already have been doing so for months…


    Sustainability 2015 Goal to address climate change

    While we appreciate we still have work to do to address climate change, we’re proud to announce that Kimberly-Clark has developed our first goal to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and carbon emissions on an absolute basis. Kimberly-Clark’s desire to develop a global climate change management strategy is based on our understanding of the science of climate change and an awareness of the changing regulatory environment surrounding GHGs.

    As a global organisation we’ve pledged to reduce our absolute total greenhouse gas emissions by 5 percent by 2015 – a challenging but necessary goal – even as we are projected to grow our business.

    Locally within Kimberly-Clark Australia and New Zealand we’re proud to stretch our climate change targets even further with our 2015 goal being to achieve a 30% absolute reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from FY11 levels.

    Our global climate change strategy also includes details of sustainable energy management, responsible and sustainable water use and reduced carbon emissions across the Kimberly-Clark global organisation.

  46. Sorry whisperers. Yes a fat finger moment. $25,000 extra for the month. Like every major user we have been making changes in energy usage for the past few years. We are a significant generator of ESCs under the NSW commercial Energy Savings Scheme..
    It is interesting to note the actual kWh used last month compared to the same month last year is DOWN by about 10% but the “Carbon Charge” reflects the $25,000 increase due to the Carbon Tax.
    Our tariffs have been locked in for the past 3 years which expire 31st December 2012. Three year tariffs have been negotiated commencing 1st January 2013.
    Putting aside your politics it is a big lick for any business to find $25K for no extra income. Marginally profitable business have got to be hit hard by these increases in production costs that in most cases cannot be passed on because of market competition.
    Wyalla as a big user of electricity have got to feel the pinch. Gillard didn’t spray money to all the business in Wyalla.
    The good thing is I suppose is that the Climate must become cooler in July because Joolia told us The Carbon Tax.would do just that…………
    Moby no need to bring Tony’s carbon policy into it. Gillard is on stage, it is all her baby. Allegedly she is the government. Tony’s carbon policy will certainly get plenty of attention at the next election. We will be choosing between Gillard’s cockups and Tony’s policies.
    Have a good weekend.

  47. Tweed for once in a blue moon we agree..Tony’s carbon policy will certainly get plenty of attention at the next election – for being an expensive waste of time and unworkable. For example, the Nats have already stated categorically that there will be no tree planting on viable farm land – so where are all these trees going to be planted? On unviable farm land where nothing grows?

  48. Climate must become cooler in July because Joolia told us The Carbon Tax.would do just that…………

    rather obviously, tweed has more than a little trouble with reality.

    perhaps as a demonstration of “credibility ” we could be provided with evidence of the pm making such a statement ❓

  49. No one on the Labor side has claimed the climate will get cooler.

    It would be impossible for that to happen.

    We are struck with the damage already done for several hundred years.

    What we can do, is to lower carbon emissions and stop the climate warming further.

    That is why we cannot afford to muck around. With nature, in this regard, there are no second chances.

    We cannot take out the carbon that is already there. We can only hope to prevent carbon emissions not adding to the problems.

    In the beginning, because of the size and cost of the task, the best we can do is slow it down.

  50. Tweed,

    Cooler in July, that’s what’s called the weather. It’s back to science class for you, I’m sure the Year 8 teacher will explain it all for you.

  51. Pterosaur, Tweed doesn’t deal in facts, truth, evidence or reality. He IS a Liars Party apologist, after all. He craves the the good old days when fairies stole human babies (God knows why) and Archbishop Pell reigned supreme.

    ME, Whyalla isn’t the only town set to vanish. Liealot and his fickle finger of bullshit were busy anointing hundreds of towns and cities around the country. Unfortunately for our would-be oracle, none of the nominated towns has had the decency to vanish.

    ….. Abbott will cost Tweed an extra $750000.

    You don’t understand, ME. More is less in the Tweed Book of Spells.

    You can tell it’s been a bad week for the Liars; they’ve had to resurrect their old pack of lies about Gillard and Bruce Wilson with Paul Kelly as the front man.

    Things must be getting grim for the wizened foreigner and his plans for world domination. Liealot is obviously all he’s got; the rest of Howard’s Has Beens are even more useless than Liealot.

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