I thought we’d have a fun topic today for those who want some respite from the political shenanigans dominating our daily lives.

So . . . I heard a saying that in itself could be a great talking point, given that most of us are into social media. Here is the saying:

On the internet you can be anything you want.

It’s strange that so many people choose to be stupid.

What do you reckon? Something we can have fun with?

Go for it. 🙂

107 comments on “Stupidity

  1. Miglo – just a small correction. They don’t `choose’ to be,….. they are.
    They are the same people who are out on the roads, when I’m driving……….. some with mobile phones in their hands, or sandwiches, or cups of coffee – or putting on their make-up (mostly fellas) or finger-combing their hair…. … they walk among us, …. and they breed.

  2. No Mob Eck – they tend to be from all political parties, but the common denominator is a rabid intolerance of any opposing political view, and a uncontrollable tendency to only be able to make derogatory personal remarks about them, rather than rationally debate their views..

  3. A useful informative read. Strauss, the noble lie, Ayn Rand sigh…it’s the contemporary Repugnicans in all their slimey gear:

    Mitt’s Choice
    Ryan: a Reactionary Without Scruples

    Stupidity, ethical egoism, corporate greed and religious fundamentalism have created a strange mutant…

    a black hole at its centre

    signifying, offering…nothing.

    You’d think I was referring to Abbott.


  4. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter so in my limited experience (commenting on a range of blogs), I suspect that if you actually met some of those you ignore when you see their post – you would quite like them. Is it that the “handle” used on these sites means that any veneer of sociability is left behind when you turn on the computer or there really is an element of “its all about me/greed is good” out there.

    I remember one of the first political blogs I found was Bryan Palmer’s Ozpolitics which used to have some wonderful comment on the lay of the land from both the progressive and conservative sides of the argument. Those with vested interests overwhelmed the blog and Bryan shut it down (after turning the comments off for a while). I can see signs of this happening at other places now and hope the crew here can warn and ban people once a point has been reached. There is a element of “gunning” for a particular blog that “supports” the other side as well. Those that can’t/won’t take the ideological glasses off don’t help as no one has the copyright on correct thought, and all thoughts deserve a sensible and rational discussion

    One of the big things is the workload – it’s (apparently) much easier to flick between sites and post hurtful, nasty, vicious and baited comments that it is for the owner/moderator to react in time. Hopefully the team approach here will reduce the burnout the usually occurs (although it probably introduces its own “creative tensions”).

  5. 2353,
    I find it useful to take substantial breaks from blogs. Better for mental health…and home environment.

    I also like to keep most of my behind the scenes chats with others via Facebook these days. Rather than email. And keep as much as possible out of family matters.

    The goal for me now is to get points across without the vitriolic stuff…and not getting involved in the drama queen, mind fcking stuff. As you well know ego games are part of the blog/journo package…particularly for the ambitious.

    And some across the blogosphere for various nefarious reasons exist to derail, create instability, doubt, black hole cynicism leading to voters copping out.

    Getting the point across whilst keeping up your health and remaing sane is essential. 🙂

    Keep well.


  6. I think acceptance comes into it as well – that there are some who cannot or who don’t want to ever consider that a point of view exists other than their own. A certain personality type I think..who can see situations only in black or white..but life isn’t like that of course, life is all about varying shades and textures.

  7. LOL. Apparently Iain subscribes to the “if you tell a lie often enough, it will become the truth” meme. After all, he does it with the “Gillard lied about the Carbon ‘tax'” meme, & the “Abbott is a brilliant leader” meme, & now with the “Gillard lost the Asylum Seeker argument” meme. In truth, on the last point, though I disagree with her approach, quite stridently in fact, the reality is that her actions will almost certainly neutralize this issue come the next election-& given that the Carbon Price scare mongering will have lost all its bite by then too, Abbott will be floundering about, trying to fill the policy black hole he currently has-assuming his oh-so-loyal party haven’t stuck the knife in yet!

  8. Marcus,

    They exist in a dark space when all they’ve got to ‘offer’ is spin, spite and lies, disseminated by a complicit media.

  9. Migs,
    I think the right-wing of politics are extremely worried…lots of cocky bravado but little substance…like many of their present day policies. Expect more attempts to mind fck and manipulate public perception. They’ve been doing it for yonks.

    Think buildup to Iraq War, Tampa, Children Overboard, talk radio crap like Juliar, accusations of not being patriotic enuff, Muslim dog whistling, use of propaganda in Ch 9, Ten reality shows etc…use of terms and phrases ‘political correctness’, ‘nanny state’, ‘turn back the boats’…treating the public as fools.

    Expect desperate beyond desperate tactics.

    Darkness will struggle to survive the bright rays of the new rising son.


  10. i am continually amazed by the wilful stupidity of those who apparently choose ignorance rather than facing up to reality. .

    deniers of agw clearly fall into this category, as it seems do many on the “right”, with their support for discredited ideas and orthodoxies.(trickle down economics, the “market” as the only social arbiter)

    the short sightedness of those who have chosen “comfortable lies” over “inconvenient truths”, staggers me, given the stakes.

    their insistence that any lie is permissible in furthering their desperation for power ignores the fact that reality does not respond argument, and that any such argument they may claim to have “won”, can only result in a “pyrrhic victory” and quite literally so, wrt to agw.

    the stupidity of painting the threats posed by agw in political terms could well mean the end of our civilisation.

    that the principal means of doing this has been through the tools of the troll (lies, propaganda, denial of science, misrepresentation of others and their views, refusal to acknowledge error) simply reinforces the point

  11. Stupidity has been put aside in the lower house. The speeches have now been bought back to five minutes.

  12. Five minutes of an opposition member’s speech is still five minutes of stupidity given voice expounded by the number of opposition members making speeches multiplied by the number of members who say more or less the same stupid thing.

  13. Well what could be more stupid than someone spends hours each day, telling us how stupid and wrong we are.

    There are two or three, who spend their time and effort, for no outcomes.

    One would think, anyone with a little sense would realise we are a lost cause and give up.

    No, they just keep going.

    I can only come to the decision, it is the sound of their own voices they like hearing. They are not really interested in what we believe.

    Just like the one that cares for old men with money, is speaking now. They are so busy talking, that they are missing what is being said around them.

    Talk about a mob of whiners.

  14. “Well what could be more stupid than someone spends hours each day, telling us how stupid and wrong we are.”

    Damn straight CU. I make a point of wasting very little of my time at sites that are clearly of a Far Right bent-there are just too few hours in the day. Yet I’m frequently amazed at the amount of time that members of the Far Right brigade spend trolling sites like this one!

  15. The government has had a win. A real one at that. The plain packaging will go ahead. The court has ruled in favour of the government.

    I believe there are many countries across the world ready to bring in similar legislation.

    A big win for the Gillard government.

  16. Hey they rack up the hit count, though I know Migs doesn’t worry about that too much, it is nice to have a lot of visitors and lucid comments here and the counter is one way of judging the amount of readership and input.

  17. It’s strange that so many people choose to be stupid, anyone who reads and listens to Andrew Bolt and believes it.

  18. I raised that in Café Talk VII Cu.

    Another thing Abbott didn’t get stopped and has promised to undo if he’s in government.

  19. The Deputy Speaker is telling them that the history lessons are over. They have to be relevant to the bill.

  20. Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison on Wednesday said the debate was continuing in the lower house on Wednesday for good reason.

    ‘This government, this prime minister must face the music for their failures,’ he told reporters in Canberra.

    ‘The prime minister can’t just airbrush away the consequences of her policy failures over the last four years.’

    Maybe the Opposition should leave that task up to the voters.

    Sustenance is mine, said the lord.

  21. Maybe this is stupidity of the highest order. The PM appears to be cool, calm and collected.

    The conservative commentary about Julia Gillard being vanquished and humiliated, having retreated to embrace the Coalition policy on Nauru, and Tony Abbott wining a smashing political victory is currently washing through the media circuits. Abbott’s core position, namely that the Coalition’s policy worked and Labor was incompetent to abandon it, is still not being questioned by the media, even though the Coalition is cherry picking the Houston panel’s package………….

    Lets be clear about one thing: the Houston panel does not think the solution to the asylum lies in the Coalition’s three ponged policy of Nauru, temporary protection visas and turning the boats back. The panel talk in terms of a package: in which Australia must deal with the wider region and that includes processing in nations that have not endorsed the Refugee Convention. It states:
    Australia needs to engage in, and help facilitate, the development of practical strategies with regional states on protections, registration, processing of asylum claims and provision of durable outcome.

    This package involving a regional solution is a clear repudiation of the core Coalition deterrence policy of the iron fist that is designed to exclude aliens……

    Bowen now on. I would say there is about a vote to be taken.

  22. What is this new role of the Opposition. “The facing of the music”. Funny, I thought that was up to us, the voter.

    I suspect they have got the message, ease up on the abuse. QT will tell whether this is true or not.

    Cannot wait until the time comes for Mr. Abbott to face the music. That will be fun.

  23. Oh ffs just how stupid is this. And there are those who actually go to bat for this idiot.

    TA qt: Can the PM confirm that every time power prices go up she has a smile on her face because that’s carbon pricing at work?

    You can’t make shit like that up, and what does it say of the asylum seeker debate that Abbott has moved (lamely) back to the carbon price.

    What a big time loser.

  24. How about gormless Abbott ask O’Farrell about how his ripping of revenue from power is being done at the expense of rural NSW in part to subsidise urban NSW?

  25. Very quiet Abbott today. As they just announced, another win for the government. Two wins at least today.

    Interesting, according to ABC24, that the Opposition does not want to talk about.

  26. I think Katter has MPI. On the power of Coles and Woolworths.

    I believe we have seem Abbott last hurrah yesterday, and to a lesser extent today.

  27. I’ve noticed the huge surge in conspiracy theories on the internet lately. Some I subscribe to. The others are just the ravings of attention seekers.

  28. The biggest idiots on the internet are those that post videos on YouTube of them hooning. They put it up there for the world to see, including the local constabulary. Then they get booked. 🙂

  29. Herald Sun, 25 March 2011:

    A Liberal staffer who splurged $906 on a cab ride from Wodonga to Melbourne boasted on Facebook: “I don’t do buses.”

    Adam Wyldeck, who works for Victorian Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella, provided taxi fare updates on Facebook as he travelled to the airport on Sunday.

    “Not even in Melbourne yet and the cab fare is sitting at $756,” he wrote.

    After a Facebook friend asked whether he could have caught a bus, Mr Wyldeck replied: “I don’t do buses.”

  30. Of course they won’t, Paul. They’re far too clever for that. They’re so clever they even display their number plates and give a big grin to the camera as they roar past.

    And they’re far too clever to know that cops are employed to surf YouTube hunting for such hoons.

    Damn smart kids. :mrgreen:

  31. Have to agree. We have to scream from the roof tops, that we like what this government is doing.

    It was a big mistake Labor made in attempting to brush Keating out of Labor history. it devalued all that was achieved up to that time.

    We need to give credit where it is due. Why do we cringe, when the right wingers call us naive and delusional.

    There is plenty to be proud of. Yes, there have been mistakes, but at least they came from trying to do something, not sitting back, doing nothing.

    The real problem with Labor is one of timidity: there seems to be reluctance to talk about the genuine improvements this government has achieved. But it is no longer sufficient to assert that Labor stands for greater equality or social justice; in practice few people will disagree with those goals, but they have less traction than the constant emphasis on individual achievement and instant gratification. When Tony Abbott speaks of “great big new taxes” he is playing to a growing belief that government is wasteful and does little for us. Labor needs to recreate an understanding that governments exist to provide essential services that not even the rich can provide for themselves.

  32. While its fine to talk about Labor improving the talk that they talk C U, they also have to improve the walk that they walk otherwise no one will listen to a thing that they may say, even if they are right about the virtues in their own history

  33. After coming home from work, I opened the site and checked the subject..Ha!..yes, good idea, migs…first comment to you and then..Why, in the true spirit of the topic, lain Hall makes his appearence and plays his part!..well done lain!…good show!

  34. Iain just cannot help himself, wants to be the centre of attention, just like his stupidity idol.


    Stupidity is the dying Main Stream Media who keep telling us the Australian economy is in deep shit despite a stream of figures over four years now that prove we’re not.

    Stupidity is the MSM who don’t challenge the opposition’s economic credentials on both stating the government has rooned Australia when they rescued Australia and the economy is in deep shit when it’s not, whilst not pointing out that the Coalition’s proposed economic policies that more or less aped the US and thus would have had Australia follow the US into economic ruin.

  36. The definition of stupidity= someone who thinks that there is anyone in the Noalition that has principles!

  37. Not too many places Mo. Had a few minutes up my sleeve so I took a small wander across the blogosphere. Having said that, there are some good sites to visit which of course are in our blogroll. But sometimes I swim past the shark nets. Generally not worth it though – nothing to see out there – only sea lice.

  38. Honestly..For an example of stupidity of the first order, AND, so much in public, AND recorded w/musical accompaniment for anyone and everyone to see for ALL has to be the Tony Abbott : “Dash-For-The-Door” embarassment…..Honestly, really..who with a shred of decency and ethical ambition would vote for such a goose after THAT exhibition!!?
    Christ!!…can you see him stepping up to address the United Nations and some wag plays that clip on the screen behind just for a laugh…Ya-dah,duh,duh,dada!!…Oh my God, my country!!

  39. Jaycee, that clip will hopefully be aired non-stop during the next election campaign should Abbott be contesting it. I can just imagine the captions that will accompany it. The mockery will be delicious.

  40. Stupidity-the Liars Party claiming ownership of the new AS legislation while the next wave of boats appears over the horizon.

    Stupidity-the Liars Party trying to remove their collective undies from their collective @rses as they try to bluster their way out of carrying the can for the failure of their beloved Pacific Solution.

    Stupidity-Slagabella’s idiot assistant publicly bragging about his cab charge rorting.

    Stupidity-anyone claiming with a straight face that the Liars are good economic managers.

  41. Stupid was what Alexander Downer did the morning after the 2007 election loss. Not so much what he did, but that he was seen doing it. Shredding enough documents to fill eleven wheely bins.

  42. While the Coalition was trying to outdo one another with contempt for the government, that idiot ex tennis commentator,john alexander , had the stoopidist rant. he wanted the government to aim higher then the young diver who won a silver medal.
    a young olympian returning home triumphant, 16 years old and winning an olympic silver medal and stoopid alexander,was enrapt in his own cleverness. yuck. yuck.yuck

  43. Sue, someone should remind Alexander that the Government has put in a AAA performance. Not even the great little Johnnie Howard scored that high.

  44. As a politician a person can be anything they want.

    It’s strange that so many of them choose to be stupid.

  45. Stupid is Lisa Wilkinson on the Today show interviewing Conroy, where Conroy reveals the initial outlay for infrastructure and setting up the Pacific Solution will be $2 billion, and she then asks him won’t that blow their precious budget surplus.

  46. Sue, it was an excellent back flip that got the results the PM sought.

    It is sad that it took nine months to achieve.

    Saying that, the PM has got the message out loud and clear why there needed to be a change, to get the where she promised, a regional processing mechanism.

    If the Opposition had come to the party originally, or the Greens have more foresight, Nauru and PNG would not have been needed.

    There is a chance that the boats would have stopped, with a few sent to Malaysia,.

    There is a silver lining in the dark clouds that have followed. There will be more assistance and more taken from this region, relieving some of the push factors.

    It is far from a perfect solution, but sadly politics is always the game of the possible.

    Mr. Abbott will do all he can to sabotage what has been done, He will do this by keeping his rant up for turning back the boats and TPV. Two actions that now have no role to play, and are seen by all not to work.

    Mr. Abbott’s attester today at muddying the waters of the PM’s wish to further the NDIS. He wants to set up a body, tho supervised it’s introductive.

    There is already a supervisory body. It is called the Parliament.

    Did anyone noticed the shot of Mr. Abbott, taken at the welcoming of the Olympic team. He sat with a miserable look on his face while the speeches were occurring, It was only a glimpse. I slow the video down to make sure I was not seeing thing.

  47. Excellent article over on the Independant Australia blog by john Pilger…”The chosen and…” Talk about a stupid conservative society run by stupid conservatives and it and they are still, in the main, stupid.

  48. Stupidity is people thinking that fibreglass batts cause house fires..hello folks, ever tried setting fire to a surfboard lately…

  49. CU @ 6.51
    Yesterday I saw 2 pictures of Abbott, one was during the Olympians return and was shown on the Midday ABC news, unfortunately it was not shown again, the other was during the divisions on the vote for the new migration act.

    In both cases Abbott was in a deep scowl, however the one taken in Sydny was most dramatic. Someone must have been giving a speech as dignitaries were sitting on a stage. The PM was sitting upright on her chair laughing away as were others on the podium but Abbott was hunched and scowling. I never saw that footage repeated nor have their been any still photos published.

    Stupid Abbott has lost his only weapon and he knows it.

  50. Stupid Abbott just had a press conference, he lost the battle with Karen Middleton. Unfortunately for Abbott, Middleton knew the subject, “Howard, who didn’t prosecute the Tampa refugees with piracy” . Stupid Abbott was confronted with Middleton asking why the big new story being pushed by Morrisson, “piracy” was any different to Howard, who did not charge anyone.

    The other Stupid Abbott remark was on the governments win over Big Tobacco, no graciousness from Abbott, he scoffed “the government was celebrating it didn’t lose in the high court”, he than ran away as usual.

    Today on radio national with Fran Kelly the Tobacco spokesperson, on saying that the fight is not over said “well there may even be a change of government”. so Stupid Abbott must have on his list of Laws to be overturned, the Plain Packaging Act.

  51. The Libs actually voted against a motion by @ALeighMP that MPs “approach economic debates with facts rather than fear”

    Why doesn’t this surprise me one bit and not only so aptly illustrates the stupidity of the Liberals on matters in that they can’t debate on facts but how dumb they have become under the gormless Abbott.

  52. If Abbott overturns the plain packaging legislation in government there will be a backlash against his government, that’s for certain. Especially if the other countries who were waiting to see the outcome of this case adopt similar policies.

    It need only be highlighted that though Big Tobacco has donated to both political parties it has given over $3 million to the Liberals and gave donations to the LNP to help their election campaign.

  53. So I guess Newman will then immediately sack half his government ministers and then severely cut the pay and conditions for the rest including his own?

    Nah if he’s like all the other State governments, but especially if he follows in Kennett’s footsteps, he will give himself a huge pay rise and increase allowances because of the difficult job he’s doing well.

  54. The stupidest people in politics have to be the Conservatives, and studies have shown this to be the case. Most Conservatives are religious, and therefore gullible, and this fact has been exploited by the Right-wing manipulators like Rupert Murdoch, who have convinced Conservatives that they really support big business and the free market. Hence we have the Tea Party. The God of these stupid Conservatives is no longer the Judeo-Christian God but rather the Invisible Hand that guides the market.

  55. I notice ‘our’ right wing trolls have pretty much stayed away from this thread. Lol, a bit too close to home, obviously.

  56. Nah if he’s like all the other State governments, but especially if he follows in Kennett’s footsteps, he will give himself a huge pay rise and increase allowances because of the difficult job he’s doing well.

    Well spotted ME – this is the correct answer. One of the first actions of the current Queenlsnad Government was to appoint all LNP MPs to a committee ($8k extra) as well as general pay rise.

  57. Hi all whisperers
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein #qt
    also IMHO stupidty refers to saying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results and Abbort has his SSO again on the big lie is on again and the poodle is repeating Abbort’s speech almost word for word, while the noalition front bench sit with the same stupid smiles on their faces, what a bunch of drongo’s, with apologies to drongo’s everywhere else.

  58. 2353. I think Kennett granted himself and his ministers a 16% pay rise in the first week of his government and used the excuse they deserved it as they had such a lot of hard work ahead of them. He then proceeded to slash and burn causing lots of hardship, protests and strikes.

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