How on earth has Abbott kept his job?

Two years ago, on the eve of the Federal election I asked will the loser of the election would lose their job.

Will the knives be out for Julia Gllard or Tony Abbott should they lose the election?  Will the media pick at the carcass of the loser like a pack of hyenas at a recent kill?  Will there be a chorus of support from the party faithful (which in the Liberal’s corner is the prelude to a knifing)?  Will the loser cry foul (another Liberal trait)? How much blood will be spilled?  Who will the loser blame?

Two years later the loser still has his job any my predictive questions quickly dissipated.

It is rather unusual for a party leader to stay at the helm for so long after losing an election. He hasn’t even been challenged, oddly enough, yet the winner has.

He even robbed his party of the right to govern through the inability (or refusal) to negotiate with the people who could have handed government to him; the Independents.

He hasn’t demonstrated he could deliver the country an alternate government. He hasn’t even delivered a policy. Actually, he can’t even effectively deliver a speech.

He remains the most unpopular Opposition leader in history with no sign of improving his low standing. He’s had two years to think of something yet he remains stagnant.

I’ve often commented that he is only focusing on getting his hands on the keys to The Lodge.  God knows what he plans to do after that.

He hasn’t told us!

Well, he sort of has.  We know he’s going to stop the boats, rip up the NBN, tear down public departments, give the billionaires billions more, return a surplus by within the hour, scrap the carbon tax and save us from the fires of hell, but for a man who aspires to be our Prime Minister I’d say he’s fairly well under-prepared for the job.  Is he that convinced the electorate will punish Labor that he only need to rely on this?  I believe he does.  Why else would he have nothing to offer?

Imagine starting a new job and when you turned up on your first day you simply sat on your bum and did absolutely nothing.  We’ve seen that in New South Wales.  The job’s too hard for the new kids on the block.  They knew they’d win the election so took nothing of substance to it.  Abbott mirrors this.  The man has absolutely no idea what he’s going to do and I’m convinced this is one of the driving reasons behind his lack of popularity.

And yet he has kept his job.

Some critics would argue that Julia Gillard is unpopular, but at least she’s had to fight to keep her job. At least she’s working for her money and she knows she is not indispensable.  Abbott, by contrast, appears indispensable and acts like it. His party seem quite content to keep with a leader who lost them an election and is generally despised by the electorate.

Something’s working in his favour. Is it the compliant media? Is it a gutless party? Are there other interested or influential players that want him there.

Either that or he’s charmed.

Anybody with a job would just love to have his easy ride. Or they wouldn’t keep it.

How on earth has he kept his?