Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott: head to head

Apart from the obvious differences such as Julia Gillard being a lady and Tony Abbott being a mere male, how do they otherwise compare?

I have given this question much consideration and have come up with what I think to be a fairly accurate list.

What do you think?

Julia Gillard: Cool headed.

Tony Abbott: Hot headed. In danger of bursting a blood vessel.

Julia Gillard: Composed.

Tony Abbott: Decomposed.

Julia Gillard: Tackles tough questions.

Tony Abbott: Ducks and weaves or nods head to within two seconds of it flying off.

Julia Gillard: Dresses elegantly.

Tony Abbott: Dresses scantily, exposing as much skin as possible.

Julia Gillard: Has a sense of humour, laughs a lot.

Tony Abbott: Has a sense of outrage, regularly seen snarling.

Julia Gillard: Runs the country, no task too big.

Tony Abbott: Runs away, it’s all too hard.

Julia Gillard: Kisses President Obama. Understands that ‘he’s da man’.

Tony Abbott: Kicks President Obama. Obama doesn’t realise that Abbott’s ‘da man’.

Julia Gillard: Has the keys to The Lodge.

Tony Abbott: Hasn’t got the keys to The Lodge. A real sore point.

Julia Gillard: Wants to help poor people. Nothing in it for her.

Tony Abbott: Wants to help rich people. Mutual back scratching.

Julia Gillard: Recognises we’ve been through the GFC.

Tony Abbott: Denies it ever happened.

Julia Gillard: Lives in the 21st century.

Tony Abbott: Stuck somewhere in a time warp between 1850 and 1950.

Julia Gillard: Gets called a liar even though she isn’t.

Tony Abbott: Doesn’t get called a liar even though he is.

Julia Gillard: Has the guts to go it alone on QandA. Answers questions.

Tony Abbott: Doesn’t have the guts to go it alone on QandA (unless of course he could just sit there snarling and say nothing).

Julia Gillard: Looks comfortable and performs admirably on the world stage.

Tony Abbott: Looks and acts like a complete idiot on the world stage. Is a full-time idiot.

Julia Gillard: Thinks before she speaks. Has the capacity to construct logical thought.

Tony Abbott: Doesn’t think – just speaks. Has perfected the brain fart.

Julia Gillard: Delivers policies.

Tony Abbott: Delivers slogans. Limits them to three words.

Julia Gillard: Hasn’t told the Queen we need an election. Hasn’t told anybody.

Tony Abbott: Has told the Queen we need an election. Has told everybody.

Julia Gillard: Is an atheist.

Tony Abbott: Speaks to God daily. Good mates. God knows that Tony’s ‘da man’.

Julia Gillard: Hasn’t been abducted by aliens.

Tony Abbott: Clearly has. Possibly subjected to anal probes.

Julia Gillard: Mature.

Tony Abbott: Immature. Needs to grow up. He can’t. Must be due to that time warp thingy.

Julia Gillard: Full of confidence.

Tony Abbott: Full of ****.

Julia Gillard: Sensible enough to know that the sky can’t really fall down.

Tony Abbott: Expects it to fall at any moment. Looks for cracks after each Labor policy.

Julia Gillard: Has a map with Whyalla on it.

Tony Abbott: He hasn’t. He wiped it off.

Julia Gillard: YES.

Tony Abbott: NO.

(Photo courtesy of the Courier Mail)

And thanks to Mobius for this one:


114 comments on “Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott: head to head

  1. Tony as a RC tells us that the kids need to read the bible. Now I am confused with this. As a RC. the bible did not play a big part in my education. Yes, the catechism, and the missal, but never the bible.

    Yes, the ten commandments and church sacraments. Never the bible.

    Whose interpretation does he wants taught. Does he include the old, as well the new testament.

    Will he allow the Koran as well to be taught.

  2. I recall once in Question Time, as the Prime Minister was ripping this moron a new one, she said (words to the effect): I’m an atheist but I’d be happy to challenge him any time on which of us could quote more Bible verses.

    Without saying it in so many words, or tying intelligence to the ability to memorise passages from a book, she averred that she’s smarter than he is… which comes as no great revelation (pardon the pun).

  3. For such an avowed Christian, Abbott certainly doesn’t behave according to Christian principals, teachings or morals.

    For such an avowed atheist, Gillard certainly behaves in a Christian like manner.

  4. CU, that was my experience in the Catholic church too, there was little or no encouragement to read the Bible.

    ME, there is a marked difference between an avowed Christian, and an avowed Catholic, and there are many good Christians in the Catholic church, but with leadership like Pell and members like Abbott one does not automatically indicate the other, if you get my drift?

  5. Migs, Other than God thinking that TAbbott’s the man, I agree entirely.

    Julia’s a leader

    Abbott’s a Dickhead



  6. Oh and here’s another one;

    The experts agree with Julia Gillard

    Abbott thinks he is the expert 🙄 😆

  7. I am more than a lapse Catholic. Give me the days of Cardinal Gilroy. At least he was a man one could respect.

  8. Abbott believes he is the only expert.

    All others, he rejects.

    He is an expert, in the belief that he is born to rule.

  9. We have a stumbling lying cowardly bully idiot as an opposition leader.
    We have an articulate calm considered intelligent PM.

    There fixed it to align with the truth.

  10. “For such an avowed atheist, Gillard certainly behaves in a Christian like manner”

    A (commonly observed) paradox that’s fascinated me for many decades.

  11. MJ. As an avowed Christian, Abbott’s continuous very unchristian like behaviour has me perplexed, but then I realise he’s a hypocrite and duplicity is his very nature, thus he’s not really Christian at all, he just says he is to pander to a Christian group and lobby.

  12. I wouldn’t be so warm to Gillard as things are coming to a head there in relation to her unsavoury past. Watch that space. A pretty low act to attack someone for their religious or non religious beliefs!

    And Gillard does not lie? DELUSIONAL!

  13. Oh, also watch the enquiry (Heiner) in Qld…will implicate the GG amongst others but you will also ignore the fact that a young Aboriginal lady was pack raped and your Labor heroes attempted to cover it up.

    Bligh’s $140K bribe to keep hush has not worked. In fact, it is an admission of guilt as if nothing happened then why the bribe/compensation?

  14. @ Scaper. “Unsavoury past”….blah, blah, blah. Heard it all before, you Right Wing moron (whoops, there’s a tautology), but all you idiots have is innuendo & rumour. Now if you want unsavoury acts, lets look no further than the “luminaries” of the Fiberal Party-like the role of Howard, Vaile & Downer in the AWB bribery scandal, the involvement of Abbott with Jackson & Lawler or the involvement of Brough, Pyne & Bishop with Ashby. As for telling lies, your side has real form when it comes to porkies-like GST, never ever, no $200,000 degrees, WMD’s in Iraq, Children Overboard & promises of no further IR changes. Now, scaper, why don’t you spare us the rest of your delusional ranting & go back to your troll cave?

  15. “implicate the GG”? Even if that’s true, ot eill hardly be unprecedented….or have you forgotten about Howard & his beloved Hollingsworth? I do love how short the memories of Right Wing trolls are-must be the dangerously low number of brain cells.

  16. I think it was scaper who kept going on about Gillard being overthrown but now even the Rudd supporters are saying it ain’t going to happen and Labor under Gillard will go full term.

    scaper has also thrown out outrageous and egregious accusations before that come to absolutely nothing. So has form.

  17. Oh, & when it comes to things to watch, I’d say it will be the inevitable Royal Commission into the rampant child sex abuse committed within the Catholic Church-you know, the Royal Commission Abbott is so keen *not* to have. Hmmm, I wonder who he’s trying to protect?

  18. Marcus we can take that to State level as well where O’Farrell has refused to condemn or censure his AG who has openly supported a paedophile priest.

    But what will be really damning for the next commission into child abuse by the Catholic Church is not the clergy paedophiles but those who continued to cover it up so kept the abuse going. That will reach very into the Church hierarchy indeed.

  19. I’m no right wing moron, you left wingnuts are the morons for mindlessly backing Labor. No better than the right wing nuts. Hey Lizard, did you vote Liberal in the last election too???

    And you have the gall to call others “hypocrites”.

  20. No scaper, did you?

    But as I said you have form in making wild accusations that come to nothing in what seems to be an attempt to big note yourself, but not knowing your motive that’s only a guess.

  21. Skeptical and,

    Other than God thinking that TAbbott’s the man, I agree entirely.

    Just thinking..strange isn’t it, that the worst tyrants and those who have committed some of the worst atrocities thoughtout history have all claimed to have been pre-ordained for greatness, all claim to have God on their side. It’s all about ego and power-absolute and believing that this is what they deserve.

  22. at least the PM bases her arguments and policies in reality, while the loto is firmly wedded to fantasy, as are the trolls who lend support to his lies.

    btw scaper, do you yet know the difference between “martial” and “marshall” ?

    just askin’ 😆

  23. I thought it was our, alleged useless PM that is under pressure. If so, why is it the right wing commentators that appear to becoming more frustrated, angry, and I would say unhinged.

    As for Bolt’s efforts at bringing back seventeen year old allegations, appear to be a complete failure. Has it been noted, the MSM are not going near what Bolt is alleging with a ten foot pole.

    Good manners has nothing to do with nom de plumes. Nothing to do with who is PM. Should not be dumped, even if you do not like someone.

    Good manners is the oil that allows a civil society to exist.

  24. PS. If one does not wish to encourage a certain person who spend much time, telling us, not proving, that we are wrong, just do not name him.

    One can bypass much of what is written, as being of little value.

    This makes it easier to move onto what others have to say.

    The person is an attention seekers, that cannot stand others a chance to put forwarded alternative views. Yes, attention seeker, and also a control freak.

    As for not using names. There is no one that writes on this site, that cannot be identified if the situation warranted it. On the web there is no other way to protect one from idiots and those out to do harm.

  25. Scaper and .. morons for mindlessly backing Labor Actually there are quite a number of us here, and might I say more than likely all have rather high IQs…

    As far as mindlessly backing. No. There are a number of reasons, and I speak only for myself of course. The effort to try to create a more egalitarian society, addressing issues where there are not all that many votes in it, the NDIS for example but most especially the ability to see The Big Picture. What is Tony Abbott going to do as PM? It seems that he really doesn’t know..and neither do the rest of his front bench either…

    That’s another one, Julia’s team has talent – Tony’s team is a bunch of talentless has-beens.

  26. We will see you laughs last, tail biter! Yes I know the difference, birdbrain. Do you? Here’s a hint…Colt 45.

    Speaking of three word slogans…”We are us”. WTF does that mean? HAHAHAHAHAH!

  27. Min, your post is proof of mindless backing. Just because the opposition does not run their policy out mid term does not mean they have nothing. All oppositions don’t release policy at this time but for some reason you expect different.

    Unlike the people here, I look at the whole teams as not into this presidential hero worship. Labor is lacking but have a few that hopefully will form the future leadership nucleus after the rout.

    Labor needs to be torn down and rebuilt with less union control as unionists are parasites that have sucked the life out of what was once a great party.

  28. The merely well-off, however, are likely to find it harder to evade a new push for higher taxes across the west. James Callaghan, the prime minister Thatcher defeated in 1979, remarked perceptively: “There are times, perhaps once every 30 years, when there is a sea change in politics.” Roughly 30 years after the beginning of the Thatcher-Reagan era, another sea change is upon us.


    Is the tide turning, is it time for the wealthy to pay their share.

  29. “God on our side”….
    Just off now to look thru me pile of old Bob Dylan records. Will call by later.

  30. This is what happens when one lets the systyem run down. We are lucky that it is not being left to the last moment to deal with the crapped out copper wiring.

    Another fact that is not often raised. This country has had the luxury of cheap power over the decades, because of the easily availability of cheap coal. This makes it harder for us to move to clean and renewable power source. We can no longer afford the damage that cheap coal causes.

    In fact, last Monday’s inflation gauge from TD Securities reveals that electricity prices have gone up more than 80 per cent in five years.

    This has happened mainly because, as the Australian Energy Regulator has revealed, $42 billion is being spent on infrastructure over five years from 2009. That’s mainly because the big post-war installations have reached the end of their life, and also because most households now have air conditioners and everyone expects to turn them on all at once on hot days.

    And it’s also because the state governments have an incentive to over-invest because pricing is based on a higher cost of capital than they actually pay, so investment produces a dividend windfall.

    But here’s the thing: the TD Securities inflation gauge also showed that inflation was 1.5 per cent in the past 12 months, which is the lowest in three years.

    That’s because the increase in power prices has been almost entirely offset by the high Australian dollar, which has produced tradeable goods deflation of 1.4 per cent over the past year. In other words, thanks to the high Australian dollar we are getting a big improvement in energy infrastructure without an overall drop in living standards.

    And thank goodness for fast rising power prices – without that, we’d have deflation. It’s true!


  31. Julia Gillard: Has a sense of humour, laughs a lot.

    Tony Abbott: Has a sense of outrage, regularly seen snarling.

    This was demonstrated so eloquently when the Prime Minister was addressing a Red Cross function. “I”m red,” the Prime Minister said. Referring to Abbott, “He’s always cross.”

    It’s great to watch. The Mad Monk is in the background of the scene, but if you look carefully, you’ll see the trademark unhinged head-nodding…

  32. Why the ellipsis following the name ; scaper… ?….is there more to come, or is there something left off?

  33. I thought it was our, alleged useless PM that is under pressure. If so, why is it the right wing commentators that appear to becoming more frustrated, angry, and I would say unhinged.

    It’s the Liberals that are under pressure. How useless are they that they need all the media, from News Limited, their ABC and every shock jock in the land behind them propping them up!

  34. A bit more of criticism of Abbott in today’s media. I thinking that Abbott may have painted himself into an economic corner whilst creating a situation where if he gains power he will be unable to lie his way out of. Business know the carbon price has to stay and Abbott’s promise to scrap it will be his undoing. The Libs may well win the next election but I can’t see Abbott being PM. He is just to dangerous to the economy and business know this.

  35. All we have heard this week, is no matter what the expert panel brings down, there is going to be no change of opinion.

    It appears all up to Tony Abbott. What is ignored, is the public might just fall in behind what the report recommends, and demand the politicians get together and work something out.

    I believe we are sick of hearing what each party will or will not agree too.

    I expect the report to look at all the options. I believe the pros and cons will be given of each.

    I believe the answer will be found by taking a little from the three party.

    The answer I expect.

    More refugees taken from this region. The overall number raised.

    Processing and queue being formed in Malaysia, and hopefully other countries, including Indonesia.

    More effort be taken to upgrade the Bali Process. We now have Canada online.

    Working with the countries in the region to speed up the processing.

    The aim should be to get the people into out communities, into jobs and education, so they become self supporting as possible.

    Maybe we need to work with the rest of the world, making facilities where the people leave their countries more humane, so that the need to move on is not as strong or necessary.

    What is needed most of all, is for this matter to become bipartisan. We demanded at the 2007 elections that the inhumane methods of the Howard era be dismantled.

    We are selling ourselves short, if we believe that the way to solve the matter is to punish the victims who have to flee their homelands.

    What Labor did when they came into power, was do as many, the majority were demanding of Howard.

    The PM has set up a process, a circuit breaker for a new start.

    I suggest that both the Greens and Abbott give some thought to this point.

  36. Abbott is committing the worst offence possible against the modern media – providing dull copy – without the gravitas and seriousness of considering the future of the nation and preparing for government. Ironically, any shift by the Liberal Party away from his leadership is made harder, not easier, by the absence of any thought about what a Coalition government might mean (other than winding back anything and everything Rudd and Gillard ever did and pretending the future is 2005). Abbott is to blame for this, and so are those who sold their party out to him so comprehensively, and so cheaply.


  37. Oh dear, looks like scaper has kissed what few remaining brain cells he has “goodbye”. I look at Abbott’s front bench, & all I see are a massive mob of losers-whiney Pyney, Sophie “on trial for fraud” Mirabella, Joe “eleventy billion” Hockey, George “political interference in police matters” Brandis, & idiot boy himself. What an awful dearth of talent you’ve placed your faith in, scaper. Nothing but a mob of has-beens & seat warmers-a fact that the electorate will increasingly become wise to as the fear mongering over the carbon price continues to dissipate.

  38. BTW, scaper, I’m a Greens supporter, you great loon, & readily admit to the many failings of the modern Labor Party. Yet I’d still prefer them to the talentless no-hopers on the Opposition benches-especially given the economically & environmentally destructive policies (read: thought bubbles) the opposition has released thus far (like “direct action”, a levy to pay rich mothers to take maternity leave at full pay, removing means testing for middle class welfare etc etc).

  39. You’re are an abusive piece of shit, Marcus. Are you like that, face to face? I don’t believe you would, as met plenty of your type over the years.

    You would not recognise talent as you are of the belief that the worst government ever is doing a mighty fine job. DELUSIONAL!

  40. A greens supporter? Says it all you idiot. I don’t support any party, especially the watermelons that are the far, far left.

    How’s the Greens going with abusing Australian Jewish businesses? What a disgusting act!

  41. LOL, scaper, that’s rich coming from someone who is apparently incapable of speaking without throwing around abuse, lies & rampant innuendo. I’d call you ignorant, scaper, but that would be an insult to ignorant people. Instead, I’ll call you a psychotic troll who has got *nothing* with which to defend his beloved Liberal Party, & so frequently relies on rumour, innuendo, outright lies & name-calling to make his case-then hypocritically attacks others for being “abusive”. Seriously, scaper, if you hate The Left so much, then why the f**k are you even here? Why don’t you crawl back to your troll hole & hang out with the rest of your lunatic, low-IQ mates?

  42. Scraps said,”You’re are an abusive piece of shit, Marcus.” …….mm, now thats funny Scraper… 😀
    …..can you see why I think thats funny, Scraper…@ 11.15am 😆

  43. LOL. Yeah right, scaper, you idiotic little twit. You don’t support any party? So that’s why you die in a ditch to defend that incompetent bunch of neanderthals in the Liberal Party, isn’t it? Your blatant lies are becoming ever more transparent.

  44. ” As an avowed Christian, Abbott’s continuous very unchristian like behaviour has me perplexed”

    Maybe herein lies the answer, ME: Christianity promises personal ‘salvation’.
    That, to some believers is a hypnotising prospect. It’s the ultimate in ‘selfishness’, culminating in a ruthless dedication to self-interest. Does that sound like Tony Abbott?

  45. Read your last post before accusing me of abuse. Psychotic troll, defend his beloved Liberal Party, rely on rumour and innuendo, f**ck off, crawl back to your troll hole and hang out with your low IQ mates.

    My abuse back at you…watermelon! HAHAHAHHAHAH!

  46. LOL. Oh scaper, your psychotic nature is clearly on display here for all to see, as is your love for the Fiberal Party. So how is it “abusive” for me to highlight these facts? Your over-reliance on rumour & innuendo is also clearly on display, so again my highlighting of it does not constitute abuse. It is clear you’re here to troll, so again the label constitutes a statement of fact, not abuse. Virtually every post you’ve made here & elsewhere has involved you abusing other posters to this site, so yes it is hypocritical of you to get angry when someone abuses you back. Why don’t you try something novel, & actually back up one of your ludicrous statements with actual *evidence*?

  47. Why don’t you try something novel, & actually back up one of your ludicrous statements with actual *evidence*?

    that’s a bit much to expect of the trolls, given their contempt for such a concept as demonstrated continually by their denial of agw 👿

  48. Awesome. I want them.

    Recently when sitting in a cigar shop at Caesers Palace I saw a bloke pick up five cigars at $630 a piece and hand around to his mates. Those blokes had money dripping off them.

    And they weren’t even Cubans. The best cigars you can legally get in the USA come from the Dominican Republic. They still aren’t bad though.

    When I come back from shopping I’ll have to tell you about the cigar lounge I went to in a Macau casino.

  49. When scaper… talks, I bet his words echo off his haemorrhoids like ping pong balls off rounded stones!

  50. scaper I heave met plenty of your types over the years. They were generally to be found among my ex’ drunken mates in the bar of pubs, or sometimes around a table of drunks within the club.

    They were not delusional, just drunks. Another similarity to trolls, the conversations were always the same. A repeat from the day before.

  51. scaper, where is the abuse. I said that when I have heard comments such as you make,it has been in the company of drunks. If the cap fits, wear it.

    Calling people delusional, I take it, in your eyes, is only truth, not abuse, but your version of truth..

    I suggest it is time to grow up, if you want respect from adults.

  52. No, scaper. What we have is the $70 billion black hole created by Liberal Party policies. We have Abbott’s pseudo-socilaist scheme to give money to polluters (& apparently cover all of Australia in trees), all to deal with a problem he thinks does not exist. You have a shadow treasurer who apparently can’t count, nor is he familiar with any of our economic indicators. We have several high ranking MP’s tangled up in the web of deceit created by Ashby. We have the Coalition’s past form (lies told about policies, involvement in bribery scandals, bail-outs for family members) & we have the current form of the East Coast Liberal Governments (hunting, forestry & mining in national parks, cuts to health & education, whilst boosting money for sports & gambling). Then we have Idiot boy-bemoaning a “tax”, whilst wanting to impose a far ranging tax to pay for his rolls royce PPL scheme; a person who bemoans the impact of the MMRT on foreign investment, whilst decrying foreign investment in agriculture; a person who said farmers should have the Right to block mining on the West Coast, whilst saying the opposite on the East Coast; we have him attacking Labor Foreign policy, whilst he goes off insulting our closest neighbours; the person who tells Queensland & WA that smaller states should get less GST, whilst telling Tasmania the opposite. So again, scaper, what do *you* have? A big fat nothing I suspect.

  53. Oh, & he wants to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, whilst decrying racism on Facebook. The man is a wlking mass of contradictions.

  54. It has to be said though, that Abbott’s got it all over Gillard when it comes to scoring posed, cloying & prominently displayed photographs with supportive puff pieces on the front page of the Australian.

  55. Yep Bob, he beats Gillard hands down then, but yet again it takes the media to give him a hand and minders to carefully stage manage it. He can’t manage it on his own or on merit, not even front page right wing propaganda pieces.

  56. Trying to chase up source but apparently Hockey wants to do a Can’tDo when the Coalition get into government and have a shonky commission that will find we are trillions in debt and then slash and burn everything whilst blaming Labor for it and the massive economic downturn that will ensue.

    By the way Newman’s unnecessary and stupid cost cutting is already starting to cause a decline in the Queensland economy, the very thing he said he was avoiding by slashing and burning.

    Anyway if the Abbott Noalition do get into government next then I don’t want to see Hockey follow Newman’s very flawed lead as it will cause so much unnecessary suffering. Willing governments to fail, blocking and selling them down no matter the amount of suffering that causes to the population is a right wing meme I don’t want to see repeated.

  57. Once again with your filthy lies there, scaper. It wasn’t innuendo, as the person who said it clearly said “I *think* this is the case”. In contrast, you make numerous claims-with confidence-but with no facts to back them up. Also, as the suggestion was made by a Liberal Party luminary, the statement isn’t too far from the truth (of course, Hockey rarely has any original ideas). Also, where is your evidence backing your claims of an improved economy in Queensland, scaper, or is this another case of you believing something is true is sufficient?

  58. I asked for the source scaper as the story was something I came across elsewhere but wasn’t sourced. If you would pull your head out of your arse for long enough to smell the air then you wouldn’t need to sprout such bullshit.

    Queensland is going backwards, just as the services in WA, Victoria and NSW got worse after the Liberals took over.

    If people are more confident, which goes against everything Abbott is saying about confidence in Australia by the way, then why has Newman’s approval rating collapsed and the polls show the opposite along with the figures.

    Newman has stuffed it big time, of that there is no doubt, and used Costello fudged costings to do it. As bad as Spain, bullshit.

  59. Things are looking up, people are more confident and our economy is starting to chug again.

    As has been said repeatedly – delusional! 🙄

    Job cuts leave Brisbane’s CBD like a ghost town and carparks empty

    Queensland jobless rate jumps

    The Queensland jobless rate rose last month as the national unemployment rate fell slightly.

    Businesses require certainty to grow confidence

    According to the latest Commonwealth Bank CCIQ Pulse Survey of Business conditions, business confidence in Queensland has been severely impacted by uncertainty as a result of national and global economic concerns.

    All links from the last week, except the first one, which is from July 31.

  60. The economy isn’t everything as much as the Liberals like to pin everything on that to the exclusion of all else.

    For instance Newman promised the Public Service and thus health, education, law and order, and a myriad of other publicly provided services would be safe if he was elected. He hires Costello at an apparent exorbitant fee to cook up figures that a primary school kid learning about pocket money could pick holes and basic accounting errors in, ludicrously claims on more than one occasion Queensland is as bad as Spain and then slashes everything to the hilt whilst giving generous largess to horse racing and other well off private institutions.

    O’Farrell for instance promised to fix NSW but every key indicated has gotten worse under his stewardship, some accelerating downwards. The very things he was constantly in the media cycle on when in opposition he is conspicuously missing now they have increased and become worse.

    Barnett made huge mileage out of law and order during the election with lots of chess thumping, yet crime has gotten worse in WA.

    Bailieu has broken so many promises and done so badly that even the right wing media have stopped propping him up.

    Multiply those failures and shortcomings many fold and there goes Abbott if in power.

  61. Scaper’s comment,

    We will see you laughs last, tail biter! Yes I know the difference, birdbrain. Do you? Here’s a hint…Colt 45.

  62. The economy is starting to chug again, I am starting to see a turnaround. Not because of Newman, Abbott or Swan. The economic cycle turns despite governments, not because of governments.

  63. I always thought the bible (and other holy books) preached a message of doing good for your fellow (wo)man – as in do until others as you would wish them do to you. Abbott certainly has a interesting way of expressing that – lying, deceit, hatred, putting the boot into those who have suffered misfortune etc.

    scaper – I’m not a resident of Nowra, I’m from north of the Rio Tweed and your comment that Queensland is powering is bullshit. This state is the only one to record a rise in unemployment in the last figures release, small business that serviced Government contracts or staff are going to the wall, there are 200,000 consumers (public servants) not spending a cent more than they have to, services to help those less fortunate (remember “do until others . . .”) are being reduced/eliminated as public servants are being sacked and the worst is yet to come. Evidence is as basic as the $9 Early Bird parking in the Brisbane CBD – it used to be $20+.

    Newman is a popular as bacon at a Jewish feast (to keep the religious theme going).

  64. Scaper and,

    Min, your post is proof of mindless backing. Just because the opposition does not run their policy out mid term does not mean they have nothing.

    Scaper, it really doesn’t instill one with the greatest of confidence that the few policy announcements by Abbott have been either:

    1. Brain farts with little or no practical application possible eg his asylum seeker non-policy or,

    2. Quickly contradicated and/or qualified by eg Hockey and/or Robb who go into apoplexy trying to work out where the hell the money is going to come from.

  65. Economics 101. No I don’t understand economics but have read this on an economics site.

    Every public service job creates typically about 0.7 of a job directly to service it. This 0.7 of a job creates another 0.7 of 0.7 of a job and so on.

    For every job lost, around two more will be lost in flow on effects.

    For every ten public servants sacked around a 20% will find other full time employment, 40% will find part time work and 40% will become unemployed for an extended time.

    And why?

    Because Newman commissioned a dubious Audit Report that contained cooked figures so he can tell Queenslanders the utter bullshit that their economy is stuffed as bad as Spain whilst at the same time telling overseas investors the Queensland economy is in fantastic shape, giving them the correct numbers that were a different set of numbers than the ones he gave the Queensland public, thus treating that public as idiots.

    And what is Newman relying on to pick up the Queensland economy, tourism and resource development. And thus he creates another problem as he’s giving the resource and other developments almost unfettered access to environmentally sensitive and heritage listed areas for their development, which just also happen to be what brings in the tourists.

    So I guess he’s just going to turn Queensland into one big theme park built next to wall to wall high rise coastal developments that skirt around massive mining and timber operations bleeding effluent and pollutants onto the GBR. He could always build on big long Water World theme park on the GBR skirting around the oil and gas wells dotted along it.

  66. MoreBS from scaper as per usual. Funny how the Far Right use anecdotal evidence to prove all their points. His claims about the economy turning in *spite* of governments is also typical Right Wing bs, with only just a tiny fraction of truth in their. Macro-economic settings actually have a massive influence on the economy-how much pay a person takes home determines how much they can spend on discretionary goods & services, which then impacts on how much revenue the business sector has, which influences *their* discretionary spending (training, employment, new equipment etc). Every single pne of these things is influenced, to a greater or lesser extent, by government policy. Now, assuming the turn around isn’t just in your own head, I can’t think of any of Newman’s policies which could have caused such a change. The recent tax cuts for individuals & small businesses, however, might well have had a stimulatory impact on Queensland’s economy, in spite of the Newman wrecking ball!

  67. Newman has has so much success. Remember he has not yet bought down a budget. Will it be the same as NSW, the numbers to be cut, kept a secret.

  68. ME, in the process, he is going to destroy that wonderful natural theme park that is already there.

  69. The ecomomy has started to lift from the bottom of the cycle. It will bare out in three months time when the trend is evident.

    Why should I try to defend Newman? I detest the Qld LNP and the prospect of having to lobby them soon makes me feel uneasy…whatever it takes!

  70. Methinks thou dost protest too much, scaper. It’s clear that, in spite of your claims about the Queensland LNP, that you are privately a huge fan of them & their policies. Your mantra-“whatever it takes” could be lifted directly from the Newman playbook-so please stop being so coy. The point is that, yet again, others have provided evidence that contradicts your anecdotal “evidence”, yet you cling to it like a drowning man!

  71. To give due the Queensland economy is predicted to pick up but not because of anything Newman is doing. The things he’s implementing except for his promised tax cuts aren’t stimulatory. The other areas will produce a similar outcome to the UK where savage cuts dragged down revenue and slowed the economy.

    But my main problem is not with a small downturn in the economy, but the long term negative effects of what Newman is instigating in the wholesale sacking of so many public servants and cuts to vital programs and services. But then again like other conservative leaders before him he figures it will be someone else’s government who will wear the consequences whilst he’s swanning it up on a generous Palmer given pay packet.

    The cuts will see a decline in health, a deterioration of infrastructure, a dumbing down of education and an increase in crime, all of which will cost the Queensland economy more than the cuts he’s instigated.

  72. Mobius, the whole idea is setting oneself up for the future..which is where Howard and Abbott (potentially) are dismal failures.

  73. John Quiggin has said that the Qld budget would’ve been back in balance regardless in 3 years. So what’s all this austerity about ? To talk of Queensland being bankrupted is beyond silly. We’re in the middle of a resources boom for chrisake !

    But cutting government spending and hoping for the private sector to pick up the slack is the shortest and fastest route to mass unemployment. Historically, the private sector hangs back until there’s an upwelling return of confidence, initiated usually… by public spending.

    It will be touch and go as to whether Newman’s ideological hysterics slow the recovery. Hopefully the stunning turn-around in polling might bring about a rethink.

    Those multipliers Mobius Ecko quoted earlier accord with my reading on the subject, possibly on the conservative side. The LNP just does not understand that one person’s spending is another’s income. The LNP’s natural constituency must be shitting itself, wondering how all this will finish up. Clan loyalty forbids any dissent.

    Quiggin also made the point that Qld has always had low tax revenues. You can fix a deficit ‘problem’ real quick if you have the political guts to raise taxes.

    Given the choice, I’m sure Queenslanders would’ve preferred a modest increase in taxes to wholesale sackings of public sector workers, assuming there was a problem in the first place.

    Unemployment is the greatest waste. It’s effects reverberate through the economy (and community) for years. Conservatives rail against waste, as in ‘pink batts’ and ‘school halls’, but the waste that unemployment represents renders these obsessions piddling in comparison. There is a palpable vindictiveness about these totally unnecessary sackings.

  74. Mangrove, the majority of people do not equate sacking of public servants with a substantial reduction of services. After all the fat cats are sitting on their backsides and those dregs still remaining in the public service should just be made to work harder..you know people such as firefighters and ambos.

    Irrespective of the efficiency or otherwise of insulation or school halls, at least with these two programs we have something to show for it..houses with insulation and schools with halls. These are lasting things. They are the best of the programs which the Labor government has delivered.

    When Tony Abbott rips and burns, he still cannot take insulation from ceilings, he still cannot tear down school halls.

  75. I’ve been away for the day. Saw the magnificence which is the South Fremantle Football team win in a nail-biter. I come back and I find the presence and the chicken scratchings of a very strange person. He claims everyone is abusing him yet responds to criticism with. When accused of being an LNP person, he says that he hates the LNP with a deep and bitter hatred. He scorns an admitted Greens supporter as being from the far far left. His dislike and distrust of the ALP is obvious. I can believe him when he says he is not a member of any political party. Yet I wonder just where he sees himself on the political spectrum. Or is he just one of those drunks or trolls who is only here to pick a fight and to waste everyone’s time.

    I respectfully ask scraper… to explain himself.

  76. Archie, I’ve know scaper for well..he is the first person I ever exchanged emails addresses with all those eons ago..now that’s a scary thought. Scaps, that’s *gasp* five years ago. Not in any of those 5 years has Scaps ever explained himself, and I don’t know whether that’s something that I would ever want him to do..the result might be……. 😯

  77. Why Scraps, if the economy is going through normal cyclical movement, didn’t we have a recession? Thete is no normal in economics mate its built and studied by those involved. Duh!

  78. JULIA GILLARD likes to box. A trainer goes to The Lodge twice a week, holding up the pads while the Prime Minister slugs away. ”Boxing’s fun,” she said in a Friday interview. Tony Abbott boxed in a more serious way – he won a blue at Oxford. His time as the Opposition Leader has been one long exercise in hitting hard.
    The leaders will shape up in the House on Tuesday, the start of the spring parliamentary session. As Gillard jabs Abbott she is also fighting those in Labor who want her replaced – against whom, for the moment at least, she has the upper hand.
    The Prime Minister was always going to enter this session in one of two situations: struggling on the mat, floored by polling and the carbon tax and vulnerable to the Rudd forces, or on her feet with fists swinging………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/gloves-on-as-pm-gears-up-for-battle-20120811-24145.html#ixzz23Gz3DQ00

    We hear the media say, Gillard is going to face this or that. This will happen, and on and on.

    It is always portrays Gillard as a passive player, who has only one way she can react. Abbott says, Gillard wilts.

    The reality is that the PM does not have to stand quietly and take what is dished out.

    The PM is capable and does fight back. The PM does not go not the defensive, playing to Abbott’s and the media’s rules.

    The PM, in offensive mood is far from a passive and ineffective opponent.

    Abbott and the media are waking up to the fact, the carnival has moved on. It is the PM that is setting the agenda and where the battle will be played.

    Mr. Abbott will find her a worthy opponent.

  79. Maybe the public will let Abbott know what they expect from him. Time is past for him and his cohorts to insist in telling us what he will do.

    Abbott, in my humble opinion will be force to listen the the voice of the public. He has been deaf to their wishes since the last election, but those days are over, including the shadow boxing.

    The match is into the real thing now. May the best man win.

    Abbott is little more than a slugger with little strategy.

    The PM is the boxer, with the skill that go beyond being able to slug.

    The PM has also shown that she has the stamina and staying power to be standing up at the end.

    It will not be her on the canvas.

    ………….As Gillard moves to the post carbon stage of her strategy, she has arguments on her hands with the states and there will be more with various stakeholders on particular issues. But things could get a lot more complicated for Abbott when voters, well versed in what he’s against, want to know what he’s for.
    Before that, though, the battle will stay in negative territory this week, as the players respond to the report that will be released from former defence chief Angus Houston and his panel on the best way to combat people smuggling. If the panel backs the government’s Malaysia solution (perhaps with more safeguards), the opposition will be wedged. It has indicated it will never support the Malaysian people swap. But Abbott would also appear unreasonable in spurning a course endorsed by the widely respected former defence chief. More like a street fighter than a boxing blue…………………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/gloves-on-as-pm-gears-up-for-battle-20120811-24145.html#ixzz23H1nN7Zg

  80. You’d think even the Coalition leader would have to stray from the script and answer with something beyond ”axe the tax”.
    But no. Abbott responded: ”I’d abolish the carbon tax, that’s what I’d do … This is a fabrication from the Prime Minister, this is an absolute furphy.”
    But the past master at setting up false conflicts and over-simplifying complex processes had the slightly irritated, bewildered tone of someone who had been beaten at his own game. And that alone means from Labor’s point of view the power war was definitely worth having.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/war-timed-to-shed-light-on-surging-power-bills-20120810-23zdx.html#ixzz23H4FeWar

  81. What happens to Abbott if in power and having axed the Carbon Price electricity prices continue to rise as they will?

    Everything he has said is starkly proven to be a great big lie, something we’ve all known all along.

  82. “Mangrove, the majority of people do not equate sacking of public servants with a substantial reduction of services.”

    And even when/if they notice they will blame the public sector workers for slacking.

    I saw the ABC interviewing people in the street on the Newman sackings. Most were wetting themselves with schadenfreude.

  83. ………………..Whatever the perceived political benefits of such a tactic, a refusal to enunciate detailed plans for the government of the country leads, in our view, to bad politics and bad policy. It reveals a cynical view of the Australian public, and underestimates their ability to make an informed judgment on what is best for them and what is best for the country.
    The timing of Mr Jones’ observations is doubly apt, with Federal Parliament set to resume after its winter break and expected to consider the report of three eminent Australians on a preferred policy for the treatment of asylum seekers, an issue that has bitterly divided the polity. Mr Abbott refused to engage in that process when his involvement could have helped provide a breakthrough on an issue that has called for statesmanship.
    More generally, Mr Abbott’s unwillingness to outline a vision for this nation beyond platitudes and a broad brush indicates a lack of faith in the good sense of voters. There are other issues at stake here, beyond mere political advantage. There are issues of leadership, on one hand, and, on the other, the public’s right to know. Mr Abbott’s hesitation is doubly curious. He is unchallenged as Opposition Leader, came within a whisker of victory in the 2010 election, and has what appears to be an unassailable lead over Labor. What has he got to lose?

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/editorial/politics-the-poorer-when-visions-for-nation-are-withheld-20120811-24190.html#ixzz23IcTRw6Q

  84. ME – dont forget the power price in Tassie rose around 10% from July 1 – and their power is nearly all hydro so the Carbon Pricing scheme being the cause really doesn’t cut it.

    I reckon Gillard is on a winner here.

  85. 2353. Everyone else’s power went up 20%. If the Greens had not stopped building dams in tasmania, that state could be the first in the world to be on totally renewable energy. Thanks Bob Brown. Good one.
    So 2353 gillard is a winner? Read this about your leader.


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  88. Troll, if you think that you can get honest and reliable information from pickering, then don’t worry, as the tooth fairy and the mad hatter will be along shortly to collect your brain, as you are obviously not using it.

  89. “What happens to Abbott if in power and having axed the Carbon Price electricity prices continue to rise as they will?”

    They will be as expensive as they are now. That is because the so called carbon tax only contributes a small amount to the rises. I believe most know this.

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