Our ABC: has it lost the meaning of respect or is it just following the political discourse?

Long-time blogger Mobius Ecko, amongst others, often produces thoughtful comments that are worthy of a post on their own. He produced one such comment here recently when raising questions on the ABC’s noted lack of respect to the current Prime Minister and compared it to the elevated amount of respect they always showed former Prime Minister, John Howard.  Mobius commented:

Annabel Crabb defended the Drum on ABC24 in a Tweet when a series of criticisms against it’s blatant right wing bias was highlighted. She said the left criticise it for having too many from the right on and the right criticise it for having too many of the left on, so it must be balanced.

Wrong on many fronts, not the least being the right always accuse everyone and anything slightly left of Joseph de Maistre as being rabid pinkos and socialists.

You only need look at the many right wing posters who state the ABC is left wing biased, when since Howard gutted it, it clearly tilts right.

To give an illustration of how unreasonably locked into their warped ideological view they are in believing everything but themselves are communist/socialist and out to destroy their sacred way of life, once in an interview with Howard where he was called Mr. Howard or Prime Minister throughout and got by any measure an easy run, the ABC received a bunch of complaints saying their was not enough respect paid to the office of the Prime Minister and the questioning was too forceful and the wrong questions were asked.

Truth is it matters not what Howard was asked or how well he was treated by the ABC, the ABC would have received those complaints.

On the other hand it seems that trashing and denigrating the respect for the office of the Prime Minister and courtesy to the PM is now not only OK but to be encouraged, and I would not be surprised if it’s the same people who complained about no respect for the PM and PM Office’s under Howard. And these same people will complain if Abbott is PM and is called he, or Tony or Abbott or anything else other than, “Your greatness, Mr Abbott the magnificent Prime Minister.”

The duplicity of the right never ceases to amaze me in it’s blatancy and enormous scope.

James of Adelaide noted that this media approach is not limited to Australian. Indeed, it has been adopted from the American model.

I’ve seen this before: The great respect for the office when occupied by someone clearly not up to the task, followed by denigration of the clearly appropriate individual and denigration of the office. This behaviour comes from the USA, as does the political tactic of trying to make parliament dysfunction so as to blame it on the other side. Thank you, Republicans. I’m not sure where manufacturing scandals to damage the other side come from, perhaps the Liberals thought of it themselves.

It begs the question: Has the ABC lost the meaning of respect or is it just following the political discourse? A discourse, it seems, being set by the Republicans in America and the Liberals in Australia where respect is ignored even if earned, yet handed out to the undeserving few.

Locally, the performances by the ABC hosts on the 7:30 Report, Lateline and Insiders demonstrate that respect is selective. Disrespect appears to be dished out by the bucket loads.

What do you think?