Dazed and Confused

Unable to lure the Government to the early election they have fought so hard for, the Opposition now comes across like a mob of dazed and confused rabbits caught in the headlights of a speeding media convoy. All of a sudden they have nowhere to run. Their incessant gibberish is desperate.

And that’s how they come across. A pack of rabbits running off in all directions with no leader to follow. Every decision contradicted. Lost for ideas.

But enough of the analogies (though they do behave as a dazed and confused party).

Let’s examine this.

Earlier this week Cory Bernardi was critical of the Government for providing assistance to families via ‘carbon tax’ rebates:

They’re sending tens of millions of dollars out to people that are just finding their way into poker machines rather than into areas in which they’re meant to assist families and communities.

That’s right, poker machines! Is he not aware that his party is vigorously opposed to pokie reforms? His ‘alleged’ leader addressed a rally side by side with Alan Jones who told the crowd that:

. . . the proposed pokies reforms would erode the nation’s social fabric.

“What happens when the local club is gone?” he asked.

“The social repercussions of mandatory pre-commitment are enormous”.

Mr Bernardi is confused. His party loves gamblers so he must obey. Oh how it must frustrate him that gamblers are only able to maintain the nation’s social fabric (as Jones would say) if the money for gambling comes from Labor Government rebates.

I can see why he’s dazed.

As a duo, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are definitely confused. As I pointed out in my previous post, Tony Abbott was critical of the Gillard Government presiding over an interest rate rise in April by bleating:

The Federal Government’s economic policy is to blame for the latest interest rate hike . . .

Well isn’t it wonderful that the ‘hike’ has been reversed? But Joe Hockey doesn’t find it wonderful, fuming:

. . . the rate cut is a sign the Government has lost control of the economy.

“Again I state that we and all Australians who have home loans and small business loans would welcome this cut from the Reserve Bank but nothing here gives credit to the Government, in fact it’s the absolute opposite,” he said.

“The Reserve Bank is moving because the Government has lost control of the economy.”

One of them is confused, but more than likely both of them are confused. I’m confused as I thought the Liberal Party liked lower interest rates. John Howard told us so.

Mr Bernardi could make the situation even more confusing by nominating lower interest costs as a reason for more pokie gambling. Damn Labor!

The Tony and Joe team dazzle me with their contradictory statements, begging me to ask the question: Do they ever talk to each other? You may ask the same after hearing that Tony Abbott:

. . . gave “a categorical no”, when asked if he would raise the GST.

“We will not change the GST,” he told radio 2SM

Joe must never listen to his boss or 2SM because he turned around and said there was a case for it being raised. This is an issue that has them confused. Joe must be left in a daze.

Tony Abbott may well be confused about many things, but thankfully, climate change isn’t one of those as it’s absolute crap.

Could someone please tell his party he’s not confused? Or could someone please tell Tony Abbott that his party is confused? Because . . . wait for it . . . in the same breath Tony wants a policy to address it and has debated himself on this very issue.

It has left him dazed.

Here’s more evidence.

On January 20 this year he admitted to South Australians he will slash $500 million in car industry grants. On the same day he says there’s “an abundance” of money available to car manufacturers and has committed the Coalition to maintaining $1 billion worth of subsidies for the automotive industry. He really is caught in the spotlight, isn’t he? He doesn’t know which way to run. Just follow his mouth.

Sophie Mirabella is confused. She is upset that the nation’s 500 biggest polluters will be hit with the evil ‘carbon tax’ but anybody who witnessed her recent appearance on Q&A would be surprised that she has no problem with Tony Abbott introducing a paid parental leave scheme that will be funded by placing a levy on an estimated 2,500 companies. The scheme has been rejected by big business. This must leave Ms Mirabella slightly dazed.

As is Andrew Robb, the appointed spokesperson given the job of fronting his boss to whisper in his ear that the scheme is a white elephant. He is confused as to why his ‘alleged’ leader wants to introduce a scheme that won’t work. This is another issue Mr Abbott shows no confusion:

“I am very, very proud to be the first leader of the Coalition to go to the people with a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme and I’m proud to be the only leader who will be going into the next election with a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme as part of our policy.”

Nobody else in his party wants it. They must all be left in a daze.

Malcolm Turnbull must also be confused.

Nearly two years after Tony Abbott vowed to tear down the beginnings of the national broadband network and to “demolish” it, the Coalition now says it will not roll back or cancel it, if it comes to power at the next election.

Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband Malcolm Turnbull told IT Pro firmly this week: “No, the Coalition will not cancel or roll back the NBN. The NBN will continue to roll out but we will do so in a cost-effective manner in particular in built-up areas.”

He is confused because all of a sudden his ‘alleged’ leader is in favour of it. Or is he?

Which way does Malcolm run? Or does he run? Maybe he’ll be transfixed in the media spotlight like the rest of them . . . all dazed and confused. Continuing to talk gibberish.

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  1. Also the other Confusions is one of The Bishop’s said Liberals will get rid of The Carbon Tax, but Abbott said it will stay.

  2. Miglo, I believe they maybe running in circles. What was that saying, Run rabbit run. The problem is that they do not know where to run to .

    From now on I believe that this PM, now that the hard but necessary decisions are out of the way will be focused on policies such as the NDIS, and IR laws, which it appears the GST can be added. Policies that the public are interested in.

    For all the media and Opposition outcry, there in the boat trade issue. One that the public does not appear to be taking that much interest. I believe they just want to stop hearing about it.

    Saying that, I cannot see the Coalition benefiting much from the issue. They just want it dealt with.

    The disconnect between Abbott and his party, including his front bench is becoming more evident every day.

    Except for a handful of shadow ministers, the Coalition appears to have vanished, There is nary a word from them.

    Time, believe has ran out for Mr. Abbott. It will be all downhill from now.

    One does not even hear from industry one word about the MRRT and the GEF. Their silence is deafening.

    I believe it is the rats that first leave a sinking ship.

    We then have all the police inquiries going nowhere. We have all the court cases, appearing not to be going Abbott’s way. Expected charges that do not eventuate.

    I think in the next week or so, Abbott will be called on to explain what specific knowledge means. I think he means I know all about it, but have made sure no one tells him about the nuts and bolts. He has ensured that he does not be told how they are going to do it.

  3. Mr Abbott “gospel truth” , but who needs truth or policies, (costed, detailed or otherwise) when you have News Ltd and the mining barons..

  4. Miglo, they concentrate on dreaming up stunts and creating schemes of decapitation.

    It is a shame for them, that they did not look at all the possible outcomes for their devious schemes.

    They only see what the believe the worse PM since Federation will do. It is funny that it has not become apparent to them, the PM does not react as they plan

    They do not understand that there is other options. Options that the PM takes advantage of each time.

    They do really believe that the PM is stupid.

  5. Murdoch brand democracy. The entrapment of Peter Slipper by News Ltd and the LNP…Deja vu Godwin Grech… Grech admits he was paid by a News ltd journalist to create an email from inside Australian dept of treasury+provided inside information from Aust tax office to a foreign power
    http://www.crikey.com.au/topic/godwin-grech/ ..What happened to Godwin Grech.He simply resigned, was put in protection under the mental health act for 12 months,he then disappeared. Where is sad man Grech to-day,?. Probably in a shallow grave somewhere…..

    .: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/dangerous-double-life-of-grech-20091126-juha.html#ixzz1QlQFbnPpSee..

  6. Your welcome Miglo, my apoligies if your a Queenslander re; No NDIS for Queensland ! !, What else could one expect from a state that supports foreign owned media and mining empires against their own Government and the nations best interests.

  7. Unfortunately this analysis will not appear in the mainstream media and read by those who will vote for the rabbot. It would make a wonderful headline in the Telegraph and Herald Sun. Not to mention something for 2 GB to take on board.

  8. Target the disease,Murdoch (News Ltd), Not the symptoms Newman,(L N no P). NO NDIS for Queensland ! !, What else could one expect from a state that supports foreign owned media and mining empires against their own Government and the nations best interests.

  9. Hi Chookman. Can you imagine this rabble trying to form a Government? They can’t even form an opinion (that they can agree on).

  10. Slumdog, it’s a disease I’m becoming to believe there is no cure for. Unless, of course, our media laws were made similar to those of Canada where truth in reporting is legislated.

    Or perhaps by putting Murdoch in the firing line like we are seeing in Great Britain and we’re likely to see in the USA once the Brits are finished with him.

  11. @Chookman. There you have it . Murdoch with 70+% media ownership + almost every radio network (shock joks etc) under contract to news ltd + tv networks to news ltd and the mining barons, holy shit, and the poms think Murdoch’s 38% media ownership is undemocratic,LOL : ( .. Funny peculiar, not ha ha.

  12. On the bright side. The Gillard govt and the climate scientists are doing rather well in the polls considering the massive campaign against them by all the above, thanks to the net and sites such as this one

  13. Mixed and confused messages on the NDIS.

    Tony Abbott appeared at the Perth NDIS rally on April 30th this year he said he would be Dr Yes to an NDIS. He acknowledged not only the need but the good economic sense the NDIS makes because it will invest in people with disabilities and their families.

    Yet Joe Hockey when asked if he would fund the $8b NDIS wouldn’t commit and said he would have to find the money first.

    Remember the Liberals already have a $74b black hole in unfunded liabilities they’ve promised, and it was Hockey who revealed the $70b figure. Abbott has since had another multi-billion dollar brain fart and promised an unfunded $4b on roads.

    Even if we take their proven to be shonky figure of $50b in savings at face value, and you would have to be a fool or rusted on to do that, then the Liberals still have to find $24b, and that’s still well out from any election campaign, where Abbott is sure to promise billions more in a stream of brain farting that if ignited would look like an oil well gas flare at full stream.

    And no wonder their dazed and confused, look who they elected as their leader.

  14. Liberal Spin and Propaganda

    Cory Bernardi is behind the formation in Australia of spin/propaganda organisations, the so-called “grassroots” astroturfers who infect political blogs, talkback phone-ins and “comments” sections at the end of news stories with their right wing Liebral spin.

    He’s campaigned for more influence for billionaire, Gina Rinehart

    He has orchestrated “what appears to be a proliferation of anti-government activist sites”

  15. Not forgetting ABC managing director Mark Scott is a former staffer of NSW Liberal Minister, Terry Metherell and his bias is so bloody obvious at times

  16. Don’t talk to Sloppy Joe about interest rates. He’s been Shadow Treasurer for two years and doesn’t even know the official Reserve Bank cash rate!


    Sloppy is as Sloppy does. While on their ABC spinning against the government’s second stimulus package (one of the measures that kept the economy out of recession during the GFC), Sloppy displayed his problem with numbers with more than one zero…

    …”This is exactly why we opposed the size of the $42,000, ah, million dollar, billion dollar, the $42 billion dollar stimulus package,” Mr Hockey told ABC Television


    Taking account of his difficulty with numbers, political cartoonist, @GeorgeBludger has made a couple of “special” calculator just for Sloppy…

    1) http://www.flickr.com/photos/64041833@N04/6870550190/sizes/l/in/photostream/

    2) http://www.flickr.com/photos/64041833@N04/6999108137/in/photostream

  17. To return to the business as usual pre GFC policy of Abbott and the LN no P would be the road to disaster for Australia. The huge reforms on tax, health, education,climate change, communication ie;NBN etc of the Gillard led govt are absolutely critical for the future of this country.

  18. And the really stupid thing at the time Cuppa was for all their blustering and going on about the massive size of the government’s stimulus and how it would rooin’ Australia forever and ever when the opposition produced their package it came out at around $38b, and a lot of that was in tax cuts that hugely benefited the wealthy.

    For stuff sake. $42b would destroy Australia forever but $38b wouldn’t.

    And just how wrong was their prediction on Australia being financially ruined because of the government’s GFC stimulus, something to this day Hockey still avers had no effect despite every figure, fact, projection, economist and economic institution both here and overseas clearly showing it did have a very great positive effect.

    And these clowns are going to be our next government. Spare me.

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  20. CU
    The pre-selection in Fisher is today..

    Miglo another dazed and confused and ongoing Policy is the duplication of the Pacific Hwy. The Hwy duplication Howard committed to in 2000, 2004,2007 and yet the biggest progress and funding has only happened under Rudd and Gillard.
    And Barry O’Farrell has reneged on equal funding, yes reneged just as he attempted to do on the NDIS.
    And Abbott’s front bench that has members from the electorates that need that highway fixed have the audacity to claim that NSW shouldn’t have to put in equal funding. Just how many more road deaths have to happen in their electorates before Abbott’s shadow Ministers get the message and stand up to Abbott and O’Farrell and look after their electorates. Stop the politiciking and support Gillard in finishing the Hwy duplication by 2016.

  21. I ask, why does the Coalition always start with those ar rhe bottom when they make cuts?

    The refusal by Coalition states to put money on the table for the NDIS trials early this week makes no sense. If it was a purely political act, then one has to wonder what they imagined it would achieve. Every way you look at it the decision reflects badly on them. Premier O’Farrell (NSW) and Premier Baillieu’s (Victoria) back down two days later looks like a win for PM Julia Gillard, while their initial refusal looks decidedly lacking in understanding and compassion for people living with a disability, and the carers the scheme is designed to assist.

    Campbell Newman, aka the Butcher of Brisbane, continues to withhold financial support from the scheme, and as a bonus has withdrawn a $6.50 payment to taxi drivers who transport disabled people, for whom accessing a taxi requires a good deal more time and assistance than Mr Newman needs to hop into his car.


  22. CU
    To compliment that Piggies clip, this morning on the tele I saw vision of a radio stunt (yes tv cameras there to broadcast the image) where O’Farrell was pashing a very popular radio host. So here was O’Farrell prepared to do a stunt like this and yet wants the public to think he was putting concern for funding for the disabled as his reason for saying NO to Gillard.

  23. Also, notice how even though the NSW & Queensland Governments are completely “broke”, they could still both find more than $100 million to upgrade sporting facilities (the Gold Coast Turf Club & the SCG). Typical “priorities of the “born to rule” mob!

  24. I see lain has made a comment on his own blog about this article, hmmm what does that say about lain, too afraid to answer the hard questions here??

  25. Sue, I pinched the link from another site. Thought ir was appropriate.

    Adelaide, it is not about being able to afford. It is about priories.

  26. paul, he has outdone himself this morning. No one seem to be taking much notice though. Maybe he has nothing new to say.

  27. I do not believe it, Insiders have Ackerman and Henderson on this morning. Annabel did her best to take them on.

    At least they have Hockey on re his lack of knowledge on cash rate is. Only about 3 points out.

  28. Migs, you have really made it. More free publicity from other sites.

    Miglo, you are becoming notorious.

    Keep up the good work.

  29. Happy families.

    The conservative premiers, knowing they were dealing with a Prime Minister in desperate straits, presumably felt they could wear down Julia Gillard. But they quickly found they were the ones with a political problem when their states missed out. Reality started to dawn at the post-COAG news conference. Back in their home cities, they were confronted with community outrage; it flooded the airwaves and no doubt their offices. Disability reform is a genuine issue that people care about. Baillieu, in particular, came under huge pressure to save the Victorian trial.

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/opinion/politics/disability-scheming-trips-up-premiers-20120728-232ly.html#ixzz21yPkVnJq

  30. The stoush over the trials was unnecessary and unedifying. The conservative premiers are determined to stir up fights at COAG, just because they can. But to do it on an issue such as disability brings them no political kudos. This was not an area in which to mud wrestle Gillard. In the end they just had to struggle out of a mire of their own making.

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/opinion/politics/disability-scheming-trips-up-premiers-20120728-232ly.html#ixzz21yQXNnpZ

  31. Andrew Robb is even more confused or is confusing Sloppy Joe even more (not difficult). On Bolts Liberal Party publicity show this morning dear old grandad Andrew proclaimed an Abbott led Govt would fully fund an NDIS scheme. Oh Nooooo Andrew. Who gave you authority to say that? Turnbull? Bishop? Or that evil Morrison, who retains visions of himself as leader of the Libs.
    Should be great fun in the Opposition Leaders office tomorrow!!!

  32. Does anybody know the current funding source for Tony’s parental leave scheme?
    It was originally, of course, to be funded by a “modest levy” on a few thousand companies. But while this description was mostly good enough for the media, the companies who had to part with the dosh didn’t give a rat’s whether it was called a levy, tax or submarine. They called it an imposition & jacked up. So the last I heard an equivalent amount of tax lightening was proposed, effectively cancelling out the “levy”. And there, as far as I know, matters stand. Or has Tones come up with a revenue source to make up for the tax cuts?

  33. Sue @ 11:22 am

    It was that stunt by O’Farrell at a time he didn’t show up on a disability forum that had an instant and severe backlash from the community. It was that stunt I was referring to, but it’s not the only one he’s engaged in. Almost from day one he’s been swanning around in photo and media ops whilst his ministers, some who had failed at their jobs, were taking the brunt.

    An example is his AG supporting a paedophile priest and though there were calls for O’Farrell to speak out he just engaged in more media stunts.

    There are two things O’Farrell has engaged in that Rudd on gaining power was severely castigated for, often unfairly, and that is media spin and sending things off to far flung committees. Though O’Farrell has done this more than Rudd, O’Farrell has barely received a single criticism from the media with one praising him over something they lambasted Rudd. The media swanning with the pash when he had knocked back the disability insurance scheme was on stunt too many though and I can only hope they now start holding O’Farrell to account for all the other failings and broken promises, and pick him up for every media stunt he engages in.

  34. So according to Robb we can now add $8b to the $74b in unfunded liabilities. At this rate $200b is not beyond the realms of possibilities and not a single way of being able to pay for it unless they savagely cut Defence, pensions and social services, and even then it would not be enough.

  35. Given that Mr Brough has been preselected in Mr Slipper’s seat, as the Ashby misadventure plays out, this may come back to haunt the Lieberals just in time for the 2013 election 😀

  36. Has anybody else noticed that the two articles on the same day where Abbott had differing views about subsidising the auto industry both appeared in The Australian? Has anybody at that rag stopped to think about what they publish, or are they just happy to print with a ringing endorsement anything Abbott says?

  37. Has anybody at that rag stopped to think about what they publish, or are they just happy to print with a ringing endorsement anything Abbott says?

    No, and yes…

  38. Bacchus, with just a tiny bit of luck Mr. Brough’s luck will run out around mid 2013..

    Mal Brough’s plan for federal comeback passes a key hurdle, with LNP preselection for Fisher

    Mr Brough has succeeded in a key step in his political comeback despite involvement in the sexual harassment case against Mr Slipper, who has stood aside as Speaker.

    He allegedly had extensive contact with the Speaker’s then staffer James Ashby before Mr Ashby lodged a sexual harassment case against Mr Slipper.

    He was also accused of interfering with a local government election on the Sunshine Coast, but has since been cleared by the Queensland’s anti-corruption watchdog and police.


  39. Michael over at TPS has another take on Mr Brough’s selection:

    If the LNP could put themselves up to electors to form a Coalition government in Queensland with a leader at that time not actually sitting in parliament, then I ask you, oh yeah, what’s to stop sure-fire Mal (the Returned, not Mal the Incapable NBN Demolisher) from unseating the clown who shouldabeen and stepping up to the plate as Leader of the Opposition in double-waiting?

    Ask Tony Abbott what he really thinks about ‘Mal Brough is back’?

  40. Bacchus, I see you’ve been engaging with an intellectual giant over at TPS. :mrgreen:

    When he takes the likes of you and jane on he only succeeds in demonstrating how floundering his integrity is.

  41. paulwello @ 11:38 am

    see lain has made a comment on his own blog about this article, hmmm what does that say about lain, too afraid to answer the hard questions here??
    What odes it say about you lot that none is willing to answer the questions and commentary that I pose in my piece?

  42. paulwello @ 11:38 am

    see lain has made a comment on his own blog about this article, hmmm what does that say about lain, too afraid to answer the hard questions here??

    What does it say about you lot that none is willing to answer the questions and commentary that I pose in my piece?

    apologies for the typo and bad HTML 😦

  43. I would say that most do not put much value in what you have to say.

    No interested either way, says it all.

    It could mean the same as it does here, no one agrees with your great wisdom.

  44. I see you’ve been engaging with an intellectual giant over at TPS

    He’s just their “pet” over there Migs – the subject of ridicule and derision. Quite fitting really 😆

  45. As for Brough’s win, Mr. Howard is still in control.

    This is one win I like. One that I believe Labor will benefited from in the long run.

    Time for a good independent to stand for the seat.

    What is Brough’s greatness, based on. The Intervention,stunt, at the last moment in an attempt to save Howard’s hide.

    One of Rudd’s and sadly this PM was not to dump it on coming into power.

    Until the Intervention, Brough was an unknown entity. The voters in his seat, dumped him with one of the biggest swings of the Howard election.

    Yes, a wonderful choice for Labor.

    I have a suspicion that Howard sees him as a future PM. Not sure I would not rather have Labor.

    One has to ignore every email before the court in the Slipper matter to back this man. That is stretching credibility to the limit.

  46. Cu, Howard didn’t believe he’d lose the 2007 election, and wouldn’t listen to his colleagues back then either…..

  47. see lain has made a comment on his own blog about this article, hmmm what does that say about lain, too afraid to answer the hard questions here??

    Iain Hall have never been afraid of sounding like a complete tit. He just prefers to respond to your post on his blog, to drive up his own traffic. He’s obsessed in that regard.

  48. Iain, it is tedious enough giving you respect replying to your comments here. Why would we travel to your site, to give the same answers.

    I would have thought your followers would have been interested enough to reply.

    I take it, you do have more followers than those who look in now and again from this site.

    Maybe we could get Migs to cut and paste from this site to yours, if that would please you.

  49. Just seen that stunt of O’Farrell on Meet the Press. Not that pretty a sight.

    What politician, who had any respect would go on that show.

  50. Think about her many appearances at workplaces, replete with hard-hat and fluoro vest, and reflect on how she has handled them. While the accoutrements irritate some, they seem to be required dress. Here again, she answers questions directly and clearly, and makes her points pithily, complying as all pollies need to do with the demand of TV viewers and radio audiences for brevity. Some may contest her statements or debate her reasoning, but few would assert that she fails to make her position clear.

    In summary, this piece argues that by any reasonably objective measure, Julia Gillard has been an outstanding, if not perfect Prime Minister. She and her Government have introduced a series of profound reforms designed to set this nation up for a low carbon economy and the Asian Century, and has achieved great success against the odds, in the face of the most venomous opposition and obstruction. The economy is prospering.

    Our PM is a personable, devoted and intelligent leader, determined to bring Australia into the era ahead, well equipped to take advantage of what the new age offers. Yet she stands condemned by so many voters, persuaded by the Abbott/Jones/Hadley propaganda that she is an evil, back stabbing liar that must be thrown from office as soon as possible.


    A should not be missed read.

  51. He’s also showing obvious signs of that unmistakeable conservative trait – projection:

    His only purpose is to verbal, misrepresent and provide lazy insults.


  52. If one wants more evidence of confusion, listen to Bolt. Bolt asks why Robb says the NDIS will be funded. Hockey and Abbott says the opposite.

    Video not yet available.

    PS. Bolt still trying to get Wilson affair off the ground with the assistance of Robb. What was noticeable, was how careful he is now with his words. He cut Robb’s reply.

  53. For all her flaws, Ms Gillard does not run a shambolic, corrupt or dysfunctional government that would make a leadership change an urgent necessity, not just to salvage the shreds of Labor’s reputation, but for the good of the country. Nor is she accused of reprehensible conduct that would make her unfit to govern. She was legitimately elected and, despite her fragile hold on power, her government is able to pass important legislation, hundreds of bills in fact, through a functioning parliament.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/editorial/labor-has-no-choice-but-to-stick-with-julia-gillard-20120728-233fw.html#ixzz21zzfsg1M

  54. Bacchus, you can’t blame the pet for wanting to post at TPS. It’s the only blog he’s allowed to comment on that has more than a handful of visitors.

  55. On Brough – ABC Queensland News showed the LNP members being locked up before the pre-selection began and leaving afterwards. The ex-Deputy Premier Joan Sheldon looked like one of the younger ones – and she is close to 70 if her Wikipedia entry is correct.

    One could make a joke about them needing to be locked up after the pre-selection but as Michael on TPS suggests

    This is the best of all possible news for those of us determined to see Gillard Labor re-elected.


    If as seems likely Brough is tainted by the resolution of the Ashby shenanigans, he’ll be a confirmed ‘dirty’ candidate. Bye bye Mal. Splashed merde on all Coalitioneers associated. Hi Christopher Maurice, Joseph Benedict, Anthony John…

    Until that (unholy) confirmation, Brough is now officially a candidate for the Coalition at the next Federal election under the leadership of Tony Abbott.

  56. Not the leadership of Mr. Howard, who appears to be pulling the strings.

    They remind one of puppets. swinging around on that little stage.

  57. I think I am beginning to understand when they say the PM cannot draw that big picture for us, of where she is heading, where she wants to take us.

    It means, I think being able to present your opponent in a bad light, and ridiculing them at all times.

    Now, as the PM is busy doing and does not like to waste her time playing games. it may have to up to us.

    Sadly we have such a poor Opposition, it is not hard to do,

    All one has to do, is ensure that everything they do or say, gets wide exposure.

  58. Miglo @ 4.14

    By Robb saying the Opposition can deliver the NDIS by 2018, it is Robb’s clever way of saying, they won’t have to put any funds into the NDIS in the next term 2013-2016. It also gives them the big “out” that after looking at the “big mess ” they will have to stop any trials to save the budget. Then they have the aspiration that with a big surplus they will be able in a following election period to deliver some typre of NDIS. Budget permitting, it may not be the fully nation wide program but a measured and respectful approach as only a Coalition can deliver, rather than the reckless and rushed approach of Labor.

    Yes with the history of social reform that can be attributed to the Coalition, the voters and more importantly the disabled, their carers and family should be very wary of a Robb/Abbott/Hockey committment to the implementation of the NDIS 6 years into the future.

  59. This was just emailed to me by a Liberal friend.

    Make These Laws Take Effect!!!

    Make sure you read after it says ” TOO STRICT ” 

    New Immigration Laws: PLEASE read to the bottom or you will miss the message….

     1) There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.

     2) All ballots will be in this nation’s language.

     3) All government business will be conducted in our language.

     4) Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long  they are here.

    5) Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office.

     6) Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers.

    No welfare

    No food stamps,

    No health care,

    Or other government assistance programmes.

    Any burden will be deported.

     7) Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

     8) If foreigners come here and buy land… Options will be restricted 
    Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.

     9) Foreigners may have


    no demonstrations

    no waving of a foreign flag


    no political organizing

    no bad-mouthing our politicians or their policies.

    These will lead to imprisonment and deportation. 

     10) If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted & when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged.

     ALL assets will be taken from you.

     Too strict?……

     The above laws are the current immigration laws of the Muslim countries !

     These sound fine to me.

    NOW, how can we get these laws to be the laws of our country? 

    And, because I make
    This statement 
    DOES NOT   
    Mean I’m against immigration!!!

    To come through legally:
    1. Get  a sponsor!   
    2. Get a place to lay your head!
    3. Get a job!
    4. Live By OUR Rules! 
    5. Pay YOUR Taxes!


     6. Learn the LANGUAGE like immigrants
    have in the past!!!  


    7. Please don’t demand that we hand over our lifetime
    Savings of welfare benefits to you. 

    If you don’t want  to forward this for fear of offending someone,



    When will AUSTRALIANS STOP giving away 
    We’ve gone so far the other way…
    Bent over backwards not to offend anyone.   
    But it seems no one cares about the   
    who’s being offended!


    If you agree…Pass this on. 
    If you don’t agree…Delete it!!

  60. paul that looks like another “Frank from Frankston” email [or somewhere across the pond maybe]. “Food stamps” ? Which countries have “food stamps” ?

  61. Thats what i was trying to work out, but the first half of the email is what scares me, it sounds to much like the LNP Party Policies from the past and what Abbott wants.

  62. Hansonism is dead, Long live Hansonism. Welcome back One Nation.

    If this was the policy since the 1940’s, what a dull and poor nation we would be.

    We would not be the nation that we are now, one of great variety and one that punches above it’s weight. An exciting place to be. One were one is free to live as they desire, as long as they do not impose on the rights of others.

    We would not have our doctor Chang’s and many other great scientists and inventors.

    We would not have, as we have now, one of the best economies in the world. We are at the top of the global ladder in all ares.

    yes, let support such inward and selfish policies. Lets take the country back to the cave age.

  63. “who’s being offended!”

    This one, of fiver generations on all side, is not offended. I say thank-you for all that have come by boat. since 1788, for the wonderful country you have built.

    Where do the post war migrants, which comprised mostly of refugees fit into your idea of Australian citizens.

    The same thing has been said about each new wave since WWW2, making exactly the same comments.

    All have gone on to become productive Australians.

    I would say to these people, they need to grow up, take off the blinkers and look at the real Australia.

  64. Paul/Pip, that email originated in the USA and was directed against Mexicans.

    But whoever ‘translated’ it into Australian is surely a fool, because as Pip points out, we don’t have food stamps. 😯

    I’m sure the idiot is currently drafting an email complaining that he doesn’t get food stamps from Julia Gillard yet boat people do. 😆

  65. This bit was amusing:

    7. Please don’t demand that we hand over our lifetime
    Savings of welfare benefits to you.

    Now I ask, since when has a person been asked to dip into their savings so an immigrant can be paid welfare? 🙄

  66. ‘Kick Them Out, Keep Them Out’

    By Susan Metcalfe

    Nauru’s troubled past means it should be taken off the table as a policy option immediately. Author of The Pacific Solution, Susan Metcalfe, remembers the darkest days of the Howard years

    To this day many facts about what happened in Nauru in the early years of the Howard government’s Pacific Solution policy remain contested or obscure. Accountability to Australian taxpayers for his offshore detention centres was not one of John Howard’s priorities, and most Australians, media and NGOs were denied access to the country before 2005.

    When Howard was leading our country, staffers in one minister’s office called themselves the KKK. Used in relation to asylum seekers, it meant “Keep them out, Kick them out, or Keep them in detention”. I have heard this more than once from reliable sources and I have no doubt that it is true.


    Why would anyone doubt the veracity of this story when we now have the Shadow for Immigration Scott Morrison promoting his red-neck opinions.

  67. This guy complains about everything this govt does, wears blinkers and wants to go back to the way it was under Howard, if you cut him, he bleeds blue blood.

  68. With the guaranteeing of income, we are getting near to food stamps but that is another story.

    If the person has real concerns, worrying about the cost. I suggest that they demand the closing of Christmas Island and most other processing centres.

    That they demand these people be processed as quickly as possible and got into the workforce, where they can create wealth and not be a drag on this economy.

    I am not so sure that is their concern. I believe it has more to do with racism and a sense of superiority.

    Funny, this is how most other countries in the world deal with the problem. They do not lock them up as punishment.

  69. Tweet from Cher a few hours ago..

    Cher (@cher)


  70. Maybe she’s seen some comments she disagrees with… I liked her last little comment regarding the racists and homophobes and zenophobes.. fk em 😯

  71. The poll of 1400 voters was taken from Thursday night to Saturday night and shows 60 per cent of voters prefer Mr Rudd, compared with 31 per cent for Ms Gillard. These numbers have been relatively steady since May.
    Labor voters are fairly evenly split, 45 per cent backing Mr Rudd as leader and 50 per cent backing Ms Gillard. When asked whether the government should change leaders, Labor voters are reluctant.
    The poll finds 61 per cent of Labor voters oppose changing leaders, while 36 per cent support a change. These numbers are reversed among Coalition voters, with 31 per cent opposed and 63 per cent in support.
    In a match-up against Tony Abbott, 57 per cent

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/labor-faithful-stand-by-pm-despite-rudds-popularity-20120729-236hh.html#ixzz2244vi4xb

  72. “A pack of rabbits running off in all directions with no leader to follow. Every decision contradicted. Lost for ideas.”

    I have a picture in my mind, of rabbits that I witness as a young girl, about six or seven years old.

    We lived at a place called Kikoira. At the time there was a rabbit plague in the district. My father pulled up near a none place called Four Corners.

    The area consist of a small hill, riddled with hundreds of rabbit holes. He took my mother’s little rifle, firing at them.

    It was hilarious watching those rabbits pushing one another out of the way, in their haste to get down into the burrows.

    I have never forgot it.

    I think we will see similar scenes in the Opposition, when all the lies become apparent, leaving them nowhere to go,

    People seem to be slowly waking up.

  73. Cu, you described my analogy perfectly. That’s exactly how I see the opposition.

    Anyway folks, I might not be around much today. Bedridden again. 😦

  74. Cu,
    Brough was arrogant when he was in government and he’s even more so now.
    Someone here was writing about “projection” which is what Macho Mal is doing.
    He seems to be up to his ears in a conspiracy and what does he do?
    He projects the blame onto the media, which is hilarious, given the fact that the media has worked very hard to denigrate Speaker Peter Slipper – very hard !

    He appears to believe his constituents won’t follow the Ashby Doane Brough Slipper saga too closely, or alternatively, they’ll respond to the homophobic theme of the Ashby matter by bringing back “macho Mal, who cares…”

  75. Pip, it is the first time I have seen so many write against any Liberal. He is wrong. It is not the media but the people out to get him.

    I wonder if it is times are a changing.

  76. Cu, the Ashby story has caught the attention of even the most disinterested, and Brough’s attempt to divert attention is pathetic

    The Craig Thomson “scandal” has fizzled out despite the best efforts of the media plus Abbott, Brandis and company. and the Ashby story is so much more salacious with the added intrigue of MPs involved in the days leading up to the media exposure of Ashby /Slipper matter.

    The public are awake now and the change is noticeable

    It’s ironic that the media have relied on sleaze to push the Thomson agenda, and this time the Brough/Ashby//Pyne etc., story is no longer entirely within their control.

  77. paul the Brough ego seems to know no bounds!

    It’s interesting that JW Howard and T Abbott backed Brough while other front benchers did not.

    Brough seems confident that any skulduggery re Ashby and emails etc will quickly disappear in a flood of “look over there”… .

    There’s an extraordinarily high number of Napoleon types in the Coaltion.

  78. Is Mal Brough going to be another Campbell Newman, take leadership of the party while not a sitting member.

  79. Pip @3.54pm, at least Napoleon fixed the water & sewerage problems for the poor of Paris. More than I’d say the Napoleon Party is interested on doing.

  80. Slipper allegations don’t block Brough comeback bid

    Updated July 30, 2012 08:41:00

    The former Howard government minister Mal Brough has won LNP pre-selection to battle his former colleague, now independent MP and Parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper for the federal seat of Fisher. Mal Brough is embroiled in the sexual harassment suit brought against the Speaker by one of his staff, but Mr Brough has defended his actions.

    Scroll down and the key to Brough’s campaign is here:-

    SABRA LANE: Mr Brough you said that the Coalition needs to earn the trust of the Australian people. You were previously a parliamentary secretary for workplace relations. Some believe that Mr Abbott has been too timid in saying what reforms he’d specifically make to industrial relations laws here. Should he be more explicit now to win over the trust of the Australian public?

    MAL BROUGH: Look I’m very heartened by what Tony has had to say in regard to this issue because the fact is we went too far with WorkChoices and we got it wrong, and I was a casualty of that decision.

    But that doesn’t mean that we will shy away from the difficult decisions that need to be made in the interests of the country.

    So you know you can be assured that before the next election, the public will know fully what we hope to achieve in government, the flexibilities that we would hope to bring to the labour market to increase our productivity


    LOTO Abbott has been very reticent until recently, to mention industrial relations, but Mal Brough, not so much…

    “flexibilities” and “productivity” being code for the unpopular .WorkChoices which saw Brough and others lose their seats

  81. Labor was ruthless and vicious with their treatment of Cando. So Abbott says. This viciousness and ruthlessness was just a warm up of what we are going to see in the federal election. I am not taking anything for granted.

    More lies.

  82. Yep Pip, the moment they or industry say flexibility they mean WorkChoices, no matter what name they give it or how they try to dress it up.

    This bit gets me.

    “But that doesn’t mean that we will shy away from the difficult decisions that need to be made in the interests of the country.”

    So Gillard and Rudd before her not shying away from difficult decisions earns derision and massive beat-ups of doom and rooin’ but Liberal so called difficult decisions, which never are, are in the best interests of the wealthy mates/big businesscountry.

  83. The federal opposition says Fair Work Australia’s decision to put in place a code of conduct for tribunal members and set decision-making timeframes shows the industrial system is flawed.

    FWA president Justice Iain Ross has released a code of conduct to ensure tribunal members are impartial and non-political.

    He also plans to put in place time-based benchmarks for the finalisation of applications to FWA.

    Opposition workplace spokesman Eric Abetz said this showed that the system, designed by Julia Gillard when she was workplace minister, was flawed.

    I believe this section was lifted from Mr. Abbott’s WorkChoice efforts.

  84. Cu,
    I believe this section was lifted from Mr. Abbott’s WorkChoice efforts

    Don’t tell EricA ! He can’t handle the truth;

    Correction, he can’t see or tell the truth eg., Godwin Grech

  85. Mobius, WorkChoices is the scheme the Libs cling to – however hard they try to deflect attention away, it’s still on the agenda.

    Hence the regular appearances of balaklava man Peter Reith, on
    MurdochLite 24…using those weasel words… “flexibility” and “productivity”.

    Hence also the regular appearance of Judith Sloane who has a regular column on The Australian.

  86. Has anyone told Abetz that WorkChoices needed a major rewrite not long after being bought in it was that poorly framed and written?

    That it had several more rewrites from then until the huge backflip of the Safety Net, you know the one Howard adamantly said was not needed as WorkChoices was inherently fair to workers.

    Then there was the major rewrite in bringing in the Safety Net, given to the snake oil salesman Hockey to sell, but again was so badly written, probably deliberately, that you could drive a B-double sideways through the holes.

    Yes Eric, the Liberals certainly know how to write good policy.

    And don’t get me started on the back of postage stamp policies like the NTER.

  87. Where were the Coalition, when this legislation was passed. Surely they would have noticed all theses shocking failures on the part of FWA. Where were the amendments correcting the situation.

    If one reads what FWA has released today. Much is about guidelines in dealing with politicians. There is concern, they have allowed themselves to be drawn into the political process. Now why would they get that idea.

  88. I seem to recall, that Howard removed Abbott from the portfolio, for being ineffectual. Was that when he was moved to Health,

  89. CU
    from your link at 2.08. Things just got tough for Abbott and maybe the msm will take an interest

    “There is also fierce resistance to Mr Brough returning straight to the frontbench, given his absence from politics.
    “He’s been out of the game for five years,” said one Coalition frontbencher. “He goes to the back of the queue.”
    But Mr Brough said he was open to the prospect and did not subscribe to the theory of there being a queue

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/opinion/political-news/slipper-saga-brough-blames-media-conspiracy-20120729-236hf.html#ixzz225kNOi00

  90. I think there would be more of a worry that they are going back to the past, bringing in Howard’s men. We had Sinodinos, now Brough. I think there are more in the pipe line. The one in SA did not get up.

  91. CU
    plenty of egos planning the spoils. there is also the guy from WA, who gave up being treasurer for Barnett, to plan for canberra.lots of minds to play with for the msm

  92. Cu @ 5:29 pm

    It’s a laugh isn’t it. Over 300 pieces of legislation, but no amendments, very little critical analysis and no credible alternatives, just allow the legislation or program to go through and then a week or so later start a snarky sniping snivelling media campaign from the sidelines saying how bad the policy or program is. No facts and again no alternative.

    Yep a laugh doesn’t get close to describing this opposition.

  93. I reckon Abbott will be dazed and confused if he just saw 7.30.
    Putting it politely the excrement has just hit the rotating blade.

    And as Labor spokepersons have said “Brough is now Abbott’s problem”.
    And the press ask Abbott, “Do you still have full confidence in Mal Brough?”

  94. Migs & Min
    From my memory and please correct me if I am wrong but the rodent once he had control of the Senate, gave the Senate minimal time to look at the Workchoices, and some other legislation and rushed them through as if there was no tomorrow. Remember I will not abuse my power after securing a majority in the Senate. Another non-core promise no wonder it needed revisions as the original had K Andrews hands all over it another rodent under achiever. Is is any wonder they are all dazed and confused.

  95. Looking to Drum. It appears that Brough is a genius calling muckraker. Means that Labor cannot do anything. They miss the point. Labor has to do nothing. The courts will.

    They were dead serious as well.

  96. All day today we have had Brough calling the Labor party muckrakers and that a journalist had phoned him to say the Labor party were after him.
    Tonight we had Uhlmann with the Ashby story, Uhlmann is best mates with Steve Lewis. Lewis and Brough were getting and sending the Slipper diary enties.
    It looks in the court transcripts as though Brough was a Lewis source.
    Did Lewis, know about Uhlmann’s story and then telephone Brough?

  97. It is a shame he did not name the journalist. i get the impression, no one believes him.

    The story of the 15 year olds could be the end of this story.

  98. Bilko, on the night of the 2004 election. Nick Minchin was on the ABC and I can still picture his lizard grin, when he knew the Coalition had control of both Houses!!

    No offense to lizards everywhere…

  99. Sue as I mentioned on Twitter, Uhlmann must be asked questions about his knowledge of the Slipper/Ashby affair, when he knew, how he knew. His close personal relationship with Lewis, demands explanations. In any ordinary work place, an employee involved in such a horrendously high level investigation would be stood aside. But then under Mr Scott the ABC is no ordinary organisation.

    Catching up..there is much more to the 2 15 yr olds and Lewis than has been revealed…keep watching. Lewis is a man cornered, he has much to lose, rats when cornered look for any way out

  100. Just saw an amusing tweet

    “speaker sexually harrassed staff” has become ‘LNP/News collude with paedo to bring down govt’

  101. Do not expect any police actions on the latest allegations. Police cannot go any further unless one of the boys cooperate. That does not mean what is being said is not true.

    It says something for Slipper that he passed the information onto the police.

    The question is, why did Ashby involve Slipper.

    I think that Slipper, on advice of one of his staff, decided to put distance between himself and Ashby,

    Ir appears that Slipper’s sense of self protection was kicking in.

    Why is Mr. Brough making such a big thing is Ashby approaching him. I do not believe many see anything wrong with that. It is the advice and his later connections that are being questioned. Listen to Brough defence/attack.

    He is focusing on how he became involved, not on what appears to have occurred later.

    I believe that Abbott has added a few more words to his vocabulary, for his three word sentences.

    Muckraker, viciousness and ruthless. Any one want to make a guess how many times they are repeated for the next few days.

  102. CU
    the police may not do anything. what may be interesting is that ashby may have admitted via facebook to something that makes him ineligible and/or illegally signed for employment with the australian public service. that is he could be sacked without compensation.

  103. Catholics whoopsie doo’s,… Ashby, …Tony,… Brough …. Prissy ,… little boys,…. Gay pimping,…. Peyton Place, … Valley of the Dolls….. old school ties, …. Jacksonville ….. Daddies boys…..and the NSW AG and friend ….. Santamaria, …. The Rodent…..traitorist Media( fair dinkom)…….. Clive’nGina…….et al…. conspiracy theorist field days afoot 😀

    Can’t wait for the Mini-series…… 😀

  104. Cu @ 10.37pm, the Libs wiil not see the irony of this
    Muckraker, viciousness and ruthless. Any one want to make a guess how many times they are repeated for the next few days.

    after all the months of histrionics and demands regarding Craig Thomson, and the expert opinions of that legal genius, George Brandis, they have the gall to accuse labor of muckraking!

  105. Sue and paul,


    Friday, 8 June 2012

    “We can confirm that as a result of a mutual decision with Ms Jackson, Harmers Workplace Lawyers and the barristers previously in that case, are no longer acting for Ms Jackson in the matter presently before the Federal Court. As was mentioned in court today certain advice was given to Ms Jackson, and as is her right, she has decided to seek alternative advice.”

    Anthony McClellan
    AMC Media
    Harmers Workplace Lawyers


  106. Imagine if Labor had did/ done anything like what they have done…. What has the Mud-ia got to report….. sweetFA ….. no wonder Uni courses in Media are having trouble attracting students, guess they dont want to be lumped in with Used car salesmen,… hairdressers…. and Insurance salespeople ….. ( wanna buy a used newspaper… only driven by WA granny for a short time )….. credibililty shot to bits.
    “Whats the difference between a LtdNews reporter and a Prostitute………. NOTHING”

  107. Imagine this:-

    Our Asian relations can’t risk Abbott

    Abbott was and remains a mindless disciple of Howard in these and many other issues. I cringe in anticipation at how this country will be perceived over the next decade in Asia (that’s your Menzian “Far East”, Mr Abbott!) and the wider world.

    From reported consorting with Karl Rove to absorb Republican Party values and tactics, his next US visit seems likely to involve fellow-traveller ideologues like Paul Wolfowitz and Daniel Pipes, to shape our Middle East policy?


  108. His republican mate does not appear to be doing much better. They are like two peas in a pod.

  109. Not much better at all Cu…

    Mitt Romney Palestinian comments ‘racist and out of touch’

    <i.Mitt Romney, who is heading to Poland as part of an international tour, has attracted further controversy as Palestinian leaders called comments on Jerusalem racist and out of touch.

    n a breakfast meeting this morning, the Republican presidential candidate told about 40 wealthy donors who breakfasted at the King David Hotel: “As you come here and you see the GDP per capita, for instance, in Israel which is about $21,000 dollars, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality.”

    He did not mention the crippling restrictions that Israel imposes on Palestinian trade and movement. The reaction of Palestinian leaders was swift and pointed, as Romney continued to make missteps on a three-country trip designed to bolster his foreign policy credentials while challenging President Barack Obama for the November election. The Israel visit was designed to appeal to the Jewish vote in a tight race.

    “It is a racist statement and this man doesn’t realize that the Palestinian economy cannot reach its potential because there is an Israeli occupation,” said Saeb Erekat, a senior aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.


  110. If Labor is muckraking, there is much there to turn over, The stench is so great, that gas masks are needed.

  111. For all the excited bleating and ranting from the LOTO and his “senior powerbroker” and others during the last two years, nothing much has happened to bring about that election they had to have immediately.

    Newspolls efforts have borne no result worth mentioning other than ‘

    ‘if an election were held now” – WHICH THERE IS NOT

    Much hot air was expended on the Craig Thomson angle, and now, it’s as if he never existed for the Liberals who, unfortunately for them, are going to be getting quite a lot of blowback from scandal-mongering on their own side. It serves them right!

  112. Don’t tell EricA ! He can’t handle the truth;….

    Pip, he wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the bum!

    ME, I believe Phonecard has been working on SerfChoices MKIII since he slithered back into the stygian depths of Menzies House.

    Bilko, I think it was only a matter of hours to review it. I think it was their indecent haste to ram it through the Senate that had a hand in their defeat in 2007.

    …( wanna buy a used newspaper… only driven by WA granny for a short time )…


  113. Just thinking, Labor could only be guilty of muckraking, not muck creation.

    The Libs do a good enough job of that on their own.

  114. On Ashby

    I wonder if he knows the Ballad of Reading Gaol.

    Its antecedents have an eery ring.

  115. Jane I think you will find WorkChoices MkII is Minchin’s baby and always has been.

    It was Minchin, working with some industry heads, who was framing WCII when it was leaked and caused such a backlash of shock at just how draconic it was that Howard had to immediately disown it. He fobbed it off as nothing more than a policy idea, and all parties work on policy ideas that never see that light of day.

    But I don’t think anyone was fooled and if they had won the election by any good margin we would have seen WCII introduced ASAP and would be all under its rules now.

    And it was bad. I think one commentator made the remarks it was the most draconian IR legislation in the Western world and worse than IR in many non-Western countries.

    Make no mistake, the Liberals eventually want WCII and don’t mind taking a long time to achieve it. Remember WorkChoices was something Howard first bought up as Treasurer under Fraser, that’s how long he had been harbouring it, and WCII was always the next step on.

    The moment any one of them mention individual contracts or individual workplace agreements as part of their IR reform, then you know they are bringing back WorkChoices. AWAs are absolutely central to the Liberal’s IR requirements and the eventual introduction of WorkChoices MkII, no matter what name they will call it. Without AWAs or similar there can be no WorkChoices/insert name here… Though Labor kept much of WorkChoices the most important thing Rudd got rid of was AWAs.

    When you here them talk about workplace or employment flexibility then what they really mean is individual workplace agreements, in other words WorkChoices without actually calling it WorkChoices.

  116. MJ, maybe he could read some Bill Mitchell. 🙂

    Everyone should read Bill Mitchell, Migs ! 🙂

  117. Mal Brough should be joining Ashby in that reading club but not over the Slipper affair, but for his shonky dealings in the Tiwi Islands.

  118. I missed your point Migs (silly me). Got it now. Yes, we can only hope.

    To do justice to the Mitchell canon one would require, what, several years of contemplative reflection ?

  119. Hmm, nothing about the Tiwi islands here, perhaps I looked at the wrong story?

    Which is much more than Brough, his office, Greg Andrews or Wayne Gibbons, all of whom Graham pestered with numerous emails, would say. All sought to kill the story by ignoring it. All refused to answer the central question: why did the ABC agree to hide the identity of a bureaucrat whose bogus interview got his minister off the hook?

    Think about it.


  120. ME @7.38am, I agree, but I think Phonecard has also been scheming away with Minchin in the caves of Mordor to craft that pox on society SerfChoices Mk111.

    And it was bad. I think one commentator made the remarks it was the most draconian IR legislation in the Western world and worse than IR in many non-Western countries.

    I remember that ME and the barrackers should take note that they and their families will not be exempt should we be inflicted with a Liars government next year.

    To do justice to the Mitchell canon one would require, what, several years of contemplative reflection ?

    More like decades to really do it justice, MJ. 😀

  121. Tom R, dynamite which should be disseminated far and wide. Are the good burgher of Fisher aware of this? If not, it is our bounden duty to inform them, is it not? 😕

  122. Tom @11.55am and from your link..

    Tjanara Goreng is not a terrorist. She is a bureaucrat. She also has Aboriginal heritage. The “day job” she mentions is in the Howard Government’s Office of Indigenous Policy Co-ordination, where she is a branch manager. Brough is her minister. His department had sooled the police onto her home for “evidential material” that Goreng had leaked an internal OIPC email to the press. Not the press at large, either.

    Just me..but isn’t normal to call the person to your office to ask questions rather than calling in the Feds. Who knows, this might be indicative of the way a future Abbott government might deal with public servants. 😉

  123. Tony Abbott is very dazed and confused in complete disregard to the verdict of the ACCC, Tony Abbott had a press conference at the Tamar Valley Dairy and said that exorbitant refrigerant rises were attributable to the Carbon Tax.

    Cannot have the facts interupt, especially seeing concern over the carbon tax is losing in polling numbers.

    Tamar Valley Dairy has just received an email saying their products can no longer be supported by this now former customer. Fancy a product from Tasmania that wants to promote a green image being anti climate change, I wonder who was responsible for that promotion?

  124. Sue, doubly dazed and confused because this is the press release from only a few weeks ago..

    The Premier, Lara Giddings, today welcomed the announcement of Cole’s major new contract with Tamar Valley Dairy at its new $20 million processing facility at Invermay.

    The new production facility, due to be completed in July, is five times larger than the existing factory and will elevate Tamar Valley Dairy to become one of the largest yoghurt manufacturers in the country.


  125. Tony Abbott, ……. toured Tamar Valley Dairy’s yoghurt factory to assess the impact of the carbon tax.

    Mr Abbott says the factory’s power costs have gone up $50,000 a year and refrigerant gases will cost five times more.

    @Min, i wondered where the liar got the(specific) 5x increase for his claim – there you go 5x bigger(and new) factory, so maybe the 5x touted rise in the cost of refrigerants might be related ? 😮

    i wonder if the recent law changes wrt false representations of price rises mat be applied to the loto ? :EVIL:

  126. Pterosaur, one has to wonder why a reputable company such as Tamar Valley would choose to be misrepresented in this way.

    We’re on the same wavelength..

    Does Abbott specify WHY Tamar Valley’s refrigeration costs have gone up $50,000 per year. Could it be due to the huge increase in business that they have had to substantially increase their refrigeration capacity? And therefore and ergo, their refrigeration costs have gone up.

    I’m with you, most definitely 👿

  127. Sue, on Coles..the spectre of WorkChoices II looms large. However, how you could make Coles’ employee’s lives crappier than they already are is beyond me..

  128. Wow, that Tamar valley comment from tabot is such pure, unadulterated bullshit. How can these ‘journos’ just let it pass like that?

    A factory, that has been rebuilt to 5 times its original size, is obviously going to have larger power and refrigeration requirements.

    As bad as it is for a politician to not be quite honest with their representation, it is beneath contempt for ‘journalists’ to peddle this bullshit for them

    I am trying to find a replacement for the term ‘bullshit’, but none spring to mind 😦

  129. Tom R.

    Mal Brough set up the lease deal for the Tiwi Islanders’ land whilst he was Minister and almost immediately on losing office got a job with a developer to profit from that land.

    Mr Brough, the Howard government indigenous affairs minister who championed the Northern Territory intervention before losing his seat in the election, has been sighted on the Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin, being escorted by the Tiwi Land Council.

    Yesterday, he told The Australian reluctantly that he was seeking to make a profit from – and lend a hand to – the islanders in yet-to-be-finalised joint-venture projects on the islands.

    “I’ve travelled up there several times,” Mr Brough said from Queensland yesterday.

    “If you can make economic development work, it’ll become an unstoppable force for change. We’ve travelled to the Tiwis and put proposals to them and the aim of it is to try and help them realise their potential.”

    The township of Nguiu, on the Tiwis’ western-most Bathurst Island, was the only community that signed up to Mr Brough’s 99-year lease arrangements during his tenure as minister. The lease means Nguiu has effectively become public land, with no permit required to enter. Locals can now look to buy their own homes – and outsiders can scope the town for business opportunities.

    That dealing was never fully investigated nor was Brough’s dealings with both the Tiwi Islanders and the developer.

    Sorry this link is now dead, seems The Australian have canned it. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,23178334-601,00.html

    How will Mal Brough’s private development plans for the Tiwi Islands affect his rumoured return to Federal politics?

    So Brough sets up 99 year leases that makes the land public then almost immediately has dealings with developers who will profit from that policy. Nah, nothing shaky there at all.

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  131. i wonder if the recent law changes wrt false representations of price rises mat be applied to the loto ?

    I certainly hope so. I’d love to be the first to dob the bugger.

    Sue, on Coles..the spectre of WorkChoices II looms large. However, how you could make Coles’ employee’s lives crappier than they already are is beyond me..

    Liealot and the Liars are working hard on it, Min.

  132. Tax on refrigeration tax has been on the gas since Howard’s days.

    There are other alternatives. That is the aim of the tax.

    One does not regas the fridges on a regular basis. How ,many have you had regassed in your life time.

    The ACCC has told the industry to re consider their claims, as they do not stand up to scrutiny.

    By the way, that is another plane fare that the tax payer has forked out for another useless stunt,

    Should not the cost of electioneering come from the accounts of the Liberal Party.

  133. How much power comes from coal power in Tasmania. Not much I believe.

    Then where is the excessive carbon tax flow on, that Abbott is referring tom coming from.

    How much of the 50.000 could be due to the carbon tax.

    I believe there might be a few inconvenient facts missing in today’s stunt.

    The ACCC has called into dispute most of the refrigeration claims.

  134. CU @2.56pm, all facts are inconvenient for the Noalition. they prefer not to bother with them and instead rely on Rupert’s Fairy Tales for their information.

  135. More confusion.

    ..Unfortunately, the matter is not at an end.
    The problem is that, although he is a good man in many ways, Barnaby Joyce has a bias towards protectionism and he does not like foreign investment.
    These positions are not viable for the Australian economy, but no one has told Joyce that his positioning is not acceptable. Instead, he has been running a populist campaign on his twin hobby horses.
    Abbott likes Joyce but wants to keep in with Nationals leader Warren Truss. Truss gives Abbott little trouble, but Truss is threatened by Joyce’s popularity and has been looking for a way to keep Joyce at bay by conceding him some policy ground….

  136. ABC Drum on. Now all matters should be sorted out by the courts. O, how things change when you are in the hot seat.

  137. One does not regas the fridges on a regular basis. How ,many have you had regassed in your life time.

    Good comment CU.

    Refrigeration gas is not a consumable. It’s a once only capital expense, unless there’s a leak, and that’s not common.

    When work is done on refrigeration systems the gas has to be recovered, by law.

    Industrial refrigeration plant is different from domestic “sealed unit” systems in using mechanical seals (which can leak) but to suggest that the carbon tax on refrigeration gas is going to hit users is, to use Tom R’s expression, unadulterated bullshit.

  138. George Mega Tweet.

    The AOC should’ve taken Abbott’s approach to the Olympics, warning we’d lose the lot. Aussies would be happy now for exceeding expectations.

    Everyone has Abbott’s measure and all we have is his zombie troll supporters attempting to defend the indefensible.

    They know he’s a superdud, so they’re left with making up things and ignoring his brain farts. They’re scared shitless at the thought of media scrutiny of Abbott so again defend the indefensible in supporting a decrepit and corrupt media as an honest media would destroy their fragile minded hero.

  139. Damn it Migs..you and your topics. One is Dazed and Confused and one is In Control. How to choose? It seems that I’ve opted for Dazed and Confused. 😉

    Mangrove, Cu does get one thinking. Now she has me thinking about how many fridges I’ve ever had regassed. So your estimate it .005 of a cent max?

  140. What’s very concerning, what other Govt in a democratic society, that is attacked, abused, lied about, reviled by media without respite, and has an opposition in league with that mainstream media attempting to bring the Govt down by illegal activities, yet said Govt appears not to act.
    The actions and abuse, underhand low sneaky, gutter like attacks could be criminal, would be called treason in those other countries where the Govt is legally and democratically elected.
    Whatever is resolved in the current court actions surely the Labor Govt must institute either a Royal Commission or second best a Levesen type enquiry

  141. You’ve got me on the arithmetic Min, but I guess if one were to amortise the cost of the initial refrigerant charge over the life of the plant, 0.005 of a cent (or 2/3rds of 5/8ths of f/a, to put it more precisely), would be about right 😉

  142. Dafid, we have one very astute Attorney General in the form of Nicola Roxon. I am certain that if there was a way then Roxon would find it.

  143. As for Coles, as someone asked, before the tax came in, they said they would not need to raised prices.

    The reason they gave for this, that they had redesigned there stores and fridges in anticipation of the tax. In other words, I assume they had moved on from the expensive option that attracts the cost.

  144. The issue with refridgeration gas and why it needed to be changed (crickey, this is a 20+yr old issue) is to do with ozone depletion, CFC etc and the Ozone layer….,remember … this has been an on going issue WAY-before the Carbon Price,….yes the newer (now old) gas is more expensive than the old ‘R’ type refridgerants and yes they may not work quite as well,, but the gases are indeed recycled ( and legaly required) and what it has to do with a Carbon Price is debatable….. O3, not Co2

  145. More than 90% of Tasmania’s power comes from hydro-electricity. Wind power developments have been created for the north-west of Tasmania.

    From the previous link.

    What was Abbott’s stunt about today.

  146. Speaking of Brough, it appears that Emo has been having fun (perhaps with a fake account)

    Whether it was fake or real, it appears that, shortly after Emo asked this question (which is actually the one journos SHOULD be asking), the account was deleted. It is kind of the online version of tabot running away at the end of a presser 😆

  147. LOVO (11:14pm)

    You’re right about the ozone depleting stuff, but most refrigerants, although not containing any CO2, have a “global warming potential”, rated against actual CO2.

    R134a for example is has a GWP of some 1300, meaning it is 1300 times worse than straight CO2.

    And that’s what I think some of this is about. Most of it though is scaremongering inflicted on a non-technical public.

    There are however some naturally occurring hydrocarbon refrigerants that are actually more efficient than the patented low ozone depleting gases, but the manufacturers have lobbied the regulatory folk to make them difficult to obtain. That means we have to buy the patented rubbish.

    Isn’t that surprising !

    A blend of propane and iso-butane will freeze your tits off. The global warming potential of natural hydrocarbon refrigerants is only about 3 x CO2…but only if it leaks out. And you need a lot less of it because it is very efficient.

  148. Is Mal Brough “protected” ?

    In 2006 when Mal Brough was Minister for Indigenous Affairs in the Howard Government, he went on Lateline on May 16th and made the brazen claim that paedophilia was rife in Aboriginal communities and that “Everybody in those communities knows who runs the paedophile rings.“

    Consequently the accusation caused a stir, and Mr Brough was challenged to provide evidence to back up the statement, which he never did. Five weeks later Lateline after apparently receiving many calls and tip offs that supported Brough’s claim, pursued the story further and landed an exclusive interview with a witness to such crimes in an Aboriginal community. Later it was found out the so-called witness, who’s name and identity was concealed in the interview, was actually Gregory Andrews, a senior bureaucrat in then Minister Brough’s own Department.


  149. In all my years in Indigenous affairs or living in remote Australia I never once heard anything about paedophilia in Aboriginal communities.

  150. Pip, it was also another example of the Howard Govt politicising the Public Service. No wonder Canberra erupted when they were booted out.

  151. Miglo, I agree. I would be surprise if the incident of child abuse was higher than any other community.

    What annoyed me at the time was the evidence that was used to put forwarded the position of the need of the intervention to deal with the alleged problem.

    All the allegations used, had already been dealt with by the courts. This in itself made lie of the claim that the problem was hidden.

    There was no need for the army. I still have not been able to find out why it was needed. What it did, and what the results of the army being present achieved.

    The intervention would have only pushed any child abuse underground. Investigations in these matters needs trust from the child, family and community. It is not like other police investigations. The one that is being accuse, is generally a close family member. The child is well aware that they might be sending this person to jial. That is not their aim in most cases. All they want is the abuse to stop.

    The communities where portrayed as not being able to protect their children, that they did not care. This was a terrible thing to do.

    I believe that the intervention, especially in early days would have caused extreme damage to many families and children.

    If there was a problem, what was needed was child protection teams and dedicated police to deal with the problem. Not the army, teams of doctors to carry out physical examinations. We can give thanks to the doctors and medical teams that refuse to do this.

    The early intervention was wasteful. Doing medicals on children, who were already receiving such services, closing down established services did not make sense,.

    The medical teams diagnosed already known disorders, What did not occur as before and after, was the ongoing medical attention these kids need,

    If some one can explain to me, how taking over what control people has over their lives, leads to thing being better. By controlling the income of all, including those who where managing well, is a crime within itself.

    What is needed to help these people and turn the social problems around is continuing very slowly.That is the provision of appropriate housing. Those kitchens we see in some pictures are horrifying. They work good at the local sports oval, not in a family home.

    One cannot have crowded homes with many generations and extended family members an be functional. Common sense should tell one that.

    This is far as I know, the only : success: of Brough.

    PS There is much evidence of the whites outside the community abusing these kids, whether in the out back or elsewhere.

  152. I remember Brough’s fallacious claims on paedophile rings being rife in Aboriginal communities well, and several other of his beat-up to justify the NTER.

    In other words he’s a perfect Liberal politician.

  153. MO, I doubt that rings ever existed. What has been found can be linked back to extreme overcrowding in these communities.

    What is important to remember, the examples given, where from court records.

    That meant, they had been dealt with, not hidden.

  154. We have for the last few weeks, daily reports of child abuse in the Hunter, re the Catholic Church. Why have not they taken the army and a team of doctors in.

  155. That was one thing which I heard which appalled many Aboriginal elders, this being the cancellation of the Permit System. This was supposedly to allow easier access to white police officers etc, however one of the main reasons for this system was to keep white fellas away from the young girls.

  156. Catching up,

    And Julie Bishop is in line to be our foreign minister. 🙄

    I have some concerns about China’s big buy up of Australian agricultural land but it’s hypocritical of the opposition to bleat about it now given that a majority of this occurred on their watch.

    On this one Abbott is pandering to the Nationals, just the same way as he had to backpedal on his plant a tree policy.

  157. “…same way as he had to backpedal on his plant a tree policy.”

    This was a major part of his carbon abatement so if he’s reduced or scrapped this commitment his whole policy is defunct. Is there any information on his backdown?

    I know he’s in deep trouble over his soil sequestration plan, which is the backbone of his policy, as he’s costed $8 – 10 per tonne when the farmers are saying they will not do it for anything less than $25 per tonne as that’s the minimum cost to them for locking up the carbon in the soil.

  158. MO, another problem is that it is unproven technology. Still in the experiential stage.

    Same as carbon capture in coal powered powerhouses.


  159. Mobius,

    Everyone has Abbott’s measure and all we have is his zombie troll supporters attempting to defend the indefensible.

    They know he’s a superdud, so they’re left with making up things and ignoring his brain farts. They’re scared shitless at the thought of media scrutiny of Abbott so again defend the indefensible in supporting a decrepit and corrupt media as an honest media would destroy their fragile minded hero.

    Gee, are we on the same page! That’s exactly what I think.

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