Give Tony more rope

I was often bemused as to why the Government has never set out to publicly undermine Tony Abbott. Let’s face it, he offers as much weaponry to the underminer as he does to the cartoonists; his idiocy is as obvious to an observer as are his big ears and lycras.

Then the penny dropped. Nobody needs to undermine Tony Abbott while he’s doing such a brilliant job of undermining himself.

It’s like the old adage give a person enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. Tony is certainly grasping for more rope. He’ll soon be gasping for more air, literally.

He’s going to hang himself. Every time he opens his mouth the noose is tightened.

And just how is he managing to undermine himself?

To speak, and know absolutely nothing about the subject on which you are speaking or have little knowledge of the audience to whom you are speaking, can make one appear ridiculous.

Here are just a handful (of the many) subjects that Tony knows nothing about:


A soon-to-be released book titled Tony Speaks provides us with a sample of just how out of touch with reality Tony is. By reality, I mean the ideologies held by the wider community; one that is no longer under the trance of Christianity or prisoner to racist and sexist doctrines. Here are those samples:

Tony speaks – on honesty: “One man’s lie is another man’s judgment call.”

Poverty: “We just can’t stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice.”

Climate change: “Absolute crap.”

Divorce: “Come 2020, I’m confident that . . . families won’t break up any more often, because old-fashioned notions about making the most of imperfect situations will have made something of a comeback.”

Female equality: “I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons.”

Christian teaching: “Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it is not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.”

On the basis of those gems alone, it confirms Tony Abbott is divorced from reality.

Interest Rates

On this subject Tony Abbott appears not only a dill but also the consummate hypocrite. In April he said:

The Federal Government’s economic policy is to blame for the latest interest rate rise . . .

Does the man think we are stupid? Or perhaps he thought Howard and Costello were stupid. After all, they presided over 11 straight interest rate rises before the found themselves out of Government in 2011.

Interest rates have been falling during 2012 and in Tony Abbott’s view this must be a good thing. It surely must be good for the Government. It certainly must be good for home-buyers; many of whom would be keeping a more interested watch on their bank statements that the thoughts of Tony Abbott.

He continued:

The best way to restore confidence and get interest rates down was to ”change the government as soon as possible.”

”As long as we have the current government, we’re going to have bad economic policy and we’re going to have pressure on the forgotten families of Australia.”

Tony, don’t be an idiot.

I wonder if he ever stops to think what might be the consequences of his actions or words before he performs or delivers them. Those little moments when most people pause to consider the ramifications of what they are about to say, are lost on Mr Abbott. He just opens his mouth and talks, and in doing so, reveals himself again and again to be the consummate hypocrite.  Or two-faced.  Make your own call on this example below.


A surf lesson turned into a political dialogue when Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott took an Afghan refugee for a paddle at Sydney’s Manly beach.

Mr Abbott had donned his infamous budgie smugglers, but they were soon covered by a wetsuit when he gave the organised surf lesson to Riz Wakil.

The lesson was sponsored by advocacy group GetUp! after it raised $16,100 to bid on the surf lesson prize at last year’s Canberra press gallery’s mid-winter charity ball.

Mr Abbott made no bones about the fact Mr Wakil had arrived in Australia by boat in 1999.

“He’s an Australian now,” Mr Abbott told said today. “To my way of thinking he’s no longer an illegal boat person.

“He’s an Australian, and he’s entitled to all the rights and all the courtesies that Australians are entitled to.”

Yes, that right, he said:

“He’s an Australian now. To my way of thinking he’s no longer an illegal boat person.

“He’s an Australian, and he’s entitled to all the rights and all the courtesies that Australians are entitled to.”

Let’s consider those statements.

“He’s an Australian now. To my way of thinking he’s no longer an illegal boat person.

Yes, he’s an Australian, but he has never been an illegal boat person, unless of course he was fishing in restricted waters, which I’m sure he wasn’t.  But to Abbott’s way of thinking he once was an illegal boat person even though legally there is no such thing.  As a lawyer Mr Abbott should have known that, but don’t let the lawful truth get in the way of immoral politics.  To my way of thinking he’s an Australian now, full stop.

“He’s an Australian, and he’s entitled to all the rights and all the courtesies that Australians are entitled to.”

So even though Mr Abbott was quite happy to have the boats turned back, those people who manage to make it here are (eventually) entitled to the same rights as all Australians.  So why consider blowing ships out of the water if they are filled to the decks with future Australians? But haven’t the opposition been telling us that these boats are packed with undesirables not welcome in this country?

Did you notice the year Mr Wakil arrived by boat in Australia?  Yes, 1999 when Howard was Prime Minister.  Maybe in Abbott’s view it’s OK for those that made it to this country under Howard (the man legendary for stopping the boats).  But from the time he won government in 1996 up until the eve of the 2001 election, 221 boats with refugees were welcomed in this country.  Mr Wakil was on one of them.  Had have he been on boat number 222 he would have later found himself on the Tampa, and from that day on be known as an illegal boat person.

I’ve picked three subjects where Tony Abbott so beautifully undermines himself by simply opening his mouth. There are dozens. His idiocy on subjects such as economics should alone provide him with enough rope to hang himself. Those few above are just a teaser.