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Whenever there’s very little happening around the country – that we haven’t already talked about – we can always rely on Canberra to provide us with something to sizzle over. Today I turn to Canberra to see what happening.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is in the news and despite the scheme expected to benefit 400,00 Australians, the Liberal states are more interested in what’s in it for them ahead of what’s in it for the people who actually need it. Now who in their wildest dreams would have thought the Liberal State Premiers would want to play politics on such an important issue? Their political tackiness and the cost of such has been recognised:

Australian Medical Association (AMA) president Steve Hambleton said his body wanted the state governments that have not signed on to the NDIS to overcome their opposition and put the interests of people with a disability ahead of ‘political squabbling’.

That’s a fairly big ask. It’s asking the Liberals to act against their political grain. Good luck.

Labor leadership speculation again boiled to the surface this week and for the record it was for once not media driven, with Federal Government Chief Whip Joel Fitzgibbon providing the drive. Mr Fitzgibbon said that:

. . . if leaders stayed unpopular for long enough, they would inevitably stop leading the party.

And naturally the media had to chime in with this bit:

Speculation has mounted about Ms Gillard’s time as leader as the federal Labor Party’s standing in opinion polls remain in electoral wipeout territory.

Perhaps they missed that Mr Fitzgibbon actually said leaders, not Prime Ministers. Honestly, someone could suggest that the Collingwood captain is unpopular and the media could be relied upon to turn it into a Julia Gillard story.

In money news, Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens says Australian governments are enjoying their lowest borrowing rates in more than a century and there are now suggestions that the Government should consider taking this as an opportunity to go into deficit to fund infrastructure projects. As wise as that idea might seem, the current Government is committed to returning a surplus which in my humble opinion is only driven by the need to keep the Liberal monkey off its back.

Opportunity lost, unfortunately, with Economist Chris Richardson from Deloitte Access Economics saying that with the government borrowing money at rates barely above the inflation rate, in real terms it was was getting its money interest free.

What a pity that everything is so poll driven.

A jet lagged Tony Abbott, in the meantime, has made a big hit in China with his talk on tougher investment guidelines. Here’s the reaction:

Some in the Chinese system have laughed off Mr Abbott’s tougher investment guidelines as the empty talk of an opposition leader.

”I never take seriously what politicians say,” said Lu Bo, the deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce’s World Economy and Trade Research Department.

The empty talk of an opposition leader! Goodness, our Chinese cousins are very perceptive?

Parliament House Canberra, Australia

Parliament House Canberra, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. “empty talk of an opposition leader! Goodness, our Chinese cousins are very perceptive?”. And of course the attitudes of the Chinese are exactly the same towards government leaders, which was amply demonstrated against K.Rudd, and particularly in his pathetic attempts to speak their language. And of course they must have been ROFL at his use of Anglo-Saxon in his promotional video.

  2. On the contrary, Jarl, I have found in my overseas travels that foreign countries take it favourably when a visitor makes an attempt to speak their language.

    I tried it recently in England. :mrgreen:

    I mastered it well.

  3. Posted this elswhere but what a wonderful insight the Chief Minister of the ACT, Katy Gallagher brought to the NDIS launch applications. How wonderful to have a leader who thinks the NDIS is an opportunity rather than just a burden to a budget.

    “Ms Gallagher, who used to be a social worker and an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities, said not signing up to the NDIS trail had not been an option for the ACT.

    ”I could not let this opportunity go by,” she said.

    ”Philosophically, from my point of view this is the right thing to do. This is the fair thing to do and ultimately it will give people with a disability more support than they are getting now.

    ”My own view is the ACT needed to be at the start of this process and not coming in half way through.”

    Read more:

  4. . And of course the attitudes of the Chinese are exactly the same towards government leaders

    Perhaps a link might be forthcoming to back this statement up
    Thought not 😉

  5. Gotta hand the duplicity and hypocrisy of the Liberals, it knows no bounds.

    Julie Bishop ranting in lambasting Carr on a beat-up over something Carr said overseas that was taken out of context and shown to be so.

    Abbott rightly criticised for something he said overseas, and not the first time he’s screwed up overseas, that is quoted in context word for word as stated, and according to the Liberals he was taken out of context.

    Just about every time Abbott puts his clodhopper into his oversized mouth overseas he juggleries his message in an attempt to make his stupidity sound like he’s clever, when what he’s ineptly doing is endeavouring to duplicately convey one message to the foreign audience and another, that he’s a tough, to another, but it always comes out showing he’s neither tough nor sophisticated, but really is a dunderhead.

    So his minders have to keep coming in to fix up his brain farts with constant cries of him being taken out of context.

    Any other non-Liberal leader, and indeed many Liberal leaders like Turnbull and Howard, would have been hauled over the coals well before this for the ineptness being constantly displayed by Abbott, but he’s the media’s darling and they don’t mind one bit if he screws this country both domestically and internationally as long as they get to pull his strings when he’s PM.

  6. Why didn’t Christopher Pyne mention this when he appeared on QandA

    Coalition to dump Gonski reforms: Pyne

    THE federal Coalition has revealed it will repeal any legislation passed to introduce the Gonski reforms to the school funding system if elected to government next year.

    However, opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne, who believes the reforms would lead to higher private school fees, said the Coalition would support legislation extending the existing funding model for two years to allow the public to decide at the federal election which party’s policy it supported.

    The Coalition has pledged to retain the existing funding model, even though the Gonski report said it was ”unnecessarily complex” and lacked ”coherence and transparency”.

  7. What we need in this country is Canadian style ‘Truth in Media Reporting’ legislation to deal with all the rubbish that we get fed by the MSM, with real penalties for breaches.
    Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to regulate the graduates from the Abbott school of brain farts, which include all of his front bench and pretty much all of their state counterparts, as well as a few trolls who frequent blogs like this one, in the vain hope that their incessant and vacuous ramblings may gain some traction in the wider community.
    The poor deluded little souls.

  8. Migs @8.22am, Liealot’s minders must be cursing that o/s media doesn’t have to gloss over all his brain farts and clodhopper in gob moments. He is seen for what he is; an incompetent, inept, bullying oaf with no redeeming features.

    What has been underlined by his jaunt of diplomatic idiocy, is that he is totally unfit to be in the public eye ANYWHERE! He is an embarrassment.

    Jarl, as usual,you’re wrong on Rudd’s ability to speak Mandarin. He is a fluent speaker, confirmed by native speakers, who spent a considerable amount of time there, contrary to your comment. But let’s not let the truth spoil a continuous fact free fairy story.

    Migs @9.35am, take your pick. It’s impossible to tell one mob of lying toerags from the other.

    ME, if Gillard had uttered those words, the squealing from the Liars and the msm would have necessitated wearing earplugs! They’re squealing anyway because he’s been reported accurately and hasn’t made a good impression in China.

    Bloody Chinese! How dare they pick a lying toerag when they see one and mock him!

    Pip, quelle surprise! Prissy caught in another bout of mendacity. How did that happen?

    Skeptical @11.51am, if only the government would introduce such legislation and make it retrospective. I guarantee there would be some shock jocks and opinion writers heading for the hills. Rupert would need an oxygen tank!

  9. Yes indeedy, the State Liberal leaders showed just how arrogant and ugly they can be. Couldn’t give a stuff about the disabled and are currently pretty busy downsizing the public service and flogging off the country to the developers and fracking gas industry! Don’t you just love that word ‘frack’!

  10. MO, I hope that some notice when we say what he said overseas, we cut and paste directly from his speech.

  11. Yes Cu, which is different from the fallacious paraphrasing of Gillard or Carr, or for that matter Rudd when he was overseas.

    Inevitably when their actual speeches or words were played back or read as spoken they bore little resemblance or context to what was actually spoken.

    Shit even when they can’t twist, mangle or take out of context something the government has expressed, they just make it up anyway.

  12. It’s quite pathetic that two of the richest states in the country can’t and won’t find money to back the NDIS. It shows you exactly the kind of Premiers these people are and how they don’t actually govern for everyone like they say. I hope people pay attention to this and see how the Oz Axis of Evil is doing more to ruin the nation than is claimed of the Gillard government.

  13. ….more to ruin the nation than is falsely claimed of the Gillard government.

    There fixed it for you Alex.

  14. pathetic indeed alex,

    there is a pattern of collusion which seems to be appearing which i see as essentially anti-democratic.

    i wonder why the lnp premiers are all undertaking a “slash and burn” approach to their role in government, which seems most likely to plunge their respective economies into dysfunction and recession ?

    ideological blinkering as to consequence, i assume (hope?).

    however given the crap served to us by the unholy alliance of lnp and the msm as an indicator of the “character” of those concerned, perhaps they’re taking their mission to “destroy the pm” deliberately into the realms of economic sabotage, the lnp is well aware that they have no policy to argue so will/are doing anything to avoid actually having to fight an election on such grounds,

    there’s form there 👿

  15. pterosaur1

    A bit it of an awakening in the world of “slash and burn” Lucky they’ve got 2 weeks of Olympics to forget about the mess they’ve created.

    “George Osborne reeling as economy enters the disaster zone,
    shock slump in GDP

    George Osborne was coming under intense pressure from business, the City and the opposition on Wednesday to rethink his hardline austerity approach after news of a deepening double-dip recession dealt a severe blow to the government’s deficit reduction strategy.
    Evidence that the economy is now smaller than when the coalition came to power in May 2010 prompted immediate calls for a change of course.

    “These shocking figures speak for themselves. As we warned two years ago, David Cameron and George Osborne’s ill-judged plan has turned Britain’s recovery into a flatlining economy and now a deep and deepening recession.”

  16. Pterosaur1 :

    i wonder why the lnp premiers are all undertaking a “slash and burn” approach to their role in government, which seems most likely to plunge their respective economies into dysfunction and recession ?

    Between them they’re adding thousands to the unemployment numbers week in, week out. [See the Under Destruction thread: ]

    This will manifest in rising national unemployment which they will, with typical conservative hypocritical dishonesty and projection, blame on Labor.

  17. Just heard Hockey attacking Gillard for deluding all those poor advocates of the NDIS, cruelly promising them something she can’t deliver. Strategy so obvious & cynical even an ABC political reporter could see through it. As with the asylum seeker issue, the great thing is to make sure nothing actually happens in the knowledge that the ALP will wear the blame.

    Listening to Pyne ranting yesterday morning on local radio, so over the top that even the usually facilitating host was obliged to (try to) pull him up. Talking about Gillard’s “relentless negativity”.

    Sometimes it’s hard to give a rat’s arse about a place that intends to vote for that crew.

  18. BSA Bob,

    Listening to Pyne ranting yesterday morning … about Gillard’s “relentless negativity”.

    They know that “relentless negativity” is EXACTLY what they’re guilty of themselves. Projecting their own behaviour onto Labor is another instance in a growing catalogue of Right-Wing Projection.

  19. And News Ltd is calling Hockey the “bumbling Hockey” just because on the radio in Perth he didn’t know what the current cash rate was.

    Then again he was in Perth and the article commented that when Bishop was shadow Treasurer and only in the job for 2 days she got that wrong. Commentry went on to say “bumbling Hockey as been in the job over 2 years, so he has no excuses.

  20. Cuppa 5.57
    One of Joe Goebbels’, always accuse your opponent of the transgression you’re committing.

    Sue 6.08
    I guess those rates Just Are 3%. Another triumph for the Assertion based community.
    People with disabilities Just Aren’t worth spending money on, at least not when there’s the chance of scoring points off them.

    And doncha know that if he’d thought of it first, the cost of an NDIS would be the furthest thing from Abbott’s & his lot’s minds. They Just Would pay for it.

  21. BSA Bob @ 5.49pm
    Listening to Pyne ranting yesterday morning on local radio, so over the top that even the usually facilitating host was obliged to (try to) pull him up. Talking about Gillard’s “relentless negativity”.

    That’s a first for Henschke!!

  22. If anyone gets to read this can they please give me a heads up as to how hilarious it is and how much of an idiot Abbott really is.

    Does anyone know if Abbott is trying to out Bush W Bush? Nah, not even a gormless Abbott could beat that stupidity.

  23. ME, definitely a heads up 😆

    It’s hard to decide which is the worst of them but this one is right up there for a fine upstanding catholic, or so he would have us believe!

    Poverty: “We just can’t stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice.”

    This to show how delusional he really is…

    Female equality: “I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons.”

    Neanderthals live.

  24. Mobius @ 8.20pm.
    Does anyone know if Abbott is trying to out Bush W Bush? Nah, not even a gormless Abbott could beat that stupidity.

    He’s getting closer!

  25. Mobius, this explains why Abbott shows no genuine respect for women, especially the Prime Minister

    Female equality: “I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons.”

    He’s too thick to realise that he’s nowhere near as intelligent, clever and articulate as she is.

  26. Pip 8.04
    ‘Twas about 9am when I heard Pyne. I think the host was half of the Mattndave combo. I don’t listen to them anymore.

  27. Bob. I never listen to Abraham and Bevan. I’m not sure which Liberal supporting host it was because I usually listen at around 9am to see whether it’s worth bothering.

    Either way, it was a very unusual occurrence to hear Pyne being pulled up!

  28. What we need in this country is Canadian style ‘Truth in Media Reporting’ legislation to deal with all the rubbish that we get fed by the MSM, with real penalties for breaches.

    Skeptical, it is of no surprise to learn that Murdoch has zero media interests in Canada. I guess he only has interests in countries that allow him to produce rubbish.

    Like Australia, where he produces 70% of all rubbish.

  29. Just heard Hockey attacking Gillard for deluding all those poor advocates of the NDIS, cruelly promising them something she can’t deliver.

    Is Sloppy channeling Tweed or vice versa?

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  31. Pip
    Campbell Newman is honest, he didn’t have a brass razoo for the disabled and Joe Hockey agrees with him.

    Oh and by the way Newman is actually cutting funding to Disability Services in Qld.
    “do we want to spend more, you betcha”
    “can we spend more, NO”

  32. Our day has been made. Mr. Abbott is back. Will be on soon. He is in Sydney visiting an engineering factory. Will be on ABC24. They have told us many times, this exciting event is occurring.

    Do not miss it. He could have something new to say. Pigs might fly.

  33. Nothing new I am afraid. Such a disappointment. He says the NDIS should be funded out of general revenue. He needs to talk to Cando, who is saying a levy is needed.

    Asked many questions. Excuse himself from answering some. He just got back and has not been briefed. So we now know the stunts are more important than knowing what is going on.

  34. jane, I pointed out that tweed was quick in picking up the new Liberal slogan.

    The man who did not know what the present interest rates are. I believe his is shadow treasurer.

    Maybe when they are going down, not up, like under the Liberals, they are not so noticeable.

  35. This is news. One would have thought this is what they were doing at all times. No wonder they have so many inferior members of parliament.

    The coalition is aiming to cripple the Labor Party at the next federal election by running well-resourced candidates against potential Labor leaders.

    Plans have been made by the coalition to run heavily-resourced strong candidates in NSW seats held by Greg Combet, Jason Clare and Chris Bowen and in Kevin Rudd’s seat in Queensland.

  36. The PC of PM Gillard is very interesting. At least she has something to say.

    Defending herself with passion. Letting the media know were the lies lay.

  37. Cu, according to Twitter the PM was brilliant 🙂

    AshGhebranious ‏@AshGhebranious

    You really should do more pressers like the one in Geelong @JuliaGillard . Brilliant. Direct. Passionate


    eleanor bloom ‏@eleanorbloom

    Gillard: Let’s go thru the spin spin & spin. And she does… Speaking with great force & confidence. Wonderful. #NDIS

  38. Pip, when one listens, they always hear something worthwhile. I believe the press are working harder with their questions.

    What is occurring now, is the public is interested in what she is talking about. That is disability. These people are mainly in the older age group.

    The agenda for the next election is rapidly being laid.




    Not carbon tax, as Mr. Abbott would like.

    With the way the states are cutting, health might just get back on the agenda.

  39. Disability Reform Minister Jenny Macklin has told the states they can’t keep chopping and changing their position on NDIS.

    Ms Macklin said Victoria and NSW had ruled out discussions of long-term funding of the NDIS ahead of Wednesday’s Council of Australian Governments meeting, while Queensland proposed long-term funding through a Medicare type levy.

    The COAG meeting concluded with Labor-run South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT agreeing to partly fund trials of the NDIS.

    NSW and Victoria put in bids but failed to agree with the Commonwealth on funding and the details of their trials.

    Queensland Premier Campbell Newman now says he proposed that the NDIS be funded by a levy akin to the Medicare levy, but the idea was rejected by the government.

    Ms Macklin said the government had started discussions on longer-term NDIS funding.

    ‘But let’s not get diverted by that. In fact NSW and Victoria decided on Monday that they did not want to talk about long-term funding. They made it clear that the COAG would all be about launching the NDIS,’ she told ABC radio.

    ‘We want to start the NDIS. We now have agreement in three states to do exactly that. We have our $1 billion on the table. We of course have been very disappointed that Victoria and NSW will not contribute extra money (to NDIS trials) in Geelong or in the Hunter.’

  40. Bumbling Hockey and his honest Premiers, even Abbott doesn’t back him on that
    ‘TONY Abbott has undermined a push by conservative premiers for a Medicare-style levy to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme,……’

    But watch out voters this is where the catch is

    “saying it should be funded from general revenue. ‘

    That is Abbott speak for we will have to wait until the budget has a very big surplus, but we really care and it is one of our first priorities.

  41. And now it’s a levy they want? except that Abbott doesn’t? But he wants his own levy to pay people up to $180,000 a year for having a kid. What I wish is that all the coalition’s contradictions could be combined at one point in the universe, where they’d hopefully cancel themselves out & disappear & we’d be rid of them.

  42. Pip @ 2.21am, yes another fine dose of weasel words from Sloppy. Problem is we all know Sloppy couldn’t lie straight in bed and was first in line when pig ignorance was handed out.

    Sue @9.04am, but Campbell I Don’t give a Feck about the Disabled Newman can afford to slide his wealthy mates into highly paid PS positions by claiming they don’t need the money. Pity he forgot to add they don’t need the feckin’ job either.

  43. Just saw a tweet about Abbott thought bubble on China bursting and he’s now advocating Chinese investment in Australia, whether the investment is State owned or not.

    If anyone can source this I would appreciate it. As is normal the many Abbott back flips the media is totally mum, and Abbott yet again has been able to get away with sounding tough for the domestic audience when as usual he’s grown a yellow streak and run away when he thinks no one is looking.

    If Gillard had back flipped like this over such a serious foreign diplomacy matter the media would have been screaming blue murder and lambasting her from hell to high water for weeks if not months, so how come Abbott can keep doing it with impunity?

  44. Pip and Cu

    I just watched the press conference with Julia Gillard and Jenny Macklin, what a great team, the press sure got some facts about the NDIS and the COAG process sorted out for them.
    Firstly, Newman, using Janes’s apt descriptor, I Don’t give a Feck about the Disabled Newman. As Gillard explained to the press it was the “chase it down the rabbit hole, levy”. The levy option suggested by the Premiers was given to Van Olsen last night for the explicit purpose of the press getting diverted and asking Gillard about it today, rather than focus on why Newman didn’t have a plan or a dollar for the disabled in Qld. Also it was to disguise his cuts to Disability Services and huge cuts to hospital funding.

    Bailleau, who asked for an extra 24 hours to decide but now the 24 hours has elapsed and no decision made. Bailleau, who has the reputation in Victoria of never being able to come to a decision. Bailleau who sent his people into the Geelong area and raised expectations that Geelong would be a launch site, only now not being able to committ $40 million over 4 years. Bailleau needs to explain to these people why.

    O’Farrell who the week before COAG asked for future funding arrangements to be taken OFF the COAG agenda. Then the Liberal Premiers met and as a gang told the media that future funding must be discussed before starting any launch.

    O’Farrell and Bailleau had separate applications then decided to do a joint application BUT wouldn’t let the Commonwealth government officials see any of their revised figures before COAG!!!! what were they hiding?

    Then the best of all one which ties in with Abbott. What about the Premier’s claim that the Productivity commission said the federal government should fund the lot.
    As Gillard replied, do the Premiers want to follow the Productivity commission because the Commission stated the Premiers should forgo some revenue raising to the Commonwealth. Do the Premiers want to give up their stamp duty, well let them offer.

    Then as both Gillard and Macklin reaffirmed the ACT, SA and Tasmania can find the money and they are part of the launch and the work now begins.

  45. how come Abbott can keep doing it with impunity?

    ever heard of the “joke”? -it’s in imho 👿

  46. Baillieu backs down on NDIS

    The Baillieu Government has offered an extra $42 million to fund a Victorian trial of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

    The NSW government has also hinted that it will compromise on the NDIS, with Premier Barry O’Farrell’s press officer Brad Burden tweeting that “NSW Govt offers to meet PM halfway – puts forward an additional $35m” for an NDIS trial in the Hunter region.

    Ted Baillieu told a press conference this afternoon the issue was too important to be a political football and he had written to the Prime Minister to put its offer forward.

  47. Sue, I’m astonished that the msm actually asked the PM and Macklin what’s going on. Usually all we get on this stuff is the Opposition says bugger all of consequence or asking the Liars premiers for their bullshit.

    So it’s good to hear that the msm for once didn’t allow themselves to be sidetracked by Liars stunts.

    I have a feeling they’re going to have a hard time explaining this to their disabled constituents, families and carers. And an equally hard time explaining why the three Labor states can find the money, but they can’t be bothered, essentially.

  48. That only leaves Queensland. They do not seem too happy.

    We now can see what can happen when the media is fair with their reports.

    Maybe that is giving them too much credit, Maybe is should be fairer.

  49. Cu, CanDo compared Qld. economy to that of Spain – nope, that doesn’t wash.

    From Twitter

    Stephen Koukoulas ‏@TheKouk

    Memo Campbell Newman: Spain’s unemployment just released: 24.6%; Queensland 5.3%


  50. Gold from Twitter… 😆

    Mark ‏@markjs1

    BREAKING!!!…Ted & Barry have put in a late entry for the synchronised black-flip!!…Commentators say they’re a shoe-in for GOLD!! #auspol

  51. “Ted Baillieu told a press conference this afternoon the issue was too important to be a political football…”

    And there you have it, openly admitting the Liberals are playing political football with people’s lives purely to keep negabore Abbott in the lead.

    Bugger the suffering.
    Bugger the morality.
    Bugger the long term good.
    Bugger everything ’cause where Liberal and that’s what we do best, screw people’s lives for political gain. The less able to defend themselves and the more marginal the better.

  52. The PM just had another press conference. Both Bailleau and O’Farrel have agreed to the basic $20,770 per person, so the PM is confident the remaining details can be finalised.
    According to the questions from the press there was a huge backlash against the Liberal Premiers , the backlash in twitter, newspapers and talk back radio. The PM was asked do you think that made a difference, to which she replied that “everyone cares, everyone knows someone, and in today’s Australia they didn’t want them left behind”

    There were 2 interesting questions solely on Newman and Qld.
    This one had a great response by the PM.
    “By qld not being part of the launch does it mean Queensland will be left behind?”

    PM … “Queensland is already behind, they spend less per capita and this week Newman has been making cuts”

    Jane there has certainly been a change by the press, it gets to basics, journalists care about this policy and they recognise bastard politics when it is being played.

  53. MO, did not he look happy when he made the announcement.

    Funny two can play at wedges.

    The PM is having a well earned holiday next week.

    About time. I feel she is beginning to look a little physically tired. Should be, considering the pace the PM has kept up since Christmas.

    It amazes me that the Coalitions look shocked when the PM does not behave or react as they expect. Think they would learn by now,.

  54. Sue,

    Jane there has certainly been a change by the press, it gets to basics, journalists care about this policy and they recognise bastard politics when it is being played.

    and the press have been playing the bastard media game themselves but they recognise the NDIS deserves their full and honest attention…

  55. Miglo
    just one little correction

    I might add that it’s also their ASPIRATIONAL policy.

    Remember,Abbott hand on heart: “We want to be part of this BUT the productivity commission doesn’t think it should start so quickly and it will take a long time to implement.”

    Sounds so much like Howards’ only big picture policy, from 2001, the duplication of the Pacific Highway by 2016. It was so far out he got to repledge the same policy for 4 elections and with a big surplus NEVER fully funded it .

  56. I give the PM some credit for the change. The PM has been pulling them up on every occasion. The PM has also allowed her impressions and body language, that she has no respect for the questions asked.

    Not one today on Rudd or being deposed.

    There are two issues now that the public is behind, Gonski and NDIS.

    Pyne has already failed dismally of Gonski. They have done worse on the NDIS.

    Cutting is not the answer. Look at the rest of the world.

    We need to look at Norway, they have gone down a different path. Using welfare and education spending to build for the future.

    Seems to be working.

    In this country, what they are doing, would be called waste.

    As the PM said, it is not about not having the money, but about making choices and setting priories.

  57. Miglo
    I knows where yers comin frum about Pynie.
    My favourite period was his impersonations of a hardman during the last months of the Howard government. He used to remind me of a totalitarian state’s newsreader, something out of 1984, Nth Korea etc. He’d RAGE at the camera, troops are advancing on all fronts, etc & stuff like that. I remember him up against Lindsay Tanner one night; “you’re hyperventilating!” Tanner told him & he pretty much was.

  58. History we need to keep in mind.

    …….If this is to be the case, then there are important lessons to be considered.
    The Howard government’s meddling and manipulation of the Hicks case, in co-operation with the Bush administration, ultimately created a critical backlash once the public on home soil began to smell a rat…………..

    Read more:

  59. CU
    Hear hear and I think this is the PM’s theme
    “As the PM said, it is not about not having the money, but about making choices and setting priorities.”

    Optimism , it drowns out Abbott’s negativity and whinging

  60. Bob, I used to live in Pyne’s electorate.

    Mine was one vote he never got.

    Shhh. Don’t tell him or he’ll whine about that too.

  61. It has to be admitted, though, that in this instance the Coalition is displaying a comprehensive consistency with regard to policy.
    When in a political hole, throw money around.

  62. Bob I am waiting for Pyne to be carried out on a stretcher with the lather he gets himself into.

    He must one day collapse to the floor.

  63. CU – I live in fear of seeing one of the veins on Mr Pyne’s temple bursting amidst one of his rants…

  64. Yes, but do the exhibitions of Shakespeare we get makes it worthwhile. He does come across as such a ham actor.

    Maybe he is in training for another career, if his present one falls over.

    Not too sure he will be anymore successful though.

  65. Miglo, think of the mess it will make.

    BOB CARR: Absolutely. You take what he said on China, this adversarial tone towards China, and you take what he said about Indonesia, sending the boats back, which would be guaranteed in his first week as prime minister, if he’s elected, to produce a crisis in our relations with our nearest, most important neighbour, and you take what he said about the anglosphere.
    Now taken together, taken together this would send a message to the world under an Abbott Government that somehow Australia was retreating to its old certainties of the 1950s. Talking about the anglosphere is sending a message that – forget Africa, forget the Caribbean, forget above all Asia; Australia’s more comfortable with its old friends: New Zealand, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.
    I mean, that’s – there’s nothing wrong with the excellent relations we’ve got with those countries. I value them. But for Tony Abbott to start talking that language, combined with what he’s going to do on Indonesia and the adversarial approach towards China, sends a shocking message of retreat about Australia that we’re now seeking security from Asia, that we’re going back to a view so dated of Australia’s role, it’s more conservative than John Howard’s.

    Why does one get the feeling that one has been here before with Abbott.

  66. CU

    I think that for Abbott it is his inner DLP, and his hero Bob Santamaria, with all that ultra -conservatism

  67. I’m with CU here Migs – I’m a little squeamish at the sight of blood – even Whiney Pyney’s 😀

  68. Bacchus, I doubt he has blood. I reckon he has acid, much like the creature in Aliens. And both were/are difficult to toss out.

  69. The coalition’s been on display the last couple of days & they haven’t looked at all good. Maybe Chrissy Pyne’s mum bought the line that there was no politicking in it, but I don’t think anyone else did. And their politicking’s been a shambles. Having the gall to stonewall on this issue in the first place, then today’s dogastrophic mistiming of Ltd News beatups contradicting Abbott’s refusal to countenance exactly what the Oz thought it was on about while Failleu & O’Barreel give in & Newman begins an impersonation of George Custer. It just shows how much this lot rely on the media to get them by. The media makes them & will demand its due when they’re elected.

  70. Pip @5.30pm, gold alright. They must have had a couple of emails from the punters.

    ME @5.32am, I reckon a host of angry voters have told Ted ‘n’ Barry, buggered if we’ll vote for you!

    CU @5.40pm, I wonder what Tweed’s done with his wedge. Just who can’t read the play, I wonder?

    I think Clive Palmer should invite the entire LNP on the Titanic 2′s maiden voyage. maybe history could repeat itself.

    You provide the iceberg and I’ll get the boat and tow rope, paulwello. 😆

    Bob @11.49pm, they just got too cocky and even for master spinners like Shamaham, Dolt and Anal it’s impossible to put a positive spin on it.

    It’s obvious they thought that, as usual, their path would be smoothed by the msm, who would find some way to blame the PM, so the shock jocks could ramp up another round of hate.

    With luck, this ugly display of Liars “values” will give the electorate an idea of the real consequences of electing a Liars government at both state and federal level.

    Barrackers like Tweed will make the necessary mental contortions to justify their behaviour and try to convince themselves that these idiots have “wedged’ Gillard.

  71. Jane, at least their are plenty of icebergs available with the the melting of the icecaps, from the non existent global warming.

  72. “ME @5.32am, I reckon a host of angry voters have told Ted ‘n’ Barry, buggered if we’ll vote for you!”

    Mr O’Farrell was still saying no way, no money when he attended a disabled do yesterday.

    What happened in the hour or so following. Did reality hit him in the face.

    Still there is only half the money on the table. The PM let it know there would be further negotiations.

    I suspect this is one time he should have swallowed pride and come to the table with his hands full.

    Do what Victoria did,acknowledge that you have been outplayed and put the whole lot on the table.

  73. CU @1.53pm, rofl.

    And @ 2.00pm, How hamfisted IS O’Barrell? What’s in his head? It can’t possibly be brains. Sawdust, perhaps?

    As for that arrogant idiot, Newman, I think there’s a lot of fury at his stance. Barrackers are defending him, of course, but it’s a bit hard to justify his crying poor mouth when there seems to be plenty of money for nepotism.

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