Julia only the best

A thought came to mind.

What strange days are these.

We are in a situation where Tony Abbott is widely perceived as having little to offer by way of a vision for Australia’s future.

We are in a situation where even staunch Liberals struggle to find redeeming features, and when they do it is not based on what Tony Abbott will do, but rather it is based on that which he won’t do. It is based on either fallacies such as that Tony will rescind the Carbon Tax or on dangerous propositions such as turning back the boats, or on a fictional Green Army.

On the other hand we have been instructed by the media that a hatred of Julia Gillard is what everyone does. Yet when pressed to provide specifics, nothing other than trivia is forthcoming. A proviso here, there are some alternative lifestylers who don’t believe in the existence of climate change, but otherwise this hatred consists of:

..a Welsh/Aussie accent, a big bum, large earlobes and no dress sense..plus she wore the same jacket twice…take the poor girl into the back paddock immediately, how can we cope with such a wretch or is that wench as Julia.

Isn’t hatred a rather harsh word for a lass who has busted her gut in service of her country?

Does this not say something about the Aussie ethos, that one can do 1,000 things right but get it wrong once and you’re dead meat.

To my way of thinking Julia’s problem is that she refused to grovel, but stood tall and proud.

That when people sniggered and played the secret whispers game, she ignored it.

About now I could speak about the many accomplishments of the Gillard government, indeed the extraordinary accomplishments in being able to navigate her way through a minority government. I believe that the NBN will take it’s place in history alongside the Snowy Mountain Scheme. But who would bother considering these, because Julia’s got a big bum, large earlobes, has worn the same jacket twice…

Ironic isn’t it, that Tony Abbott’s policies are fluffed over by the media yet the media concentrates only on the fluff when it comes to Julia Gillard.

Who would want a person such as Julia Gillard in to bat for them. The answer is, I would.

BTW, as a piece of trivia Julia was born exactly one decade and 1 day after me. We Libran females can be fearsome when roused. 😉

Note: I haven’t been able to find a photo credit for the above, therefore if anyone knows the author it would be appreciated so that I could acknowledge same.

Addendum: Damn it, I’ve had this song going around around and around. For you, simply the best.

64 comments on “Julia only the best

  1. RESERVE Bank Governor Glenn Stevens once again delivered an optimistic evaluation of the Australian economy in a Sydney speech today, playing down concerns about China’s slowing economy.

    In his speech, called ‘The Lucky Country’, Mr Stevens gave few clues about the direction on interest rates, and the RBA governor said the luck of being located in Asia only explained part of Australia’s superior economic performance, when compared to other countries, since the financial crisis began in 2008.


    Lucky or well governed.

    Well said! It needed to be said!
    What also needs to be said is that the MSM gurus deserve big prizes for being able to spin such an unelectable buffoon as Tony Abbott into a believable alternative PM! That has been a task of almost insurmountable difficulty. They should all be awarded Walkely’s, Pulitzers and Nobels. Such successful creative fiction must be recognised.

  3. By God woman you could be right!

    We Libran females can be fearsome when roused. – so thats why my Cllrs have such contempt…not because they are stupid and I’m not… its because I’m a Libran woman…. Yay US!

  4. Bacchus, I meant the compilation. It came to me via a Facebook chum but I haven’t been able to find the author of this. I like to give credit where credit is due and the compilation would have copyright being an original piece of work. Therefore currently it’s acknowledgment to the unknown author.

  5. Pip, as above this is a compilation and as such is subject to copyright laws. Copyright legislation is a complicated piece of law, that is, one can take an original pic and alter it so as to make an original piece of work. I believe that the person who made the above compilation would have copyright privileges under such leglislation – hence my wish to acknowledge the author.

  6. What will the Gillard government be remembered for? The carbon tax? The mining tax? The National Broadband Network?

    One thing the government won’t be remembered for is its surpassing unpopularity, underlined again today by another shocking poll. Before taking office in 1996, John Howard lost two elections as opposition leader and was an exceedingly unpopular federal treasurer. And no-one really remembers the extended periods that the Howard government spent in opinion poll purgatory, or for that matter the sustained hatred felt for Paul Keating by large sections of the Australian community.

    Governments are remembered for their lasting legislative and policy achievements, not for the political atmosphere in which they make their decisions. Medicare is a good example. A nationalised public health system in Australia was first created by the Whitlam government, partially dismantled by the Fraser government, and reinstated by the Hawke government. Since then, it has become exceedingly popular, with few Australians supporting a return to a largely private health care system.


  7. Cu and What will the Gillard government be remembered for? None which the article states..surviving, and against all odds.

    Knowing that you were with the right person and in the right place and that there is nothing which can change this. Julia will go down in history as one of Australia’s best Prime Ministers. Have faith.

  8. Sadly Min no matter how often you sing Gillard’s praises the fact is that you are the member of an ever decreasing clique of people who think that he administration is worthy of any admiration at all.

  9. Pip, that’s ok. I was just enquiring as to the author of the compilation so as to acknowledge him or her. It was a matter of courtesy.

  10. Min , I didn’t explain very clearly; there are dozens of sites displaying pics such as on the top of this page, so it would be very difficult to follow up.

  11. Yep Min. Because the media beat-ups and uninformed right wing ideologues like Iain follow like sheep in unfairly condemning Gillard you should just do the same.

    Yet Abbott is as unpopular and at times less popular. So doesn’t that mean because the majority of Australians don’t like Abbott he deserves all the condemnation we give him here.

    Then it follows by Iain’s own standard he should be lambasting Abbott as much as he does Gillard. I won’t hold my breath on that.

  12. Möbius Ecko

    Yet Abbott is as unpopular and at times less popular. So doesn’t that mean because the majority of Australians don’t like Abbott he deserves all the condemnation we give him here.

    While I’m willing to concede that Abbott’s personal popularity could be better, the fact that he leads Gillard by a good margin as Preferred PM says it all really, people may not like him but they still think that he would be a better PM that Gillard.

  13. Pip, so you are now in total control of this blog. Fine. I have 165 Posts of which I have copyright. Please return these to me at your earliest convenience.

    If these are not returned to me, I will be taking legal action. Your call Pip as it seems that you now have taken over from me as Admin.

  14. You forgot to mention the size of her nose, Min. Apparently the size of the snout is a determining factor in the efficacy of one’s PMship.

    Doubt that Gillard will be the leader by the end of the year. Wouldn’t be surprised if she is gone by September.

    Ever the dreamer, scaps. 😆

  15. Not terribly sure what the hell is going on here.. MIGLO can you please contact me,..
    I was brought to this page By MIN.. and I will be leaving and no longer contributing to this blog UNLESS things go back to how they were.

  16. Pip, as per JooR..I will post this but doubtless all of our comments end up in spam. You lie, the comment was not a personal comment at all, it was a question.

  17. JooR, I have no quarrel with you. Go for it… It might be an idea to learn all the facts before you weigh in..

  18. all I know is.. That Min was the one that brought me to this page.. and that THIS BLOG means the world to her… I know THAT through discussions she and I have had… NOW do you care to tell us ALL your side of things..

    I am all for transparency … SO TELL US ALL THE FACTS.. or is there an issue in doing so,

  19. So do I JooR. But let’s move on and acknowledge only the great work Min has done here and wish her well with her new blog.

  20. Thank you Migs. I have 165 posts of which I have copyright. Can you please return these to me at your first available opportunity.

  21. Pip and JooR, I have no quarrel with you. Go for it… It might be an idea to learn all the facts before you weigh in..

    Well said Pip. You might likewise avail yourself of the facts before you start badmouthing people such as JooR.

  22. If you want those posts you have the facility to reblog onto your own site. Failing that, you can copy and paste them.

  23. Miglo, no I can’t do that since you downgraded me from Admin to a lower status. I believe that you downgraded me in status due to Pip’s recommendation..there was something about Rabbit and myself going to take over the blog…and other rumours.

    Sorry but you are going to have to do it yourself.

  24. You have a reblog button linked to your own site. Simple open up the posts here that you authored and click on the reblog button at the top near the menu bar. You don’t have to be an admin to do that. Neither do you need to be an admin to copy a post. If you wrote that post you get full editing rights.

  25. Michael, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about as well you know. I want my posts thank you very much and I expect you to phone me to let me know. I have copyright over my own posts and I want you to return these to me.

  26. Miglo, your inference that I made a personal attack is very bad form. I made no personal attack. I dispute your inference. Please provide me of proof of same otherwise I will count this as defamation.

  27. How on earth can I do that? I will look into it though to see if there is a way without you having to copy them. I’m not sure if there is a way, but at least I’ll look.

  28. Oh look, it’s not only my comment which you delete, but it’s also JooR’s

    cafewhispers.wordpress.com/ x
    Submitted on 2012/07/24 at 6:58 pm

    This is the comment which Pip chose to put into moderation..

    Submitted on 2012/07/24 at 3:38 pm

    Pip, all that I was after was to acknowledge the author. No more conspiracy theories please.

    Did you expect Iain to be gone?

    Iain, come back to me when you have specifics.

    ps Pip, if you want Miglo to oust me from the blog, why not just be up front and say so.

    So that’s it..anyone care to comment. Perhaps it’s my use of swear words? Perhaps it’s just Pip being a control freak…

    Julia only the best
    45 View Post
    Submitted on 2012/07/24 at 5:42 pm

    I have a problem with people’s loyalty being repaid by being kicked in the guts,

  29. Michael, I don’t know damn well that you’re having health problems because you are being stubborn. You know how much I love you. You know how much I admire you. You know that I will be there supporting you until kingdom come. For ever you have been my friend, and this is beyond anyone’s comprehension. You said it yourself, soulmates.

    Guess what, all the things which you wished for are going to come true, just listen to the good people such as JooR and Signe.

    As for Pip, just keep deleting…

  30. Ah the irony, the comment this morning that Julia is a groupf*ck is let through but my comments are sent into moderation.

  31. OMG this would have to be the weirdest comments thread I have ever seen. Whoever wrote that article would do well to pack up and start again. I agree Julia is unfairly treated by our misogynistic majority, but I don’t appreciate a personal argument in the comments section.

  32. Robyn, you never see disagreements on other sites, That is amazing. I not sure what the trouble is. Is it the post or the comments. Just curious.

  33. Robyn, I think that you came in at the wrong time into a personal argument. It seems that Min who used to be co-owner of this blog has been kicked out.

  34. Agreed Robyn. This started out as a great post Min. I’m sure you’d prefer all this personal stuff to be taken out by the blogmaster. A pity to have your last post spoiled like this. Miglo when it’s cleaned up of all the irrelevancies II’ll come back to comment.

  35. Wise people keep out of personal arguments, even if they become public at times.

    The less said, the quicker fixed.

  36. BTW Patricia, the next time you alter any of my posts I will cut your head off and stuff it in chaff bag. I have intellectual property rights over my own posts plus comments, so any more messing with me will be taken seriously. Any deletions of my comments will likewise we treated as infringements and added to the list. That is of course unless you want to take it to court..I’m good at this..disability advocate/HREOC..

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