Who’s taking Tony’s job?

I can only assume that the reason the Coalition is doing so well in the polls whilst Tony Abbott maintains the popularity of a fart in an elevator is that those polled must surely expect him to be replaced before the 2013 election.

It is obvious no one wants him in the top job (bar his billionaire friends).

He can bemoan as often as he wants about the Prime Minister, the Government, the economy or the falling skies but one thing is inescapable: he is toxic.

How often have I read in comments across social media or heard in conversation “I’m a Liberal supporter but I don’t like Tony Abbott”?  Hundreds, to be honest. And it’s not often I hear or read someone thunder “I like Tony Abbott’.  I’m sure that if I mixed with bogans or rednecks (or billionaires) I’d hear it more often.

Given his electoral toxicity I actually find it incomprehensible that the Coalition will go into the next election with him at the helm.

How could they possibly have faith in a leader who regularly embarrasses himself on the international stage? How could they have faith in a leader who they know won’t be able to keep the promises he is making? How can they have faith in a leader who lacks one progressive brain cell in his body? How can they have faith in a leader who is content to fill his front bench with a pack of dumb-wits who have no instinct for their portfolios? And how can they have faith in a leader who must surely embarrass them with his public support of their stupidity?

It is obvious that the electorate recognise his incompetence. He’s even run out of ‘three word slogans’.

Has he run out of time?

If he maintains his poor polling as preferred Prime Minister some eye brows will need to be raised in his party. After 18 months in the top job in the Opposition the electorate is trying to tell him they don’t want him in the top job in Government. Will the penny drop within his party though?

And what if the Government experience a lift in the polls? All his efforts would have been wasted. He would have achieved very little during his toxic term.

I am certain he will be dumped before the election and I’m looking forward to him becoming the Mark Latham of the Liberal Party.

He won’t be able to keep his mouth shut.

Keep talking, Tony. You’ll soon be talking yourself out of a job.

I wonder who’ll take it.

Tony Abbott don't risk him

Tony Abbott don’t risk him (Photo credit: haikugirloz)

Digital Activism, Social Media, and the Tunisian Revolution

Be inspried. Sami Ben Gharbia, outgoing editor of Global Voices Advocacy addressed the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference on 20 July 2012.

He spoke about the role of digital activism in the 2010 Tunisian revolution and the Arab spring. He shared some of the strategies used to expose government corruption and nepotism and to combat its censorship, both online and offline.

In addition he touched on the involvement of Wikileaks and Anonymous in assisting the campaign.

Professor Sarah Joseph, Director of Monash University’s Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, chaired the question time that follows the presentation.

Sami was also interviewed on Friday night’s Lateline. The video and transcript are here: Tunisian campaigner discusses online uprising