More racist, right-wing bullshit

Another one of those anti-refugee emails is doing the rounds again. We’ve all seen them. We all receive them from racist, right-wing friends or relatives.

Here’s one I received the other day with with “This one came from the UK!!!!!!! We must be the laughing stock of the world !!!!!!” as a forward to the content.

Here’s the rest of the email.

Good Day and welcome to a brand new edition of : ‘ASYLUM’.

Today’s program features another chance to take part in our exciting competition: Hop on a boat and win A FREE HOUSE!

We’ve already given away hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of dream homes, courtesy of our sponsor, the Australian Taxpayer. And don’t forget, we’re now the fastest growing game on the planet. Anyone can play, provided they don’t already hold a valid Australian Passport, and you only need one word of English: ‘ASYLUM’

Prizes include all-expenses-paid accommodation, cash benefits starting at $800 a week and a chance to earn thousands more begging, mugging and accosting drivers at traffic lights.

This competition is open to everyone. Buy a ticket to Indonesia and catch the first available boat. No application ever refused – reasonable or unreasonable.

All you have to do is destroy all your papers or burn your boat once you enter Australian waters, and remember the magic password: ‘ASYLUM’

A few years ago, 140 members of the Taliban family from Afghanistan were flown Goat Class from Kabul to Indonesia gateway, where agents were on hand to fast-track them to their boat trips to luxury accommodation. They joined tens of thousands of other lucky winners already staying in hotels all over Australia.

Our most popular destinations also include the Baxter reef and the world famous Christmas Island resort.

If you still don’t understand the rules, don’t forget, there’s no need to phone a friend or ask the audience. Just apply for legal aid. Hundreds of lawyers, social workers and counsellors are waiting to help. It won’t cost you a cent. It could change your life forever. So play today.

Iraqi Terrorists, Afghan Dissidents, Albanian Gangsters, Pro-Pinochet Activists, Anti-Pinochet Activists, Kosovan Drug-Smugglers, Tamil Tigers, Bogus Bosnians, Rwandan Mass Murderers, Somali Guerrillas . . . COME ON DOWN!

Get along to the Indonesia fishing ports. Don’t stop in Thailand or Bali. Go straight to Australia and you are: GUARANTEED to be one of tens of thousands of lucky winners in the easiest game on earth. Everyone’s a winner, when they play ‘ASYLUM’.


And there I was ready to start drilling holes in this rubbish, especially the bit about receiving cash benefits starting at $800 a week when it hit me: The email is right – we must be the laughing stock of the world . . . IF WE BELIEVE THIS EMAIL.

Here’s a version of the email way back in 2008 and it relates to England. Here’s a later one referring to Canada.

And well, well well; there’s even an American version.

Maybe I was a bit cruel in believing that Australians are the laughing stock of the world. But I do reckon that the racist right-wing wankers who believe this bullshit definitely are.

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  1. Isn’t one of the major elements of humour and satire a bit of exaggeration fro dramatic purposes?
    Further Migs why do you claim that its racist to want our government to actually decide who is allowed to migrate here?
    Frankly your “outrage” here is looking rather contrived and out of touch with the political reality.

  2. The racism includes misrepresentation of the people who claim asylum in Australia. How different the “joke” would be if instead it read: young man, rest of family murdered by the Taliban, Chinese democratic dissident jailed, young woman fleeing a blood feud.

    And BTW when are my equivalents to Migs’ relatives and friends going to work it out that I think that these emails are not exactly things which I enjoy receiving.

  3. It missed out a reminder to `Take your IPhone’ so as soon as you’re at sea, to ring up the Australian authorities and they’ll send one of their lovely warships or Coastal Patrol vessels to pick you up and give you a luxury all-expenses-paid cruise to Christmas Island, stopping off at the Cocos Islands to pick up a few more (self-selected) passengers.

    The point you are missing here Miglo is that a great many Australians are concerned that the `Refugee and Asylum Seeker provisions both internationally and nationally, are being exploited and abused constantly and that People Smugglers are now in charge of Australia’s immigration. This is occurring whilst the Au government, the Opposition and the Greens (our supposed elected representatives) are vacillating and procrastinating and cannot agree on a workable policy to prevent such exploitation and abuse.

    Instead of all the bleeding heart and tear-wrenching bullshit that everyone one of these illegal migrants has suffered extremes of degradation and persecution, you should look at the reality that its Australians who are being taken for a ride.

    And your accusatory claims of `Racism’ just don’t wash. On the one hand you’re claiming that Australia is multicultural (i.e. comprised of people of many ethnic groups), so how can they all be racist.?. Many who are objecting are those who have come to Australia by legitimate migration methods and not those of European ethnic origins. So when you start squealing `Racism’ can you be specific about which ethnic group within Australian society you are referring to.

  4. The first thing one must do in order to fight wrongs such as racism and homophobia is to know exactly what it is you are fighting.

  5. The right wing hasn’t had an original idea since Adam was a boy. In fact they are resistant to new ideas; that’s what makes them anti-progressive. Look at the frothing they put out to try to negate the movement to counter human-influenced climate change.

    To manipulate the masses into voting against their own interests, the Right uses time-proven propaganda techniques:

    and Fear

    Coupled with lies and propagated by their “mainstream” media.

  6. Racism in this case refers to false and misleading information being circulated regarding a particular group of people, these being asylum seekers who arrive by boat. This is done clearly with the intention to incite jealousy and hatred against that group of people.

  7. It makes me amazingly sad to know I share the planet with such uneducated, unfeeling, insensitive and downright cruel people whose lack of compassion, humanity and common decency makes me ashamed to call myself a human being

  8. But, but, but…the right always complain that the ABC is biased to the left. We have the left now complaining that the ABC is biased to the right?

    The IPA seems to get a fair bit of say everywhere in the media…I’m not complaining.

  9. And name-calling, self-righteous fake compassion is being “educated, sensitive, and caring’?. Where is your compassion for those who are drowning at sea or are waiting patiently in UNHCR camps having fulfilled the criteria to be accepted as asylum seekers and refugees, but have to wait interminably because others have the money to get in ahead of them.
    The latte-sipping Left are a bunch of fakes with selective compassions and concerns. At least Alan Jones and Adrian Bolt are honest about their views and have integrity in their beliefs, even to someone who doesn’t agree with all they say.

  10. But, but, but…the right always complain that the ABC is biased to the left.

    You must have missed the dozens of comments on this and other blogs that point out one of the Right’s main tactics: Lying.

  11. The right wing nuts have always complained of bias at the abc towards the left, the research proves the LIE.
    Still it won’t get much of a run.

    And the ABC breaking its charter? who cares, not the government.

  12. I find it hilarious that Jarl accuses the Left of “name-calling” in a post where he labels the left as “latte-sipping fakes”. Hypocrisy much? As for this merely being “humorous”. Yeah right, the Far Right wouldn’t know humour, or satire, if it came up & bit them on the rear-end (they’ve even reposted a few “The Onion” news pieces on their FB pages, claiming they’re REAL!) As for Jones & Bolt being “honest”-well it’s hard for people like them to disguise their hate & fear of anything different, but they are extremely dishonest in their claims of “caring” for the working class-they wouldn’t piss on a blue collar worker even if they were on fire, but are quite happy to exploit that demographic to boost their ratings!

  13. I find it hilarious that Jarl accuses the Left of “name-calling” in a post where he labels the left as “latte-sipping fakes”. Hypocrisy much?

    Right-Wing Projection: Distract from your faults by ascribing them to others.

  14. Marcus, and that democraphic usually encompasses those who are completely unable to tell the difference between emails such as on Migs’ post and rational discussion of the issue.

  15. Marcus – the hypocrisy is in the fake `compassion, humanity, and caring’ of the closet Commies of the Far Left and in case you hadn’t noted, the name-calling was started by the writer of this piece. A mild retort of `latte-sipping’ is perfectly permissible against accusations of racism and homophobia. But then, name-calling and insulting remarks are the sole prerogative of the Far Left, aren’t they?.
    Cuppa – you’ve been reading too many of those Paperback Pop-Psychology books again. Don’t quote what you really don’t understand. Ask your psychiatrist to explain it all to you sometime.

  16. Min – `Rational discussion’ – I thought that was a heinous crime on these threads. I thought the threads were just for those wanting a therapeutic vomit of their bile towards anyone who disagreed with their twisted view of the world. Is the piece that started this thread supposed to be ‘Rational Discussion’. I’ve heard rational discussion among my Year 9 students which was far better informed and intelligent than what appears here.

  17. Wow, so much hate & venom there Jarl-no wonder you love Bolt & Jones so much. How is it “name-calling” to label the Far-Right as Homophobic & Racist, when in fact it’s a statement of *fact*. If you want name-calling, you should see the vicious bile your fellow Right Wing Trolls spout at a variety of Left & Center-Left FB Pages & Blog Sites-& yes, a lot of it is extremely racist & homophobic. By contrast, I’ve never drunk a latte or a chardonnay in my entire life-nor have any of my friends or colleagues-so your attempts to denigrate us as “latte sipping, chardonnay swilling lefties” is NAME-CALLING, not a statement of fact. Seems the only one lacking understanding-& in desperate need of a psychiatrist to boot-is you!

  18. I thought the threads were just for those wanting a therapeutic vomit of their bile towards anyone who disagreed with their twisted view of the world

    Thanks, that explains a lot of your posts for me then jarl 😉

  19. Jarl, the thought that a hate-mongering, Right Wing lunatic like yourself is a teacher really sends shivers down my spine. Your previous rants on a number of different subjects prove that you wouldn’t know a *rational* discussion if it came up & slapped you. In this regard, you’re no better than the rest of your troll friends.

  20. BTW, Jarl, I’d love to see some evidence of the so-called “fake” compassion from those on the Left. Everyday I see plenty of examples of genuine compassion from those on the Left of politics-standing up for people’s Rights, even in the face of imprisonment or death. Meawhile, your Right Wing “heroes” spew bile & vitriol from the comfort of a TV or Radio studio, knowing their hate-speech is protected by an incredibly limp-wristed regulator-or claim to “care” about the workers, whilst pushing for policies that will leave most blue collar workers far worse off (like the GST & WorkChoices).

  21. I went and looked at mindmadeup’s site this morning. It was depressing, to say the least. It reminded me of this scene from Battlestar Galactica (spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen the series, you might no want to watch the images with the song after the initial scene, if you have, it captures the underlying theme of that scene, and perhaps the wider series itself, perfectly)

  22. Is that the best that you can do?. – The Year 4 students’ classic when lost for a retort – “You are, so there.!”. Pretty pathetic. The hypocrisy Marcus is in the fake compassion of the Far Left extremists who pretend compassion for asylum seekers, yet wont work towards seeking a rational solution towards saving them from drowning. What you call “Right Wing Heroes’ would not be there unless a great many Australians had sympathy for and alignment with their views and opinions. In effect you are an out-of-touch minority group who whinge constantly because the general population find your views abhorrent and wouldn’t let you near a Radio Station. In fact a better title for this website would be Troglodites Whingeing’.

  23. Jarl on “fake compassion”. You are supposedly a teacher. Do you teach that people’s emotions have no value but are to be based upon, and evalutated solely on your own prejudices.

  24. Right Wing Projection – It’s not “Psychological theory” – It’s a Political Tactic

    Where did it originate?

    American progressive commentator, Rachel Maddow, shows numerous examples of Mitt Romney projecting his own weaknesses onto Obama. The tactic comes from right-wing propaganda guru, Karl Rove, and is becoming more widely recognised as a calculated political tactic. In fact Maddow says it’s Romney’s ONLY tactic.

    Right-Wing Projection: Distract from your faults by ascribing them to others.

    {Thanks to @TheGaffhook for the lead.}

    Watch the video: Romney takes a page from the Karl Rove playbook

  25. A year four student’s classic when pulled up short, throw the year four student’s classic back.

    Jarl displays right wing projectionism in spades in this topic.

    Appalling reading the attempt to defend indefensible racism with name calling, hatred and vitriol. It’s worse than the most immature of student’s behaviour.

  26. Hi Min,

    If you’re about… Can you possibly reformat my comment (you have my permission 🙂 ) to make the Youtube video embedded like Tom R’s is further up?

  27. Right wing heroes are apparently those who disseminate false and misleading information, the sole purpose of this being to create prejudice, fear and resentment against “the others”.

    Jarl, of course must be squeeky clean *white* dark secrets in his closet…

  28. An Adelaide story.
    Some years ago at work, a woman whom I’d always credited with having a functional brain approached me with this;

    She told me in deadly earnest of the of the Asian menace about to overtake us. Asians were living in secret concealment among the mangrove swamps out back of Port Adelaide. They were biding their time & increasing in strength & numbers before the fateful day when they would emerge, sweeping all before them to capture the city & enslave its population before marching on the rest of the country.
    She didn’t make it clear whether the government, ASIO etc knew about this & were keeping it quiet or whether they were in the dark too.

    There are people who believe this sort of stuff & they vote & drive cars.

  29. Migs
    More trash to beat up the refugees with, recently talking to my next-door ex RAN liberal diehard neighbour who in his mind has classified all AS as virtual pirates and not worthy of rescue under maritime law. He will take these views with him to his grave. I can remember him during the Hawke campaign, my son was towing the ALP caravan around Canberra using our car I might add, and the neighbour staggering out of his front door, drunk shouting out “if there is one thing I hate more than Bob Hawke it is the ALP”, his wife pulled him back inside not once but at least three times. We just laughed at him. He had served in Vietnam and Korea but those refo’s could all rot. Such inbuilt hatred is hard to understand. He has mellowed but the core feelings are still there. Why us Poms next door were tolerated I can only assume was because we were white. I often said that if we sold up I would sell my house to an Aboriginal person just to really p***s him off. Mind you as most of his medical assistance is now provided by some of these ex refo’s, of which he does not complain about, only adds to the hypocrisy he spouts.

  30. & they vote & drive cars.

    And breed

    Wasn’t snacty here just yesterday ❓ (not that I’m saying that he is like that)

  31. Bilko, this reminds me of the occasion where my bestest gf and I came close to blows. D* was shock/horror that the house next to her elderly aunt’s had been let to *gasp* Aborigines. D* said that there were going to be empty beer bottles thrown over the fence, that her aunt would no longer be able to sleep safe in her bed. I reminded D* that my daughter in law is TSI..D* didn’t blink.

    Me-thinks that prejudice is so ingrained that people don’t even know that they’re saying it..

  32. They do breed & it is the Port I suppose, although I’m certain the locals were also unaware of the menace on their frontier. The government on becoming aware of this threat should have rounded them up & put them to work restoring those groovy old sailing ship hulks rotting out the back.

  33. Min – I teach students that people’s expressed emotions are not to be taken at face value or necessarily accepted as honest. Fake emotions can be identified by examining the validity of the premise on which those emotions are based, and whether such emotions are consistently present in any similar set of events. In your case, your expressed emotions do not satisfy either of these criteria.

    Cuppa – `Projection’ is a psychological defence mechanism in psycho-analytical theories based on Freudian psychology. It may now be used by some politicians and others such as Marcus (as well as gross misrepresentation and exaggeration), as a tactic but that is not its origins.

    But to return to topic:
    From what you many of you are saying here, your beliefs are that:
    1. You want the Boats to keep coming (wirh rhw attendant serious loss of life);
    2. You want Onshore Processing and carried out in the community (no Detention Centres) with the attendant extremely high cost to Au taxpayers and to the communities from health risks, criminal and terrorist activities (these will not have been checked before entry);;;
    3. You do not want any cap or restrictions on the numbers of asylum seekers and refugees taken by Australia.

    So why is it, do you think, that you cannot convince the people of Australia that your views are correct.?. And what do you think will be the outcomes for Australians of your beliefs?.

  34. “Return to topic”

    couldn’t even get that right



  35. Sue
    Jarl Ragnvald is making a calm and reasoned argument and you respond by shouting at him so just who is attempting to project their opinions with extreme prejudice?
    Take a look in the mirror for your answer!

  36. Sue @8.36am, unfortunately their idea of balance =an evidence based report or opinion piece “balanced” by Phonecard regurgitating the usual lies, innuendo and gossip straight from Menzies House and the Anal Jones Shock Jock Handbook of Rants and Bullshit.

    Apparently balance is reached if the needle is steady on zero. Content is never measured as an indicator of balance.

  37. Min
    He does so much for Navy vets and their families it is not funny it is keeping him going at 85 but as you say prejudice is inbuilt into some people’s mentality. When he received his power rebate for solar energy panels, after we installed ours he followed suit but complained it should not be so much and I think it was only because it was an ALP initiative. It is sad but he has become such a winger like the Poms he always carries on about. As a Possie (POM AUSSIE) myself I find it laughable.

  38. Sue – the Topic is in the content, not in the title i.e. “one of those anti-refugee emails”. The title is merely an abusive, insulting rant. DUH!.

    I repeat that my interpretation of your beliefs are:

    1. You want the Boats to keep coming (with the attendant serious loss of life);
    2. You want Onshore Processing and carried out in the community (no Detention Centres) with the attendant extremely high cost to Au taxpayers and to the communities from health risks, criminal and terrorist activities (they will not have been checked before entry);
    3. You do not want any cap or restrictions on the numbers of asylum seekers and refugees taken by Australia.

    Could you now produce your arguments to support your views. Insults and abuse are no substitute for intelligent rational arguments. They are just whinges, rants, and raves about other people’s views. That is no way to conduct an intelligent debate.

    Either put forward your views and arguments, or shut up and keep out of the debate, as you clearly have nothing to offer.

  39. And you didn’t buy a Capital letter. Mine were typos, yours are illiteracy. And you’re still evading the issues which shows you’re just full of rhetoric.
    But I’ll leave it for now – I’ll be back when you can hold an intelligent debate. I wont be holding my breath.

  40. Jarl, in a day of botox, boob jobs, fake tans, Toddlers & Tiaras, Cityville and all the other fake’villes you are teaching your students that emotions can be faked if the person doesn’t have an opinion which coincides with your own.

  41. Iain, where have I said that I want our Government to decide who is allowed to migrate here?

    And if you can’t see any racism in that email then perhaps you are racist yourself.

    To the rest of us the racism is quite obvious.

  42. Patricia, I agree it is rubbish, but worth posting as it gives recipients of the email something to shoot back to the sender. They can show that it is not an email that was created to attack the Gillard Government but something edited in order to create angst against our Government.

    I would hope that they feel stupid when the truth is pointed out to them.

  43. Jarl, I never said that there are ethnic groups in Australia that aren’t racists. Where did you pluck that one out from?

    But I will maintain that those people who compose emails like that would certainly prefer a white society.

  44. Migs, I stick by my argument that the email is worthy of debate as it brings to the public forum hate mail. As Mungo was prone to say, I need to know this in order to know what the enemy is thinking. You’ve been doing quite a bit of this. 😉

  45. I would hope that they feel stupid when the truth is pointed out to them.

    I’ve experienced this one first hand Migs – Niece’s husband was spreading similar crap on facebook until I very publicly pointed out the facts to him. The posts quickly disappeared from facebook & he apologised to me next time we ran into each other at a family get together…

  46. I doubt if the senders of these emails (friends, rellies and all) would much care. They believe this, because they want to believe it. Surely by now (Min ponders), they would have worked it out that these sort of emails are not appreciated.

    I remember a former neighbor telling me aghast at the fact that another neighbor was able to get Abstudy for his son. He’s getting more than me G* bleated. He moaned that his son couldn’t get Austudy but the neighbor’s son could get Abstudy. I pointed out that it might have something to do with income and not much to do with being an Aborigine. The progressive dinner was cancelled..sigh…

  47. Coupled with lies and propagated by their “mainstream” media.

    Cuppa, I’ve lost count of the number of times Anal Jones has been sent such an email and used it to attack the Government on all fronts. Each time, it has been pointed out by the ABC’s Media Watch that the said emails have originated in another country and edited to make it sound ‘Aussie’.

  48. It makes me amazingly sad to know I share the planet with such uneducated, unfeeling, insensitive and downright cruel people whose lack of compassion, humanity and common decency makes me ashamed to call myself a human being.

    petkat, although I share your view I might narrow it down a bit:

    It makes me amazingly sad to know I share the country with such uneducated, unfeeling, insensitive and downright cruel people whose lack of compassion, humanity and common decency makes me ashamed to call myself an Australian.

  49. Bilko @ 12.02pm,

    Mind you as most of his medical assistance is now provided by some of these ex refo’s, of which he does not complain about, only adds to the hypocrisy he spouts.

    Thousands of “refos” have made a huge contribution to our society, and according to another young immigrant on Q+A, a handful of them are amongst the wealthiest Australians now. Layabouts and dole bludgers? Nope!

    There’s no cure for irrationality – unfortunately.

  50. She told me in deadly earnest of the of the Asian menace about to overtake us. Asians were living in secret concealment among the mangrove swamps out back of Port Adelaide.

    Bob, those waters are good for crabbing. 😉

  51. Bilko, I’ve encountered similar stereotyping from AFP personnel, who claim that all tall, skinny Sudanese people carry knives and are murderers.

    Show me a Sudanese person who isn’t tall and skinny. 😯

    Show me evidence that any of them here in the ACT have been charged with murder.

  52. Migs, I think that via posts such as this one, it brings into the public forum the nasty underbelly which exists via emails, the shock jocks etc.

    Abbott would sit there fluttering of eyelashes and say *what racism*. Hence the importance of such topics. It is not publicising on behalf of the nasties, but saying, Here it is, here is what is on the underground, here is what some Australian’s support.

    I am still very hopeful that this is a very small minority. People might snigger and nod when they receive such emails but would they come out and publicly support such opinions?

    Howard as you would know far better than I, went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that there was no public face of asylum seekers because to do so would be to humanise them.

    This tactic is being used by the msm. No faces, just pics of boats. I recall one article which was about unaccompanied minors yet the pic which went with the article was of 30+ yr old men.

    Yet when we of the left use an accurate pic, such as that of a child we are accused of emotional manipulation.

  53. Migs, that reminds me of growing up in Hawthorn. All wogs carry knives, paint their houses blue and grow vegetables in their front gardens. I’m not sure which was considered to be the worst crime..

  54. Not the old Commo crap. That’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel. What next? Un-American activities?

    I don’t drink latté or chardonnay either. Does that mean I’m a Anal Jones fancier, a Dolt lover or a Liealot barracker?

    Tom R, snacty has been breeding, I’ve been led to believe. Too terrible to imagine, isn’t it?

  55. Migs of course. As a committed Power supporter, I subscribe to a bit more body in my beverages. A decent G+T is the go. Or a very decent French champagne. Chardonnay indeed!!!!! I reckon very sharp vinegar accompmanied by a shit sandwich would be the go for dingbats. It’s the only explanation.

    Min, we must persuade Mrs Snacty to get him neutered. The thought of any more Snactys infesting the planet is quite disturbing! 😯

  56. Migs, sadly those like Jarl, Iain and scaper, will never see the truth, as they are so indoctrinated with hate and right wing ideology.
    If, and I do mean if Jarl is in fact a teacher, I thank God that my children are all grown up, as I would not want someone with such a closed and hate filled mind teaching my dog to sit, much less teaching impressionable children.
    If there is one saving grace in their comments, it is that by their right wing racist, bigoted, ideologically driven, puerile rants, they make the best case possible for making sure that Abbott and co never get the keys to the lodge.

  57. Skeptical, congratulations for having the courage to read all of Jarl’s comments.

    One could be excused for thinking he was the author of the email quoted in the topic.

  58. Migs and petkat said “It makes me amazingly sad to know I share the country with such uneducated, unfeeling, insensitive and downright cruel people whose lack of compassion, humanity and common decency makes me ashamed to call myself an Australian.” ……… NEVER feel that your not Australian Migs, petkat, ’cause you most certainly are, 😉 ,….. after all this blog tries to redress those short-comings( named Iain, Jarl, Scraps,etc, ay !!!

  59. LOVO, it might interest you that my grandfather was an illegal immigrant after WW1. He got in with a fake passport.

    Can I stay?

  60. My great-grandfather was was a merchant seaman who jumped ship and hid in the Qld countryside Migs. Can I stay?

  61. wordwitter facts and truths are of no interest to them and their ilk. They are an inconvenience they need to shrug off and run diversions around, but that’s as far is it goes.

    It’s all about their ideology over everything, including the social and national good, and humanitarianism for the less well off and marginalised. Indeed the latter groups are to be used in demoninsing and denigration to further promote their very narrow minded right wing ideology.

    And whenever you boil it down it always ends in one place, greed. They will couch it as individuality but what they mean is their right to take as much as possible, and that includes government welfare, whilst denying that to others. They vehemently support their ideology whilst denying or ignoring facts and truths, indeed making up lies and deceits in that support, as they believe the far right party they so ardently support and the big businesses and wealthy who prop up that party will make them wealthier by being the government. That a nation is damaged and people suffer because of that support is of no consequence.

    So unfortunately all the truths in the world and links to those are not going to make an iota of difference.

  62. Möbius, one does have wonder about the psychological makeup of such persons to demonise some of the most vulnerable in our society while supporting the greediest and wealthiest. A feeling of power via association? The desire to deny the needs of others, so as to gain elevation of their own egos?

  63. I should add, agreed. Factual evidence will be ignored as it does not conform with the dialogue, whereas the lies as told in this topic heading will be readily accepted..and indeed savoured.

  64. Oh its such fun watching you Left Whingers scuttling about like rats on a sinking ship and attacking everyone, to try to ensure your survival. And for you to claim that only you have the monopoly of `truth’, and `intellect’ is the height of the bigotry you all so despise.
    Its is most interesting that you all studiously evade giving an answer on your political position which I have now set out on two occasions. But for the benefit of the slow readers among you are:
    1. You want the Boats to keep coming (with the attendant serious loss of life);
    2. You want Onshore Processing and carried out in the community (no Detention Centres) with the attendant extremely high cost to Au taxpayers and to the communities from health risks, criminal and terrorist activities (they will not have been checked before entry);
    3. You do not want any cap or restrictions on the numbers of asylum seekers and refugees taken by Australia.

    So instead of spending all of your time wriggling and squirming and hurling you pathetically worded insults, show courage and face up to the question. You are all so quick to criticise and condemn what others believe (and based on sound evidence, not the fanciful speculations and conjectures of the articles you’ve presented so far), but don’t seem to know what it is you stand for.

    You are just against anything which doesn’t fit with your limited intelligence and experience, but you’re `For’ nothing.!.

    Stand up and answer the questions.! Or be forever remembered as the cowardly bunch of whingers you portray yourselves as.

  65. Wow one cartoon that was a similar another when Howard was heavily criticised for giving out handouts that supposedly went straight to the pokies.

    Here we have an example of needing to deceive to make a point whilst ignoring the facts on what actually occurred. But hey, why let the truth get in the way of a meaningless bashing when jaundiced minds can’t formulate lucid talking points through being so full of vitriol.

  66. And Jarl whilst twaddling like a petulant schoolboy instead of a supposed perspicuous schoolteacher, again puts forward posits never made and makes a meaningless challenge, whilst ignoring the position he supports by supporting Abbott will cost lives.

    In other words it’s another projection to distract from a flawed policy position.

  67. Jarl and, interesting use of the word You..although there are clearly a number of like-minded people on this blog, none of us have ever suggested that one speaks on behalf of anyone else. With this in mind, this “you” will answer from my own point of view.

    1. You want the Boats to keep coming (with the attendant serious loss of life);

    I do not want the boats to keep coming and have written at length about the situation of smuggler/fishermen. Former PM/FM Rudd worked at gaining the cooperation of Indonesia to tackle the real people smuggers (as compared with the peasant fishermen) with substantial inroads having been made including the identification of operatives in Australia.

    2. You want Onshore Processing and carried out in the community (no Detention Centres) with the attendant extremely high cost to Au taxpayers and to the communities from health risks, criminal and terrorist activities (they will not have been checked before entry);

    Onshore processing is not a matter of choice. Onshore processing is now currently the only option given the rulings of the High Court.

    I have never seen it mentioned on this blog anyone stating that they did not want any detention whatsoever. Clearly some form of detention is necessary to carry out identity and health checks. Also clearly this should be done as promptly and as efficiently as possible, as this is beneficial to all parties concerned. Priority should be given to moving women, children and unaccompanied minors into the community as soon as is practicable and advancements have been made regarding this too.

    3. You do not want any cap or restrictions on the numbers of asylum seekers and refugees taken by Australia.

    There must be some sort of cap on the numbers of refugees we take, so as to facilitate orderly and efficient processing of people. However, having said that we have taken large numbers before ie the Vietnamese and these people’s integration into communities has been extremely anyone with Dr Ngunyen as their GP would know. Previously, integration has been somewhat random with people (as is normal human nature) prefering to stay within their own communities. It has been mooted that refugees should be resettled in country towns which have been suffering over the last decade or so due to a depletion in their population, and thus their workforce. A number of Afghans became valuable members of a country town being prepared to work in the local abbatoir when that business was struggling to stay afloat.

  68. A number of you seem to be labouring under a complete misapprehension, I do not support Abbott’s politics of Greed and Avarice (and I resent any association with them), any more than I support Gillard’s politics of Envy and Contempt and support for the slovenly and slothful. I have never voted for the NLP and will never do so, just as I have never voted for the ALP. The S.S. ALP is now doomed to sink without trace next year, and in the same way the S.S. NLP will sink in the course of time.

  69. Jarl, fair enough. However, and also to be fair you do go into rash generalisations about left wingers and therefore at times we might go into rash generalisations about right wingers.

    Your Points 1-3 as per above are an example where you generalised about “You”..”You” presumably meaning to be any left leaning person on this blog.

  70. It is Mr Tony Abbott who wants the boats to keep coming or why else would he refuse to be a part of the round of talks. There was some pathetic excuse that if a solution was found that Labor couldn’t be trusted to implement it. Abbott could be trusted to implement sweet bugger all.

  71. One thing about Abbott is that he is always very light on detail. There is turn the boats back, there is plant more trees. These are the only policies of Mr Tony Abbott that I can remember. Abbott has spent so much time fart assing around that nobody knows what the fck it is he’s on about and from what I’ve been reading, its the media who want to keep it that way.

  72. MO, I am afraid you give them motives they do not have, It is not about ideology, it is about undermining sites, making them ineffective.

    Some seem to think it is good sport,

  73. Jarl, can you show me one line, on all the posts on this site, that anyone has said they want the boats to keep coming.

    You are either a liar or you ar are mistaken.

    You should resist from spreading mistruths.

  74. Catching up, these people do have idealogies but as Mobius Ecko has said, these come from fallacies. I don’t think that they give a rat’s about whether or not the result is that they undermine sites. They couldn’t give a fck about you, they couldn’t give a fck about me and they sure as hell couldn’t give a flying one about a blog. A blog is just a venue for them to vent, so don’t take it personally.

  75. Willum, what the media cannot allow. is what the PM does each day and the issues she is dealing with. becoming public knowledge.

    They also cannot allow to have what Mr. Abbott does and say, to have close scrutiny,

    Thus, they have to create noise to drown both out with their campaign to get rid of the PM.

    I am not too sure that they want Abbott.

    They just seem to want Labor out. That suggests to me that Labor and this PM might just be doing OK.

    All we hear about is bad polls and her unpopularity. They do not examine why this is so.

    All the alleged is that she cannot get the message out. They do not even bother with whether the message is good or bad.

  76. Willum, you read me wrong if you believe I take what they say personally.

    I take it as a compliment that they see me as worth attacking.

    I stand by the no ideology. Many would not even know what that is.

    They are mostly self opinionated misguided people. Many are just plain nasty.

  77. Migs, just wondering if your rellies are any quicker than’s the latest..

    While suturing up the cut of a 75 year old farmer, whose hand had been caught in the gate while working his cattle, the local doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Julia Gillard, and her being our prime minister.

    The old farmer said, “Well, ya know, Julia is just a Post Turtle.”

    Now not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked, “What’s a “Post Turtle?”

    The old farmer said, “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a Turtle balanced on top, that’s a Post Turtle. OK?”

    The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face so he continued to explain. “Well its simple really – you know she didn’t get up there by herself, she doesn’t belong up there, she doesn’t know what to do while she’s up there and she sure as hell isn’t goin’ anywhere, so it makes you just wonder what kind of dumb bastard put her up there in the first place!!”

  78. Migs, not many original thoughts are there.

    ps..perhaps our rellies could swap email addresses and send these to each other instead of to us!!!

  79. Another old one first applied to W Bush, then Obama now being applied to Gillard.

    No originality to be found. They just regurgitate turgidate (sic).

  80. Isn’t it amazing how sarcasm gets ’em going…

    Note how the email starts, with the scenario of the 75 year old farmer having his hand sutured by the good old town doc…somehow if the story related to a bloke falling off his chair while sipping a chardy, it doesn’t read quite the same.


    Complete and utter bullshit?

    mmm No ASIO determined threats?

    No criminals among asylum seekers?

    No determined terrorists?

    No economic refugees?

    No criminal (terrorism or Other) (growing) activity derived from asylum seekers and successful applicants.for Aust residence.

    No cost (growing) at all to the Aust budget.

    How many criminals, terrorists,economic refugees proves complete bullshit?

    What level of expense proves the statement complete bullshit?

    How many .refugees economic or otherwise crossing the Aust borders uninvited assisted by Indonesian military in one proven circumstance proves this as bullshit.

    It appears your claim the views expressed are total bullshit is bullshit.

    You really think foundation text which determines Other as less, be it secular or religious which is allowed to influence young minds without hindrance, in fact encouraged through State financial grants, will have no long term violent impact on Australian society? Despite historical and current evidence to the contrary. Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Pacific ring any bells? A French school girl in a play yard? Where do you think the justification shouted in the streets for killing each Other without restraint in Syria comes from? The Lion King?

    Sounds good at left wing dinner parties. But in the real non-bullshit world it is crap.

    So what it is generic. So is the terror.

  82. Miglo, he could be right.

    One finds bad people everywhere.

    His or maybe her problem is that many more appear to come by air.

    We best not save those starving children Africa. Some of the parents might not be nice people.

  83. It really insults me that because I’m a 6th generation Aussie that the people who send me these emails assume that I agree with them. I received this one the other day and instead of deleting it, like I usually do, I sent a reply just asking the person not to send such emails again.

    I have also been known to refute them and then send them back to everyone on the person’s email list, because they also haven’t heard about BCC and broadcast their friends’ email address to all and sundry.

    This time I was just too weary and sick of having to deal with ignorance again.

  84. Hi DSC, I too ask them not to send these emails to me but they’re too lazy to remove me from their email ‘group’, Either that or they take great delight in demonstrating their high level of boganhood.

  85. It’s funny you mention Somalians.

    Before I moved to Albury a couple of years ago I came down here to look for an investment property. The first one I looked at was in Lavington. The agent, however, said its not the best area because of all the Somalians moving in.

    Racist prick.

    Nonetheless I bought in a new estate Wodonga West. Very ‘white’ area.

    I hope the Somalians invading Lavington are better payers than my tenant.

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  87. Amazing how the left wing helped the Iranian Elite into power and then were thanked by being hanged in their cells. Have you worked it out yet.?

  88. I am in Asia at the moment. Have been for a month or so. Australia IS THE joke in SE Asia. They cannot understand how Australia just lets people smugglers bring thousands into the country, make a huge profit on the transactions and then the Australian Government encourages the illegal people smuggling business by supporting the arrivals better than the government looks after its own people.
    Everyone should remember this problems was fixed by Howard and did not exist when the current clowns took over the reins. The billions already wasted could have been spent on education health programs for Australians. What a FW experimental government Labor has been.
    One might notice Gillard no longer talks about boat people anymore and yet she is the principle architect of this cockup policy.
    FYI I have just gone through the process of getting a USA Visa as I will be arriving by private boat. What reception do you think I would get rocking up without a Visa or passport or travel documents?
    Easy to understand why Asia thinks Australia is governed by the chattering class like the Whisperers. (thankfully for not much longer)

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