It’s time for some fun (not that bagging Abbott hasn’t been fun), so here’s another Punday.

For those that aren’t familiar with our Pundays, they are posts where make puns from the story.

Here’s today’s story.

The circus is in town here in Canberra, however there won’t be any displays of lion-taming as these are banned in the ACT.

Im unsure as to whether they are banned to save the poor animals from torture or whether the insurance costs to cover a mauled tamer are prohibitive.

Go for it.

154 comments on “Punday

  1. The Canberra Government is an atheist controlled political machine. I’m not suggesting that this is a good or a bad thing but it does mean that it had to take action when the circus announced that it was going to shave the heads of its lions! The Government thoroughly disapproves of any animals being tonsured.

  2. I’ve been busy Migs. Some days it gets hard to juggle my time. My hands have been full. I just can’t drop everything.

  3. Regardless of the proclaimed piety of the shaved lions, one of them is huge. A genetically modified lion which has been bred to be double sized with a double sized attitude. Standing around twelve feet on his hind legs, he has badly damaged a number of keepers. And now the Insurance companies are refusing to cover damages caused by the Tauled Mamer

  4. in view of the T/M transference in the above post, the circus has decided to apply the same principle to lion TaMing displays… a special guest of honour invitation has been sent to the purist, Tony Abbott…..

  5. Canberra is the circus! There is a white big top sitting on a hill full of LNP clowns. The one called TAbbott is a hoot I’ve heard.

    Apparently they have a red headed female lion tamer whose very good at putting timid mewling opposition kittens in their place.

  6. The real clowns are the act that currently occupies the centre ring.
    But its really a circus in the original Roman sense where we common people can enjoy the sight the Laborous gladiators led by a pasty faced Celtish woman is making a very poor show against the far superior and well seasoned Team Abbottous. Of course those in the Laborous team are fighting another small but rather troublesome mob called the Verdants who keep trying to drag the Celtish woman further in to the left of the arena much to the chagrin of their fans who have discovered that despite the claims to the contrary the Celtish woman is no Boudicca.

  7. Well handyrab if you are going to make a theatrical reference then please get it correct, you should have said:
    “I see Iain has entered stage right”.

  8. the circus is on winter break, however the locals are being entertained by some clever juggling of the authentic kind…Barnham Bailey is replacing the hit and missives of both sides of the federal circus… enjoy the break Canberans the circus will be back in no time flat with the full act in the ACT.

  9. My grandfather took me to the circus once, but before we left he gave me a watch. (True) Needless to say I had a good time.

  10. If he, or no one else has drawn it to our attention, I thought this from Dan Gulberry on PB just now was a gem, responding to a comment about fiscal rectitude.

    Or is that rectal fistitude?

  11. The only reason I know the circus is in town is because of this great big tent set up next to the local shopping centre.

    And there I was thinking I could buy a few sausages and feed them to the lions.

    But that hit a snag.

  12. At that circus, on the hill, the mistress rules supreme.

    The person charged with keeping things under control, wields that whip with a sure hand.

    The unwieldy animals are kept in their place.

  13. I don’t want to stop the show, but I thought you might like to know…that a friend was in Liverpool (Eng) recently and he he bought me back and alarm clock with the Sgt Peppers cover on the dial. (It was made in china of course, a wind up version to boot). Love it.

    While he was there he asked a local where to find Strawberry Fields. “Let me take you down….” he replied. (Not really true)

  14. to Canberra came the circus
    what a delight that would have been for us
    but the lions were nixed
    public reactions were mixed
    but the clowns on the Hill were joyous

    they said it was cruel
    to make the big cats duel
    bring the monkeys instead
    them we don’t dread
    we are used to slinging bio-fuel…

  15. Here’s some interesting trivia. The real life Lucy the song was written about recently died of Lupus, at the age of 42.

  16. Lekhni, now I’ve gotcha..what was that recipe for beef and spinach. I made it once and promptly lost your recipe..

  17. Min
    Glad you mind your apostrophes because far too often the poor clowns addicted to their smart phones misuse them if they use them at all.

  18. Now she no longer has the wolf at the door… shes up there with the Walrus, the egg man and them diamonds.. coo coo ka choo

  19. Yes Migs, reb was providing recipes…which made it kinda dumb when he said that the Cafe was all about recipes and knitting patterns. You may delete this comment if you want to.

  20. Min @3.37pm, not a stairway to heaven, then?

    However, that bathroom window shouldn’t be a problem for Migs with a little help from his friends. But I suppose that’s a horse with no name of a different colour, which should be saved for another lazy Sunday afternoon.

  21. Migs, I seem to remember something about patterns to cover that dandling thing males have.

    Maybe it was just a dream.

    I think it might have been about the time, when we had the luxury if having a site, where we felt free to say what we really think.

  22. Jane, I should have known better, but sometimes you just have to go on that magical mystical tour and hope that yes it is. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with a ticket to ride, hoping that someone will let you their comb and wishing that by the end of the day that you’ll feel fine…

  23. I think it might have been about the time, when we had the luxury if having a site, where we felt free to say what we really think.

    Consider that the case again, Cu.

  24. lol min, i believe i may have turned the clock back to the beginning!!

    bacchus, i am a very very lazy cook and naan is way too much work (if u want the authenticate taste, i mean)

    but i’ll trawl a few of my trusted reference books and post one in a bit…

  25. I was quite young but my memories of the 60s are good. It was an exciting decade. The world went through a social revolution.

    Sorry Mo, the 70s were boring by comparison.

  26. Lekhni, definitely my style of cooking..taste plus minimum effort. 😉

    I agree, naan way too much effort however I still like the diy spices..there is nothing in the supermarket which could even come close.

  27. I buy ‘Mission” plain naan from the local IGA. Stick it in the toaster and whammo. Not the real thing but ok.

  28. Min @4.58, rofl. It’d feel great if you let me drive your car to Strawberry Fields after a hard day’s night. I might need some help, though.

    I could ask long tall Sally or Lucille to go riding around in my automobile, but they’d prefer to be kissin’ and huggin’ with Fred in his little red rambler..

    Maybelline might be a better bet as long as nobody tells Lola. She pinched Maxwell’s silver hammer and gave poor Eleanor Rigby a whack; completely ruined her new Norwegian wood table.

  29. Who is Heston? Not Charlton, Migs. Probably Heston Blowmedownifell. A ‘famous’ English chef (if any such exists).

  30. Min, funny how many men think through that thing that dangles between their legs.

    They seem to think it gives them superiority over the female gender.

    Some men do have a unique way of thinking.

    Not all men of course, there are some on this site, that use the white matter they have in their skulls. Better for it too.

  31. Jane, likewise rofl. I don’t want to be a misery, but I’m not guilty after all it was only one brown shoe. Otherwise I’ll have to head off to the bungalow..with Bill, but I’ll think about that when I get home.

    Now don’t anyone tell me you can’t do that..sigh..I can only do this eight days a week…

  32. Min, you worried me for a sec then I remember I used the word “skull”.

    I hope that the likes of Iain, have not made the mistake of listening to the PM’s strong, passionate PM’s speech, listing all she has a achieved.

    The list the PM is proposing for the future, is just as striking and worth while.

    The PM took time out in her speech to remind us of all the scare propaganda of the Coalition and some industry. None of it has come into being. The opposite has occurred in all fields.

    It was a passionate, strong speech made by a strong and gutsy woman. No shrinking violet there.


  33. Miglo, it somehow come from asking whether there were any knitting patterns.

    Still the attack is ladies have been getting, telling us we have to adjust to the males playing field, means we have to fight back in a similar manner.

    They attack us as women. It is only fair we attack their manhood in return. That is surely what one does, when has to play by men’s rules.

    It is not the way, I see it has to be, but I am told, I am wrong. That we are shrinking violets when we object.

  34. It is a long, long time since I have been to the Town Hall for Labor Conferences. Wish I was there today.

  35. Cu, the knitting patterns put down was odd. It’s a skill, it’s a craft no different to many others. My dad learnt to knit when he was in the army, the crafts of crochet and macrame originates from sailors’ knots. It seems that once a skill becomes the realm of females, that somehow it is less skillful, yet the magnificent crafts of the middle ages, the tapestries were done all by women.

  36. There is no comparison between the speech of Abbott, in Queensland and the one today by the PM. They are not in the same ball park.

    All one had was ridicule and little substance.

    The other, much pride of what she has achieved and more importantly what she intends to do from now on.

  37. Min, you’ll just have to get out those high heeled sneakers. If you’d worn them, you could have danced all night. Getting to know you would be hard as you rocked around the clock, though.

    I understand that Ruby Tuesday and Jumpin’ Jack Flash have a lot of sympathy for the Devil. They’ve been living under the boardwalk with Angie for some time. She had her 19th nervous breakdown after Johnny B Goode ate her little red rooster.

    She said he’s got a heart of stone, but he told her “I wanna be your man” and he won’t get no satisfaction until she goes walking the dog with him.

  38. Mrs Bacchus makes her own naan, but the taste is a little bland, and the texture a little brittle – I thought lekhni may have a better recipe 🙂

    Mrs B has a couple of pizza stones, so she does her own pizza bases from scratch as well, although if she wants a quick and easy base, she uses a burrito/tortilla/wrap as a base.

    Spot on Jane – Heston’s Feasts. He’s a strange character – usually has a theme and makes the food fit that theme. It’s a bit of a cross between science experiments and cooking…

  39. Jane, you’re a honkey tonk woman and born to be wild but I’m sure that you’re an angel in the morning. While I was sitting on the dock of the bay the other morning, barefootin’ of course I was thinking about what it was to be born free…it was just bits and pieces.

    On walking the dog, that has to be more than puppy love..

  40. Bacchus, I am certain that Lekhni has some excellent naan receipes..just don’t expect her to make it for you. 😉

  41. lol Min – I wouldn’t expect Lekhni (or anyone else including Mrs B) to make anything for me (unless I’m at a restaurant paying them to make something) 🙂

  42. Pizza stones are great, Bacchus. Here’s my recipe for a great pizza base:

    300ml water/ 3tbs olive oil /20 turns of salt grinder / 1tps of sugar / 500gms of strong bakers flour / one sachet dried yeast. Stick them in a bread maker, in that order, on dough setting.
    When finished belt thew thing down then transfer to oiled bowl.Cover and leave rise for an hour or two. Cut in three portions.Then roll out.

    Next… knit one. pearl two… 😀

  43. bacchus, for the blandness, mix some salt into the dough, and sprinkle with poppy seeds and onion seeds when cooking.

    for the brittleness, does mrs b use yoghurt in the dough when kneading? if not, adding 3/4 tablespoons of dough and reducing the volume of water accordingly will give a smoother, softer naan.

  44. Hi Lekhni,

    Here’s what Mrs B uses for naan now:

    1 Sachet of Yeast
    2 cups of Plain flour
    ½ tspn salt
    1/3cup warm milk
    1/3cup of natural yoghurt

    Mix and knead until smooth. Cover and place in warm spot for 1 ½ hours.
    Knead again and make into approx 6-8 small balls. Roll out not too thin.
    Place in a 220C oven for approx 10 minutes.
    When cooked brush with a little melted butter.

    Any suggestions? 🙂

  45. also @ bacchus, if u willing to sponsor my tkt to the oz, i’d love to make naan for u and the missus! lol…

    Mrs B says “No worries” Lekhni “As soon as we win 1st division in the lotto 😆

  46. We don’t have the luxury of a bread maker rabbit. Mrs B uses this, which is quite good:

    2 tsp (7g) dried yeast
    1 tsp sugar
    1/2 tsp salt
    3/4 cup warm water
    2 1/2 cups plain flour (She uses pizza flour)
    2 tbsp olive oil

    Combine yeast, sugar, salt and warm water in a small bowl, cover, stand in a warm place for about 20 mins or until the mixture is frothy.

    Combine flour and oil in a large bowl; stir in yeast mixture, mix to a soft dough. Knead dough on floured surface about 5 mins or until smooth and elastic. Place dough in large oiled bowl, cover; stand in a warm place about 1 hour or until dough doubles in size.

    Turn dough onto floured surface; knead until smooth. Divide dough in half; using rolling pin, flatten dough and roll each half out to 32cm round.

    Phew… That was hard work just typing that – perhaps I should think about a bread maker for Mrs Bacchus 😉

  47. Yes, Bacchus @10.00pm, you should let the moths out and get poor Mrs Bacchus a bread maker. I’m sure she’ll be very grateful. 😀

  48. you should let the moths out and get poor Mrs Bacchus a bread maker.

    But what will she do with all the extra time and energy Jane? 😯

  49. bacchus… re yr recipe – a little sugar needs to be added to the dough to activate the yeast. also add a spoon of ghee to dry flour before adding the rest of the ingredients.

    this aside from mum –

    what can i say – she’s the boss!

  50. Jeez, Baccy @11.31pm, do I have to spell it out? She could spend more time reading adventure novels. 🙄

  51. Lekhni, those v brackets are part of the WordPress code, hence the reason for part of your comment disappearing. All is well with either ( or ].

    Next purchase for me..a bread maker 🙂

  52. rabbit @ 7:38 pm

    Jack Thomson narrated a great doco on hemp a long time ago.

    It really is a wonderful fibre capable of producing a whole range of products from clothing to superior particle board. The plant quite hardy, easy to grow and is drought, pest and fungus resistant and can be grown in marginal farming areas.

    It was the cotton industry that deliberately went out and destroyed the hemp industry by tying it to marijuana. This was led by J. Edgar Hoover who was a cotton industrialist.

    If anyone can find me that doco it would be appreciated. I found a reference to it a while back but can no longer bring it up in search engines.

  53. Jeez, Baccy @11.31pm, do I have to spell it out?

    But Jane, then she’ll say she’s not getting enough exercise, so I’ll have to fork out for a gym membership or a treadmill or something. Wouldn’t it be easier & cheaper to let her keep getting her exercise by kneading the dough manually? :mrgreen:

  54. Bacchus is always thinking of his stomach

    Of course I am – it keeps getting bigger and bigger – It’s all I can see when I look down now 😆

  55. Bacchus and Of course I am – it keeps getting bigger and bigger – It’s all I can see when I look down now. Umm..well I suppose, it is morning after all. 😯

  56. Bacchus, paying those gym fees could be the best investment you ever made.

    Curves could be a place to start at, but everyone has their own ideas on this.

    Looking at that stomach, join something similar may also pay for you.

    I hate exercise but joining Curves again, gave me my mobility back, that and losing weigh. It was lots of weight that I lost.

    I now feel a new person.

  57. lol CU – I was just playin’ with Jane & Min. Mrs Bacchus has a gym membership, although she doesn’t get to use it as much as she would like at the moment due to her aches & pains.

    Likewise with me, if I stand up straight, I can still see my toes (just) – nothing a few less bottles of wine wouldn’t fix 😉

    I feel like a new person too, but Mrs B won’t let me have one 😆

  58. Bacchus, RI is indeed a difficult one and don’t I know it. It’s always about trying to achieve a balance about mobility but without stress where it is likely to cause further damage. Swimming is always ideal but not always practical.

  59. Hi Bacchus, don’t know how old you are, but it is never too late to take oneself in hand healthwise. At seventy I was forgiving myself for slowing down, enjoying my food, friends, reading and a more sedentary life style.Then Tacker appeared. Daily walks with him, two swims a week and a couple of twenty minutes sessions of upper body weight lifts meant that this accident has not been as catastrophic for me as it might otherwise. Apparently my bone density is very good for my age. Walking for just twenty minutes or so a day can do that for all of us.

    The nights have been hardest to deal with for me, but being able to pull myself up out of bed has been a huge help, as well as being able to get around on crutches which are a big stress for arm and shoulder muscles.

    A specialist observed to me that illness resulting from inactivity, overweight and smoking are taking up two thirds of our medical and hospital resources, and while alcohol excess contributed to accident levels it was nothing like the factor many imagined.

    Cu is spot on in her adfvice.

  60. Bacchus, I did not mean to give offence. Just that I let my weigh get away from me. I could not walk 10 metre.

    The change has been dramatic, I was a little tongue in cheek as well.

    I do and have always hated exercise. It does not come naturally to me.

  61. Bacchus, the exercise my brain get from being on these blogs is just as worthwhile.

    It seems it is true, if one does not use one facilities, one loses them.

  62. Min @ 1:32 pm => The gym where Mrs B goes used to have a ladies only facility where they had a pool. She would regularly take aqua aerobic classes when they were on, or just go and do her own thing in the pool if there wasn’t a class on. Unfortunately, the gym consolidated to just one location, where they have a separate room for ladies if they wish to use it, but no pool anymore.

    Patricia @ 1:32 pm => It’s great to hear you’re on the mend. I’m sure walks with Tacker and your other exercise have helped with your recovery now. Yes, I could certainly do with more exercise besides sanding, painting, mowing, whipper-snipping, washing, burning water… (sounds like a lot, but it isn’t much at all really – only sand, paint, and mow on weekends). I’m only approaching mid-fifties, so I hope I can be as fit as you when I get that far 🙂

    CU @ 1:59 pm => No offence was taken or even thought of. As I said, I was just being a little silly, which is so unlike me 😆

    I do like walking, but haven’t done as much as I’d like to lately. Perhaps Mrs B will let me out once I’ve finished her new “office.”

    CU @ 2:01 pm => You and Patricia certainly amaze me – your sharp minds and use of technology as septuagenarians is something to inspire the rest of us to keep learning and growing no matter how many years we clock up.

    Min @ 2:12 pm => are we going to have a game of football? :mrgreen:

  63. Bacchus, the aqua aerobics would have been ideal for Mrs. Bacchus. It is the best of all exercise with those of us with RI and similar —>> Migs.

    Re tackling..just lay down and I’ll get to you shortly.. 😉

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