The Fool on the Hill (part 2)

In my last post I endeavoured to point out how much of a fool Tony Abbott is when he ‘tries’ to talk about climate change. His idiocy is not confined to that subject alone and in this post I will focus on another subject he completely stuffs up on: Women.

As a member of the male gender he could be forgiven for his ignorance. After all, what man does have a good grasp of this delicate yet complex subject? 😉

But he does live with a household of them and as a modern day politician he should at least make an effort to be aware that the modern day woman is a phenomena, not a relic. Nor an object.

The circus clown with the big ears had the audience in raptures a year or so back with his comment that women should stay home and iron, or something to that effect.  Although the laughter has died down, the image he painted has not. It is an image that was all too familiar in this country: the barefoot and pregnant housewife.

He has never retracted that comment, which suggests he still carries that ideology. This is what I want to focus on in this post on. But unlike the last post where I’d trawled the internet for some of the zillions of examples of his stupidity, here I want to hone in on the stupidity of his ideology and how out of touch it is with reality.

Mr Abbott, you are a fool if you think the modern day woman wants to stay home and iron, and a bigger fool for saying it. Women should not be stereotyped, especially into the role model you expect of them. Instead of barking at everybody how the carbon price is going to destroy the universe, try grasping something in the real world. Here’s a start: woman don’t want to stay home and iron. They want to work. They want jobs and careers. They want what their mothers fought for. It’s been that way for 40 years. Only a fool doesn’t know that.

I’ll give you a history lesson on how they have fought for their rights to work in an environment and society that wanted to exclude them. That wanted them to stay home and iron.

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