Tony Abbott as Popeye the Sailorman gets a walloping!


Thanks to Alan Moir for permission to reproduce this so apt Popeye the Sailorman cartoon.

Tony Abbott knows he has authority
To give commands, to turn the tide of history.
He can ignore advice, needn’t wait for votes.
Of course he can turn back those boats!

He has a sacred pledge or covenant
With God. He knows that government
Is rightly his….or soon will be. It must.
His blood oath on that just needs our trust.

Knowing himself to be pure of soul,
And with a clear mandate from Newspoll,
He demands again an immediate election.
Gillard must obey, with appropriate genuflection.

Yes! Once Liberals are in ascendance,
Labor, the Greens and Independents
Must finally obey his orders
As he secures Australian borders.

Then his law enacted will be enough
To show the world how stern’s the stuff
Of Aussie sailors. They will obey!
Who cares what daft old admirals have to say?

As for rulers in any neighbouring land.
They were shown exactly where they stand
By John Howard a few short years ago.
Ask Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono!

In power he’ll accept no opposition,
Least of all from within the Coalition.
High Court? International Law of the Sea?
He laughs. “There’s just one law around here! That’s me!”

Miglo and I obviously think along very similar lines. We both chose Alan Moir’s Popeye so apt cartoon characterisation of Tony Abbott to illustrate our most recent posts. Remember Popeye the Sailorman?

I’m one tough Gazookus
Which hates all Palookas
Wot ain’t on the up and square.
I biffs ’em and buffs ’em
And always out roughs ’em
But none of ’em gets nowhere.

If anyone dares to risk my “Fisk”,
It’s “Boff” an’ it’s “Wham” un’erstan’?
So keep “Good Be-hav-or”
That’s your one life saver
With Popeye the Sailor Man.

Well our Oz Popeye isn’t keeping  “Good Be-hav-or” with his tow back the boats policy if some eminent Australian former defence personnel are to be believed.   ABC’s 7.30  had  PAUL BARRATT, FMR DEFENCE DEPT SECRETARY and  ADMIRAL CHRIS BARRIE (RET.), FMR DEFENCE FORCE CHIEF, both talking about Abbott’s asylum seeker policy in very critical terms.  Paul  Barratt came in with a boff,  really socking it to him,  saying that there has been “a long tradition in Australia of national security problems being dealt with in a bipartisan way and clearly Mr Abbott has no wish to solve this problem, he wants to maintain it as a problem because he sees it as an election winner.”    Chris Barrie then came in with a wham saying  “I think a declaratory policy of turning boats back is very bad policy.”  

We’ve talked a lot on CW lately on this issue, and I’ve been amazed at how much it has engaged everyone here,  but it has a long way to go yet.  It will be interesting to see what Abbott has to say tomorrow.   Will he now begin to start keeping “Good Be-hav-or” or will he have to be hung from the mainsail till he learns?  Now there’s a thought!    Meanwhile here’s my own Popeye pome,  a revision of the one on Min‘s post of June 27th for which I had planned some notes.   I’ve only just got around to completing them……….

Thanks to Alan Moir for permission to reproduce this so apt Popeye the Sailorman cartoon.

Tony Abbott knows he has authority
To give commands, to turn the tide of history.
He can ignore advice, needn’t wait for votes.
Of course he can turn back those boats!

He has a sacred pledge or covenant
With God. He knows that government
Is rightly his….or soon will be. It must.
His blood oath on that just needs our trust.

Knowing himself to be pure of soul,
And with a clear mandate from Newspoll,
He demands again an immediate election.
Gillard must obey, with appropriate genuflection.

Yes! Once Liberals are in ascendance,
Labor, the Greens and Independents
Must finally obey his orders
As he secures Australian borders.

Then his law enacted will be enough
To show the world how stern’s the stuff
Of Aussie sailors.  They will obey!
Who cares what  daft old admirals have to say?

As for rulers in any neighbouring land.
They were shown exactly where they stand
By John Howard a few short years ago.
Ask Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono!

In power he’ll accept no opposition,
Least of all from within the Coalition.
High Court?  International Law of the Sea?
He laughs.  “There’s just one law around here!  That’s me!”

NOTES:     My writing of notes to accompany the first version of this pome on 27/06/12 was interrupted by a week’s unexpected stay in hospital!   I delayed my early evening walk with Tacker to watch the final vote on the Oakeshott Bill in the House of Reps.  So the late afternoon light in WA was rather dimmer than usual, and yes I was all stirred up by the genuine emotion of many MPs and angered by the filibustering shallow speeches of Tony Abbott’s people as Julie Bishop and others worked on the unhappy and  conflicted Mal Washer.   That may have contributed to my being knocked down on a crosswalk bv a driver who was focussed solely on traffic to their right before suddenly turning left.    Whatever the cause I am now back home with a reconstructed knee in a very uncomfortable splint, but it’s not life threatening.    Tacker is well.  Family and friends have rallied round.   And I’ve had all you lovely readers sending messages of support!  Also today the driver’s insurance agent told me that they were meeting all my post-operative expenses like physio and specialist fees and to send him all the bills.

So my own news is good.  Which is sadly not the case for asylum seekers.  With nothing to do but lie still in bed for almost ten days I have been absorbing almost every facet of the debate about boat people arriving here in Australia.  I have seen many replays of speeches and watched the faces of dozens of politicians as they met the press for interviews and commentary.   If anyone needs an objective and clear account of the boat people’s story as it has developed here since John Howard first saw what a political gold mine it could provide after the largely bi-partisan policies of the late 20thC they should go to the Political Sword website.   There Ad Astra applies facts and logic to the asylum seeker issue. 

All I have the energy to do here is to find some way to express my outrage about the ruthlessness of one man who I think was primarily responsible for Australia’s failure to find some solution to the impasse around this tragic situation last week.  Yes, Labor has made mistakes and its internal factional differences have played their part, but this time they were united and prepared to follow the party line and Julia Gillard in supporting Rob Oakeshott’s compromise bill.   Yes, the Greens are naively idealistic to the point of stupidity, but Sarah Hansen-Young’s adolescent histrionics would have been irrelevant had the Coalition seen reason as the Liberal Party once did under Malcolm Fraser’s leadership.

Their leader now, however, is Tony Abbott, a man who will not see reason.  His sole raison d’être is to gain political power.  As I watched him hour after hour speechifying in front of cameras and before audiences, rationalising and lying his way out of every objection that was put to his policy of destructive negativity, I was astounded that so many in the the media accepted his hypocrisy, prevarications and arrogance as somehow an acceptable feature of the political game.  His outrageous refusal to take advice from officials and senior bureaucrats,  to consider how High Court rulings or even international law might impact on his policy of turning back boats to Indonesia and off-shore processing in Nauru has had no real media scrutiny from reporters or serious criticism in newspaper editorials.   

Cartoonists like Alan Moir have done their bit and some few columnists like Mike Carlton, but it has been left to the fifth estate to do what in the past was the job of main stream media.   Writers like Ad Astra at the Political Sword and the author of Politically Homeless, Andew Elder,  and Miglo with his posters at Cafe Whispers are among many others really do appraise the performance of politicians and in the case of Tony Abbott question his fitness to lead the country.   Most of my reading in the past ten days was of commentary like theirs on the web.  I won’t try to add to the volume of that right now, though at a later date when I have more energy I must add the many links I’ve promised myself to note here when I am less tired.   For now,  I’ve run out of puff for writing.  There’s a limit to how much even anger can overcome fatigue in an old, and somewhat traumatised body

PS   I watched Malcolm Turnbull on Q&A tonight and thought how diminished he is, not just by his willingness to have a man such as Tony Abbott as his leader.  It’s also his readiness to mouth the same immoral platitudes, lies and sheer stupidity as I’ve parodied above in my pome.  On second thoughts, that’s no parody!  Every line is true!

39 comments on “Tony Abbott as Popeye the Sailorman gets a walloping!

  1. I’ve never seen what people saw/see in Turnbull. He’s JAT – just another tory. If you keep your expectations of the Liberals low, you won’t be disappointed. Turnbull included.

  2. I think I’ve mixed my metaphors there talking about hanging Popeye Abbott from the mainsail to teach him a lesson. Just checked where that allusion to teaching an errant sailor came from in the dim recesses of my mind. Of course it’s from the sea shanty, What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

    Popeye Abbott, of course is drunk with just the anticipation of power, It might be more appropriate therefore to “Sling him in the long boat till he’s sober!” A few other less humane treatments are suggested here.

  3. If Abbott is Popeye then Gillard must be Brutus and we know who always comes out on top.

    Heard that Gillard was called white trash last night at the forum…colour does not come into it. Gillard is just trash, full stop!

  4. Ah Scaper, another typically unfounded comment from you. Why do you hate the idea of a woman being Prime Minister? Are you just a misogynist like your mate Abbott?

  5. Abbott claims to be a Christian, yet shows a typically Un-Christian attitude towards asylum seekers-prepared to risk their lives, the lives of our naval personnel & our relations with Indonesia just to score political points with the red-necks. That alone makes Abbott far more deserving of the title “trash” in my opinion.

  6. Also, I love how *any* criticism of Howard’s political policies instantly earned you the title of “Howard Hater”, yet literally abusing the current Prime Minister-without any reference to actual policies-is deemed entirely fair game by the very same people who used to get offended at attacks on Howard. Bloody Hypocrites!

  7. Now we have the mysogynist card played…your leftist tactic does not work with me , comrade!

    You fall for the propaganda line that Abbott is a woman hater. Funny that Abbott’s staff are female and have been with him for a very long time. How’s Gillard’s staff? Oh, that’s right…a revolving door so Gillard seems to have a problem with both sexes.

    Abbott lives in an all female household and Gillard lives in a confected relationship with a hairdresser who has eyes for others. The truth will come out about Gillard eventually, can’t supress the facts for ever.

    What I find most amusing is Abbott has got two very good controllers…they are both female. Completely shoots down he is a woman hater but it does suit your collective hatred so you ignore the facts…pathetic and very extremist.

  8. I don’t fall for the line that Abbott is a woman-hater..his statements prove that he is one. If you mean J. Bishop..when has Abbott ever referred to her or shown her any respect?

    Abbott lives in an all female household. 🙄 Not too often…

  9. So Scraper is suggesting that Abbott can’t think or act for himself – leaving it to those around him to point him in the right direction and give him a script. Seems to be a pattern here, Howard’s wife was reported as being the real politician and power behind the throne in that relationship as well.

  10. Scaper said [quote]The truth will come out about Gillard eventually, can’t supress the facts for ever.[/quote] same goes for Abbott (and haven’t there been a couple of corker rumours in the last 12 months – especially where he was at Christmas).

  11. Oh dear, can’t spell and is so far removed from the game that post code doesn’t understand that all leaders have advisors that keep them in line. Needs to know how the game is played before taken seriously!

  12. Scaper, want to try that one again? Respect for our contributors please..

    As we wimmens as we stand around our ironing boards can testify…

  13. Well, it seems pretty gullible to believe all party leaders do not have advisors/controllers. In Abbott’s case, the lady in question makes the hard right MP’s knees quiver.

  14. it’s a bit rich for scaper to denigrate the spelling of other contributors when it proclaims repeatedly its own nonsensical claims as to being an expert in the “marshal arts” – more like a walter mitty complex in action, imho 😀

    it has zero credibility, which it clearly established at the time of the “climategate” beatup

  15. I find it somewhat offensive when people can not even spell my screen name correctly…it is not that hard. Or was to call me ‘SCRAPER’ a veiled insult?

  16. Scaper, don’t worry personal insults not permitted on my thread! Where does that name come from, by the way?

    And does making the hard right MP’s knees quiver refer to knocking knees as in fear and trembling, or suggesting desire and an incipient quivering in the loins? I guess for some it might mean both!

    I think we all have to be a bit tolerant of spelling, typos and even grammar from each other.
    What really matters is the exchange of ideas and differing opinions. As one long ago school marm I do notice those things, but unless they appear in an article title, or someone’s proper name, I think they have to be accepted. After all, we don’t correct each other’s grammar or dropped aitches in conversations, do we? I’m just glad that the thread stimulates discussion and all sorts of people want to join in.

  17. scaper, the problem is that the spell check keeps changing it.

    Using scraper is giving you credit you do not deserve.

  18. Popeye Abbott’s response to advice from former defence chiefs below. Look at the picture, by the way. Do you want this man making decisions about your family’s safety?

    Yes, Paulwello, I saw that New Matilda article. Amazing isn’t it, that main stream media can’t see, or perhaps refuse to see, what’s in front of their noses. What a front page story that wiki leaks cable would make!

  19. Yes read that article, again saying what the navy has been saying of TA Policy, but the comments are truly amazing, I get the impression a lot of them only read the headline.

  20. Julie Bishop as Olive Oyl. Hmmm? Yep! Intellectually extremely similar but Olive lacks the ‘look of death’ which is disturbing to those of us who remember what a baby looks like when it dirties its nappy. Overwhelming urge to find the ‘Wet One’s’!

  21. More bad news. Well bad news for Mr. Abbott.

    Consumer confidence has risen 3.7 per cent in July as interest rate cuts and petrol price falls lowered household costs.

    The Westpac – Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment climbed from 95.6 in June to 99.1 this month – that indicates that pessimists just outnumber optimists.

    It is the third rise in a row and leaves confidence only slightly below the index’s long-run average of around 102.×1&width=100

  22. Of course Mr. Abbott will have better relations with Indonesia. He may even turn them into a Christian nation.

    Abbott doesn’t answer the question about his perceived lack of Christian charity towards those in need. Instead he attempts to blame Muslim asylum seekers for acting in a manner he believes is unChristian. Abbott does this as if people who are not Christian are at grievous fault for being not Christian. That failure taints every action they take in their lives, it seems, and they should be held accountable, mostly by being excluded.

    Presumably Abbott is aware that the majority of boat arrivals are Muslim. Presumably Abbott is aware that the largest Islamic democracy in the world is our neighbour, Indonesia. Dog whistling? Following Scott Morrison’s anti Muslim strategy?

    Morrison sees votes in anti-Muslim strategy. The opposition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, urged the shadow cabinet to capitalise on the electorate’s growing concerns about “Muslim immigration”, “Muslims in Australia” and the “inability” of Muslim migrants to integrate… Lenore Taylor, Sydney Morning Herald, February 17 2011.

  23. However, they do in part explain why Abbott seems arrogantly convinced that he can bully the Indonesians into letting him send back the boats. The Indonesians had a nickname for former Liberal Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock They called him “the minister with no ears” because he harangued them but didn’t listen. Is it Abbott’s aim to inherit this title as he perpetuates the disrespect for a culture he doesn’t care to understand?

  24. Abbott also believes he has the right to bully the navy into towing back boats, in spite of considerable advice as to the undesirable possibilities of taking that course, both in terms of life threatening risks to asylum seekers and navy personnel, as well as disruption to our relations with Indonesia. “He will not be able to have a constructive relationship with Indonesia and tow boats back,” Philip Coorey quotes an official as remarking, in his recent National Times piece. How much of Abbott’s arrogance in this matter is fuelled by a sense of Catholic Christian superiority to a Muslim nation?

  25. Tony Abbott has told tourism industry leaders that workplace laws would be revamped to make individual flexibility arrangements “more workable” under a Coalition government.

    The comment gives a further glimpse at the Coalition’s industrial relations policy, which the Opposition Leader says will be driven by practical problem solving, not ideology.

    Speaking at a Tourism and Transport Forum lunch in Sydney, Mr Abbott accused Labor of making life more difficult for the industry, partly because of changes to industrial laws.

    “Workplace relations changes over the last few years… are making it harder for you to stay open on Sundays, after hours, on public holidays,” he told the gathering.

    He moved to reassure tourism chiefs the Coalition understood their concerns and would respond if it won government.

    “Workplace relations is very important to people in this sector, and we will move the workplace relations pendulum back to the sensible centre,” Mr Abbott said.

    “You do need more flexibility in your workplace arrangements – individual flexibility agreements must be made more workable, and we will do that.”

  26. Damn – beaten by CU.

    By the way OSX Lion on Macs has the same silly correcting thing as iPads etc – hence the typo for Scapers name above. Apologies. For your reference – 2353 is not my postcode.

  27. Unfortunately a number of articles, and I don’t blame them..but it’s pie in the sky about an illusionary processing center on Indonesian soil where people are provided with language skills under UNHRC supervision..therein sort themselves into an orderly queue.

    If this could have happened, I think that BOTH the Indonesian and Australian governments would have already have had this one sorted.

  28. Out for physio and then the inevitable nap to awake to the ABC evening news! So Popeye Abbott plans to stare down the PM over this issue? She has no choice but to take the advice of the navy commanders involved. Whether or not the AS/smugglers are crying wolf, who would dare suggest that she does otherwise? Well Popeye Abbott dares, it seems.

  29. Patricia, it is true that both the PM and Mr. Rudd threatened to turn the boats around. They soon dropped the option, when advised of the danger.

    From the scripts we are now getting of senate hearings, where the navy raised their concerns, back to Howard’s day, he was also given the same message.

    To be truthful, Mr.. Howard did not continue down this path for long.

    The last boat that thought it was being turned around was set alight. I think four or five died. Navy officers were hurt. The boat sunk.

    Yes, a worthwhile procedure.

    No wonder the ex navy officers are voicing their concern. They were not just interested bystanders. They had the task of carry out government directions.

  30. Cu, Is there anything on national news re this? Since that 6pm news flash re PM insisting that safety was first priority, I expected it to hit the fan big time. But nothing on 7pm news or 730 report here. Was I dreaming earlier about those three boats out there calling for help, and crying “Wolf” according to Joe Hockey?

  31. This mob is sure greedy. How dare they want, what others have. Others in the same firm. This in an industry that is not known for high pay.

    Welcome to Tony’s world.

    Coles owns the centre but has subcontracted the work to Toll Holdings.

    The workers want the same pay as workers at other Coles’ distribution centres. They are paid up to $4 an hour less. Apart from the wage inequity, there are a range of other issues the workers want addressed. According to the NUW their demands are:

    Time for workers to have with their family: the creation of a roster for day shift workers that allows them to take a rostered day off and voluntary public holiday system – so that workers can choose rather than be forced to work public holidays
    Shift loading to be paid for the entirety of a shift to a worker who does afternoon or night shift – not a couple of hours per shift as proposed by the company
    The automatic option for direct and indirect casuals to become permanent employees after 6 months
    Inclusion of basic union rights in the Agreement – such as Right of Entry
    A decent wage increase to catch up to other Coles warehouses
    The Somerton warehouse is huge, up to 3 times bigger than the MCG according to some workers there. It services not just Victorian supermarkets but interstate ones too so is vital to Coles’ operations.

    Coles tried to anticipate the strike by moving supplies to other distribution centres like Goulburn in New South Wales.

    About 80 storemen and packers there on the morning shift would not undermine the Toll strikers and refused to handle deliveries that would normally be distributed by the workers at Somerton.

    For their act of solidarity, the NUW says Coles stood the Goulburn workers down. Coles says they walked out and that this was an illegal strike.

    Coles also has a huge distribution centre at Eastern Creek which supplies food to all of New South Wales. If the strike were to spread there, Coles would be in diabolical trouble.

    To try to stop the strike from spreading, Coles went to the Gillard Labor Government’s industrial umpire, Fair Work Australia. FWA ordered the workers at Goulburn to return to work. They had done so already, and it looks like the afternoon shift turned up and went about its usual work.

    Toll Holdings has been describing the picket line at Somerton as ‘illegal’. This is because it works. It has stopped any trucks going in or out.

    It is no surprise that the bosses turn to their courts to try to end strikes that might win. It is no surprise that they are doing this under Labor’s industrial relations laws, since Labor is a party committed to managing capitalism and a party which has made strikes illegal except in certain very limited circumstances.

    It brings to mind the song with the line ‘When they jail a man for striking it’s a rich man’s country still.’

    It certainly is, and Labor’s industrial laws are designed to keep it that way, shovelling more and more of the wealth we workers create to the likes of the Coles’ CEO Ian McLeod, Australia’s most well paid executive on $15.6 million salary a year, (before other entitlements such as share packages and the like are taken into account) and to Coles’ billion dollar profits.

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