Kenyans Speaking for Themselves

Back from the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. A truly inspiring event.

It was my pleasure to get to know a Kenyan GV couple – poet Njeri Wangari and sports enthusiast Richard Wanjohi. I took the opportunity to interview them separately about the challenges facing Kenya and Africa in general. With one child and another due in August they have a very personal stake in that future.

Seizing Kenya’s Sporting Chance: Richard Wanjohi

When Change Comes – Kenyan Poet Njeri Wangari

4 comments on “Kenyans Speaking for Themselves

  1. Kevin, it’s wonderful to see you here back at the Café. The Global Voices Summit convenes bloggers, activists and technologists for public discussions and workshops about the rise of online citizen media movements worldwide.

    Around the world, an emerging group of language activists are recognizing that participatory digital media can play a part in engaging and encouraging the next generation of speakers of endangered and indigenous languages. Eddie Avila (Bolivia), Oliver Stegen (Germany/Kenya), Abdoulaye Bah (Guinea) and Boukary Konaté (Mali) discuss the challenges.

  2. Kevin, I thought that the item about endangered languages very interesting. My d-i-l and family speak the Meriam Mir language of the Torres Strait Islands.

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