The Gambler

During the campaign for the NSW State election in March 2010, I often referred to Barry O’Farrell as the Steven Bradbury of politics. My reasons for giving Barry this dubious honor, is because Barry chose to use what is known as the “small target” approach to campaigning. This basically means sitting back with your mouth shut and waiting for your opposition to fall over.

Barry chose to do this because he figured that Labor was so down in the polls in NSW, he didn’t need to win, he thought he could just stay down and let them lose. After all Labor had been in power for so long people wanted a change, if Barry had made his intentions known it would have only cost him votes, not gained any. Seeing the aftermath of his win at the polls, I can understand why he kept his cards tight to his chest.

I have found myself wondering lately if Tony Abbott wishes he had chosen the same option.

The polls have been consistently bad for Labor for at least a year now. There is no escaping that fact. Another fact, and one that is often ignored in the main stream media, is that in the same polls, Gillard and Abbott are quite level in the preferred Prime Minister polling numbers, often with Gillard leading Abbott.

Many times I have heard debates over why the preferred PM numbers are so close, but the answer is really quite simple in my mind. People don’t trust Tony Abbott. The famous “In your guts, you know he’s nuts” theory.

I know many friends, family, and other acquaintances who are Liberal voters of old. It seems however, many of them have doubts when it comes to Tony Abbott, many view him as bordering on extreme. Many have commented that they simply don’t trust him.

A trustworthy face?

I believe that the Liberal spin doctors are aware of this, and this is why the Coalition have been so keen to paint Julia Gillard as a liar, and not to be trusted. It seems, to date, they have been getting away with it as well.

In Australia, I don’t believe the vast majority of the population put 100% faith in everything a politician tells us. I believe that most of us expect a bit of political spin, and therefore accept it, to a certain point.

What I don’t think people like to see in a potential Prime Minister, however, is someone who is willing to take huge risks to score cheap points.

Tony Abbott has shown his hand, so to speak, and what is fast becoming apparent is that Abbott is a gambler playing for the highest of stakes.

When I talk about Abbott’s gambling, I am not talking about the Coalitions blocking of any reform on Poker Machine regulations, although it can be used as an example. What I am referring to is Abbott’s seeming belief or “sense of entitlement” as Joe Hockey would put it, that he was born to be Prime Minister. This belief it appears means he will seemingly risk all that is not his, to fulfill his destiny. Happy for others to risk their careers and credibility for him, happy to risk the Australian economy, happy to risk the integrity of the parliament, and of course more than glad to risk your standard of living. Whatever it takes…

If you have been following my posts lately, or been following the news, you would have seen that there are Liberal Party fingerprints all over the James Ashby case against speaker Peter Slipper. This has seen Christopher Pyne and Mal Brough risk their credibility, and their careers on trying to embarrass or bring down the government, and to alter the number of votes in the House Of Representatives by 1 vote.

Drinking with Ashby? Pyne has no specific knowledge of it…

Some would call it a scandal, other way call it an attempted coup.

Why would you stick your neck out this far if you were so ahead in the polls. All this dodgy behind the scenes carry on to publicly humiliate and ruin someone who was recently one of your team. In fact, Slippers vote was the single vote that got Abbott over the line when he took a gamble and challenged Malcolm Turnbull for the Liberal leadership.

The more that surfaces on this matter, the more it shows just how big Abbott’s gamble is. He is risking his Party’s lead in the polls for an act of revenge. That to me sounds unnecessary to the point of being reckless, not exactly PM material.

You may have also noticed that as the HSU saga has come under more scrutiny, once again there are Liberal fingerprints starting to show up, particularly with the so called “whistle-blower”, Kathy Jackson and her partner Michael Lawler, VP of Fair Work Australia, and appointee of Tony Abbott.

Jackson seems to have found a great deal of new Liberal party buddies lately, which some would say is odd given that she is a union leader. Now she performs speeches at HR Nicholls functions and receives hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free legal support by Liberal Party connected lawyers.

Fancy Abbott gambling his credibility on a union leader like Kathy Jackson. That seems a bit crazy and senseless to me. Still, at least we know the type of woman that Abbott respects at last, until this I thought he had no respect for them at all.

Abbott shows support for derogatory terms for women

Some would say Tony Abbott’s willingness to take wild risks explain some of his decisions as the Health Minister under John Howard. Some of these risks would include the public berating of national hero and campaigner for those suffering the effects of asbestosis , Bernie Banton, shortly before his death from asbestos poisoning. Abbott was forced into a public apology eventually. His failure to show up until the end of a debate he was supposed to be having with Nicola Roxon during the 2007 election campaign. And of course his decision as Health Minister to ban the abortion pill RU486, thus ensuring invasive medical procedures for victims of rape, and women placed in the awful position of making this choice. Abbott’s choice to make this process as punishing, as mentally devastating, and as humiliating as possible for women, had nothing at all to do with his friends in the Catholic Church I’m sure, however unlike most western countries, RU486 remained banned in Australia, I guess Abbott thought he could gamble with the female vote.

Speaking of his Catholic pals, record numbers of victims of pedophile abuse are emerging, causing public outrage. Tony would like to ensure the Catholic Church is not targeted in any parliamentary enquiry he says.

Why? They have the greatest number of complaintsagainst them. Not focusing on Catholics would be like giving the Nazi’s an exemption from War Crimes investigations, a totally offensive notion. Once again Tony is gambling that we will understand him putting his religion ahead of the protection of our children from rape and sexual abuse.

Tony Abbott has also risked his own political career to destroy another’s. When it looked like One Nation may make an impact on the political landscape, Abbott decided that Australian’s could not be trusted with democracy, he knew better. To say that Abbott used every vile tactic at his disposal, and invented a few more to boot, would be an understatement. Abbott went after Pauline Hanson like a rabid Rottweiler going after a stray cat. So little respect did Abbott have for democracy, that he would not rest until Pauline ended up in jail under false circumstances. Interestingly also, Hanson was a former John Howard staffer. I’m glad none of my friends, or colleagues are from the Liberal Party, I’d be watching my back if they were.

Abbotts own words on the matter are nothing short of pure arrogance.

“Obviously in hindsight I shouldn’t have done it. But if I had my time again and it was necessary to make an alliance with some pretty unusual people to stop a very serious threat to the social cohesion of the country, well, I would do it. I mean, how else were we going to stop One Nation at the time?”


How about letting the people make that decision Tony, it’s called a democracy, you may want to Google it.

Looking at the current debate on Climate Change, Abbott has chosen to gamble on our economy, and our children’s future. Tony Abbott clearly thinks that his arrogance, his persistence, and his clear belief in the public’s stupidity, will carry him through.

Nobody likes a new tax, that is clearly true, and the Labor Party is totally to blame for allowing the Carbon Price to be called a Carbon Tax. They are made to look even more foolish when Christine Milne of the Greens is about the only one who doesn’t refer to it as a tax, fair play to her.

What Abbott is gambling on here are three main things. That people will believe that Australia has become a place too expensive to live in now the Carbon Price is in place. Much better to love somewhere like Greece, Spain or Ireland. That people ignore what is going on around the world, as other nations start to make drastic changes. Lastly, that people don’t believe in Climate Change, preferring not to listen to scientists but to take the word of people like Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, and bizarre blow-ins like Angry Anderson.

Who says Angry Anderson would sell his soul for a dollar?

The economists agree, for the most part, in the Carbon Price, model that is now in place, as the most economical way to tackle the issue in Australia. Yes, there are some that disagree, but go back a few years and you will find they agreed with the remarkably similar scheme John Howard had as his policy, that would seem to indicate their true reasoning.

But why would Abbott listen to the country’s leading economists anyway? His economic team would know better apparently. After all when it comes to money, they know how to find the real experts. Just like the team that put together the costings for the Liberals last election campaign, the ones that had to balance the Coalitions $11Billion black hole. Well, they succeeded apparently, and the Coalition rejoiced at the superb Audit of their figures. That was until each of the accountants who worked on the shady figures were fined by the industry watchdog for the work they performed for the Coalition, apparently bringing the industry into disrepute. Nice work. I guess that gamble didn’t pay off real well for those guys….

Abbott is also gambling that the people of Australia have a love affair going with those big rich polluters. He must think that. He believes that people would rather see compensation for action on climate change go to polluters rather than those struggling with the household budget. I’m not so sure on this wager Tony, I think people would be enraged at your policy of paying people like Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer compensation, instead of families. No wonder, because if I’m blunt, it is F#%king idiotic.

As for Australia making a bold leap ahead of anybody else, once again Abbott takes a gamble on the public being stupid. Below is a chart that is taken from the Coalitions own policy document the “Direct Action Plan”. The chart shows which of the world’s economies are moving on climate change.

Climate Change Policies of Major Economies in 2009
Country National Emissions Trading (Y/N) Emissions Taxes (Y/N)
Argentina N N
Australia N N
Brazil N N
Canada N Y
France Y Y
Germany Y Y
India N N
Indonesia N N
Italy Y Y
Japan Y Y
Mexico N Y
Russia N N
Saudi Arabia N N
South Africa N POSSIBLE
Turkey N Y
USA Power Stations Only Y
Source: Parliamentary Library December 2009

Geez, is that Japan in there? Our biggest trading partner… France, the UK, Italy, and Germany even. Germany was the first to put a scheme into place, and has it wrecked their economy, or manufacturing industry? On the contrary, they are now bailing out most of Europe and have a huge manufacturing sector.

Bear in mind this chart is from 2009, a lot more has happened in the last 3 years. China is shortly to come on board in several provinces, and are reportedly aiming for a national ETS in 2015, the US has several more states either pricing carbon or putting in an ETS at the beginning of next year.

So as the good people of Whyalla stumble out of their bomb shelters, they will be pleased to know that we are far from the only nation to be taking action on climate change.

Abbott is gambling nobody here will notice.

Judging from his bully tactics, his arrogance, and his bull at a gate attitude, I think that the people who claim Tony Abbott to be the Liberal Party’s Mark Latham, are on the money. I think Abbott is a bullet that the country needs to dodge.

In Australia we are trying to crack down on problem gambling, and help those that are affected by it. What we don’t need, is Australia’s biggest gambler sitting in the Prime Ministers office, hoping that if he can’t hit the jackpot, at least some of his rich buddies will get the free spins feature.

It’s like the song say’s…

He don’t know when to hold ‘em,

Too arrogant to fold ‘em,

Not man enough to walk away,

But he knows when to run….

59 comments on “The Gambler

  1. Wixxy, a brilliant summary of what I consider to be some of the most importan issues facing Australia looking at the prospect of Tony Abbott PM. Basically it’s all a matter of character, Abbott has none hence the reason for trying to bring Julia down via the Liar’s Tony Abbott’s own lowest common denominator. The optimist in me believes that the only way is up..

  2. wixxy, I believe you give the man too much credit.

    He is not into gambling. He just has an overblown sense of his own entitlements, that prevents him from seeing he could lose.

    The simple fact, that two years down the track, he has not won one round. The PM is still there. The government is still functioning.

    All the stunts and conspiracies have unraveled.

    What will occur just before the next election, is Abbott being replaced.

    There is no way industry or the party is going to wear him with any power.

  3. I fear the same, we will end up with a Turnbull govt I suspect, my hope is that he removes people like Mirrabella, and Pyne from the front bench, as long as he doesn’t replace them with O’Dwyer…

  4. “I often referred to Barry O’Farrell as the Steven Bradbury of politics. My reasons for giving Barry this dubious honor, is because Barry chose to use what is known as the “small target” approach to campaigning. This basically means sitting back with your mouth shut and waiting for your opposition to fall over.”.

    I seem to recall Kevin Rudd doing precisely this when Latham was elected. O’Farrell must have learnt the trick from Rudd, then.

  5. As to Catholic Church scrutiny they must be praying to their invisible sky being with all their might that Abbott gets into power and the last Four Corners exposé explains why.

    The investigations and possible criminal charges have now moved onto those in the Church who covered up the pedophilia by their priests as well as the pedophiles themselves. And those who did cover up will be investigated, and if found to have a case against them will be charged.

    In the case of the three priests named on Four Corners, three priests Cardinal Pell was involved with and whose words he said he would trust, a letter has been revealed of an interview they did with an accused abuser priest in which he admits to abusing 11 and 12 year old boys, yet they never went to the police and went onto to relocate that priest to another diocese in a position of trust where he abused more boys.

    The story of the lives that priest destroyed are heart wrenching to hear about, but to have actively covered it up knowing of the lives he was destroying is as a heinous crime and deserving of as much condemnation and punishment. To think that for every abuser priest that is known about, and many who are still to be punished, there are many more who covered up their abuse makes me shudder.

    I have a personal interest in this as a man I once worked with was abused by a priest and he has been mentally stuffed up since. I saw that man in the group shown on Four Corners though he didn’t speak. I escorted him to court a couple of times where he and another victim testified against their abuser. It made me sick to see the abuser being represented by the best Queen’s Council in the State and other very high paid legal staff whilst the victims only had a young inexperienced court appointed representation. They couldn’t afford anything else.

    That point was also made on Four Corners. In their cover up for abuser the Church would spend large amounts of money on the best council and throw considerable resources at discrediting the victims, and now it turns out in all probability whilst they were doing this they knew the abuser they were supporting was guilty.

    I hope every single member of the Church from the top to the bottom who supported these abusers gets named and charged so the surviving victims, many have committed suicide, and their families can a little justice.

    This is another reason Abbott cannot be elected as he will be as guilty as the clergy who covered up for the abusers if he does not allow full investigations into the Church’s cover ups and who was involved.

  6. The attitude towards child abuse by the Catholic Church and a number of other denominations, but most especially the RCs is indeed warped and twisted. You see it’s like this, the Pope in Rome is infallible as he is the descendant of St Peter and therefore Invisible Sky Person’s representative on earth. Therefore all of the Pope’s minions, priests (forget the nuns, they’re women and therefore cursed anyway) are likewise infallible or when they prove fallible, it’s a few penances and away you go there old son/sod.

    Therefore lives and souls destroyed are but a mere pittance compared with the greater glory, being the infallibility of the Catholic church.

  7. ME, my concern come from personal experiences. Thankfully my son was safe, but not many of his mates

    He visited on holiday, that Victorian school, with a priest that is now thankfully in jail.

    That is how I cannot accept that the Cardinal is in it up to his armpits.

    I am not too sure a brother was not affected. Two schools in the area at the time, have has priests that went to jail. All I know is that he went off the rails completely.

  8. Iain, this post is a good example of when you are confronted with a young bloke doing one hell of a lot of thinking. 😉

  9. And how many nations are pulling out of Kyoto? Been keeping on eye on the recent developments in NZ? Will the USA move if Romney gets the nod?

    It is all slowly falling apart. Gee, the IPCC are wanting idemnity from prosecution!

    The tax will be repealed. Read somewhere today that Gillard compared the CO2 Tax with the Snowy Mountain Scheme…breathtaking!

  10. I read headlines from NZ press like this:

    “New Zealand extends carbon trade rules until 2015”

    “ETS, Australian carbon tax could be harmonised – Key”

  11. Back onto wixxy’s topic..I believe that the sense of entitlement is exactly and precisely it. Abbott, in my opinion does not seem to understand consequences nor that his actions might effect in a bubble of his own imagination..

  12. absolutely right, if it was a murder charge, those who cover it up would be charged as a accessory to murder, surely the same should be brought in for these crimes

  13. Wixxy, it is certainly within my memory that jokes about the priest/the scout master and the chubby boy were fare in the local bar, not a clue as to the ramifications..real people, real crimes.

  14. Snowy Mountain Scheme is a bit of a rich comparison, but overall it is still a monumental step whether you agree with the science or not, it gives security to business leaders trying to make investment decisions, it reduces our emissions, and it gives a helping hand to our most needy, as well as taking over a million off the taxpayer list

    I’d say it was a pretty big deal, even if not by Snowy standards…

  15. The NBN and the Snowy sound to me to be a reasonable comparison. The NBN will change the way that Australia does business. Obviously there are business managers who enjoy their os holidays and will feel somewhat dudded at having to hold teleconferences..but tuff.

    I think that the benefits of the carbon tax will not become evident for a long time, maybe a decade. Business leaders must have known, or else they’ve been hiding their heads in the sand that this price on emissions was inevitable.

  16. Yet Abbott is going to replace the carbon price, a policy he stated is the best way to go, to one that will cost the country billions, put a massive burden on ordinary households and businesses with no compensation and still see pollution go on unabated.

    Yay, all praise Abbott dismantling the carbon price.

    An act in of itself that will cost every household and business a huge penalty with no reward and as they barely come to terms with being slugged that impost Abbott will hit them with his DAP, slash services, cut pensions and increase taxes to above Howard’s record levels to pay a fraction of his unfunded liabilities.

    Be happy though that the wealthiest in this country will be happy.

  17. The Carbon Tax and People Smuggling. This is all we will hear about from now to the polls. Neither policy can be fixed.There is no viable leader waiting in the wings. I have said before Tony wedges Gillard with ease.

  18. And Abbott can fix neither either. His failure will be as spectacular as his fall.

    Oh fantastic economic news again. Retailers happy, markets rallying and the outlook looks good.

    Abbott in power and it all comes tumbling down. You need only look at the failing State Liberal governments to see that in action at the micro level.

  19. Oh dear Tweed, I recall that Howard was facing the twin issues of asylum seekers & the GST all through 2001, but he still got re-elected.

  20. Tweed. it is Abbott still on the outside looking in.

    Where has the PM been wedged. She has put in place all she set out to do,

    There is one outstanding issue to be dealt with. That is now being dealt with.

    It will be interesting to see who has wedged who.

  21. So a Four Corners revelation now means the Catholic Church will investigate cover ups.

    No Church, the police will investigate. It was the Catholic Church investigating itself that allowed the cover ups in the first instance. That is what the Four Corners piece was all about. How all the victims were let down by the Catholic Church investigating their abuse.

    Just stand aside, hand over all documents and answer the police honestly as your religion states you must, but don’t investigate yourself any more. That cop out is done and will no longer wash.

    No wonder the last census showed the Christian religions with the biggest decline in this country and atheism with the biggest growth.

  22. CU. You remain delusional. Gillard is exposed with no Border Protection policy. Gillard is locked on the side of the Carbon Tax when the electorate is on the side of repealing it. The two major policies of Gillard (If you include No Border Protection as a policy) are going to give her grief all the way to the next election. Abbott stamped his ownership of the popular side of both policies and has taken up residence in those zones..
    Maybe Crean might get recycled to take a hit for the team.

  23. Marcus
    JULY 4, 2012 @ 8:03 PM
    Howard was strong on Border protection which is what Australians like and vote for. Howard also took the gST to the electorate for approval. He was a stong person and led with his chin.
    Gillard is going to the electorate to get a back dated approval for a policy she lied about days before the last election.
    People understood if not liked the gST. All the money collected went to the states in exchange for dropping a range of taxes. All the states liked the GSY.
    In contrast the Carbon Tax is a financial burden to every state so they hate it. Who the fuck knows where the Carbon Tax money is going to go.
    The most destructive difference is that Howard was seen as a strong and honest leader. Gillard …………..
    Marcus. I rest my case.

  24. But Abbott has no policy on either either, and he has yet to elucidate anything as he must. It only takes revealing how much he has promised in unfunded liabilities that he cannot pay for and to point out how much it will cost people to not only repeal the carbon price but for the far more expensive DAP.

    When the price per household of those two items are revealed the people will soon change their opposition to the carbon price.

    Plus Abbott has no border protection policy and that will also be revealed.

    He’s an emperor with no clothes and it only takes one child to say he has no close for his naysayer empire to fall down.

  25. My god you live in a parallel universe with a different history to ours Tweed.

    Howard was never seen as honest and trustworthy. Throughout his entire reign he nearly always polled low on honesty and trust.

  26. Shit even Costello said Howard was dishonest as did others in the Liberal party. When your own call you disingenuous and dishonest then you know the person is not genuine or trustworthy.

    Honest John wasn’t a title given to him by the Liberals as an honorific, it was sarcasm.

  27. Mobius

    I much prefer the non sarcastic honorific

    “The lying rodent” by his own team, Shadow Attorney General Brandis

  28. Tweed, the PM has a policy. All she has to do is get it though the house. This she will do.

    As for the non existent carbon tax, but a cost on carbon emission. The experts say it is the best option.

    Howard was good at creating fear. Stopping the boats has little to do with border protection. It is stupid to say it has.

    Howard did little, without donning armour and building up the expectation of terrorism.

    With Howard, divide and rule was the name of the game. It helped it one was scared of their own shadow.

  29. His political career is on borrowed time. Every day that he escapes media scrutiny is another day he becomes more complacent and out of practice at handling tough questioning. The dam will break eventually, and his downfall will be spectacular.

  30. Tweed, I would like to remind you, not one of the predictions, saying that the PM was finished or would not survive, has eventuated. The PM is still there.

    Mr. Abbott is still on the outside looking in.

  31. Cuppa, I look forward to a spectacular ending. You do realise he’ll go down kicking and screaming, making it an even greater spectacle.

  32. Tweed, I would like to remind you, not one of the predictions, saying that the PM was finished or would not survive, has eventuated. The PM is still there.

    Yes CU – very telling! And “Tweed” has been the main protagonist of that theory over and over and over and over and over…. here 😉

  33. Howard was strong on Border protection which is what Australians like and vote for.

    Wow. Spectacularly wrong.

    Under Howard’s watch 221 refugee boats made it to our shores before 9/11. Conveniently, number 222 got into some trouble and the Tampa sailed to its rescue.

    Howard said that number 222 probably had terrorists aboard and then called an election.

  34. The misinterpretation of history is certainly interesting Migs 😉 Ltd News especially seem to major in this 🙄

  35. “Howard was strong on Border protection which is what Australians like and vote
    for.” …. that Little Fart couldnt even look after his own border, the member for Bennelong lost his protection inside his own ‘border’…. and that was VOTED for
    El Gordo..oops, sorry Iain, D’ang.. I mean ToM… geezs H. 😳 or is that Geoff… or Tweedill (Dummmmmb) n’ Tweed-dull-dee… 😀 …. oh, dang !!!

  36. Miglo,

    It will be fantastic to witness!

    Few get to choose their time of departure from politics. His time is coming, the clock is ticking…

  37. Wixxy
    Have you read teh piece in the OZ form Richo? what he has to say about the Labor government really puts what you have to say about the Coalition well and truly into the shade :

    While very few people understand it, there is a big majority out there who know enough to know they don’t like it. Every price rise for months to come will be put down to the carbon tax. The debate has already been lost.

    Indeed it was lost a long time ago. Even the concept of global warming itself is now a fading credo for Labor. The Government’s failure to robustly defend the need for a carbon tax has given the electorate ample time and opportunity to listen to the climate-change deniers and sceptics.

    I haven’t met anyone who believes the compensation will be adequate: they may be out there but they are doing an excellent job of concealing their identities.

    The relentless drubbing the government receives over this, and practically every policy it announces, on talkback radio continues unabated.

    Even the ABC, which has always been more left of centre than its commercial rivals, plays call after call of listeners who won’t be voting for Gillard.

    The problem here is that the Prime Minister has attempted to manage her way through an unprecedented slump in the polls.

    I wrote in this column months ago that when the voters have stopped listening, something really big needs to be done to get their attention. Instead of changing course and doing something to get some people to at least listen to her arguments, she has doggedly stuck to the same tax, the same plan, for the past 12 months. She is now so deeply unpopular that the electorate’s trust in her will never be restored.

    Gillard is at that point where all she can do is wait for the end to come – and come it will. The only question now is whether the coup de grace will be delivered by the caucus or the Australian people.

    From all that I can gather there would appear to be some shift towards Rudd but not enough for another challenge. Rudd’s position is interesting. It will not come as a shock to those who read my column that Rudd and I are not close – to put it as benignly as I can. So I have no way of talking to him to find out where he sits at the moment.

    Nonetheless, I wonder if he will be prepared to wait much longer. Surely, as an obviously bright person, he has worked out that Labor’s leadership is the big mama of poisoned chalices.

    His prospects of winning an election are probably nil, so he would need to believe that could save an extra 15 to 20 seats to make the defeat a little more palatable.

    Watching the days slip by with no recovery in the polls in sight, he may well decide it has to be very soon or not at all.

    For the caucus, the options are awful.

    If it sticks with Gillard, only a precious few will survive.

    If it rushes to Rudd, he may well want to go to the polls quickly and that means that many of them will be on their computer seeking out SEEK before Christmas.

    Every caucus member contemplating a Rudd return must be weighing up if his popularity will last once the Liberals start running television, radio, press and internet advertising that merely replay the character assessments so famously flourished by Wayne Swan, Stephen Conroy, Nicola Roxon, Tony Burke, Craig Emerson and others. We will all finish up heartily sick of seeing and hearing them bucketing our Kevin.

    There is such a delicious irony in all this. So many cabinet members wanted not just to defeat Rudd but to bury him deep in the ground forever. Two things have undermined their intent.

    First, the Prime Minister and her backers could rightly point out that the Rudd forces had leaked on Gillard and cruelled her chances time and time again. That excuse no longer has any relevance.

    Since February she has had ample clear air.

    Second, the polls just won’t budge. Labor is stuck trailing the Coalition by record margins and there is no one else to blame. I suppose I should add that Rudd himself has stubbornly and steadfastly refused to die.

    So where to now?

    Thank god I am not in the caucus now. I have never encountered the level of hostility felt towards Rudd by so many in the caucus yet I can’t think of anyone else who can draw a crowd of onlookers in a shopping centre like Rudd can.

    The electorate likes him and the caucus doesn’t.

    Gillard is just not going to cut the mustard. Does the caucus go down with the ship or take a punt on a man it threw out two years ago and overwhelmingly rejected just four months ago. Watch this space.

    No matter what Labor true believers like you or the crew here may say about Tony Abbott the fact remains that he will be the next PM and you had better get used to the idea sooner rather than later.

  38. CU. You remain consistently delusional. Do you really think Gillard is in a comfortable and safe political position. Haven’t you notice everyone has gone missing? Wong hasn’t popped her head. Even her Ex has gone quiet after his silly performance on Monday. CU Tell me who is putting their hand up to bat for her. CU. Gillard is gooorn. The only unknown is the timing of her departure.
    I still don’t think Rudd will get recycled. They need a benign comfort zone person that will admit the Labor errors. Crean.

  39. Iain, I suspect that wixxy has had more important things on his mind..but I’ll give him a nudge if you want me to.

  40. Min, some sure have long lunch hours to write tripe.

    I have made a decision replying to those, who have to call one name to get a point across.

    Time will prove who is correct. It is a shame to see such a effort go without comment. Alas, that is how it will be.

  41. Cu, that makes me did that brilliant post not so long ago when Tweed/Geoff called you delusional.

    When we were all together, us crew at Darling Harbour you said how it made a change. The change for me was when I saw you, the beautiful woman who you are..don’t laugh, it was a moment.

    Time is exactly who will be proved correct.

  42. Ian Hall. I read the article but more telling was Richo last night on Sky. What I have been noting with the Whisperers is the total lack of comment from the Labor front bench MPs. It is like they have ducked for cover and left Gillard like a shag on a rock.

  43. Tweed, by the Whisperers I guess that you mean us. Missed it, some specifics???

    Actually we’ve been called the Whisperers before..I like it…

  44. Min, forgot about that. Been there before done that.

    Why would one put much value on what Richo says. Yesterdays man at the best.

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